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used of concealing its agents crimes like the men in black. they really don't. you don't see them that they're just there to clean up the mess to cover impunity at the border on a just either the latest news as it breaks. for many, this is a referendum on your bike in the 1st 2 years in the white house and of the polls us to be believe it wouldn't be good news for the democrats. we detailed coverage to where it says the flood people find it's worth it, but that's not the only concern here from around the world. but the situation is far from stable in this region. and ukrainian military forces are saying that they're dealing with a potential renewed russian evolved. ah, russia as president says he has no intention of using nuclear weapons in ukraine despite area warnings, he'd use all means if his country was threatened. ah,
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hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera la you from de also coming up is right. i'm lebanon, sign on historic deal defining that maritime border paving. the way for oil and gas exploration. reports in on mosque has bought twitter and already fired some of the social media. john's top executives, how and how to handle a fun frenzy. we look at security preparations, the footballs will come. russian president vladimir putin says the world is facing its most dangerous decades since world war 2. in a long address, he accused the west of inciting to warn ukraine and says he has no regrets. he denies moscow's preparing to use nuclear weapons, despite raising the prospect in earlier comments. meanwhile, russia has suffered setbacks on the battlefield in recent weeks,
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ukrainian forces are pushing towards the strategic city of her son. moscow appointed authorities have fled along with more than 70000 residents. out as he was acid bag has been visiting the city of back moot, which is on the front lines and they've done yet screeching at the main interchange of baltimore. i reminder that the wrote here, i'm not safe from buildings, empty streets and no power. those who remain have little food and you can't afford to leave and thank you. only stays so she can take care of her dogs. she feels abandoned. when you come, when you move in, people under the rebel screaming for help for 5 days, nobody needs us. never before and not even now that's the truth. few people remain here. the rubbish is piling up and the playgrounds wants full of children and thou empty. for most it's too dangerous to be outside. and to escape the shelves and rockets, they live under ground tracking. whatever you get them off as well. yes,
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we don't have water and heating, but we have a basement where we live. despite the hot ships, she's happy to be with her granddaughter. others are angry. got sir. j doesn't blame the russians, but his own government is that the worst it will do the fun, the death? yes, i will hang our government on the lamp post. i can understand why we can't give us electricity in donetta. it's 8 years of war and they have electricity, though he doesn't say he is pro russian, but he doesn't linked the russian invasion and he's living conditions. shops are closed after being damaged by selling. and people are angry. you might, at this market, people shout at us to leave. others say they will have a shot argument. they blame reports by journalists for enabling attacks by russian forces. for those that remain here, the situation has really deteriorated of the last few months. this town continued to be a battlefield ukrainian forces still holding on to it. but for the russians. not
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far out. i said vague. i'll just sarah blackmore, vladimir putin says, western countries. i'm taking risks, supporting ukraine, the presidents. but for more than 3 and a half hours, arguing the air of western dominance in global affairs is ending. he says he has no regrets about launching the war and rushes just trying to defend its right to exist . listen, i need them to get us to world domination is what the son called west based on and it's game, but then gamers without a doubt dangerous, bloody. and i would say sophie, one, it's a game that denies the sovereignty of countries and nations, the distinctiveness and uniqueness, in disregarding the interests of other states, put an offer to the west of using nuclear weapons of blackmail. he wouldn't use new ways vocal create and the purpose of today's fuss are on nuclear threats. and the possible use of nuclear weapons is very primitive. i have already said that this effort dictated by western countries are tempt to put pressure on old participants
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. in international communication include neutral or friendly countries, ends in nothing. and they are looking for additional arguments in order to convince our friends or neutral state that we all need to stand together against russia. what some green is from the center for european policy analysis. he says putin's comments may so more confusion internationally. i think that he's had a failure with alice's on the west from the very beginning of this one type from the beginning of his intervention. ukraine. back in 2014, we go to the annexation of of crimea. he did not expect sanctions to last very long . deny, expecting to be very robust and he expected that he would be able to split the west or with this a, with this war, as well, of in part by ramping up energy pressure and financial economic pressure on, on your, by trying to mobilize maybe someone with allies around the world, particularly in, in, in parts of europe where he has had them to think about the flex scone and in italy
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. and none of this is really come to, to anything in particular. and so he does, i think continually try to look for ways to, to, to, to insert himself the height of all things. i think it's why we see this rhetoric that really does go in multiple directions at the same time. see, he has to be experimentally doesn't really know what's going to work. most of the things that he thought were going to work, we haven't paid all. i think we can expect this rhetoric around nuclear weapons to continue to be very difficult to interpret. and again, i think that is the, that is the purpose of it. he was certainly western military planners and societies, frankly, to be very nervous about what might come in to make it difficult for us to make decisions about how western governments this is. mike, can you just support your brain? he wants people to be to be nervous, but equal. he doesn't want to galvanize the western world in the international community. more broadly, i could of the indians who have expressed concern about where this war is going.
