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is hosting a little town and i know that a lot of people who live here that might be the 1st time that they are experiencing a woke up. i can tell you it's going to be great. it's a celebration of people. it's a celebration of the school. it's the atmosphere. the faith will cup is number one . it doesn't get any because there's something magical about that i'm really excited about. this will come in, i can't wait for the get started. ah, i am a fighter, a no. you k prime minister mistrust battles to hold on to jaw above the keels in the house of commons. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is al jazeera la you from dough are also coming up. russia's president vladimir putin imposes marshal law in full annexed regions in ukraine. as keith prepared for a major offensive on her song,
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food and fuel are in short supply in flood, hit nigeria as a government struggles to get aid to where it's needed most and gazing at the stars . we'll speak with an astronomer about stunning new pictures from james web space telescope. ah, britain's prime minister list trust as lost a 2nd top cabinet minister in just under a week. m secretary has resigned allegedly, over a breach of the ministerial code. last week, the finance minister was sat following turmoil on the markets of our last month's mini budget. almost all of the measures and it have now been reversed, leading many to wonder. it process still calling the shots where we challenge reports. she's become the shortest serving home secretary since world war 2. so when a braverman has quit saying, he broke rules by sending an official document from her personal email account,
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but her resignation letter hints at the dysfunction at the heart of list trusses government, it is obvious we're going through eci multi was time. she said, i have concerns about the direction of this government and perhaps a dig at the prime minister's leadership style pretending we haven't made mistakes, carrying on as if everyone can't see that, we've made them and hoping things will magically come right is not serious politics . i have made a mistake, i accept responsibility. i resign. a replacement is grant chaps. a recent critic of lives, trotter's policies, and another sign that is new chancellor. jeremy hunt who holds much of the real power in downing street. i except that the gun on this difficult period is jeremy. humph. said i when he was pointed on on friday, that nonetheless means it's doubly important to ensure that we are doing absolutely everything to in the basic areas. genuine brother, toner, a great job. busy and settling the issues relating to that many budget
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the aftermath of this truck is bought september 23rd, many budget has left her twisting amidst the wreckage of her unfunded tax cuts, the u. k. economy and her political future. i thought the list here, $45.00 pay tax cut gone. corporation tax cut, got $20.00 pay tax cut. gone to your energy freeze gong, tax, free shopping doors, economic credibility. ah, aunt, i suppose, best friend, the former chancellor. he's gone was well, they're all gone. so why she's still here, miss baker? i am a fighter and not the problem is many of her own npi might secretly be wishing he was a bit more of a quitter. it would save them the headache of ousting their 2nd prime minister in
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less than 6 months poles, a screaming of the conservative party that they at least trust are profoundly unpopular. victorian peas haven't worked out yet. what to do about it. i think it's absolutely clear that this process is not currently the good part in the next general election. the question is, how soon the end comes, and frankly, it would have already happened if the continue probably come with a mechanism to make sure they could replace it with somebody who is palatable to the m p 's. and from the who cause, you know, 2 sides of the party have not been able to do that. so she's still there. new figures show inflation for the year to september is 10 point one percent economic woes. many of them of the government's own making continue to mount. and so when a brave amends departure, i have more chaos to an executive. and a party that seems increasingly unable to govern will reach helen's how to 0. what elia i spoke with, jeremy corbin,
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former leader of the u. k. labor party. he told me, trust is government isn't a shambles. it's a government incomplete chaos. where from one moment another you don't even know who the ministers are charged. the secular is changed several times. the home secretary has just been replaced and the prime ministers apparently had a very large number of letters sent in by conservative m. p 's, who can decide her future saying they want her to go. so it is a government in chaos, but i'd prefer to look slightly beyond the parliamentary fear, so that's going on. now, the reality is that inequality in britain is deeper than ever before. poverty, homelessness, hunger are increasing amongst and forest people. and the government has refused to say whether it will even raise the social security benefits in line with inflation . and there are big wage disputes going on in all the major industries. and so
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there is a social cohesion dimension to this. and so i think we should realize that what the government is actually is fighting to address these issues. i don't think they're very confident at all because when the court and proposed his tax cuts for the high earners, he also said this was going to be paid for by borrowing. well, nobody would seriously put that forward as a sensible or intelligent policy that you borrow in order to create greater inequality, even the wealthiest thought this was just embarrassing. and so the question of sense and competence is not there. clearly, markets have not much confidence in this government. i would prefer this government to be judged on its appalling treatment of the worst, often the poorest within our society. they are not pleasing anybody at the present
