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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2022 10:00am-10:30am AST

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to speak often, all the marries of egypt could catch showers well say with was a sign i peninsula morocco, algeria dry and saddle pushed back down into west africa and we have still got that chain of storms around southern parts of west africa. still some very heavy right in the forecast into southern parts of nigeria, easing across into camera and joining up with a heavy right that we are now seeing coming in across saga bomb. pushing into the democratic republic of congo, said live his house to into uganda, south of that. it is generally dry for the time being where we will see increasing cloud and rain coming into much of south africa. ah, ah ah, pressure grows on british prime minister lives trust to resign after home. secretary quit and a day of chaos and parliament ah,
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spread the abbey with us today. i'm cyril van. yeah, this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up ukrainians, a told to charge their appliances as russian missiles, rain down on power plants causing power cuts. o protests across the occupied west bank after is really forces shoot down of palestinian men who they say killed and is really soldier and gazing at the stars we hear from an astronomer about the stunning new pictures from the james web space telescope. ah. all right, let's trust his grip on power is britain's prime minister appears to be loosening after another. chaotic day. not only has the 2nd cabinet minister resigned in less than a week, some conservative m. p 's are accused of bullying. and ma'am,
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handling their colleagues during a parliamentary vote. some tory m p 's abstained on an opposition motion to banned the extraction of shale gas by fracking. in a critical resignation letter, the home secretary pointed the finger at trust for what she called a tumultuous leadership. rory challenge reports, she's become the shortest serving home secretary since world war 2. so when a braverman has quits saying he broke rules by sending an official document from her personal e mail account, but her resignation letter hints at the dysfunction at the heart of liz trust is government. it is obvious we're going through eci multi was time she said, i have concerns about the direction of this government and perhaps a dig at the prime ministers leadership style pretending we haven't made mistakes, carrying on as if everyone can't see that. we've made them and hoping things will magically come right. is not serious politics. i have made a mistake. i accept responsibility. i resign. her replacement is grant chaps. a
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recent critic of liz trotter's policies and another sign that it's new chance that jeremy hunt, who holds much of the real power in downing street like separate the gum oversee happy, difficult period is jeremy hum said i when he was pointed on on friday. that nonetheless means it's doubly important to ensure that we are doing absolutely everything to in the basic areas. jenny hung up on her a great job. busy and settling the issues related to that many budget the aftermath of this truck is bought september 23rd, many budget has left her twisting amidst the wreckage of her unfunded tax cuts, the u. k. economy and her political future. i thought the list here, $45.00 pay tax cop gone. yeah. corporation tax got got $20.00 pay tax cut. gone to your energy freeze. no tax,
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free shopping dog. economic credibility. ah, aunt, i suppose. best friend, the former chancellor. he's gone. well, they're all gone. so why she's still here, miss baker? i am a fighter and not the problem is many of her own, m. p. 's might secretly be wishing he was a bit more of a quitter. it would save them the headache of ousting their 2nd prime minister in less than 6 months poles, the screaming of the conservative party that they at least trust are profoundly unpopular. victorian peas haven't worked out yet. what to do about it. i think it's absolutely clear that this process is not currently the good part in the next gen election. the question is, how soon the end comes. and frankly, it would have already happened if the party come with a mechanism to make sure they could replace it with somebody who is palatable to
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the m p. 's. and from new cars, you know, 2 sides of the party have not been able to do that. so she's still there, new figures show inflation for the year to september is 10 point one percent economic woes, many of them of the government's own making continue to mount. and so when a brave man's departure, i have more chaos to an executive at a party that seems increasingly unable to govern. we'll reach islands, how to 0. at jeremy corbin, the former leader of the british labor party told al 0, the trust is government isn't a shambles. it's a government in complete chaos. where from one moment another you don't even know the ministers are charged. the exchequer is changed several times. the home secretary has just been replaced and the prime ministers apparently had a very large number of letters sent in by conservative m. p. 's, who can decide the future saying they want her to go. so it is
