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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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by the g. 20 presidency, bringing opportunities for you invest indonesia. now the united states border patrol, a law enforcement agency with controversial tactics. hey, faith town, they beat him repeatedly, pay him emboldened by a culture of impunity. they keep doing that, knowing that they're hurting people and causing that fault lines, investigate secretive units accused of concealing its agents. crimes are like the men in black. they really don't. you don't see them that they're just there to clean up the mess and to cover impunity at the border on a jesse eda, brazil's presidential election is going to a 2nd round on october 30th, incumbent hard line president james, also nato and former socialist president. legacy law are buying for votes, but which one was trish to re elect to brazil's highest office? ongoing special coverage on al jazeera. ah.
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it's rainy, ford for forces target, the lions den palestinian group in nablus in the occupied west bank. 2 people, a dead and 15 engine. ah, i'm having to think that this is how you see it. i live from the also coming up pretty soon. ac is therefore elected as leader of the conservative calling for unity. richey soon act warns of a profound economic challenge as he gets ready to be the u. k. prime minister, i will serve you with integrity and humility. and i will work day in day out to deliver for the british people. canyon police say they mistakenly shot dead a pocket. darney journalist are shad sharif, had been critical,
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pakistan's government, and military thousands gather in bosnia herzegovina to protest against changes, intellectual rules, imposed by the international envoy. ah, a fighting has erupted in the occupied west bank after is railey forces launched an operation against the palestinian arm group called the lions den. occupation forces entered the old town of nablus on monday night, sparking protests, at least 2 people have been killed, and another 15 injured there been power cuts in parts of the city. demonstrations of also been reported in ramallah. debbie medina, the a britain will have its youngest prime minister in modern history and the 1st
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of asian heritage just weeks after being rejected by the conservative party in favor of less trust. richie soon act will succeed her in the top job. he was the only candidate to get past the threshold of a 100 votes in a ballot of m. p. 's for brandon reports from downing street for a party which is as the 2 of its own prime ministers in the past year. it was a remarkable veneer of camaraderie for the arrival of p. m. number 3 at party headquarters in london to 7 weeks after being beaten in the previous leadership contest. ritchie soon ack emerged unopposed as the conservative party is chosen. what he won't officially become prime minister until asked by king charles on tuesday. so soon i can limited himself to a brief tv statement of acceptance. the united kingdom is a great country, but there is no doubt we face a profound economic challenge. we now need stability and unity,
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and i will make it my utmost priority to bring our party and our country together with the scene. during the final hours of haggling and campaigning, the momentum of soon next campaign became unstoppable. more than half the parliamentary party declaring their support for him. in the end, only he reached the required threshold of $100.00 nominations from fellow conservative em piece. i can confirm that we have received wall valid boris johnson's decision to quit the leadership race on sunday came as a surprise that left just penny mordant answer neck in the contest. she resisted intense pressure to do a deal with sumac and fought literally to the last minute to get past the threshold . but just seconds before the deadline, she too withdrew richie soon i had one arriving here in dining street. soon like
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face is a daunting list of immediate challenges as the double digit inflation. the soaring interest rates as the grim state of the public finances and a deeply wounded and divided party that he now leads not to mention the question marks as to whether the conservative party actually has a mandate to govern any more wishes to not with rejected by his own party membership only weeks ago, the people in this country now deserves to go to the electorate to put our policies forward about how we going to deal with this cost of living crisis it. the conservatives to put upon the british people and let them have about scary how we kind of tend to page and continued down the same track up. i feel like a prime minister for, but we'll just go to salters. we looked at the bird bars. rarely talk to the board law. if you look at the other foreign press about authors, which would a lawful during the summer leadership contest against truss richey soon i predicted many of the u. case current economic difficulties. the economic landscape has
