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unrest, route conflict to now georgia and full scale war and indo china blood and his french, the colonization on al jazeera growing up in england country with a rich football history. the welcome always meant a great deal to me. and so many memories of watching the 2 women that have gone from being a child watching games on my side, actually presenting at aol. com. it really is a dream come true. is going to be really unique. woke up, we haven't seen anything like this before. so i can't even imagine what is going to be like being immersed in it as a fan. and as a journalist, the drama thousands of fans packing on the stadium, going to be really, really exciting. ah, i am resigning as leader of the conservative party. there's truck quit softer, tumultuous, 6 weeks in office becoming britton's. sure to serving prime minister. her policy
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will elect a new leader in the next week. it's 5th in 6 years before my child's livery, she sudak a born johnson expected to run. ah, me barca! this is al jazeera life from london, also coming up at least 30 days off to chat security forces crackdown on anti government protested looting and torching the prime minister's office. ukraine's national grid starts imposing blackouts on its citizens to allow infrastructure destroyed by russian ass strikes to be repaired. and as hong kong ease is more of its covert restrictions. this outrage in china over the death of a 16 year old girl in a quarantine facility. ah, the u. k. prime minister has resigned after
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a turbulent 44 days in office full of policy, you turns market turmoil and cabinet resignations. less trust said she was quitting because she couldn't deliver the mandate. she was elected on by the tory party after being forced to rip up her economic plans. the tories now have one week to elect a new leader with candidates rumored to include former finance minister, richie su, neck, and trust. his predecessor, or it's johnson, financial markets responded well to the news with the british pound, rising by one percent against the u. s. dol, i'll have to trust resigned. santiago has more resigning up to just 44 days in our fis, brought down by the failure of her own policies, policies that lead to me economic meltdown. and an astonishing loss of support from her and peace, ministers, and own party members. i cannot deliver the mandate on which i was elected by the conservative party. i have therefore spoken to his majesty the king to notify him.
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the i am resigning as leader of the conservative party was offered to march was 24 hours. i saw the dismissal of home secretaries when a broadman and the chief deputy whipped threatening to walk out after a vocal column and not support for trust rapidly ebbed away was quite clear. it has been for 2 weeks that she was on her way out. the skates were under her and the party needed to remove her swiftly. and sir, it has her attempt to instigate an unpopular economic package. on to tax cuts sent the markets reeling and the pound plunging. in a bid for political survival, she sac to finance minister quasi tango with whom she devised the policy. replacing him with a foreign minister, jeremy hunt to reverse the controversial plan. and despite this rallying cry, mister said, i am a fighter which she did. the conservative party chairman said they
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expect to have a new leader by friday next week. and if members rally around one candidate, the new prime minister could even be named on monday. my job is to call to chairman is to ensure that if there are 2 candidates in a rapid way acting in the national interest or membership to make that use, no content does include which hopefully we should do not. but there is still anger in the party of his part in bringing down bars. johnson penny morden leader, the house of commons to also locked out the previous leadership campaign that may have trouble convincing members, she has enough experience. and as a country is facing a change of prime minister for the 3rd time in 3 months, the opposition is calling for a general election. we can't have a revolving door of tales. we can have another experiment at the top of the tory party, but is an alternative, and that's a stable labor government. and the public are entitled to have the hunt for the
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latest conservative vida and u. k. prime minister is underway, so i go al jazeera. all right, so who's rumored to be in the race to be the conservative party's new leader in the you case, next prime minister, you heard some of the murray 1st. there's where she su neck is los angeles. trust in july's contest, but just over 20000 party member votes. soon ac was finance, chief under former prime minister boys johnson and his viewed by many of the party as a responsible steward of public finances. he had warned that trust his policies would lead to major economic problems by the mordant is another contender. she's the current leader of the house of commons and came 3rd in july's contest. she's a strong performer in parliament, but lacks experience in the top ministerial jobs. so well, abrahamson is also rumored to be a candidate she resigned as home secretary on wednesday after a breach of the ministerial code of conduct. and then as the man who replaced her gun ships, who's been home secretary for just one day champs is in the center right of the
