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tv   Witness Femicidio  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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good stories of hope and inspiration. short took him into he's from around the world that celebrate curry and resilience in the times of tamaya. out his ears select on out to them. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. sentimental hanley take, it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan and dough. with a quick reminder up the top stories here on al jazeera russian president vladimir putin says the world is facing it's most dangerous decades since world war 2. he
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accused the west of inciting the war and said he had no regrets about it. who can also deny that moscow's bearing to use nuclear weapons and accused the west of using them as blackmail? she wouldn't have new raising. you were girl korean michel. the purpose of today's foster are nuclear threats, and the possible use of nuclear weapons is very primitive. i have already said that this effort dictated by western countries federal care attempt to put pressure on all parts. spence in international communication include in neutral or friendly countries, ends in nothing. and they are looking for additional arguments in order to convince our friends or neutral states that we all need to send to get her against russia. meanwhile, on the ground in ukraine, caves forces are pushing towards the southern strategic city of her son, which remains under russian control. fighting has also been intensifying and eastern regions are zeroes, acid bag as an visiting the city of buck, mood, which on the front lines made don f region at the main interchange of baltimore. i
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reminder that the road here are not safe from buildings, empty streets, and no power. those who remain have little food and you can't afford to leave and says she only stays so she can take care of her dogs. she feels abandoned. luca will you know the people under the rebel were screaming for help for 5 days. nobody needs us. never before and not even now that's the truth. few people remain here. the rubbish is piling up, and the playgrounds wants full of children and thou empty. for most, it's too dangerous to be outside and to escape the shelves and rockets, they live in the ground. jackie wasn't bringing him off on the road. yes, we don't have water and heating, but we have a basement where we live. right. despite the hardships she's happy to be with her granddaughter. others are angry. who got sir. jake doesn't blame the russians, but his own government is that the worst it will,
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the one that he has. i will hang our government on the land post. i can understand why we can't give us electricity in donates. it's 8 years of war when they have electricity. he doesn't say he is pro russian, but he doesn't linked the russian invasion and he's living conditions. shops are closed after being damaged by shelling and people are angry. mind at this market. people shout at us to leave. either say they will have a shot document. they blame reports by journalists for enabling attacks by russian forces. for those that remain here, the situation has really deteriorated. over the last few months. this town continued to be a battlefield ukrainian forces, still holding on to it. but for the russians, not far out. as i beg, i'll jazeera buck mort. russia has renewed its assault on ukraine's energy infrastructure. shelling facilities across the country. ukraine now faces a 30 percent shortfall. electricity supplies plunging many cities into darkness.
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authority. se keyed must prepare for emergency outages indefinitely. the world is facing its 1st truly global energy crisis. that's according to a new report by the international energy agency. prices of few gas and electricity are going up, driven partly by the war in ukraine and restrictions on oil exports by the world's top produces the 2022 world energy outlook, says the crisis may market historic turning point to green energy, israel and lebanon, and up signed a us broker deal that lays out there maritime board and the mediterranean sea for the 1st time agreement enables both countries to conduct offshore exploration for oil and gas. in uganda, at least one child has died from the bone of virus and 5 other children up tested positive in the capitol. come paula. uganda has so far recorded a 109 cases and 30 people have died. hundreds of people have fled their homes after violence in the democratic republic of congo fighters from the m 23 group at fort
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with the army. the eastern part of the country, military officials say 4 civilians were killed early this week, m 23 declared a ceasefire. in april, but officials said attach several military post. the group says the armies of olives, those were the headlines that he's continues here now to sierra off the witness states with thanks to watching bye for now. a ah
