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municipalities into an urban utopia, in a sense of community, on a jesse era. the wait for the world cause me as the main event gets closer. i'll just hear us here. every step of the way. i'm going to go with one month to go. we focus on asia teams can expect some strong support hearing got caught out with the pressure of hosting will australia make the most of squeezing through the player or will it be south korea, japan saudi arabia or iran progress for this? the world cup count out on it, jesse, you know, the weight is nearly over, the world's best footballers are having to katara for the middle east. first world will keep you right across the actually and stories with extensive coverage throughout the competition. live in doha and around the world. the capital 2022 world cup on al jazeera. ah,
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this is very painful, very painful for our children and grandchildren. no water, all power across the ukraine, hundreds of thousands of suffering of to russian with hello there. i'm to start the italian. this is out of the life and our ha also coming through as president promises to legalize abortion across america. if democrats can maintain the hold or the contrast transport and energy waka does take the streets of france calling for higher wages causing anger amongst the public over fuel sources. and a cholera outbreak in lebanon fears the disease might spread across the region, possibly affecting 1000000. ah,
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ah, russian missile strikes across ukraine have left hundreds of thousands of civilians without power or water. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says one 3rd of the countries power facilities have been destroyed. he think, using russia, trying to intimidate people as winter approaches. now, according to ukrainian emergency services, more than 1100 towns and villages are now without power. hospitals across the country including the keys and the city of guinea pro has been forced to use backup generators after wide spread power cuts. mamma jam june sent us this report from the ukranian capital a barrage of missile strikes across ukraine, hitting critical infrastructure. the 2nd day, the countries power grid has come under attack. like at this plant and denise pro and this one and she told me it was really a ukrainian officials expect more attacks in the days ahead. the result arrest the
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go, the, the terrorist states. russia is making every effort to destroy the ukraine energy system. the main target is not only the peaceful ingrained civilians, but also the critical infrastructure in keeps this new ascii district power facilities were hit by 3 missiles, leaving many areas in the dark. for residents of this apartment complex concerns are growing. i wound up and union and that they have done the same again last monday and today they attacked us again. and it wasn't just the electricity they worried about. water wasn't flowing. 63 year old valentina has lived in this neighborhood for 30 years and she's upset. she wouldn't, you know, was her when april father this time they hit the factory. as a conclusion, we have no electricity and no hot water. and children cannot study at home or at school or to more or 2. this is very painful, very painful,
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but mostly for our children and grandchildren. i, for now, the residence, wait, hoping utilities will come back online soon. ukrainian official say 30 percent of the countries power plants have been damaged by russian shelling since october 10th and ad. but more blackouts are possible. they are urging citizens to limit their consumption of electricity. a critical warning as winter approaches and temperatures continue to drop, hammered from georgia 0 keith. and now germany's cybersecurity chief has been sacks over alleged ties to russia. and interior ministry spokesperson says on a shawn boom has been relieved of his duties with immediate effect. his dismissal follows an investigation by a popular tv show and early october. while an investigation and the damaged gnawed stream gas pipelines and the baltic sea shows that leaks discovered last month were
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caused by blasts. danish police say that powerful explosions blew for holes in the pipe, and it's new. a twin, gnawed stream to gas deliveries have been suspended since september, ma'am at val is in moscow for us. he has the latest reaction on the damage to these pipelines from kremlin spokesman to meet your passcode. he said that russia is a co owner of these pipelines and has the right to be included, but the europeans have made sure not to include russia not allow it, not allow us to have some share of that. you know, of that investigation. he's had, they also even, you know, try to korea, get off the walls and the findings to suit their own narrative and to lay the blame on russia. but he said, that's absurd because russia has its own intelligence. inflammation about this and they indicates quite the opposite things and russia has been anxious, interests have been damaged and you know, logic there indicates that, you know, someone else has been behind this act of sabotage, which she and i,
