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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera, informed opinions, i believe that armenia and other regions should have bilateral negotiations. we've been calling that for many time. critical did make, is the commonwealth still something that king charles will take on the inside story on al jazeera, november on a jesse you. as the foot calling wealth greatest tournament kicks off, all eyes turned to kat hah as it prepares, the spectacle like no other old ways for new days. first nations frontline discovers how traditional knowledge is helping solve multi problems. israel holds its faith general election in less than 4 years. will this round draw a line to its political crisis? generation football meets the inspiring players, tackling social political issues on and off the pitch. americans vote in defining mid term elections. the results could see biden,
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and the democrats lose that congress majority november on a j 0 ah georgia maloney is sworn in as italy's next prime minister leading its 1st fall ride governments since the 2nd world war. ah, hello, i'm have them. think of this is alive from the also coming up forest johnson cut short his holiday. as speculation grows, he will join the race to become the u. k is next prime minister. iran rejects caused by some european nations to investigate allegations. russia is using iranian may drowns in ukraine and bustling once again. we go back to an iraqi city that was left in off. the iceland was defeated
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ah, georgia maloney has been sworn in as italy's new prime minister, the 1st woman to hold the post. she's also leading italy's 1st far right government since the 2nd world war. while it's a major victory for maloney's party, critics say her hard line policies don't allow for an inclusive italy. liada reports, italy has sworn in its 1st female prime minister. you'll said about a little man, i was in college, georgia, maloney now leads the 1st the far right government since the end of the 2nd world war. the easiest way for europeans to understand are people around the world to understand what's going on in italy. is think of what would happen if marine le pen became president of georgia. maloney is known for her conservative views, centered around religion,
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the homeland and family. he. i laugh. i me yeah. natalie. no. alice lobby. yes. to the natural family. no. to the algae b t lobby. yes. to sexual identity? no to gender ideology, no to islamist violence. yes, to secure borders, no to mass migration. no to begin to national finance. no to the bureaucrats of brussels. maloney's brothers of italy party has fascists. roots linked directly to former leader benito mussolini. the real problem is natural. national passions rollin is the competence that she will bring together from because she has no experience from going anything handler. she's, she's surrounded by people in their party. i loved it, but her, her particularly relevant skills, relevant skills that are needed to dig italy out of a looming recession. inflation rates are at an all time high as the cost of living
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pretty dar, even on each iteration gets maloney very little room for radical change. but essentially this is a victory for form. i don't need more than a be truthful for declaration. maloney supporter say she can help improve the market. while critic sphere her policies will only push europe further to the right . one of the 1st sites have not been good. and if and the question for maloney will be does she lead her id? ology from the far right, expressed itself in that hard. right or does she follow the safe and narrow path right now italy enters uncertainty. wilford's analysts say many of those who voted for maloney are not right wing, but supported her in the hopes she can spark change. leah harding al jazeera sy in the u. k. former prime minister boris johnson may be looking to get back his old job. he's expected to go up against the former channel chancellor richie soon. i
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can senior cabinet minister penny more than but only she has formerly known so campaign and each needs the support of $100.00 m. p 's to enter the race to succeed list trust, all race reports from london. not long after the last leadership contest ended. bet so now being taken on, he will fill the old, you prime minister's shoes in the frame to replace lives trust who resigned after just 6 weeks is form a chance let receive. so you're not the leader of the commons, penny mordant, under certain bars. johnson, i think it is pretty chaotic. i think the conservatives more interested in their own personal gain than they are in. what's right for the country, is this. the 1st johnson is going to renegade, it still looks a bit silly today to arrange everyone saying bring forest back all night. speak to everyone you see on the news. bring boy respect. so this bring it back. the man who resigned in july after one scandal to many, is now gathering support for push to regain number 10. johnson is still being
