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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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his next leader northridge monarchy, right? it's ruled by the kim family and there been 3 events with the 3rd one. we anticipate that if the current kim were to pass away, that the leadership would pass to a blood relative. now it's never been the case. it's rarely the case and i'll talk or see that you have succession go from a male to female. so the daughter is actually the chosen one. that would actually be service. i'm pretty unique moment, but still my sense is that's probably some of the political backdrop for this right decision began to show that kim has a family and that these, the people who would, would take over if, if you were to pass the ways were pointing out that you had health care in the past and he's pretty obese. obviously he's a heavy smoker and this is how his father passed away to from health crisis from his alcoholism. and so my guess is that there's some concern inside the regime that once it gets old enough, they need to walk pictures on. and so that over with us as the
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top stories on how to 0 with kick off for the 2022 football world cup less than a day away fif as president accused western critics of hypocrisy. when it comes to cutter at a pre competition news conference, johnny van tino defended the treatment of migrant workers, saying europe should not be giving what he called moral lesson. this quiz actually caring about the workers who he thought us football less. the woke up dust and to be fair to them, cut out enough as what malaysia's former prime minister medea mohammed has lost his seat as result, start trickling in for the national elections. it is 1st electoral defeat in 53 years post closed earlier on saturday. the 3 main lines is battling for power to last 2 candidate from
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a condition that by former prime minister we didn't. yes seen. he says he's one enough feet to form a government where she should not cause visited key for the 1st time since becoming the u. k prime minister and hell talks with ukrainian president wrote mizzi lensky . the u. k is promised to send more ad defenses to ukraine, including $125.00 and he aircraft guns, and technology to combat rooms. negotiators at the top $27.00 talks in egypt could be close to a breakthrough over an issue that dominated and divided this year. climate change summit. he does a considering a final deal over whether rich nations should compensate poor countries that have been hit by climate disasters. the creation of the lawson damage fund has been a sticking point. the 2 week conference leading to an extra day of negotiations run as defense, ministry says a man believe to be a congress soldier has been killed after crossing the border and shooting at random
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security forces in the rhubarb district. the democratic republic of congo cute is ronda, of supporting the m $23.00 rebel group, which has been advancing towards the colonies city of goma, sparking issue monetary and crisis render denies the accusation. does that on tuesday with us listening? first is next. what's going on at twitter? he stammered, ah, what will be left of twitter? by the time he lawn must is done with anything. whether you're coming at climate change from the global south or north, it is a challenging story to cover. an art for poetry
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saying is all over social media in iran, alabama tor ginsberg and you're at the listening post where we dig into the coverage and analyze how news gets reported. it has been less than a month now since the site known as social media is public square. twitter became one man's domain and it has not gone well for a long mosque. the billionaire has flip flopped on policy so many times that his employees don't know if they're coming or going, whether they still have a job or not, twitters users sometimes don't know what they're looking at anymore. those blue ticks that used to indicate an account was verified real, can now be bought for $8.00 a month. the upshot of putting user authentication up for sale has had advertisers pulling their money from the platform. not something twitter can afford. like so
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many other policies that mosque has come up with that one's been put on hold, but only after the damage to twitters reputation had been done with advertisers, flea, and a recession looming. our starting point this week is this question. can twitter survive the lot and really pains me to see, to their crumbling like this must clearly does not know what he's doing with. we've seen huge, huge lay offs as well as resignations over the last few weeks. and i think that's a testament to just quite how chaotic heal, in most cases, p ah mosque is showing us how vulnerable spaces that we have online and truly are when they are controlled by billionaires with, for
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a man who made his name, making electric cars. now travels on his own private jet, wants to get into space, travel and colonized. mars what's another eagle trick? but his 44000000000 dollar takeover of twitter has brought ellen mosque crashing back down to where twitters workers had that sinking feeling when musk arrived. having fought his way into an industry in which he has 0 experience, acting like he knew it all on bought spam and fake accounts must devised a simple money making solution. charge users, any user $8.00 a month for the blue tech that indicates the account is verified, what could possibly go wrong. what we saw immediately when this program watched was a wave of the internet doing what the internet does best, which is mocking the powers that be. so elan mosque has had
