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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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i'm not very optimistic about any kind of negotiation informed opinions. everybody tweets. everybody's on tick, tock, tick, tock, doesn't boat. you have a winter, it's going to be whole there pretty soon inside story jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera oh. you're watching the news, our light from a headquarters and ohio. edu. navigate. coming up in the next 60 minutes, ukraine's president is on his way to washington his 1st trip abroad since the russian invasion. i almost wish i did not have the some afghan female students speak out against the taliban decision to banned them from
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universities. mending fences. the australian foreign minister is in beijing for talks. after months of tension with china. more than 60000 malaysians are forced to leave their homes for safety is heavy, floods hit the east coast. welcome to the news hour. it's 1500 hours, g m t. that's 10 am in washington dc, and in just a few hours time from now, ukraine's leader will land in the u. s. capital to meet president joe biden. and his 1st trip abroad since russia's invasion in february followed him are zalinski posted on twitter. that he hopes his visit will strengthen ukraine's resilience and defense capabilities. he's due to address congress and hold several bilateral meetings. washington has been keith's biggest supporter and it's fight back against the russians. we have alan fisher standing by for us in washington dc. so it seems to have been nice, pretty quickly, allied and kept as a secret i yeah,
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i mean we know that the, the to president spoke on december the 8th at that point and the issue of a visit was raised now last wednesday, the a formal invitation was issued to the ukrainians. there was accepted last friday and then confirmed on sunday, and clearly the ukrainians and the united states of what very closely to make sure the president's alliance. he can leave the country for the 1st time since the war began. exactly 300 days ago to day that he could leave the country safely, get to the united states. and then travel by the white house came to make the point . the president zalesky will only be on the go on the ground for just a few hours. but clearly this is an historic and important meeting. he's been to the white house before he was here in 2021. but clearly there's a lot more symbolism attached to his visit this time roan given what happened 300
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days ago. so our, what is a presidency lensky hoping to get out of business at then? alley? well, he's going to have a sit down with joe biden in the oval office. he will also meet with joe biden's national security team. joe biden is going to announce that the united states is going to hand over patriot missiles. it's a defensive missile battery. it will go to the ukrainians, and the ukrainians will be trained up on how to use it. that will happen in a separate 3rd country that will take some time before they're all up and running. and of course, that has led to many people asking, is this the united states changing how is involved in the war and ukraine? what joe biden will say, i have probably repeatedly to day is that there is no change in the policy of the united states to getting a ball on the ground in ukraine, but the will continue to support the ukrainians through humanity and military and
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economic aid. that's important because when ludovic lensky goes to the hell he'll be speaking to a joint session of congress. and we know that on january, the 3rd congress will become a republican run house. and there are many people on the republican side who said that they need to think again about the support that they are given to let him use zalinski and the ukrainians. or this is let them use the landscape going in person to say thank you very much for your support, but it's got to continue to keep coming. and so the white house are saying this is sending a message, not just to republicans, but to vladimir putin and the rest of the world that the united states is behind the ukrainians. and certainly, that some things the lensky will be keen to push. because while he knows that he's going to continue fighting the russians, he doesn't want to keep fighting the americans for the financial support that he desperately needs. all right, thank you so much. alan fisher reporting from washington to see so president
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zalinski strip comes as the russian leader vladimir putin has been meeting senior defense officials, who's in said there are no financial limits on what his government would provide to the military. his also approved the proposal to increase the strength of the armed forces by 30 percent. the kremlin says there is no chance of peace talks with ukraine as long as western countries continue to supply it with arms al jazeera, as a mean did. army has more on the kremlin reaction to president zalinski, his visit to the u. s. i'm for lucky to kind of to not go to little tri, la, the ontario coll must go, reacted to the announcement with a statement from the kremlin spokesperson. he said, russia is not expecting any positive results from valencia's visit to the united states yacht isaiah. he also added that, providing more weapons to ukraine will prolong the conflict a while saw the spokesperson, also added the russia's position remains the same. yeah, i see condemning the united nations support to ukraine, particularly with weapons which might result in a direct confrontation with moscow. i'll walk there for regarding vermeer bruton
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meeting with leaders and commander of the defense ministry. he focused on the so called special operation in ukraine, and they discussed the results of the conflict biase. i put an accused nato and the united states in particular of trying to weaken russia and through the prolonged conflict in ukraine. he at why wouldn't said most trouble do its best to increase its military capability. when also added moscow is ready with nuclear matter in order to maintain the stability of russia. so the united states has been the largest provider of a to ukraine since the war began almost a year ago since january 2022. the u. s. has provided nearly $50000000000.00 in assistance to ukraine. the largest contribution has been made through more than $20000000000.00 and military support. over $15000000000.00 of financial support in the form of loans and 8th through a through the economic support fund. and finally, around $10000000000.00 and humanitarian aid, meaning emergency food and health care assistance,
