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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations The Labour Files - The Crisis  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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a deal by informed opinions, i believe that armenia and other regions should have bilateral negotiations. we've been calling that for many times. critical debate is the commonwealth now still something that king chose will take in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on al jazeera, a 3rd of the country is under water. more than 33000000 are suffering from hunger, disease and displacement. the word stories about children who are drinking from the same water with their dead khaki will float algebra questions. the climate change play a role in the deadly down we had someone been a 150 millimeters of this kind of been going to sink any place the full report pakistan. the great deluge on al jazeera. ah
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hello, i'm emily and gwinnett anto headquarters. these, the top stories on al jazeera, the battle is intensifying in east in ukraine as keeps forces try to advance in the new hands. grades in thousands of russian troops have retreated in recent days, leaving behind major destruction. moscow says road and rail traffic has resumed on a vital bridge that connects crimea to mainland russia. it was damaged by a large explosion. early on saturday. moscow says at least 3 people were killed, and president vladimir putin has ordered additional security mohammed valve felt this report from moscow. this was the moment caught on ometer video cameras. at 607 am local time in crimea, purportedly showing a cargo track exploding on the motorway parallel to the catch bridge. the blast was so huge. flames as the breeze crossed to the other lane and reached
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a fuel cargo train that was passing by russia. the government was quick to respond . the speaker of the state duma described the incident other terrorist attack and an act of war or russian. president vladimir putin has ordered an investigation committee be set up to find out who is behind it and how it happened. the most realistic is to explanations. one would be a laser guided on, or at least $125.00 kilos, and the other possibility would be sabotaged from special forces. from part offense, you're seeing an extension of the conflict. the ukrainians are now bringing the fight into the rear areas of the supply of russian forces. the kurtz bridge, also called the crimea bridge, is one of russia's most vital supply lines. and it's only land linked with the
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crimea and peninsula. it was opened by vladimir to put in 2018, 4 years after russia next the climate territory from ukraine. the explosion caused 2 sections of the bridge to collapse and several trained carriages caught fire traffic on the entire bridge came to us time still the sea ferrying arch under the bridge was not affected, but this will likely pose several challenges for rushes capabilities to supply its troops and other administrative operations in crimea. the catch bridge is less than 300 kilometers away from the nearest bottom flights in steps on. and here in mainland russia, no one seems to doubt the incident is directly linked to the war and ukraine. and every finger of accusation is pointed at keith. 100 fun on the zillow, moscow. south korea and japan say north korea has 5 to short range ballistic
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missiles, the 7th such weapons test in recent days. south korea military called it a serious provocation, that hum pace. the launch came hours after the u. s. and south korea completed a new round of naval drills and israeli soldier has been killed and 3 other people wounded after an attack on a military checkpoint and occupied east jerusalem place of palestinian government. open fire on the check point at the sure fat refugee camp. a funeral has been held for a 17 year old palestinian boy killed by israeli forces during right in the janine refugee camp. palestinian officials. wiley soldiers killed at least 4 teenagers in the occupied west bank. in the past 24 hours. a funeral has been held in became offensive for soldiers killed by al qaeda linked fight. as last month, the fight is attacked, a convoy delivering supplies to the north. a hacker group has interrupted iranian
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state television briefly on saturday with the anti government messages. the iranian news program was broadcasting in appearance by iran supreme. later, the activists screen to images of masa many and 3 teenage girls allegedly killed in the unrest following her death. rallies have been held in cities across the u. s. in support of reproductive rights organizes of women's wave hoping to encourage people to vote for politicians who back a portion rights. all right, those are the headlines. i'm emily angry and the news continues after our investigations. ah, me ah, ah, out his era has obtained the largest leak of documents in british political history
