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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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5 culture of impunity, they keep doing it, knowing that they're hurting people and causing the fault lines, investigate secretive units accused of concealing its agents. crimes are like the men in black. they really don't. you don't see them that they're just there to clean up the mess and to cover up impunity at the border on a just either emergency services across bank talk or receiving 60000 a snake related goals a year. the reason why we found more snacks in house is so spectroscopy aggressive expansion about the city. they don't have a choice because there's natural habitat, isn't there any? well, there's one place in the home to the city where they're welcome. they're coming out now with a king cobra, which is the largest venomous snake in the world. this is one of the few places where they milked them for their venom. this is the red cross snake bomb regional hub. the anti been in production, although the center produces enough anti venom to most of south east asia. there are some parts of the world where supplies desperately showed. ah.
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he's ready for says target the palestinian group. the lions den may be occupied. west bank, at least 6 people are killed in protests. ah, play you're watching al jazeera live from to how with me for the back table. also coming up. we now need stability and unity. and i will make it might ought to los priority ratio. so not warns of a profound economic challenge as he gets ready to be the u. kay's new prime minister. 9 people killed in bangladesh, a psych loans c tron makes landfall. hundreds of thousands have been moved to safe ground and canyon police say they miss taken nice. shot dead pakistani journalists are shot sharif, had been critical of found government and military ah,
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fighting has erupted in the occupied wife's bank after it really forces launch an operation against the palestinian armed globe called the lines, then occupation forces under the old kind of nablus on monday night, sparking protests at least 5 people have been killed in nablus, and one near my law where protests also took place. another 21 has been injured. the line then has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks on the legal settlements and military checkpoints, in the occupied west bank in the past few weeks. you know, a brain has more from ramallah, it can put them to contact the line can, has had a lot of support like home we've seen power. crazy them. those groups of people who challenge to israel,
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not only because they are young men who say that this will only understand the language of food, sometimes going israel or to confrontation and carrying. now, truth in attacks against the also because there are factional from different past the infraction. the mobilized the hard to penetrate. who's seen an increase in the measures to try and track down the line. then the city of map has been moved to so we know that the tension is high. we are approaching the election. this is the time when let me call to tell you to try to show that this has an iron that it's trying to weigh more by appealing to the right when it israel. and by showing that they are cracking
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down on and military activities by the palestinians. so what do we know about the line stand members of the article 1st appeared in public in novels in the occupied westbank. last month they recited what they called a charter of resistance during a memorial service for 2 palestinians killed by israeli forces. since then, the lions den has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks on military checkpoints and illegal settlements in nablus. abraham unit seas media coordinator for the palestinian youth movement. he says the lines that armed group emerged from an urgent need to protect palestinians in the occupied westbank. the understand the perspective of palestinian using the west bank. you have to look at a situation where there's a 100000 settlers who are illegally occupying a great percentage of the land there. you have constant daily attacks on palestinian youth who are whether they're crossing checkpoints, whether they're walking to school or to work. the number of how young palestinians
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run over by cars or talk by settlers is large. so obviously there's going to be a lot of popularity among youth in the west bank when a group says that they're not going to accept the presence of these settlers on their land. they emerged out of a group of views who defend the city, essentially from israeli incursions and decided to create a more formal group that would defend the city, which is where the group name and organizational structure sort of emerged. they do have a working relationship with the palestinian authority. so the palestinian authority at the higher levels are collaborates with or coordinate security with with israel . and the lines then does not. so they do not have a formal relationship. he now, the weldon is britain will have its youngest prime minister in modern history, and the 1st of asian descent, just weeks after being rejected by the conservative party in favor of les tress re,