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as well as refugees support. joining us on site as matawan, besotted he's al jazeera senior political analyst, matawan. welcome. so this visit of president zalinski to the u. s. really underscore the importance of ukraine's relationship with the u. s. doesn't to, oh, look, absolutely. and you know, my eyes go back to the time when the former president bush ankle, 2014, visited washington spoke to both houses of congress. we tend to forget that because the obama administration downplayed it, and it is really over em any much help at the time except highlighting the list of already existing help, which was very modest back in 2014, 80 years later, we have a less you're going to washed and speak to the both houses of congress. and as you just mention, already $50000000000.00 have been spent on this relationship and it has become one of the more important relationship because there's
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a lot at stake for washington. it basically, the by that mas ration has transformed the issue of ukraine into the most important geo political issue in 2020. well, look, we often ask, and if i just asked alan, this what a zalinski is getting out of this visits. but let's look at what the u. s. is actually getting out of fits. well, here you go. so in terms of a, me look at the timing by in and by itself, right? or zelinski will help buy them with the republicans just for sure. he's trying to pass his budget. some of the republicans are already given instructions not to pass it. and they probably have some issue not with the military aspect of the aid to ukraine, but of the, of the economic aspect of it. so they can look at that. there's also some doubts about the over all war and how long it takes. because every time you hear, as long as it takes what the say exactly, mean what it takes, what i mean,
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how much more suffering, how many more years, how much more destruction, how much more aid? some republicans say, well, you know, we'll just spend 50 and that's taxpayer money. we cannot, we don't know for how long and so on, so forth. so that is that for, for the, this gets also quite important because look already, it seems like the russians have weaponized winter. and clearly when 3rd is coming out, it's going to be quite heated and terms of, in terms of clashes on the war and so on. so fighting and clearly puts and understands that he could put a lot of pressure on the questions during the winter season. so zalinski needs help, it needs help to warm up your cleaning homes to rebuild some of the infrastructure, the emergence, one, hence, humanitarian age is important. he also getting the most sophisticated defense system, which is the patriot system, which few countries on around the world have the auto nato archive nato. and it's going to be quite important because they're going to be able to down,
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not only are russian planes, but also russian ballistic missiles. so really we are talking about major important visit. the timing is important for both leaders. and i think that's why we've heard from put in as you just just wanted to ask you, then how will push and be looking at all of this. and what do you think the message is that's being sent out by the u. s. and and ukraine. you know, it will probably be an understatement to say, puts in his unhappy he's definitely unhappy look. 8 months ago it was clear that what the russians wanted was ukrainian surrender. what the ukrainian wanted was rushing withdrawal 8 months ago. the korean want russian withdrawal and the russians want euclid and surrender. and we, we haven't really moved that flight accept much, much more destruction. so put in is quite worried because as he is admitted once and again, the russian military is not doing that well. the ashley of winning out of ammunition . what was supposed to be a week trip in to kia, to change the government,
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which according to the head of the intelligence with dick only a few days to finish up the entire operation. now we're entered 300 day or this week as well, right? so russia is suffering in this war. it's not doing that great in this war. and while ukraine is suffering much, much more, the russian military is not feeling well at all. and yet put him says, we need to finish. he promised his defense chiefs that it russia will end up fulfilling its objectives in ukraine again for whatever it takes, what is it and how long it will take? i think now boss sites. and you would hope that by the will talk some sense into zelinski and vice versa. but for the time being, everything i hear from washington is that they are committed to the war, not to any piece reconciliation or piece buses of any nature. both sides seems to have doubled down on their position until the other flinches. neither side is
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finished. okay, thank you so much. milan bershana, now on the ground russian strikes have crippled ukraine's energy facility is charles stratford has more on the impact on ukrainians in the winter from keith ukrainian president vladimir zalinski, seen him talking to troops in the front line town of buck mount on tuesday, hadn't officially lift his in battle country since rushes invasion nearly 10 months ago. and his visit to the u. s. grange chief backer. throughout the war comes at a critical time. russia continues to target energy infrastructure, causing millions of people to endure rolling blackouts and freezing winter temperatures. ukrainian military officials points to the ongoing joint russia, belarus, military exercises as evidence that moscow is preparing for
