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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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country is under water. more than 33000000 are suffering from hunger disease and displacement. the word stories about children who are drinking from the same water with their dead cattle float al jazeera questions, the climate change play a role in the deadly downhill we had 1752 millimeters of this kind of in. going to sink any place the full report pakistan. the great deluge on al jazeera, as more people admit to suffering from anxiety and depression to day al jazeera well meets women using art and dance therapy to address that problems are sensors are the dates to the words. and if we are not training our senses, we lose the words and trust me that go, you can do it until you are 90 or hundreds. the colors of healing on al jazeera. ah,
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ukraine says at least 12 people have been killed in russian shelling in the city of upper region. what you got mostly for you. and as caves counter offensive pushes ahead in easton ukraine, where in a town retaken from russian forces, ah, hello there on miss darcy, attain this is out there at live from dar ha. also coming up rallies i held across the us to demand women's rights and judge people to vote. and next month, mid term elections and personhood rights for europe's law. just seem more to lagoon way in spain, where environmental campaigners have struck a major victory. ah,
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now at least 12 people have been killed in a russian attack in the ukrainian city of south florida. ukrainian officials say residential areas were shelled urbanized, and that happened dallas, after an explosion collapsed a section of russia's road and rail bridge linking the mainland to the crimean peninsula where we challenged z as in cave. with more on the shelling zach parisha, the city has experience. night after night of this, the civilians there have been repeatedly pounded by russian missile and air strikes . attacks, often hitting apartment buildings and holmes. it's indiscriminate at best. it's a intentional worst. i think he crazy and certainly feel that it is intentional. that's why they describe russia as a terrorist state. the latest round of, of air strikes were told by ukraine authorities 12 miss alice laurence from russian plains last night. at least one apartment building hits. 5 homes destroyed the
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death toll that we understand at the moment stands at 17. of course it could go up as rescue as go through the rubble. now, what happens possibly to trigger this one, of course there was the attack on the crime in bridge which ukraine and the moment is not expressed explicitly saying it was responsible for. but there are more hints, more situation from leaders nor thirties. the fronts in the east and the south are not moving at the moment as fast as they have been. in recent days, the ukrainian vance paused or slowed down. but fighting does go on, and my colleague charles stratford has been to the frontline village of tosca, internet's co op last don't ask region, a warning. so some of our view as there are disturbing images. now in chinese report, bomb craters,
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destruction and the obliterated remains of people's lives. the closer you get to the new eastern front, the more dead russian soldiers you find. the valleys of shells and rockets crash back and forth. elisa brooks and soldiers, little the road. from where they were dug him just a couple of days ago, the ukrainian army now show them the town of camina where they fled, stretch new value at an an us, it's been terrible. there's been no life with our neighbors left. and the russian soldiers took over their houses, but when they left, they were running, panicking on the straight russian military uniforms in abandoned homes. the
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soldiers common did now empty bother detritus they left behind. the surrounding forests have been pulverized by exploding shells, trunks, apc's, and all manner of bones out vehicles lying the road ukrainian rocket launchers moved to positions ahead. hollywood waller, she did. we were sitting in our basement for 3 to 4 days. just surviving. they were so much selling and then they fled into the forest. we crossed the partly destroyed bridge, which is near the lamps. the smashed school bus is empty. bar 2 dead russian soldiers hanging at its sides. the bars of swarming flies, the only sound of the terrifying explosions, bottle and whip on the doorstep. if i didn't,
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how can you use an elderly woman appears at her gate that she describes the russian glittering young lady. yes, they were moving everywhere, driving on the road, lots of vehicles, but i'm afraid to speak about it. she says i have it at least. oh, she doesn't even flinch when a shell explodes close by. good on the, when the russians gave us humanitarian age, he continues. there were about $700.00 of us that many left for the russian side. just before the ukrainian army, liberated the village. we slowly move up the road, careful to avoid the unexploded bombs and shrapnel that is ripped through more vehicles, bodies, hill ah. barrel. incoming shows land clues is really tense shilling here in the last few minutes is a few soldiers behind me that are running towards this village of the village has
