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not just corruption, where a global audience becomes a global community. the scariest part of this moment in my country is this place for more weapons, the st. oh, now g 0. latin america is a region of wonder. i'm joy of tragedy and yes, of violet. but it doesn't matter where you are, you'll have to be able to relate to the human condition with me. i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike. and it's my job to said light on how and why lou is really and lebanese leaders approve a historic maritime agreement to boost the energy needs of the 2 countries.
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ah, i'm robot this. and this is on the 0, live from doha. also coming up southeast asian countries fail again to take a tough stance against me and mars military rulers, at an emergency meeting of foreign ministers. in the pakistani journalist killed in nairobi is to be laid to rest in islam of unexplored. we're going to take a look at the security measures being taken to ensure the tournament is a safe one. ah, we are going to begin with a historic deal is being signed between lebanon, israel to resolve a long standing border disputes. the agreement is aimed at opening up oil and gas exploration in the mediterranean sea. israel and lebanon are still technically at war, so it's being signed in separate rooms that are you. i'm in the lebanese border time
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of quarter energy company that's operating israel's cottage, offshore gasket. the says it's already begun operations. this leave me the local you. this is a political achievement. you saw every day that an enemy recognizes the state of israel in a written degree lives in front of the entire international community. every day that the united states phone stand behind does provide security and economic guarantees for the agreement. we will correspondence of both countries. bernard smith is in israel. first we're going to go to zina auto nikoto and southern lebanon. as in this deal, it has been years in the making just talk us through the timing of the agreement. well, yes, it appears that the all parties in vol to, in this agreement, have vested interests and securing the deal. first of all, you have lebanon in a country in economic crisis, a country which has not begun exploring the possibility of gas reserves beneath the
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sea. now, international companies can start the exploration, because in the past they refused to do so, unless a maritime border deal is in place. so economic interests drove lebanon to agree to this, to this agreement. and then you have the radio, they needed security guarantees. they needed stability along the border in order to increase production because the aim now is to get gas to europe. europe is facing an energy crisis. it needs to find alternative supplies than what it used to receive from russia. no doubt. the gas reserves in the eastern mediterranean is not going to fill the gaps, but still it is much needed reserves. so for israel, this was about security guarantees, and that's why we saw the americans really push, push very hard to get this deal in place. and on behalf of the europeans, france as well played a role to get this deal done. so vested interest, the historic deal, but both sides insisting that it is limited in scope,
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it only involves alienating the maritime border. lebanon has repeatedly said that this is not the peace treaty. a this does not signify in any way a normalization of relations and the foreign policy of this country will not change . the latest statement coming from the president seems to be in response to what the israeli prime minister says that this is a political achievement and a de facto recognition of, of the state of israel. zana. thank you very much. indeed. i want to bring in bernard smith, who's at the border between lebanon and israel in northern israel. i santa was expanding there. there's a certain amount of restriction being placed on this agreement, and certainly no change to lebanon's foreign policy. how is this being seen in israel, given the fact that the countries, if i understand correct, they're so technically a war they are, but it's being seen here, rob, as it's being seen in lebanon as an historic agreement, all sides of called it, an historic agreement. the documents on the israeli side was signed by prime
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minister yal at bead earlier today. it arrived here on the border by helicopter, about half an hour ago in about 10 minutes ago, a convoy with the signed document drove through the board of post there to sort of an israeli a no man's land. on the other side, this document signed by israel will be given over to the us side who landed over the lebanese and lebanese will do the same. and then both sides will lodge. they agreed coordinates of their maritime border or with the united nations is significant. the israel because israel sees it and giving them security on the northern borders yet yale, up here in a statement after the signing he said it strengthens israel security and our freedom of action against has bala. this is the around backed group that is power for in lebanon, and already one of the feels that lebanon, that israel has exploited carries just yesterday for the 1st time, started pumping gas or so significant diplomatic alec, a nomic achievement for viewed here from in israel beyond the timing for israel is
