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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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is an important part of indian culture. it's no surprise and many people want to work in the industry. one dancer and one career side about family expectations and cultural tradition with being is the way. now that always ended up with the reality of working in the giving industry. partly with the british hierarchy journalist who's visualizing complex statistics in a simple art form. i think it offers us some really exciting opportunities to break apart from those systems of power and to collect data in a way that better represents different community, challenging mainstream misconceptions. i hope that y crate can handle illustration . it doesn't alienate people, it doesn't make people feel like i'm not mine on the sense booth truth. is it anyway on al jazeera ah
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israeli forces target the lines then palestinian group in nablus in the occupied west bank. ah. hasn't had a life and also coming up pretty soon. ac is therefore elected as leader of the can set i calling for unity richey loans of a profound economic challenge. as it gets ready to b, u. k. prime minister, thousands gather in bosnia herzegovina to protest against changes in electrical roof, posed by the international energy and canyon. police say they mistakenly shot that of pakistan. germany. should he have been critical ox found government and military
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ah, a fighting has erupted in the occupied west bank after israeli forces launched an operation against the palestinian on group called the lions den. occupation forces entered the old town of nablus on monday night, sparking protests, at least 3 people have been killed in nablus and one narrow my love. another 19 were injured. they've been power cuts in parts of the city demonstrations. also reported in ramallah. let's take a closer look at what we know about the lions den members of the group 1st appeared in public in nablus in the occupied west bank. last month, they recited what they called a charter of resistance in a memorial service for 2 palestinians killed by israeli forces. since then, the lions den has claimed responsibility for
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a number of attacks on military checkpoints and illegal settlements in nablus. neither abraham joined us on the phone now from ramallah in the occupied at west bank. so neither what more we're hearing. clear hearing that's inside the altered you have map is trying to tell us this when they did their reports, that maybe more people have been killed and they couldn't get is activated by the medical team that we're going to that we're trying to get to evacuate. now it's important to point tag the line can, has had a lot of support web hosting. we've seen power crazy them. those groups of people who challenge to israel, not only because they are young men who say that again the says the language, a poor sometimes going israel or to confrontation and carry now truth in
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attacks against also because they are cross factional from different past the infraction the mobilize the support for israel to penetrate, who's seen an increase in the israel measures to try and track down deadlines. then the city of nap has been more than 2. so we know that the pension is high, we are approaching the election. this is the time when many of the to tell you to try to show that this has an interest of it's trying to weigh more boots by appealing to the right when israel and by showing that they are cracking down on military activities by the power. now it's important to also point out that what happens after midnight, and i could not be specifically also involved with the
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security forces that engaged in arms confrontations with we'll try to nap this to more more reinforcements from the side. we've heard from the deputy who was and said that he confirmed that the security was involved in our company patients with before to call the nav as showing exam to be given to i guess the application is very significant to see how similar to the world. so what we've seen as of past his poor for acts and shooting. i can neither in but he, my life was there in the occupied was bank thanks. i,
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britain will have its youngest prime minister in modern history and the 1st of asian heritage just weeks after being rejected by the conservative party in favor of lives. trust richie soon act will succeed her in the top job. poor brennan reports from down the street for a party, which is also 2 of its own prime ministers in the past year. there was a remarkable veneer of camaraderie for the arrival of pm number 3 at party headquarters in london to 7 weeks after being beaten in the previous leadership contest. richie sooner emerged unopposed, as the conservative party chosen was. he won't officially become prime minister until asked by king charles on tuesday. so soon i can limited himself to a brief tv statement of acceptance. the united kingdom is a great country, but there is no doubt. we face
