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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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next couple of days and big downpours coming through here a scattering a shout into central america elsewhere. miss lottie finance semi. ah! jumping to the street when no topic is off the table. i don't think that anybody should be borne to privilege to the president of the day. we are the subjects of the royal family, plus one person's opinion. but what's yours? amplify your voice. the judicial system in mexico is incredibly weak and it is not just corruption where a global audience becomes a global community. the scariest part of this moment in my country is this toys for a more weapons the stream. oh, now j 0. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here. it al jazeera. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing with
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warnings from the i mess of the global economy. risk sliding into recession next year, blaming factors, including the warn ukraine inflation and china, 0 cove and policy. ah, hello, i money inside this is out there and live from joe was so coming up it says it's reevaluating its relationship with saudi arabia off to the opec plus decision to sharpie cocked oil output energy ministers, me to find ways of dealing with soaring gas prices, and reach agreement despite shop divisions and the residence of a small village in indonesia believe they just might have the secret to a long life.
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ah, alone welcome. the international monetary funds says, well, things have been bad for the global economy. the worst is yet to come. the i m f has caught its global growth full cost for 2023, saying that for many next year would feel like a recession emitter war in ukraine, and the cost of living crisis. alan fisher reports from i'm f headquarters in washington dc. it's a dark time for the global economy. from all over the world. delegates and representatives are in washington to be told what many already know economically things are bad and they're going to get worse. the global economy continues to face steep challenges, shaped by 3 powerful forces. the russian invasion of your queen. the cost of living crisis caused by persistent and broadening inflation pressures. and the slow down
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in china, inflation is biting economies around the world, making it harder for ordinary people to do ordinary things, like feed their families or warm their homes. the i m f says the reasons are many under complicated. but strict covered loc don's in china has hit growth there and impacted the global supply chain. there are several climate emergencies under russia's war in ukraine, which has hit food supplies and caused an energy crisis. this winter in europe is described by the i m f is challenging, but warns next winter will be worse when it comes to the cost of living crisis. the way to go is to provide targeted support to the most vulnerable households and firms. rather than a very general support, which would just make things even more difficult. it's not hard to find economic trouble sports, lebanon, with political up people in the banking sector crisis. so a lanka with double digit economic slump and huge debts of pakistan were massive. floods have wreaked havoc. this is the 1st in person gathering for the
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international monetary fund in 3 years, but facing the biggest coming together of economic security and climate challenges . since the 2nd world war, there's an acceptance that this can be business as usual. allen fisher al jazeera at the i m f annual meeting in washington. tobias adrian is director of the machine and capital markets department at the international monetary fund. it says attempt to keep inflation in chat kept partly responsible for the sleigh down. so the basic forecast, painful picture, whereby the 2 other countries in the world i'm the session, the tightening of monetary policy and the tightening of financial conditions that as a result of the type of monetary policy. it's fairly orderly. however, the downside risk relative to the baseline, and that could mean that more countries recession and it could mean that financial
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stability risk realizing. so we could see this order the type of thing or market this function. in certain segment, inflation is well above targets in the majority of countries around the world. in many countries in station runs of a 910 percent, sometimes even higher. central banks have to get information back to the targets. for many center banks, that's a 2 percent target, but either it's a 3 or 4 percent target depending on where you are in the world. so to get information back down, he cannot get to it. he has to load to some extent so that they have less demand to meet the supply that was kind of in the world. and inflation will come down. so the low down, they cannot get timothy. and the potential for recession is an outcome of the fight against depression. the us as,