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tory party and has previously criticized trust is economic plans. and there are media reports that former prime minister boris johnson will also run. he stood down after a series of scandals involving parties held at downing street during lockdown, but remains a popular figure amongst some of his party. okay, well as cross to andrew simmons who sly for us are here in london, andrew, as we heard in sonya's report there only a day ago trust described herself as a fighter, not a quitter today. of course, she's a quitter. does this mean an end to all of this crisis and turbulence, or is more political driver on the way? well, you'd be very brave to predict one way or the other on that one. because conservative m p 's acknowledge that this has been an absolute massive mess from every level possible. not just of the whole story of las trust being
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a prime minister of broken promises and not reacting quickly enough to the situation. blaming her finance minister sacking him then finding a her position almost taken over by jeremy hunt, working as her finance minister chancellor and changing everything at now looking forward. she's gone. probably it took too long for her to stand down. should the government of actually that realised the situation was getting fast out of control earlier? well, that's the question that will remain in the air right now. the 1922 committee, which looks after the rules how elections are run, how the leadership challenges a run is trying to make a fast job of this. it doesn't have any other option. it has to get a new prime minister in place. october the 31st, when the markets are promised,
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this whole fiscal plan, which is to be verified by a body that will scrutinize every aspect to it. now, obviously, those, those markets have to stay stable. there's been a political turmoil recently. if there's more faction fighting and rouse within the party from the right and the center ground, then that's go to destabilize things again, potentially. so things of really tense right now has been a vacuum power vacuum. and now we have position whereby everyone is trying to work out. could there be a unity candidates in those names? you've just read out? that's a tough question because the e r g, that's the european regional group, which is our, the, to the right of the party. am, is devastated really by what's been going on. because it had been in very much in the foot to the for, it was but behind bricks it, it made sure that boris johnson took the chalice through and got power and went
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only had a cabinet, got rid of the city like 21 of the ministers who were in the center ground. there was a night of the long knives now that some come back and the center ground is, is being captured again by a key people, one nation conservatives. there could be another clash. can they get a eunice, a candidate and the situation with the british public? is there sick and tired of this? that absolutely sick and tired? it's been a long political drama with sometimes fiascos occurring a whole series of question marks are going to be put all around the past 6 days and what's happened and drama that's set to continue into next week. andrew simon sir live on downing street. thank you. okay, well let's take a closer look at the rapid rise and fall of less trust in jew line trust. join the race to replace boris johnston as leader of the conservative party and prime
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minister, promising tax cuts amounting to around $37000000000.00 a year. and main rivalry she sooner called her plan a fairy tale and want it would lead to run on the pound. trust was declared winner on the 5th of september and took over his prime minister the next day. on september the 23rd, her finance minister and close ally quasi quiting unveiled the u. case, most significant tax cutting package since 1972. as part of his so called mini budget, it was largely funded by massive, barring, with the aim of generating growth through wide ranging tax cuts, but almost immediately a trigger to run on the markets, pushing up mortgages, putting pension funds at risk, and causing the pound to fall to record lows last week, trust sax. quoting days after he was forced to announce a mass, if you turn on the budget reversing the tax cut for the top rate. he was replaced by jeremy hunt on monday, hunt ripped up. most of the government's many bunt at the pound,
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steadied in response, but the conservative party was pulling at a historic low on wednesday the home secretary. so ela, braverman resigned after breaking the ministerial code of conduct. and finally, on thursday, prime minister list trust, resigned after a wave of tory and peace called for her to step down. okay, will join me now is mo hussain her former conservative party special advisor. he's also the u. k. president, president of edelman global advisory. and welcome to the program 1st that your thoughts on this sir turbulent day. we're certainly been tablet and dramatic and i've been 10 years working in westminster and white hall. and i can remember a day like this dispute. the writing was on the wall, there was head is team building from different nps, from different factions of the conservative party. not just in my call, the usual suspects who have never me like the prime minister than people who are from her when the party who were,
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are frustrated that she had you tell them you think that she had promised them that she would do. so when you have is different groupings turning against you and you need these empties, you need their support to get your agenda through parliament. then you know you're in trouble. so i do think it was a matter of time. just talking about the choreography of what happened, sir. next, it's clear the conservative party want to have this done and dusted as quickly as possible. but does it make sense to open this vote up to party members? not just mpg, but party members who have found themselves burnt last time round when they banked less trust. well deducting debate going on around how this would work. and it seems to me, if you can keep this amongst n p 's who are the, they are elected and represent a whole range of constituents, then that would be helpful because if nobody's interests, to have a long drawn out and very, very pers,