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. my goal and this is unbelievable, is absolutely shocking. they tell the inside story of how sir can't darma, who could be britain's next prime minister overseas, a lawless party. i've waited 17 bob to appear in front of you in this whole as live, all right, all hundreds of thousands of internal communications. expose how secretive operatives took control of britain's labor party, who took who by 2 people to take over one of the major political parties in britain, that free speech was shot down in the life of parting. it looked like somebody is course, currently monitoring fear. i'm going away, my car is park to live with children is going, it just stinks to high heaven. what that even in the background and the fowls reveal how a hierarchy of racism exists under storm. his leadership, i faced more racism in the labor party and i have in the rest of my life combined
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in episode to the true story behind the labor parties, anti semitism crisis. i feel so ashamed right now, but it's come to this. i have been speaking for may we reveal how truth was subverted? oh, right. and reality turned on its head. the media was not interested in the reality of the school. i jacoby who yeah. i'm, i'm from sky you from sky. you could buy a risk of what are you going to do about the perceived anti semitism in your pot? mr. goldman, if you got any comment on, jeremy corbin devoted his political career fighting racism. it's only he becomes labor leader and the media. combining this to tell the
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wo, but this man is not an anti racist. he is actually a racist ah receive it was, he was with it disabled him as a politician and as a potential prime minister, instead of being able to set out his social democratic vision of social justice, he was obliged to find dolph one allegation after another. but he was actually a noxious racist, orderly, right, enabled, noxious wastes. the i unit investigation draws on voices that have been sidelined, jews who support jeremy corbin, but don't support israel. and the british palestinians it
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was painful as palestinians. they had he to enter the debates and that's how it is designs designed to pay. it draws to on the entire contents of the parties disciplinary folders since before jeremy corbin became leader in 2015. we have really detailed data and information that one doesn't normally see about a political party. ah, a veteran anti racist campaigner. analyzes the documents. ah, my mother was a holocaust survivor. he lost dozens of her own family primarily in auschwitz and to raise youngster. i am a former and he member of parliament from south africa where i served under nelson mandela and i have written and lectured including and outfits on
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genocide prevention. hundreds of party activists are suspended and expelled on the basis of evidence in these files. it consists largely of social media posts that are examples of genuine clear anti semitism. you know, here is an example that says the enemy is not muslims of christians of judaism. the real enemy is rough child zionism. the rough child family holds about 80 percent of the world's total wealth rough child dynasty. this is a fairly standard anti semitic trope. here is another one who killed jazz, kay, who killed lincoln, who attacked the u. s. s. liberty. who is attacking our liberty. i'll tell you who jews we can see real anti semitism
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and there is also a lot of information in these disciplinary files where there is clearly no anti semitism whatsoever. there's one post. it breeds in memory of for little football is rest in peace. and i'm sure many people will recall em. these 4 young kids, 9 to 11 years old, playing football on the beach, who was shot dead by israeli forces. another example, we demand that international criminal court in the u. n. charge benjamin netanyahu in israel for war crimes against humanity. very similar. put israel on trial for war crimes. to suggest that this is somehow anti semitic, is simply trying to avoid israel in cold,
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out for its appalling abuses in the occupied term. ah, many of those investigated by the labor party believe that israel is in apartheid state. israel was created in 1948 by forming a jewish homeland within historic palestine. the combination of the zionist dream. in 1967, israel invaded and occupied the remaining palestinian land. israel has since isolated garza while building illegal settlements in the west bank. slowly diminishing the size of a potential palestinian state. ah, palestinians effectively live on the israeli military control and do not have equal rights. it's 90, submissive to call israel and apartheid state is simply