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a profound economic challenge. we now need stability and unity, and i will make it my utmost priority to bring our party and our country together. within a week, during the final hours of haggling and campaigning, the momentum of soon next campaign became unstoppable. more than half the parliamentary party declaring their support for him in the end only he reached the required threshold of $100.00 nominations from fellow conservative em piece. i can confirm that we have received. busy one valid boris johnson's decision to quit the leadership race on sunday came as a surprise that left just penny mordant answer neck in the contest. she resisted intense pressure to do a deal with sumac and fort literally to the last minute to get past the threshold. but just seconds before the deadline, she to withdrew richie soon. i had one arriving here in dining street. soon like
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face is a daunting list of immediate challenges. those, the double digit inflation, the soaring interest rates as the grim state of the public finances, and a deeply wounded and divided party that he now leads. not to mention the question marks as to whether the conservative party actually has a mandate to govern any more wishes to not with rejected by his own party membership only weeks ago. the people in this country now deserve was to go to the electorate to put our policies forward about how we going to deal with this cost of living crisis it. the conservatives to put upon the british people and let them have a vote. scary how we kind of tend to page and continue damn same track of i feel like a prime minister for, but we just disco sorted. we looked at the bird bars, but rarely draw to the butler. if you look at all the other 4 approach about offices which would allow for song during the summer leadership contest against
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trust, richie soon i predicted many of the you case current economic difficulties. the economic landscape has turned even bleaker since then would be the country. now wait to hear what it's new leader and his government plans to do about his whole brennan al jazeera downing street. of thousands of people have gathered in bosnia herzegovina, has capital, sarajevo, to condemn, changes to the electoral order. the changes were imposed by the international peace and void to prevent blockades of regional governments following general elections this month. but critics of christian schmitt called his decision an illiberal power grab rally, comes 2 days after bosnia herzegovina is election commission confirmed the majority of nationalist parties in parliament, jasmine emiliano, which is a political scientist. he explains why so many people took to the streets in anger . there is 2 primary reasons. one concerns the passion in which the electoral law was changed, which was on october 2nd. so couple weeks ago,
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minutes after the polls had closed. so christian schmidt, the high representative amended busby of election laws or rather the election laws in the preparation entity. literally as both were being counted, bargains had voted under one system and then their boats were going to be tabulated under another system. and the 2nd major reason is that the actual content of his changes, most folks fear, will have a kind of ethnic gerrymandering effect. and that they will disproportionately benefit not actually one community, but one specific ethnic nationalist block, the main crime nationalist party in the country. the h t z christians met his high representative, has the so called bon powers, which are these c powers which grant him really a large executive, a really large executive mandate to, to amend bosnia as laws, unilaterally to amended constitution unilaterally to sac publicly elected officials . but usually those powers have been used through grade consultation with
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international partners and indeed local leaders as well. christian schmidt attempted to him in bosnia as electra laws and the federation in july. and that prompted large scale public protests. he was condemned by international legislators and also the u. s. helsinki commission, among others. he knew this was going to be unpopular. he knew that there was a cloud of illegitimacy surrounding these moves and then to have actually sort of pulled the proverbial trigger as votes were literally being counted on election day itself was was i think especially gall, incurred to a whole host of people. a kenyan police say they mistakenly shot dead. a prominent pakistani journalist who had fled his own country to avoid sedition. charges are shut, sharif supported, former prime minister in ron conn, and has been critical of the current government and the military laura burden. manley has more former pakistani prime minister iran con, was one of the 1st senior officials to visit the law about home of investigative
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journalist, arshad sharif, who was killed in kenya on sunday night. many appraising sharif is a man who dedicated his work to end in corruption and challenging the political elite. in an earlier tweet, emron con, wrote, he is deeply shocked, and that sharif paid the ultimate price for speaking the truth. he says the entire nation is in mourning sharif is leaving behind 5 children and his wife chaverra said dick, who announced his death on social media, saying he'd been shot in nairobi. she says she's lost a friend, husband and her favorite journalist is how i lived and we'll put here for my pe sharif a previously worked as a present of the pakistani channel arrived. it was well known to be highly critical of the government and military what he left pakistan after saying he received death threat little while there are reports and application has been filed with a high court for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding why he left