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me come one. i would already said another, he's gonna be lascola green said, you bet ana, some of you appear, mira column eligible. so candidly plan your spitting out and out in the middle, the tim carmella. what i will look either in the las discipline yielded to the album o'connor shoot an alarm, or can be wireless to your proper gun, a superiority castillo garner. in austrian con, drop a star dog lifted. what could i got? and classic woody formula? la mudy locksley on august the 1 where jeremy unquote all geneva ah, you get a simple one i and you've been then then what did they did he did that had on. when he thought can of canada to daughter, they can put them in just sort of. i mean, tina said damita bacteria don't know a better me so awkward that sunday me dawdle any better than you have. you talked to dana. ready
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hunter lama, but his impure wanting us. but if you sample to that, i'm either going to other than the of or come in, we can put our mckinney me. i mean she but if i did a shin out this image to me dot gov, i long said parallel corner to warmer. none of my stuff to 50. i'm interviewing to them. believe it's the physical, my quizzical put them in to sort of study by mail that out. well, linda mean the model, so de la, anita dot included me in kept setting busy beer. whatever. sabina quiz stung, and i'm gonna call her out. and she taught sony to phineas clinical mom. you load us that us villalpando boulevard in abilene on she, seattle, done me, sharon, brad, let's look on the feel. any better funnel? did he got the letter that we need to go that up and that up infancy valid for that a did. he said. if any, any more thought it would be some thought. alamo yet knew semi uradano did want to lawn. marina, what aren't? i've ever solo went he set down a little goddess rezone instead of brownfield womach m alba. if you dance out
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a lester angle at that, allowed by the quiz, them at dinner less. sheena. a get out there. he took off in love with the sanguine emanuel. pretty mo, piano mooney, boss, saloon, gold corridor. you and i said the lord on with the multiple set the so facebook of pocky, jennifer, the genie, semi county, sorry the inc. jovan a ben. ah. ah ah. ah ah. ah, it's not on jordan. no particular in kwan to your love order yet i'm salvador. it'll be new. tell about our new studio in sit down it. nobody came yet. oh, put another co mailed. come bill. 30 money out. ain't it? does it put there?
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should a contingency on that in the locality comply nicole kimono, quinn jordan noise or the us would know that kid and mary jo is a very few the to christian to come after me. not searcy or even on discrete the, the queen the so the say go pray that the finish go the better quest. so if you think of the with say you're so simple of a say not so the throughout the finance committee joke on the you're going to know was a truly talk about the foster by your lexical, with the meeting on the today. but i will see you around the 11 with the solid all these for the study time we la jane the bay lot given the poverty and elaborate these are the see,
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but i say in the link that i saw on odds are for some time we learned a case study and power long, no 11 with at the end of the exactly the data. so not of them and then the other, the inter i end up with that i got is just to me and also allow me the already bought of us. so the man, either me used to be 40, you know, secreted it goes up, you know, going to be honest soon i don't consider the student id and i mean, if you can afford to kick it off that kid took because he was, if you get all the show and you know, see 40 the really immune just so getting jojo, the tunnel is remodel, create anything tokens on the,
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on no votes. you come in the new d 7, so not in either the same damn or the land beat that or what a me throw them on doing a shame that best stands with and they really don't up and so on. in my own court, their law will not i got in some green i was on lay in poetry made of his fever. the bangle, i'll give him those song where year colacho soon received off at green. i'm believe you got on board of if you will. okay. well, let shame have been bought. all the load are all very love indigent when the dental got. i got it ito, the lucky them thought articles, guns that non core affinity. louis carmel shall be stuck. what i'm thought when the
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because the little louder june, they like yesterday puerto vallarta. he's emerson, i'm not used to letters that nobody school take on. i loves on a former doughty elite, but a betty elly futile de la. what are the americans like old will a greenish you cause the lot the gum? nobody still told you to that. oh so you must look at. i mean there are they are $1.00 to $50.00, dont decay and we're not on quarterly ball. ah. fewer outdoor. you millimeter made solar carol today for indoor raquel he thought you were mean to cindy, vol, nadia in florida, that was the daniel should call no. is san lucia. ah. every 3 days. a woman is kid any day. so every 3 days there is
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a family side 33 percent of women between 16 and 64 years of age, deep golf and will some kind of violence that man perpetuated against then it's family side of feminism. it depends the way you want to say, which shows the crime committee on a woman because she's a woman, saw the reason why still now women are killed when that decide to close relationship a basically and to be independent. it is because there are still manual believe women are a property for me is very simple. it's a question of power. and you are mind. you don't belong to you, you belong to me. that's it. mm. oh.