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a whole range of fake accounts appear in the last few weeks of impersonate detail. all of which have been bought. we've also seen organizations starting to be who'd weigh it. the biggest example of this is eli lilly is a global pharmaceutical company, was an individual, pretended to be their account, paid $8.00, to set up twitter, blame, and then said to the entire world that they would make him feel free and not knocked hundreds of millions of dollars off the shack price of the company. and that tweet stayed live on twitter with the verification mark for almost 6 hours. and it created complete chaos for customers who saw it and didn't know if it was real. his new verification system has caused brands like you, i really to say we are now removing ourselves from the twitter platform and no longer advertising. and many brands are watching and seeing what's happening to you
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. i really am saying to themselves, this might not be the best place for us to invest our dollars right now. and the revenue business at twitter is almost solely focused. 90 plus percent on advertising revenue. it's incredibly powerful to see the speed with which brands are pulling out of one of the world's largest social media platforms. must approach to twitter is essentially chaos and brands hate kill me. this story would be funny if elan mosques miss steps and the potential implications weren't so serious. the blue tick debacle is a byproduct of mosques plan, which he made clear before the take over became official, to quote, authenticate all humans. and it's like less than 24 hours from users actually to start abusing a new twitter subscription plan. the problems he tried to address, act with box spam and just information are real and have been for years. but must
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simple approach that money can buy you. verification overlooks the need that so many users have to post on social media without revealing their name for good reason victims, for instance, domestic abuse. he want to raise concerns of all their part and we'll use fake names or no name at all in order to do that. whistle blowers wanting to raise concerns about big companies. and organizations might also highlight those issues through an anonymous account and getting rid of thought impacts, not trust them, but also many people in the developing world where rules are retiring regimes, crackdown and identify people who are seen as dissidence and put them in prison. take saudi arabia as a, as an example of when the saudi government managed to infiltrate the headquarters of twitter and extract personal information of saudi dissidence that we're using twitter anonymously. and many of them where was really disappeared in jail. abdomen
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is a pan. he is a saudi activist who, because of the twitter infiltration or spy operation was unmasked than he was sentenced for 20 years, simply because he was treating and expressing himself online anonymity is incredibly important for marginalized people online. and if twitter were to lose that, it would be a huge blow to freedom of expression and the traditional role that twitter has played and the internet ecosystem. twitter is actually been one of the greatest advocates historically for the right to anonymity online. although one of mosques 1st actions when he took power, there was the fire, the woman who led that effort, ah, she was not alone. musk laid off, half of twitters workforce, roughly 4000 people. he told those who remained that to keep their jobs,
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they would have to opt in to long hours and hard core working conditions. when not enough did he closed the company's offices. locking his staff wrote the brief range so far. a billionaire, the alarm marking and twitter as on waste, a wave of whom all throughout the company among those already fired. twitter is human rights specialists. it's a i f, 16 content moderators who spot and scrub toxic and dangerous content. so we contacted the companies press office, what's left of it, and musk himself tweeting him this question. how do you expect twitter to shield users from hate speech and disinformation, which the platform already struggles with. when all you have left is a skeleton status. we're still waiting for mosque to reply a. our last has sad from the beginning that he wants to her miss anderson formation
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. and he really wants to focus on the content moderation and keeping twitter a healthy place. but he has gotten rid of many of those employees and it's hard to envision a world in which twitter can continue to do a great job. when there are only $3500.00 employees left at the company. and there are over a 1000000000 tweets that are going out in a day for the majority of users of twitter who are outside of the u. s. we have been always struggling with the lack of resources that would enable twitter and other social media platforms to moderate content. a nun english languages in a speedy and critical manner hate speech and gender based violence, dis, information influence operations, smear campaigns. all of those have been happening at an increasing speed on switzer
