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menus to play the congos pushing into gab on in cameroon, in our season of rain stripping south into angola, and we've got to an extreme fire danger or risk through the interior of south africa. it's been dry and we're seen those winds ramp up, but some showers in cape town with a high of 18 degrees and now you're in the no. ah . the wet clouds meet mountain west struggle gives birth to a true passion where faith is more than just with where humanity defies. expectations where freedom is always worth fighting power both and untold stories from across asia and the pacific. 101 east on al jazeera blue
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is really forces killed to palestinians after the storm. the janine refugee camp in the occupied west bank. ah, joining us, i'm cyril benya. this is al jazeera light from doha. also coming up today, ukrainian forces retake more territory in the southern her song region. a russian installed governor is asking civilians to leave the area where we live from ukraine . at least 500 killed and more than half a 1000000 displaced in nigeria in the worst flooding in a decade. and gaza rolls out the red carpet for its annual human rights, short film festival with a host of nations taking part defying and israeli blockade. ah,
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no, we start with breaking news is really forces have killed 2 palestinians during a raid on the janine refugee camp in the occupied west bank. local officials say the victims are a fighter with the jeanine brigades group and a physician who was shot in the yard of the hospital. allister infections have called for a day of rage, and nit, abraham is lying from ramallah and the occupied west bank, near what more can you tell us at this stage? we know that this really forces have raided that you need refugee camp and the surrounding area in the morning. and we know that clashes have to have taken place in the camp by members of different factions in the inside. there are huge camp that take up arms and huge willie fight, the israeli forces with weapons. and later on the palestinian health ministry announced the 2 palestinians were killed. no local identified them as one of them
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is met, the bio, he's an active member of the brigades which belongs to islamic jihad faction. it's an armed group. and also the 2nd one local say, is a physician who was in the hospital near by. no, there is a hospital on the outskirts of there are a few g cap, usually patients get a drug there or taken there. if even ambulances are allowed in. janine in general, has been the upper center of tension for the past few months. we know that some of the attacks that have taken place inside israel itself wid committed by a, by palestinians who are from the janine refugee camp. and also a 3rd of the palestinians who had killed since the beginning of this year were killed in gene in my reporting life from ramallah as need. abraham knit a, thank you very much. we'll continue to check in with you throughout the morning. a
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russia is calling on civilians in the her son region to evacuate as ukrainian forces game ground in the southeast. and moscow is expecting some evacuees to begin arriving in the russian border region of ra, stuff on friday. for sons' russian installed, governor said that ukrainian missile strikes are now a daily threat and asked moscow to help organize the evacuation using him every day shrikes who the cities of the curse on region here. so they deal serious damage 1st and foremost to the people. i'm asking the leadership of russia to help organize and evacuation. it was. all right, charles stratford joins me now from cr v. read. charles, what have you been able to gather about this? our civilians, indeed leaving her son our understanding is that they may well have started to leave. certainly, there has been a quote on the tass news agency. the russian news agency from the
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governor of roast off roast off on don. that is a town inside russia. he saying that they are expecting these people to start arriving potentially to day. it's very difficult to get solid information out of the occupied territories, as you can imagine, the ukrainians on this side, obviously very, very aware of potentially jeopardizing their positions. the ukranian army having made great games towards care song in recent weeks. we understand that ukraine in forces are only around 30 kilometers from care. some city just to go back to were that sound bite that you ran from the russian installed governor of care. so just building on that, he said that to him, he said that any body wishing to protect their lives from missiles strikes should go to other regions. and he said to people should leave with their children, of course the ukrainians. constantly like the russians deny that they are targeting,
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they're trying to avoid civilian targets. certainly, we've seen it on this side of the conflict zone on this side of the battle. we've seen countless civilian infrastructure, a buildings hit most, especially in recent days that said retaliation. so the russian president vladimir putin said full that blast on the care san, sorry, the courage bridge which connects mainland russia with crimea, a lot of civilian infrastructure hit hair. so there are certainly worrying signs that said that the ukrainian bulls is all going to make a major bed for care, some city. the reason why this is so strategically important is because of all the yeah, claimed annexed regions, the full that russia is claiming to annex care. so city is the only regional capital that they control. and as i say, ukrainian forces have