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a fact. we have the amnesty international report, the human rights watch report. we have israel's own one in those major. she writes organizations, but selim have also come to this conclusion. wow. oh, it's really pissy understood that there are things you can't say. so one of them is you can't talk about your experiences in harrowing her. oh, you have to keep it sort of cool. and, and you can't talk about israel in the way that he should be talked about. oh wow. when i started hearing a get more active about anti semitism,
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i was just confused because you don't palestinians ever chose who the occupier wasn't. hughes, he for smart. that house and choose which religion they were going to say the acts in the name off. there was no choice in that i do apologize with accusations of anti semitism in the labor party emerge after form a london mayor ken livingstone is attacked. a claiming that hitler had been a supporter of zionism. your race is ready. i fear. paula jackie has some nasty apologies. you dare say you sent him a whole exam is a european roster. i sent you a list of like a label lab say is at stake. every ray says i'm to say mouths out for the labor part. say it's time for jeremy kobus. criticism of the labor party mounts,
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but not old british jews, oppose the labor leader. the route of anti semitism exposes divisions within the jewish community. with lots of jewish people were among the enthusiasts for jeremy corbett. but when the attack started to really ratchet up against jeremy and his supporters who were being absolutely demonized, vilified in the media. we talked to others in the party and decided that there was a need for a group which expressed an alternative. jewish view pro corbin, jews, formed jewish voice for labor j b l is critical of israel and zionism. unlike its large arrivals, the jewish labor movement and labour friends of israel, both of which are supportive of israel, ah. for the 1st time ever,
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the labor party has walked into the disagreement between jews overs on his and said one sort of tooth, ugh, and not only wrong, but the guilt of anti semitic fates a phenomenon her. the idea that ju equals ernest and aunties on is an equals anti semitism, is, is dangerous. it's reprehensible. it's an abomination to me. ah, jewish voice for labor is supported by palestinians in the party who believe they are the victims of racism. anybody who knows anything about the history knows very well that israel was created on the basis of a state whose population would be of one community and not others. ah,
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this is exemplified in my own story. i mean, why should i and my family have left our homes? ah, we felt we had to leave because there had been a dreadful massacre in a village hall day. i see in policy and village in which jewish are malicious, assaulted the village, and shot dead over a 100 people. mm. after that terrible massacre, a big jeep went round the streets of jerusalem with the malicious, with these jewish militias in it. leaders are shouting out, your turn is next and i have never been allowed to return. no
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member of my family has returned. no palestinians, i know has been allowed to return for the same racist reason. they are of the wrong race. so you keep them out. well, if that isn't racism, i don't know what is i 2 of corbin's opponents confronted pro palestinian protested a most anti semitism campaign as belong to the political mainstream. but some a more militant i with to what we have here. oh, militant scientists. the people who campaigned for the state of israel,
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paul scott, is a pro palestinian activist. oh, you get to know when the faces it's actually only a very small corps of people. they are always there. in many cases, the people they perceive to be going to see might of merely people who criticize the state of israel. oh, jonathan huffman is a form of vice chair of the zionist federation. mm. with him is damon lens, not another pro israel activist. following this incident, both men are convicted of aggressive bullying behavior. the aim is to provoke to i call. and in jonathan hoffman's case, it's usually to disrupt. i want to kill jose, i unit has discovered links between huffman and the far right organisation.
