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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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france once had a vast empire spanning several continents, but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands that dependence. in the 1st part of the documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict to now georgia and full scale warn indo china blood and tears. french di colonization on al jazeera, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center on al jazeera. ah, who will be out the door next, a resignation and more political turmoil as the pressure mounts on britain's prime minister. ah,
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thank you for joining us. i'm cyril van. yeah, this is al jazeera alive from dough. also coming up today. i protests across the occupied west bank after is really forces shoot dead, a palestinian man that they say killed in israeli soldier, ukrainians, a told to charge their appliances as russian missiles rained down on power plants, causing electricity cuts. and there's just one month to go until the football world cup kicks off here in kotor. it's the 1st time the tournament has been held in the middle east. ah. so pressure is mounting rapidly on u. k. prime minister lives trust or resign after another chaotic day. in parliament, a cabinet minister quit on wednesday. that's the 2nd within a week. and some conservative empties have been accused of bullying and man
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handling colleagues during a parliamentary vote. of a perfectly honest this ho if everything excuse about it is just is pitiful reflection on the conservative parliamentary party at every level. and it reflects really badly, obviously on the government of the day. they say they don't pay a 17 year, never be able to pay. so got on with it loyally. most of the time. i think it's a shambles in a disgrace. i think it is utterly a poor. and charlie angela has more from westminster is 24 hours of mayhem for the government. and the papers are absolutely scathing. we can see here the mirror saying, utter chaos. government on the brink saying that this trust has lost control of her party. the son with a picture of this truck leaving thing broken as he's clinging on to power while the
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time's. now the murdoch paper thing, chris just faces more turmoil after sacking braverman. now you heard that interior minister see when abraham resigned yesterday are questions that she ever, whether she was in fact sacked off to breaching the ministerial code and in her resignation letter, which are traditionally pretty diplomatic affairs. she really went on the attack, criticizing the government for not keeping it manifesto pledges now she's been replaced by grant shops who just 7 weeks ago this trust fired is transport minister . he's openly been critical of the prime minister, but he is now her right hand man. and all of that happened before a vote on fracking that was tabled by the labor party last night. now the conservative m. p 's had been told to vote against it as a sign of loyalty to their party. that's called a 3 line where the bat instruction was then removed just before the vote. and that
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is when chaos ensued. seems that the scenes of shopping and pushing of m p 's into the voting lobby. joining us from london now as alex dean, he was chief of staff to for a british prime minister, david cameron, he's currently the head of public affairs, u. k. it sta, consulting. that's an independent global business advise reform. alex, look, there are many this morning of course who predict list trust will soon be gone. are you one of them? i think things have gotten a lot faster with this prime minister than did with the last 2. you will notice that the biggest threats to conservative prime ministers these days is not the labor party, it's the members of their own party, you sit behind them and supposed to support them. the difference here is that the dissents and disunity has occurred even more quickly with less trust than it did with forest johnson and to resume it looks like we are burning through prime ministers now with a half life, even quicker than you know, the lives of hamsters or journals, and yet a we've had for 5 minutes isn't 6 years. it now looks like we are quite likely to
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have a fit. what or who decides her faith now? well sir graham brady is the chairman of the 1922 committee, an important committee of back bench members of conservative parthian parliament. and supposedly they don't have the ability to have a vote on no confidence in the prime minister for a year after he or she is in post a new. but such is the mood of the parliamentary party now that their demands to change the rule is to allow them to have a, a new vote and so on. in that sense, the power sits with grey and brady and his committee. out on the other hand, of course, the power may sit with individual ministers who may resign to try and force the prime minister's hand. that is, after all, of course, what happened to boris johnson after he one of out of no confidence and a clutch of ministers resigned anyway, to try and force amount successfully in the end. by the way, oh very, the latest information we have is that this trust will be meeting you mentioned mr