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a recent weeks been pushing down along the west. bank of the denise po, river basically trapping what we understand our elite russian forces inside that city along with thousands of civilians. they are struggling to get out. we understand because most of the bridges have either been completely destroyed or partially destroyed as an escape route across that river down towards crimea. so it would be any date, a huge blow full russia, if indeed cares on city was to be taken by the ukrainians. but we're a long way from that as it stands. but yeah, very worrying. one can only imagine very worrying a situation full of thousands of civilians inside that city. absolutely. charles transferred reporting from grovee re thank you very much. and ukrainian official say russian missile ahead. an apartment building and mich alive on thursday, at least 3 people were killed, including an 11 year old boy. mohammed jam june. has this report from leave
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in michael lion, daylight revealed the extent of damage from the overnight missile strikes. emergency workers in this southern ukrainian city, discovering more civilian targets, as they searched for residence in need of help buried under the rubble of this apartment building an 11 year old child. digging the boy out took 6 hours and he later died. as nato defense ministers met for a 2nd day in brussels, deliberating on how to deal with russia and better on crane, mater president volota. mir zalinski asked the alliance for more help. saying ukraine has only about 10 percent of what it needs for its air defenses. me, which shall not law. we want to have us ability to close the sky. our capabilities are not enough. germany opened up the rates as responsibility by providing the 1st iris deceased. united states of america confirmed it support is not something we would like
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a lot versus the court to be much bigger. at the conclusion of the meeting nato secretary general, yet stoughton berg pledged the alliances for support for keith. and describe the comprehensive assistance package, including drawing equipment rep and drawing jammers. the big question though, is how nato would respond to the use of any nuclear weapons by russia. we will not go into exactly how we will ers formed, but of course, and diesel filament. they changed the nature of the conflict a to olla 8 will or, i mean that they're very important line has been crossed. it even any use over smaller nuclear weapons will be a very serious thing for the monthly changing the nature of the war in ukraine. and of course, that will have consequences in ukraine. many wonder what exactly those consequences will be. but it's not just the nuclear threat. ukrainians are concerned about air raid sirens once again rang out across the country,
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including here and live on thursday. many are worried that russia will increasingly target civilian infrastructure. temperatures are already dropping in the prospect of a winter without access to electricity is leading residents very much on edge. how much um too much is ita live at people in the flood ravaged regions of nigeria are becoming increasingly desperate. more than 500 have died around 90 of them in just one boat accidents in a number state. amen. interest has more on this. here in weary conditions for the displeased are getting desperate will just to was to sunset for the served in this camp. that official say now accommodate hundreds of people. missed food. yeah. it's not, they're not for me for about 3000 people and that is here for a 1000 people did that one this. this soon under will budget from delatory. it's other to was. she says they haven't received an leave supplies from government
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this is flights of ravaged at least 27 of nitrous, 36 state destroying lives, crops, and horns and ridges like a number of issues here. tell us, at hundreds of thousands of people in several communities are still out of reach. nothing has been heard from some of them in nearly a week. and the passengers off a boat that capsized a week ago killing about 9 to people while fleeing the submerged communities in sight of help. emergency agencies had warned, of destructive floods this year. but the level of government preparedness was poor . so to was people's response to evacuation warnings that has left victims like each entity wondering what the future holds. oh my g montana mid. there's nothing to go back to. if my house is left standing, my animals crops, everything is gone. come out. did you know? i number is one of the worst defective states. officials say the data science have been there yet. the federal government has failed to act. cameroon wants about this
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. and so we know that every 23 years, this happens, demerell would open up the damn. and then it comes here and wipes off everything. i mean it gonna get to a point where the, what i walk, i'm an invalid entire country, nigerian official say humanitarian supplies have been distributed nationwide. but that is little comfort for hundreds of thousands who are yet to receive any help from government. at any level. how many degrees al jazeera or torture. a report by save the children says that 1400000 children under the age of 5 face malnutrition, in south sudan. and the country is facing its most dire hunger crisis since independence in 2011 conflict along with an unprecedented 4th consecutive year of widespread flooding. have made the situation worse and more than 600000 people have been affected by those floods. let's bring in on punjab rabble toss upon. she is