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. and so the fact that he just went ahead and even cut down on already stressed the stuff, raises big, big red, red flags about the future of the plot of the platform. blue twitter is far from the only tech company facing tough times. the entire sector is headed for a down to and the billionaires behind big taxes are shaving costs. mark zuckerberg and mehta have laid off $11000.00 employees. amazon owned by jeff bezos. another 10 fast multiple, other platforms from delivery companies to payment services are doing the same. but most of them are trimming their workforces, anticipating a recession. what ellen musk is doing is different. having spent $44000000000.00 on a company, he said, was already threatened with going bankrupt. he has since been gutted. twitter may not survive with there was
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a very critical public space for many activists. so this, the 2011 arabs uprising and before that during their run revolution for the black life matter for palestinian, for many, many communities that have been historically silence. these platforms are extremely important spaces for them to organize, to share information, to document human rights abuses. so it's really sad to see it's falling apart like the there is a reason why twitter is the chosen platform for world leaders. presidents for the news media. there is no other tool that is real time that is this relevant. and so it's scary to watch you on my come in and potentially, you know, ruined the company for people around the world who rely on that. there would be a massive whole not just in the social media ecosystem but in the world. and it is
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devastating to watch. i with the close of cop $27.00 in egypt, another climate summit has come and gone. but as we reported last week, tangible science of progress are difficult to detect. what with promises of meaningful action repeatedly getting broken. journalists covering climate change, especially those whose beat includes on the ground reporting, working difficult conditions, some of which can be deadly. we spoke with 2 journalists, a brazilian reporter, based on the edge of the amazon and a british editor in london, on the challenges that all climate reporters face, regardless of where they are, how to deal with such a complicated and at times depressing topic and bring it home to water. ready me, bob brown funding remain. mm
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mm. i, it is kind of unusual beat if you like to be covering as a journalist climate change. you have to be pretty robust and resilient because you're just relentlessly every day dealing with a profoundly difficult topic that always fills a bit. one step forward to set the fac, or on a good day to step forward. one step by the average deductible. most pop. but that was wrong, i used was much common for my phases of digital film. me think home visit was when you come in last uses,
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but i just got my support from me. so i told him and i was no more and now she is positive. it's wonderful and i thought that she saw some in 1000 alaska for where the ship bought this miss. so i bought that motor brooklyn, to dodge of dodge the market with john, open his young install for you. i was talking to dukes, i'm assuming that i missed my head up on my own g o t, you know, a for you would you just message board is not going to want me to book to follow up or is it just me to search for the car, now i'm gonna have to fix those, need 3, izzy. and compared to g, t mobile is are some of them being of the movie may have just
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a few more minutes, but it was, i'm going to create the illusion. volume and go, it was, i mean there's just a coffee diamond, but i prefer the bottle do. could be our machine. so just a moment, not for the edge. it's already out of the mantle. it'll kill into the most that i asked him on. this is probably me as, as viola who did a dish that's plus one of them. i want to see how to meet your body. feel chino, a bit so not an amusing now. mitchell car, them into his one on the me just now. so now watching him was now boyfriend is a college from the moment when she was system went to lloyd, the locust book, it now most of his, you know, i want to let me know. so my jim, when you do g, g, me just a minute here. which is a political school because that is funny because that is going on the bush and thomas rid 5th is my 3rd or 4th story. thomas? not bother if you keep this kid, there was a concert. not, no, no, no, i had a 1000. i'm already at this very future major get back in his book. yeah,
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i'm looking for this. this isn't that is the norm, which is good and isn't that, is it going long to get on with this much? and i saw now or cow that if you could, those to fail causes us a lot. so we all know mommy home but events are going to going to present that. you got a guy. well, they thought it should on the war month. i mean, those used on the floor cars on the washington, which is indigenous for jeb bush, they'll keep their stuff in the mail much for them to buck punch, you know, much better. but as to say female, they're looking simply to simply, i want this not bad. if they bought that more draw cable to rich started us little it was, it was of, it was general and possibly modular foreigners will just give us a form to one level, dodge with