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been completely destroyed in this area as ukrainian forces pushed forward along this road towards the town of krajina with the little quote you got merciful, you will you, we could hear a drone overhead got got, got, go. now, if you don't want your cause destroyed, show which terrified ukrainian soldiers as they run by all stratford al jazeera, tortured, easton ukraine. well meanwhile, russia says, road and rail traffic has resumed on the bridge that warry was talking about. now, as we reported, elliott was damaged in an explosion alley on saturday. moscow says at least 3 people were killed, present data, me person has ordered additional security. let's show you where that explosion to pace and explain why it's so significant. other of the areas shown in red bent under the control of russian forces and they're separatist allies. a coach bridge is a critical route supplying moscow's trips and southern ukraine. the naval port of sebastopol
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as well. well, let's bring in mohammed val. he joins us now from moscow with more on fresh investigation into the explosion. mama, as we've been saying the kremlin is demanding on, says very swiftly white sir presses put, and yesterday appointed a special committee for the investigation in this incident. and early to they at 6 o'clock in the morning, local time, divers went under war to look for clues to determine the causes of a blast. and all possible other causes of glass before you. because yesterday they talked about a attack explosion as they are looking for more to day and also above the water line, an extensive inspection going on there to find more evidence yesterday or solve the russian leaders or political leaders were quick to blame ukraine for instance. we have learned that slootsky who said yesterday, he had no doubt ukraine was behind this sir. this attack her and he said,
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if it is proven officially, then the punishment turned the retaliation should be severe or so. we had sergey mirror miran of his leader of a just thrasher truth. there, a party here in russia. he said that a russia should respond with, by attacking the key infrastructure and facilities in ukraine, including bridges and roads and railway lines and so on. but today we see that russia is taking its time before it officially allots the blame, of course, the most provocative thing coming from ukraine yesterday was the jovial atmosphere that, that happy response, sir, by the ukrainians about what happened in crimea. but in terms of responsibility, there is no official statements yet. none of val across all of that for us from laska, thank you so much. my on moving on and marches has been held and the
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u. s. in support of reproductive rights and come 6 months after the supreme court ended federal protection allowing women to have an abortion organizes urging people to vote for politicians who support abortion rights in the mid term elections next month. she returns you reports now from washington, d. c. yeah, this wasn't just a margin support of the right to an abortion. this was specifically focused on mobilizing turner for the upcoming mid term elections, to defeat those who support the rolling back of female reproductive health care. with the chums, our power, our votes, you know that this is a very anti democratic initiative. we know that this is something that the american people do not support. and so we're here to make sure that folks have the opportunity to make their voices heard. and then make their votes heard on november since the supreme court overturned the constitutional right to an abortion in june . the issue is because of a focus on mid term races across the country for the us congress,
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the state governorships and state legislature. i attracted from what had been seen as potentially willing platform for the republicans to focus on the economy. crime and jo buttons, personal on popularity as president, the post address those issues do still dominate voters concerns. but the democrats sends a big opportunity to mobilize even their most disillusioned divisions, a handful of counter protests and showed up at the rally too. who argue that the whole debate was based on a misunderstanding? and there is no statement of abortion in either direction in the us and so they returned to the states. and so we think it's a lot of misinformation. that's precisely why abortion rights activists say, it's so important to get out the vote locally. since june republican govern state to state have restricted access to abortions. in addition, joe biden says congress could codify the re,
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to an abortion into federal law. if the democrats had a few more votes in congress. that's the promise multiple democratic presidents have not kept in the past. not long ago, it seemed like a real possibility that the democrats would be completely wiped out in these mid terms because of inflation and jo biden's, low popularity ratings. but now the democrats hope the republican overreach on abortion, will leave the democratic base round swing voters to vote democrat. despite their disappointment, and what they've achieved since taking control of congress on the presidency ship are times the al jazeera washington. now south korea and japan say north korea has 5 to short range ballistic missiles. the 7th such weapons test in recent days. south korea military called it a serious provocation, that hums peace. the launch came hours after the u. s. and south korea finished around as naval drove off the korean peninsula as east coast. estella had here on