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members of the racist english defense league o e d. l attended a demonstration that huffman helped organize his photographed alongside robert to mo, the founder of the e. d. l. 's jewish division. she will lay to express her admiration for and is brevity the neo nazi him. mad at 77 people in norway from around june 2010, the english to french league started coming to demonstrations, supporting the pro israel counter demonstrators. so they were dressed in camouflage care. they often had balaclava as dogs with them. so george is flags. you know the whole thing. huffman is not the only pro israel activist who had links to the fall, right. he worked closely with blogger, richard mallet. mallets blog regularly provided
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a platform from about to mow and other e d. l supporters. though lots of examples about roy racism in regard to most comments on richard minutes blog for example. she refers to broke her clad dragons and filthy bearded vermin. arabs have been eating campbell for years. the cult of islam has the power to turn normal human beings into beasts. huffman and millet distance themselves from the e. d l in 2011. but they were play a key role in labels anti semitism crisis. ah, the majority of cubans, critics do not embrace all right, politics, but they blame colbin for allowing anti semitism to flourish. now when you said sir that he was
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a curb and has a problem, one that is ignored in the media coverage as leader of the opposition colbin has his own office, often known as latte. it's the parties general secretary in mcnichol, who was in charge of party headquarters and is the dispute unit at party headquarters that handles anti semitism complaints. corbin inherited the party bureaucracy from previous less radical party leaders. for the 1st 2 and a half years the beastly ship, jeremy colbert was obliged to work with a general secretary, who was hostile to him and ran a posse machinery which was hostile to him. i've never worked in a, an environment that was so so toxic and, and i talked to can, i'm friendly. i remember, for example, the 1st time i went to walk around
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h k and we were just walking around one of the flaws and it just goes deathly silent. ah, the neighbor falls container. what's that conversation between 3 senior officials? clare francis fella, the head of internal governance, tracy, ellen, manager of the general secretary's office. and mike crighton, the director of audit risk and property. the messages refer to jeremy colbin. ah, i am just about to stop him. that might be a disciplinary worth it know nothing in the rules about stabbing full full. no. he's got some great knives, but an ice pick would have a certain irony. this is a reference to the general secretary ain't mcnichol and to the matter of leon
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trotsky. what killing your leader with an ice pack or knife not come under bringing the party into disrepute? not in this case. reading this is about a dozen people in this watch at the most senior officials in the labor party. they obviously have total confidence in one another. this conversation is not going to be late. they not say he orders from mister colbin quite the opposite. they always be hope be caught in the ship, him in contempt. after a year, as leader coven is forced to stand for a 2nd time following an attempted coup, while the party establishment challenges call them, he inspires hundreds of thousands of new members to join staff at party headquarters launch what is known as the validation process.
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they scour the social media of new members. it's claimed. the goal is to weed out those who hold offensive views. the labor files reveal the methodology used by party staff. they drop a list of labor, m p 's and such from abuse directed at them. and only at those m p 's if you look at the name of the m p 's, my good list of 57. and the very old thing is, as far as i can see, the scarce the single supporter of jeremy colbin on this list. it kind of loads it in a very significant way because only get picked up, but as hostile to were the right wing of the party. i. carbonite supporters regardless with more than 11000 members,
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are identified as needing to be investigated. it creates a backlog in the disciplinary unit, and i vat start from tackling antisemitism, factionalism within the labor party for stone, endemic and so pronounced that he was disrupting the labor parties ability to deal with. for example, anti semitism cases. the validation process is run by sam matthews, who soon becomes head of the disputes team handling anti semitism. is not an option. cation is not an option. b, van hooton's the head, the other way is not an option. the time soon is now by the spring of 2018. corbin is as frustrated as his critics the labor fall, show that in february that year coban rights to the parties general secretary in mcnichol angry that the dispute team under sam matthews is so ineffective in