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significant as well, particularly because we're in the run up to the elections. of course that are coming up very shortly in november. it's very good timing for yale are paid of is one thing is rarely voters like it's a prime minister who's strong on security. and so that is how this is being played by yale apiece. government. he hopes that he will win another mandate up the election next week to give him to allow me to form another coalition to continue covering governing. but like the for previous elections they've had it in. busy israel here in the last or years, it's very, very tight. that could be a comeback for benjamin netanyahu out of power for a year. polling suggests he might just edge it. so every vote the yale f pete can get to hopefully keep his coalition in power helps and on strong on security as this will be played is something that could play well with potential if there are any left wavering voters in his rep. bernard, thank you very much indeed, bernard smith at the borders when the israel and lebanon
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ukraine says, rushing voices are digging in to defend the southern city of castle. he says, wet weather slowed. it's kind of offensive, but his forces are making games. the prospect of another battlefield set back for president vladimir putin as increased fears. the kremlin could use a nuclear weapon or a faucet report from cave. ukraine's long counter offensive for her son grinds on, but despite russia's recent order to evacuate civilians and reports of some military drawback, the message from ukraine is at the russians a digging in for a fight on nipple robles. the little girl who are changing positions are intelligence confirmed that they have been reinforced by very many recruit the letters that they are strengthening, their flanks. you may take up trenches because they fear our air force and you fear artillery and soldiers lose. a thing of no copays destroyed russian army tells the tale of ukrainian gains. the russian general in charge of this war recently talked
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of difficult decisions having to be made around her son, attracting speculation that ukraine might soon retake it in time for winter. but ukraine is now talking about russian reinforcements and obstacles to progress towards the end of some of the situation on the front line itself is very tense. the enemy has dug itself in, and at the moment it seemed they do not intend to leave. it is noticeable that they worked, reinforced their dug out. trenches and fortifications went away from ukraine. russia's armed forces, we're carrying out exercises on wednesday, simulating coordinated use of nuclear weapons launched from land, sea and air. or the russian military says it's in preparation for a response to an enemy attack. russia's president, making more unsubstantiated claims about a nuclear threat from ukraine, including a radiological or dirty bomb, is that you hold them. they ignore the statements of the key regime or about the desire to get nuclear weapons. after all the keep authority said that openly. no,
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every one is keeping quiet. there are also plans to use a so called a dirty bomb for provocations. at every turn, these sorts of accusations have been dismissed as absurd, transparently false by ukraine and its allies. the speculation that russia may be trying to simply escalate in a grandstanding way, its own willingness to fight on. or potentially, it's an indication that russia itself wants to use such a device. but conventional weapons continue to do damage enough here and to me pro a petrol station set ablaze by a russian strike. emergency cruise said to people, including a pregnant woman, were killed. every faucet al jazeera, give southeast asian countries have failed again to take a tough stance against me and my military rulers. i didn't emergency meeting of foreign ministers discussion centered around developing a new strategy and dealing with his own time. so i was losing calling him for, and she says the statement made by the chair said nothing new, and it is in line with austrians. policies. this is
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a statement issued by the audience chair this year, which is held by can bo dear. the upshot of it is this, we do not know if ozzy and has a concrete plan to push forward the peace process in the statement did not review much. so we're left to look at the language, the choice of what's use, which was generally overall, very soft, and the overall tone taken as a whole. the statement was very much in line with audience long held policy of non interference in a member states. domestic affairs of consensus, style decision making to take the statement as an example. now describe the situation in non more as critical and fragile. and it went on to say that this was not because of a lack of commitment or effort on audience pot, but was because of the complexity of myanmar protracted conflicts. that's now been excessive, baited by the current political crisis. so just as an example, the choice of adjectives, the choice was used and the decision to describe the military coup as a political crisis. this is very much audience,