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country director of save the children for south sedan, and she joined us today from johannesburg at thank you for being with us. look, save and children's calling this. we just said that the worst hunger crisis in the country for a decade, which is saying a lot for a country that is no stranger to humanity and crises. how did we get here? that started the question. thank you so much for having me here. this is a worst hung a crisis, insulted on since 2011. we have 8900000 people. that's more than 70 percent of the entire population, the mean supplementary assistance that includes $1400000.00 of children under age of 5 ah, facing out to mount nutrition. so saddam is actually one of the worst effect at the most variable countries to the world climate change with drought due by staging floods. we couple that with nearly a decade of conflicts, frequent displacements, disease outbreaks, the family and children are here really on
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a break. and that must be something that we can do for them. ok describe for us that the situation the lives these children are living to serve you as can understand. so if we imagined that entire country, we only have 2 percent off to rote paid. we only have 9 percent of the entire population generally have access to electric city. we are facing all was behind at 70 percent of inflation since 2017. and to now imagine the life of, of us leaving in that situation where only 2 percent, not the entire countries of bro to pay, and now it's under water. right? so as i was seeing the pictures of the, of the flooding, which has made things that much worse. yes, absolutely. do you have the funds that you need? i ask you this because money is tight, pretty much around the world right now. and just a few days ago, earlier this week,
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the u n's refugee agency was saying it didn't have the money to for the fund or it's programs. at the moment. we're save the children on that. do you have the funds? we all facing a very similar situation where resources are very limited so, so far only around 45 percent of the u. n. international trend fund funding appeal for the entire 1700000000 has been graceless out saddam. so you see the less than how the resources available, where did needs are actually arising every day. all right, listen, thank you very much for joining us. pointing jim rebel toss upon your country, director of see the children's self student. appreciate. thank you for having me. as still ahead on the al jazeera mac, now to put in place responsible fiscal policy. the i m. f, warrens, a global recession could be coming. as the poorest countries will suffer the most.
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that of miss, i launch from pyongyang, abs, detentions along the korean peninsula. stay with us for coverage of that ah with, let's go with your weather update for europe and africa. nice to have you along every one. so some waves of rain off the atlantic, but a bit of a break for the islands of ireland and britain on friday. some heavier pockets of rain though around paris with a high of 18 degrees. ok, so these bands of rain are moving west to east across central europe. so temperature is a bit lower than where they have been because we've got this cloud cover and shower activity in time, heavier bouts of rain for albanian south of that. so we'll pick up the story there . i think we could fire up some severe thunderstorm for that western side of greece . disturbed weather for the western side of turkey. i in fact, i think we could see some spits of rain and is stumble over the next few days. but
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by and large, best weather on the continent is iberian. factory still hanging on to some thirty's in southern spain, seville at $32.00 degrees off to africa. we go and it's not good news for southern nigeria. some more heavy rain in the forecast that will plague lagos with a high of 31 degrees to the south, then any extreme fire danger for the interior of south africa. it's been dry there, but we're now seen those winds crank up and across. so the coastline of south africa, some showers can be found here, including cape town with the high of 18 degrees on friday. and now they're in the no, ah ah, ah,
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ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, you're with al jazeera or headlines this hour is really forces killed to palestinians during a raid on the janine refugee camp in the occupied west bank. palestinian factions of cold for a day of rage. more than 500 people have died in nigeria is worst floods in a decade. unusually heavy rains lead to the destructions of tens of thousands of holes and rushes calling on civilians. india,