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the country in august, a police report showed arise owner until the staff members were arrested after the network ad comments by former prime minister among cons. at fighter, a state run media regulator ordered the right to temporarily go off air. it prompted the u. s. to express concern about press freedom impact on other senior journalist what bullshit. and they were forced to make certain confessions. i think this is a linked with that official, a sheaf left buck hassan under compelling condition. he knew that he was a next target. he was just like, brother to me and or with a impeccable background of journalism. no one can quite any finger at him. truly professional, as trippy is poor in for sharif medea also worried about the future of independent journalism impacts thumb laura, but manly alger theorem. all right,
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when we come back, we look at why black brazilian votes could determine the winner of sunday nights, presidential run off and putting them in the picture. why the world cup will be more comfortable for visually impaired facts. that's all ahead. ah, anticipation is rising. and so as the atmosphere, are you ready for the wet spots of my cattle aways in southern siberia, temperatures so well above where they should be about 17 degrees above where they should be. to be honest, this may be no great surprise to find that. that's also reflected in parts of china, particularly south of this river, the long one, the yangtze temperatures here by 8 degrees above average. and they've been above average for the last 3 months that you watch come down, they are doing so elsewhere. and that's also true. japan also having had
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a very warm summer that northerly breeze, the northeast, the monte, as it comes, it has brought temperatures, dance 13 in tokyo. it'll probably cost a bit about $17.00 by the time we get to wednesday. and these temperatures are not changing very much, to be honest. so anomalies still in east asia for the south and the rain is a good it should do it is coming slowly south the seasonal rain, which means you the outbreaks of heavy stuff all over the place. the potential for, for more flooding is there anywhere indonesia, southern tied on, although not for the north. and this is the remains of a tropical depression hitting vietnam. so it's heavy rain here as well as the monsoon as a fish, the left india. this is the sting in the tail of it that dying tropical cycling was heavy, rain and floods in bangladesh and the gulf east of india, spreading stove through bhutan and the tibetan platter. the weather, sponsored by cattle and a ways a filmmaker follows her mother's return to south saddam. after years in exile we
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came home and into a vice presidential position. my mother stepping into the row that my father died in will not be history, repeating itself. she will more likely be remembered for what she does in this new position. an intimate portrayal of a family in challenging times. no simple way home people as i stood on out watching us on a jetta. ah ah! blow again, you're watching. i just did a reminder of our top stories. this out israeli forces have launched an operation targeting the palestinian on goop lyons den in the occupied west bank. at least 3
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people have been killed in nablus, and one died near amola. ritchie soon ack will become britain's youngest prime minister in modern history and the 1st of asian heritage. he was the only candidate to get past the threshold of a 100 votes in a ballot of m. p. 's. from an pakistani journalist, arshad sharif has been mistakenly shot dead by police in kenya, and outspoken critic of the boxed on the military should have had previously received death threats or ukraine has invited officials from the u. s. nuclear watchdog to examine its facilities. that's, as russia continues to accuse, key of, of planning to use an explosive laced with radioactive material. moscow has not provided evidence to back its claims harry force. it reports from keith. russia's been on the retreat on the battlefield, but only offensive through diplomatic channels. and in public, with more unsubstantiated accusations that ukraine plans to designate an explosive
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with radioactive material or a dirty bomb and blame russia, is go to your human body. in moscow, the head of rushes, nuclear, biological, and chemical defense expanded on the defense ministers. claims of the previous day when she's in 4 months that really that's a great name. according to the information we possess, 2 ukrainian institutions, a commissioned to build a so called dirty bomb. the works or in the final stage is now a detonation of such a device could be disguised as a spontaneous explosion of a russian low yield nuclear weapon. it's a claim that's been romney, dismissed here in cave and in western capital, as transparently false ukraine's foreign minister is invited in inspectors from the international atomic energy agency. to refute it, the question being asked here is whether this is russia trying to throw sand in the eyes of its enemies, or whether it really does intend to use some kind of nuclear device. what, what do you think russia expects to gain from making just a threat even if it doesn't go through with it?