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not wanting to call out the june to, and it's brutality against the anti coo opponents in myanmar. it's used a disproportionate force on anti coo fighters. now we know that one of the main aims of this meeting in jakarta is for foreign ministers editor. and i representative to come up with recommendations for ozzy indeed is to discuss when they meet in cambodia next month. but if the statement is, any indication is any guide than people who expect are vienna, who want to see the and take a firmer stance on young more are going to be sorely disappointed. a funeral for prominent pakistani journalist osh i studied as being held in the capital islamabad and his body was returned to his family and pack his son from ly. robbie. on wednesday, sheriff was shot dead by canyon police. and what officials say was a case of mistaken identity. the journalist had been in hiding for fear of persecution in pakistan because of his investigations into the country's government and military catherine size in california. and she tells us more about the
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investigation country taking place in nairobi said death of osh rod sharif has raised a huge debate here in kenya. people are asking many questions about the consequences under which the john list was killed during a shootout. now forensic experts have been to the scene and they have taken firearms and bullets from the police officers who are involved. now the police say that she reef and another friend who was driving the car fields to stop at the police check point. this barrier had been set up by the police who was allegedly pursuing a vehicle of the someone reported that he son had been abducted and the cars stolen now entirely, or the police will be looking into whether the officer was justified to use the weapons. why did the offices, for example,
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of fire directly at the vehicle, if indeed they were chasing a car that had a potential hot stage? these are some of the questions the people are asking. now, officers who are at the scene said that they were short thought of by the coupons. in the call one police man was injured as while an independent of police over psych commission is also on the case. it will be very, very interesting to see what they report because we know from the past that such reports are hardly are, are hardly a made up public. but the police force is under a lot of pressure to get to the bottom of what happened. civil society groups trade unions and the students are protesting in shall anchors capital about the economic situation they're, they're also frustrated with the brutal suppression of earlier protests. shalaka is
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facing the worst economic crisis in a decade is rising inflation and many been pushed into poverty. we'll know michelle fernandez is joining us live from colombo, but i can see all the people who are behind you, what's happening with the contests. a basically the level of frustration and anger among the general public here is bubbling up. once again. you can see if you just look behind me, this is basically a cross section of people. there's a few 1000 who have come for this protest organized by the a trade union. collective. basically it's a combined people's movement as they describe it. and they said that the voices raised against the corruption, the management of this country. that, that to progress continued. we had seen a slight back see if everyone took a sort of a step backward. i mean, a very heavy gun went track down with the arrival of new president, run a bigger,
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missing her. but as you can probably hear the speakers we are, we have one who is basically putting the government on notice right now saying that this form of violent crackdown and suppression when only serve to make people of the general public more determined to speak out. and what they are speaking out is about tripling economic difficulty. almost every household is beginning to face. where seeing inflation hitting oh, no. 900 percent of people are beginning to look at what they can buy in terms of food. or we have electricity, utilities, water, fuel, everything has gone up, i mean, 3 to 5 food. and again, another call from these people to protest. yeah, he's that run a roger pop says they call him an illusion to the fact that i run it because missing it is taking forward the policies and all the raj epoxy regimes that he's
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only concerned about his own well being and protecting the roger boxes. they say that he's trying to sell public assets, they say that, that, against the parceling, out of public assets. now, the government has said that the crippling economic crisis needs to be address of massive tax increases on the sale of non performing state or enterprises. all of these things have been put down by the protest. this is down to mismanagement corruption and the current ratio must go. they said they haven't stopped best struggle that they will only rise up in the face of government suppression. michelle, thank you very much. indeed. that's michelle fernandez, talking to us from colombo, italy's prime minister george maloney is one. the 2nd of 2 confidence votes in parliament. a majority in the senate voted in favor of a coalition government in widen state. and our house voted on tuesday. bologna
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leads to countries most far white government. since world war 2 are russian court has dismissed claims that jailed opposition leader alexis the volley has been sent to a so called punishment. so the only address the court by a video link from prison, he says he was kept on the cell alone for 2 months now only was arrested in russia last year as you returned from germany, had gone there to recover after being poisoned by a nerve agent an event he blames on the kremlin is serving a 9 year sentence and charges of fraud and contempt to court. i am considered the worst offender and i am in solitary confinement because of systemic fabrication of ridiculous violations. i'm even ashamed to admit, i addressed an officer by his name. seriously. how else can i address him? i'm alone and punishment self a 2 months. there is nobody in a punishment, so there are people in cell type rooms, but there is no one and a punishment self, but me. violence is broken out in bolivia is capital and in the countries economic