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turned even bleaker since then. but the country now wait to hear what its new leader and his government plans to do about his po brennan, al jazeera downing street or the case at 1st prime minister of south asian heritage was confined to the role on to wiley, the hindu festival of lights, which he is known to celebrate in the london suburb of southall. there were mixed views about soon ex rise to the top of which his politics. yes, the browser you as a indiana i. so i like it is you become a prime minister of good. it's good for you click on economy as well. oh no, right? it doesn't make any difference because he is born in england and he's born and bought up here only. so i don't think so. there isn't any difference being somebody who's non white myself. i would have wanted somebody with a few more to know who more scruples probably are being bit more left leading maybe
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especially coming from you know, minority and, and having suffered certain things. you know, you would want somebody to understand that i feel like he doesn't or indian prime minister, not under moody, has congratulated soon act saying i look forward to working closely together on global issues and implementing road map 2030 special. the wally wishes to the living bridge of u. k. indians. as we transform my story, ties into a modern partnership. an air strike by the myanmar military has killed at least 60 people in the northern catching state. the victims word an event celebrating the anniversary of the catching ethnic groups political when tony chang has been following the developments from bank hawk. this was a big festival. there was a performance on stage at the time. some very celebrated kitchen singers who we believe are also amongst the fatalities tree. mamma,
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jets reported to have attacked her aftermath of the attack shows an awful lot of destruction. some building still standing, but a lot of debris, both buildings and vehicles strewn across the open ground. we understand at the moment there are still a 100 seriously injured people who are in the village of can see where close to where the attack took place. they're not being allowed to leave the area by the met mom military who closed off the area with checkpoints around the village. many of them in urgent need of medical attention. but we've also heard from the national unity government, the government in exile opposed to the military government, mamma, they have condemned these attacks and called for a no fly zone. one minister i spoke to a little while ago telling me that this is just another example of ma'am, of military attacking civilians. and it does appear to be
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a pattern which we've seen emerge in work in recent months. i was just on the border last weekend talking to people from inside. he said the one thing that really they fear the most is attacks from the coast near mos military has complete air superiority. although they faced many challenges on the ground. kenyon, police say they mistakenly shot dead. a prominent pakistani journalist who had fled his home country to avoid sedition charges. i should leave supported former prime minister in wrong hon and has been critical of the current government and the military. laura burton manley has more walnut pakistani prime minister iran con, with one of the 1st senior officials to visit the la about home of investigative journalist, arshad sharif, who was killed in kenya on sunday night. many appraising sharif is a man who dedicated his work to end in corruption and challenging the political
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elite. in an earlier tweet, emerald con wrote, he is deeply shocked, and that sharif paid the ultimate price for speaking the truth. he says the entire nation is in mourning sharif is leaving behind 5 children and his wife chaverra said dick, who announced his death on social media, saying he'd been shot in nairobi. she says she's lost a friend, husband and her favorite journalist is hello. luther will put you off of my p sharif a previously worked as a present of the pakistani channel arrived. it was well known to be highly critical of the government and military or what he left pakistan after saying he received death threat. listen, while there are reports that application has been filed with the high court for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding why he left the country. in august, a police report showed arise owner until the staff members were arrested after the network ad comments by former prime minister run cons at falling to
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a state run media regulator ordered to roy to temporarily go off air. it prompted the us to express concern about press freedom impacts on other senior journalist. what bullshit. and the day were forced to make certain confessions. i think this is a link with that official, a sheaf left buck hassan under compelling condition. he knew that he wasn't next door to that. he was just like, brother to me. and with a impeccable background of journalism, no one can point any finger at him. truly professional as tributes, poor in for sharif, many or also worried about the future. independent journalism impacts thumb laura, but manly. i'll just theorem. i back to our top story, the israeli operation in nablus against the palestinian armed group called the lions den live now to nita abraham in ramallah in the occupied west bank. so, nita,