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no and bloody leadership contest, the way to do guys, to people to coalesce around one candidate. i think that will be difficult. there's lots of ego play. it is those people who do want to talk who are not going blink 1st and say no, you go, i might get a good job in your government. and therefore, if there is this lack of agreement, and there are a few people you get down the last to then it will go back to the party members and the members have been burned. they made a choice, it didn't work out the things that they thought they're going to get they, they, when able to get to, they'll still remember that. and then also think about who is the person who can win an election going forward as well? well, let's talk candidates who stand out names for you. well, the names are very similar to what we were a few months ago, so we don't feel a bit like groundhog day, but i do think some of that receives tonight. he did come on the majority of n p 's,
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a lot of the things that he said in his leadership campaign about this trusted economic plans have proven to be broadly accurate. so i think his plan is quite of the treasury will be useful for dealing with the challenges that we face now. the country actually on the economy a, he's a bit more devices and there was the main piece. you don't like him because they think he was, he damaged boris in his reputation. he was just an oil penny more than again, another good candidate who did well, perhaps surprisingly low compared to what people are expected to to do, but the bar is so high now. so you can filter through lots of people who just won the job and may have a wing of the party supporting the e to have a 100 and b. this is very, very high under them be by the 1st stage. and if you don't get that, you can knock time think this is deliberate, so it's a quick contest and you perhaps can a more mainstream. canada. ok, mo,
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her same form, a conservative party, special adviser. many thanks and keep with francis presidency. manual macaroni has express sadness that trust his resignation. lesson france as a friend of the british people wishes possibility. and in this context, the war intentions are with energy crisis and it is important that great britain starts out again on the part is political stability. and that's all i wish, for example, on a personal level, i'm always sad to see a colleague, louise, and i hope that stability will come back still to come this half hour tribal clashes and sedans, blue nile state kill more than a 150 people in 2 days of main, apple prepares for its biggest tests yet with more than a 1000000 fans expected to fly in for the cattle world. i
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hello, we're saying both sides of autumn at the moment across europe quiets and dry across a central bassetti morning. mist and fog light out towards the west because this area of low pressure rolling in from the atlantic bringing a fair bit of wet and windy weather into western passes. we go on through the next couple of days. blustery showers, longest bells, the frank air force winds, pushing into a great part of ireland eating across wales. some parts of england seeing some isolated rainfall and that wet weather, stretching all the way down through the by abyss gay into portugal, and also intricate part of spain. there is some weight whether 2 coming into france stand towards us, switzerland. it does tend to the morn settled into central parts as we go on 3 friday, but dry over towards the east of europe, temperatures, and keep it around 10 degrees celsius. that wet weather thinks a little further south was across eobs turning readily to snow. as we go on into sas de little try there in too much of it in a while scott and seeing somewhere to weather,
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particularly around the borders wet weather will continue to come in across ports go. heavy downpours could lead to some localized flooding at wet weather. also stretching into western parts of spain should be largely dry across northern parts of africa, a few showers into northern areas of libya. once again, have you astound polls, continued cos, west africa with more heavy rain for nigeria. with the creative african makes this journey continues in 2022 africa success. stories are captivating the world. this yet can next weekend. we'll connect apic as creat affected building bridges across africa. and the dias bora, i will be live at kelly. we can, we was, if you do up to c p, we'll credit you can in, i'll be john co. dubois from the 25th to the 27th of november 2022 registered to attend for free at can x dot africa,
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hulu . ah, welcome back. a reminder, the top stories here on our just sarah list trust has become the u. k, shortest serving prime minister announcing she stepping down after just 6 weeks in the job because she couldn't deliver on her promises. she lost the authority after a controversial economic plan caused a collapse in the pound and sent mortgage rate soaring the race to replace her has already begun with former defense secretary penny mordant form of finance. chief, richie sudak, even former prime minister boys thompson considered possible contenders. whoever wins next week will be the 5th, british prime minister in only 6 years. violence has broken out in sedans of blue
