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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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expressing or the design and ours and to the pieces that they will use every day. established design is have also being on a woke up journey. blackish maralie started work on this project 3 years ago and has created the range with the traditional cattery cultural feel the design for use at folk 6 months with the many regions, some a pools from, from free for to the top management and gutter. and we tried to create a culture range, which is actually a legacy merchandise because august merchandise will be used and will be shared after the world proposal with organizers are hoping for a colorful and vibrant wool cup and our sentiment is reflected in all the items pants will take away from the tournament fan homage. all jazeera doe ha.
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ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories is 45 people have died in the philippines. a storm luxury hit, the region. flash floods and mud slides have devastated several communities of thousands have been moved to shelters. u. s. house beacon, nancy pelosi husband has had surgery after being attacked inside their home in san francisco. suspect is believed have shouted, where is nancy before beating 82 year old, poor pelosi with a hammer. brazil she presidential candidates held their final tv debate president variables. nora challenger louis ignacio lulu de silva, go into an election run off on sunday. south africa is holding out official state coronation of the zulu king misty zulu. because where latino is the leader of the largest ethnic group in the country is formerly acknowledging the zulu monarch who was fast crowned in a traditional ceremony. in august,
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the bitter miller has moved from devon yar, exhibiting a recall of recognition from president saddam opposed to some points in these proceedings. they have begun a national anthem as well as a new thing. thousands of people have come out and they're excited about the vista, the, to use. it's the 1st time. oh, would be a part of their nation. i suppose. one in more than a president of south africa, ukraine's president says 4000000 people have been left without power as russia continued. it's a tax on energy facilities. the capital region has been warned of unprecedented
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power cuts. thousands of people in haiti are falling sick with cholera and the outbreak is spreading fast. least 40 people have died so far. okay, they see headlines and he's continues here on al jazeera, coming up next inside story. ah, a maritime deal between israel and lebanon is now in force in tel aviv, at seen by some as a de facto recognition of israel in bay root. it's described as purely technical. so what are the political security on the economic implications?
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this isn't side story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm daddy and abigail, israel and lebanon, have signed an agreement laying out their maritime borders for the 1st time. the us broker deal will enable both countries to explore for gas and oil offshore, and with elections only days away. israel's prime minister ariel apiece has called it a major political achievement. he says the deal amounts to bay roots recognizing israel, but lebanon describes it as a technical agreement that could eventually lift the country out of its economic crisis. zayna hud has this reports from southern lebanon lines in the sea have been drawn as being described as a landmark agreement between countries,
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technically, in a state of lebanon. and israel didn't engage directly in the process. it involved years of negotiations mediated by the united states. that's given both countries guarantees, if either challenges the agreements a historic day in the region of securing showing what's possible under these circumstances, to achieve an agreement that creates hope and economic opportunity and stability for on both sides of the border. there was no formal ceremony to mark the agreement behind closed doors. the delegation signed separate documents, which were then given to the united nations. the deal is based on what is known as line 23 gaz from a prospective field called connor will go to lebanon. but since a part of it lies outside the demarcation line, israel will be given a share of any profits. while the korean gas field will remain within israel's
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waters and extraction has already started. this allows israel to increase its potential to export gas to europe, where there is a rising demand triggered by russia's invasion of ukraine. energy production in the eastern mediterranean has been growing as israel, egypt. jordan and cyprus have worked together. you look for proximity, you look for accessibility among many other things, and so far, the east med geographically positioned as it is, is proving to be that accessible quality door to europe. so they can start getting guys, getting guys out of lebanon will take time. the deal enables international companies to begin exploration, which could help lebanon with its crippling economic crisis. for 11 on this is about the economy. it insists the deal does not signify any form of normalization, nor is it a peace treaty. for israel, it's about security guarantees. and in the words of the prime minister,
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your la pete, a political achievement through which levon on the fact recognizes israel has the law which towards israel rejected those claims. but since the start of the negotiations, the iranian backed group adopted with many calls, a pragmatic approach. it is the most powerful political and military force in lebanon. and the state would need its stamp of approval, national. he has the law not to do his but considers what happened in the maritime borders. demarkation agreement, a great victory for 11 on the people and the resistance. the agreement may be limited to the maritime border, but the us administration sees it differently. president joe biden says it will harness vital new energy resources for the world said there was ita, nikita southern lebanon the so let's, i'll bring in our guest, joining us from beta. ruth. 9 solemn, who's
