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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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and 17 and i joined the following year and on the math, we haven't to regular weekly training sessions at this school feel young i was one m honda but even at the m and a can, the team that is taking part in cottage is made up of 10 girls this effort, given the regions cultures and traditions. a girl footballer is looked at different modalities, particularly in our society. that's why girls from refugee camps were selected because they are marginalized. and this gives us a voice that's a huge tamela lee on a friday, and we'll try to get on the line up via fedex board for life. taking part in the sport for life foundation was a you turn on our lives. the girls came from a totally closed environment. now they are given the opportunity to show their capabilities and also to unleash their talents, put them habersham, and ca, language, essay. every other business vietnamese sports is the key to the whole world. through sports i can have a voice also salvia, and i have an outlet from a negative energies as well. and assaulted al am in lahaina,
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i'll fall philosophy. and that my message to the world is that we are the children of palestine deprived of our full rights. for example, the right to play. we do not have enough playing fields. even the one we train on is asphalt ground, and it is very dangerous. however, we never give up. when we traveled to play against teams and other towns, we have to go through road blocks and search measures. we faced many, many harsh difficulties. there's really occupation forces are turning our lives into a nightmare. mcclellan high lair. i will not at all, this is the 1st time for me to travel abroad and to be on the plane. so i have mixed feelings of excitement thrill and fear. but it is also the 1st time for palestinian children to take part in this event. so i am excited to be the 1st to represent palestine. it is an unprecedented opportunity on laptop i was a kid actor. i will invite the other teams to come and visit. if not, we will make friends who will establish contacts and relationships. and one day in the future, when we will meet again. ah,
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hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, russian president vladimir putin, as described, the barrels of miss on fire on ukrainian cities as a response to terrorist attacks on russian territory. at least 10 people have died . putin warned there could be an even tougher response to come up to you to pursue cleanable of nevada. was it is impossible not to respond this morning. a mess of strikes took place on air, sea, and land against energy and military targets against ukraine. lose him. if such a thomas by ukraine continued. there will be harsh responses with explosions were also reporter than the ravens for no pull in ukraine's west. the nephron crumb and shook and central ukraine is off a richer in the south and car cave in the east grains him again around the glove ukrainian lemons. the morning is difficult said we are dealing with tourists,
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dozens of missiles iranian drones. they have to targets the energy facilities throughout the country. and the 2nd target is the people in such a time. such goals are specifically chosen to cause us as much damage as possible, but we are ukrainians. we help each other, we believe in ourselves. we restore everything that is destroyed. there may be temporary power outages now, but there will never be an interruption in our confidence. all confidence in victory, north korea's leader associates latest miss allan shows were a way to test the ability of fits nuclear weapons to wipe out your west and south korean targets. kim said the launches were in response to joint naval drills by the u. s. and south korea, a landslide in venezuela has killed at least 25 people and more than 50 are missing . the area received a month's worth of rain and just 8 hours. the government says it's working to rescue people trapped under their minds. those that headlines on al jazeera up next,
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it's inside story. thanks for watching. bye bye. for now. ah, dozens of palestinians has died in one of the most violent years in occupied palestinian territory. many were killed in israeli military res. so what's behind the rise and can anything be done to reduce the attention? this is inside stored. ah ah, hello,
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welcome to the program. i'm hasn't seek the u. n. is expressing alarm at a rising number of attacks in occupied palestinian territory. its special coordinator for the middle east process has urged israeli and palestinian lead us to restore. com and israeli soldier was killed when a palestinian gunman allegedly opened fire at a checkpoint newer refugee camp in occupied east jerusalem on saturday. 2 others were wounded. israel's prime minister yeah. lap id promised to bring the killer to justice. earlier in the day is ready, forces killed to palestinian teenagers during a raid in the janine refugee camp in the occupied west bank. and that followed the killing of 2 other teens in separate incidents on friday. one of them a 17 year old male was shot in the chest walk, confronting israeli settlers at his village, near my la palestinians, say assaults have increased ahead of elections in israel next month. the 5th this