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investigated on accusations. he lights a parliament about parties. he attended your encode with 19 locked down. if he does run, he'll lead to persuade at least a 100 fellow and piece to support him. but his appeal among voters could help him sway those of his colleagues who doubt his moral credentials with will be potentially off. the prime minister seems to general election to the 19 that means we have to think about that the digital question that the public will be asking themselves. and also about who could win the next election. that obviously important for any political party at the time. so at the moment i would lean towards boris johnson, i think he will still have some questions around obviously that the investigation, the crisis at westminster may be embarrassing for the conservatives. i'm for britain. for others, the government's economic mismanagement, have more serious consequences. a short walk from parliament, this community center provides meals for an increasing number of people who are struggling. the volunteers feel the government in fighting is making matters worse
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. i have seen so much in the last the weight. by nowhere near have we seen the front of the storm. it's coming people with working jobs on will to make and with me anyway, the government needs to look what's happening on the front line. and then noah morton was the 1st to officially declare, had candidacy on friday. she might hope those who can stomach neither sudak nor johnson will choose her as a unifying candidate in a party leadership vote. that's due to take place next week. the fallout from liz trust is brief, time in office has left deep divisions in a government and party whose unity was already falling apart. conservative em pays, may spend the coming days deciding whether they want to vote another new face into office or go back to one they know bars. johnson, paul reese out is era,
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london and we got more reaction from london, isabella, what they make of britain getting is 3rd prime minister in 3 months. this is a bit of a mess at the moment, isn't it? you know, conservancy turmoil fight between the cells. you know, korea morrison, you know, 6 weeks ago got cited boris. you know, flying blind to the queen and he's wanting to make a comeback. he soon believe will a conservative use. she resign now and of a general election? i can't call it. i think if the government wants to get kind of there the public on site, i think they made the right thing to say probably would be another general election . wow, if be the total bloody math they fall. but with all the fame you get all worked out in the short term body, all sorts itself out and be fine in the, in the coming month. but john curtis is a professor of political science at the university of strathclyde. he assessed the potential candidates. i think the front runner is mr. so knock, it's not very clear. certainly from the tale of m. p. 's,
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he's now already reckoned to have over the $100.00 boxes. does he require to pay on the paper? mister johnson's going to have to test the water and find out whether he can actually get over the threshold. many people think he will miss morgan, perhaps he's going to struggle to get past that threshold unless mr. johnson pulls out at some point between now and monday, in which case i think most of mr. johnson's father was, would go in her direction. i think we're also anticipating, given what we've seen so far, that mr sonata will, when i'm amongst, and pace. the real question harvey is assuming he does face a contest. faces are contested by frankly against either miss lord and door. mister johnson is whether he will win amongst the membership for the membership. this is in many respects, a re run of the contest back in the summer where most of the people who are
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mr. so not but mr. sit down thinking that mr. soon act would make a good prime minister now amongst the membership, whereas a month. so she would like to deliver, tries, minority take view. meanwhile, most of the people who, by 2 police trusts are inclined to the view that mr. johnson would make a good prime minister. now, you might say from the results of that, it's pretty clear that mr. so not is going to lose again amongst the membership, which will be the decisive, and that is certainly the risk that he faces. however, we should remember either in the end he thought as much as 42 percent of the vote amongst the membership. he seemed to improve his position is not contest, went on. i only will require minority of those who box miss trusts to switch to mister. so knock in preference to mister johnson for him perhaps to make a home. but i think it's the last stage of the process that is the biggest potential austic obstacle to mr. so next, johnson's iraq has rejected accusations. it's supplying russia with drones to use
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against ukraine. the u. s. and others believe the kremlin is using iranian, made drugs to attack as well as energy facilities across the country, france, germany, and the u. k. call for you and investigation into the allegations on friday. iran as issued a statement condemning the allegations as false and baseless it, went on to say to her on supports peace and an immediate end to the war in ukraine through political process. the provocative approaches of the european union and the u. k. a country to their absurd and hypocritical claims of contributed to last thing and peace and stability in the world. we reserve the right to respond to any responsible action and will not hesitate to defend the interests of the iranian nation. dorset jibari has the reaction from wrong voices coming out of various levels of government has been one of denial about the fact that the accusations