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tackling anti semitism. it is clear that the current processes are far too slow to meet the volume of disciplinary cases. the party has to deal with in a drop response. mcnichol claims the scale of anti semitism in the party is exaggerated . over half of the complaints made relate to non members and therefore not a matter for the complaints team. he urges colbin to remind colleagues in the shudder cabinet and the parliamentary labor party that misguided comments attacking the unit undermined the work they do and serve only those in the right wing press in april 2018. colbin puts close ally jenny form be in charge of the party bureaucracy form be replaced as mechanical as general secretary at party headquarters. finally, giving the leadership authority over the disputes department staff brought in by
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form b to walk on. disputes are a pulls up what they find. there was no record keeping. so a number of members had been suspended or investigated. however, we couldn't find the evidence for what, what caused the suspension all the investigation. so it was clear to me that cases just hadn't been worked on. so for me to start in 2019 and have 1st eyes on cases from 2016 was quite absurd. once corbin is in control of the party bureaucracy, the disciplinary process improves. this graph shows the number of suspensions, investigations and expulsions from the labor party on grounds of anti semitism. all through the corbin era, a vase is the my but when jenny form b becomes general, secretary of the labor party enabling jeremy colby, him to take control of
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a bureaucracy of how labor works offset they took control the number of investigations, suspensions and expulsions went up exponentially this graph on its own does a great deal to raise deep questions about the dominant media narrative on the corbin era in part to how the parties desperation to end. the anti semitism crisis pushed off to the brink. there was an individual who i had expelled, has she had a stroke which led to her death is something that deeply, deeply impacted to me. as soon as more people admit to suffering from anxiety and depression to day al jazeera well meets women using art and dance therapy to address that problems are sensors
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are the dates to the words. and if we are not changing our senses, we lose the words and trust me that goal, you can do it until you are 90. are under the colors of healing on al jazeera. ah with oh,
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hello, i am emily angry now, joe. hi headquarters. these, the top stories on al jazeera, the battle is intensifying and east in ukraine is keyvi forces tried to advance into the do hands region. thousands of russian troops have were traded in recent days, leaving behind major destruction. russia says road and round traffic has resumed on a vital bridge that makes crimea mainland russia. it was damaged by a large explosion. early on saturday. moscow says at least 3 people were killed, and president vladimir putin has ordered additional security. meanwhile, ukraine's president vladimir lansky reference that bridge attack in his nightly address, but didn't acknowledge whether his forces were responsible when your mother today was a good and mostly sunny day and now country. unfortunately, it was cloudy and crimea, although it was still warm. but however,
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the clouds ukrainians know what to do, and i know that our future is sunny. this is a future without invaders on old out here at traits in particular in crimea. and israeli soldier has been killed and 3 other people wounded after an attack on a military check point occupied east jerusalem. police say a palestinian government open fire at the checkpoint at the show that refugee camp security forces are searching for the attacker. as you know, has been held before a 17 year old palestinian boy killed by his wiley forces during the ride in the janine way and had a steaming official saying rally soldiers that killed at least 2 by both bank in the past 24 hours. he knows have been help with some of the 37 victims of a gun and knife attack in thailand most with children between 2 and 5 years old. there's days attack was one of the worst in thailand history. the attacker was a former police sergeant, please say he went home and killed himself and his family. a group of hackers,
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his interrupted iranian, stayed television briefly on saturday with anti raging messages. they screen to images of massa maney and 3 teenage girls allegedly killed in the unrest which followed her death rallies have been held in cities across the us in support of reproductive rights organizes if women's way hoping to encourage people to vote the politicians who back abortion right, all right, those are the headlines. i'm emily angle in the news, continues he, after jazeera investigation ah, having gained control of the party bureaucracy, the corbin leadership made tackling anti semitism a priority. there were many instances where i did feel quite uncomfortable in terms of how far they were pursuing individuals for anti semitism. we were instructed to scour through facebook pages and social media pages of individuals who we were