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he doesn't want to galvanized people into into action against him. so he, he wants to both sound kinda threatening, but, but not to belligerent. at the same time, it's very different or very difficult line to walk. russia has renewed its assault on ukraine's energy and infrastructure selling facilities across the country. ukraine now faces a 30 percent shortfall in electricity supplies, plunging many cities into darkness. authority say keep master pay for emergency outages indefinitely. mama jam june, that's more from a capital key. the latest round of attacks on energy infrastructure in the key region. local officials are warning that they're going to be more restrictions put on the usage of power in the central parts of this country. that includes the key region where we are, we're in keith city, that's the capital of the country. it also includes regions like sharon, a heave and storm here. now because of what happened, you are seeing more power outages in cities like this in keep,
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that's why this part of the city is so dark right now. the streetlights were typically beyond, they are not, most of the buildings are in darkness. most of the sidewalks are in darkness. there are some restaurants, some cafe, some shops that are hooked up to generators because of that you are see some light, but it is very, very dark where we are right now. and that is worrying people because temperatures are dropping because winter is approaching. they're worried about what's going to happen next. what local officials are saying now is that they should expect citizens, residents of this city should expect that there could be power outages. the last for more than 4 hours a day, israel and lebanon, i've signed a u. s. broke a deal. that for the 1st time, lays out that maritime board and the mediterranean sea enables both countries to conduct offshore exploration for oil and gas. santa had a report from southern lebanon lines in the sea, have been drawn as being described as a landmark agreement between countries,
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technically, in a state of war, lebanon, and israel didn't engage directly in the process. it involved years of negotiations mediated by the united states. that's given both countries guarantees, if either challenges the agreements a historic day in the region of securing showing what's possible under these circumstances, to achieve an agreement that creates hope and economic opportunity and stability for on both sides of the border. there was no formal ceremony to mark the agreement behind closed doors. the delegation signed separate documents, which were then given to the united nations. the deal is based on what is known as line 23 gaz from a prospective field called connor will go to lebanon. but since a part of it lies outside the demarcation line, israel will be given a share of any profits. while the korea gas field will remain within israel's
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waters and extraction has already started. this allows israel to increase its potential to export gas to europe, where there is a rising demand triggered by russia's invasion of ukraine. this has provided a catalyst and the bush and the momentum for this agreement to happen, specifically because europe is working on reconfiguring its energy security away from its dependence on russian oil and gas hydrocarbon agenda. energy production in the eastern mediterranean has been growing as israel, egypt. jordan and cyprus have worked together. you look for proximity, you look for accessibility among many other things and so far of the east med geographically position as it's is, is proving to be that accessible quality door to europe. so they can start getting guys, getting guys out of lebanon will take time. the deal enables international companies to begin exploration, which could help lebanon with its crippling economic crisis. for 11 on this is
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about the economy. it insists the deal does not signify any form of normalization, nor is it a peace treaty for israel is about security guarantees. and in the words of the prime minister year le pete, a political achievement through which lebanon defacto recognizes israel has the law which was towards israel rejected those claims. but since the start of the negotiations, the iranian backed group adopted with many calls, a pragmatic approach. it is the most powerful political and military force in lebanon, and the states would need its stamp of approval, national. he has the law not to do his but considers what happened in the maritime border. demarkation agreement, a great victory for 11 on the people and the resistance. the agreement may be limited to the maritime border, but the us administration sees it differently. president joe biden says it will harness vital new energy resources for the world said there as, as ita. now,
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quarter, so there lebanon out there has been his methods on the other side of the border with the israeli perspective. after decades of hostility in israel, this is being viewed as a significant diplomatic departure in relations with lebanon. israel views this as good for its security along the northern border, reducing the risk of potential conflict with iraq backed group has been. busy and as the prime minister has also said, it's not every day that an enemy country recognizes the state of israel in a written agreement in full view of the international community. israel's already started exploiting one of those gas fields named in the maritime agreement out there is pumping has been pumping gas in the last 24 hours. so it's already enjoying the economic benefits. lot of attention from israeli media. busy on this meeting to day compared to the fairly low key event,