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being put forth against officials here selling these suicide drones that are known as shy, had $136.00 that are manufactured in or on the waiting officials over and over again, including the iranian foreign minister. have said that the are absolutely false, and they are politically motivated accusations. now, we also heard from the iranian president, ever he racy who was speaking at an event in the capital earlier on saturday, on the occasion of the national day of exports to use the patient to touch on the subject of how he's been approach during his travels overseas, over the past year by various other various people asking about purchasing military equipment from iran that's listening to what he had to say. that's not a gun database, your act, your shorter and the leaders of other countries meet with me. they ask me what around cell, it's military equipment to them. previously you give around nothing but barbs,
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and now you're asking for around military equipment. i tell them why don't you buy it from other countries. it's available everywhere, but in response they say they've heard around military equipment is so advanced and unique, ukrainian forces, say russia could be preparing to abandon harrison as key is counter offensive, intensifies ukraine says we take an 18 towns and villages in the region has been more heavy artillery and rocket far and some people are leaving as part of what russia cause is voluntary. evacuations, as soon as one a 4 ukrainian territories illegally and next by moscow last month. a still head on al jazeera and updates on the cholera outbreak in malawi. that's killed, more than 100 people and who's pitted against the reigning world champions, the usa for next year's women's welcome. ah,
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anticipation is rising. and so is the atlas with my cattle aways. how i was shaping up to be a rather unsettle weekend for japan. we have a fair amounts of cloud and rain, blustery showers, biling through here, little weather system in the safety plan that will sink its way further southwards . denise was, as we go through the next couple of days, high pressure further west, keeping it dry caused much of bert china and it did the korean peninsula. but as this weather system sinks further south, which in turn increasingly wet across western and northern parts of japan, 25 celsius. therefore, tokyo normally winds not less when those temperatures back to some, a fresher 18 celsius. here by monday should be largely dry though one or 2 showers coming through, but it certainly will freshen up somewhat. normally when they're still driving a few showers down towards taiwan. so some weather weather coming through here. where to whether to continue cross southern parts of india and also shall anchor.
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but this disturbance in the bourbon goal that is developing feature tropical depression now started to push its way up towards north eastern parts of india, towards bungler dash may well become a site for storms. we make a way into monday and tuesday, so red one is enforced. therefore west bengal. we will see some very heavy rain coming into our bangladesh. as we go on through tuesday. we'll see some parts of india also and settle along with me and my to with sponsored by categories, which site is winning chaos or control guy? what does the new forever proxy war mean for america and nato? as long as americans keep consuming, prices are going to keep going up. why didn't joe biden see inflation comic? how did we get to so much raw? the quizzical look us politics the bottom line. we understand the differences and similarities of cult choice across the world center might have when you call home will but you can use in current affairs that matter to you.
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ah, the me again, you're watching. i just did a reminder of our top stories. georgia maloney has been sworn in as italy's new prime minister, the 1st woman to hold the post. she's also leading italy's 1st fall, right. government is the 2nd world war from the u. k. prime minister forest johnson is expected to join the race to get back his old job. with chancellor richie sumac, also expected as a contender cabinet minister, penny morgan declared her candidacy on friday. the ron is rejected. accusations that supplying russia with drums to use against ukraine. the u. s. and others
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believe the kremlin is using iranian, made trying to attack keith as well as energy facilities across the countries. i've got to get some journalists in china's capital, have witnessed and unusual seen that the communist party congress form a chinese president who jin town was escorted from the closing ceremony. he was seen and being persuaded by 2 men to leave the hall. he spoke briefly to president she jin thing while sitting next to him in the front row. there was no official comments about the reason for who being helped of the space earlier members approved the amendment of the parties charter that could give more power to president sheet. on sunday, the governing party is expected to confirm him as party t for an unprecedented term. patrick falk is in beijing with more. well, the confirmation of the central committee officially signals for the 1st time that
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she jumping will stay on for a 3rd term is inclusion in that all but guarantees it. and notably it means that he has now officially broken retirement rules for party members. he won't be unveiled as general secretary of the commas party until tomorrow, that's when the central committee meets to ratify the 25 member politburo, as well as the all important 7 member politburo standing committee as well. it follows a week of deliberations behind closed doors. it's also been an eventful week, which is really highlighted some the challenges that the new leadership will face, most notably having to address the state of the economy after the national bureau of statistics. unexpectedly postpone the release of q 3, g d p data early this week. it, it points to as unless of suggested a to muted growth for the 3rd quarter, falling near 0 growth in the 2nd quarter. and all of this, of course,