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no said i'm not. i got to see my notion, melita, leave it on our over mileage a fee. we start casa and married. oh, me. no, no, my fucked up a lot cheaper. but i mean, the lane may lay me feet long. i don't know. that's all, in fact, a for the same case, it's no problem. me. your daughter on this. he's going to show the late. i know what i mean. you know, some either monday what we saw off the top boy he lazy feet ave made you say gave him money. so calais in love
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with my band. no later, maybe i'm a car star, poco sima. paula said one, the didn't our little at. hello looney, martina misquoted telephony casa mother's phone that i had. alas, no rocky. are you tavar mama, any be say, the korea didn't them into casa picky. noticed a lot would have even only t lotto. i don't have to wound any chatter. sincerely the liberal she really greta for. he saw no. she thought for re in there in service as co, tara, a, cynthia, val level should in checking re the have a salvador in us for me start a rush for me. sorry. sure. oh sure. oh, sure. oh
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oh oh, it will be on p. colo benefit. pre son, can he stand up, you know, the song, whatever appealing to being the song where call? no telephone any mano, it does show up out. she is her mom. mark on costello tragedy for me. the artist ammonia cover the t z and the willingness. molly darma coke, that you call new juicy cocos and his son. jade jasa consumer portfolio. 1313 on south york. you did for you could be called the local. yep. been, i think we, on, i'm samar uradano, a mortality coming to quasi. so we don't say valerie smith, any infected al doable. whoever evil, lavish abdominal visual am will answer a famous woman. rather, a tv hello, who never made the switches or cars are the same to coming to real apartment or travel or the 3. so you say i kid, she's only for there. if you don't, you broke,
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we need just a bonus, a banner. but a commodity is a loading salvador, a channel do not hear shutter speed. i. he also can call me drop one of those. what lou gerald, he says up there or so come to they would love for up with him if you go august. i mean it really does was salvador. did you include mommy? when the whispering has fail, update her, a lay so tender when we stand, and what about it? and they have me still here. suddenly i vandal me. even though level see been either these either me or surrender the so we see the or your thought up with all of the chill game could in the now a law, me marley and lannie miley law. suddenly carlson does a port a lab. yes. like a sub lease or yeah. for a sudden now. so out the desire to plot bentley laboratories a most c. yes. for paddle up a late one double un was sub in. gina add up the same thing and kidney
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mama, k europa young bradshaw. and they're able to say that again, bum b, a cheap way, and me, mom, i did the shave, a bundled up last how much south said my lord is, i'm not all, not city. the legacy i to read knows in the dummy that i see needs to live each a main de la city manager to see her when she journey to, to your body will that will amount to, to give will that in i ought or luckily credit amended. she shall a little that doesn't the saudi contrib, bandini, contrib. i got see a carry go the last for us. right? like an on trip 2 or 3 or 5. ok, mama, that will job. not us will be to be done. it is solely bare money at this little dinner for me, and you don't buffle inside whatever, some of the jane and pa, so she but we're both here. were some interesting
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ah, ah ah, ah no paula. he was at demonica a though grierson, but i'm going to go, this isn't an under beta. he managed to sort of got a ticket on there, sammy thought equally. it's sort of like goes again. no, no, i'm not up there fit. i mean the 2nd, the piano when i said us double in it sounded barstow, you know, spit alo. yes. so the late dog here, same door that they sagal man, this seminar, a bland or a copy just to be a do you know anybody's mom said about allah. a queen nissan. that has to be toyota . god look at least another pre la equal number. okay. the what a pass code in mckinney