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i think i asked her try to give us today the, the eat can continue, does of, or permanently to go to and not the level of escalation. and maybe it's impossible. it's important for us to develop today for disability. when russia presses its nuclear narrative, it continues to launch conventional weapons targeted increasingly at ukraine's energy facilities among those weapons. iranian made drones, ukraine, president warning israel on monday that iran might receive russian nuclear technology in return and renewing his calls to israel to provide its island missile defense was pitched anation. and if we had immediately secured us guys when fights for the missile drone threat, russia would not even have a motive now to go into iran and offered something in return for assistance with terror. not for a young man in berlin,
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more calls for help. this time for longer term economic aid ahead of tuesday's international conference on rebuilding ukraine. reconstruction though requires an end to the war. russia is instead warning an uncontrolled escalation. harris was it i'll just here at kids. are the us justice department says it's disrupted criminal activity by people working for the chinese government to suspect the chinese intelligence officers are charged with attempting to obstruct the u. s. criminal investigation of chinese tech giant. while, while the justice department separately announce charges against 4 of the chinese nationals, it's accusing them of trying to get hold of sensitive technology using the cover of an academic institute. how does your cache has more on the investigation from washington? these 2 o and chinese agents try to bribe a u. s. law enforcement official into giving up sensitive and secret documents regarding the u. s. is a legal legal strategy in its prosecution of huawei,
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but that in fact, this u. s. government official was a double agent who was working under the direction of f. b i and feeding these alleged chinese spies, a fake documents. there were also other cases, they mention another case in new jersey where 7 chinese nationals were charged with trying to force a fleet repatriate in harass a naturalized u. s. citizen inter returning to china. 2 of those that have been charged in that case have been arrested, but a big question is, how the u. s. will arrest the remaining individuals who were charged if they are no longer in the u. s. or have been conducting this from china, this whole time, bigger picture here. now again, i said that this, this was announced by the 2 top law enforcement officers in the us, the f b i, director and the attorney general. and they had strong words about what they call
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the backdrop of maligned activity. from china, described as espionage, harassment, obstruction of justice, and the stealing of technology. an air strike by the myanmar military has killed at least 60 people in the northern catches think the victims would event celebrating the anniversary of the catching ethnic groups. political when tony chang has been following the developments force from bangkok, this was a big festival. there was a performance on stage at the time, some very celebrated kitchen singers who we believe are also amongst the fatalities tree men, mar, jets are reported to have attacked. her aftermath of the attack shows an awful lot of destruction. some building still standing, but a lot of debris, both buildings and vehicles strewn across the open ground. we understand at the moment there are still a 100 seriously injured people who are in the village of can see where close to
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where the attack took place. they're not being allowed to leave the area by the met mom military who closed off the area with checkpoints around the village. many of them in urgent need of medical attention. but we've also heard from the national unity government, the government in exile opposed to the military government, mamma, they have condemned these attacks and called for a no fly zone. one minister i spoke to a little while ago telling me that this is just another example of ma'am, of military attacking civilians. and it does appear to be a pattern which we've seen emerge in, in recent months. i was just on the border last weekend talking to people from inside. he said the one thing that really, they fear the most is attacks from the coast memos, military has complete air superiority, although they faced many challenges on the ground. activists have delivered
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signatures to ecuador electro. caught in a bit to ban mining in a forest, considered a bio diversity hotspot. protesters were hoping to block the 6 gold mining concessions from operating in the ciocca. and dino forest organize is collecting close to 400000 signatures, almost twice the number required to call a referendum. a vote would not affect 12 mining permits. ecuador government has already handed out in the reserve of brazil, has one of the largest black populations outside of africa and as long painted itself as a racism free country. in sundays type presidential run of black brazilian votes could determine the winner or latin america editor lucille newman reports from salvador the port city of salvatore, the by ia in northeastern brazil. it's where the atlantic slave trade from west