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out of there. ah, christians raised of the israeli forces, kill palestinian teenagers in 24 hours in the occupied with her again and takes a financial towel on florida. excellent day the keynote could be one of the costliest in state history. ah. the rains getting heavier in java or, and borneo less so maybe in sumatran is a huge mastercard, admittedly, but there's no obvious focus now. this is for monday's forecast. it's looking a little bit dryer in the north of thailand, but not around bangkok, the onshore breeze, in viet nam, which you follow through to lose on could kerisha pretty nasty, damp horse. and again, it's hard to spot land masses of solar waste is now covered in blue shout. sumatra
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is better than it was, but eci, which saw flooding a couple days ago. not particularly focus in australia. it has been wet, but just follow this offshore. new south wales looks a lot dryer relief. i'm sure they're still showers in brisbin at the coast of queensland, and it's rather cloudy in some parts of west australia, per se. 20 thereabouts. is the sun comes out on tuesday for new zealand. the picture has been really quite different of last year. it's really cold to nice and warm. the picture on monday where you're feeding nice warm winds, which means huge amounts of rain on this northern shore south either. but look at the temperatures in the lea. trust church at 21 and even at 20 and in the calculate 20. now i know it's spring, but this is a particularly warm bit. ah
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a skull strike through the top with ta. they'd be what the voted to the walking glossy was hope. town. i'm bits club, footballing legend added, come to know, and produced is beyond no good at a wonderful time. sidney sniff equally adored by his funds with social valued as his money goes against italy's, who pulling a lead. football rebels on our visit. lou ah ah, hello. they are watching al jazeera that's remind you about top stories this hour. at least 12 people have been killed in a russian attack and the ukrainian city of zapper regia,
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ukrainian officials say russian forces shall the residential areas organize. meanwhile, the battle and eastern ukraine is intensifying as cubes forces tried to advance into the lu hunt's region. thousands of russian troops have retreated in recent days, leaving behind major destruction. not as have been held in several u. s. cities in support of reproductive rights organizes are urging people to vote and next month, midterm elections for politicians supporting the rights to abortion. while the economy climate change crime and immigration will also be on the minds of us versus when they had to those polls on november, the 8th, the elections will also be crucial for president joe biden and his democratic party . alan fisher explains. in a month's time, the american public will go to the polls for the mid term elections. for many, this is a referendum until biden's 1st 2 years in the white house and it's supposed to be believed. it wouldn't be good news for the democrats. what remains clear is that
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american politics is still incredibly devices. so what's at stake will in the house of representatives, everything, 435 congressional districts. some are solidly republican, some are solidly democrat, but there are a few that can be flipped. and the republicans know that a net gain of just 5 seats will give them control of the chamber. that would mean nancy pelosi is no longer the speaker pushing through the presence agenda. she would be replaced by a republican almost certainly kevin mccarthy in the senate, 35 of the $100.00 seats set up for grabs. but only 10 of those are thought to be competitive. at the moment, both sites have 50 seats with tiebreaker decided by the casting vote of the democratic vice president. now both sides know that a net gain of just one will give them control of the chamber. traditionally, the president's party doesn't do well and mid terms. donald trump lost 40 house seats. barack obama lost 63 in his 1st mid term. so what are the key issues for
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voters? first, there's inflation. the cost of everything seems to be going up and not just the basic cost of food, stuff and wages aren't rising at the same level. the economy, as most people is number one consent. there's also the cost of filling up your vehicle. it's expensive and with opec, and i think production cut is going to get more expensive justice people are going to the fall. so it's all bad news for democrats. right. well, not necessarily. the supreme court's decision to overhaul abortion rights in the united states has led to more women and democrats registering to vote. they believe the only way to protect abortion is that the ballot box and the democrats also see the polls suggest americans want to restrict access to some weapons. and they believe that the only way to do that is to give them a majority in the mid term elections. if the polls are to be believed, then the republicans could well when the house and just fall short in the senate.