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year gets the dentist never met that, but i was at home or neighbor off me about my children's whereabouts. i told her that one of them went to buy a few things. and the other way to get goods from the store. that's when she told me that my son was shot he used to dream of having a good future. he's someone who love life and going out. he was going to be too soon. with all these attacks carried out under the protection of the history, occupation, army and border guards who are present every friday for the purpose of protecting settlers. only well 2022 has been the worst year for violence in the occupied territory since 2015. the un says at least $120.00 palestinians have been killed since january, nearly a 5th with children. the youngest was 14 years old, most were shot dead by israeli forces during arrest and home demolition rates
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around. janine an atlas in the occupied west bank in may israeli soldiers shot dead as a journalist shit in i've luckily, as she reported on a raid leading to worldwide outrage. ah, let's bring in our gifts now in tel aviv gideon levy columnist at heart writes in haifa, south sans and a palestinian human rights lawyer. and also in tel aviv guy shall have the executive director of physicians for human rights is rob. good to have you with us . so getting, let me, let me, let me start with you. what do you put this down to this, this rise in violence in the occupied territories in 2022. first of all, the context is that there is nothing cheaper. it is then, but it's in lives. we see. we see throughout the years we see,
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even in this weekend when one woman soldier was killed in the morning, had this for 24 hours. now while the students were killed by is ready. so just hardly mentioned in the media to this you have to add the order to pick. we are having now a so called list sent to a government, not the right government. and they're always the worse because they or is if to prove that they are not. so if there was a bonus, the dns and the army who feels that there is no one to stop, it becomes even more heavy trigger than before. and you see those killing snow almost 100 victims from the beginning of 20. 20. been to do it. i can insure you out of those. what are the victims, or was one of the big things a t, at least,
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where people who did not deserve to be killed the way they were killed. they were most of them and most of them could be arrested. part of them will totally, you know, some people sad. what do you think is, is behind why things come to this point right now? i think that this is not the most important question. the why? because we have been viewing the reflection and the translation of violence, aggressive occupation in the occupied territories since 967. so it doesn't matter if we're talking about the most deadliest year of $120.00 people killed. or if we're talking about 20 people who are killed, we're talking here about people being killed, innocent people, civilians being killed in cold blood by the way, the army,
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whether it's one person or 100 percent. and the problem here is that the israel views that it has lack of accountability, it has full impunity. it doesn't do. i'm conduct flow and the transparency and legal investigations. the fact that no soldier for all these years, not only this year have been found guilty and criminal liability and the killing of palestinians, but case of shooting a block, they had the illustrated. unfortunately, the event is called killing of hundreds of other palestinians where they are killed, even if israel declares that has opened criminal investigation and they don't see it. they don't basically going to any soldier. they basically, and a lot of the investigation concludes that either there is no criminal
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responsibility or that the person was killed by palestinians themselves or that the bullets that were used for sponge bullets and not like bullets. even though sponge bullets are also responsible of killing people, so there is basically also based on what get their own lives. we had said that most of these people are civilians, therefore, is where l does not implement. one of the most important rule is off international humanitarian law, which is the distinction principle, which must basically, they must distance between aren't people who have been directly involved in military actions. andrew have been involved in military action at the same time that they were killed civilians who in general posed no threat. so there is a violation of international law, but also violation of is there any law because the opening fire regulation is ready
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to sub flooring for the army. also declared that shooting people can be done only one. there is immediate threats on the life of the soldier. and then most of the cases that we have been viewing, we said that the civilians that have been killed in clothing, journalist trim are all like all journalists are counted a civilian, not military personnel have not been engaged and have not posed a direct threat to the soldier and this should be examined in my opinion, and i can expand on that was war crimes by the i see. alright. guy shot, i want to get your take on this and we want to want to point out that much of this violence recently has taken place in and around palestinian refugee camps in
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the occupied west bank. talk to us a little bit about the context of all of this, what life is like for, for people inside those camps, mainly and you know, i can show yesterday when right. we had lots of cams but we'll get another cool collection between the. ringback office and i'm sitting at the can we had people suffering the conditions of living? we got we got all the we talked with the teacher in the school who cannot sleep at night because night the rates some of the center the military.
