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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2023 6:00am-6:31am AST

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genuine analogies. a new generation of young people are more politically engaged in the one that came before. welcome to dinner ration, change a global feelings, and attempts to challenge and understand the ideas and mobilize you around to work . in south africa, it's women who are at the forefront as the woke generation, like nobody ever get tired of developing the resistance strategies, and that it's not the passion to stand up and fight generation change on al jazeera . think of some of the biggest companies in the world today, all of them big tick with algorithms that they call the moon that we use them. the more data we produce were in the midst of a great race for data and big companies around the checks. empires are rising on a wealth of information and we are the commodity in the 2nd to the 5 part series. 90 re examines where the corporations are colonizing the internet. like to meet the
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popularity and power of big tech on a, j 0 lou china and travel restrictions for inbound passengers. justice cobit 19 infection serge across the country. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera la you from to also coming up. iran, thanks, is international condemnation. after it executes 2 men for killing a power military officer during protests rushes, $36.00 our sci fi failed to stop the fighting as ukrainian celebrate orthodox christmas. and california on weathering a wave of devastating storms which continue to batter, the coastline. china has lifted pandemic restrictions on foreign travel,
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ending almost 3 years of self imposed isolation. quarantine is no longer required for inbound travelers, but several countries are demanding pre departure. coven 19 tests. of people heading abroad. it follows a surgeon cases in china in recent weeks after the government abandoned its strict 0 covered policy. last month, what thailand is expecting millions of chinese travelers this year, we'll get more on that shortly from tony chang in the tie capital bank up. but 1st let's go live to katrina. you the chinese capital beijing katrina. so china's finally opened its borders, but many countries have set restrictions where a chinese travelers likely to go 1st then will here on sunday for many people living in china, it knocks the real end of the 0 covered 19 policy. because before to day it was impossible. to leave china and enter without having to undergo weeks of strict government, central and home quarantine. so from to day, people feel very excited and quite liberated to go and travel outside the country.
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according to a major chinese travel business website searches for outbound flights compared to this time last year jumped. why more than 80 percent in the favorite destination was thailand? you can see the embassy a few 100 meters behind me. they're going to be very busy. no doubt, over the next few weeks processing visas, other favorite destination searched for include japan, south korea, the u. s. and australia. now it's not going to be completely a restriction free even to travelers going depending on where he's travers or likely to choose to go. some countries up to 20 have impose restrictions on passengers screening restrictions. ask them to take an a cobra testing if they are found positive, they weren't able to pull their flight. so these countries, most recently joining this list include portugal. the netherlands have joined the likes of the u. s. u k, and canada. staging has said that they are very angry about these research and they pulled them discriminatory. they say that these countries of politicizing the
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outbreak had they say it unscientific and this is despite the fact that so trouble is coming back to china. if they do return for this day forward, they was still themselves need to take a coven test and which prove that they are negative before entering times voters and katrina with many people in china starting to trouble for the lunar new year. the timing of this is also significant dismiss yes, so this weekend marks the beginning of tune, which is the 40 day travel period leading up to and around the noon and new year period pre pandemic. it was described as the largest annual human migration in the world. and this year authorities are expecting 2000000000 trips to be made nationwide. now a lot of demand is going to be coming from migrant workers. you've been here working in the cities. many of them have not returned home to see their families in rural remote areas for the past 3 years, due to a covered 0 restriction. so many will be going home for the 1st time in many years
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. that is the biggest holiday of the year here in china. and the government is very worried because right now the country is experiencing a surge and covet 19 infections. and the worrying about exposing these rural remote areas which have less developed health systems to outbreaks of the virus. so they won't travel is to be wary when they return about exposing the elderly, especially pregnant women and infants to cove, the dine team. but they have stopped short of imposing any travel bands. all right, katrina, you live there from beijing? katrina. thank you. let's meet you. tony chung now joins us live from bangkok. tony . so china openings borders as katrina was saying that pretty important for thailand's postcode, the tourism market. absolutely. down here in china telling bank hope people are very excited. there's a lot of anticipation that they're going to. the chinese starts going to bring back a very major share of terrors of the tourism industry, which is still very much in recovery. in 2022,