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a winter offensive, possibly targeting keys. the u. s. is expected to announce another $2000000000.00 worth of assistance. and a bill currently before congress would give ukraine an additional $40000000000.00 for 2023. there's also speculation. it may supply ukraine with the highly sophisticated patriot missile air defense system. despite concerns, among some us officials, the supplying patriots may push moscow to escalate. i think he's less concerned about congress than we were. you know, 33 months ago. it looks like congress is going to continue the same policies toward ukraine on, on weapons. in particular, republicans are solid, where republicans are not solid. and we're, i'm worried is budget support. and this is the category of money. it's billions of dollars. the taxpayers are giving to make sure that the ukranian states stays afloat, and that is controversial among republicans. the white house is zalinski visit on the schools, the united states commitment to supporting ukraine for as long as it takes present
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. zalinski says the monthly costs, the defending his country is around $5000000000.00, but standing side by side with president biden in washington, and the expected announcement to billions of dollars more in aid will be a very powerful signal to vladimir putin. indeed, charles raffle al jazeera keith, plenty more had on the altar here and is our including. we have the latest from through the president, gina below are 2 ounces, a big cabinet, re shuffle, and another strike action in the u. k. that's affecting hospitals and medical facilities across the country. ah, 1st protests have been held in some cities and danced on against the taliban decision to ban women from universities. almost
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almost. so in demonstrations in july about then couple people held signs, pledging solidarity with female students. girls have already been banned from middle and high school. earlier this month, they taliban allowed girls to write university entrance exams, even though many of them had missed months of classes under the ban. so women in afghanistan have spoken out against the ban. last the come on, i've been as dick up when i got close to the university. i saw something strange taliban hum. these were parked at the entrance gateway and the taliban. where behaving so badly telling us returned to your homes. goals have no right to study any more. the situation has a very bad effect on every female student work. yeah, good as you have that all goes well. i heard this news to day and i felt such horrible things. i tore up all my notebooks. this is not a way for us to love is the taliban and not allowing us to continue our study. i
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came to the university to enroll, but they did not allow me and i cannot express my feelings. no one can understand alamitos, cosmetic sauce deck. what are they got that was only done school, but it once again, university is banned for women. we don't want to be raised. it's shameful that the international community, the united nations and human rights groups choose to remain silent. that shadow models, let's say to hassan con, who's an analyst on taliban issues. he's joining us from islam about hassan con. welcome to the al jazeera news, our. why do you think that this decision was taken now? oh, thank you very much. i think it's a, it's not something new for me and especially those. oh, absolutely. the kind of mom policy center this i limits james think levy as
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he was supposed on time. i have the state meant all the patient minister of the government. she does not mama dean, he says the ticket section from the one woman needed the brokerage for him has not allow me to call out for education on the tags all while again the t m. kennedy and this message. so what is the why, why, why i shot this machine on mr. carter as someone that knows the the taliban and how they think you think that there's disagreements within the group itself among
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over the issue off girls and women's education in the country? yeah, i think groups and women have connie network and i think you want to come to very much hard and didn't guarantee that division is within the government. those bonds would make what she ended be with the us and don't have the women you especially you might have been de what's gotten back to being in a well educated is compulsory or men and women have and in the same way. and i just didn't have the different minister
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who in the water with this been in the meeting by the hardliners prime minister because. 1 only 5 people, what management team and they are getting more, more packet and ship it was be that the government must be the vision and and he is not allowing that. they'd be very brief to think of time. let me just jump in there just very briefly, condemnation has come quick and fast from those in the international community. will it make any difference? yes or no? yeah, i'm sorry. i think we have our own big data. national community is not accepting us
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not to get us. so we are not, we are not ready accept what is the what it's getting. ok. they believe it does not to get what you can find. so the only and we went over on may of the even on time. thank you so much. thank you very much for joining us from as lama bods, i peruse president gina boulevard has carried out a major cabinet. re shuffle hours after winning the approval of congress. to bring forward elections to april 2024. so she's appointed a new prime minister and the finance minister. an early poll is one of protesters demand following the rest of former president petrocca c o. roo, who's seen widespread demonstrations on violence since kasteel was impeached. and imprison 2 weeks ago or on a sanchez is joining us from lima for her to discuss the story. so the president has changed her cabinet chief in less than 15 days. what is the say about what does
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this tell us rather about the new government? well doreen in the certainly it seems that to proceed in the days just starting to of to have a government if you will. after these 2 weeks of political and social turmoil in the country, she has named her prime minister. she has brought up the defense minister alberto that i love to be the new prime minister of having a chief up here in the room. he has the experience of being a minister before as a former defense minister with the former presidential young though my love of. she has kept her of her foreign minister, whose last night declared the mexican ambassador. after the mexican government gave asylum to the family of former president, august field. here, the i'll type,