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time, and i can't think that this trust is going to last very long as prime minister let's trust is getting off is a very short time. she seems to have enormous difficulty in keeping ministers in office. never mind gaining confidence of the public or anybody else. i suspect her days are pretty numbered. and i would say that her appointment is of jeremy hunt as chassis jack or somebody she may rue the day because i'm quite confident that at some point he will be challenging her to be prime minister. and it might be very soon, the russian president vladimir putin as an al t's imposing martial law in the 4 regions. moscow claimed its antics from ukraine. it comes after a string of military defeats for russian troops this month. bomb it. var reports now from president vladimir, put in his word, signalled a new phase of russia's war in ukraine, formalizing what he said was pre existing military rule in the next regions of been
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yes. hands with appreciate. on each of them pretty much i signed a decree on the introduction of marshall in these 4 entities of the russian federation. it will be immediately sent to the federation council for approval for established local army headquarters and a special coordination council in the region. under the leadership of russia, the prime minister, the decree comes among the threats of a new offensive by the ukrainian armed forces and then extensive washing operation to move tens of thousands of people from her son to the fathers bank of the property for. they are told it's to protect them from ukrainian shelling, but it was, it was, it was not as new that is going to any recognition that the piece will population that charge us to the left of the entrance to the vision. it's close 4 or 7 beers through all directions and crossings. under russian law,
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the decree means the vacuum waste and can now become belfry. and the policies can impose any measures they see fit, including restricting public life, or forcing people to join the army 1000000000 industries and services can also be used for military purposes. so and the new commander of rational peroration in ukraine said k. so we can acknowledge the situation is difficult for russian forces and said what he called painful measures might be required for last an army. how suffered, major defeats and eastern i'm father ukraine since early september. it's not clear what undeclared measures. the new phase might include in terms of tactics or types of weapons, the prussia, why deploy to reverse those defeats 100 fun. i'll just viola moscow. meanwhile, russian strikes on the rest of ukraine continued on wednesday. mom jon june has more now from the ukrainian capital. several missiles and drones were shot down or
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different parts of the country. let's start here in keep the key region where we're told that 5 missiles were shot down over. keith were also told that in the charity region that's in the north, neighboring bella ruse that there were 2 missiles that were shot down. and as a result of those missiles that were shot down, there were $23.00 injuries rather in the charity region. as far as it is strikes that happened that there was critical infrastructure hit ukrainian officials say by missiles in the yvonne or fran keeps region that's in western ukraine were told that a thermal power plant was hit that there had been quite a large fire as a result in that that fire has now been extinguished. also were told critical infrastructure was hit in the, the snit see a region that's in central ukraine. it's next to the cave region. the fragility of life that people are dealing with here, things can change at an instant. nobody quite knows. when those air raid sirens are
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going to go off when they're going to have to go to shelters. when it happens, they calmly collect themselves. they go to the shelters and then they emerge when it's safe. again, the people are very concerned that these strikes, whether by missiles or by drones, will continue in the days ahead. the united states, britain, and france of raise the issue of alleged iranian arms sales to russia. the un security council. ukraine accuses moscow of using iranian drones to carry out attacks. but iran denies selling the weapons and russia denies using them. diplomatic editor james base reports on the you and in new york. ah, sir, on the streets of kiva, early this week is once again, the ukrainian capital comes under attack by so called suicide drones. officially, both russia and iran say iranian drones and not being used in the aerial bombing campaign. but photographic evidence seems to contradict that. these pictures experts say show a shaheed, 136, a drone, only manufactured by iran that is lethal,
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but also relatively cheap, costing about $20000.00 apiece. the u. k. u. s. and france, believe the sale of iranian drones in their use and ukraine is a breach of resolution $2231.00, which endorsed the 2015 iran nuclear deal. we want to clarify the situation on this use of iranian drones in the ukraine. allah, it seems to be crystal clear, that is a violation of position $20.00 to $31.00, endorsing the juicy buick, the j. c. p away or iran nuclear deal between iran and the so called p 5 plus one. the u. s. u k. france, germany, russia and china includes a provision for something called snap back. if iran is not complying, any other participating nation can force all the previous un sanctions to snap back into place. but one experts as that's a measure western nations will be reluctant to take. now the risk of snapping back