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is inextricably linked to china's 0 cobit policy, which president shipping has repeatedly defended and endorsed. a un security council has voted to sanction a haitian gang leader accused of attacks against civilians. jimmy theresa is a former policeman who has been linked to widespread rights violations. council adopted a resolution to sanction any one who threatens the security and stability of haiti has been increasing. lawlessness says the assassination of president javan al marie's last year. the vote to the you when does not mean anything to us, whether they agree or disagree, we haitian people do not want any force in the country up with freedom and democracy in the country, yet that we haitian people have said enough is enough with you like so not the revolution will happen. there is no good education. the schools cannot function, o, e l is worthless, he must resign it. we do not want any foreign forces in the country on the law,
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we is struggling to cope with a cholera outbreak that's killed more than a 100 people since march medical workers are trying to contain the spread of the disease, but they may be running out of time intern monahan has more worried parents are bringing their children to this clinic for treatment. as the color outbreak spreads, the very young are among the most at risk. maintaining stocks of life saving medical supplies is vital to preventing further deaths. where went to steady ad giving the credit of vaccine. our we are glad was that debreto went to assist us with about 2000000 doses of were willing to vaccine. and we, we expect leak was enmity in the next day, or 2 weeks there was a small crisis. ok was we didn't have enough will as before. and, but i'm happy that as government to have managed to do to her i v. fluids are with the over a 2 handed immune might malawi color, a crisis began in march after
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a series of tropical storms. the destruction of infrastructure and contamination of water supplies cause an outbreak that spread across the country. the min risk factor that we had established and the team has established was low wash activities, that water and sanitation issues, the low coverage of flat rings along the shoreline color, is also in the rise elsewhere in the world, particularly in haiti and syria. the world health organization is calling for more resources to deal with the crisis. the number of outbreaks has forced them to lower the treatment standards from 2 dose the back seen to a single dose. we can't independent make because we're not prepared collectively to put in place the basic human rights of water and sanitation, and basic immunization in those areas at risk. and it's a sad day for us to have to go backwards to go to a $1.00 strategy, which is life saving. it's an emergency measure. we shouldn't have to do it. and it
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is purely based on the availability globally, a vaccine. below we is doing what it can to contain the outbreak, but it's a race against time. the rainy season is set to begin in november, creating conditions when diseases like cholera can spread even faster. since monahan al jazeera, are the speakers of livia, as a rival assemblies have met in morocco to discuss holding elections. a vote that was supposed to happen last december never took place because of disagreements between the factions. the un has been pushing for a political agreement between the tub rook base parliament in east and libya and the government of national accord. in tripoli. the 2 sides agree to a cease fire in 2020 focused on a former prime minister, him on con, has called on his supporters to stop protesting after he was disqualified from holding office for 5 years. the election commission rules con,
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unlawfully sold gifts given by foreign leaders and also concealed his assets, says he'll appeal against the order in court was forced out as prime minister in april, after he lost the confidence votes. map decided to protest as about his mouth. first of all, i thank god protesters and call on them to end the protest today because i don't want to put people in trouble, but all of you must prepare. i said that i would hold a long march at the end of this month, and it will be the biggest protest in the history of this country. god, well, i don't mean again long. and a rocky city has been rebuilt in 2 years after being left in ruins after the fall of ice and business is already reaping the benefits. as already hashem reports from ramadi. a few years ago, iraq selim bought a province wasn't the result of fighting. and the cox carried out by on the city of ramadi, under attack from iceland fighters. but for now,
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the streets of felicia deserted today. its main cities for lucia and remedy are full of construction project. a new development aluminum while as well had sir, have, under, has become a magnet for investment. we facilitate the work of series of basis to work and on bob province. since 2017 until 2022. we have managed to strategic projects in all parts of the governance, especially with road schools and hospitals. one of them is diesel. tele never met. since the decline of isolate it has risen on the bank of the euphrates river and is nearly ready to welcome do. we need around 18 for a month to finish, finalize our job here in the site. only hindering by the after the war of the and on but the while we're only the