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as was shown from the lebanese side. but the israel is here making a lot of this agreement. let's not have to come here now. does air including a virus that can be fatal for children, is putting more strain on the us health care system. and that this information was the fight to keep it factual in the run up to brazil's presidential one of one thing. and tisha patient is rise. if and so is the atmosphere a you read in the way sponsored by kettle aways, as october comes to a close. so the weather finally loses its grip on the excessive heat. in southern china, we've got some cloud and rain, which is an indication that things aren't going to be sunny and warm for the most part. this is by how it should look really at some times during october. and that's true if you go further east as well, follow up towards japan,
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and the onshore breeze means i'll be shower coming on to the north coast of hong shoot more significant rain, maybe in parts of hawkeye, doing it into snow eastern siberia is getting cold though it's not excessively cold . in fact, you limited average around about 7 degrees or so, so we're back where we should be. and snow is on its way. nice to see things not extreme, is it not south of that as the rains retreats, they tend to generate tropical storms. and here's one on its way slowly towards the philippines. first, the central them pop probably lose on might briefly get them up to typhoon strength . that rain will be its problem, which is not the case any, the rain is more or less a subpoena. yes, this some in entrepreneur dash. but for the most part, it's now dry and you know what happens at this time of year when the wind stopped blowing, trapped under increasingly oppressive weather. air quality drops new delhi and low to with sponsored by categories. in these turbulent times, up front returns for
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a new season, join me, mark them on hill as we take on the big issue. they are literally being turned back . how is this not a contravention of international law? this is exactly the place for us to interrogate people about issue that matter from the state of democracy around the world to the struggles faced by the under representing those voices have to be brought to the table. they have the matter. we have to start to talk about the see here. we will challenge the conventional with one out to 0. lou. ah, welcome back. a quick reminder at the top stories here, this, our russian president vladimir putin says the world is facing its most dangerous decades since world war 2. speaking in moscow,
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he accused the west of inciting the war and that he had no regrets about it. and russia has renewed its assault on ukraine's energy infrastructure. shelling facilities across the country. ukraine faces a 30 percent short fallen electricity supplies. many cities are suffering power cups. and israel and lebanon have signed a u. s. broke a deal that lays out their maritime board in the mediterranean sea for the 1st time . the agreement enables both countries to conduct offshore exploration for oil and gas. us media reporting that ellen must has taken control of twitter, must cut until friday to completely $44000000000.00 deal. he signed in april, but then try to back out of it. report say to at his chief, executive and chief financial officer are no longer with a company with wilson. jordan joins us live now from washington, dc, rasa. there's been a lot of bad blood between ellen musk on twitter over this deal. well, more details do we now know, well, we don't know yet,
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which banks arrow underwriting this deal, which i e on most cat until friday at 5 pm to consummate as it were. apparently at 6 30 pm local time in san francisco. the a new owner of twitter did dismiss the c e o, the chief financial officer, the chief legal counsel, and the woman in charge of legal standards. she was the person who persuaded the previous owner of twitter to essentially kick donald trump off twitter and not allow him to participate in the social platform in any form or fashion. of course, a lot must, has said that he would allow donald trump to rejoin twitter in the spirit of free speech, which is a, a protected constitutional right. but we're also talking about a business and no business has a constitutional right to let any potential consumer actually be on the platform. now since this news broke in the last 90 minutes, there's been
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a lot of back and forth on the social media platform about whether people should stay and contribute or whether they should leave. especially if donald trump is allowed to rejoin the platform. but certainly given that for ellen musk, this is ultimately a business deal. there is some consideration for people leaving because that would mean fewer eyeballs for advertisers who have taken to twitter as a prime way of reaching out to new customers. i charles jordan live for stay in washington dc. ross. thank now doctors in the us are dealing with a surge and young children the hospital with a virus known as r s t v. symptoms a mild and most adults, but for babies and older people, it can be fatal and coupled with cobra. 19 on the flu, the health care system is once again under strain. audio capital report. this 2 month old boy named rider is among the wave of children filling american hospitals