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she's so nice will now succeed her in the top, john paul bennett, reports from london for a party which is ousted 2 of its own prime ministers in the past year. it was a remarkable veneer of camaraderie for the arrival of p. m. number 3 at party headquarters in london to 7 weeks after being written in the previous leadership contest, ritchie soon ack emerged unopposed as the conservative parties chosen one. he won't officially become prime minister until asked by king charles on tuesday. so soon i can limited himself to a brief tv statement of acceptance. the united kingdom is a great country, but there is no doubt we face a profound economic challenge. we now need stability and unity, and i will make it my utmost priority to bring our party and our country together
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with the sales people. during the final hours of haggling and campaigning, the momentum of soon acts, campaign became unstoppable. more than half the parliamentary party declaring their support for him. in the end, only he reached the required threshold of $100.00 nominations from fellow conservative em piece. i can confirm that we have received wall valid boris johnson's decision to quit the leadership race on sunday came as a surprise that left just penny mordant answer neck in the contest. she resisted intense pressure to do a deal with sumac and fought literally to the last minute to get past the threshold . but just seconds before the deadline, she to withdrew richie soon, i had one arriving here in dining street. soon like face is a daunting list of immediate challenges as the double digit inflation. the soaring interest rates, those the grim state of the public finances, and
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a deeply wounded and divided party that he now leads. not to mention the question marks as to whether the conservative party actually has a mandate to govern any more wishes to not with rejected by his own party membership only weeks ago. the people of this country now deserves to go to the electorate to put our policies forward about how we going to deal with this cost of living crisis it. the conservatives to put upon the british people and let them have a vote. scary how we kind of tend to page and continued done the same track of i feel like the prime minister for the yeah. which is good. so, so we're looking at the word about that really talk to the lawyer. if you look at all the other 4 pros, a bosses which would allow for so during the summer leadership contest against trust richey soon, i predicted many of the u. case current economic difficulties. the economic landscape has turned even bleaker since then. the country now it's to hear what it's new leader and his government plans to do about his whole brennan algae,
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0 downing street to bangladesh at the sorry, the u. s. justice department says this disrupted criminal activity by people working for the chinese government to suspected chinese intelligence offices are charged with attempting to abstract a u. s. criminal investigation of chinese tech jain to our way the justice department separately announced charges against 4 other chinese nationals. it's accusing them of trying to get hold of sensitive technology using the cover of an academic institute. each of these cases lays bare the chinese government's flagrant violation of international laws as they work to project their authoritarian view around the world. including within our own borders. in all 3 of these cases, and frankly and thousands of others, we found the chinese government threatening, established democratic norms and the rule of law as they work to undermine us
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economic security and fundamental human rights. heidi's, jo castro has more on the investigation from washington dc. these 2, a and chinese agents tried to bribe a u. s. law enforcement official into giving up sensitive and secret documents regarding the u. s. is a legal legal strategy in its prosecution of huawei, but that in fact this u. s. government official was a double agent who was working under the direction of f. b i and feeding these alleged chinese spies, a fake documents. there were also other cases, they mention another case in new jersey where 7 chinese nationals were charged with trying to force a fleet, repatriate and harass a naturalized u. s. citizen into returning to china. 2 of those that have been charged in that case have been arrested, but a big question is, how the u. s. will arrest the remaining individuals who were charged if they are no
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longer in the u. s. or have been conducting this from china, this whole time, bigger picture here. now again, i said that this, this was announced by the 2 top law enforcement officers in the us, the f b i, director and the attorney general. and they had strong words about what they called the backdrop of maligned activity from china, described as espionage, harassment, obstruction of justice, and the stealing of technology to bangladesh. now where psych loan c trying has made a landfall at least 9 people have been killed. officials fear the death toll will rise because the cycle and hit a no lying densely populated area. the storm is making its way across. the country . southern region has got the latest. my correspondent tanveer chandry, who joins this line from bangladesh. is south western berry, san district tanveer. what's the latest on the cycling path and how are people being affected?
