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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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talk to al jazeera, we also do believe that women of afghanistan was somehow abandoned by the international community. we listen, we have a huge price for the rural. i'm going to terrorism as going on in some money. we meet with global news maintenance. i'm talk about the stories that matter. one out, you see stories of hope and inspiration, short documentary from around the world that celebrate curry and resilience in times of time on how to select on now today. ah
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oh, do you do? protests in the french capital, demanding more action to tackle the rising cost of living and climate change. ah ha ha ha robin. you're watching out. is there a life my headquarters here in there are coming up in the next 30 minutes. a fire as a high security prison in iran kills at least 4 people and injures more than 60. china's president backs military growth during a major gathering of the communist party where he's expected to secure a 3rd term. and said, a girl has the largest solar farm in western africa. so why is the government looking to its natural gas reserves to meet its growing energy needs? ah,
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welcome to the program. thousands of people in france say they're fed up with the rising cost of living and a lack of action or climate change. they've been protesting in the capital, paris, and what their leaders to do more. the demonstration was called by joel newmellon shaw, who leads the left wing unbowed party and the recent nobel prize recipient, the literature author an eoc know, is also taking part. now. the french government is already dealing with strike action at several oil refineries. let's go to natasha. butler who's falling events for us at the protest in paris, and these are just 2 of many issues that the french public have with the government to unworthy authorities at large. yeah, we're just her, well, pretty much at the end of this protest now it's wrapping up. people are milling around this square in paris. i should just say that there were some clashes between
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protesters and had police little bit earlier, but naturally this has been a very brief processes. thousands of people coming out really for a range of issues as you point out, not just climate change. they want the government to do more. they also what the government to scrap its plan pension reforms. there are many people, of course, are very worried about inflation. the rising cost of living saying they are struggling to make ends meet. they bought higher pay a better working conditions. people also out anti racism. anti i'm a phobia is a real range of issues it, it was called this and this protest was called by the hard left party leaders. y'all, you mellow, shaw. he also leaves the left wing alliance, so we've seen a lot of electron support to see if the socialist greens at the communist and also a nobel prize when of course, any out know who won the nobel prize for literature. recently, she was here at the beginning of the protest because during the week and a number of other projects of intellectuals called on people to come and join this demonstration because they said,
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life is just simply too difficult for so many audrey people at the moment. and the government needs to help them. natasha when politicians, my job luc, mellon shaw, put their name to protest slight bit. they do put their reputation on the line. is there a lot of stake for him in terms of this demonstration? well for showing mental show, i think what he's really trying to do is re boost and revive the left wing alliance that he had. because that alliance has been placed in recent months by a series of scandals. there'd be divisions and lots of infighting within it. and it's damaged her party line says standing, so he's really here to try and re capture the support of many left wing voters. but not only that, what we've also seen in recent weeks, all frances trade union stage, a number of strikes in different sectors from aviation to rail,
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most recently with the oil refinery workers who are still on strike. and the trade unions of court for it nationwide strike on tuesday. so in some ways i can steal thunder of the political laughter. that is something that shortly been offered. certainly like to recapture and such a butler for us in paris. thanks very much for the update though, the u. k is new, chancellor has promised to fix public finances after his predecessors economic plans lead to calles. jeremy hunt says that he'll increase taxes and tighten control on public spending. kazi quoting, announced a string of unfunded tax cuts last month, causing panic in the financial markets. andrew simmons has more from london aside from all the westminster plotting them, attempts to try to get less trust to resign. as prime minister, all political eyes are focused on the currency and debt markets. when they open on monday, they'll be a verdict to the view chancellor's promises. will he do what he says?