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the embassy. everything is quiet but last night to the master, who had, who was ordered 72 hours to be able to leave a left with lilia. but it is the wife of president former president. see you and her 2 children to the airport. they are now in mexico. but a now president manuel lopez forward from mexico has said that relations between the countries will remain firm as they have always been. right. so congress has also approved the vote to bring forward elections. what happens next? well the has to be a 2nd vote that to ratify this 1st vote and it's not going to be just a vote. there has to be some reforms made before this happened. so what some legislators are saying is that there are some reforms that are crucial before they
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. 4 ratify the volt reforms that have to do with reinstating 2 chambers in hardly i'm in a house of representatives and senators also said that they have to allow the representative like may or the governors i make it to be reelected. i'm also one very important thing that everyone apparently will agree on is to reject the candidacy of any candidate that has a criminal sentence to be able to run for parliament. so that's when these reforms will be discussed in the next couple of weeks. and possibly we will see another, the replication of this volt be between the end of january and the beginning of february during thank you so much bye. the on a sanchez for that update from lima. the gum us government says it stopped
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a co attempt child. some members of the army were planning the overthrow for soldiers have been arrested in banjo. all police are looking for 3 other alleged accomplices and a statement. the government said the situation is now under control. after years of legal battles, democrats in the u. s. congress say they will release redacted copies of donald trump's tax returns. the white house ways and means committee says it will release a report in the coming days. and it could shed light on the former president's finances and foreign dealings. republicans voted against the move, saying assessor dangerous precedence. last month they supreme court allowed trump tax returns to be released to congress. and in the coming hours, the committee investigating the january 2021 attack on the u. s. capital will release its report. particle haine takes a look at what we've learned so far. ah, on the day this shocked the country and the world in unheard of breach of the u. s
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. capital building attacked by a violent mob of americans. how did this happen? and who is responsible? that is what the january 6th committee set out to find out all of us here today, focusing mostly on former president donald trump, who called his supporters to washington and sent them to the capital, saying he would go with them. we fight like hell. and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. oh, he said the election was stolen. but in testimony before the committee, it was clear, he was told repeatedly, he lost the election, telling aids he didn't want people to know. he lost without objections, but what that when he made the clearest it never before seen video, how bad the violence was, how close the country came to seen its elected leaders attacked or possibly killed . several senators told to run from the mob they were walking right into. then this
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moment officer eugene goodman, lured the mob up the stairs. if they had turned right and walked just a matter of meters, they'd likely would have found an unlocked door with senators inside their leader. we saw how close members of the house came to the mob, making their way to the last possible escape. the interactions breached the window, and a protester were shot and killed trying to get to them. we now know how close the vice president mike pence came to coming face to face with those calling for him to be hung only 12 meters. and the committee said, trump knew that his supporters were armed, that day, frustrated that so many couldn't come to the rally because secret service was using metal detectors. i don't, i think her that they have weapons. they're not here to hurt me. take that away and weapons in the committee. her testimony to trump himself. wanted to go to the capital, lunging for the wheel and a secret service agent who refused. but there are several things. the committee has
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not answered yet. why did it take so long to get approval for the national guard to be deployed? governor, i don't know who has been approach congressional leaders that were able to be moved to a safe location by capital police. made frantic calls that went unanswered for hours . the committee produced evidence, the trumps inner circle. knew something was going to happen. people like rudy giuliani, i remember looking at him saying, rudy, did you explain what was happening on the sex? he had responded something to effect of. we're going to the capital. going to be great presence going to be there, he's going to look powerful. he's, he's going to be a member, is going to be with the senators, but what we still don't have hard evidence on. if this was a planned coordinated attack, the committee voted unanimously to refer to the justice department for criminal charges against the former president. but they've already been looking into this. there's a special prosecutor that's been appointed. a grand jury in washington has been hearing testimony that will likely determine if in fact the attack here on the
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capital was planned. and if so, who will have the price for it will have to 0 washington, thousands of ambulance staff are going on strike in the u. k. on wednesday, a day after similar industrial action by nurses up to 100000 nurses walked off the job for a 2nd day this month, calling for a better pay on working conditions. the government says it cant afford the 19 percent wage increase. they're demanding or a challenge says more from london. and his boss is basically saying that there are potentially going to be some emergency calls they get made today. and that go on upset with obviously a significant hit potentially on people's lives, whether they survive in emergency situation or not. now we are being told that the most severe emergency call absolutely life threatening situation. ambulance is, will be dispatched to go and offer assistance. they're going to call back and