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cove of santa cruz, our lead what at least one person that has died during protests against a government decision to postpone a census. critic saves an attempt to limit their freedom of speech and deny funding . they need calipers order, young reports her days, how tests have brought bolivia is the largest city to a stand. still. the unrest and santa cruz was triggered by government plans to delay a census until 2024 streets had been closed and public transport in teaching and schools suspended indefinitely. police were called in to break up fighting between demonstrators opposing the government and those who support it. they're trying to attack us. look at me. this is all i have. that's it. the pro government support
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is armed with stone. ah, santa cruises, bolivia, economic powerhouse is mostly conservative, which puts it at odds with the liberal government of president with odyssey o. s. liter. see the results of the senses would enable much needed funds to reach the cities. 2000000 people say info from sammy high. we want a better quality of life. the census is carried out every 10 years. if there is no census, there is no progress in health, education, or infrastructure. our region is growing, but we are being left behind. ah, but it may not all be about money. some believe though supporting the sense is want it to be taken in 2023. so results will be available 2 years later when national elections i scheduled. and that could lead to more seats and parliament and more influence across the santa cruz region. well, protesters. com for more strikes. the president has called for com. the government
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says holding the census in 2024 will deep politicize the process and assure a higher degree of accuracy. the critics are skeptical cateel. this of the yan elders. yeah. pot workers and chilly have gone on stove for 48 hours to demand a better working conditions. more than 6 and a half 1000 people are taking part in the strike. it affects most of the countries $23.00 ports workers have threatened to continue indefinitely. if the government doesn't meet their demands, investors from cuba and the u. s. of met in havana in hopes of boosting partnerships and investment in the island. representatives from $25.00 us businesses in the tech transport and agricultural sectors attended the meeting. it's the 1st such gatherings since cuba eases law on foreign investment in an effort to reignite it, stagnant economy?
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a surgeon, a respiratory illness among young children in parts of the u. s. as experts worried pediatric wards have been filled to capacity with r. s. v infections and some hospitals. it's usually causes fever, cough and one he knows is in children under the age of 5. this year it's come earlier, it's hit harder, and it coincides with why is uncovered 19 and flu infections. william schaffner is a professor of infectious diseases at the vanderbilt university medical center explains how severe the artist we outbreak is. there is a pressure on clinics emergency departments and indeed inpatient beds in the pediatric facilities over much of the united states. this is an unseasonal time for r s b to be out there and it's a very large outbreak spread over most of the united states. and what's your canada also, most children acquire this infection when they're very young,
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they get over it. and then interestingly enough, they can get subsequent infections. but the 1st is often the most severe. and what's happened is for the past 2 years, because of all the crowd related coven related sheltering at home wearing masks not attending schools. the children haven't been together. so the virus has not had the opportunity to be transmitted among the children, but now all the children are back in school there with each other again. and so this virus has many opportunities to spread tacking many children from the very young to middle aged children all for the 1st time. and that 1st infection can be very troublesome. certainly any child, particularly the very young infants who are not feeding, not taking their fluids, who may have a fever, they don't all have a fever, but who looks sick and absolutely, if they're having any trouble breathing,
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immediately go to the emergency room or contact your health care provider, south korean electronics company, samsung says it's 3rd quarter operating profits are done by more than 30 percent. the world's largest memory chip and smartphone maker and around $7700000000.00 between july and september. something blames have drop into non for electronic devices on the global economic downturn. the price of shares and facebook's parent company has jobs by over 19 percent. that's wiping out more than $65000000000.00 off the company's value. matter reported weaker than expected profits on wednesday . and blame stagnating daily user numbers and cuts and advertising budgets. the companies found a mark zuckerberg says it's also facing tough competition from rivals. ah, cut out security forces have been stress testing their preparations for the world