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we are located about 30 kilometers from the coastline. this is british district, sawgrass bank. that these are the area we've got main thrust of the fact loan. now while coming here from the city, we see a lot of fallen trees, not much damage compared to what was expected. i spoke to a lot of our contexts in different coastal areas that said that it's been title side. lot of the places where they did a lot of farm land got destroyed for sure it's got destroyed. but as far as damage to the homes where many mom, government were successful, able to back good. nearly 700000 people since last evening in the cycle and shelter. so the damage was many mom just said there was so probably what noise 9 people were killed. that's what the local media is also reported. no damage assessment report will take time to reach to the media as well as other people, because the communication is very badly disrupted. there's no electricity been and
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tara southwest about they've been in the body shop city. we've been talking to people that said we didn't have the electricity since yesterday evening. this comes in a time when there is the energy prices. their electricity goes off for 6 hours to 8 hours a day in some parts of the country. so the internet on communication is badly disrupted, even the mobile telephone system is badly disrupted, failed take some time to know the exact damage. we know that it hid the coastline at 80 kilometer and our so there probably is in the remote islands and the coastal bows will here for more damage. what's more important to know that usually after the cycle and it's the crops, the fisher is the live stock that are the biggest problem that the farmers lose. and it takes years to recover from this. so it will bring your latest down the road after what the damage is, but in general, it is many mom compared to a major sites on what you would expect and call back question and early preparation
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that the government under the rescue operation and can be psycho and regular menace to this part of the world, but bangladesh in particular, has become one of the country's most affected by these extreme weather events. why is that our apologies, we lost our connection to our correspondence. there. tanveer chandry who was reporting live from berry, san district in southwest and bangladesh way as we mentioned, cycle and citrus has made landfall so far. at least that 9 people have been killed by that dental is expected to rise. still head on al jazeera, we look at why black brazilian notice could determine the winner of sundays, tied to presidential run off with
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a word or 2 about the gulf states with a light breeze coming out of the north, west human. it is not great thing at the moment, attempt is still on the on the high side of normal, shall we say, generally speaking it's dry. was the hint of the change further west look at this house breaking out in the north west society in jordan, in egypt. that is part of a change or come out of east europe eventually the south that sellers in the sunshine. no, no hint of any drizzle rover cast conditions has completely disappeared. so a concentration on what's happening here. do you remember that flooding that the other day in cyprus as potential that developing massive showers, all part of the system you can stretch across iraq, which is probably welcome a bit of a cooling trend. and this rain that's showing up in buck tempted to come down and styles as well. tashkent though still at about 13 degrees. now we talked specifically about no,
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jerry yesterday. and it's still in the forecast heavy rain around the coast of nigerian back through gone. and as far north as the gambia, which is unusually late rain, but it is all moving slowly, south replaces light cameroon and the gambia, where the heaviest rainbow fall in the next day or so, which is as it should be. but it's still causing flooding. ah, this was the moment the likes of which we have never seen. this is important. this is the story from breaking down the headlines to exposing the power is attempting to silence reporting. we're seeing media freedom being threatened and attacked is basically criminalizing journalism. the listening post doesn't cover the news. it covers the way the news is covered. people have no idea what the source of use is that the game, the role and that brought for the evidence. why on al jazeera ah
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ah ah, hello again. you're watching al jazeera life from doha. reminder of our top stories is really forces of launch an operation targeting the palestinian armed who blinds down in the occupied westbank. at least 5 people have been killed in nablus, and one near rama. richie soon act will become britton's young, his prime minister in modern history and the 1st of asian heritage. he was the only candidate to get past the threshold of a 100 volts in a ballot of conservative. m. p. 's and psych loans. he trying has made landfall in southern bangladesh, at least line people have been killed. officials here the toll will rise because the storm hit a no lying,
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densely populated area. now police in kenya say they mistakenly shot dead. a prominent pakistani journalist who had fred, his home country to avoid tradition charges are shad sharif supported, former prime minister, iran con and had been critical of the government and military. norbert unmanly has more fully former pucca sony prime minister among con, with one of the 1st senior officials to visit the law about home of investigative journalist, arshad sharif, who was killed in kenya on sunday night. many appraising sharif is a man who dedicated his work to end in corruption and challenging the political elite. in an earlier tweet, emerald con, wrote, he is deeply shocked, and that shreeve paid the ultimate price for speaking the truth. he says the entire nation is in mourning sharif is leaving behind 5 children and his wife chaverra said deek, who had l. his death on social media saying he'd been shot in nairobi. she says