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we saw 11000000 visitors coming this year. the terrorism authority says they want 20000000 terrace to return. but that is still only half of the number that arrived in 2019, before the coven 19 pandemic. more than 40000000 tourists, of which is more than 11000000, were coming from china. so it is a vitally important so the recovery of char finance tourist industry and we've seen that in the government policy, he traded just mentioned how angry the chinese government was about some of the restrictions they put on chinese travelers will. they don't have to worry about that so much here. they will be asked for evidence of cobra vaccinations, as will all tourists arriving in china and the tie tourism authority, immigration authority, a drug that requirement. it's back in place from tomorrow, the 9th of january. but that applies to all tourists entering the kingdom of thailand. so they want to be seen to be treating everyone even handedly i think
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they were very aware of the sensitivities of the, the chinese terrorists who are going to be arriving. that said to morrow, we're only expecting 2 flights from china with a total of about $500.00 terrorists. but the anticipation here is that we will start to see thousands, tens of thousands, hopefully millions arriving before the end of the year. and that will help the kickstart finance tourist industry once again. yeah. tony and, and how many people in thailand feeding about the return of chinese tourist? well i think they see this as an opportunity at the same time beyond those who are directly involved in the terrace. in see there is a certain amount of trepidation. people are very aware the time that was the 1st country to see a cove infection outside of china, or when the pandemic started. and i think the concern is with those the very and spreading, there is the possibility of
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a new varian coming with infection rates high in china to that ends. the authorities here have said that people arriving from china will be able to buy vaccinations, cost all that they're not going to be forcing any one to do so i think there's a consent also. the chinese vaccines are not desperately effective. again, tyna was one of the 1st countries to get sino vague. it was one of the 1st vaccinations available here, but it was shown not to be desperately effective. and i think the hope is that some of the tourists arrived from china will take the opportunity to get by dana by is that some of the other vaccinations that are available here that aren't on offer and china that said, i think overall people to hoping that the economic benefits will outweigh the possible concerns about the the, but the spread of coven 19 a once people start traveling back in that situation will normalize. and the money will come flooding back in, or i totally july, 1st day from bangkok. tony, thank you. there's been an international condemnation of iran,
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not fred hang. 2 men accused of killing a member of the countries revolutionary god. in november, ahmed must be kurama, was a national karate champion and said, mohammed a seine was described as a volunteer coach for children. i must international says both convictions relied on forced confessions. the new says it's a pulled. the u. s. is demanding a stop to recalls sham trials on ega. much volume as a journalist and host of the iran podcast. she says recent executions only feeling more dissent. it seems like a government by rushing through these cases and wild human rights organizations. international specifically say without any resemblance of justice or due process is essentially trying to instill fear and send the message to the rest of the protest . gave them the standards that this is what's going to happen to you, and that they're using any need to try to crush protests to essentially send the testers back home. the previous 2 execution follow the same pattern, young man,
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failure, known, executed through rush courts, and also abruptly in the early hours of the day. and this time also, it seems to be the same to men, $20.21, and both hanged especially then the goal of this is to still see above what is actually doing is generating more anger, generating even more protests with the funeral testers, turning into new quotes has themselves actually the 2 men that were hands were arrested around the tests that were for the funeral of one of the other killed protesters. so it just seems to be generating more and more intro balls of protest and essentially energizing more people to join this body of movement and mom and miranda from the university of terror. he believes as little popular support for the hanging men and says rights groups have enough to
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remo tips. we have to be careful about the human rights organizations, which are funded by western governments or funded by institutions, folks the affiliated with western governments, amnesty international. we now have supporting nato and honest son, and it is affiliated with the political establishment. and we have to remember that over 60 police officers were murdered during this period. if you compare this to the united states, that would be roughly comparing it. we're taking into account that the population of the united states is 4 times greater than iran. that would mean like 226060 police officers in the united states being killed by ryan. so i think if we take a look at things in, in, in this sort of context, then it would be far more complicated than what these western and human rights organizations are saying.