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but we've learned one thing over the last 6 years. it is that american politics is highly unpredictable. now, a funeral has been held for a 17 year old palestinian killed by israeli forces during a raid and the jenin refugee camp. israeli forces have killed for palestinian teenagers in the occupied west bank and 24 hours as needed. abraham reports lost for words. friends of 17 year old mattie le dad. we remember her young man gone too soon. oh, is really force, has killed mattie with a bullet to the chest late on friday. that was after confrontations in his home town of al mazda, either going to be between past indians and his really soldiers. when local said they were trying to fend off an attack by israel settlers, a loyal and compassionate friend is how his neighbor adam le dad, where remembers maddie minutes after he was lee to rest. ok,
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i live in here and he used to dream of having a good future. he's someone who love life and going out. he was going to be too soon. palestinians say not only is there no accountability for these killings, but the violence against them is being used as an electoral tactic had of elections in november, palestinian say is really politicians hoped to get more votes by increasing assaults on them. people here say madness only paul was trying to defend me from an attack by the women settlers in london turning into them all the while. and here in the west bank this out of the 114 palestinians killed by his ready forces in the west bank this year. a 3rd were shot in jeannine in the northern west bank. early on saturday, 2 palestinians were killed during confrontations after an israeli reed in the jean refugee camps of our council of our lives and the injuries were focused on the upper body parts. one of them was a direct boat to the head and the other was to the next. the 2 men arrived at the
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hospital in their heart stop to look, we couldn't resuscitate, learn enough. night and daily rate have recently been met with armed confrontations in the place. israel called the wasps nest. military analysts assuming there are hundreds of armed palestinians inside the janine refugee camp. last week, these really military approved the use of thrones. put targeted assassination as palestinians use of gunfire increases largely unarmed in the face of a violent military occupation. palestinian said they can only rely on themselves. recent polls suggest the palestinians support for an armed uprising against israel at 48 percent. the odds of achieving peace are low, but standing still, the young hearsay is no longer an option. but him al jazeera the occupied with bank. meanwhile,
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the israeli army says one of its soldiers had been killed and 3 other people wounded in an attack on a military check point and occupied east jerusalem. the army says the soldier died after a palestinian gunman opened fire near the shoe author refugee camp. a search for the alleged attack is ongoing. now, israeli media reporting the energy and company will be in testing a pipeline from an offshore gastric in the eastern mediterranean. and this comes days after israel rejected lebanon's request to amend a maritime border agreement proposed by the us levin on objects to 3 clauses. the 1st relates to a borderline created by israel. more than 20 years ago, 7 months, the language changed to avoid accepting this line as an international maritime borders. it also objects to the location of the kind of gas field in a lebanese exploration block that extends into israeli waters and refuses to pay any profits from the gas fuel to israel. but israel says the field may fall under its exclusive economic zone. the bare route,
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once the french royal giant hotel to work with lebanon independently from its projects with israel. bene, smith is following developments for us from western attempts have been going on for years to demarcate the maritime border between israel and lebanon. the been us broker talks and they were pretty close. we understand to reaching a deal last week, the 11, almost happy with the draft, and particularly about these boys that have been put in the water by the israelis lebanon. didn't want those to become identified as an official international maritime border. now this essentially seems to be having a knock on effect on a carry sh project. this project is in israeli waters is a gas field that is rail is getting ready to exploit and pump gas from. and there are reports today that is going to start testing the pipes to see if it's possible to see everything secure. there's no leaks at the standard sort of engineering
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testing. now the issue with courage is that previously has bala, the iran back to group in lab on has said it could attack courage if an overall agreement with israel on drilling rights is not reached. now, previously, israel had been sort of waiting for this agreement to be waiting for this agreement to some 11 on before it fully started exploiting courage, which is in its territorial waters. israel is now said, regardless of any deal with lebanon, it's going to progress with this, with his own or oil field. now if these tests pan out, israel says within weeks, they could start pumping oil lots from the energy company, energy. and that is exploiting the block with israelis. so the question is, what is the risk to his rail of starting to pump gas from courage bearing in mind that it has not reached a full deal with lebanon over his maritime borders. a group of hackers