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. brady, that you will be meeting him. the the is meeting him the committee chair of the 1922 a committee. so that conversation underway as we speak, is there a scenario where less trust survives this? absolutely and, and she's entitled to have, as is grand brady, entitled to have sounding conversations to take the mood of the party. but there will just as there are some people who want to attack the prime minister, there are plenty of others of when i am one, although i don't have a vote in this and plenty of others who think that we're going to look completely ridiculous. if we offend and from out yes, another leader, another self inflicted wounds by the conservative party which seems to live now in complete disunity. once upon a time discipline was the most important thing in the tory party and its greatest assets. now its absence is its greatest failing and there are plenty of people in the parliamentary party was saying for heaven's sake, we can't possibly go through another leda. let's not do this. she of course appointed jeremy hunt, who was not
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a natural supporter to be her chancellor. of the exchequer, that appointment at least has gone down well. and she has more parents just like she had yesterday at prime minister's questions than she might survive. but my goodness, the pressure is on this prime minister in no uncertain terms, and so much more quickly than it was with her predecessors. the big question is, if you do try to get rid of his prime minister, who d putting in her place and that is another thing that may keep her alive the absence of the unify other candidates. will you still my question, you stole my words so right back at you. if, if, if she leaves, then who picks up the pieces? well, the trouble is there are plenty of people who may want to try to take the leadership of the conservative party and therefore the prime minister. but if there are lots of candidates, it's the same of having no candidates. you have to have somebody round whom you can rally by and richie sue, not who of course came 2nd to list trust in the most recent leadership concept is some on quite viscerally opposed by fullness. supporters of the last prime minister,
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forrest johnson, he's seen as having played a leading role in defense tracing. boris, say it seems unlikely that you'll get, i wish he see not ascendancy. and 2 of the other big names that are always put in the frame ben wallace, the current defense secretary articles, jeremy hunt himself, who's just had a complete political resurrection to become chance. ne jekka of publicly and repeatedly disavowed any attention of becoming a prime minister. probably would, could reason, i think there's not a great deal of support for them personally within the parliamentary policies as their own leadership campaigns showed in the last round. so actually there's no single individual unifying candidates. some people will try and bring back bars johnson to if less trust guy. so there's a lot of names in the frame, which is the same as having no one individual unifying candidate. i mean it's, it's truly remarkable. and it says something about just how bad the situation is become for the tories that even boris johnson is now being mentioned only a few months after leaving in disgrace. a book. if, if i know, let me ask you this,
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tell me about the, the soul searching that is going on within the conservative party. and i ask you this for a specific reason because list trust came to power and she did exactly what she camp what she had promised she would do during her leadership campaign. and that is what got her the job correct. that is absolutely right. there is a deep soul searching going on in my posse presently. here you are trying to work out whether for heaven's sake, we are attacks gussied policy. and if we all know them, what a we fool, a less trust arrived on a wave of having promised significant tax reform sought to deliver it. let's not be under an illusion. the government did not change its mind. didn't think that it was wrong when you turned on all of those policies, like removing the high rates of income tax and a not putting out cooperation tax the safe. will it change disposition because it became clear very quickly. it didn't have the votes to win in the house of commons, and it didn't have the votes to win because its own party members on not supporting it. and when you get to that kind of situation where your discipline and unity is
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in such disarray, then of course you go back to the drawing board and ask yourself, what are we actually for as a policy? who can blame a prime minister for you? timing, when she doesn't have the support from our own bench is to deliver the policies that she plainly and openly campaigned on to get the leadership. this is the kind of state we're in right now. out. combs are in a mess and not discipline in the parliamentary policies in a mess. but i would say, you still have time to turn it around if you want to. as 2 years left on boris johnson's term to go. and if the policy decides, and it still would have 70 plus majority, if the party decides it wants to be disciplined and unified, it camby alex t look, thank you very much for your time. for your insights today, something tells me will be speaking again soon. alex, thank you very much. a general strike is taking place across the occupied west bank following the death of the palestinian man. israel says killed one of its soldiers dying to mimi, lived in the chauffeur to refugee camp, where demonstrations are being held outside his home. and protests are also being