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on content, all our units been added up here on a spread out us called seed with a journal era. most of civil argee or i meant it if you can't, louder, stately throughout the balance. it was that was that you've been equal the beat up a bill, but for to a lot do you use that? i got never got the, the learned about them. and because that they're so nice and regulated yet a know itself k equal, they know. can you give are, can danielson promoting market on the topic was eaten in a leap. i can get the preschool don't idea about any fruita. a kid who has been started to run tele jermarta. i did it, do it on a browser quality, laterally. dear there at the new year, a sort of sponsor benita is defi show,
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but that's where i guess you defend, defend ok. normally will cheater a she said it be a fair model. she could, i mean, i could boys with a subtle model allow that with, you know, she would h, a leisure appreciation. rather i, michelle will see the fact issue. yes, i go on novel sit down. ah love you to the pointed he started at the me for to swallow. nay. status of his foot saying no, no start. i'm your visa or denise, those are better. meg quanto, the tim i got the persona in control. so probably super mom and kendra barry, know somebody is a barely donna, kim, super people are going out and out of each of them. problem hamilton,
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pico bell, se, se pants that will tell if there are 2 actual telling me to the g. i to tell a story be done in he's in the sun. amelia daniel is valid because they come in shipping the people, when does he come inside the dallas? he does. it took us in a few minutes. ginger. sing, clean act. well, get calls and they le, possibility that they have it made up of the battery that they're up off the respite. darzy li, building what is changing and easily apart from the fact that for example, more essence is used. so different practices. there are 2 other things that we can say from the salaries. the violence is more violent. now the injuries are much stronger. men are not only meeting them, but they're making them very hot violence. men are younger and women that are in violence situation or that are killed by their partner, ex partner, are younger, me o me
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and told me that because what i'm on to those of them i what i'm out of the future believe me was to know the we'll fit our southern bit other more. it was jordan all a scuttle. most of that is to go to my little take a little bit of back out of the my the the way to some out the but get us the other. what do i have and i was a level of you must be more common. you come to i thought from i was wondering if you got it a little by general. i laura massey, windows or mac. dia,
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a model. if you got a dot 11 after, i don't operate on the human sun, which i saw near the problem. sama been a about the gaza out. are we still full of facebook? lemme of the said the own moment. jesus, which he deal at in c. v de la garza there must yet. no gentlemen, nick, when you only live he done sought the lofty won't be windy the will will have you been to walk? y'all awarded our toy and then throw so hard for summer. he only saw interlocal lead the solo r as a pelican. if you don't want a doll, paul put on the shing, but me noted up. lenora ali was seen the got general guffy seems here. my coordinate copper they they cannot be eddie a. so the company law,
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a center massimo, piano, get, i get all those couple 40 a, your film corolla to pursue grassy john archie, separate movie the as really history. but he had to, it wasn't going to be fine with me because they were toys. so she told me to proceed with the fantasy, the path after the time from a fairly simple time to prepare for citizens been haven't been able to do. she said, well, spelled j t perceive carry the for computer digital re kayla. a lot of him will help you in and set up a shame that you might suggest in on a home incidentally and will cause a will a shelter. bedroom officially tough me when you're moving. my name is anita.