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nile state with reports that more than a 150 people have been killed around 90, more have been injured in the ongoing conflict, treated by land disputes, and the militarization of tribal groups. violin. so for rival land claims between the hausa and better tribes in july left, dozens of people dead and thousands more displaced. a peace deal was signed in the region in 2020, but fighting has steadily increased. hippa, morgan reports some cartoon. this violence is an extension of the violence that broke out last july between the 2 tribes. the hausa and the birds are over land issues the house. i wanted to establish a tribal administration in blue now state something that the bertha and other tribes in lou now state rejected saying that the house to have no rights to land claims in the area. security forces have been deployed also back then they have restricted movement. local authorities have imposed curfew in those 3 localities where violence have broken out. but as of today,
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the market in blue now state in the capital of blue. now state them as in has been shut. there are reports of a village as being burned due to the violence and again displacement because of the violence security forces. i have been deployed, but the violence and attention still continue, despite the fact that it's been weeks or months rather, since the start of the violence and no resolution has been carried out so far. to end the fighting between the 2 sites. at least 1st he pro democracy protest as have been killed and charred violence broke out after demonstrators barricaded roads and torch the government's party headquarters in the capital and jemina police find rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowds. the country has been on edge since the death of president interest derby last year as been resistance to a transitional military council headed by his son, which was postponed. elections to 2024 becomes this child declares the state of emergency over flooding, which is impacted more than a 1000000 people. rains of overwhelmed the char we river that runs north,
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close to the border with cameroon. daily half of the capital in jemina is under water. the flooding has also overwhelmed the market town of qu, steri on the other side of the river in cameroon. leah harding has more no dry land in sight. waters have breached the banks of the cherry river. outside chad's capital. oh sir you quote unquote, a we didn't know what we should do. we are now suffering. as you can see, the government has to make a decision to help us. we are now doing men's work because our husbands have passed away. and every one person has 6 or 7 children to take care of 18 of the countries . 23 provinces are impacted. the president has declared a national emergency said got the stuff this disaster is from climate change. it is one of the most severe the region has seen in years. it's making it hard for people to keep their heads above water design ah,
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on the other side of the river in cameroon, a small market town has also been submerged. the medicines of all, you see the water and good our house, i saved my children rem arden. the house collapsed 1st and all my pink eye in the water and b condra cola. and it seems as if this rains caused flooding in this region every year. but it has never been this bad since sunday, thousands of people are estimated have been made homeless. yet i con thing thinking since last year the rain has handicap me and i've lost 2 children. yes. but thank god i recovered this. you know, i am on my feet massey plan, but this here it happens again and again, and now i'm a refugee you did so help with roads under water. canoes are now the only way to get around and the river keeps rising. leah harding al jazeera in other news ukrainian authorities of impose power restrictions and blackouts for
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the 1st time since the war began. as russian strikes hammer critical infrastructure, people across the country have been urged to use less power. as the government enforces electricity curves between 7 am and 11 pm, ukraine's president followed him. is the lensky says, russian attacks of damaged a 3rd of power stations. in just over week. the government wants to reduce energy use by 20 percent overall. ukranian forces are we taking territory in the east and south, but struggling to protect power facilities? but as young of thorough is still not going to russians have invaded our country. there is much anger against russian leaders and russian people. but we are ready af outages with clues they have candles, charged polar banks. ukraine is charged to win of zone as well as being some good news for ukrainians facing those power outages, weather forecasters in ukraine are predicting a mild at winter than usual. the state one forecast says average temperatures are
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expected to be $1.00 to $2.00 degrees celsius. higher than normal bahama genji has more from keith. even though businesses have been encouraged, businesses, restaurants have been encouraged to turn their outside lights off in the evening hours. most of the ones that we encounter in the neighborhood did have their lights out as they were requested to do. some did not, so it will be interesting to see going forward if they actually do comply with these requests from the government and how that will be implemented. this is very significant. this is the 1st time since rush as invasion of ukraine in february that there's been a restriction of electricity, a nation wide, and it's expected that this could only get worse in the months ahead. now as we understand it, power supply is going to be restricted between 7 am and 11 pm daily. you had many public officials throughout the last 12 hours or so, urging residents all over the country to please do whatever they can to limit their