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he certainly giving it a hard sell. we are going to have a, a very big ah, fiscal statement, a bit like a budget in which we set out the, the tax and spending plans for several years ahead. and that's going to be independent, verified by the office for budget responsibility. we been honest that it was a mistake not to do that in the many budget before. but that fiscal statement or mini budget is 2 weeks away. and that's a long time in politics and all time for the markets to because they want to see stability. the u. k. current offer that right now when you have a prime minister who's trying to hold on to a job and then her party trying to get her out of it. it would say there is a dilemma here in terms of who might replacer am. what mechanisms will be used to actually achieve that effectively? you have a new chancellor who's desperately trying to save the economy and a prime minister who's desperately trying to hold on to her job. well,
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to run our world is for people being killed after a fire broke out at the ever prison into rug that happened on saturday night officials that was caused by fighting between inmates. smoke. with the rising from the facility and gunshots were also heard the detention center holes, many of their own political prisoners. russell said that has more from tyrone it was a pan p. m. local time on saturday, inter around when the fire broke out in the imprison and quickly spread across the other. the other was right after that they have heard the shot guns and also exclusion, like songs that were just just around while the, the smoke and the 5 was, was rising abode the abode in the prison. so officials are seeing that there was a fight between the prisoners and some of the prisoners said the fire on the soothing workshop in the prison. that is the cause of the fire. and right after that, the security forces entered to the scene and brought distribution under the control
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the governor off to run my master. he said that you did, the fight was between the prisoners who were convicted because of the the taft or the financial fraud. and no political prisoners have been involved in this over at this moment. it is quite difficult to really where to find that right of the, the incident that took place in the prison. we have seen that the whole, the old man rose around the prison, were blocked by the security forces. but there had been some support reddick protests also taking place around that. and also the families went in front of the prison and they were very much concerned about the safety of the relatives. but unfortunately, today, some of them have received the bad news. 3 people have been injured and new shilling in the russian region of belgrade. governor bacchus lava, glad to call for confirmed the injuries, and as near the region which borders ukraine, roughly officials, ukrainian military selling belgrade,
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but the ukrainians denied us saying russia fi the few missiles by mistake, which fell within the region, murmured val has more for moscow. they, they please have denied, but they have been behind that they were behind the shelling or these rockets that fell on bulk or 2 of them fell on the airport of the city and the cause 3 people to be wounded. 2 of them was taken to the hospital. a russians are still saying it if it came from ukraine. but we know that even yesterday, at dip with an oil dip port was hit and it caught fire. and also a thermal power plant was hit and power blackout resulted from that. and in the last several months, these sorts of attack sometimes by helicopters, sometimes rockets and sometimes explosions, the russians were not explaining,
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have been continued, and people fled in their thousands to do some has been effected. airports have been closed and the russians are saying that the russian people are saying that this situation cannot continue and the leadership pos to also the questions about it. and that it is supposed to take drastic measures to stop this type of things because the war in the 1st place came to protect russia from outside aggression. the rhetoric goes here and a large part of ukraine having to be in the next russia, also in the name of protecting russia, against, against aggression. and they'll say that this can't continue the ukraine. the military has re taken dozens of villages in the south, but it says russian forces are trying to push back against its counter offensive. now, despite the fighting civilians have begun returning to their destroyed homes, charles stratford met some of them in our can house go in the cash region. this is sienna, weave which is where my barn was lagoon. now everything is gone. her says all
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examiner, because he inspects what remains of the home and the life. he and his wife spent 35 years building pro russian forces from the nets region occupied their village in march below. oh, hardly seem. i've seen, they looked at the stores, they were drinking shooting off. they told us they would be here forever for they said we will pay you back for our suffering. you beat us now we will beat you the stablish whip to get her do it. well. oh, all example shows us what remains of his b hives shelling, killed and injured much of his life stock i survived. disappeared during the battle is i? i don't know what to say. no, but no matter what russia has done to us, we want to come home now was the destroyed russian military trunk outside the