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she's lost a friend, husband and her favorite journalist is hello listen, we'll put here for my pe sharif. it previously worked as a present of the pakistani channel arrived to me, it was well known to be highly critical of the government and military. what he left pakistan after saying he received death threat licking. while there are reports that application has been filed with the high court for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding why he left the country. in august, a police report showed arise owner and all the staff members were arrested after the network ed comments by former prime minister among cons. at fighter, a state run media regulator ordered to roy to temporarily go off air. it prompted the us to express concern about press freedom impacts on other senior journalist what bolstered in the day what forced to make certain professions. i think this is a link would that be showed a sheaf left focus on under compelling condition. he knew that he wasn't next door
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. he was just like brother to me and or with a impeccable background of journalism. no one can quite any finger at him. truly professional. as trip is poor in for sharif, many or also worried about the future of independent journalism. in pox, thumb laura, but manly, i'll just theorem al jazeera is catherine. so is in nairobi with more on the shooting. police have we least a statement about the death of a shied sharif. they said that's what happened was a case of mistaken identity. they said that police officers while pursuing another vehicle after a man reported that his son had been abducted and he's ca stolen. knight appears that sharif and another person who was driving the vehicle was allegedly caught up in the crossfire an area called cudgel on the outs costs of nairobi.
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now full bullets was fired at his car. it's not clear how police mistook the money. none but leads all this to cars which was completely different. we are also being told that the person who had been abducted was later found. now a police oversight commission is investigating the circumstances under which these incident happened is good to be very interesting to see if we will get more detail on those police findings. because such cases are hardly made public. now we also know that we have seen several high profile cases of extra judicial killings and can, if it could be very interesting to see how this plays out. ukraine has invited
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officials from the us nuclear watchdog to examine its facilities that says russia continues to accuse a ukrainian government of planning to use an explosive place with radioactive material. moscow has not provided evidence to back its claims. harry false said re, for some cave. russia's been on the retreat on the battlefield, but only offensive through diplomatic channels and in public, with more unsubstantiated accusations that ukraine plans to designate an explosive with radioactive material, or a dirty bomb and blame russia. a lot of kids go to human body in moscow. the head of rushes, nuclear, biological and chemical defense expanded on the defense ministers claims of the previous day when she's in for once a year. that's a great name. according to the information we possess, 2 ukrainian institutions, a commissioned to build a so called dirty bomb. the works or in the final stage is now a detonation of such a device could be disguised as a spontaneous explosion of a russian low yield nuclear weapon. it's a claim that's been romney,
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dismissed here in cave and in western capital, as transparently false ukraine's foreign minister is invited in inspectors from the international atomic energy agency. to refute it, the question being asked here is whether this is russia trying to throw sand in the eyes of its enemies, or whether it really does intend to use some kind of nuclear device. what, what do you think russia expects to gain from making just this threat even if it doesn't go through with it? i think i asked her try to give us today the, the 8th can continue the. ready or permanently to go to another level to escalation. and maybe it's impossible. it's important for us to do today to discuss a bit it russia presses its nuclear narrative, it continues to launch conventional weapons targeted increasingly at ukraine's energy facilities among those weapons. iranian made drones equation
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president warning israel on monday that iran might receive russian nuclear technology in return and renewing his calls to israel to provide it's i and missile defense your browser with picture nation. and if we had immediately secured us guys when fights for the missile drone threat, russian would not even have a motive now to go into iran and offered something in return for assistance with terror. must put a young man in berlin more calls for help this time for longer term economic aid. ahead of tuesday's international conference on rebuilding ukraine. reconstruction though requires an end to the war. russia is instead warning of an uncontrolled escalation, harris was it. i'll just hear a kid while the war in ukraine is high on the agenda at the dakar, international forum on peace and security. the today forum in synagogue is focused on stability and sovereignty in africa. nicholas hoc has moved from the southwest in city of jam. yeah, gorgeous. outside the capital for the 8th edition of the de carr piece forum