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sanctions over an issue that is not directly related to iran's nuclear program is that iran has threatened that it would not only withdraw from the nuclear deal. it would also withdraw from the nonproliferation treaty. and of course, the last country that did that was north korea in 2003. and we know how that story ended. ukraine is recovered. drones had been shot down and was written to the you and urging that inspection teams are now sent to examine them. but russia's deputy ambassador strongly objected to that idea. we hold that the secretariat and the secretary general himself will not again violate the decisions of the union un security council and will not go beyond their technical mandate and will abstain from engaging in early any legitimate investigation. otherwise, we will have to reassess our collaboration with them. he wouldn't elaborate on that somewhat ominous warning and didn't completely rule out to link with the deal to export ukrainian grain which was agreed last summer and has to be extended within
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the next month. james bay's al jazeera at the united nations. lot more. so to come here in our desire including a shift in us immigration policy leads hundreds of venezuela and stranded and in limbo in mexico city. and a hero's welcome for an iranian athletes who competed without a headscarf one abroad, wanna stay with us. ah, anticipation is rising. and so is the atmosphere. are you ready with sponsored my cattle anyways? hello, the weather is settled and dry across so much of japan, the korean peninsula. good parts of china, some lovely autumn sunshine coming through high pressure and charged keeping it settled and fine. we will see our wet weather pulling out of the way, easing away from japan. temperatures at around 20 degrees celsius, there for tokyo,
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one or 2 showers, just coming into that eastern side of taiwan. but nothing too much to speak of. central parts of china could catch a shower or 2 as we go through the next couple days. but elsewhere, she can see it's generally quiet. so little livelier though, into the far south of china. we have of course, gotta tropical storm pushing some very heavy rain into a high nat easing across into vietnam. some parts of vietnam saying some heavy right. good scattering a showers there across the philippines. usual seasonal shower. they're coming into malaysia and also into indonesia. now as far as the rate is concerned across in the irish try to push this way a good deal farther south la, she dry up towards the north. this is where the monster in front now lies just pushing down towards central path india. it should be a good deal for the south, but at least it will be last you try a central northern parts over the next couple of days with some right and some snow for the himalayas. de, with sponsored by cat on
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a ways the wait for the will come is meily as the main event gets closer out. just hear us every step. the way i'm going to go with one month to go. we focus on asian teams. can expect some strong support hearing got caught up, go with the pressures of hosting with australia make the most of squeezing you through the playoffs, or will it be south korea, japan saudi arabia or iran progress for this? the world cup countdown on jessie uta. ah ah, welcome back to come out of our top stories here. this ab britton's prime minister list trust is fighting to keep her job off the losing
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a 2nd top cabinet minister just under a week. i'm secretary, so we'll probably resign, allegedly for violating the ministerial code. last week. the finance minister for psyched russian president vladimir putin, his imposing martial law in the full ukrainian regions annexed by moscow, comes after a string of military defeats or russian troops in ukraine this month. and the un security council of disgust alleged iranian arm sales to russia. ukraine accuses moscow using iranian drones to carry out attacks. iran denies selling the weapons and russia denies using now cut off by flood waters, people living in nigeria bales estate are suffering shortages of food and fuel. the government says that shipping in supplies from neighboring states to ease the hardship of nearly one and a half 1000000 people. but it was report now for years ago by also status cut off from the rest of nigeria and fuel and food supplies of stopped coming in. moultrie stop by and petrol from st. brundis like
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a b. b offer for breathing. the dangers of bringing in supplies from other state you up with. well, we'll go on inside. we have to carry the fuel and canoes on payoff militants along the way. even security personnel, harassing with only 2 petrol stations, operating in the capitol, businesses. good. the peripheral fuck in the station is old, but the price is not wise here are forced to pay nearly $3.00 times the official price. but if they don't mind, as long as they can get enough to be able to move it out and to power the electricity generators, the electricity is cut off. so people are buying fuel. how soon jojo is just generator to be able to know what is happening around you know, the only thing you know we're trying to do now is to stay safe with you and your family. as field prices go up. so do transport cost