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looking for and semitic material for the word palestine was included as such term, which was the thing that alarmed me the most. we would act almost immediately to any inquiries that would come in from the jewish chronicle or jewish news. or even if it was, you know, at close of play, we would often get instructed by the directors to just stay behind. so we can take action on those, those individuals the labor falls reveal that anti semitism. campaigners are scurrying social media accounts for evidence to center labor headquarters. when has to understand that this was a social media crisis that it involves people reading through extraordinary numbers of social media comes to
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find examples. the could be interpreted as anti semitism. so what we have here is the anti semitism tases loves which logs. every single complaint of anti semitism made during the corbin years and after the kobinie as 23 percent of all complaints in the corben era involved one single individual complainant 23 percent 12 percent came from the organisation labor against anti semitism ah, labor against anti semitism is a collective of party activists. it regularly makes accusations against jewish party members, but it's spokesman, you and phillips is not jewish. ah,
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the labour files show that phillips right to the party's disputes unit using a pseudonym that appears jewish. david goldstein on one occasion he uses his real name. thank you. you and he hastily correct himself. i meant thank you david labor against anti semitism does have a jewish adviser. whether jamie color is not you seem, i don't i, he just has to an anxious to make association to many terrorist associations to be able to be trusted in downing street. jonathan hoffman at one time demonstrated alongside the english defense league. now he's on mainstream tv news from jewish voice for labor and johnson hoffman, who is a consultant to the labor against anti semitism group. thank you both for joining as absolutely not satisfactory. i'm the issues with the between the jewish
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community and between labor $97.00 which i represent, i'm labor party will go on after today. the block run by richard millet becomes the source for a number of stories about corbin's alleged anti semitism. they include a 2013 incident when corbin accused a group of zionists, of lacking a sense of english oni, the zionists present at the meeting he was describing, were millet and huffman. i'm just dumbstruck these people and salt it with known right wing extremists with known racists with a slam of hopes when they have a story about what they perceive to be anti semitism. they're taken seriously and at face value by the mainstream media. we don't seem to conduct any kind of research into their background, older associates, i'm just amazed with
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a policy at labor headquarters. the pressure of anti semitism takes a tone. there was an individual who i had expelled out of the labor posse and find t semitism. and she was an elderly lady and she passed away soon after her expulsion and people were blaming the pots his expulsion leading to a death as she had a stroke which led to her death. 2 we had a ting maintain, and in the meeting, a senior officer had laughed inside, look where and he said might kill us now. and the whole room broke. i laughed that at that stage i just broke down because, you know, i'd, i just didn't know how to deal with something. so horrendous.
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i blame myself. is something that deeply, deeply impacted community take care of everything. at least discover desanto friend threat has been left by a jewish man pose. very, very shaky. i mean, such kind of absolutely uncontrollable, rage and fury. i mean, the idea that you should be talking to other jews in this vile way. tiny jewish
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supporters of jeremy corbin find themselves in an increasingly hostile environment and i have had phone calls. i had some phone calls from somebody who said that he was outside my door and he knew, you know, he knew my home anywhere. and as i lifted, he was going to put me in a wheelchair. another thing. yeah. i met what to me was actually cool nastiness from local labor party. and what was cool was that i been a member, they parties that i was young, socialist, 15 or something. i used to love the labor party. i took friends here. people turned against me. people. i knew people whose my children baby sat for the children say, you know, don't go don't course, haven't talked to jenny manson standing got kind of thing. it's been horrible. oh, with me again. this is my son. i am standing here a while
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pro corbin jews find themselves shouted down palestinian voices are silenced almost entirely. the crisis in the labor party and 2018 coincides with the great march of britain. in the gaza strip. a group of unarmed people marched to the barrier that israel had directed between garza and the rest of the country and demanding that they should return to their homes and lands.