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electricity usage. they're even saying that they should, they should stop as much as they can, using appliances in their households, unless it's absolutely necessary because anything people can do take pressure off a power grid that is extremely fragile right now. it will help much of the destruction on ukrainian infrastructure has been inflicted by drones, which ukraine and the west sale made in iran. the u. s. as iran has even sent trainers and tech support to the annex region of crimea to help russian forces operate them. russia denies using iranian drones, is defense ministry says it's using high position, long range and air based weapons, several ukrainian cities, including the capital key, if, if been hit this week. so she over here asked you, mr. ward not very miss about iranian unmanned aerial vehicles, which is spread by some independent unnamed close sources in the american media. have been refuted in recent days by both iranian and russian representatives. is
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there any need to comment on these claims made both to us and to tehran? i think no, because all of this is nothing more than a set of ungrounded conclusions and far fetched assumptions that britain and france are trying to build into a construct. but every time it all collapses in front of every one. so strikes of shut down parts of the occupied westbank as palestinians more the death of owed for mimi. the 22 year old was shot by a st railey forces on wednesday. you accused him of killing a female soldier and seriously injuring a security guard. protests have been held outside to mimis home at the shoe hot refugee camp and several other cities in the west bank. hong kong entertainment sector was slowly coming back to life. after more, coven 19 restrictions were lifted. live music and dancing is now allowed again at venues and the public gathering limits has been raised from 4 to 12. martha
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mandates, though, remain along with strict testing requirements for tourists, but the government hopes the eas restrictions will boost hong kong struggling economy. is growing outraged in china, after a video appeared to show a 16 year old girl convulsing at a cove at 19 quarantine facility. she later died despite urgent police or medical help. patrick falk has more from beijing for there's been no mention of this case in chinese media, but distressing video reportedly of the 16 year old victim is widely being shared on the internet in china, showing the girl lying in bed and ill and convulsing in what said to be the quarantine facility in ru joe, in hon and province, and a woman who says she's the girls on said that she'd gone there with 6 other family members. and that she was not ill that the time that she entered the facility. she also says that the family had repeatedly been calling for help, but had been ignored. and this is really prompted
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a huge outpouring of anger with hundreds of thousands of views of related hash tags on chinese social media. many people calling for strict investigation into this case, and one commentator in particular, noted that the system is paralyzed and has nobody to deal with it. and it's really highlighted presentation. ping's apparent refusal to move away from china's 0 cove at policy. there was no indication of any significant policy shift in his opening address in congress just a few days ago, no matter what the economic and social implications are, nor indeed, the parents health implications when you look at this case, ah, it's exactly a month until the cats are well cut kicks off. it's a 1st for the middle east and the tournament fee for president journey in fortino says will create memories that will last a lifetime or the $1000000.00 people a shuttle to arrive via doe has main airport from where a some,
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a bunch of aid reports. ah, it's already been voted the best airport in the world for 2022. now, how much international airport is about to face? it's biggest test. over 1200000 people are expected to visit other during the world cup majority of them will arrive here. the country's flight carrier says it's ready. we have very aggressive training program. and what is important for you to know that we had in the forefront of giving the standard of service that we provide with the highest trained individuals within the month of november and december, up at area says it will operate 13000 flights. and the airline says it's changing its operating model from one focused on transit passengers to one focused on people who are getting to stay for the coffee. as an airline, we already as an airport,
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we already, we have 2 efforts. we have activated, but the inputs we have already tested the 2nd effort we already, i'm super excited. this is something that will only happen once in our lifetimes. and once in history, that the tournament displayed the entire tournament in one city. in a small country, like the 1st woke up in the middle east, the 1st being hosted by a muslim country and the jury is still out whether it is going to be the 1st goblin neutral cup. as hundreds of flights are going to be bringing thousands of people in every day and organizers are excited that it is happening in the region which is being mobbed by divisions where sports diplomacy is going to help bring people together. ah, the top stories on our.


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