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she's also described as an act of terrorism against its own interests. so our days go by and more, more facts are revealed about the russians get more and more frustrated. at the fact that they are still denied access to this investigation and being there to see for their own eyes and make it make their own decision about this. and he's basically, you know, they're hinting that whatever is all your opinions and now about this. but she's not going to accept it, i'll be happy with it until russia itself is included now moving on, and you as president joe biden has promised to push the next congress to codify abortion rights protections following next month and time elections. but that will be likely only possible if his democratic party controls enough seats in congress abortion has become a critical issue for versus heading into next month. those who were call earlier
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this year, the usda supreme court overturned abortion rights protections at the federal level . really 22 days away from the most consequential election in our history. my view races election where the choice or the stakes are crystal clear, especially when it comes to the right to choose that thing and alan fisher, he joins us now from washington. d. c. and this all sounds like very good politics when it comes to getting people out to vote, especially something demographics. while we're 3 weeks away from the mid terms and joe biden, and his team at the white house can look at the pause and see that the likelihood is they are not going to hold on to the house. and he's got to mobilize voters. how does he do that? well, if you back to june, and the supreme court essentially over turning roe vs wade, the essentially that seeing that abortion is no longer protected in the united states. there was a huge surge of support for democrats. thousands of people came out on the streets
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across the country. there was a huge surge and voters registering for the midterms. and particularly women and minorities who thought that abortion rights would very much be on the ballot come november. and they had to do something about it. there was also concern to about the protections of, of other rights such as marriage rights including that of same sex marriage. but over the last few weeks, that support seems to have died down. in fact, only 8 percent of people suggest that abortion is the top of their priorities in the election next month. most people are concerned about the economy and that means the cost of living crisis. and also the fact that there is the possibility that fuel prices, the cost of filling the vehicles, is going to go up in the next couple of weeks. and so joe biden knows that if he wants the democrats to hold on to the host, then he's got to do it by getting people out to vote. because if he doesn't, and if the paws are right and the republicans when the house that he essentially
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becomes a lame duck president for the last 2 years of his term in his 1st term in office. if he decides to run again. though the pause are suggesting that the republicans are going to win the house and probably when it by at least 5, possibly a lot more seats. and, but the good news for joe biden is that it's likely that the democrats will keep a hold of the senate, perhaps even winning the one seat they need to take over all control of the paul's right. well, let's go act 2016. when donald trump confounded the pause and won the presidential election and the i've been wrong a few times since, so it's not entirely certain that the pauls are right. but joe biden knows he's got to get people out to vote. if he's got any chance of quarter fine at the the abortion into u. s. law, he knows he's got to do that. the only way of doing it is getting them out to the paws. will it work? asked me in 3 weeks how he, well do and an alan fish at f r i n washington
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d. thank. thank them. all rallies have begun and chillers capital santiago to mock the 3rd anniversary of mass protests against inequality. more than a 1000000 people have taken to the streets to demand better health services, education and social welfare. that 3 people died and the social revolt back in 2019 . and latin america had a sally senior from santiago, the anniversary of the social uprising as it called here in chile that started on october. 19th of 2019 is underway. it's been authorized to take part along, afford kilometer route along this major thoroughfare. you see here, but already the protests of the water cannon rather, and the tear gas is being used quite generously the you can feel toward the, the tear gas in the air. there are tens of thousands of riot police deployed here already. and not too many protest, there's at least that we can see some of them have been throwing stones at the
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authorities. but many people who would normally have been here have decided to stay home because there is fear of violence. in fact, something that's quite extraordinary, as of the government has allowed the people of the capital not to co role, but to leave home to leave work rather early at 3 pm in the afternoon so that they can basically clear out down the downtown area. this is something that is very unusual, but the fear again, a violence is not so much as, as rather become something more common and many other chileans. i've decided to stay home and not come out here and, and basically send the message that they still do want the social change. they had come out to protest in favor of back in 2019 there was an attempt to write, rewrite the constitution to basically to put to bed the, the pinochet's era constitution. but there was a referendum just about