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a professor for international affairs and diplomacy and not for them? university and 11 on from tel aviv jonathan reinhold had of the department of political studies a bar line university. and joining us from paris we happen to be a hoodie, a former us diplomat. thanks so much for your time with us on inside story and i'll be hoody and parents over to you 1st. so the lebanese side has been clear as we've been hearing. this is not a deal that marks normalization, but rather a deal that allows both countries to move forward in terms of gas exploration. but before we get into the political implications of all of this, i'd like to get your take on the deal itself and whether you see any sticking points going forward. i think the deal itself was quite a success feather in the cap of mister hawk seen both sides are determined to respect and to implement the agreement. so on that level there is a fair amount of pragmatism. and the idea that this will last regardless of
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who is elected and israel, or in lebanon, is because of the legal language in the agreement that by and the governments. i think every hide involved, the 3 sides mainly expect this agreement to hold. ok, jonathan, do you foresee any challenges in implementing this agreement and sustaining it in good faith? i don't think so. i bet course the broader conflict between his rhetoric his ball are remains but ah, while the opposition leader benjamin netanyahu did initially asked stated that he wouldn't see disagreement as binding. given the agreement popularity in israel with the public. he's now back tracked on and it's past the cabinet will pass the class set and i don't see any problems on the israeli side. and the fact that it's
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underwritten by american mediation and promises to both sides only strengthens um. ready likelihood that it will remain intact. alright, and i am over and by route, i mean both sides portraying this is a victory. what does the lebanese side down to gain in your opinion? from, from the perspective of lebanon and particulars, other venues, government. this is a major milestone and major achievement. 11 on we have been prevented, literally prevented from exploring for oil and gas since the 1960s. and now, after many years of hard work, diplomatically this agreement came as a breakthrough. and there are some development which have help. ironically, the russian invasion of ukraine. and the whole co condoms that have sprung up
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out of this invasion in europe and the west against russia. and the cutting of oil and gas supplies from russia to europe has created a big k off energy k off in europe. so suddenly, the europe and nicer states saw that it is in their interest to find a term at the for russia gas, natural gas pro provide as the europe before, does water, which was begun on january 24 of this year. right. about 150000000000000000 cubic meters per year. and now it has gone down to less than 40 cubic 40000000 cubic meter per year. and ok, let me just jump in there for the sake of time. now i am solomon stick with you for
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one more question on the politics of all of this because as we've been hearing the, the israeli prime minister year, and he has calling the deal with tremendous achievement. and basically saying that lebanon has now defacto recognized israel. the lebanese, of course, deny this lebanese president, saying this does not constitute a peace agreement with israel, saying that this is purely technical. how is this going to play out in lebanon with the lebanese focusing on the technical side and economic side? while the israelis are saying this is de facto recognition? in reality, this agreement is a purely technical agreement, but nevertheless, it has a political under strategic implication in that medium and long run. technically, this agreement does not have a political dimension. it has technical dimension aiming at clarifying the border medication line, which came to be lines are so called a line at 123,
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north of line line 123 has been recognized by israel as entirely for lebanon and south offline. 123 was recognized. by lebanon, as is, right. so this is a major, major milestone for $411.00 on that is right. it has recognised that it's right. and it's border and more importantly, the rise of lebanon to explore and expect the oil and gas from its rhetoric water the previous days that we're on with prohibition, right? put on us by israel, from, from exploding for natural gas or oil. this has been end of now. this for us for, for 11 on 11 is definitely this is a major victory. and then b r s. and let me jump in there and bring in hoodie from paris. we heard from the leader of the say it has an us who also said the lebanese government had been very
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careful to ensure that negotiations and the protocols had no hint of quote normalization. with israel. in your opinion, do you think it was a difficult balancing act? for lebanon, to strike a balance, a while negotiating this deal, because of course, they have a decade long, a dispute with israel, and they've been unable to tap into the offshore energy resources. i are only at a very difficult time, politically, lebanon, all 3 presidents, which means all major factions 11 agreed that this is a good deal and did not put any spokes in the wheels of the negotiations. as they neared a critical end. ah, from a it's understandable that mr. b will use this politically says advantage with an election coming up. but ah, a cold,
