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being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g. 20 presidency, bringing opportunities for you invest indonesia. now the british she, rocky journalist who's visualizing complex statistics and a simple art home. i think it offers us some really exciting opportunities to break apart from those systems of power and to collect data in a way that better represents different community. challenging mainstream misconceptions, hope the flight crates and handle ministration. it doesn't alienate people, it doesn't make people feel like i'm not mine on the sands. booth truth is it anyway? on al jazeera, ah, russian president vladimir putin says he has no intention of using nuclear weapons in ukraine despite early warnings he'd use all means if his country was threatened
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. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up israel and lebanon, sign on historic deal defining that maritime border paving the way for both countries. to begin oil and gas exploration, a surgeon that are as vi virus in the u. s. which can be fatal to children and older people and is causing severe strain on the health care system. and you and report warns that urgent changes in how we live our lives is the only hope to counter the worsening impact of global warming. russian president vladimir putin says the world is facing its most dangerous decades since world war 2 and a long address. he accused the west of inciting the war in ukraine and played down in nuclear standoff. he said he had no regrets. that's despite setbacks,
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a rush on the battlefield in recent weeks will ukrainian forces are pushing towards the strategic city of her son. moscow appointed authorities of fled along with more than 70000 residents. out as here as acid bag has been visiting the city of back. moot, which is on the front lines and it donates griego at the main interchange of baltimore, i reminder that the wrote here are not safe from buildings, empty streets, and no power. those who remain have little food and you can't afford to leave and says she only stays so she can take care of her dogs. if she feels abandoned. luca, william, only people under the rebel were screaming for help for 5 days. nobody needs us never before and not even now that's the truth. few people remain here. the rubbish is piling up and the playgrounds wants full of children and thou empty. for most, it's too dangerous to be outside and to escape the shelves and rockets they live in
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the ground. hacky wasn't bringing any marvel. well yes, we don't have water and heating, but we have a basement where we live. right. despite the hardships she's happy to be with her granddaughter. others are angry. who got sir? j doesn't blame the russians, but his own government is that the worst it was, the one that he is. i will hang our garment on the land post. i can understand why we can't give us electricity in donetta. it's 8 years of war when they have electricity. he doesn't say he is pro russian, but he doesn't linked the russian invasion and his living conditions. shops are closed after being damaged by shelling and people are angry. life at this market, people shout at us to leave. either say they will have a shot argument. they blame reports by journalists for enabling attacks by russian forces. for those that remain here, the situation has really deteriorated of the last few months. this town continued to be a battlefield ukrainian forces still holding onto it. but for the russians,
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not far out. i said vague. i'll just sarah blackmore let him putin says west and come for taking a risk supporting ukraine. the president who spoke for more than 3 and a half hours argued the air of western dominance in global affairs is ending. he also said he had no regrets about launching the war at russia is just trying to defend its right to exist. listening, miriam, if we're going to still world domination is what the so called waste based on in its game. but then gamers without a doubt dangerous, bloody. and i would say sophie one, it's a game that denies the sovereignty of countries and nations, the distinctiveness and uniqueness. disregarding the interests of other states, or some green is on the center, a european policy analysis. he says, pollutants comments may so more confusion internationally. i think that he's had a failure. what else is on the west? so from the very beginning of this morning, from the beginning of his intervention,
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ukraine, back in 2014, we go to the annexation of, of crimea. he did not expect sanctions to last very long tonight, expecting to be very robust. and he expected that he would be able to split the west or with this a, with this war, as well, of in part by ramping up energy pressure and financial economic pressure on, on your, by trying to mobilize maybe someone with allies around the world, particularly in in, in parts of europe where he has had them, do you think about people like scone and in italy another this is really come to, to anything in particular. and so he does, i think continually try to look for ways to, to, to, to, to insert himself the height of all the things i think is pharmacy. just rhetoric that really does go in multiple directions at the same time. see, he has to be experimental. he doesn't really know what's going to work. most of the things that he thought were going to work, which we haven't paid off. i think we can expect this rhetoric around nuclear weapons to continue to be very difficult to interpret. and again, i think that is the,