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so you condition unbearable, and when you see and at the age of opinion you are getting killed, as we can see in this weekend, i think i did get some of the problem. the problem is i've been suffering since they were born in the re, these are the might be re we but we still go back the mental health of that on kids . and i see intrusion by our mean to me and you can see more and more kids are getting involved in innovation or dimension leaving campus mean where this is maybe their own way of the patient. you can
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or gideon levy. do you think there is a chance of further clashes if this cycle is, is not broken? is there? is there any chance any opportunity to reduce the tensions? no, there is no severity reduce it because they put a student paper under the occupation is in one of its worst points ever. that totally divided licking of lead the sheep. the world had totally abandoned them, including the air worlds. they are lonely, they are bleeding and nobody cares about them. and in this point we will see more and more a resistance, but not organized resistance as we saw it in the 2nd than the 1st intifada. but more an expression of desperate young people who go and are ready to,
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to pay any price for the dignity for the freedom, for, for the most basic things. and that i cannot. unfortunately, i cannot describe any scenario which leads us to have bitter reality. right now, because is right obviously has no intention to put an end to the station. i can name it, never head, but it doesn't matter now. now nobody even speaks about it. the word is a occupied with some other issues and, and live on the new patient is unbearable from day to day. so one thing is sure, the resistance will not stop. it will change phases that will be and it would karma periods and then more aggressive periods. but by the end of the day,
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this cannot be so without the rear put in the consortium. and we are far from a political simulation more than ever before. so some say how much, how much of this is on, on the palestinian leadership? and the point the gideon was making that there are so many of these young people growing up in the occupied territories right now. who don't see any, any kind of hope or any direction from their own leaders. oh yeah, that's, so that's true. but let us not forget, unfortunately that we are now towards israeli election for the israeli can where is there a leave? the parties are basically very much focused on internal israeli stuff on whether be be, will become or he will not become and old for the division among palestinian
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forties. a also is not basically giving any kind of a positive contribution to the situation in the west bank, even though the killing of innocent people in the west bond does have a weight and does have its pretty full force among the students in front of israel, palestinian parties, but again, the election is rel, including the divisions among the political parties is taking all of the on the account of what is happening in the west bank. and even if we take the other sector, which is also the human rights organization, because whoever was a reveals they exposes violations of the occupation or not the only adult finance or the are a political park isn't,
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is road, but also the human rights organization. if we picked, for example, the fullest indians and the last bond, the most important of them like a hawk, have been declared a service organization. while they have been documenting war crimes, including the killing of innocent people, the subject of our, of our discussion and no human rights in israel. on the other hand, if they do want to appeal, for example, on the of investigation or the closure of investigation, of killing of the simian fight railey army, and they approach or physician, the high supreme court of israel. they also get confronted by dismiss those from there. is there any supreme court because the ready supreme court, which shouldn't provide theoretically justice and should the theoretical basically order orders are me to a,
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to phone fruits, a accountability and justice basically does not interfere or intervene in the office off discretion of the army in any conclusion of investigation. so therefore for regarding the unions, unfortunately, they don't have any remedy on the local level, whether it's a regular phone or palestinian level. therefore, and based on also what i started to, to answer. and my previous as far as these children, comprised a war crimes and like the case of ukraine, where cody hon. the 1st security of the i. c. c, did the order, the opening of criminal investigation and the killing of innocent people in several events by russia. this started nurtured the old, full apply on the killing of palestinians by his world there she needs no double
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standards and investigating, i'm fine. been the liability of people who are criminal for committing war crimes, like in this case of the a of the union. so i must here say one thing or comment on one thing, but in the introduction of our discussion where it was mentioned that prag minister . yeah. he said that he will bring justice to the soldier. that was hello suwon. this justice, the club he talks about is one sided. never have the israelis thought to seek justice for the killing of hundreds and hundreds of palestinians that have been unfortunately killed by cold the blood in order to serve the occupation of israel and the territories. oh, i want to bring back a guy, you shall have and get his take on this. i saw you nodding in agreement to to some
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of that. yeah. basically what i think important got the idea there. always reacting, always, the idea is react reacting to other in a grid. and but if you think you're thinking about the election coming up in the week, but the government, the government was the rule they called in for the government of change, but the change was so even when they had not even inside, you can see it growing aggressive managers against all over with communities in being deported using big region. you can see they're changing the war in the 1st 2015 the asian nations on,