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what are you hearing from their were here that the armed confrontations are still continuing in and around the old city. b and also the occupied to us bank when we're hearing glucose, who's, who's calling this as a seen from hell, fearing that the large numbers off is really produces that have been pushed inside the city of napa does not have that already on each for more than 2 weeks before closing down the city because they say that they are interested in tracking down a group calling itself to lyons den. it's a group of different faction. we believe that it consists of dealing with men who decided to take up arms and conduct a couple of shooting attacks. recently acclaimed responsibility for shooting,
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attract the left one to 2 codes. and according to hearing is that the 3 forces are surrounding the hands of one of the people who were believed to have been involved in the shooting attack that killed. but we know that the attention and the okay. part of that has been on the we knew that that are on men in the north of the west bank, but the line of goods has been recently coming up for fun. news was passed in to say that is the only understand the language at for the john support for the lions in the occupied so far. according to the pasting health ministry to part with killed in the armed consultation. the ongoing map is known to palestinians injured group number 2, why is the compensation to as the confrontation
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started when it was entered the city and clashed with power to the security forces, i'm going to enforcement into the city on to vision. this is to take you at the movement as we speak or i need a thanks for that need to have him updated there from my law on the latest violence in the occupied was thing how the us justice department says it's disrupted criminal activity. why people working for the chinese government to suspected chinese intelligence officers are charged with attempting to obstruct the u. s. criminal investigation of chinese tech jain. while way the justice department separately announced charges against 4 other chinese nationals. it's accusing them
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of trying to get hold of sensitive technology using the cover of an academic institute. i'm going ahead on just putting them in the picture, how the world cup will be more comfortable for visually impaired. when we come back a the the remains of halligan roslyn can be found just here, rushing across to join the moist flow of warm up in the plain states of the us. and get incorporated is major system, which is a proper early winter by the look of it ahead of it is warm and it's wet behind it . it's cold and snowy fat. that cold shock has come through the whole, the western part of canada, the rockies. the plane stays a drop attempt just to like 20 degrees. the record snow fall in parts of canada for
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october. and here's the rain as it sits on tuesday. ahead of it is quite warm. it's too rainy new york, but it's a 22 degrees. this will be thunderous stuff in the ohio valley and to the south. as if pacific coast is getting progressively wetter. and this is an active trough which means pretty wet. weather is probably flash floods in his panola, possibly turks and kcal some the bahamas down in northern columbia where there's yet been yet more flooding. in mexico, things are remarkably dry after rosalyn jumped across very quickly in the last couple of days in south america, northern brazil, seeing proper wet will develop. i've told you about columbia, but south this line here until you get to argentina is pretty dry. although in rio you can still expect one or 2 showers. ah, ah,
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[000:00:00;00] a lou. ah, hello again. you're watching. i just need a reminder of our top stories of the style is ready, forces have launched an operation targeting the palestinian on group lyons den any
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occupied west bank. at least 3 people have been killed in nablus. richie soon will become britons youngest, prime minister, in modern history. and the 1st of asian heritage was the only candidate to get past the threshold of a 100 votes in a balance of m. p. 's as strikes by me and mos military have killed at least 60 people in the northern catching state. victims were celebrated anniversary of catching ethnic groups. political wait. a thousands of people have gathered in bosnia herzegovina, capital, sarajevo, to condemn changes to the electoral law. the changes were imposed by the international peace and void to prevent blockades of regional governments following general elections. this month, the critics of christian schmidt called his decision an illiberal push. and the rally comes 2 days. after bosnia has a governor's election commission confirmed the majority of nationalist parties in
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parliament, a jasmine liana, which is a political scientist. he joins us now from los angeles to talk more about this. thank you for being with us. so why are people so many people out on the streets protesting against this, what, what's behind their anger? there is 2 primary reasons. one concerns the fashion in which the electoral law was changed, which was on october 2nd. so a couple weeks ago, minutes after the polls had closed, the question schmidt, the high representative amended bosnians election laws or rather the election laws in the federation entity, literally as those were being counted, bosnians had voted under one system and then their boats were going to be tabulated under another system. and the 2nd major reason is that the actual contact of his changes, most folks fear, will have a kind of ethnic gerrymandering effect in that they will disproportionately benefit not actually one community, but one specific, ethno nationalist block,