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lower fossil physician pneumonia. well, that's what you mean and what you would you, you lost them base so much we mitch's. i must us on jimmy, ask them what causes them up when they have they have proper called film for the food stamps for the close, meaning which the congress intervene when they got hit on that for me also it goes up in june. if i choose up and then of course going to rent, and then jason likes to show my utah grenlock and jewish cancer, but i'm going to get in don't edge fees. mostly. if somebody is willing to meet, you mean different possibly. so there are some parallels. i think with kind of walcross on them, sometimes it fails, hugely unjust, unfair, as extremes as those violent, sometimes those profound sadness and,
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and frustration. you know, all of the elements that would go into covering, you know, a conflict to a war. you see playing out all the time with climate change. i'm leo hickman, the editor all covered brief, which is a special website based in the u. k, which focused on climate change. the call them brief with lawrence about 10 years ago and the original. so founding mission was to try and be a counterpoint, a rebuttal to some of the poorly informed media coverage around climate change, specifically climate science. we recently publish a weeklong theories of articles focusing in on this very hot topic of what is called lawson damage. there is a kind of fundamental injustice with climate change. it is affecting the poor people on the planet who are least responsible for climate change. and as long been decided that they should be some reparations, or actually compensation from the richer countries to the poor countries. for the
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damages being cold, and it's a very, very fraught and, and difficult debate say comrey published a big series of asked was really examining and explaining this concept of lawson damage. people had long known about this term and sort of really wanted this in depth analysis and explanation of it. oh me. i personally been going to say that title, so it's all gonna be the most complicated catches negotiations in human history. all the world countries have to come together to deal with a fundamental, existential crisis like climate change. there's nothing to compare and or even a world war in terms of the complexity of how humanity comes together to deal with this. and there is a sense of deja vu the same. you know,
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you see the same negotiations, the same dynamics going on and you do have good days where you feel there's hope and the progress. but you also have pretty good not a bad days where you think wow, this latest bit of science is pretty profoundly bad knees and you look at the politicians and look at their response to me think there is a big mismatch here. we're already seeing pretty profound impacts of climate change around the world. this year seen an extraordinary range of reco breaking extreme weather event from floods and jerry epic heat waves in pakistan and india huge, huge profound. he wave in china. so one in the u. k. was 5 in the, in the us. it's just been an endless list. not filled different. what it was even 510 years ago from when i was covering that you're dealing with a fundamentally depressing and difficult topic for humanity. or they think has ever
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even truly started to be honest about what the impact on this kind of, relentlessly difficult and depressing subject is that you having all the journalists who are trying to relay that to their audiences. if though it's almost a concert you log in to pretty much i'm also using it. thank you so much for being such a blessed once. if you could still see it the way it was stamped with a start, the police say to fuse with my jason. i and finally, women with their hair out protesters with fists in the air school children defying authority. those are just some of the images of resistance coming out of iran. it's been 2 months now since the death in police custody of masa armine, a 22 year old,
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arrested for the crime, allegedly of not wearing her head scarf property in a country where the mainstream media and the internet are strictly controlled. iranians are still getting the word out on social media and some are using their art to tell a story. the authorities would rather go on, told. we'll leave now with some examples of their work. and was the next time here at the listening. ah
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cruise ah and with a commitment to continuously conserve its wonder is vital
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providing breakthrough solutions to renewable energy for an environmentally responsible future with transformation and collaboration indonesia urges and leave the world in moving forward as was recover together, recover stronger. ah, a
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ah this is a region that is rapidly developing, but it's one also that is afflicted by conflict. political upheaval. we've tried to
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balance his stories, the good, the bad, the abbey. and he's the people who allow us into their lives dignity into my niecy, asked me to tell this story. a new series follows footballs from 6 countries, hoping to make it to cattle. 2022. my dinning was to be a best play in the world. now at each year, the next episode meets 3 world called hopeful sprawl me around by sacrifice a lump of seems a lot of days before my family. i will do that to play most of the world cup dream iran on al jazeera ah hello. lauren taylor, london, top stories.


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