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sober analysis plus really the american point of view of mr. hocksey, and never doubted from the beginning that this is about oil and gas. from the american president's point of view. this is about economics. this is about avoiding a war in the region, which would disrupt oil and gas, not only from israel, which is going to supply a fair amount of it to europe, but also potentially endangers gas and oil from egypt, from cyprus, nobody wanted to see all these rockets flying about that part of the mediterranean, but i don't think there were any illusions in washington or with mister hawks, seen that this is anything else other than gaz oil and economics. i, jonathan, i'm going to bring you in in just a moment. but 1st, let me just do one follow up questions with you and abby, who are you say that for, for the u. s. president, this is about economics,
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but here's what biden actually did say. he said that lebanon, as an israel had not only agreed on a provisional maritime separation line, but also have established a permanent maritime boundary. what do you read into that statement? and do you think that the u. s. is going to try to continue to build on this going forward again, politically for mr. why then it serves to what the best political face possible on this. but i look at mister hochstein was asked in talk that he had with the merican lebanese task force. ah, as the agreement concluded, now that you have done this, why don't you go back and fix the land borders between israel and lebanon? and he laughed. he chuckled. he said, thank you very much, but i do have a full time job to go back to ah, there ah, at this point,
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the basic problems between lebanon and israel are all still there. and they are still dangerous to draw a line in water is not the same as drawing a lion on land in, in water, most folders, maritime borders are negotiated. there is no fast rule about them. and so the fact that the 2 sides were pragmatic enough to negotiate and conclude an agreement permanent or not. it does not change anything on the ground, right? the relationship between has reyland is below syria, mainly the relationship between israel and the palestinians. it's in an uproar in jerusalem on the west bank. all that is dangerous stuff and lebanon is very much in the thick of it. okay, and jonathan and tel aviv. so as we've been saying, israel, of course is holding upcoming elections on and november 1st. and the prime minister
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has a made comment saying that it's not every day an enemy country recognizes the state of israel in a written agreement. is this really how it is really officials are seeing there's jonathan or are they just making these comments ahead of the upcoming elections? and this has been turned into a political issue in television. i think 1st of all, we have to recognize that this is a little bit more than a technical agreement without b r de facto recognition of the state of israel, or a stat towards peace. and the reason we can say more than that technical agreement is because lebanon asked for the line, the borderline maritime borders. to be reflecting the status quo i. e, it's a purely technical, temporary issue. in fact, what they in the end degree tooth was to recognize it as the international maritime . ready order not only that but was
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a letter in the most. ready important point is that where the gas is right, which is further at to see lebanon achieved most of its aims. israel's aims were on that part of the maritime bulletin that is with a 5 kilometers all the coast line. and that line runs according to line one, which was israel's line. and so for israel's point to view the agreement has very great security advantages because it's now tied israel lebanon, with the backing of the united states to an internationally recognized maritime board. and that will, of course, have implications in terms of going forward and in terms of any conflict and who's to blame and who crosses. well, do want to ask you about how that, how you think this actually makes israel more secure because those are also the comments that we're hearing out of television. but just back to my question on the
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politics behind this in israel, how much of this is a political issue ahead of these elections coming up? so i think in a secondary sense, it's a political issue in that i missed and that's on yahoo that had to be our position . one of his grades are benefits advantages and elections is that he seen is very successful in managing israel's foreign affairs with washington. with the abraham accords with the united arab emirates and bahrain and morocco. and here we see that prime minister law pit has achieved an agreement which hasn't been achieved by mister nuts and yahoo for the last 10 years. and he's achieved it on terms that the defense establishment in israel considered to be very good. and so that's for his benefit laterally. however, i doubt it will make much difference because there is ray, he's going into the election. this gas deal is relatively martin had mister
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netanyahu opposed this deal, it might have helped mister law paid. but since he has backed away from that position, since he is an avid reader of his writing polls, i think it is a marginal issue. it might help a very little bit, but the real key to his radio electron results lie completely in all the space, not, not the lebanon gas. now, inside them, we were talking about security just a moment ago. what are the security implications for this? and with lebanon? have gotten security guarantees as a result of this deal, and if so, by whom that he hello is. this agreement came about the primarily because of the pressures of the united states on israel and on lebanon. as i mentioned earlier, due to the development in europe and russia, ukraine,
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etc. all of one of these development have affected mediterranean oil and gas fields and discoveries and exploration in accelerated way. and that is now was the american policy to fasten the exploration for gas in a sort of military. and this has come to work in our interest in going on. we have benefited from that, and in fact, it will be benefiting from from that. because if this agreement didn't come about has been law, would have continued to threaten israeli, an installation in the mediterranean. and in fact, one has been sent to 3 drawn as toward ships which are exploring for oil in the case region is i really was terrified because this is very dangerous to any one missile still had said he will ship will cause