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include someone with a suspected stroke or chest pains. those calls are going to be tree arched, which means that an assessment will essentially be made on the phone about how serious that situation is. and if it's not deemed sufficiently clear, if then there won't be an ambulance dispatched. so an h s chief was saying that they cannot guarantee patient safety for the next 24 hours. consequently, there is advice being given to people in england and wales at the moment about the kinds of things i shouldn't do that sort of engage in risky things like contact sport, don't go out and get particularly drunk. there are 8 out of 10 ambulance services in the, in england at the moment, which have declared critical incidence. now that's the sort of administrative thing, which means that they can ask for help from, for example, the army to come in and take over some of those jobs. still ahead on al jazeera
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concerns over the fate of migrant tried to cross into the united states. as the supreme court keeps a temporary ban inflated, and that was a country and pay off no food medicine or fuel. we take a look back at a year of economic and political crisis through life. ah, ah, call it a one to punch 1st this snowstorm. so from victoria on vancouver island through vancouver in the fraser valley, anywhere from $20.00 to $30.00 centimeters as snow. very warm, welcome to by the way, now we're seen that cold plunged down dark, the purple, the lower the temperature. this is going to be one of the coldest stays in vancouver in quite some time. also a snow storm for the upper midwest, the midwest that will eventually move into the great lakes and will have this feet
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of moisture to the to will collide on friday is going to create quite nasty weather which is a busy travel day ahead of christmas. so check back with us for the latest on that golf state. southeast things quiet that pouring rain moves away from florida and off to the pacific. we go this band of rain right here brought quite vigorous weather to hawaii. it's going to check some snow into washington state and oregon in the coming days. central america. not much going on some rain though, for southern mexico and for the top end of south america. some storms in line from now. the brazilian down to around rio de janeiro. so let's pick up the story. there is some weather alerts and play for that rain around re diginero. let's talk temperatures again. unlike the purple is the dark of the red. the higher the temperature in north, when will pump up the temperature and by blanca to 36 on wednesday. see later. ah,
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i all ready for the 1300000 football been ah, they've got to be that this is only the beginning that ecuador is going to keep moving forward with that happens at many, oh, great moment for synagogue go back to being forgiven for thinking that sort of career what, what are you happy trying chair. i can tell you that i don't discount australia because they're going to come out fighting and fighting at the end of an incredible remarks with what is what did i very long time.
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no. ah ah. kind of again to top stores and y'all just renew our ukraine's president faladore. zalinski is heading to the united states for talk to president joe biden. and his 1st trip abroad since the russian invasion in february, while president vladimir putin has approved a proposal to increase the strength of the armed forces by 30 percent protests had been held in some cities in afghanistan against the taliban decision to bound women from universities. ad demonstrations in july, the bob and cab, old people held project solid verity with female students. her ruth president, tina boulevard has carried out a major cabinet re shuttle hours after winning the approval of congress to bring
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forward elections to april 2024. she's appointed a new prime minister and a finance minister. the deadline is looming for the formation of a new is really government. the incoming prime minister benjamin netanyahu has until midnight local time to finalize his coalition. rob mcbride has more from western lucel him. this does seem to be going down to the wire for a number of different reasons. it proved to be very problematic in dealing with his new partners. because of course, there has been this shift in the right woods in the makeup of the connected. so benjamin netanyahu and the could not only dealing with other mainstream right wing parties, but also these much smaller parties way over on the fringes of the very edges of the political spectrum at the right wing of the political spectrum of people who were considered to be on the verge of politics. now finally, they have with a few see, teach great influence over the formation of this coalition. and they have been
6:35 pm
using that exerting pressure on natural yahoo to demand various ministries and so on. in addition to that, demanding special extra powers for the ministries that they have been promised, which has meant that netanyahu has, has to push through various bits of legislation in the connected to make all of this happen. now it does seem as though we, he has now a 10 day extension which runs out today, wednesday. it is expected that by be well before midnight. he will be able to make that all important phone call to isaac hurts. are the president to say yes, he does have in place he's coalition and a will then have 7 days for the formal swearing in. but we do know from the makeup of this extraordinary government, that this will be the most, the most nationalistic and also religiously orthodox government, that israel has had to date, australia and china have agreed to more high level talks on trade. human rights on security, australia is foreign minister penny wong is in beijing for talks with the chinese
6:36 pm
foreign minister to try to mend relations between the 2 countries. it's a 1st visit by a top australian diplomat in 4 years. ties between china and australia have been strained since beijing impose trade barriers and refused, and independence inquiry into the coven, 1900 pounds. amec. i did set out all positions on issues which i know are so important to straightens and are important to the government. relevant called hans limit messes, trade, blockages, human rights, as well as regional security, international security, and the norms and global rules. we're trying to pin our prosperity. we have agreed to maintain high level engagement, and we've agreed to further dialogue in range of those areas. rhetoric, kimber has more from hong kong about the china, australia, australia for ministers meeting. certainly leaders from both sides made it very clear that they're absolutely committed to improving this long standing difficult relationship. china's foreign minister,