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kona kona event that once the project will finish all, all users will it will come here on. busy many invest augusta from outside from, from out of iraq. it's a change that many have worked for and the past visiting i'm boss me, cities would have been on thinkable, but today improve socio economy conditions and decrease 6 area for the nation after the war against isom have made such projects. also, they are financed by the provincial government or the private sector. what, while we as a property develop, who has invested millions of dollars in residential? what am i to sell now? how about dash when we 1st entered drama, after it was freed from myself, was totally destroyed, like the aftermath of world war 2, to rebuild a city within 2 years is no easy job. our messman here is part of returning life to
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ourselves and our people, which you know, what's missing is falling investment. local authority is blaine federal legislation and broker fee for the scott gene overseas investors from entering the market. but business owners also for the say, these busy markets, a sign of a new beginning or the actual jazeera, i'm at the we are less than a month away now from the 2022 foot. we'll walk up here and cut on the next major fee for tournament. the women's will come will happen in australia and new zealand . the draw took place in oakland, early or reigning champions. the usa will be looking to seal a 5th title. they've been drawn in the same group as the netherlands. $32.00 teams in total will compete. this is what the full grow looks like. group
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d sees the asian and european champions, china and england draw together. australia have been drawn alongside world number 7, canada in group b, while that co host new zealand are in a competitive group which includes the philippines, norway, and switzerland. a record, a worldwide audience of more than 1000000000 people has been forecast tuned into torment. sarah clark reports a game on this is club, great, open football for women in sydney. now that way and a glint, had his play for 16 is and now runs this tournament. she liked the rest of the players in this competition will be in the audience. in australia and new zealand co host, the women's will come next year. so call to be able to post like a full women's international toner and on high soil. i already have tickets where, oh, kind of good out to go and ready and it can be really cool to get to support the matilda as and for them to kind of have the home advantage that again,
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i'm super excited since the last women's world cup in 2019 audience numbers have seen significant growth. with more than 365000000 people tuning into the euro women's football final this year. the commercial value of the women's game is also gaining strength off the pitch with the surgeon sponsorship and broadcast rots up for negotiation. for the 1st time, we're starting to stay on bundled media rights and broadcast rights programs with previously you would have, for example, womens woke up in advance won't top the broadcast rights tied together. but the 20 twenty's ravenswood club is going to be disbursed has the 2 of them separated so that we can really get a sense of the commercial value of the women's game as a stand alone or not. the whole nation's australia, new zealand grass root support continues to grow. and both countries have introduced equal pi between the men's and women's teams at a senior national level. but on a global scale pies, money and high lags behind the men's game,
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including at the will cup level. while the prize port has risen tournament on tournament, it still piles in comparison to the mens. my short answer to that is, yes, there is a long way to go. i mean, there's still enormous disparity, for instance, between the very top elite women for all is and the very top, the late men. but of course, the counter argument to that is, is also a difference in revenue that hasn't deterred the is $32.00 nations will compete for the women's world cup title with a strong and supported typing the national team. the matilda will have a home advantage. i think earlier can win for sure. i hope there are really strong team. they've shown some really good results, particularly recently the women's world cup kicks off in july next year. sarah clark al jazeera frisson, australia i head of the women's world cup cutter 2022 will break new ground. as the 1st mens woke up with female referees taking charge of matches after the $36.00
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match referees 3, a women the most experienced is stephanie frappe ha. from france who's been fee for listed for 13 years. joining her is rwanda. selena consigned who's been refereeing at the top level since 2012. and the 3rd is japan's. your. she meet yamashita who was be for listed in 2015. she's described her selections for this tournament as a dream and says she is ready to handle the big occasion. pretty much, you know, of course, i think the pressure is huge and i have a lot of responsibility. but i'm really happy to take on this duty and pressure, so i'll try to take it positively. one of the big goals as a referees to bring out the beauty of soccer. i will do my best and do what i can to make that happen in game. so if i need to communicate with the players, i will do that. if i need to show a card, i will show a card, rather than just.


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