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smashed village school, where russian soldiers stayed. russian packs, gas masks and destruction. all that remained. ah, volunteers distribute would to those keen to start at least basic repairs on the destroyed homes. oh, the ukrainian rock, it climbs into the sky a few kilometers away. the ukrainian fighter jet circles overhead broken half still life below village of the village has been virtually obliterated. burnt out tanks, squat, mung, splintered trees. there are thousands of villages like this in the cares on region which have been completely destroyed. gradually. a few people are returning to what remains of their homes, but the situation is far from stable in this region. and ukrainian military force
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is a saying that they're dealing with a potential renewed russian advance. ah, another rocket sauls towards a target in russian hill territory. land climbs through the gaping holes in his grandmother's home. he's come to repair it, so at least she has protection from the approaching winter, cold wilson bang to nibble as a school. we couldn't contact her for a month, should we have to repair her home before the rain starten yours? we've had time to prepare on them. they won't beat us back again in some of the hom usa. the determined spirit of innocent civilians suffering deeply blackened lives. char stafford al jazeera, have san reach him suddenly grain, full sled hail al jazeera. why homeowners, the u. s. are finding it difficult to get insurance is extreme where the disasters
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become more frequent and working to when over voters will tell you what people in rio's, poor neighborhoods are divided brazil's upcoming election. ah, anticipation is rising. and so with most of my cattle aways, it's been raining for days right across sri lanka. hi for one. so we've seen some scenes of flooding with those torrential downpours here about a 100 millimeters of rain within a day. so that's a lot to have that much rain all at once. and so people have been forced from their homes, thousands of people. this is our monsoon or boisterous, still hanging around and we do have heavy rainfall alerts and play for the indian state of carola on monday. but really anywhere in the zone we do run the risk of seeing some more flooding. same goes for this tropical storm that we have that will
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turn to a typhoon on monday. moving away from the philippines, drifting west in the south china sea. and you know for the northern philippines, extreme flood advisories in play. but you're catching a bit of a break on monday as this system starts to track toward china's high 9 island. now go into china. temperatures have fallen across the yellow river valleys, so young jo, 18 degrees, but still keeping that warmth there for the game. see, and the pearl river valley, so not too far away in boiling 29 degrees, possibly 30 for you. on monday showers are a plague, him all of japan's islands. so q shoe, chicago honju and whole kado. and we could see some thunder downpours here. shower is never too far away from tokyo. the height of 23 degrees that show up, the seo later. the weather, sponsored by cattle, there was, oh ah, ah ah
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ah. a the talk about what channels are there means to heal robin in hong reminder of all top news stories, thousands of protesting in the french capital against the rising cost of living and the government's response to climate change. also the u. k. new chancellor has promised to fix public finance this after his previous has economic plans lead to
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cale jeremy hunter says that he'll increase taxes and type in control on public spending. at least 4 people have been killed in 61 injured in iran after fire account at the evident prison into the room. trying to present teaching thing is set to be concerned for a historic 3rd term, making him the most powerful communist leader. since mount dome, he opened the party congress in beijing where he called for faster military growth and defended the controversial 0 covered approach. adrian brown has more. 2 2 de little as a glimpse into the secret world of china's communist party for a few hours, the media are allowed into beijing's great hold of the people for a tightly control pageant. the, the opening of the party congress held every 5 years. and this one's being closely
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watched. normally, chinese leaders stand down after serving 10 years in office. but cheating ping is expected to break convention by being appointed for another 5 years. he presented himself as a humble servant of the party, but a party that's been re made in his image as one expert. so having seized control in the chinese communist party, seed him him, then seize control on china and china has become a lot less free, a lot more aggressive, far less. and then it was 10 years ago. the congress comes at a turbulent time for china. she's 0 cobit policy has trapped millions of people in a series of stop start, lock downs, borders remain close to most foreigners. many overseas investors of fled. she's focus here though i was on the positive for road. she lavishing wifi aging. we