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ah, russia's unilateral, 36 as sci fi in ukraine for orthodox christmas has ended, but there's been no letter in the fighting over that period. that's left orthodox christians in ukraine, celebrating christmas in the shadow of conflict. charles traffic reports from keith . oh, shoot, use of stood here for almost a 1000 years. cubes. elaborate cathedral is one of the most important also talks christian institutions in the world. but this, she is christmas. syllabus is different. a love for the 1st time. the liturgy is being delivered in ukrainian by recently formed ukrainian orthodox church. the centuries the ukrainian church is conducted the christmas service in ancient slavic, and russian times have changed. oh, certainly i saw it. i think people have changed the stage. it's changing. we see
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historical justice and the nation is being formed. it's very important to eradicate everything russian from ireland, i guess, or russian church that oh, was here before, i'd ever supports in like her russian or z and put in. so he was so no, when we gen, have rudy bring in church, i'm really glad to oh, sentiments like these have been growing since roches illegal annexation of crimea and areas of the dumbass in 2014. they had now been institutionalized in the country that suffering a full scale invasion, and more than 10 months of war as the newly formed orthodox church of your crying holes. christmas pres. here for the 1st time, the ukrainian church affiliated with moscow has no choice but to hold
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a service at another site close by you crean accuses it of supporting and even helping russia in the wall. something the church vehemently denies the priest. he is one of a number on a ukrainian sanctions list. the police and army have rated numerous russian orthodox churches across ukraine since the war started orthodox priest metropolitan . clement says his church has no affiliation with moscow. other than a spiritual one and accuses ukraine of flouting its own constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion worship. does not. she could simply let us have tom was sure. this is shown by the fact that the contract for the use of the cathedral by our church was terminated without appropriate procedures. another denomination was allowed to conduct the christmas service in the church, and course you, as it is aggressive and discriminatory towards the worshippers of our church. it reminds us of the situation that existed in the totalitarian days of the soviet
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union condo city. there are a few of worshippers at this church on christmas morning, but it isn't malicious. get some later. sure. of course, we're a little sad that to day when not in a cathedral, but if god's will, the main thing is to pray humbly and then go to decide as needed. rushes invasion hasn't only pushed ukraine into the arms of the west. it's further dividing, it's all said ox christian communities to chance travel al jazeera, give sources come here now does air including my responsibility? our responsibility is to our country. kevin mccarthy faces a divided party and a number of challenges as he's elected us. how speaker after 15 rounds of columbia, as colorful, black and white carnival celebrates the countries diversity models. ah
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hell, i welcome to another look at the international forecast. we got the next area, very wet and windy weather piling into that west coast of the u. s. you will see further outbreaks of freight very strong winds and of course some snow this disturbance extending all the way up into were western parts of canada. so that's the set up as we go on through where sunday there's that wet weather coming in across the pacific. northwest winfrey weather for a time. suddenly down towards the cascade through the sierra nevada. easing little further, reese was cloud and rank continued. it has pulse its way in across a pacific northwest western parts of canada, somewhere whether to just around the deep south just easing across mississippi, alabama, running up towards eastern seaboard that will clear through as we go on into our monday temperatures picking up by that stage as well noticed a little bit of snow there. eastern areas of canada,
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the central parts of the us will be dry and fine back up towards the northwest. more rain and snow like that yet more and set whether that is going to be pretty heavy. they said will cause further problems for good part of california. for the south must have problems lottie, find a drive across the caribbean and also into central america, a scattering a showers for the eastern dallas for a time, making their way further west. ah, on the counter, what caused, we look at what's in store for real estate, it's just the risk of a global recession that increases why millions of homeowners in the years a highly exposed to rate rises during any economic downturn. and we ask what you might want to do to protect yourself counting the cost or 0. o would winning documentary from around the world.