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a government in chaos, but i'd prefer to look slightly beyond the parliamentary fear, so that is going on. now, the reality is that inequality in britain is deeper than ever before. poverty, homelessness, hunger are increasing amongst and forest people. and the government has refused to say whether it will even raise the social security benefits in line with inflation . and there are big wage disputes going on in all the major industries. and so there is a social cohesion dimension to this. and so i think we should realize that what the government is actually is fighting to address these issues. i don't think they're very confident at all because when court and proposed his tax cuts for the high honors, he also said this was going to be paid for by borrowing. well, nobody would seriously put that forward as
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a sensible or intelligent policy that you borrow in order to create greater inequality, even the wealthiest thought this was just embarrassing. and so the question of sense and competence is not there. clearly, markets have not much confidence in this government. i would prefer this government to be judged on its appalling treatment of the worst, often the poorest within our society. they are not pleasing anybody at the present time, and i can't think that this trust is going to last very long as prime minister let's trust is getting off is a very short time. she seems to have enormous difficulty in keeping ministers in office. never mind gaining confidence of the public or anybody else. i suspect 2 days are pretty number. and i would say that her appointment is of jeremy hunter as chance the jack or something she may rue the day because i'm quite confident that at some point he will be challenging her to be prime minister. and it might be very
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so ah, ukraine is restricting electricity usage for the 1st time since the russian invasion began in february. it comes after repeated russian. miss island drawn attacks that have targeted some power plants. president vladimir zalinski has said russia has destroyed a 3rd of ukraine's power stations in one week. mom's room is live for us and keep mom and people are being asked to conserve energy. so what is that gonna change for ukrainians for yourself and your team as well? today, and as i say that mohammed, i noticed that you've, you've had to put on all your protective gear once again. that's right, cyril, i should mention that just in the past 15 minutes, the air raid sirens rang out again over the city of keys. the government has announced that the air alert system is in place now. we've not yet heard any reports of missiles being shot out of the sky,
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or any missiles or drones hitting any targets, at least not in this area or any other part of the country. at this point, we've not heard any explosions either. so that certainly is a good thing for now. we'll keep you abreast of any development when it comes to that. with regard to the electricity situation, you had ukrainian president followed him as a lensky and his nightly address. last night. he told the people of ukraine, we are preparing for all kinds of scenarios in view of the winter season. he went on to say, we do not exclude it with the onset of cold weather. we will be asking for your help. he even more frequently and he announced, as you said, just a moment ago, 3 energy facilities were destroyed by the enemy to day meaning yesterday. there is so much concern here right now on the part of government officials that there will be more blackouts that there will be more power outages because russia has been targeting the power infrastructure of this country. as you said, a 3rd of the power stations have been either damaged or destroyed since october
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10th. since those missiles started heading this way and then drones and then missiles, again, critical infrastructure, very much being targeted. now the restrictions that have been announced to day, which is the 1st time since the russian invasion, they include that the power supply will be restricted between 7 am and 11 pm every day, govern government officials have told people that there are certain neighborhoods where household may be without electricity for no more than 4 hours every day. there are some modes of public transport that will not be made available. and business owners, restaurant owners, shop owners, have been told to please turn their lights off on the outside of their establishment in the night time, hours 0. look, how do ukrainians feel about this? because this for tens, a difficult winter 0. i can tell you, 1st and foremost, even from our point of view, it is that the temperatures are dropping precipitously. i'm even having a little bit of trouble speaking right now because it is so cold. it's so much
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colder to day than it was yesterday. everybody that we've spoken to when we've gone out to neighborhoods that have temporarily lost electricity in the past few days because of missiles strikes or drones strikes. they're very worried. they are extremely worried about what will happen to them. what will happen to their families. some of the residents that we spoke with in this a district east of the capital called destiny on ski. they said that this is the 2nd time it's happened to them in as, as many number of weeks. and that because of that, they think that is going to be happening more and more. they think that more should be done to protect for tech, the infrastructure in this country, and to prepare the cities and the citizens. some people we've spoken with over the course of the past week. don't think the government has been doing enough up until this point to really make sure that citizens are prepared well. that really it goes to show how concerned they are. and this is one of the reasons that we're hearing so many officials the past few days, pleading with ukrainian citizens to please start conserving on energy 0 i lama jones room. thank you very much for your reporting. stay warm as best as you and