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that is the purpose of it. he was certainly western military planners and society is frankly to be very nervous about what might come in to make it difficult for us to make decisions about how western governments society might continue to support your grand. he wants people to be to be nervous, but equally doesn't want to galvanize the western world in the national community. more broadly, the indians who have expressed concern about where this war is going. he doesn't want to galvanized people into into action against him. so he, he wants to both sound kinda threatening, but, but not to belligerent. at the same time, it's very different or very difficult, long to walk where russia has renewed its assault on ukraine's energy infrastructure shelling facilities across the country. ukraine now faces a 30 percent shortfall in supplies. plunging many cities into darkness. authority. se keyed must prepare for emergency outages indefinitely. mama jam june has worn
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out from the capital cave. the latest round of attacks on energy infrastructure in the key region. local officials are warning that they are going to be more restrictions put on the usage of power in the central parts of this country. that includes the key region where we are. we're in keith city, that's the capital of the country. it also includes regions like genevieve and storm here. now because of what happened, you are seeing more power outages in cities like this in keep. that's why this part of the city is so dark right now. the street lights would typically be on. they are not, most of the buildings are in darkness. most of the sidewalks are in darkness. there are some restaurants, some cafe, some shops that are hooked up to generators because of that you are see some light, but it is very, very dark where we are right now. and that is worrying people because temperatures are dropping because winter is approaching. they're worried about what's going to happen next. what local officials are saying now is that they should expect citizens, residents of this city should expect that there could be power outages. the last
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for more than 4 hours a day, poland has destroyed fool communist era monuments. no drive to remove symbols of russia following its invasion of ukraine. oh, the 1945 monuments commemorated red army soldiers who died while fighting nazi troops in world war 2. felons had of national remembrance, as they were monuments to disgrace that commemorated the repressive soviet regime. iranians de tv says 3 people have been killed in violence with security forces in the city of my, but happened after a funeral for protest, her killing unrest. the night, the fool to who belonging to a permanent for unit was shot dead in em, all demonstrations of rock to wrong since a young woman, los armine, died in police custody last month. israel and lebanon have signed a u. s. bro, good deal. that for the 1st time, lays out their maritime border in the mediterranean sea. it enables both countries
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to conduct offshore exploration for gas and oil. the agreement comes after months of indirect torps, that ended a decades long standoff sonata report from southern liberal lines in the sea have been drawn as being described as a landmark agreement between countries, technically in a state of war, lebanon, and israel didn't engage directly in the process it involved years of negotiations mediated by the united states. that's given both countries guarantees. if either challenges the agreements a historic day in the region of securing showing what's possible under these circumstances, to achieve an agreement that are create hope and economic opportunity and stability for on both sides of the border. there was no formal ceremony to mark the agreement behind closed doors. the delegation signed separate documents,
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which were then given to the united nations. the deal is based on what is known as line 23 gaz. from a perspective, field called khana, will go to lebanon. but since a part of it lies outside the demarcation line, israel will be given a share of any profits. while the car reached gas field will remain within israel's waters and extraction has already started. this allows israel to increase its potential to export gas to europe, where there is a rising demand triggered by russia's invasion of ukraine. this has provided a catalyst and bush and momentum for this agreement to happen specifically because europe is working and reconfiguring its energy security away from its dependence on russian oil and gas hydrocarbon agenda. energy production in the eastern mediterranean has been growing as israel, egypt. jordan and cyprus have worked together. you look for proximity, you look for accessibility among many other things,
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and so far the east med geographically position as it is, is proving to be that accessible quality door to europe. so they can start getting guys, getting guys out of lebanon will take time. the deal enables international companies to begin exploration, which could help lebanon with its crippling economic crisis. for 11 on this is about the economy. it insists the deal does not signify any form of normalization, nor is it a peace treaty. for israel, it's about security guarantees. and in the words of the prime minister, your la pete, a political achievement through which lebanon defacto recognizes israel, has the law which fall towards israel rejected those claims. but since the start of the negotiations, the iranian backed group adopted with many calls, a pragmatic approach. it is the most powerful political and military force in lebanon, and the state would need its stamp of approval, national. he has the law not to do his but considers what happened in the maritime