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adhered to the principles of people 1st life 1st, and also firmly adhered to the dynamic 0 cove. it policy to carry out the fight against the pandemic, the people's war to protect people's life and physical health to the maximum. by the time this congress ends sheeting, ping's grip on power will likely be absolute without the people of china having their se, adrian brown al jazeera. though she used his opening speech to raise the issue of hong kong, saying it must be ruled by what he called patriots jamie entered ship. we will fully faithfully and resolutely implement the policy of one country to systems under which the people of hong kong administer, hong kong and the people of macau administer, macau, both with a degree of autonomy, we will remain committed to law based governance in hong kong and macau will ensure
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the central government exercises overall jurisdictions over the 2 regions who will see that hong kong and macau are administered by patriot logins. jessica washington has more from home home. well, the congress is being received here in hong kong with varying degrees of interest. some organizations here and hong kong, organized events for people to watch president. she's speech, but many others are just going about their normal daily lives. it's worth noting that this congress takes place as hong kong has experienced some rather dramatic changes in recent years under president. she didn't think leadership, namely the introduction in 2020 of a national security law in response to the unrest that the city experienced in 2019 over concerns about aging growing influence in the city. and then in 2021. some changes to the home homes electro system. so what we're likely to see over the course of the congress is a reiteration of the past, the staging seas as being most appropriate for the city and the the part of the
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city is already on garza residents who lost their homes in the 2014 garza war have been protesting in front of the un relief agencies office. the monday compensation of the homes to be rebuilt, a process which is ever seen by the human agency. 17000 homes were destroyed in the war and 2200 palestinians were killed. heavy rains of drench parts of thailand popular tourist town of 2 cat, the ty navy has been assisting the little forties who are working to put water from flooded streets. rescues helped carry elderly and bedridden patients out of the flooded area intensity and frequency of weather disasters. is costing us billions of dollars each year. a report by the non profit group climate central shows that there's been an acceleration and the number of destructed stones in the last 4 decades in the 1980s. these happened at an average rate of once every $82.00 days.
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now the pace had increased by the 2010s, with an average of $26.00 days between events. but in the earth from 2017 to 21. there was an average of 18 days between extreme weather events, less time between disasters can mean few resources to respond, recover, and prepare for future stoles. the increasing incidence of natural disasters in the u. s. has made it harder for some people in areas to afford insurance all to get any insurance. tall. rob rentals has more from los angeles, bigger floods, hotter fires, more powerful storms. the impact of global warming is devastating to so many people . what happens? i mean it's bad now the 1st time we had insurance this timely down, but well, maggie, we always they with god, se up. so disasters are also costly to insurance companies. they have responded by raising rates at an average of more than 12 percent compared to
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a year ago. 2021 saw $20000000000.00 natural disasters. so that has had a huge impact on our insurance company's ability to pay our claims. insurance companies in the us, our profit driven and often lightly regulated on a state by state basis, after disasters, they are often quick to raise rates even while raking in handsome profits. if you hear them tell it, you know, when they were before a legislative committee or a government agency or in the media, oh this we're broke, we're, we're, we've, we've, we've been losing money for 10 years. that is one of the biggest lies that the insurance industry likes to tell people they never lose money. take flood insurance as an example. private insurance companies don't provide it. the federal government does have a flood insurance program, but it isn't cheap. i don't have flood insurance, they just said 6 months ago. we are in
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a floodplain and said you should get it. well, it was quite a bit of money. homeowner policies generally cover fires, but some companies try to get around honoring claims in full. for example, by treating smoke damage is separate from fire and severely limiting compensation for it. the minute they have to write a check to us to pay a claim we made. there are that money is gone for them, so their incentive is completely to hang on to our premiums. companies also simply cancel homeowner policies and refuse to ensure people living in at risk areas like wildfire zones. but it's going to, we bought a home owners in a tough spot down the road because we'll have to figure out what to do next, where to move to the, the kind of up end their lives, the insurance industry and it's pushed for profits could drive big changes in where people are able to live. for example, here on the ocean front, which is subject to rising sea levels and storms,