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you can. thanks your team. at several residential areas have been hit in the capital after a barrage of russian miss island drawn a tax hub. our bill hamid reports from keith building, 116 and union square street and central key was struck at around 8 21 in the morning. half of it was reduced to a pile of rubble. nadia, her husband and 2 cats lived on the ground floor. they were walking by an earlier explosion, then heard the sound similar to a roar of motorbike, and yet another explosion. no, we didn't hear any sound before a explosion exactly in our house. so the explosion in the house across the street, you hear there's b. but here that there was only the explosion sound. ah, so our cats height i in the bathroom. under the beth i,
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we was just, we were just shocked. and we were sitting and waiting. what's happening. i told my husband to close the guest system. and at the same time, he looked at the window and said that this building is okay. so that means they hit us, our building multiple so called comcast. drones had been launched against keep and other cities, ukrainians. call these drills, mopeds because of the buzz they make. why low to ring overhead. they do cause panic of anxiety because you don't know where they're going to hit. now these jones, i increasingly use in attacks beyond the front lines. the pattern is to launch them in swarms towards several cities at the same time in a bit to overwhelm the air defense systems. building 116 was struck by one of several that weren't intercept. here go, go, b is flat,
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share the wall with the building. he stood on the balcony and saw what he describes as a miniature jet hovering overhead, small plains that change their speed and direction. he says, a nearby power station could have been an intended target. you speak about critical infrastructure, but these are elegy station that not far from my house is not effective. more than 10 years during the last 2 years. are we governors, have a plan to restructure because it's in it's soviet construction. it's not effective and it's a useful also for small districts around it's a normal for modern infrastructure. that's why it's not a critical infrastructure. he then is his grandmother lived on the 3rd floor. she couldn't escape the impact her body was discovered under the rubble. 3 of her
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neighbors also lost their lives. the increased use of jones could indicate that russia is depleting in stock of cruise missiles or western sanctions are working. but they have also been effective in destroying energy infrastructure. plunging parts of ukrainian ductless as the cold season is fast approaching that the hamid al jazeera keith as still ahead on our zeros fuel frenzy. the knock on effect of devastating flooding and an oil which part of nigeria and keeping a close eye in beijing, we'll be taking a look at china's network of states cyber surveillance. ah
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hello, we got some very unsettled weather, making its way to western parts of europe over the next couple days. the central eastern passage you can see largely clear and dry. there is a little bit of wet weather ever towards east with this area of low pressure, but take a look out of the atlantic as a properly this one. nice little dark board low coming in tightly packed ice, abbas. we're looking at some very wet, very windy weather, pushing in across our lives initially for a northern ireland making its way across scotland, england and well, some wet weather coming through as you go on through the next couple days. wet weather will bring the possibility of flooding it to southern parts of our warnings are in force here as we go on through thursday, some very are the 2 coming into portugal, easing across at western side of spain, and this same area of unsettled weather will make us wear costello countries into eastern, in some parts of france as we go on into where friday, by that time. as you can see, much of the north west seeing some very wet weather cooler and bordeaux at around 23 degrees. dry eye, which was at east side, but this does keep around 8 degrees celsius. fine,
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a dry across much of that eastern side of the mediterranean to the few showers lurking around cyprus, a brisk wind into the north, east of africa. much of north africa will be dried and i just wanted to share with their inter libya by the heavy rain continued across a good part of nigeria. and cameron, ah, we know what is happening in our region. we know have them get to places that others cannot. i want that own fear, god. by that, put it on purpose and fires instead of going on with the way that you tell, the thought is what can make a difference. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. oh,
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oh, you're watching. elgin 0. the headlines this our lives trust. his grip on power is britain's prime minister, is loosening after another chaotic days. second cabinet minister has resigned in less than a week and some conservative. and these have been accused of bullying and man handling trying to vote on fracking. ukraine has restricted electricity usage for a day after russian strikes destroyed several energy facilities. nationwide limits have been imposed to the 1st time since the invasion began. in february a general strike is taking place across the occupied west bank following the death of palestinian men. israel says killed one of its soldiers or died to mimi, lived in the shoe offered to refugee camp, were demonstrations of being held outside his home. there were protests in several