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as reevaluating its relationship with re add up to the saudi lead opec plus group started to steeply cart oil production, the organization of petroleum exporting countries analysis decision last week despite us opposition. whitehouse as president joe biden, is willing to work with congress after sen called for fries and cooperation with saudi arabia. from the beginning of the administration since taking office, the president has been very clear that united states need to need a different sort of relationship with saudi arabia. he has said that from very early on, and i have said this last week when opec made the decision to align their energy policy with russia's war and war aims and against the american people. further underscore is that reasoning to realign that relationship to reevaluate that relationship with saudi arabia. we are reviewing where we are currently right now
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and will be watching closely over the coming weeks and months as well. company healthcare has more from the white house. well, this is something that has really been concern for many on capital hill for some time with us saudi relationship, as there has been concern about particularly the issue of human rights. and so this is something that many members of congress, not just from the opposition republican party, but also from the president's own democratic party, have been urging the white house to do not just the binding of ministration, but also the trumpet ministration for many years to reevaluate this relationship and so this is something that, as we've been reporting the national security both 1st and john kirby says, is now something that the white house is willing to look at. and given the fact that the president did travel to saudi arabia and recent months, did feel that he had a good conversation with the saudi current principal. how it would solomon,
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but they're not happy with the fact that now there has been decision this decision by opec to in fact cut production. and so there's a number of reasons why the white house is not happy about this decision. and one of the big reasons is that there is a congressional election that is coming up in just a matter of weeks. in fact, in november. and this is really seemed to benefit the president's political adversaries. here in the united states, high energy prices really are not good for the president politically. and so that's one reason that this white house is not happy about this. but the other reason the white house is not happy about this is that the fact that this is really seen is aligning with russia. russians president has praise the decision by opec class to sharply come back on oil production, blood man, patient misspeaking assa meeting with elisa, united arab emirates,
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we are actively working in the framework, close our decisions. our action aren't directed against anyone. we are and acting to create problems for anyone. our actions are aimed to ensure to built in global energy market. the russia has continued to launch massage the several regions of ukraine, including the south east and city of asia. ukrainian official say at least one person was killed off to 12 missiles hit. the city on tuesday on attacks in the western city of livid have caused blackouts. un says russia may have committed war crimes with it strikes across ukraine on monday, which killed at least 19 people. an injured more than $100.00 of the capital k was among the cities targeted for the 1st time in months. and while people, they're all nervous life is getting back to normal or challenge reports gives
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residence, ah, jumpy. now, the day after the worst russian air strike since the beginning of the war. many a taking the air raid warnings more seriously. last week, most would have ignore the sirens. on tuesday morning, the metro was filled with people taking shelter. i got scared because we didn't think it will happen again in the downtown. it is terrorism. you understand that you are not safe at home, even if there are no infrastructure objects nearby to off and basement will not say you want to people in key of to as soon as the all clear is given easy coffee in the sunshine, anton runs 1900 coffee and central key if for him opening as soon as he can is a duty to his employees, his customers, and his country ob, sorts of us a little. why is this important question when we are responsible for those work for us in the business must keep working our regular guest keep coming to us even during the last 2 days, or daughter or whatever. but also we continue to pay taxes and contribute
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a part to the countries budget a year. if we all close, it seems to me we will no longer be able to sign on contract and help me to liberate the country. today to show when there's more than one for ukraine's governments getting back to normal as quickly as possible, is a vital part of the war effort. electricity must be restored, glass cleared, and missile craters filled. everything that is being destroyed will be rebuilt. the president lensky says, well, look at this in the section where several people were killed on monday. the repair work is already well underway. resilience is defiance and defiance ukrainians believe. well when the war rory talents out is era. if you energy ministers the meeting in prague to find ways to tackle sky high gas prices, the block is considering emergency measures like a possible price cap. but step faster reports money. a concern, but financial help will come to late. got that in novak of, i could not believe her energy bill from 160 dollars one month it went up to