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held in several other cities in the west bank is really forces had been searching for to me for more than a week. they blockaded the refugee camp in an attempt to find him. did. abraham has more from beery near ramallah. what happened is, after days of looking for day tammy, by the israeli forces, he showed up, but this time he was committing another gun attack. he was killed in a shootout, and bow phineas after seeing the video of are they to me, me shooting until what they say is the last breath. they've been hailing him as a hero, and they've called for a strike to day to mourn his death. many palestinians see that the fact that he was able to escape for that long and manage to do another attack shows the resilience of palestinian young men. this is a language that we've been hearing over the past few months from several people in the occupied to a bank in several places, saying that this will only understand the language of force. this is why we've seen a lot of them conduct shooting attacks and go to confrontation points with these
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really forces. now another palestinian, a 16 year old. his name is mohammed noti. his funeral is taking place right now, and he has come to his room this morning after being shot at by israeli forces. on the 30th of september, he was participating in a protest that was called for after a 7 year old palestinian name that i am sleigh man, was he died and his family says he was scared to death because he was being chased by israeli forces. so as you can see, those funerals are usually essential point. they need to more attention. so they show in a way, is that what israel says is that what does it work with palestinians with force will work with more force doesn't really hold true when it comes to the palestinians. because the more funerals we see, the more tension escalates. and as you see today, there is a strike to mark and to show the level of tension in the west bank at people in
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gaza. or also morning to me, me desk palestinian factions have come together to protest in gaza. your messiah has more from that march. a state of rage has had because this trip in this square does, is the palestinians have gathered to mourn and conduct the killing of all day to mimi who was killed last night by in an armed confrontation. i guess these really courses these really, really to the plane back i data mean is the person responsible for their shop operation, which resulted in killing one of these really soldiers and injuring another? no, no, no. russia babbled the fall. going to be yeah. we call upon the use of the vis bank to follow the part of the me me to set an example and model for the assistance. and we send our dearest greeting to the assistance from the bank and to the community family coming out to be go past the functions in this scene where are holding a morning tend for a day to meet this afternoon. either protest have the land on this
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day on the killing of a day to me, me. a mass movement has pronounced a day to me to be one of its members and sat in their own words that there are yet more to me means to come. while the movement has studies in it, so university got the strip as a poor all morning where i day to me me and ukraine is restricting the use of electricity for the 1st time since russia invaded in february. that comes after power plants were repeatedly hit by russian missiles and drones president followed . amir zalinski says russia has destroyed a 3rd of ukraine's power stations in one week. but i'm a judge who has more from keith. there is so much concern here right now on the part of government officials that there will be more blackouts that there will be more power outages because russia has been targeting the power infrastructure of this country restrictions that have been announced to day. which the 1st time since
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the russian invasion, they include that the power supply will be restricted. between 7 am and 11 pm every day, govern government officials have told people that there are certain neighborhoods where household may be without electricity for no more than 4 hours. every day, there are some modes of public transport that will not be made available. and business owners, restaurant owners, shop owners have been told to please turn their lights off on the outside of their establishment in the night time, hours. still ahead on elsie's 0, it's one month until the start of the world cup. we ask ho, ready is guitar to host the biggest tournament on ah, anticipation is rising. and so with i thought anyways,
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hello there. let's look to east asia and high pressure has been dominating across china, the korean peninsula, and japan, bringing largely fine and clear weather, much better in the south. places like hina, an island expecting to see very heavy rain up to a $110.00 millimeters over 24 hours. and that could cause some funny. but farther north of this clear skies along that coast, shanghai, seeing some sunshine, beijing as well thing the temperature pick up to 21 degrees is looking a lot clearer as we head towards the korean peninsula. but that mass of where and when to weather is set to work its way further south. we need some of that snow to north korea and some heavier rain to northern areas of han shoe. certainly by saturday. it was we move to south asia, much of the wet weather can be found across southern areas of india as well as shall anchor argy clear skies with northern areas of india, the air quality in new delhi, remaining unhealthy. however, he has guys for pakistan and for the north east as well as bangladesh. but we are expecting some very wet and windy weather to work its way into the bay of bengal.