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a month ago that, that decided to reject that text. and so now many people are very, very straight and some are showing that frustration violently and others by staying home on france. people there have also protested over the rising cost of living. tens of thousands took to the streets of paris to onto the call to demonstrate from left wing parties. and several unions. and talks about, le, has moved from the french capital, fed up an angry transport and energy sector workers made a demonstration in paris to call for higher wages among them. we're all refinery staff. you've been on strike for a month to stand off with their bosses a total and now she has caused a fuel shortage in the country. the french governments attempt to end the blockade by forcing staff back to work or face penalties has inflamed tension. oh god, it's terrible. and rather than doing that, they should force companies to hand over their large profits to social
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organizations. i love the i love. what do you think the michael the michael you are crohn is like thatcher. it's a policy of the bosses stuffing their faces while the workers are allowed crumbs, but we don't even get the crumbs. despite the turn out in the city, it wasn't the general strike that frances trade unions had called for. many sectors did not take part. but for the public, some disruption, some train and bus services were cancelled adding to the difficulties people already face to get around with been a challenging week for vehicle owners in france, many factual satans, a still sort of fuel this pump here, doesn't have any pedal left her at all, and even though the government has ordered some or refinery. so fact of the job, the situation so hasn't improved that much. will complete all her has your vehicle in a work for car rental agency. it's been hard for us to refuel our vehicles. we have to spend a full day waiting to refill our tanks. since it is selection, it's really hard at the moment. i spent nearly 5 days looking for petals. i'm and
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it's tough because i need my car for work. my job inflations fueling discontent in france, but this political scientist says that the sort of unrest seen in the country during the yellow vest movement is unlikely. labor problem could or one when called after all, it's unlikely that we will see a large social movement emerge that would unite all workers because people all have different concerns to kimberly, among the working classes. so it's hard for everyone to come together was all the french president has urged an end to the refinery. blockade and opinion polls suggest a majority of french people now won't the same. but these protestors say they won't give up their fight until their demands are met. the sasha butler, al jazeera paris while hundreds of students and columbia have fought with police at march to demand the release of detained protesters. most of them were arrested during nation. my demonstrations calling for the prime minister and presidents
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resignation. those protests were sparked by sri lanka, economic crisis that left millions without enough food fuel in medicine and still a had here on out as in a change in usm migration policy puts up yet another barrier for venezuelan microns seeking a better life. i did receive in one of my journalist for decent streets, been denied to go. so that is completely cut off when the rest of the group of researchers are struggling to rigid aid as quickly as possible with just ah hello, there is a divided picture across north america. we got lots of dry, warm, actually, very hot weather to be found in the north, west pacific and west in canada. but in contrast to this for the east,
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it continues to be very wet, windy, and wintery, thanks to an early seasonal storm here. now temperatures have suddenly been on the up record levels. cases like calgary, they will start to come down over the next few days. that remains largely clear across the west coast of the u. s. in contrast to this, kansas city is going to see a lot of heat come in friday, clear skies 26 degrees celsius. now that can't be said for the north east on eastern areas of canada. tony, more wintry with some heavy snow. strong winds as well. the temperature in toronto dipping down to 7 degrees celsius, further east this some improvement for that east coast and improving picture as well. for southern states of the us. just florida. seen some lively downpours from that trailing weather system. that's gonna bring some heavy rain to the bahamas western areas of cuba, but it's really mexico that's going to be dealing with the worst of that wet weather. exceptionally heavy falls for the bay of competitor stretching down the yucatan peninsula and further sell some of those storms as well. gathering on the
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west coast. ah, ah. a lou. oh, the me.