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$700.00. the next she managed to change provider, but still has to pay nearly half her salary to the power company side of just my school. so i will try to go to the welfare office and see if i can get some housing allowance. maybe they can help me out. we have to pass phone balls and food is so expensive to. this is all taken me by surprise. i don't know what to do, mamma, telephonic, but you message with the temperature dropping angle is growing. check trade unions won't lead us to find solutions. i think the leader of europe must looking for some common approaches because it's for us, i'm accepted to have to europe ian union. my one for the, for the wars countries, one form reach of countries. i think that if we want to future for european union, you must looking for some come on approach for all but agreement as you had to be
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reach on how to reduce the price of gas at last week's use summit and brock. the $27.00 lead us we made divided. one of the matches you managed to agree on is to cause energy consumption by 15 percent, like other european cities. brock has decided to stop illuminating some of its famous monuments, but everyone agrees more far reaching measures needed. and especially in the east and the south of europe, there's a real push for a price gap on gas. the countries are discussing the forms a price gap could take someone a maximum price to be set for all gas. but a compromise could be in the work how to remit in favor of the gas on the electricity prices we sold. and this is extremely important pushing up the consumption. so we have to find solution, which is basically which works, which will the collision, the features, the prices, but on the other side we stick. so the commitment, we have to reduce the cost consumption. because in the case of c,
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we are into derek. the can be a lack of gas, whatever the answers the you comes up with, all the back of our ones is lower power bills as soon as possible, steadfast and al jazeera brock still heads on out. is there an maritime buddha deal is we lebanon in israel? that pays the wait and vital gas exploration and the collision of cosmic proportions. nasa says it's dark spacecraft has successfully knocked an asteroid of a torment. ah, anticipation is rising. and so with sponsored my cattle aways, hello, the weather set fair across much of china now it's dry to into the korean peninsula
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. and for at least one more day, there will be large fine, and dry weather coming into work. japan, on the breezy side here, having said that this weather system just out into the northwest pacific will just ease its way back towards us as we go on through were 2nd half of the week before wednesday sci fi and dry 22 celsius. therefore, tokyo, those that settle weather across much of china. taiwan though still seeing some heavier burst of rain across that eastern side of the island, we make a way into where thursday and there's that wet weather. little brush that east inside of han. she will be heavy at times. some blustery down paws that are coming through from time to time. horizontal re, i suspect that king went set seen still a few shows. therefore taiwan and follow showers down into northern parts of the philippines. some pockets of foundry showers. coming through here. big down, pause a possibility then as a result of that and where to whether still they're into southern parts of indo. china good scattering, a showers around western parts of borneo. good scattering
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a shower, still in place into eastern parts of india for a time and up towards the north east. still seeing some wet weather. western areas saves in cloud and rain along with much useful anchor. the weather sponsored by a cat on a ways a surge of the country is under water. more than 33000000 are suffering from hunger disease and displacement. the word stories about children were drinking from the same water with their dead. kathy was floating al jazeera questions. climate change play a role in the deadly down poll. we are to send would be $950.00 millimeters of this kind of been going to sink any place the full report pakistan. the great deluge on al jazeera for
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the me come back watching out, is there a mind to help stories in our international monetary fund? this painting a bleep picture, the global economy, and the warranty crane and the cost of living crisis. it's cuts. it's great for car, for 2023 thing the next year we'll feel like recession for many years. president joe biden's administration says it's reevaluating washington's relationship with saudi arabia. it comes off the saudi led opec, last brief, which includes russia, ignored us opposition, and dishonest account will put, which will raise price. russia continue to launch myself as several regions of ukraine, including the se, 50 of somebody. finding officials say at least one person killed off the 12 myself . now what is the secret living
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a long and healthy life residence of a small village and indonesia believe they have the answer, the communities home to dozens of people over the age of 100, such as the starting the community to find out more about their lifestyles. jessica washington reports through middle wanna village in west java, in the hills of tea and june with java. this is the journey to meet one village. here the sky is blue, the temperature is cool and there is no traffic or pollution. but what makes this village special is it's residence specifically it's senior and done manner is 92, he exercises every morning practicing martial arts with his friends. we've done what i like to exercise and drink for leaders of water every day who than a 1200 people live in the village. like many elderly innovations, most of them don't have birth certificates. $26.00 of the residents, i believe,