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the israelis responded with fire in 8 months over a $150.00 palestinians are killed. it was inspiring in one way to see the strength and resilience of the palestinian people. but at the same time it was actually devastating. ah, a shot, a journalist, yasemin, a member of a press fest on a shot, a nurse with her hands up. i mean, these are both crimes being committed but at the same time everything in the
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labor party, it was a different well, it wasn't talked about. it was an ad for the forefront and they, they were the bass line spawn anti semitism. as i feel like a lot of people when it came to palestine, feel like they had to walk an egg shells in order to get the terminology. exactly right. ah. people from mom or facebook speaking up for the policy and people have because it's easier not to i do use yes to campaign is increasingly focused that efforts on compelling the labor party to adopt a new definition of anti semitism. i be very clear that any the full adoption of the international follicles, remember, it's like working deputy about semitism is good enough,
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but it's my back to the caveat. see, any see has got to adopt the international agree code, lock, stock, and barrel palestinians opposed the new definition. the i h r a definition was eagerly taken off by western government and, and western institutions. and, and it was bertram play, blatantly pro israeli and, and t and therefore anti palestinian. the controversy around the definition concerns the examples that accompany it. these are the 11 illustrative examples of b i h r a definition of anti semitism. 7 of these and read referred israel. it conflicts criticism of israel with anti semitism. 7th, one denying the jewish people are right self determination, for instance,
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by claiming that the existence of the state of israel is a racist endeavor is particularly problematic. because by acknowledging the right to self determination of the jewish people, you are by definition removing the right of self determination from the palestinian people. there was a law off attempts to push back truthfully i think at that time periods there was fairly minimum success in pushing the policy in narrative, in the media around as a shape to me when i remember is that basically being there to non i
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label ruling national executive committee is gathering to discuss whether to adopt the i h r, a definition outside of familiar pro israel activists. oh. inside the any see pauses the international holocaust rememberance alliance definition including the examples that linked antisemitism to criticism of israel. we don't, did the i h o re because it was politically impossible to hold up why, you know, why you wouldn't dale to day on the media. there are jewish voices who want the i h r. i definition the count of pressure, frogs and palestinian voices in the media and so on was absent. ah, i wasn't surprised than the past. they crazed the climate where i think many people thought that the only way the attack stop is if this definition was passed
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by wish i just wish that jeremy corbin, i don't know what he truly believed in. i thought time, ah, our exit poll is suggesting that there will be a conservative majority. the labor party suffers one of its west electoral defeat. december 20 jeremy corbin is replaced as labor leader by sir. kiss, thomas. it is the owner of the privilege of my life be elected as leader of the labor party. de new leader has a very different view of the relationship between israel and the palestinians. i'm a senior national recently raised to report whether it is as well as being in a part of state that was embraced and supported by many members of the party, particularly on the on the line with no, i've been very clear about lot of that is not a faulty position staff in the parties dispute department feel
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a change i believe the criteria for and services in changed quite dramatically within kids leadership, it was quite clear that anti semitism was going to be used as a tool under the new leadership to essentially strike out as many left wing members as possible, many jews are among those targeted by the new leadership at least 56 jewish people that we know of have at some point during this completely insane period than labor party history. been either investigated, suspended, or actually expelled from the party for something to do with anti semitism, jewish members of the labor party, we've calculated a $6.00 times more likely to be investigated by the labor party for allegation of anti semitism. the non jews in the labor party,
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people have written about the false allegation of edison. people have written about their experience of m a. there are increasing angle with israel post recall learned, and you see much we've what we're all old. our parents were holocaust, victims effect, even my mother skipped upon them. how dare they tell us, anticipate they can? how dare they challenges that we don't know what anti semitism is. the leaders of jewish groups that support israel hold a zoom call with the labor party spokesman on communities and local government. steve read the plan is to discuss anti semitism. wow. what the conversation quickly turns to beady as the campaign to boycott israeli goods and divest from the country in order to pressure israel to end its occupation of palestinian land. israel is deeply concerned about b d. s. and the british conservative party has agreed to introduce legislation making it illegal for public bodies to boycott israel. the labor files contained the