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watching out of there and that's remind you of our top stories here. the russian missile strikes across the ukraine has left hundreds of thousands of civilians without how ukraine's president told me that. and he says one of the countries facilities have been destroyed. us president joe biden has promised to push the next congress to codify abortion like nationally following next midterm election will likely only be possible if his democratic party control and the people in france. protests over the rising cost of living, tens of thousands took to the streets of paris, offering a call to action from trade union. i meanwhile, french cement manufacturer fog has been ordered to pay almost $800000000.00 after it admitted to giving money to armed groups and syria. us prosecutors say the company paid i sold in order to keep
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a factory running in northern syria during the war. the font admits at 100 over millions of dollars from 2013 to 2014, even as the group carried out high profile execution. i'll toby cabman is an international human rights lawyer, and he says the ruling against the far send a strong message to multinational firms about accountability. it shows the interplay between corporate liability and terrorism. when you have a corporate entity, which is effectively financing terrorist activities. and there was up to $6000000.00 that were paid by the boss, through intimate treaties to, to the, to terrorist groups. so other states, of course, can come forward now and should come forward and ensure that those corporate entities that are engaging and facilitating crimes. whether we see in syria, you haven't ukraine, wherever we sit. there is a responsibility to hold all those individual capital and corporate liabilities.
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one thing which has been lacking in holding individuals accountable for, for engaging in christianity and conflict. and we've seen cases of executives being charged with providing technology to, to around previously as part of the nuclear program. so we, we have seen individuals executives being charged with, with facilitating crimes. but i think one of the things that we also need to look at the syria context is as we look at reconstruction, there are corporations that are effectively benefiting from conflict. and so it is important to, to continue to, to send that message. is that whether you are an individual, corporation or state, you will be held accountable. now thousands of venezuelan migrants are expected to be stranded at the u. s. next february, i am following
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a law change by washington. venezuelans illegally crossing into the u. s. will now be immediately sent back to mexico, but the policy also allows up to 24000 people to apply for a humanitarian entry. if they enter the u. s. by an manual, rapid reports ah, security forces in guatemala, blocking a bridge. those on the receiving end of the tear gas and pepper spray or migrants, many of them from venezuela. this incident took place over the mouth that were river a natural border between guatemala and honduras. which was eaten that all these people tried to into the country. but the progress was halted every verifying whether they can prove they comply with the requirements to enter the country. these images highlight just some of the challenges been as well in migrants phase as they continue to flee prices, conditions in their home country. in an effort to reduce record migration numbers,
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a recent change in us policy enables us authorities to expel illegal venezuelan refugees to mexico, but allows some still in venezuela to fly direct to the us for a period of 2 years. as long as they secure a sponsor, but these migrants in the mexican state of chiapas are not among the lucky ones. despite the challenges ahead, they continued earlier this week to push north. i meant the carry more. they got that. we just want to reach our destination ways that these people here will not stop until they reach their goal to achieve a dream that all of us were walking. want to attain. if we need to york all day and night until we reach the end, we will do it. if any, mike might again, feel what we ask joe biden to give us an opportunity because we deserve it. venezuelans now account for roughly half of all migrants traveling through latin america. and more than $7000000.00 are estimated to be living as migrants and
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refugees. manuel rap hello algae 0. the united nation says the 1st cholera outbreak to hit lebanon, nearly 3 decades is getting worse. infections of nearly doubled. there are now at least 89 cases, and 3 people have died. santa clara has this report from the occur refugee camp in northern lebanon, where the fast cases were detected. there is little safe water and syrian refugee camps like this one. it was where the 1st cases of cholera were detected in lebanon earlier this month. it's believed to have been transmitted by contaminated water or food from neighboring syria. the lack of sanitation makes crowded camps, high risk areas. my nominate them. we really have a problem with the water. the water they give us is dirty. we drink it and cook criss it. 2 cases are no longer confined to camps bordering