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her song region to leave as ukrainian forces game ground in the southeast. for songs russian appointed governor says ukrainian missile strikes are now a daily threat. or at, let's take you to southern england now, where new ukrainian recruits are learning the basics of survival from british soldiers. keith is hoping to bolster its numbers to counter rushes, partial mobilization. i'll just euro's jona whole joined. the training only gunfire rings out across the plains of southern, in with and there's another distinctive sound idea, like humans barked out in a battle field 1st, a drill in ukrainian. these men, their identities protected, emerged recently from a past life, as lawyers, engineers,
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and accountants to embrace a new calling as defenders of their homeland, against russian invasion. most arrived here in england with no military experience whatsoever. after 5 weeks of basic training, they'll soon be given orders to join the deadliest front lines on the european continent in nearly 80 years last summer, so her scratched assumed beings. of course, we're afraid of course, we worry about our lives and in large of our families, we're totally sure that we will when there is no other option. you and the commanders on the ground among the multinational trainers here, say their mission is to do as much as they possibly can. in a short time to turn these ukranian recruits from civilians into soldiers. they described their determination to learn as humbling. you fight off to me, saul, they're taught weapons, handling and marksman to ship urban tank and trench warfare. on
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the training is spearheaded by british troops, part of a 7 nation contingent that aims to put 19th, 1000 volunteer recruits through basic infantry training in a matter of months. it's absolutely remarkable to see the passion, the energy and the theme that these volunteers have when they arrived here. so they might have come from the full spectrum society because the bus drivers, journalists, architects. but as soon as they are here, they're absolutely focused to learn as much as possible and prepare themselves to combat how long they take before all this. well, yeah. can you not? the, my country is where my freedom. and that is something they want to take away from me. it's not a question of honor question. taking back, what is my problem? i won't be long before he's given the chance to try and do that. i don't know how al jazeera in southern and north korea has fired at least one short range miss silent to its eastern waters and flown fighter jets near its border with south
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korea. this is the latest in a series of weapons tests in the past 2 weeks. rob mcbride reports from so a flurry of activity in the early hours of friday, happening close to the heavily fortified dmc, the demilitarized zone separating the 2 careers further raising tension levels. the laws carried out another short range, ballistic missile test reckoned to total more than 40. since the start of this year, it landed in the sea separating the korean peninsula from japan doi there. and then out of the intentions are not korea's repeated ballistic missile launches are absolutely impermissible. and we cannot overlook it. substantial advancement of missile technology. a north korean air drill involving around 10 military aircraft, flying towards the d. m. z prompted the south to scramble its jets and north korean artillery fired an estimated $170.00 shells from its east and west coasts.
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violating according to south korea, a 2018 agreement, not to carry out such exercises close to the border. human peconic bulls here one from wheel. the north korea's artillery far and short range ballistic missile launch. and the buffer zone of the east and west sea are serious provocations that undermined peace and stability on the korean peninsula. as well as the international community. the pillow on north korea as it carried out the drill in response to a south korean artillery exercise on thursday, accusing it of provocation. south korea has also imposed unilateral sanctions against people and organizations involved in the north weapons programs. it's largely symbolic, but it's the 1st time it's taken such action in 5 years. an indication of our relations have soured. on monday, the north announced this unprecedented period of missile testing is aimed at
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developing its ability to launch a tactical nuclear attack on the south. with friday's actions, the week ends as it began with both sides, seemingly locked in escalating tensions. rob mcbride, al jazeera sol, the international monetary fund has sharply criticized the british government after its financial plans, caused havoc on the markets. and many budget unveiled last month sent the pound, plummeting with the bank of england, forced to intervene to prop up government bonds and protect pension funds. the i m f said coherence, inconsistent policies were needed. the british chancellor who's returned early from i m f i m f meetings in washington has defended his plan and it's not just the u. k . that's facing economic turmoil. the head of the i m f says there's a 25 per cent risk of a global recession. oral countries will likely suffer the most in a downturn, the i m f chief warns that spiraling inflation poses a significant threat. we cannot, we cannot possibly allow inflation to become an a runaway train bed for