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borders. demarkation agreement, a great victory for 11 on the people and the resistance. the agreement may be limited to the maritime border, but the us administration sees it differently. president joe biden says it will harness vital new energy resources for the world said there was ita no quarter. so there lebanon out of here was bernard smith is on the other side of the border with these railey perspective. after decades of hostility in israel, this is being viewed as a significant diplomatic departure in relations with lebanon. israel views this as good for its security along the northern border, reducing the risk of potential conflict with iraq backed group has bala and as the prime minister, as also said, it's not every day that an enemy country recognizes the state of israel in a written agreement in full view of the international community,
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israel's already started exploiting one of those gas fields named in the maritime agreement out there is pumping has been pumping gas in the last 24 hours. so it's already enjoying the economic benefits. lot of attention from israeli media. busy on this meeting to day compared to the fairly low key event, as was shown from the lebanese side. but the israel is here making a lot of this agreement. the head of a united nations inquiry has hit out at his railey claims of anti semitism. a report written last month found the israeli occupation of palestinian territory was unlawful under international law. now, the palais a south african jurist and former un high commissioner for human rights, has defended its find. it is the 1st among miniatures of anti semitism. and we, we send messages to the secretary general and to states that yes, 3 of us who are, i mean without any remuneration i r o m asked to serve. we didn't,
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we didn't apply for these positions and we giving a lot of time energy because we still committed to justice, rule of law issues and human rights. and we should not be subject to abuse such as this was just totally false. when is when the prime minister yellow p describe the report as outrageous? he double down by saying its presentation made a mockery of the most basic tenets of justice and fairness. repeat accused the reports, authors of being purveyors of anti semitism, claiming they were de legitimizing and defaming israel. lot more. so to come here now does air including the disinformation, was the fight to keep it factual. and they went up to brazil's presidential run off and how to handle a found frenzy. we look at security preparations for food world cup, wanna stay with
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with ok. finally the extremes seem to have gone from the u. s. in canada, we have got record highs on record lows, record drive or record wet, but we got a bit of all of it now. so it's nice and dried. lease is big harm, eastern side of the state attempts to come down the eastern seaboard with that normally breeze. further west, we've broken the drought in british columbia in washington with rain coming through . we've seen sto recently. western counted out of the rockies that with cold air combines with the moisture of from the gulf and you tend to get these big thunderstorms in texas, which we are used to sing. temperatures are excessively high, they're a bit high, a winnipeg, for example, but really we're in a transitional season and things are looking at bit more normal. whereas this is bit persistently wet. this line here of rain's, been on law for a couple of days stretching now from the virgin islands through his span. you're just catching puerto rican and down towards norton venezuela where it's cause
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flooding and landslide. and that might continue and south of that in columbia. northern brazil, heavy rains is in the forecast once again that equally can cause flooding all landslide, particularly in columbia, where it's done so earlier this year. south of that and it still went through bolivia, largely drawing argentina and still quite worn santiago. but snow is all way down the chilion andes. ah. every 3 days the woman is killed in the murder of women and unprecedented levels of domestic violence have shopped easily to the court. the violence is more violent, violent men are young. why did they keep happening? and what can be done to still meet this is not the prize i want my daughter and all the daughter, payton. that's not the country i want witness. they miss india. for me is very
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simple. the question of power on al jazeera lou ah, ah, welcome back, a quick amount about top stories here. this, our russian president vladimir putin says the world is facing its most dangerous decade since world war 2. speaking in moscow, he accused the west of inciting the war, and that he had no regrets about it. and russia has renewed its assault on ukraine's energy infrastructure, showing facilities across the country. ukraine faces a 30 percent shortfall in electricity supplies. most cities are suffering power cups on israel lebanon have signed a u. s. broke a deal that lays out their maritime border in the mediterranean sea for the 1st