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well now jazeera ah ah, welcome back. a quick reminder about top stories here. this china has lifted pandemic restrictions on foreign travel after almost 3 years. quarantine is no longer required for inbound travelers, but several countries are demanding pre departure. coven 19 tests for people heading a pool. rahm's facing international condemnation offered hang to man, accused of becoming a member of the country revolutionary god in november, but he says it's a pool. while the u. s. is demanding an end when it cools champ trials, and rushes unilateral. 36 ass, he's fine. ukraine for orthodox christmas has ended. he did not agree to the true
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son, said russia continued its attacks. choose moscow trying to use the situation to reposition its troops. people in the u. s. state of california trying to clean up off the days of devastating storms brought heavy rain and flooding many a bracing for more severe weather expected to sweep northern regions. in the coming days, i was under briars reports. dominic kings restaurant would normally be full of dinars, enjoying food, an ocean views, but not any more the village of capital, it was among the worst to be hit by last week's storm. it stirred up some of the biggest swells in years waves as high as 7 meters tore up historic piers and damaged homes and businesses. it's our family restaurant, you know, we've had it for like a decade it's. it's definitely places where we've had a lot of good memories. it's more than just a business. so it's,
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it's really hard to see it kind of in the state that it is. utility companies are working to restore power to tens of thousands of people. california governor declared a state of emergency to help with the clean up. but the damage bill is in the millions while they're reasonably feeling just traumatized. i mean it's, it's a, it's emotional, our community. we know that, that when you look around at the wreckage, there with the rebuilding looks like in an arduous process. the storm was powered by 2 phenomena. a large airborne stream of moisture called an atmospheric river and a hurricane for system known as a bomb cyclone. for 2 days it battered the region with fierce winds and torrential rains. we actually witness the appear go down, and it was not only a site to see, but to hear it to hear the hi launched wrapping against each other. and the
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destructive force of the water was just incredible. now to come the day after and to see work cycle wars on here. it's the 3rd storm like this to hit california in a week. researchers say climate change is making them worse and more frequent. the severe weather has killed several people since new years. and as communities try to pick up the pieces, there's no reprieve just yet to back to back. storms are barreling in from the pacific and more than 15000000 californians remain under flood watch. alexandra buyers al jazeera for you as president has congratulated republican kevin mccarthy on being elected speaker of the u. s. house of representatives. joe biden said he's ready to work with a party who's divisions were laid bare during a bruising 5 day vote. mccarthy had to make several big concessions to win over
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hard line republicans who voted against him. allan fisher report after an historic queen and to leaking into the after night of drama and contemplation, it was 15 time. lucky for kevin mccarthy, the california republican finally flipped enough foods to secure the position, a speaker of the us house of representatives. a speaker the how my ultimate responsibility is not to my party, my conference, or even our congress. my responsibility, our responsibility is to our country. he told everyone he had the boots to win on the 14th and he didn't. 2 votes of present. gates. gates essentially blocked his way to the chair as he fell short of the number of votes required by one. it led to incredible scenes on the house floor with the to
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be confronted by colleagues, was exchanged, fingers pointed, and physical confrontation, apparently avoided as one congressman had to be held back by colleagues. the conversations continued and suddenly appeared to a john to monday was rejected. mccarthy wanted to go again. the theme summed up by one democrat if he offered his parties, no money for the poor. madam clerk, i rise to say, wow. and then it was done. mccarthy finally became speaker of the $118.00 congress. kevin mccarthy moved into this because office earlier this week, but several times in the chamber. it looked premature. a group of ultra conservatives blocked his elevation, but slowly he groaned them don't offering a raft to concessions, including a change of rules and who could challenge the speaker and the promise of seats on influential committees. democrats congratulating mccarthy on his when the warranty pieces, problems to control his own party. when republican said the issues of the last few
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days will have no impact on his parties, long term prospect. the 2024 presidential election weeping ever closer. i think it's been hard on the party and a little bit frustrating, but i don't think it's left a scar. i don't think it's anything permanent, as i've said a number of times as well. 6 months from now. no one will be thinking about this. and that could be an issue for kevin mccarthy. he has an extensive agenda. he wants to push through congress. but to do that, he needs the united party and it has been anything, but in the last few days and hours, i was fisher, i'll just eat up on capitol hill in washington. hundreds of protest as of march through the us border city of el paso in texas. they had a visit on sunday by president biden. it comes just days after he announced measures to reduce a surgeon, arrivals at the southern border. they include the deportation of up to $30000.00 migrant, some refugees every month from cuba, nicaragua, haiti, and venezuela. galen, any buffalo, again,