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growth and bedford people bed bed, especially for poor poor, poor, poor, poor people. those comments came at the annual meetings of the i, m f, and the world bank taking place in washington. d, c, l and fisher reports crystelina georgina is aware of the impact that high inflation is having on every one. and she says that governments really do have to do more to try and help the poorest. this isn't some abstract economic theory. this is being experienced by everyone if they go along to the shop, just to buy some food to feed their family. and she says that of governments and financial institutions are going to help them to help has to be targeted to those who are struggling. the most, she says that essentially inflation is a taxation on the poorest in society. she's also aware that when that are financial issues, there can be political issues. and that has led to critics to wonder whether the
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international monetary fund and the world bank is fit for purpose in negotiating its way through this crisis. whether capitalism should continue to be the driver of what is happening with global economies. well, that is a point i put to a senior figure in the wild bank. when you have these types of multiple crisis up there is this natural tendency to think about whether there is need for a revolution or a. it is and other evolutionary point of view, think about a world bank and in tenisha wanted a fund that had been around for nearly 80 years. these institutions have you all with the evolution of the global economy, and they will continue revolving and less, don't forget, these are institutions. vit shareholders, they respond to their shareholders who are the shareholders, the global community, of course we will respond to their demands. we will adjust our work programs
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accordingly, and we will do our best to respond to these multiple crisis says the i m f and the all banker meeting here, there is a confluence of events which they have to worry about. first of all is inflation then that climate crises in various places around the world such as the floods and pakistan the floods even here in the united states. and then there is the war in ukraine, which is causing financial instability, but also has an impact on the food supply chain around the world. no, according to the i m. f. 48 countries are facing food insecurity. that's 325000000 people. most kinley failed in areas like the horn of africa and this a hill. and there is a worried that some families won't be able to feed themselves unless that situation is address pretty rapidly by the global financial power houses. in argentina, there are serious concerns that the inflation rate could hit 100 percent this year at theresa bow reports from window siders. latin america economies are struggling
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to recover from 2 consecutive shocks up and make and then the impact of the war in ukraine. i know they're struggling to cope with a tightening of pill both financial conditions and when most countries in the region are slowly showing some signs of recovery. countries like argentina right now we're struggling with very high inflation lays to speak or show that argentina will have around 7 percent inflation rate a month. it could reach around 100 percent inflation this year. man, for example, hugo, he's 58 years old. he's a pensioner and he forced to sell this stock on the street to be able to make a living. so inflation is having a huge impact on people's lives here on the government until now had been unable to come up with a plan. there's a big differences between britain data fernandez and his vice president. christina fernandez, the kirshner. and even though argentina managed to reach an agreement with the international monetary fund and post co payment, there's still
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a crisis of it international research there. simply not enough dollars, right now argentine at implementing exchange rate controls. there's around 14 different types of exchange rates. the latest one is known as the dollar cap tower, which is the exchange rate that is implemented for those who are traveling over see the minister of economy right now is in washington d. c. meeting with international organizations trying to get some type of financing for b. this countries we served it's not easy. argentina has had a history of economic collapse so we cannot make disasters there. there's not lots of trust out there in order to try to help this country recover. and of course, this whole situation generates lots of tension with a business sector, but also on the street. we're seeing protest happening here almost every day with people struggling to make a living to make it until the end of the month, mostly because of the fire, very high inflation rate. and this of course, has a huge impact on the president's popularity. legacy center for culture and arts is
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once again defying the israeli blockade by hosting the annual human rights, short film festival. $43.00 movies will be screen this year under the theme see us . you might say it has more from the festival. this might not be anything like the canceled testicle, but the red carpet is rolling in because this trip for the human rights film festival and hit 0 edition. and over the course of 5 days more than 40. ringback movies as the casual to screen for over 70 countries worldwide participating in the festival. today, our slogan is she who now look at us of the 15 years of israeli, located in bosom. gov. strip. with all the la it's strict majors imposed on the gov of strip. we are.


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