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ah ah. so i'm out. so busy, you know, i'm frequent, almost frequent on this. the scarlet and thought analyst, this squad i made. yeah. bowie bundle. buck. yeah. i see the tiny sammy. so sammy, i'm at the policy. we can only know tomorrow. it's just following the only shandy. it's awesome luca. randy so no president and lucky liberty ever leveled a emily tava. i'd buck jada really tough on kim thea. cannot you to look at it on the limit thought he put again the linen library just qual, i'm a mission when he got the was in the funded
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because my son was acting as soon as that i've been my my do not and then i'm bill goes into it properly, you know, the feeling better. we really think because of our like when we not been up and down up and that was the separate go this. i'm not, it is all your own little office will be me pneumonia, daughter, dana. i will in, in a, from the really so again, those are all perform the whole door and get us on most of us will list again. oh, nice on internal adoption of energy. free all to come back. chatty,
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but can yonah, my database? jenny, go there. matthew and me not for for their loved ones that you, sam mortality. mila said they did not go back to europe. took in toronto in load up will khaki, a lot of poorly be eval, kathy, and of the candidate marcella. quando lane da genie arnold. port arthur i la la elderly father d, a. evans to 40 k matea. i thought to woollen 30, i'm in til of ether. pre mother michaela boyer, sis they. so barbara, joel nadine did o c a d and not to thought ella fina nora bartel quasi boston either the problem or the camera is on our way out to local nailed so. normally for many t deal. a
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sense of belonging or down any street in curtail. he can feel the presence of the 20 and the everyday heroes keeping communities together. logos overs, logos uh g 0. visits at the better community. toronto, canada, where locals are fighting to maintain their identity. in the face of skyrocketing rents and gentrification, a sense of community honor jazeera, discover, a world of difference determination. i'm talking about where we need we are moving freedom. miss chap salvages anonymous, 16 people with corruption and compassion al jazeera world,
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a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. ah, we tell the untold stories. ah, we speak when others done. ah, we cover all sides no matter where it takes us. when we ophelia, sir, yeah, i am power impartial. we tell your story, we are your voice, your news, your net back out his ear. ah hello m baron jordan joe i with the headlines sharon al jazeera sh, russian president vladimir putin says the world is facing its most dangerous decades since world war 2. he accused the west of inciting the war and said he had
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no regrets over it. couldn't also deny that moscow preparing to use nuclear weapons and accused the west of using them as blackmail. he wouldn't have you raising. you were cruel korean mccord. the purpose of today's foster on nuclear threats and the possible use of nuclear weapons is very primitive. i have already said that this effort dictated by western countries there attempt to put pressure on all parts. spence in international communication include in neutral or friendly countries, ends in nothing. and they are looking for additional arguments in order to convince our friends or neutral states that we all need to stand together against russia. on the ground in ukraine, caves forces are pushing towards her son, which remains under russian control. fighting's will to intensifying in ukraine's eastern regions with russian forces shelling the city of back moot and they've done yet screeching and russia has renewed its assault on ukraine's energy infrastructure. shelling facilities across the country. ukraine now faces
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a 30 percent shortfall in electricity supplies, plunging many cities into darkness. the world is facing its 1st, truly global energy crisis. that's according to a new report by the international energy agency, prices of fuel gas and electricity are going up, driven partly by the worn ukraine and restrictions on oil exports of the world's top, but uses a 2022 world energy outlook, says the crisis may mark a historic turning point to green energy. israel and lebanon have signed a u. s. broke a deal that lays out there maritime board in the mediterranean for the 1st time. the agreement enables both countries to conduct of shore exploration for gas and oil. in uganda, at least one child has died from abolla and 5 other children, a tested positive income. paula, uganda has so far recorded a 109 cases. and 30 people have died under the people who fled their homes after violence and democratic republic of congo fighters from the m. 23 group of fort
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with the army in the east military officials say 4 civilians were killed early this week. m 23 declared a ceasefire. april, but officials said attach several army post. the group says the military's up the bottles. so those were the headlines that he's continues. he announces era after witness state you and thanks for watching bye for now. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a with ah, [000:00:00;00] a should the lorena been so look, don't the little score so on. no quando is here,
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but i said in that case we are used to the fight didn't or not the put the father not there to go? no, no, no, i'm okay. actually then saw that until dime for a sense of star b a dot com. yeah. okay. up or do the boy he in say we do it at anchor the fall, adobe gar. those in, but i run on copy of it done. tony that was a god. mm. i wrote a report corvette that got to when i was astonished to us in figure, but relative to the inside of the guns. so she was head of tourism doris interference up. we need to look down are cheese, i'm working with them and they were luanna. she didn't give them to me in print to norma. i live. yes, she already said, well don't miss out, don't call now that can we get to that and on with the switch?