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africa to the so called new world began from the mid 15. hundred's brazil, imported more enslaved africans than any other country. and was the last one to abolish slavery. to date, brazil has the largest black population in the americas, and they make up a disproportionately large percentage of the poor. the majority of black voters support former left when president lula da silva, like julie de santos, who's selling b traps, promoting his run for another term. is want to watch quite what to do, or who opened the doors of public universities to blacks. it was lula both to nora, only once rich whites to have superior education will be yours. them. i would like to do battle who runs an angel called black initiative is worry nika, how, caesar and lies garage. he's also narrows economic policies, racist which is extremely serious. oliver and the presidents, racist comments are equally serious, wouldn't go quite as
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a congressman bull sonata was asked what he would do if one of his sons fell in love with a black woman fighting over what is, could you please if we were not going to discuss from scuse with you, i don't have to face that rust because my children were very well educated. 11 above me, joe wilson had also commented once that he'd seen a fat black man who weighed about 7 at ro last in obsolete unit, used to wait african slaves as a r, my just sierra is a priestess of the afro brazilian religion cannibal blair. the fellow did, he says a tax against their temples by radical evangelical supporters of bulls. fernando r escalated, watched them by the date key. not far. we have a precedent. he says there is any one religion his own and he is fanning intolerance. i'm afraid that this could generate rate violence, 83 percent of brazilians, or black or mixed race, descendants of slaves who abroad here to what was one of the western hemisphere
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larger slave markets. but despite and the president wilson was over racist comments and opinions, many, many brazilians have color planned to vote for him. among them of these men who performed complete for tourists, it's a popular after all brazilian marshal art, where they can revise your net, your proposal. now as a clean slate, a clean plate, a clean plate is better than a dirty one. don't you think we'll we need him to change our country. brazil remains in extremely unequal country divided along racial and clashed lines. whether children like these will be able to climb the social ladder, could depend greatly on the outcome of sunday's election. to see in human al jazeera salvatore brazil attributes are pouring in for american actor leslie jordan, who died in a car crash in hollywood. now i'm ready. ha, ha, ha,
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ha. climate. what he jordan won an emmy in 2005 for his role in the usa. com will and grace 67 year old game. millions of new fans during the covered 19 pandemic is daily locked down videos recorded in some town of chattanooga and tennessee went viral. ah, a visually impaired football fans will have their own set of eyes on games of the work up in cotton live specialized commentary in arabic will be available for the 1st time and a which the reports. oh, despite being born blind in a crow, me has loved football all his life. the audio descriptive commentary, he's listening to ensures he can enjoy game day, like any of the fan. wow, go throw away anything, especially train commentate, his ret, this events in cats are, but i mean the benefits of blind and visually impaired supporters. audrey
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descriptive commentaries is totally different from that. the mainstream commentary that we listen to on televisions are ready stations. it's aimed at describing action like how players are reacting and how things are cheering up with the teams and how the bulls warping. they are like following the ball all time. they're describing every single action as if they are looking as their game. they are our eyes a long time. that's where lump hallway in the build up to this world cup catalyst has been kelly for university organized training programs for would be commentators volunteers with the chance to play a key role at the finals. still very challenging for people with disability to go from their home to their seat. it's a lot of challenges for them. and when they are in their seat,
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you know for sure that these people are obsessed with football. the the love the game. so i promised myself that i'm going to be delivering the best descriptive commentary for them. life is giving me the opportunity to, to share what i feel inside my heart or vis game through my voice, and explain and build a maximum for somebody will share this feeling accessible via an app on your phone . this type of commentary has become increasingly common in europe, but arabic hadn't been heard a major tournament and celestial arab cup. audio descriptive commentary made it well. w in south africa in 2010, but this is the 1st time it will be available at the finals. in the arabic language, specialized commentary, we offer in arabic and english at every game. during this world, when we speak of the potter was the top, we all speak of legacy was this term.


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