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cup the 2 part and an exercise, including righty fans, protesters suspect packages, and even hijacked vehicles. some of injury reports. i shouldn't crowd ahead. comfortable with the security offices thinking pump in the exercise. wooden wooden, which means nation era compounds of civilian and military officials from butler and 13, and the countries are doing the final stress tests. a joint country turkish unit is responding to a bomb threat. if the match continues inside the are pulling out all the stops to prepare for any eventuality. all the while there will be charged crowds inside and outside the stadium. and among them, a few troublemakers, drunken, disorderly behavior. oh, and hooliganism concerns authority at football game. just and it didn't happen in
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good night and people would be rowdy, and that is what security forces you are preparing for how to handle those people and what to do with them. these people want to know, how will the security forces respond? somebody who's making trouble on the streets, are you going to beat them up? are you going to do for them? what will you do? everyone is will coming here and cut out what we're looking for. it to show respect or culture and to tradition. we are here in this, what's an exercise to overcome any scenarios in this case, to make sure that everyone is safe and secure, and this in our country and to reach the goal a unique tournament ever. in addition to the 11 ministry, the other military insecurity, experts from pakistan, saudi arabia, jordan to wait, france, germany, poland, italy, spain, the u. s. the u. k,
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and turkey are involved for those who don't speak english, translators will ensure smooth coordination. ah, there are scenarios where buses are being hijacked, protests are happening, riots are happening, some bombs are exploding anti gun operators. so it's all happening as if it was a real life scenario during the tournament. one of the most secure locations here in carter, this is the command and control center we're all the action is taking place. experts from cybersecurity to transport, to and to terrorism are all stationed here. and this is as close as it gets to the real thing. just head of the world cup is more than a 1000000 people are expected to arrive for the world cup. the message from the tournament security committee that fans should feel safe with their families and friends. and people looking to cause trouble could expect a well prepared security, contingent job without the 0. the national c'mon center.
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okay, let's bring in neil fergus. he's a risk and see here to consulting he's based in australia, his company intelligent risks works with organizers and the security strategy for this world cup as well. do to hurry with the sir on al jazeera and the video that we saw there from, from some a bins of a basically showed the security forces dealing with a wide range of different scenarios. but what are the biggest risks that at an event like this? to be sedation, the world will come and the games, what, what has happened here? we started on this project, the surprise committee for delivery, and lacy back in 2012. i very robust and security risk assessment. so all of that here incredible risks were searched and bring one of the vents on the terrorism in terms of what needs to be considered. and what makes me show you and us history the.
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ready strength community still is we are all very seriously interested in finding all the way through to where we are now. when you sit on the church and we were able to control the nation crisis management. so next time i would imagine it is difficult. however, to retain a level of security and make fee for people feel safe and secure without appearing heavy handed on overbearing and that must be very difficult balance to try to achieve. especially when you're dealing with so many people there are, the crowds are going to be so big. absolutely. and you have to challenge it the maybe you want to take the security, but you want to be on a cruise ship. if that's possible. you don't want to compromise security certain
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principles. the fact that the spectator sharing the spectator experience rooms by here comes the security and it's a balance that can be struck, will be struck in all of the play actually goes back to the search and then we will g as part of a share extra and drank st. bought into time, you got the design of the vendors and then no matter what went into what we call crime prevention for environmental design. looking at the menus and how you day and risk for in terms of like the big mitigation. the why did the zines actually operate? i don't think it's actually they use the world space practice in terms you
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may wish high profile lachelle probably been used in why it could have been done differently. and magnified security for a laser situation where they would have to be more more visible know christianity security. i think we got to find more of the world to just look up on the world's best practice, neil fergus, we appreciate you being with us and ours is so thank you very much indeed for your time. ah, this is.


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