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the main crow nationalist party in the country. the h t z. well, mr. schmidt for his part has says these changes will he believes, create a more effective government. is there any validity to that he did impose changes that on the face of it seemed to suggest that there is going to be fully more functionality in terms of some of the extremely technical aspects of how government is actually formed in the federation entity. but he has also doubtlessly increase the ability and capacity of the h t. z to disproportionately affect the process. so at the very least that it's a kind of wash, but i think more accurately, we do have to say that this is actually going to strengthen the ability of one particular political after and by the here to be not disproportionately affect the political process. and there's also the optic service to consider isn't there that you have an international actor who is seen as imposing these restrictions on,
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on a sovereign country, how it help us understand that? right, so christian met his high representative, has these so called bon powers, which are these powers which grant him really a large executive really large executive mandate to, to amend bosnia as laws, unilaterally to amended constitution unilaterally to sac publicly elected officials . but usually those powers have been used through great consultation with international partners and indeed local leaders as well. christian schmidt attempted to him in bosnia as short laws in the federation in july and that prompted large scale public protests. he was condemned by international legislatures or legislators, pardon me, and also the u. s. helsinki commission, among others. she knew this was going to be unpopular. he knew that there was a cloud of the legitimacy surrounding these moves and then to have actually sort of
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pulled the proverbial trigger as votes were literally being counted on election day . so was was, i think especially gall, incurred to a whole host of people. and obviously we've seen these, these protests of people who are clearly unhappy with what he's done, but other is there a section of a people inside the country who support what he's doing? sure, obviously i mean, the supporters of the crowd, nationalist h, d z, are very happy as is the government and gratiot, who disproportionately sort of work to engineer this entire process. i mean that the prime minister, of course, has been very explicit about the fact that he has worked very, very closely with christian meant to ensure that this law would be imposed. which is also part of the reason why the vast majority of the volume public is so outraged about what has happened here because they, they sort of believe that this is essentially a kind of colonialist enterprise. but mr. schmidt working on behalf of the government crecia rather than bosnia zone citizens. but doubtlessly yes, the, the supporters of the h
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d. the party and buzzing hurts coming up are very happy about this because they know that this will result in their party. again, having sort of a, a permanent monopoly and power in the federation and fee for the foreseeable future . thanks very much for your analysis. jasmine m leanne of a 20 staff from los angeles. a ukraine has invited officials from the us nuclear watchdog to examine its facilities that says russia continues to accuse key of, of planning to use. an explosive laced with radioactive material mosque has not provided evidence to back its claims harry force, it reports from keith. russia's been on the retreat on the battlefield, but only offensive to diplomatic channels and in public, with more unsubstantiated accusations that ukraine plans to designate an explosive with radioactive material, or a dirty bomb and blame russia. one of the go to human body in moscow. the head of rushes, nuclear,
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biological and chemical defense expanded on the defense ministers claims of the previous day. pay me, she's in for the ones that really, that's a great name. according to the information we possess, 2 ukrainian institutions, a commissioned to build a so called dirty bomb. the works are in the final stages. now. a detonation of such a device could be disguised as a spontaneous explosion of a russian low yield nuclear weapon. it's a claim that's been romney, dismissed here in cave and in western capital, as transparently false ukraine's foreign minister is invited in inspectors from the international atomic energy agency. to refute it, the question being asked here is whether this is russia trying to throw sand in the eyes of its enemies, or whether it really doesn't tend to use some kind of nuclear device. what, what do you think russia expects to gain from making just this threat even if it doesn't go through with it? i think i asked her try to give us today the, the 8th can continue the. ready or