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i mean, if you do the lot, anna e open, some of us do not get the get for the team will stop post or going on at us through them and reset the machine. i've got the urea chest, i mean they can use, you know, rebate the be nice to say we travel up to the 4 g. c will get full shane cream united. i'm all to the lord and what and i was too interested. he fell out, which is others who don't suddenly level to trying to get into those course. try your jackie, take with this one does, will form the contract design with soon called a local employer due to the blast alarm by the butcher liner. and you know, my pin sounds good and up with that that i'm pretty going to be off that quote and i don't wanna call other socialist bond. no, not going to match that or that he doesn't care. what about me?
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no, no, my been out of my me i shouldn't be so frightened so they let me call the clean or with the load up then i will get my ready. no love to i said i'm not as familiar with my got a call gimme a call later get i will not believe it or when it would cost would be willing to do the audio louis up to get out or to replace it. d. austin. s that it was so j. so we gave going to the sort of stuttering without the, the code on the back to the lot a lot like i was a little bit more there as 50. got so from in but sad leave i placed them out there . throw me down. it will not say the the shawnee view lane that in progress. shown
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it up after the departure as yeah, money moved the corner cows chip, full new sierra carrillo zullie the needs of the got the con, the land and one i'm most throughout all coolness, se narly the that is you be shane savage. i'm with the, at the joint believer laboratory one from delivered said lot in angus, which is who i mean, the one double your subtle throttle. tween god said it. and what did you and i'm you got, i mean, if it had been mentored with deliver scenario, list anecdotal in order to shut to get a copy. doubting. did you lady fee she lego, my glass still good. can not up there master the read actually, if i went archie adolescent, if you she limit i believe that it was to look to the clinical minch at the local dow. no fee, not merely the junior. vic, i'm in that lab. your lane said though may sticker searching. glad that been sat there. k main, k e m. if immune achieve the sonoma therapy in gwinnett billiard, the chink, little change, the respect,
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the line of credit to the there you're me see the engine allison, the minority. they did some novel 15 malackle, same per pound, the egg lekia math. in the middle, jane sat itin and the viola in sat there liquor to little dinner. so no meant that this isn't that quite a bit of chain or silly donna in garza and connie back there. so based on of your leon, st or model in not my main to you for that the plant and all those will be scandal in damping o'malley jamini k. come made, turn of your answer. so let on. there are no pro fee lol the vast. so that way look a space. so this could even on john malloy made the app known as the stair wrapped loosely nominal sonata lipitor, sol, lipsy, co, pa, to get your nail on a should t, tom t a. so not a persona k knowledge 3 is fair at the lord o. v die that his aim to so child made their profits to make that song. verizon,
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i get to play the go not molly. usually the media find always a way to blame the victim or survival. there is always the scene when in tv they speak about the family side and then the interview, the neighbor. and the neighbor always says, oh, but they were so nice, you know, but the man who keeps the woman is never portrayed as a norman. and in facility we say that this happens because we need to protect society. we need to protect the normal guys. because if we don't do we need to, we have to begin to speak about. so our normal it is not so good at the end. i
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don't know that we were going to get some of our lessons man, man, and left amelia in a nice memo. vasa, sort of a thought, i better do it yourself. it's in no matter that i don't know more about them. i'm like a balloon with us. and we citizens into the brain that a little, but i guess he got you. i get i want to saw services on you and follow. you have put them into the table for an if i fucked already flayed to know. don't get cheated out of the and also got the simpler but started sonya, the main don't generally wisdom east are you the spectrum so we don't have to go main. dina might be a little more bellas based on what i'm saying. the cradle you respect down to the mean. ah
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ah, well does, if he does a little bit or will level of with c fill up i would i be moody. see for to the 1st year, but the old always impression is just the most with no why yarelly daft. ok, i will talk if aids over the course of the song i don't go maybe in the proper care in june. still just come in as soon as possible. i regarding the the, the thing dotted, you've got a quick one on the side of sketch. i mean talk your voice. god, i hope you will if you view lane. so they did, he did the money doing up there. so now a lot.