6:37 pm
when he said he's prepared from his side to completely reset the ties, is there the last few years haven't happened. he's blamed australia unilaterally for making this relationship so difficult to under the previous administration of scott morrison in particular. but when listening to penny wong as feed back in the question and answer session after these meetings, it was clear. there's still a lot of major difficulties for this relationship, and none of them seem to have been immediately addressed. whether it's the trade sanctions that we'd imposed on australian exports to china. whether it's accessible, australian consular officials to detained australian citizens in china. whether it's australia's view, which is a western view, in large part of human rights concerns in china with regards to the northwest region of sin, jang, or tibet. none of these things have been immediately addressed as a result of this meeting. and so it's not really clear how many steps could be taken in the short term to find a resolution on these issues. but for the time being from both sides, a commitment to more discussion and for more constructive discussion and to move
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beyond the difficult types of diplomatic disagreement that was really commonplace during the last 3 or 4 years of australia. scott morrison leadership up to 20 bro. hinder refugees have reportedly died on a boat stranded, an engine waters. it's thought between 10200 people on board the vessel near the end demand a nico bar islands active a say the migrants have died of thirst, hunger, or they've drowned. at least 5 children have died from monsoon flooding, an easter malaysia. more than 65000 people have been forced from their homes. florence louis has more from kuala lumpur to london to gun. you are the worst affected areas, but the majority of people have been displaced by floods coming from these 2 states . now where i am now, is the new part of a town called bassi a month, and people here say the water level was up to waste level just this morning. now it's begun to recede and because that been, that's been a day's respite from the rain. the weather forecast is heavy,
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rain is expected to continue until later this week. not only that water levels at many river, i'm calling from dun rangel on a level indicating still quite high and that is a cause. then there's no indication yet of people who've been displayed when they can go home through lancaster, consumer price inflation is to 65 percent in november from 70.6 percent in october 2022 has been a hard year 1st year lincolns with food medicine and fuel shortages, tens of thousands of people took to the streets, blaming the government for corruption, and for failing to avert a crisis. we know fernandez takes a look back. oh, oh, rhonda christa. yes. she lanka, her for many like wasn't them would delegate. it will continue. the
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student leader has been detained under tara laws since august, months of shortages of food, medicine, powdered milk, fuel and gas. combined with up to 13, our long power outages brought people to the streets, demanding present, go to obey roger boxer his brother, the prime minister and his enter administration stepped down opposite balaban doctor allowed don ne, are we didn't expect this when we voted for them for the latest to destroy the country for us and our children. tensions escalated when government loyalist attacked, peaceful protested, who had been camped outside the president's office for months. in retaliation, people, torture government vehicles and ministers homes. a member of parliament was beaten to death in the violence that followed. prime minister, mind the raj, epoxy was forced to resign. the president appointed running victor, missing her as the new premier. that decision did not go down well with protesters
6:41 pm
who wowed to continue their campaign. these are the scenes. the government is desperate to avoid. the crowds over and the president's house, forcing present raj a boxer to flee 1st from his house. and finally, the country and the sheer number of people trying to get in to see the president vows, is posing a real problem. the pretest really put her attention on the political leadership and what the political leadership could do. and there is now, i think recognition that there has to be political accountability. vicar missing a, stepped into the void, voted in by the pro roger pox, a parliamentary majority to complete the presidential term. and he wasted no time in breaking up demonstrations. this clear out launched at midnight on the day he took his ortho warfare. but the economic issues haven't gone away. the crisis at the fuel pump and the wider sri lankan economy is far from over. despite the
6:42 pm
government's attempts to show it, has things under control authority say they have stabilize the economy and are confident of bailouts from the international community. this crisis is primarily a governance crisis that has manifested itself as a crisis in the economy. and what's happening now is we are trying to fix that economy without fixing the governance. and i think that is set up to fail. prison vicar missing, he says he will use the police and the military to prevent disruptions and challenges to the government authority. that doesn't face my something with the leggy and other protest leaders who say they will not back down in 2023. with a fernandez ojo 0, colombo, the white house as it needs another week to prepare for the end of a u. s. border policy. that's been in place since the start of the pandemic. it was due to expire on wednesday,
6:43 pm
the rule known as title 42 allowed the use of coven 19 protocols to deport asylum seekers. how does o, castro met some migrants who have made it as far as the texas border city of el paso in nicaragua? sooty martinez wasn't economics. professor regina roscoe worked at a call center, taking calls from english speaking customers. both are young mothers who say leaving was difficult but necessary because the political violence, any could iowa was too dangerous for their children. i was about to go to one of the protest and everything i liked. they were starting to show shooting to everybody. muscle broken up by muscle, we can return to our houses. we were driven away from her home there my family had sacrificed for years to have martinez says her father, an indigenous leader, was imprisoned for opposing president. danielle ortega, after some of her students, were killed in demonstrations. she took her 2 year old daughter and fled for the u