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and traders pass on the increases to consumers like gift or careful was returned to the market to stock up where she finds foot prizes, half tripled. normally read it, 3 square meals. what i response now the day come you still times, you know, did that lead in the morning and then early in the evening will never go to bed. flights in bay, allstate have displeased more than a 1000000 people, and many i'm camps. conditions on much better with foot supplies and shelter. still inadequate. the government says it's shipping in supplies from me, ring states, but many fear that me 2 days or even weeks to reach to debrief al jazeera, you know, gore flooding has also force thousands of people from their homes in neighboring cameroon, rising waters of destroyed houses and the countries north near the border of chad,
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the situation has forced many to take refuge and makeshift camps built on high ground. health ministry in indonesia says an investigation has found some cough syrup contain ingredients linked to fatal kidney injury in children. health workers have been asked to stop prescribing liquid medication until the investigation is completed, and the a 100 children have died from acute kidney problems this year. a similar investigation has taken place in gambia, where death's willing to power seat him incentives. hundreds of venezuelan migrants have been stranded in mexico as a result of a new u. s. immigration policy. since last week. officials have been allowed to expel people, caught trying to cross the us mexican border illegally. my rattler reports venezuelan migrants on mexico's border with the united states. a desperation is growing after the us announced a policy shift that's resulted in venezuela nationals being expelled to mexico. yes,
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they go meaning as gabriella. i'm here with my girls were heart broken that we cannot enter. they closed access for all venezuelans. my husband is dan, i cannot enter to see him. some been as well in migrants like responded say that after being deported from the us, they were sent to mexico city with little explanation over where they were being taken there like an on the left. it was young. the truth, if i did not understand the situation, i thought we were told our migrations that he was going to be processing. lenovo with these was not the case, but the motor, since venezuelans were granted temporary protected status by the united states. last year, the number of venezuelan migrants and refugees heading north has accelerated in mexico. the recent change in us policy has quickly led to overcrowded conditions at shelters, leaving many, with nowhere to go. many of the people that we've spoken to here outside of the offices of mexico's national commission for assistance for refugees is that they've
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had to spend the night outside in the cold in the rain. overwhelmingly what we're hearing from venezuelan migrants and refugees is that they feel stuck here in mexico unsure of what they're going to do next. some who have decided to stay in mexico or now hoping to obtain the government paperwork they need to find employment. i mean, no, no can. okay, i don't care if it's your are there. i just want a better life quality for my daughters. so they can study us immigration authorities have announced they will allow up to 24000 venezuelan nationals to apply for humanitarian entry. who arrived to the us by air migrants rights advocates. however, see the policy will mean the vast majority of venezuelan asylum seekers will not qualify, as most of them are traveling by land. manuel rap a low al jazeera mexico city. the james web space telescope has captured the most detailed images of a so called pillars of creation formation. these
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a dense clouds of gas and dust and the eagle nibbler of our milky way galaxy hubble space telescope. first captain image of the formation, back in 1995, that's bringing derek fits his chief astronomer and planetarium programs director at the franklin institute sans museum. he joins us live from philadelphia, a derick. good to have you with us here on out 0. look, i mean these photos captured by the james web telescope of the pillars of oppression, a just phenomenal of them, and how significant are the photos? what are they telling us, derek? well, 1st of all, these images are truly magnificent. you can see that they're gorgeous. when we look at these images, what we're seeing is view of the pillars of creation that is really unprecedented because what we're seeing are thousands more stars in these images than were shown in the hubble space telescope images and the unique capability of james web space telescope is that it can pull back of the veil of dust and gas, allowing us to see the interior portions of these nebula,
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like we've never been able to see them before. and derrick, what exactly are the pillars of creation? i mean, how would they form them? here's one for you. if we could be transported there today, would the police still be that? that's a really great question. first of all, they are 7000 light years away from us. so the light we see tonight is shows us how they appear at 7000 years ago. they will not look like this. now they will have evolved. and the reason why is because the bright stars that are within these gas clouds, the young hot energetic stars are actually blasting ultraviolet radiation at these clouds of dust and gas from which they are born. and they re shape re scope those clouds of gas. so if we go out there today, darren, they will not look like we see them in these images. indeed, i'm derrick. i'm independent of creation. we're famously captured by the hubble space telescope, back in 95. and i think in 2014 but. but james web takes deep space in a jing to a whole new level. why the james web said good at what it does. this particular