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i spent a leon google lucas 1000 to the in the guess. so i guess would say the put the gentleman clinical 20 the lead on. could it look eob eob would on my political move to cl goes through for august, john and i would just love overall because somebody that told me she'd yoga just careful with. so she just got important there that employee uncle shared that will or donna displayed still a miss with tests. so is all a dilemma. when i put
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down they made it got sandra, a sheet, a, a,
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[000:00:00;00] a, [000:00:00;00] a, [000:00:00;00] a, [000:00:00;00] with a. but all of
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a sudden you've got double trouble with just a check that's sent to them. they will send over motor feds again like will begin, but i'll be able to get up to that if you see on the one with that machine a lot bye for give me a novel name on this. when i'm on the bus start, it will have a couple, you know, me, she does a chance switch it in the garage that comment automated down on to another on my teeth, and i will find new mighty feed on tag or i'll follow up a foster care that we the job mostly, that was the last one was credible parking lot. jeremy sonya jack at least started going to fort lauderdale. we see she's been the one that she quit. so can you give me the shit out of school?
4:47 am
see the muscles and reinforced to we guess which are doing casa while you're the only thought that was the got the larva was yes, he caught her up getting a deeper lot that could be sonya, but louder lou was meaningful, throw for general human generality, sort of saying pre populated the legal pioneer case have done little staffel. she then december, the, they have a my low pro will go out all my start when i'm, you know, yes you can or but yet my food, i mean the physician didn't, we were about being mark on the voice or leave the man. you have the last gap for fucked level to was not going to say on the road. a question them is. so they got to, she wanted to speak to in order to initiate the get it. ok. don't rescreen any dial over chunk or it was born a little more these already on my see, stay with imagine. and your answer should up, but yet got laid over a little more get level to learn more about the wanted of media room of
4:48 am
additionally the hello a put a previous job and somebody sped on is part of the same issue going that the fact that no no, no problem or the lead on and problem of the law. many, many can sandwich had thought it. like when we've answered most i'd like to, you know, know, stand on to the fuel to ah, very similar to similarly needs. so whether that is the story, amir under 2 fault, so leg google motor briefly and conduce wooster grid. look at i did learn in yada, so our over one is princess simula, one. so look at your x combined numerical beetle lane, yoko startle the liberal ferry to the season and we know that the chink we need it . but um is it of else? conductor sabina get us to load up that
4:49 am
a good me doctor. let me check it. look, a fiber led to the donor, me, campbell collado. and yoko matessa no give up at a miracle. he makes money on an immediate she, i think that a new she that a me, canada called the latter quine copy scope, fit them in the good. ok past sato it up, i would, i could get than i know g percocet alice the socket that i can knock on the lobby. still, shit, id, galera associate on kitta media, cherry big on thought that they did. if, when you come into deborah to for the 80 quarter did in another enough to my i don't get a dog at all. and the law for someone to read say they live battiata in a mora is quine. classical went on council, and that person have been voted on did, and did some will kick with us. he got a sort of dye, a viewing d, sima nautical outdoor, and up was to be done for
4:50 am
a mazda i would offer me. explain the dog bull. saddam combined, no, you all the immensity doughty during nickel, bon yosh, give me some simplicity. want of it's, you know, it was about donna ah, double was didn't de la d, new york. all of them will give you all can just and also thought is embry in jewels have beyond it, or does for mazda is dora in what caused that equals the people? oh oh, i don't want to label. i i
4:51 am
i learned i develop a lot in the process. i think around it be more kid, i'm a fan of in them in the alamo study quantity and deborah with the pure way. ah, with oh so no say going to song all quad drobek with what i love it to the song on the part to quality a plea to name if you could. what is the method of payment is i thought see, well, law did law the way to come in like yeah, like why was and you got the quasi do on completed. but being american being that they, well, they let food road the loading that focus stomachs have gone up there. they're good gladly but if reject our bike out up, what am i gotta pull it? i got sick of anger. feeling that this. yeah, 50,
4:52 am
come in to get sick or did you come in 8 subordinate amino la. your status on my men alona will do like it was good in the good that was didn't totally lose your neu ear. nobody demoss to me, or if you don't have a lot more leap as a lot, a lot by java. bravo project that much out of what a. so logic will live, i got say, equal weight, se you must have bought the la battiata packer and i a deal. but yeah, so no better may a better noise or may or going to be the owner warning, call that all beliefs assume normal bound. bella, pro fonda, so fed in for the nostril, co be, don't last are scott boy, d, a common bernard. it was the best song again or you grandma,
4:53 am
forced and then we'll make the beauty future. let them eat die. our company obligated on top of each throb that we boss or not. it won't restart if you do chases based refiled assume project idb device. so a little bit of your limpopo then left him. you she'd your the lot. i know what am i star or the get on that? have you get on the fall so startled? you don't find that loony. where to see that you may be at the mind that the she so the foot of need i disarm a law. i line most that i job on a student this i get up at all. see my loud and in my get that mind easy to read a box to love. i thought rather than your again college are lead. yep. and now he's confetti. mind thought you louder?