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time. the agreement enables both countries to conduct offshore expiration for oil and gas. now doctors in the us are dealing with a surge in young children and hospital with a virus known as rsv symptoms. a mild and most adult, but her baby is an older people. it can be fatal and coupled with cobra, 19 and flu. the health care system is again under strain. how does your castro reports get those? this 2 month old boy named rider is among the wave of children feeling american hospitals to be treated for r. s v, purifying some serious illness. you know, we're happy with him being this young. he doesn't have an immune system to fight it off or is he is most dangerous to young babies and older adults. symptoms include lethargy and breathing problems. they don't want to see they don't want to drink, they really don't want to do anything else. they won't even sleep because they're having such a tough time breathing. the u. s. department of health and human services reports
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nearly 3 quarters of pediatric. hospital beds are currently all r s t v co lid and an unusually early influenza season have combined to form. would some doctors call a try demick, the sheer volume in the the impact in terms of out stripping the health care systems ability to care for? i think you're seeing a tidal waves sweeping across this country right now. children's emergency room staff say they are overwhelmed with patients at virginia high school. saw 1000 student absences last week. that's half the student body due to illness. it's very troubling because everyone's getting sick, and she just had coven summer for the doctor. say, as people dropped cobit 19 precautions they become more vulnerable to the other diseases, r. v is also transmitted through coughs, sneezes and contaminated surfaces. president biden says,
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following his lead to get an updated covered booster vaccine will help ease the strain on hospitals. but fewer than 10 percent of americans who qualify have done so about $350.00 people continue to die from cove it in the us each day. while ours v deaths are far more rare at about 40 a day, doctors are worried about a difficult winter ahead. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera washington to uganda, now at least one child has died from the bona virus and 5 other children tested positive in the capitol. compiler. uganda has so far recorded 109 cases and 30 people have died. the african unions, public health bodies says the bonus outbreak again, that is under control, despite a spike in cases in the capitol. but it says it can't predict how diseases spread like on not be able to tell you. when are we can be able to see the art break is now under total control, because we still have people who are under the hopes of ation. they are people who
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are in the treatment units and her back to what i can tell you is that am the government of uganda, africa, cdc, and other partners are we are doing everything we can to be able to bring this to an end. as soon as possible. now it's been a year unprecedented climate disasters. and now a new report shows the window is rapidly closing to counter the worst effects of a warming planet. and it finds an urgent transformation of our lifestyle is the only option. our environment editor nicholas reports. this is the latest un emissions gap report. it's called the close a window, and it makes for uncomfortable reading to say the least. it shows the gap between where we need to be in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and where we actually are right now. the temperature has increased by around 1 point, one degrees celsius. since pre industrial times,
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the paris agreements goal is to keep the temperature right. so ideally, no more than one and a half degrees celsius, but we're not even close. current national commitments to scale back fossil fuels leave is hurtling to at least 2.4 degrees celsius in cold scientific terms. this report tells us what nature has been telling us all year through floods, through fires, and through storms that were in deep trouble. when moving from a situation of the climate crisis rapidly to the situation of climate catastrophe averages and everything in temperature. so it will have a rate increase in temperature $2.00 degrees. that to me for even more degrees in parts of africa. so it's going to have huge implications and they're going to be very on, equally distributed around the world. and they will affect the people that the course and the most vulnerable the most. now the report says to get on track,
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we need to reform the global economy from food systems to electricity supply from construction to transport. we need a total reset as false as possible, but somehow that has to be done without leaving developing nations behind who are not responsible in any way for any of this. developing nations have not caused this problem that they're gonna have to be part of the solution if we want to keep the parents agreement temperature alive. because even if developed nations to restore any, have been causing this problem, even though they reduce them to sera tomorrow, that would be sufficient. so we basically need to get all countries on board of this and to do so will require a new, a new way of thinking. of course, there are some signs of progress, for example, more and more renewable energy is coming online every day. but it's not enough and which nations need to step up before the window of opportunity slam shot?