6:44 pm
. s. paying off gains along the way, and arriving at the bridge to el paso. they're not feeling that i me now let him. there was an, an ending line of migrants from many countries. yeah. but my daughter was very sick . so people like me past to, to france, one way u. s. border agents treated the child for pneumonia and released them in el paso. she and her mother are now recovering at a shelter run by the episcopal church, or these are people who will do and have done anything for their families. um, these are the kind of people i want as my neighbors us authorities are processing and releasing about 2500 migrants a day in el paso. some are sleeping on the streets as they wait for buses out of town, even as temperatures drop below freezing. i don't know, so the elite, when we arrived at the border between mexico and the united states and turned ourselves in, it was a huge relief that we were finally out of danger,
6:45 pm
where the worst was behind us. what am i south lapel for all the people you see here who have been granted temporary permission to live in the u as while they fight for their asylum cases. many more remain, wait on the other side of the border in mexico. they had hoped that the u. s. would relax water pandemic restrictions this week, which would likely have better their odds of getting in the now it appears that will not happen at this time. the u. s. supreme court has temporarily extended the restriction at the request of republican lead states that say they can't handle more migrants coming. the state of texas has sent additional soldiers to guard the border north through the sale noise. our wish isn't to invade anyone. levy is to live in a country where we have the right to work to live, a dignified life, to be free from oppression. midday the biden administration wants congress to approve 3 and a half $1000000000.00 to secure the border and provide humanitarian aid. meanwhile,
6:46 pm
the migrants already here say they're that much closer to their american dream. heidi joe castro al jazeera el paso, texas. germany's foreign minister has handed over more than 20 cultural artifacts known as the benign bronze. as to nigeria, the items are a collection of sculptures and clocks that were looted from what was then the kingdom of benign in $1897.00, the returners, part of an agreement, the country signed earlier this year. godfrey editor, as a historian and co author of the benign read book, he says, the hand over is a significant step for the jama. gov. med, suave. to make this move, it's a machine was with action because sometime in the pre last year there is there was this the resolution by the gym or got made being the 1st country to accept that ownership or just go to rep about this should be given to society of origin and now
6:47 pm
they are also taken to lead to our return the largest number so far, so we don't 20 so and this property out for us. oh, woods richer on i'm, it's objects of could to road mutation. and again we, we, we see these object as very dear to us as people because they were made by our ancestors. they are part of our civilization and a part of our living culture. because these objects are functional within the society to be new. people still had on the al jazeera news hour will tell you why argentina has broke up, pillows were forced to swap their victory for rate on the bus for a helicopter tour. ah, december on just 0. the be the 1st world car takes place in cattle with $32.00 countries. battling it out for sports biggest prize immersive personal short
6:48 pm
documentaries, africa direct returns showcasing african stories from african filmmakers. i made a deep political crisis and worsening economic conditions to museum goes to the polls just month after a contentious constitutional referendum combating the climate on nature crises, earth rise makes the people who believe global systems must change as the year draws to a close. we look back on the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year. december on al jazeera lou. ah.
6:49 pm
so if you'd turn out of jubilant fans, forest argentina's world cup, willing football team to trade their bus parade for a helicopter tour tear. isabel was on the argentinian capital. a victory parade for your name macy and the national team will site is on tuesday related to we jenny 17. he says he waited 4 hours just to be able to see his. he rose and yeah, we're bris, yada. it's such a special day and i drink to see the players. people question the coach, leonel se galani, but he managed to build a team. he gave us the corporate america, the fina lisa, and now the world cup. this is the center of went outside and this is what it looks like. there's people on the top of the hobbit, there's people on top of traffic, like 30 people on the top of your local media report that over 3000000 people took to the 3 m. one, a cited this, all their support for you and in their feet. and the national team team members did
6:50 pm
not want their victory to be politicized. and that's why they did not visit the presidential palace. they wanted to celebrate with the people of origin, tina, instead, because of the large crowds, organizers were forced to change the parade route. several times people tried to jump inside the bus. several people were injured. in the end, the players had to switch from the bus to 5 helicopters, and that's how that he managed to see the display of affection across when a site is oh, devotion for messy is everywhere. here. for years the football star struggled with argentina's national team and the constant comparison with the even when i bona who helped argentina when the world cup in 19861 got it. all flamingo says argentina needs to ask for macy's. forgiveness are mostly love. i sure my daughter did. oh,
6:51 pm