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to be over 100 years old. according to the local government. yes, it's like expectancy. yeah, it's just over 71 years old. curious about what makes it full of the want to live long as healthy lives. researchers are study in the parking lot behind this house. they note that residents only eat what they grow and also live active lifestyles in the dump about the refund in the village. we see that when the community preserves its local wisdom and incorporates it into their daily lives, it has a positive effect. everyone here is involved in ensuring the village has enough to eat with the older generation, passing on their knowledge about cooking and farming. now when i cook vegetables from the garden, whatever grows i never traveled, i just stay here and keep for me. the residence recently agreed to open the village for tourism,
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but they say they will only allow visitors as long as they don't disturb their cousins. and so how young positive doesn't mean one is a good example for others to learn from the way they eat, how they take care of their village. and the environment asked why they think people here lived such long lives. most residency happiness is just as important as diet and exercised was i just lives simply, i've never wanted to be rich, your own car. my heart is free and happy. most of the seniors have never left the village. and nor do they want to. they say they already have everything they need. jessica washington out a 0 in mid one village, west java. the nasa rocket that smashed into an asteroid 2 weeks ago has done its job and knocked the space object off its obit. signed to st. gives them height . they can stop potentially deadly collisions if the intergalactic kind doesn't. jordan explains as now,
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says dart spacecraft homed in on the asteroid de morphin. 11000000 kilometers from earth, dark creators held their breath and crossed their finger impact. but it took another 2 weeks to learn whether dart had indeed had it started. on tuesday, nasa officials announced the good news for the 1st time ever. humanity has changed the orbit of a planetary body of a planetary object. first time ever darts collision with the asteroid, shortened its orbit around another asteroid by 32 minutes far more than the 70. 3 seconds predicted. nasa, as administrator says, this kind of cosmic shove could protect the earth and its inhabitants from the kinds of meteors that wiped out the dinosaurs 65000000 years ago. now this is
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a watershed moment for planetary defense and a watershed moment for humanity. and that's why it was fitting that dart was an international endeavor science benefits humanity. this is a unifying mission. building, spacecraft that can intercept asteroids won't offer enough protection. scientists say they need better ways of figuring out which space objects might be a threat in the 1st place. the more time we have for that little nudge in the, in the change in that or will orbital period to really make a change. the better off we are, sorry to say they have lots of data to review and they'll use those insights to help them knock asteroids out of earth way. rosalyn, jordan al jazeera thomas s statler and program scientists at nasa planetary science division. he says the successful tests will help the space agency
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develop future technology. the results of the test really were in accord with what we're expecting. what we're doing is beginning to develop a technology that could one day be used to deflect an asteroid. if we ever need to . in this 1st test, we didn't know what the structural properties were of the asteroid that we were targeting dimorphic. it might have been a solid rock, it might have been a fractured rock. it might have been a pile of debris. and so we had a wide range of expectations for what might happen. what did happen is we got a big splash of what we call ejector. that gave a good push to the asteroid. it was at the upper end of what we were expecting, what we were hoping for, but this result is absolutely fantastic because it does give us confidence this technique could be useful in the future if we ever need it. lebanon, israel have reached agreement on a disputed maritime boda that's being held as
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a historic dale and will enable new energy source is to be exploited and it's been has the details from west shows them. israel government says this is an historic deal with 11 on it. says it'll strengthen israel, security people, billions of dollars into israel economy and ensure the stability of israel's border with lebanon. engineers are already testing the pipe that will eventually extract a gas from its kurdish oil field to israel, mainland. and i hope that in about 3 weeks time, once those tests are completed, that come begin to pump gas. the deal have to go before israel security cabinet. it'll meet. busy on wednesday and then there are a couple of potential legal and parliamentary hurdles to jump once they've been cleared. and i hope to be able to sign the deal with the lebanese for elections here in israel on november. the 1st, whether they managed to meet that deadline or not, it's still a significant diplomatic victory for israel's prime minister jala pete. he is