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the world is facing its 1st, truly global energy crisis. that's according to a new report by the international energy agency, prices of fuel, gas and electricity are going up, driven partly by the war and ukraine and restrictions on oil exports by the world's top, but uses the 2022 world energy outlook also says the crisis may mark a historic turning point to green energy. the u. s. economy has recorded better than expected annual growth in the 3rd quarter. it had shrunk in the previous 2 quarters, but rebounded over the summer thanks to strong trade. our slowing consumer spending and a weakening property market indicate the u. s. is heading towards a down to us. and the european central bank has made another large interest rate hike as a threat of recession loons over the euro zone. the banks governing council has raised the right by 3 quarters of a percentage point in a bid to control saw inflation. brazil's electoral court has been busy dealing with a surge and disinformation ahead of sunday's type presidential runoff. teams of fat
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checkers are working to verify or d bunk, social media posts, but the sheer volume means it's hard to keep ahead of the fake news or latin america added to the cinnamon reports now from south palo. social network hungry brazilians are being targeted with disinformation, some of it to ludicrous to believe. and yet many people do believe from claims that incumbent candidate, jade bull sonata, and his rival luly desilva, have made packs with the devil and satanic cults. to unsubstantiated claims that both sonata is a pedophile, and that lula has where did churches to be burned down. fact checkers in brazil can't keep up the media from a condo, grava a nation wide coalition of investigative journalists, is fighting this information and helping brazil's electoral court identify it from it. i remember another montage uses an unidentified voice to say that lula ordered
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this boat destroyed because he owners hadn't voted for him in the 1st round. i ever heard this one uses an old interview with bull sonata taken out of context to claim that he's a cannibal with the electoral court has banned at least $500.00 social media posts for quote, knowingly sharing and distributing untrue or gravely de contextualized information pulled out on this day alone, fact checkers here are analyzing 1600 dubious tick tock, postings. my think what thank you. does it can essay least. it's important to say that while there's more disinformation spread from the pulse marrow camp, that is dis information on both sides. indeed, both sides are plain dirty. spreading this information into just about every household. lunar has been struggling to shake a social media slander campaign claiming he's a drug trafficker. this after a recording of a leader of south america's largest drug cartel,
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the p. c. c was leaked, suggesting he supported lulu campaigns before our request for clarification from lawyers representing leaders of the p. c. c. were denied. but sources that are close to the criminal syndicates tell us that they don't pick sides during national elections, only local ones. as to the video, it turned out to be from 2019 and was clearly manipulated. and so the electoral court ordered that it be removed, but only after it had spread like wildfire. also now to supporters or accusing the electoral court, judges of censorship. but disinformation expert alexander, by check or disagrees. they're trying to, to actually fight against this in my view, this harmful phenomenon because this information could actually not only influence ah, voters, but can actually lead us true. or it's also of alice,
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why violence, the has already shown its ugly face. while this information fuels the most polarized election campaign in brazil's history see and human al jazeera, so follow ah, security for footballs, world cup was when put to the test category forces taken part in exercises including rowdy fans, protested suspect packages, and even the hijacked vehicles. some of in ga reports, i passing a crowd ahead comfortable but being the security officers thinking pump in the it's the size, coding weapons, which means nation arabic, ha, cousins of civilian and military officials from potter and 13. and the countries are doing the final stress tests a joint cut, the turkish unit is responding to
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a bomb threat. if the match continues inside the are pulling out all the stops to prepare for any eventuality. all the while there will be charged crowds inside and outside the stadium, and among them, a few troublemakers drunk them disorderly behavior. ah, and hooliganism concerns a party at football game. yes, and did it happen? i wouldn't believe in people would be rowdy. and that is what security forces you are preparing for, how to handle those people and what to do with them. if people don't know, how will the security forces respond? somebody who's making trouble on the streets or even to beat them up? are you going to do for them? what will you do? everyone is will come and kill into what we are looking for it to show respect to our culture and to tradition. we are here in this. what's an exercise to overcome
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any scenarios in this case, to make sure that everyone is safe and secure, and this in our country and to reach the goal. a unique tournament eva, in addition to the 11 ministry, the other military and security, some saudi arabia, jordan swain, france, germany, poland, italy, spain, the u. s. the u. k, and turkey are involved for those who don't speak, english, translators will ensure smooth coordination. ah, there are scenarios where buses are being hijacked, protests are happening, riots are happening, some bombs are exploding, anti don't operators. so it's all happening as if it was a real life scenario during the tournament. one of the most secure locations here in carter, this is the command and control center where all the action is taking place.


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