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global warming isn't going away. but for many people who aren't millionaires, insurance coverage may be rapidly getting out of reach. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, though, just 2 weeks to go until brazil's presidential runoff law opposition candler. the silva is taken his campaign to voters in a stronghold of president tribal sanara. he has promised to bring change to people . living in rio de janeiro is poor neighborhoods as louisiana kiev reports. ah, we're really sorry for these voters in rio de janeiro, a presidential candidate campaigning in a place dominated by drug traffickers and violence. just 4 months ago, 20 people were killed during a police read here in the complex with alamo. a sprawling brick and cement network of fabulous were slums, left as former leader we the national lula, the silver promised that their lives will change as they hand during his last
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presidential turn. i doubt you will find any construction from incumbent president jia both scenarios here or in any prevail in the state. but even people who benefited from social projects during less presidency more than 10 years ago and moved from shacks to these government built apartments are divided. we're gonna join w by go where we don't believe in promises. president bush, not as promised, nothing but has given emergency aid to face the pandemic as a consequence of the when ukraine bill gilmore girls of can i, after i voted for bows to narrow in 2018 because the economy was in the dumpster. i changed my vote to lola after i survived a heart attack this year. thanks to the public hospital. he built next to my house is, are you ready for me and i'm pissed were community leader by cim causes novice remembers how life changed after the police pacified the far vella was government built a huge cable car system transforming the complex would wanna move into an
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international attraction, voters here are looking back at more prosperous times when money was being invested in these communities. i head of the 2016 olympic gaines. 50000 torres seems to come to this by vella every week. and they would buy arts and crafts and little stores here. they would go to parties, there were bars, there were restaurants, there were even hotels to stay over night. now, all of that is long gone. gone off, i me the can v victory minimum people felt abandoned the money dried out of violence. his back corruption scandals made many loose faith and politicians will have to the point that they voted for both scenarios. who says he'll fight violence with more violence. instead of investing in education, loudy on a soda was one of the disillusion. she had opened a bar to cater to tourists, but was forced to shut it down there. bayshore it is. they closed the cable car from one day to the next. nobody comes here any more. she says she'll vote for lula
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. she hopes he'll fix the cable car and transformed the slums. once again, monica anna give al jazeera, rio de janeiro, said the gal that is one of the largest solar fobs of west africa the present mackey sol wants to burn fossil fuels to meet growing energy needs. but he says the natural gas reserves will bring development. nicholas hack reports now from l. ingrain in northern senegal. it took an accident, the loss of life and an act of kindness to bring power, to whom are false village in northern senegal, when his son, by kart saved a visiting german family from a fatal car accident. a small donation of solar panels followed ear reversals, changing the village. food no longer goes rotten faults, grandchildren can study at night. suddenly european football, even hollywood shows, made their way into his living room. changing the villages perspective on the world are deliver. this is in the work of the state much. it's thanks to my son. he
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maintains the premier house or from the batches. if we had waited for the government to bring power to my home, i will still be whitting to day and living in the dark. and yet, a short distance away off the coast are large untapped reserves of natural gas. they could light up the entire village. but with the signing of the 2015 paris agreement, most countries agreed to stop the use of fossil fuels setting. our president believes that's unjust climate, just as he says is the right to use his country's resources and burned the pudding, fossil fuel, in order to bring power to his people from an absolute law normal. it's not normal or fair or to ask own countries of which half the population does not yet have access to electricity demand. to ask those countries to abandon traditional energy resources and switch to renewable energy. it's not
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acceptable. while synagogue continues to mostly rely on heavy fuel in diesel powered plants and it has some of the largest solar farms in west africa, thanks to german and french investors. after the 2015 paris agreement, bringing power to senegal into other sun drenched african countries meant investing in this green energy. but since the russia ukraine war, it seems that priorities have shifted both for african and european countries. europe can no longer rely on russian gas. germany and france are now looking to africa, including senate goals, gas reserves, to meet their power needs. the fear of a looming energy crisis means some countries appear to be turning their back on the paris agreement. now, senegal is under pressure to provide fossil fuel energy to europeans while it's people.


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