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other cities in the west bank. israeli forces were searching for di to me for more than a week. they say he killed in 1900 year old female is really soldier at a security post in the occupied west bank. an attempt to find him. israel blockaded nobliss, stopping traffic in and out of the city. did abraham is live for us in ramallah mid way. you start by telling us what happened yesterday evening. what happened is they sent me me who has been the main suspect of a shooting attack that left one israeli soldiers killed, has tried to commit another gun attack near the illegal israeli supplement of money as a mean close to jerusalem. so he's being hale here as a hero. indeed, he was killed in that exchange of fire between him and the guards of the settlement . but people say he managed to kill one soldier, do one attack and hide despite the locate that was imposed on his home town of so forth and still managed to do another shooting attack. there is
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a video of him continuing to shoot while he was being shot up. so he's being seen here as a fighter at someone who managed to escape israel's self security cameras. 6 their equipment, everything that the israel had could not find him. so this is why many palestinians activists mainly called for a general strike. as you can see, the shopper clothes people are not going to work or school because they want to say that their morning, the death of a day to me, me. but also that the they see in the him a hero a someone who kept fighting till the last breath today, news of another palestinian, who was it was a come to his wound, 16 year old. mad naughty from between you near my love. he's a come to me after he was being he was shot asked by israeli forces on the 30th of september that they passed in the cold for pro this morning. the death of
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a 7 year old palestinian, whose family said he was scared to death after being shit. chase the buys railey soldiers. the people here want to say that he is really narrative of what doesn't get achieved by force in the occupied with bang gets achieved by more force is not going to take place because usually numerals are they charge people and they take to the streets and usually they lead to more and more attention when you told us about this general strike that this been called for that is occurring now. how significant you think this is where do you see it going it is significant in the sense that that was called for by activists and then factions followed and then we see the strike taking place in different cities in the occupied westbank. it's also not the 1st throw that we've been seeing for the past few weeks. it seems that there is a sense here of the poor thing, the armed a fights our,
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the armed shootings and attacks against israel. people here is say that israel, things that it's the measures of deterrence by imposing more restrictions, more sanctions, more the whole home demolitions are working. palestinians here want to say that they are in defiance that they want to show that angered their frustration and their husband also calls for more protests on the a tension places let's call them or with these really forces and is illegal as really supplements are. so it is expecting to be escalating or at knitter abraham live from ramallah. thank you very much. the reporting of a week long chinese communist party congress is underway in beijing and the government censorship system is on high alert countries. most popular messaging apples, which at has reportedly blocked thousands of accounts after images were posted of a protest in beijing last week. but as a adrian brown reports,
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the app is just one part of china's vast surveillance network. china is the all seeing and listening state surveillance cameras are increasingly fitted with artificial intelligence, including facial and iris recognition technology, meaning pictures can be analyzed in real time. today the average chinese citizen spends nearly every waking moment under the watchful eye of this state says the cold water of a new book. there are more than 400000000 cameras surveillance cameras in china. they're close to a 1000000000 smartphones rattling around people's pockets and persons that the communist party can access during the often target and rule of chairman melt, say don't people were compelled to read his little red book and eye clinic work that contained his observations. but china's current leader has much more an app
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and at the promotes sheeting thing, thought just one of the many technological tools that help create a culture of personality around president she as well as strengthening ideological control over the ruling communist parties, 100000000 members. the congress party believes that they have enough data, and they combine that with the right tools, taken essentially predict human behavior and molded to a degree that they can engineer a perfect society. right? and this is a, you know, this is a sort of future society which there are no dissidence. the government says it's surveillance. network helps maintain order and reduce crime. it's co opted some of the countries biggest tech companies to track phones, monitor online purchases and decode messages. certainly with the advent of new technologies and chinese companies becoming giants and in areas surveillance technology, for example. and facial recognition. chinese certainly have used that. the ccp has