we failed mercy. all the people here. we underestimated him. and now we are waiting for him as if he's our god. we always spoke about mariah doner. it's difficult to speak and it fills me with the emotions we disrespected, however, is all about on argentina has won its 3rd world cup. the football association has already stamped the 3rd star on the blue on white t shirts that were present the country's flag. football in argentina is like a religion and people here have found in captain unit macy and he's team the he rose, they have been waiting for a very long time. he did. he said, well, i'll just seat up with the site as well. morocco is national team, have also ride back home to a hero's welcome. after making history at the world cup. the atlas lions became the 1st african, an arab country to make it to the semi finals. nicholas hoc reports the atlas
6:52 pm
lions are back welcomed by a roaring crowd. young and old witty hours for the chance to see to owner the a team that has made moroccans the refund of the notion of team and the what they have done. a worth cub for. so we're here to, so brief with them are all the things they've done for us. and the, although you didn't know what the fido is, very important for us to be a, to the pros of vo, what we will made because we over this together and the history radius we made this team showed what moroccans are capable of. and they showed the world how talented the moroccan scene is giving a very happy, hemmed denila. oh, we came from uh from, from holland, just to just to witness this. it's alive,
6:53 pm
achievement or la. choose like coming home is goose bumps. everything. if you can see the people, the, the happiness that had brought everything and the yemen will. oh, we love you margaret. the my mother watching from casablanca is 73 year old, former central defender of morocco's national team. and any abdul aziz played in the 1970 world cup in mexico, the team was made up of amateurs. abdul aziz worked as an engineer and practiced with his teammates during lunch breaks, earning a few $100.00 a month to play for the national team. m. as the farmers and we all wish to have been part of this teen the so professional one you for the clearly play for the love of the country, of the flag and of their king. most of the players were born abroad and our dual nationals to receive a heroes. welcome from the country of origin,
6:54 pm
from where their families are from is not just special. it resonates for millions of people. oh no. oh man, i listen to hello. it tells me no moral authority has one daughter. oh, the success of them are up in jane has role has a brighter 1000000 rural game versus ira for the world african american matter. 2022. 2 not the end, but the beginning of a new journey before the moroccan football team in making history. they now seem unstoppable, carried by the support and love of millions of people. because hong al jazeera robot morocco. well, the 2022 football world cup has come to an end, but katara will continue to host other international competitions next year in
6:55 pm
january or host than international kate surfing competition. sarah, hi, ross reports for kite water and a whole lot of wind. that's all these kite. so need to get back on the board to 6 very hot summer months. winds of finally arrived, singing song quite of seasoning cattle, weight of feet is the place to be a lot of the water is clean and shallow. so sandy, bottom, without reef makes it safe from injury. lot to move quite surfing conditions, not just for low cost, but for businesses to the whole outdoor living by really reading it healthy living . i mean, my goodness is the best like you get once you've been out in a day here in canada with super lucky to have beautiful weather from november all
6:56 pm
the way through to the summer though, we're expecting to get a lot of tourist escape in the cold winter in the northern hemisphere and then come and visit and they're welcome to quite surfing is become one of the fastest growing war to sports in the world. and categories tots in to that by opening its 1st height. so results f k b. on sand when what practicum this is going to take a lesson. i gotta go ah, blue will offer you a 10.9 is along the water, but i'll definitely be coming by for i think practice make track maintenance is going to say how it's done
6:57 pm
from quite the weight to leave the accessibility and it's less surrounded by water, how much spends is we can waste staffing using a state of the art space that customize is way to push a button. he says many categories have a new found love for adventure, sport. i love her cell phone because i for the full so i was, it was all we have lot days than full days. so and i want to get off location has, has a lot of oceans and sees where we have to put a lot of sports. we can, you can see, help scuba diving, spear fishing, water water, sports like re quarterly brakes helping tight. so even all together with supporting people with these kinds of support. 2023 will be a busy year for kat thoughts by hosting a g k. kite. so competition in january for the best kite stuff is batting,
6:58 pm
it's out in the 3 star category. so to hide it, i'll just there are quite a beach in cats. ok. thanks for watching the news hour and i'll just see we're, we're back in just a moment. a me ah, abandoned as a child by his allah, cristella lopez. nothing of the early life in the republic of congo. after 40 years living in switzerland, cristella follows a fascinating paper trail that leads from his adopted home to the country of his birth. oh,
6:59 pm
and the most unexpected re union witness. it were on al jazeera, coveted beyond wealth, taken without hesitation, fought and died for power. defines our, well, we live here, we make the rule, not them. they find an enemy and then they try and scare the people with the people empower, investigate, exposed it, and questions the youth and abuse of our around the globe on out there. i just, he does our country with high poverty rates, with inequality, and these are here. he thought he's not an exception. many of the footballers in this country come from poor area such as this one is many of the members of argentina, national team come from places such as this one where the football field do not
7:00 pm
have to rush. but the soil just live at one that you can see right here. we've been talking to some of the children that live in this place. and they said that they would love to follow the steps of your dell. missy can be mighty and other members of the national team. ah, ukraine's president is set to visit the white house on wednesday, his 1st trip abroad since russia invaded. ah, you're watching all 0 live from a headquarters and self. i'm getting obligated also coming up. this year i almost a ship out about the initial summer afghan fan. all students speak out against the taliban decision to back.


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