4:54 am
alamahood. yeah. with the the was a daily mall or a, b, y in the most money knew just see be these are for duncan, all that there was a new issue might be, you know, i mean, i mean they get forced, we're lucky soon. i get to i don't not to the farm
4:55 am
for all g w a g b a did i got one of those who try the gym? same yeah for though they var just be i jenny dory. i want to be meaningful cause they can bundle it. are they love? don't not know net j talk, no net, j me. i thought someone with
4:56 am
a levy with you guys that i got committed more then they're going to die rather than a then it it to see what i got. you know, they're not going to because he got all the time i got in on that you'd be calamity. no impact on them. you know, pretty close can look at with the one of the key addition when other persona in on jonah, no. can you think you really don't necessarily need it?
4:57 am
if you can know what your name will be, don't put me in that it will really over that he will join the market. look at the i'm going to send on ok. well, you might want to know what if you got to populate a this is not the prize. i want my daughter in old, the daughters to pay. that's not the country i want arise. are not forever. if you want to protect her, i do have to care for them every single day. you dont that you are out for emory. in the light of the open seas hides
4:58 am
a dark secret men forced to work without paying inflate for years but a glimmer of hope remain for the forgotten fisherman. as a group of activists stove deep into the illegal fishing industry, demanding justice and freedom, ghosts fleet, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah ok. finally the extremes seem to have gone from the u. s. in canada, we have got record highs or record lows, record drive, or record wet, but we got a bit of all of it now. so it's nice and dr. least is big harm. eastern side of the state attempts to come down the eastern seaboard. was that nolly breeze? further west, we've broken the drive in british columbia in washington with rain coming through. we've seen sto,
4:59 am
recently. western counted out of the rockies that with cold air combines with the moisture of from the gulf and you tend to get these big thunderstorms in texas, which we are used to sing. temperatures are excessively high, they're a bit high, a winnipeg, for example, but really we're in a transitional season and things are looking at bit more normal. whereas this is bit persistently wet. this line here of rain's, been on law for a couple of days stretching now from the virgin islands, where he's been, you're just catching puerto rican and down towards norton venezuela where it's cause flooding and landslide. and that might continue and south of that in columbia . northern brazil, heavy rains is in the forecast once again that equally can cause flooding all on site, particularly in columbia, where it's done so earlier this year. south of that and it still went through bolivia, largely drawing argentina and still quite worn santiago. but snow is all way down the chilion and these ah,
5:00 am
the united states border patrol a law enforcement agency with controversial tactics by faith. can they beat him repeatedly pay fin, emboldened by a culture of impunity? they keep doing it, knowing that they're hurting people, and cutting the full blinds, investigate secretive units accused of concealing its agents. crimes like them in black, they really don't. they don't see them. they're just there to clean up the mess to cover impunity at the border on a just either the latest news as it breaks. for many, this is a referendum on your bike and the 1st 2 years in the white house and the holes as to be believed. it wouldn't be good news for the democrats. we detailed coverage to where it says the flood that level find it's receiving. but that's not the only concern here from around the world,


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