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to be treated for r. s. v. terrifying. the serious illness. you know, with them being this young kid doesn't have an immune system to fight it off. rsv is most dangerous to young babies and older adults. symptoms include lethargic and breathing problems. they don't want to feel they don't want to drink. they really don't want to do anything else. they won't even sleep because they're having such a tough time breathing. the u. s. department of health and human services reports nearly 3 quarters of pediatric. hospital beds are currently full. r s t v co bid and an unusually early influenza season have combined to form. would some doctors call a try demick, the sheer volume in the the impact in terms of outstripping the health care systems ability to care for? i think you're seeing a tidal waves sweeping across this country right now. children's emergency room staff say they are overwhelmed with patients at the virginia high school. i saw
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1000 student absences last week. that's half the student body due to illness. it's very troubling because everyone's getting sick, and she just had coven summer for the doctor. say, as people dropped cobit 19 precautions they become more vulnerable to the other diseases, r. v is also transmitted through coughs, sneezes and contaminated surfaces. president biden says, following his lead to get an updated covered booster vaccine will help ease the strain on hospitals. but more than 10 percent of americans who qualify have done so about $350.00 people continued to die from covey in the us each day. while ours v deaths are far more rare at about 40 a day, doctors are worried about a difficult winter ahead. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera washington. brazil's electoral court has been busy dealing with a surgeon disinformation the head of some those type presidential runoff. teams of
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fact checkers are working to verify or debunk social media posts, but the sheer volume means is on to keep ahead of the fake news. our latin america editors here, newman reports from south poly social network, hungry brazilians are being targeted with disinformation. some of it to ludicrous to believe. and yet many people do wanting from claims that incumbent candidate, jade bull sonata and his rival lula. da silva, have made packs with the devil and satanic cults. to unsubstantiated claims that bull sonata is a pedophile, and that lula has where did churches to be burned down. fact checkers and brazil can't keep up with you from a condo rover. a nation wide coalition of investigative journalists is fighting this information and helping brazil's electoral court identify it from it. i remember another montage uses an unidentified voice to say that lula ordered this
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boat destroyed because the owners hadn't voted for him in the 1st round by her. this one uses an old interview with bull sonata taken out of context to claim that he's a cannibal with the electoral court has banned at least $500.00 social media posts for quote, knowingly sharing and distributing untrue or gravely de contextualized information . those are not on this day alone. fact checkers here are analyzing 1600 dubious tick tock, postings. my think what thank you, does akin essay. least it's important to say that while there's more disinformation spread from the pulse, narrow camp, that is dis information on both sides. indeed, both sides are playing dirty. spreading this information into just about every household. luna has been struggling to shake the social media slander campaign claiming he's a drug trafficker. this after a recording of a leader of south america's largest drug cartel, the p. c. c was leaked,
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suggesting he supported lulu's campaigns before our request for clarification from lawyers representing leaders of the p. c. c. were denied, but sources that are close to the criminal syndicates tell us that they don't pick sides during national elections, only local ones. as to the video, it turned out to be from 2019 and was clearly manipulated. and so the electoral court ordered that it be removed, but only after it had spread like wildfire. also now to supporters or accusing the electoral court, judges of censorship. but disinformation expert alexander, by check or disagrees. they're trying to, to actually fight against this in my view, this harmful phenomenon. because this information could actually not only influence voters but can actually lead us true. and it's also foulness why violence,
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the has already shown its ugly face. while this information fuels the most polarized election campaign in brazil's history see and human al jazeera so follow some of the people have said their homes out of violence in the democratic republic of congo fighters from the m 23 group, a fort with the army and the eastern part of the country, military officials say 4 people were killed early this week. m $23.00 declared a sci fi in april, but official say it attacked several military posts. the groups leaders say the army spot, the violence. it's been a year of unprecedented climate disasters and now a new report shows the window is rapidly closing to counter the worst effects of a warming planet. and it finds an urgent transformation of our lifestyles is the only option our environment and it's an cloth for pals. this is the latest un emissions gap report. it's called the closing window, and it makes for uncomfortable reading to say the least. it shows the gap between