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signing a deal with what is still considered an enemy country. the 1st time that israel signed any sort of agreement with lebanon, and he'll be hoping to exploit that in the run up to the elections. it also for israel, significant and important at 11 on april, is able to start exploiting, looking for its own gas and oil reserves in its own territorial waters. because potentially if they find anything, then that will reduce lebanon's reliance on iran for few. meanwhile, lebanon's energy minister, while aid had spoke to al jazeera about the deal, 1st of all, the quantities and reasonable quantities, ones that invite us to be optimistic, the initial studies 6 mix studies that were done and the solution before that was done by of the one source you running the, the exploration activities in block 9.23 years of cubic feet of a gas,
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which would be sufficient for us for a number of years up to 20 years of electric supply. so that will make the region in terms of putting levin on or as one of the countries that contribute to generation and production of oil and gas in the indian basin, which is a very important important milestone. and accordingly, it will increase the level of competence of the international community in investing in lebanon in participating in the economic recovery. we already see a number of countries that show their support for recent development. the interest in partnering with living on other aspects, including our generation and other aspects of the, of the,
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the menus. we go beyond quantity of gas and into the importance of this event in marketing, the marketing and delineating in, you know, hopefully we'll let them know peruse. attorney general says there is evidence of criminal organization that has taken root and the government's prosecutors have filed the constitutional complaint against president pedal castillo on suspicion of corruption. they have also detained 5 of castillo's allies, among the presidents, called a cou, a few years accused of using the presidency to benefit benefit himself and his family. he has denied any during heavy rain, some brought floods to southern spain's coffee. blanca region. the holiday destination has been one of the hardest hit areas, roads that have been turned into rivers flooding, spread across large parts of the see saw and 50 damaging farms, businesses and homes. spanish for all found is into the last weeks of his journey.
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walking to the cottage world come all the way from madrid. santiago sanchez is now in raw, come to assessing off 10 months ago. it walks between 15 and 30 kilometers a day with a trailer attached to his waist containing oldest belongings and food. he says he's been made welcome throughout his journey. and i love those or the viola. you know the cities i've had the chance to share my experiences with local families. decent they miss sweetness. moment out. a lot of people have open the door to their homes and people that don't know you people that see your effort and desire to do better . the idea of this journey is to motivate and supply other people to show them that you can go very far with very little le, let me show up here. i have my home and i have everything that i need for a year or 2. and that's the purpose of the trip to show that you can do a lot with very little angela lansbury, the iconic actress,
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he's chris bound almost a decades has died at the age of $96.00. she was of course, best known for playing jessica fletcher and the tv series murder. she rose. she also appeared in numerous films including the military and candidates and bed knobs and broomsticks. she was also nominated for 3 oscars and 10 while that gonna work on you tunes again to not always work out to. success came young for angela 3. she was just 19 when she got an oscar nomination for her 1st filled gaslight. but she soon became typecast as characters older than her years. sure, if it was going to get back into serve his mom to take off your soldiers, whom you look so handsome, playing the mother of 29 year old ellis presently, despite being just 9 years his senior. how about great, increasingly frustrated shipped her attention to broadway. the gamble paid off with a string of tony awards for maim. dear world gypsy and sweet ah,
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ah, but by directly in theatre and film, the small screen provided. what was perhaps her most memorable role. ah murder, she wrote start. lansbury as jessica fletcher, the middle aged mystery novelist, an amateur detective with a huge hit. you killed mister miles because he stumbled onto priscilla as long ago abortion audience is tuned in every week. they see yourself crimes and mysteries in the seaside. village of cabot cove, maine. he was a lovely woman to play, but they didn't require any acting sale. not at all. none. and i kind of just went through it always the same woman always on her bicycle and love doing it. i wouldn't have done it that long had i not as a lead actress and drop.


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