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telescope is different from hubble space telescope puddle space telescope worked in the visible light spectrum light, like we see every day james, web space, telescope sensors, heat signature is coming from interstellar and galactic objects. and those heat signatures actually reveal a different portion of these objects altogether. so we're actually opening the door into a new story of the universe by being able to peer deep back behind these clouds of gas and dust. so we can see the interior that hubble couldn't show us. so these 2 telescopes can work together complimentary to each other, to help tell us a whole new story about the universe that we didn't understand before. absolutely, it's a sky full of stars, isn't it? derek pen, so really good to talk to eric. thank you. thank you. darren. now that we call them chinese communist party congress is on the way in beijing and the government censorship system is on high alert. the country's most popular messaging app,
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which has reportedly blocked thousands of accounts of the images, were posted of a protest in beijing last week, but it down to 0 as adrian brown report, that up is just one part of china's vast surveillance system. china is the all seeing and listening state surveillance cameras are increasingly fitted with artificial intelligence, including facial and iris recognition technology, meaning pictures can be analyzed in real time. today the average chinese citizen spends nearly every waking moment under the watchful eye of this state says the cold water of a new book. there are more than 400000000 cameras surveillance cameras in china. they're close to a 1000000000 smartphones rattling around people's pockets and purses that the communist party can access during the often target and rule of chairman melt, say don't people were compelled to read his little red book and eye clinic work
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that contained his observations. but china's current leader has much more an app and at the promotes sheeting thing, thought, just one of the many technological tools that help create a culture of personality around president she as well as strengthening ideological control over the ruling communist parties, 100000000 members. the congress party believes that they have enough data, and they combine that with the right tools, taken essentially predict human behavior and molded to a degree that they can engineer a perfect society. right? and this is a, you know, this is a sort of future society which there are no dissidence. the government says it's surveillance. network helps maintain order and reduce crime. it's co opted some of the countries biggest tech companies to track phones, monitor online purchases and decode messages. certainly with the advent of new
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technologies and chinese companies becoming giants and in areas surveillance technology, for example, a facial recognition. chinese certainly have used that the ccp had the twins advantage and implemented that in china. cobit 19 brought even more surveillance for most people everyday life like taking a boss or entering a restaurant, hangs on the color of a health code on a smartphone. but already evidence has a merge that some local government officials have been using the app as a tool of social control. adrian brown al jazeera, i see male iranian rock climate who competed in an international contest without a head scarf has returned home to a hero's welcome. l now's record. he says, you never intended not to wear a headscarf during the competition in south korea. the timing of the tournament current started with protests in iran over the death of
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a young woman in police custody. she was detained by the morality police for the way she wore her head scarf. i was unexpectedly cold and i had to compete. i was busy putting on my shoes and my technical gear, and i forgot to wear my job that i should have been wearing. i came back to iraq with peace of mind, although i went through a lot of tension and stress so far. thank god, nothing has happened in mister james. i think there were rumors that nobody knew where you were 4 hours with we came back to iran, according to the plan until this moment. everything has been going according to the plan and egyptian artist has given new life to tons of discarded scrap metal by turning them into gigantic artworks. for an exhibition in cairo, abraham sala says his eco friendly creations have been inspired by symbols of ancient egypt. his collection includes 3 meter tall lions horses. last out you appear patrick.
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ah, i've a picture of the headlines here in our 0. it's been another chaotic day for britain's prime minister liz trash. she's lost a 2nd top cabinet minister. and just under a week home secretary, so elaborate. mm hm. and resigned, allegedly for violating the ministerial code. last week the finance minister was sacked. it comes as trust tries to save her government, and her jaw dropped a disastrous start. less than 2 months in office. when i spoke to jeremy corbin, he's a former leader of the u. k. their party. he says lives, trust us. government is in shambles. and let's trust is good enough is a very short time. she seems to have enormous difficulty in keeping ministers in office. never mind gaining confidence of the public or anybody else. i suspect 2 days are pretty numbered. and i would say that her appointment of jeremy hunt is chancey jack or somebody. she may.


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