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thanks with circulation. that's moving from the adamant seat spunk warnings for the abdomen. and nick, a bar islands. it will edge its way north. certainly by the time we get to funday, that sure weather update to with sponsored by cattle anyways. the wait for the will come is meily, as the main event gets closer, i'll just erase here every step of the way. i'm going to go with one month to go. we focus on asia teams can expect some strong support. hearing somebody can cut out . cope with the pressure of hosting will australia make the most of squeezing it through the player, or will it be south korea, japan, saudi arabia or iran. we progress for this. the world cup count out on a jesse una. ah
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ah, your headlines on al jazeera, britain's prime minister, has called a meeting with the head of the conservative committee. that sets the rules for selecting and changing the party leader. the move by less trust follows a 2nd cabinet minister quitting in less than a week. and some of these being accused of men handling a colleague during a vote. a general strike is being held across the occupied west bank after the death of the palestinian man. israel says killed one of its soldiers. protestors of demanding israeli authorities returned the body of a di to mimi to his family. and ukraine has restricted electricity usage after russian strikes destroyed several energy facilities. nationwide limits have been imposed for the 1st time since the invasion began in february.
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there is now just one month to go until the world cup kicks off. here in kotor, andy richardson is in la sale city. while since capital one, the rights, the host, this will cut back in 2010, the country is undergoing a complete transformation. i'm stood here in louis sale's city that's 12 years ago with little more of an, a sketch. and an architect, notepad. it is now a fully formed city and is sure to be a focal point for fans who come to castle for this world cup and not see far away from me. it's lucille stadium. on december, the 18th, we'll host the world cup final. what with a month ago, i've been taking a closer look as to whether or not this country really is ready to host accommodates and entertain more than a 1000000 fans at the middle east. first world cup. the for some, the world cup party has already started this group of gone, fans live and work in cattle. they'll get to see that scene play in
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a country they've helped to transform although it was just part of the problem as the head of world full has been underlining the message that this will be a world cup for all everyone will be welcomed to the tournament. regardless of their origin, background, religion, gender, sexual orientation or nationality. katara capital dough hall is being ready for the arrival of more than a 1000000 football fans. while behind me here you can make out the safer found festival. that's where up to 40000 supporters can watch matches on big screens and in this direction, the main road along the sea front will be close to traffic from november, the 1st making way for its being called a global st. carnival that can entertain up to 70000 people at any one time, or late stadiums or less than 40 kilometers away from the center of dough haul.
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never before will so many wilco fans be in such close proximity. what is the logistical challenge of making sure funds on much days off, safely and swiftly moved around the country. you mentioned the challenges of the compact nature. i think it's in, it's more of the opportunity with the transport network that we have in our, especially the public transport. you know, i use the metro going to many matches during the our cup for example. and it's incredibly convenient. people come to the world cup to have a great experience to come to meet different people from different countries. so i think that it's organic, it's natural, it just happens. so you'll have, you know, everybody from saudi arabia all the way down to morocco. i think mingling and cutler and has a diverse city in and of itself. capitals, national team has been in a 6 months training camp ahead of their wilcox w. a build up designed to overcome the sporting arts distinctly. the change of
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cut are beating the netherlands in a world are very small. hopefully we can get a little bit of togetherness. that creates a mindset on his spirit and collective belief that the team is going to go out there and fight with everything they have. capital will kick the world cup off against ecuador at out a stadium. the team and the country insist they're ready to put on a world class performance. with an unprecedented 12 year build up. this is it's for them. and that has been scrutinized like now whether the rights in the well for the work is it made it all possible is quite rightly been a story from day one. and it's a story that l g 0 has covered from every perspective. earlier this week, santa henry sat down with the ceo with capitals organizing committee, al casso, and be done by asking him whether not bringing the world cup to this country has sped up the process of reform. when we speak about work as it was to improve their
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living standards to make sure that their rights were upheld. and i think we've gone over and above what was in visits to happen in a span of 10 years. i don't think any country can claim to have done as much as scott has done in the past in years to improve the working conditions, living standards, the introduction of minimum wage, to make sure that there's workers forums where they can voice their concerns and their complaints in a safe and anonymous way and these are all reforms that we feel proud of, that has been a trailblazer in the region and has been recognized by international organizations that we work with, that the government works with such as the yellow and so forth. so do you still think criticisms out katara is facing regarding this issue is unfair. i believe a lot of the criticism is unjust. i feel like, you know, people have used this as a way just to be able to bring cups out into disrepute. and i think it's just been