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where we need to be in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and where we actually are right now. the temperature has increased by around 1 point, one degrees celsius. since pre industrial times, the paris agreements goal is to keep the temperature right. so ideally, no more than one and a half degrees celsius, but we're not even close. current national commitments to scale back fossil fuels leave is hurtling to at least 2.4 degrees celsius in cold scientific terms. this report tells us what nature has been telling us all year through floods, through fuzz, and through storms, that we're in deep trouble. and we're moving from a situation of the climate crisis rapidly to the situation of climate catastrophe averages the area to increase in temperature. so it will a rate increase in temperature $2.00 degrees. that could mean for even more increase in parts of africa. so it's going to have huge implications. and then at
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the very, i mean, really distributed around the world. and they will affect the people that are the course and the most vulnerable the most. now the report says to get on track, we need to reform the global economy from food systems to electricity supply from construction to transport. we need a total reset as fast as possible, but somehow that has to be done without leaving developing nations behind. we're not responsible in any way for any of this. developing nations have not caused this problem that they're gonna have to be part of the solution. if we want to keep the past agreement and temperature alive, because even if developed nations to restore it really has been causing this problem even that they reduce them, which is to syria tomorrow. that wouldn't be sufficient. so we basically need to get all countries on board of this and to do so with choir and new, a new way of thinking. of course, there are some signs of progress, for example,
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more and more renewable energy is coming on line every day. but it's not enough. and rich nations need to step up before the window of opportunity slam shop the world is facing its 1st, truly global energy crisis. that's according to a new report by the international energy agency, prices of fuel, gas and electricity are going up, driven partly by the war and ukraine and restrictions on oil exports by the world's top producers. in 2022 world energy outlook also says that the crisis may mark a historic turning point to green energy. ah, security for footballs, world cup has been put to the test category, forces of taken pause and exercises, including loudy fans, protest as suspect packages, and even the hijacked vehicles. a solid been j reports. i watching
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a crowd ahead of the world. but being the security officers thinking part in the it's a sides holding weapons, which means nation narrowed halbens of civilian and military officials from potter and 13 other countries are doing the final stress tests a joint cut the turkish unit is responding to a bomb threat. if the match continues inside the are pulling out all the stops to prepare for any eventuality. all the while there will be charged crowds inside and outside the stadium. and among them, a few troublemakers, drunken disorderly behavior, ah, and hooliganism concerns authority at football game. just as good with would be rowdy, and that is what security forces you are preparing for. how to handle those people
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and what to do with them. people want to know, how will the security forces respond? somebody who's making trouble on the streets or even to beat them up, are you going to do for them? what will you do? every one is will come and he'll into what we are looking for is to show respect to all of culture and to tradition. we are here in this, what's an exercise to overcome any scenarios in this case, to make sure that everyone is safe and secure and best in our country and to reach the goal. a unique tournament ever. in addition to the 11 ministry, the other military insecurity, experts from pakistan, saudi arabia, jordan to wait, france, germany, poland, italy, spain, the u. s. the u. k, and turkey are involved for those who don't speak english, translators will ensure smooth coordination. ah, there are scenarios where buses are being hijacked, protests are happening,
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riots are happening, some bombs are exploding anti drone operators. so it's all happening as if it was a real life scenario during the tournament. one of the most secure locations here in carter, this is the command and control center where all the action is taking place. experts from cybersecurity to transport, to, and to terrorism are all stationed here. and this is as close as it gets to the real thing. just head of the world cup is more than a 1000000 people are expected to arrive for the world cup. the message from the tournament security committee is that fans should feel safe with their families and friends, and people looking to cause trouble could expect a well prepared security contingent job without the 0 at the national command center at all. it is of course on our website. barrett is on his screen. the address out his era dot com ah.


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