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permanently to go to and not the level of escalation. and maybe it's impossible. it's important for us to develop today for disability. when russia presses its nuclear narrative, it continues to launch conventional weapons targeted increasingly, ukraine's energy facilities among those weapons. iranian made drones, ukraine, president warning israel on monday that iran might receive russian nuclear technology in return and renewing his calls to israel to provide its and missile defense. your browser was pitched a nation and if we had immediately secured us guys when fights for the missile drone threat, russia would not even have a motive now to go into iran and offered something in return for assistance with tara not put a young official in bell in more calls for help, this time for longer term economic aid. ahead of tuesdays international conference on rebuilding ukraine. reconstruction though requires an end to the war. russia is
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instead warning an uncontrolled escalation. harris was it. i'll just hear a kid of lebanon is warning that a color outbreak is spreading rapidly in the region. number of infections there reach more than 200 people within 2 weeks, especially among syrian refugees of the camps. zayna harder reports from beirut. cholera in syria as fast spreading, thousands are being treated for the highly contagious disease that transmits through contaminated water and food. the outbreak was declared in september since then more than 70 people have died, thousands more are being treated as a bit of money. this is hassan my son. he's sick and has severe vomiting and diarrhea. i bought him to the center. my son's blood pressure had dropped considerably and he was very tired. but after a day or 2, his condition has improved a lot. thank god. access to health services and clean water is hard in
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a country devastated by years of war, international and local and jose are doing their best to respond to the crisis. but they complain of the lack of medications. vaccines as well as water treatment materials. the situation is not any different than neighboring lebanon where the disease was detected a month after the outbreak in syria. feca then mal, do the issue of color vaccine. you're asking the international community to help bring the vaccine to lebanon. unfortunately, there is a shortage because there are many outbreaks across the world until then, there are efforts to contain the outbreak. water in lebanon was already unsafe to drink without treatment, but the nearly bankrupt state doesn't have enough fuel to run water stations. we are very scared, we are old and frail, and the problem is that we can't even afford to buy bottled water. the world health organization says so which water testing indicates cholera has spread to regions
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far from the initial cases. the vulnerable are already at risk and level on that me and syrian refugees living in camps where the ground is fertile for the spread of the disease. michelle obama manuel once i saw my child drinking water from the wow, it is dear, she bought it. so it goes in there, so far, officials here are down playing the general contamination of water networks that supply millions of people. but experts say the risk is there and for their assets, eda mae route that visually impaired football fans, whoa, have their own set of eyes on games that the walk up in cutout live specialized commentary and arabic will be available for the 1st time and which and reports i despite being born blind and a chrome, he has loved football all his life. the audio descriptive comment tree. he's
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listening to ensures he can enjoy game day like any of the fan. wow. go through anything, especially train commentators where this events in cats are the benefits of blind and visually impaired supporters. audio, descriptive commentaries is totally different from that the mainstream commentary that we listened to on televisions are registrations when it aims at describing action. like how players are reacting and how planes are cheering up or their teams and how the bowls warping. they are like following the ball all time. they are describing every single action as if they are looking at their game. they are our eyes. a lot of the time that's where lump all well, in the build up to this world cup catalyst has been kelly for university organized training programs for would be commentators volunteers with the chance to play
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a key role at the finals and very challenging for people with disability to go from their home to their seat. it's a lot of challenges for them. and when they are in their seat, you know for sure that these people are obsessed with football. the the love the game. so i promised myself that i'm going to be delivering the best descriptive commentary for them. life is giving me the opportunity to, to share what i feel inside my heart thought this game through my voice and explain and build a maximum for somebody will share this feeling accessible via an app on your phone . this type of commentary has become increasingly common in europe, but arabic hadn't been heard a major tournament and celestial arab cup. audio descriptive commentary made it well. w in south africa in 2010, but this is the 1st time it will be available at the finals in the arabic language,


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