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on the prayer. so these are, are fighting up in the you that i didn't always, they always the only the reaction to be measured on that and they continue to be aggressive as reaction risk. so the election definitely are important. that's what we're seeing now. well, all you're giving me a call to, to happened way before we get, you know, you mentioned earlier that you don't see anything positive coming out of this that you don't expect this, this violence, these constant attacks to, to, to, to, to fall at any point is there is there, are we seeing could we perhaps be seen the beginnings of a, of a longer sustain palestinian uprising, not for the,
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for the show future. as i said before, i don't see that. but since finding themself and leadership, which really lead them to an organized uprising, to a certain defy, it's rather we'd be the father of the individuals, but it will continue and continue without any progress and any achievements you see that. but since we've tried everything, nobody can, they accused them that they didn't try everything. they tried. diplomacy, the drug violence, they try and they leave you a pass. they really try anything. and by the end of the day time, is it working against them. and the situation today's much worse than few years ago . it's course now for really in the school seat course. now for new leadership,
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obviously, it's course allow for new means because what is happening now? we love to lead them to anywhere and i say resume of pain and sympathy insularity. but this will not lead to anywhere is raised by far too strong. that but a sense of by far too weak in the word is by far too indifference. and in this combination, it will be very hard to get progress. something must change and hopefully can come from the national community. so soon as i had you think it things that there is a chance that things could change and how hard it is it to, to get this discourse in the public mind, given everything else that's happening in the world right now. now i think that there has been like there might be changes. the question is on what level? and one of the aspects of change that i would like to illustrate because there are
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some level but one of them is basically the accelerations a on the increase of the, the critique of the regime, of a regime as being an apartheid regime. not only as an occupation regime that has been exercising, ah, violation of international law, not only in the west bank and gaza, let's not forget as well the book a day on the augusta and the killings older there, but old for inside of israel. and why this is important because every october, since october, 2000 philistines inside of is rose, has been common rating, the killing of 13 palestinians, and by the israeli police. now exactly like the killings in the west by where there have no soldier have been found accountable to the killing of finance. that's
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exactly the same situation of the killing of palestinians in october 2000. it was the beginning of the 2nd intifada. so the same treatment of lack of accountability and impunity is over there towards palestinian no matter where they are. and the fact that a international organizations, such as i'm the international such as the human rights watch such as there's really organization. but selim and other organizations that inside of palestine have been calling not only the vision but also to stop the upper right is a major shift and it should be continued and correction. i just, i just want to give what's probably going to be last. what on this, in the, in a minute that we have left to guy shall have, do you see anything on the horizon? i mean, how do you see this play now? is there anything on the horizon that you feel could, could give people hope?
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unfortunately no, i cannot be here. i think we should if we because when we go back to the children, i think this is the key. ready if you see children growing up and we are getting dr. my way to great stuff that we can go see the age of iron or reduce africa. and now the kids leaving in that woman just became doctorate and they did. they use fear leaders. busy and unfortunately, was really young teenagers patient we're going to have to leave it there. thanks very much. 2 or 3 of you, gideon levia, south sons and guy. charlotte, thanks so much for being with us. and thank you. as always for watching, remember,
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you can see this program again any time just go to our website, al jazeera dot com. and for more discussion there's our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash ha, inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle. there is a j inside story for me, hasn't speaker, and the whole team here, bye for now. the news ah and on counseling the cost a major, you turn on tax cuts in the u. k. is it enough to limit the financial damage on other wake up call on the cost of climate change from horrigan. he bought boeing,
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reveals our aircraft plans to go green by 2015. counting the cost on al jazeera, the chinese communist party hold it 20 at congress, delegates for me to discuss constitutional change, economic challenges, and phone policy with president jean ping likely to secure a 3rd time. will he be given even more power to pursue his vision for the future? follows a story on o g 0. a 3rd of the country is under water. more than 33000000 are suffering from hunger disease and displacement. the word stories about children who are drinking from the same water with their dead kathy was floating al jazeera questions. the climate change play a role in the deadly downfall we're to said would be $952.00 millimeters of this kind of been going to sink any place the full report pakistan the great deluge on
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