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an easy way for, for journalists using very lazy journalism to be able to find a way to criticize, to criticize the world cup here. you know, but it's something that we, we have worked harder because of we've, it's, it's fueled our confidence. and you know, all we have to do right now is just to show the world what an amazing world cup this will be. now, few vi pays may arrive here at the sell marine or on the sink piazza, but the vast majority of fans will arrive at how much international airport. it's an apple that a lot of people do have some experience so, but normally as appoints, of transit from a cafeteria, always point going to another destination for the airport in the country is now having to get used to being a point of entry to thousands of people every day i some of in of it has more the, it's already been voted the best airport in the world for 2022. now,
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how about the international airport is about to face its biggest test? over $1200000.00 people are expected to do that. during the world cup majority of them will arrive in the countries like how you says it's ready. we have very aggressive training programs and what is important for you to know that we had in the forefront of giving the standard of service that we provide with the highest trained individuals. within the month of november and december operator, we says it will operate $13000.00 flights in the airline says it's changing its operating model from one focused on transit passengers to one focused on people who are getting to stay for the copy. as an airline, we already as an input, we already, we have 2 inputs, we have activated both the inputs. we have already tested the 2nd edward. we are ready. i am super excited. this is something that will only happen once in our
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lifetimes. and once in history, that the tournament displayed the entire tournament in one city in a small country like on the 1st woke up in the middle east, the 1st being hosted by a muslim country and the jury is still out whether it is going to be the 1st goblin neutral cup, as hundreds of flights are going to be bringing thousands of people in every day. and organizers are excited that it is happening in the region, which is b mod, by divisions. we're sports diplomacy is going to help bring people together well throughout the world cup the we move and 95 activations is that being described to keep people entertained. heavenly sale, for example, they'll be a beach festival. there's also a winter wonderland for people to explore. and they'll also be some cultural activities for fans to get involved in far is smile has been at cats. halls, museum of islam caught the tell us
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a little bit more about that. thanks so much. andy woke up there are more than just about football. they're also about culture and this world cups, no difference. i'm standing in front of the museum of islamic are just one of the many cultural done use fans. a traveling to katara will be able to visit iconic landmarks designed by renowned architect. i am pe, the building itself is considered a work of art. it's undergone a major renovation for the world cup, with great efforts made to preserve the original vision for the museums. look. the entrance has been wide in and opened up as part of the redesign. the biggest changes are in the galleries and the way the artifacts are displayed. the m i a's grand atrium houses, 18 galleries, bringing together thousands of artifacts from across the islam at world. one of the challenges was making this accessible to a wide audience. to put it this way,
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we had beautiful objects they were imbued from showcases, but there was very little story in context about them. so what we did is, 1st of all, we introduced a visit to trail. so people follow a trail and have a little story if you followed closely, you get an idea about this. let me well, the culture, the history, the religion, we introduced religion, for example, there was nothing on religion before. one path follows the spread of islam from the printed word, to artistic creations, to the development of an islam, a community. there's also been a push to appeal to an international audience. one path takes visitors from the mediterranean to the gulf, through to iran and beyond. the indian ocean and southeast asia also totally new. we never had southeast asian, the indian ocean, but specifically with the origins here. and with so many people from this area and being, you know,
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indonesia being one of the biggest muslim countries in the world. we really thought that should be included. the curators also want to stimulate the senses. their plans to enhance displays with video, music and even smells special exhibitions are being mounted to coincide with the world cup. one focuses on baghdad. the iraqi capital was once the jewel of arab culture. so it's an appropriate choice is. doha, briefly becomes the center of the sports world. cut her plans to open, at least 3 more major museums by 2030, a push to consolidate its place as one of the cultural capitals at the modern, middle east. and that's it for me, from outside the museum of islamic guards. back to you, andy. while around $10000000000.00 has been spent on the stadiums for this world cup 7 are absolutely brand new one. the caliph the stadium. well, that's been completely overhauled in advance of these finals. but there's one venue
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that seems to capture the imagination of everybody who sees it, his son, a hemorrhage to take you on a little guided soul. you hate stadium for a walk up like no other. this is hayden ly. several for his waited in go has both area. tribute said hut, us history of world wide straight and sweet fairy the maintenance dodson material is it most distinctive peter? 974 sipping campaign. it might have recall is also the international dining code for cutoff p color containers indicate what they are poor. for example, we have the blue on to, to the, to one to grab a snack time. and we look for the down. we have the yellow full bathroom and the black one are the trailing.


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