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minutes of the meeting. amanda bowman is vice president of the influential board of deputies of british jews. according to the minutes she introduced the topic of b. d. s. legislation. she understands that while labor might hesitate to support tories on and speediest legislation, she advises that labor would be unwise to do anything to oppose. this bowman went on the board of deputies a keen to counter suppositions from labor and pays that because that nominally committed to combating anti semitism that it gives them cop blum's to say what they like about israel. read assured her he would never accept attempts to exception allies and d, legitimize israel vision
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that document i've seen get like, laid out quite clearly this mix up of anti semitism opposing racism towards a jewish community. an opposing b. s. policy in one. and one meeting is quite shocking to say b, b s for palestinians is a way of pressuring israel to comply of international law to andy, illegal occupation of palestine, and say, hey, and give palestinians equal rights. it shows basically it is known enough to combine to semitism as to how it said any attempts to show solidarity effective solidarity with the policy and people
9:52 am
after 6 years of rigorous investigations, the labor party found sufficient evidence to open anti semitism related investigations into less than half of one percent of its membership that figure includes many of the interviewees in this film. day has created an incredibly hostile environment. for anybody, including any jew who is in any way critical of israel to be accused of racism, to be accused of anti semitism. is frankly
9:53 am
terrify. ah, most important of all it is silenced palestinians, the victims of israeli a party, the victims of occupation, the victims of oppression. and it is silenced. those who wished to support them. ah, i was invited to speak to the constituency about palestine. and i was very glad to do it now that considered north hackney north is known to be a left wing pro palace generally pro palestinian constituency. so i felt really i was among friends. i remember saying something like there are 2
9:54 am
palestine, it's now there's palestine over there, which is the of she, the conflict with israel occupied territories, et cetera. and the palestine over here, which is the one where we are being silenced, where this i h r a definition is being used. that's what i wanted to talk about. well, i didn't get a chance. the chair person of the meeting stopped me just like that. somebody and said, no, we can't go on with this. we can't go on with this. thank you very much. and i was cut off just like that. it can't describe the way i felt it was like a slap in the phase. it was like being elbowed out physically of meeting the door opening and being thrown out into the corridor. it felt just like that a with
9:55 am
a whole with ah, [000:00:00;00]
9:56 am
with oh, an episode. 3 of the labor files. how cats tama allowed a culture of racism to develop in the labor party at that point at which people
9:57 am
in vote and ness stopped regarding people of african heritage is human. they really don't lie. people who are black, brown, and on the left, october on al jazeera campaigning for nigeria is elections begins as candidates via for votes and what is set to be a decisive and close race. emmy award winning folk lines returns with an exclusive investigation into a leg to cover up by the us border patrol. china holds its national congress of communist party members with president g likely to be re elected as its head. what does this mean for china and the world? holy retrieve takes you beyond the glitz and glamour, revealing the stories of those seeking famous 14 in the world, the largest film industry,
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60 years on from the cuban missile crisis. we asked what can be learned from events that lead the world to the brink of nuclear war. october on al jazeera talk to al jazeera, we are a women of again, his name was somehow abandoned by the international community. we listen, we are a shoot for the war against terrorism as going on for money. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. with the pres around the gulf is more of an onshore them off shows, is quite humid from dubai ran to doe hon up to bahrain, east and saturday. maybe not so much in kuwait, but there's nothing much else going on. temperatures are back where they should be, but they've certainly been hired in iraq and the opposite in turkey with cold air coming out across the black sea. we've seen rain drop in temperature in the capital already. the change in wind direction means be rather nice when his sample with the
9:59 am
sunlight, that wind is weakening dancer, the g and the rain is spreading across even into northern iraq. now the rest of iraq has been quite hot. baghdad at 40, down to was passed around and beyond, into q white. forty's to heart is telling me that 4 or 5 degrees above average. so that heat has returned. but when you go to cloud and rain base to it, than he tend to music, but even that's going by monday. so temperatures are not really dropping in baghdad as an example. now down to what africa, the rains as you know, quite wide spread their long window of this time the year still causing flooding in nigeria, the heavy rains still around nigeria and then down towards the coast and reaching into angola. if you leave, the wet part has been very hot recently in the doors of south africa and in bought swallows. temperature is still high in botswana capital. ah,
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a star striker in the top italian league. what devoted to the working class of his home town and its club footballing legend account and our introduces fiano, dakota, a one of a kind sick. the snow equally adored by his funds with social values. as his money goes against italy's footballing, a league football rebels on algebra, both journalism, the police violently dispersing, quite as with these are some of the 10s of thousands of people trying to flee. gobble inspired program, making, welcome to generation chains, unrivalled with broadcasting. white people did not want black children in the schools. we have to fight forecasted and al jazeera indies, proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcast year of the year award for the


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