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interrupted iranian state television briefly on saturday with anti government messages. the rainy news program is broadcasting in appearance by its iran supreme, nita, ayatollah ali khamenei. the activists screened images of masa, meaning 3 teenage girls, an edge of a kel, during protests. after her death, now florida, north and south carolina, all assessing damage off to hurricane in eli estimates put the cost between $30.00 and a $100000000000.00 and that could make it one of the costliest storms to ever hit the u. s. kristen, 3 me reports now from new york, tallying up the losses from hurricane ian has only just begun. our roof is in the back of the house. for these retirees, seeing the damage to their homes and neighborhood was overwhelming. there's no words for it. it's like, oh, holy cow, what a mesh the south west coast of florida took the brunt of wind and storm surge. but
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the impact of the heavy rainfall was felt further inland and up the united states. eastern coast. experts say whether storms is one impact of climate change. the majority of the cost as well as the lives lost as a result of ah, hurricanes and tropical cycles comes from flooding. it comes from storm surge. it comes from the rainfall. one of the costliest storms in u. s. history superstore miss sandy wasn't even a hurricane by the time it got here in new york. and yet here's where it did the most damage. $82000000000.00 in flooding and infrastructure costs. some early estimates for hurricane in are approaching that. more than 40000 utility workers were dispatched to florida alone to help restore power. water mains and roads have also suffered extensive damage. not to mention bridges. the governor said 800 of them were in need of assessment. president biden declared
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a disaster in florida paving the way for federal assist for infrastructure as well as individuals. it me, the federal government provide individual assistance of $37900.00 for home repairs and other $37900.00 for loss property for anything from automobile to last wedding with several health care facilities damaged and forced to evacuate health impacts and related costs will take years to fully understand and has gone into slash while the human costs remain. incalculable. kristen salumi al jazeera new york. well, meanwhile, tropical storm julia has now strengthened to a hurricane, as it moves closer to central america. it's made landfall along nicaragua, caribbean coast, with sustained winds, reaching 140 kilometers per hour early and julia already brought strong waves and high winds to the colombian island of san andreas. when campaign
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is fighting to preserve europe largest, the water lagoon have made a major legal break through it now has the legal rights equivalent to those of a person harry, forth report from mama, nor in southern spain, the streets of la mancha. don't feel like they belong in one of spain's most famous natural habitats. this festival of 1900 sixties and seventies architecture. well, but in closes, europe's largest salt water, lagoon, marmen or the little c. it's shallowness and high salt content, produce a singular ecosystem. pedro garcia has spent much of his life trying to preserve it . years ago he says this dream would have been a trickle. now it's a near constant flow choice. i'll get out of luck on the ceiling. this is altered the conditions of lagoon that used to be sophie losing an important part of its characteristic ecosystem which is very fragile. and this is had environmental but
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also serious social and economic consequences. pet drew and other activists. the main threat is intensive agriculture. since the $900.00 ninety's water has been diverted to irrigate what was a dry landscape, that water takes nitrates from the farmland into the mar several times in recent years, it's caused alga bloom's sucking out oxygen and killing c life. and other threat lies higher up where the legacy of this regions, mining history is still in evidence, arsenic and heavy metals remain in the scarred hillsides. the past couple of days have seen heavy rain, severe flooding in this region. this is what's been left behind up here at the side of the old mine. and if you think about all of the excess water, all of that run off carrying whatever pollutants it might have picked up here. it's only going in one direction downhill towards the lagoon. such events have driven law professor teresa within 10 years long battle to grant marmen or the legal
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status of a person a battle she's now one. now we recognize that they. busy deny chart is defended of their life and has value enough to give. right? and then now the big company can do things and t that day, right of nature is the only meat close by university scientists are creating a living insurance policy just in case c. horses and other marine life from marmen or a being studied and bred to keep stocks in reserve for future re introduction. the hope is they would be needed for my notice when i got it. i work in the mama noise a long distance race and it's sitting here. the regional and national governments are working. i think with all the measures as a whole. we can get mano to recover and gulf winters. the regional government told us it was reducing fertilizer use removing algae and improving the sewage system.
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