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syria, but they have since spread to poor areas where drinking water is widely polluted and the times mixed with wastewater. lebanese officials are warning that it will be a challenge to contain the disease in a country in the midst of an economic crisis, who had limited resources and bad infrastructure. the disease is, according to the united nations evolving alarmingly. disease is never respects any any borders. so it is very critical to take action. now eunice, apple is on the ground with partners. we are working very closely with w hbo and other partners. here we are doing our level best to ensure children receive clean water. i'll be coordinating water in, in the most affected areas that we have providing water through water trucking. i'll be again engaging with communities, sharing information on how to stay safe on how to keep your children safe. it may be too early to speak about an epidemic in lebanon, but health care workers say the threat is there, and here in the north,
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official say, nearly all the water sources are polluted. the cholera outbreak in lebanon and syria is not flowing. humanitarian groups are warning the disease could spread throughout the middle east, affecting millions of people. but they too have been criticized for not having a firm and coordinated response. in syria, there have already been dozens of deaths, nearly 15000 suspected cases. and according to the world health organization, cholera has reached 14 of the 15 governor ritz years of war have severely damaged the water infrastructure as well as the health sector. health system is already weak as a result of the war and a shortage of resources. so an outbreak of any disease will lead to the collapse of the entire health system on the long, official se they are working with international organizations to ensure the country can respond to
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a public health emergency. but in countries where few can afford clean and bottled water, it may be hard to control center the receipt of a car northern living on all every minute. a child is admitted to hospital in somalia, from malnutrition, that's according to the un children's agency. it's warned that severe drought could cause death on a scale not seen in half a century. in august alone, more than 40000 children needed medical help. humanitarian groups warned the situation could end up worse than the 2011 famine that killed more than a quarter of a 1000000 people. as we said many times before severely acutely, man, our children are. ready 11 times more likely to die or rear amazes and solomon, well nurse children. so with rights like those i've mentioned, somalia really is on the brink of a cheque tragedy at a scale not seen in decades. on the other side of the african continent, officials,
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a nigeria, a warning that more rain is predicted has communities across the country struggle to deal with the west flooding there. and more than a decade, more than 600 people have been killed. and there are now fears of disease outbreaks from the contaminated water almond address reports. now from the goal. i guess players from a tower above the flood a few kilometers away. dozens of the coast carrying fuel, foot and life saving medicines are stranded as highways and bridges are damaged. by also one of nigeria, leading all producing state is cut off. devastating floods have hit nearly one and a half 1000000 people. every body is affect it either directly or indirectly. everybody's affected, so it's a disaster monument, our crew mentality, that mentions we are, we are cut off from civilization. we are cut off from everything. as victims,
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flock to camps, concern is rising about shortages. the displeased speak of inadequate for aggressions, major streets have become waterways, wooden boats, ply, st instead of cars and as conditions worsen. health concerns rise. these images, k health workers and victims alike sick people in camps and the potential for healthy emergency. officials say the water in by also stay may not be safe for drinking. as the sources have been contaminated, that means there could be outbreak of diseases in days to come at farmers is aren't able to stop because of damage to the roads and bridges. the federal authorities say they have played their part with promises of more aid. we have to place hundreds of trucks of relief, attempts, food on non food items that is affected areas, in fact,
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to all country in all the states of different russia, including the federal capital, turn as flood diversity. this all producing st concerns rise about. now judas, output and the safety of all these divisions will make sure that they are adequately protected because we have stepped of our or britons. and we have heightened security and assures that will be welcomed by a jittery image of market. but for victims of this is disaster. what would confirm the more is pointing shelter and food to feed the hungry. so far they say, they haven't gotten enough. how many trees al jazeera, you know, go while floods in venezuela central are ago, states have killed at least 3 people there. a down poor on monday caused a dam to overflow. the flood waters swept rocks, trees and cars,
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as you can see it down to the city of marsey. heavy rains and mud slides in the area have already killed dozens and left hundreds homeless in recent weeks. now a suspected serial killer has appeared in court and from africa a 21 year old man was arrested last week when police discovered 6 bodies believe to be those of sex workers. the bodies were found at a car, a pair workshop, and downtown janice back women's rights groups have been demonstrating outside the courthouse, calling for stronger protections. now, 2 giant pandas are making their way to cattle on wednesday. they're on route from china to go home set to arrive here in the coming hours. they are the result of a 2020 cooperation agreement between the 2 countries aimed at promotion conservation. the panders, named the hell and sariah will be the 1st of their kind in the middle east. this is the 1st time that china has sent panders to live.


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