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a big problem for israel so there was there for a perfection of interest which brought about this agreement. i want to emphasize this agreement. it is a political in a way, but primarily as a technical agreement, it doesn't have much political education. previously, we have negotiated through the united nation or through the u. s. for through says in 20062000. and the year 2001 is red withdrawal from south 11 on. and those agreement didn't have political implication between lebanon on his right . and this apply on this guy, oil and gas, the market. let me just in there and bring in, because i see that you do want to comment from paris and also telling us to tell us what you think about what president are all set of lebanon. he said that this
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outlining the boundaries would prevent war with israel. in your opinion, does this make war or less likely possibility? well, it certainly makes war less likely over oil and gas and over any accident that could happen at sea. ah, since we brought in the elephant in the wrong hesper law. and everybody knew that there were a silent participant in these negotiations, silent at the table of course, but in there actually, they were not so silent. there was a pragmatism on his balance board, which was recognized by everybody was saying, look, if the lebanese government in it see presidents are satisfied with the agreement, we are fine with it. we're not going to oppose. they did have one condition which wasn't well public publicized there is a certain line that they draw which is sort of
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a perpendicular line going from not we're out at sea. they do not want to see any israeli warships heading north of that line. and this and that for them is a security question. as long as israel doesn't own any waters above that line and sent ships, then they are fine, but also from a security point of view. so ok, we're not going to have war at sea, but who's going to start the israeli airplanes from flying over lebanon? who's going to stop any skirmishes that happen on land? so the prospect of war in general is still there, right. ok, he took one element of lettering and jonathan to comment on that. i think i heard from tel aviv i think, i think is a slightly disingenuous in the sense that any time lebanon would have wanted a deal. they could have had one over the last 10 years. it was chris ball out to
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the wall because they didn't want to answer the kind of agreement that they have now. and, and the reason the that being pragmatic is the best standing in lebanon is bad. that position in syria is bad. the position of the iranian regime at home is bad. i wonder what your base all this information on though jonathan, i mean, i know it's still very difficult to look at, is demonstrations going on in to her on the left of the economy and government is in a worse situation at any time. ready anyone, remember, those are big issues. so, you know, those are big issues that the lebanese government is having to deal with as a government. let's, let's not talk about internal domestic until the end of we're just coming up to the end of the. so i just like your final thoughts on whether you think that from, from the is really perspective. uh, this makes israel more secure. we have about
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a minute or so left on the printer. okay. i think it's telling the all 3 of us agree that it takes away one potential cause. ready oh, a conflict that is not in anybody's interest. ok, and final word to it for now. human bay roots because this is important and i did want to raise this with you. we have 30 seconds left. now i'm, is it clear how lab in, on will actually manage the potential profits from these discovery? seeing, as there is a severe financial crisis in the country, the managing the potential revenues under profit. this is a very complicated issue going on. but we hope that they will be manage it in a proper way. but this agreement, anybody has achieved major outcome which is giving the right to live on to begin in earnest to explore for the oil and gas. and to begin
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producing oil and gas, which is by itself a very good at shipment, and it will come to be to materialize. the next 2 to 3 years. energies will be sending, if it's shipped to the territorial board and it is read in a matter of 2 to 3 months maximum. okay, that's boat as well for, for us to live there or in our that it or on that? no, thank you so much gentlemen. for joining us 9 found them, jonathan reinhold and bill, who do we really appreciate your time? thank you for watching. you can see the program again. any time you can visit our website, l 0 dot com for further discussion, you can go to our facebook page dot facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. during the conversation on twitter or handle is a inside story from myself and the whole team here in delphi. thanks for watching. bye bye. for now, the
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ah a stories of hope and inspiration. short documentary east from around the world. that celebrate carries and resilience. in times of turmoil. out diseases select on out is in november on a da 0 as the food cooling world's greatest tournament kicks off,
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all eyes turned to kat ha, as it prepares, the spectacle like no other old ways for new days. first nations frontline discovers how traditional knowledge is helping solve modern problems. israel holds its 5th general election in less than 4 years. will these round draw a line under its political crisis? generation football meets the inspiring players, tackling social political issues on and off the pitch. americans vote in defining mid term elections. the results could see biden and the democrats lose that congress majority november all at j 0. ah. hello, i'm emily anguish in our doe hi headquarters. these are the top stories on al jazeera . we start in the southern philippines.


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