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organizers have pulled out the red carpet for officers and generals that are attending this conference last year. the theme was the economic fall out of the pandemic this year. it's a war away from this continent, the russia ukraine crisis and how it's affecting the region that's top on the agenda. last, see, say russia is the only responsible for these economic energy and foot crisis that impacts all the countries. while for some european country, russia is seen as a foe. for many african countries, especially in the sale, russia is seen as a friend russian mer series from the wagner group are fighting in mozambique su down the central african republic. and in molly, where there is the biggest and the deadliest un peacekeeping operations. now we spoke to molly's foreign minister, he says peacekeepers there are not equipped to deal with arm groups linked to al
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qaeda and i self that are gaining ground in his country. you him mission a not adopted and appropriate to address the threat we are facing. maybe we need to invent african forces with the mandate and the quarterly jello able and willing to take the risks. meanwhile, there's been a step back in democracy the region last week. protesters in chad were clamped down by security forces earlier in october and the coo in bertina faso soldiers are stepping in where politicians or democratically elected officials have failed. the chair of the regional body echo oss, the president of guinea. so and bothers he's so co is currently not in this conference, but in moscow. calling for peace, perhaps a sign of how the russia you came, crisis is affecting people here on the continent. at least 10 soldiers have been
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killed and about 50 wounded in an attack in northern booking of fossil vs all took place on an army base in the town of jubal. and monday, at least 18 of the attackers were also killed. armed groups have been waging a conflict in northern burkina faso since 2015 activists have delivered signatures to ecuador electoral court in a bit to ban. further mining in a force considered a bio diversity hotspot. protesters are hoping to bronx 6 gold mining confessions from operating in the ciocca and dino forest organize is collected close to 400000 signatures, almost twice the number required to call a referendum. a vote would not affect 12 mining permits. ecuador government is already handed out in the research now to brazil, which has one of the largest black populations outside of africa and as long painted itself as a racism free country. in sundays type presidential run off. brock, black brazilian voters could determine the winner and latin america editor and to
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see and human report from south salvatore to by the port city of salvatore, the by ia in northeastern brazil. it's where the atlantic slave trade from west africa to the so called new world, began from the mid 15. hundreds, brazil, imported morn, slave to africans than any other country. and was the last one to abolish slavery. to date, brazil has the largest black population in the americas, and they make up a disproportionately large percentage of the poor. the majority of black voters support former left when president lula da silva like jewels to santos, who's selling be traps promoting his run for another term. is want to watch quite what to do or who opened the doors of public universities to blacks. it was lula bosa mara only once rich whites to have superior education will be yours. for them,
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i will do battle who runs an angel called black initiative is worry nika how, caesar, and lies. good ivy's look also narrows economic policies, racist which is extremely serious, olives, half, and the presidents. racist comments are equally serious, wouldn't go. why? as a congressman, bull sonata was asked what he would do if one of his sons fell in love with a black woman to friday, whom open workers. could you please if we were not going to discuss from a scuse with you? i don't have to face that rust because my children were very well educated. 11 above me, joe wilson had also commented once that he'd seen a fat black man who weighed about 7 at ro last in obsolete unit. used to wait african slaves as they are my just sierra is a priestess of the afro brazilian religion candle. blair, the fellow did. she says a tax against their temples by radical evangelical supporters of bulls, renado, r escalated, notched them by the date key. not far. we have a precedent, he says there is only one religion his own,
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and he is fanning intolerance. i'm afraid that this could generate rate violence. 83 percent of brazilians are black or mixed race, descendants of slaves who are brought here to what was one of the western hemisphere larger slave markets. but despite on the president, wilson not overtly racist comments and opinions, many, many brazilians have color plan to vote for him. i says among them of these men who perform complaint after tourists. it's a popular afro brazilian martial art where they can revise an at your proposal now as a clean slate, a clean plate. a clean plate is better than a dirty one, don't you think will we need him to change our country? brazil remains in extremely unequal country divided along racial and class lines. whether children like these will be able to climb the social ladder could depend greatly on the.


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