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used that trends advantage and implemented that in china. cobit 19 brought even more surveillance for most people everyday life like taking a boss or entering a restaurant hangs on the color of a health code on a smartphone. but already, evidence has emerged that some local government officials have been using the app as a tool of social control. adrian brown al jazeera, a 16 year old girl in the chinese city of rome, who has report to be died at a cobra. 1900 quarantine facility despite please the medical help. patrick falk has more from beijing for there's been no mention of this case in chinese media, but distressing video reportedly of the 16 year old victim is widely being shared on the internet in china, showing the girl lying in bed and ill and convulsing in what said to be the quarantine facility in rojo and hun and province, and
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a woman who says she's the girls on said that she'd gone there with 6 other family members. and that she was not ill that the time that she entered the facility. she also says that the family had repeatedly been calling for help, but had been ignored. and this is really prompted a huge outpouring of anger with hundreds of thousands of views of related hash tags on chinese social media. many people calling for strict investigation into this case, and one commentator in particular, noted that the system is paralyzed and has nobody to deal with it. and it's really highlighted presentation. ping's apparent refusal to move away from china's 0 cove policy. there was no indication of any significant policy shift in his opening address in congress just a few days ago, no matter what the economic and social implications are, nor indeed, the appearance, health implications when you look at this case, and this isn't the 1st incidence of its kind last month, a bus carrying people to
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a quarantine facility and quite joe crashed, killing 27 people that prompted a similar outpour of anger and have been many other similar cases of people with medical conditions being refused help at care facilities. because a rigid cove at 19 controls, a supplies are being shipped into nigeria by elsa state to help nearly one and a half 1000000 people affected by flooding. there are severe shortages of flood and fuel ahmed interest reports from years ago. by also status cut off from the rest of nigeria and fuel and foot supplies of stopped coming in. motor stop buying petrol from street vendors like every bureau for who are braving the dangers of bringing in supplies from other state who um are you doing? well, we'll go on inside, we have to carry the fuel and canoes on payoff militants along the way. even
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security personnel horizontal setting it up with only 2 petrol stations operating in the capitol. business. good. the pepper fuck in this fashion is old, but the price is not wise here. are forced to pay nearly $3.00 times the official price. but if they don't mind, as long as they can get enough to be able to move it out and to power the electricity generators, the electricity is cut off. so people are buying fuel. you have to feel your generator to be able to know what is happening around. you know, the only thing we're trying to do now is to stay safe with you and your families are still prices go up. so do transport cost and traders pass on the increases to consumers like gift or car form was returned to the market to stock up. but she finds foot prizes half,
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triple. normally we need 3 square meals. what i response now, the day i'm you still times in a day be dead leg in the morning. and then l e in the evening will go to bed. flights in bay also state have displaced more than a 1000000 people, and many i and camps. conditions and much better with food supplies and shelter. still inadequate. the government says its shipping and supplies from neighboring state, but many fear that may take days or even weeks to reach the reach of judah. or we have the most detailed images, yet of the so called pillars of creation formation. and they've been captured by the james web space telescope and show dense cloud of gas and dust in the eagle nebula of our milky way galaxy. earlier we spoke the chief astronomer who says the telescope is breaking new ground. well, 1st of all,
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these images are truly magnificent. you can see that they're gorgeous. when we look at these images, what we're seeing is view of the pillars of creation that is really unprecedented because what we're seeing are thousands more stars in these images than were shown in the hubble space telescope images and the unique capability of james web space telescope is that it can pull back a veil of dust and gas, allowing us to see the interior portions of these nebulae like we've never been able to see them before. they are 7000 light years away from us. so the light we see tonight is shows us how they appear at 7000 years ago. they will not look like this. now they will have evolved. and the reason why is because the bright stars that are within these gas class, the young hot, energetic stars are actually blasting ultraviolet radiation at the clouds of dust and gas from which they are born. and they reshape re scope.


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