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not all of us are bad people and most of us came here to find a future for our children. now all of us came here to do bad things. i'm a family man and i came here to work and provide a better future for my daughter recently. and dozens of venezuelan migrants have already been deported to mexico. one of the biden administration's new policy, mexican authorities say a 100 people who had crossed the border was sent back to the city of juarez on friday. 46 soldiers from ivory coast accused by marly of being mercenaries of returned home. the group was pardoned on friday, 6 months after being detained. the arrest balked a diplomatic spot between the 2 countries. voters in benign head to the poles on sunday to choose their next parliament in what seen as a test of the nations democracy. the opposition is back on the ballot after a de facto ban in the last election triggered political violence from caught the new address report. the final push for vote
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is politicians competing ahead of sunday parliamentary elections it been. and for many voters, they excited about the prospect of restoring confidence in the country's democracy . the last legislative election in 2019 sparked clashes, but left several people dead after the opposition party was banned from participating. this year, only 2 political parties supporting president patrice to load while allowed. i constitutional court ruling last november, gave a green light to the opposition known to have a position. patty's, i think i'll is we have to the mcfadden and did the jack clear with him, but his and he felt affordable could come unto the girls to have those buddy that any bananas governing coalition is concerned about opposition. political parties included the democratic, growing large number of people to their political rallies. lebron excluded from the balance string to 19 and one to win a majority in parliament to change the laws. they describe as repressing the
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governing cornish of yeah, describes them as insignificant. but son, this vote is more than just the election of parliament members. the results sort of determine who runs for president in 2026. the electoral court requires any candidate for president to get endorsement from legislators and mares in order to run a political party can only get representation in parliament if it gets 10 percent of the total votes cast nationwide. regardless of whether it wins a constituency, present the election commission as it's ready would been uploaded to proposal must valid department the prison when you look with when we started distribution of election materials from the furthest to the regions nearest to cultivate one mode. now all areas have received the needed election materials that are cora. oh, to see are hoping this election will restore opposition politics and benign and that the country will avoid violent clashes of 2019 observers would the watching
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not only the conduct but also the outcome of this election, it will determine whether or not the streets are calm ahmed edris al jazeera guttural colombians took to the streets this week to celebrate diversity is all part of an annual festival known as the black and white carnival italian, the southwestern city of casto, and it brought some indigenous spanish and african traditions. the purpose is to promote equality and respect among people from different ethnic backgrounds. one of the world's biggest technology events is now underway in las vegas. the consumer electronics show off as a 1st look at the next generation of tech, out as he has rob reynolds has been trying out. what's an offer? ah, the roller coaster of new consumer technology has come to los vegas with thousands of companies showing off the new the cool in the kind of weird. some will hit the market with a fe, others will be duds. i could run down for you over the years,
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all the different trendy things that have been the next big thing. and then the next year we come back and it's completely forgotten about among this years highlights l. g as a new wireless tv screen. no more messy cables. the content is streamed from a box that can be situated several meters away. the integration of tech into the automotive world continues. honda and sony have joined together to create a new company called a feeler, and which they're gonna make a brand new electric vehicle that's going to have the latest technology from sony in into team in, in sound quality in cameras to make a really smart electric vehicle. b, m w, as in a i equipped model that can talk to drivers and learn their preferences and it changes colors to suit your mood. they could have checkerboard patterns. you can have stripes i, if you want to have it blue one day and read another, you could do that, you could do whatever you like with it. augmented reality products are represented at sea. yes. including these cool headsets from us company, magic leap,
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the met averse is gradually taking shape. although no one really knows what that shape will be. and by the way, where am i? sustainability is the theme at the show, john deer as a hybrid electric farm tractor. there are electric motorcycles, bikes, and scooters and even boats. developers hope to disrupt the maritime industry. bodies here is the navy a 30 ah, or in 30, as we call it, is that we're as long as range and i've been how you're quite bad. and americans by select retired by that, and there he part of this is that it is 10 efficient and traditional gas bag. and there are plenty of offbeat or just plain cookie products on display. this gizmo can scan your food and tell you how many calories you're going to eat. this one can sanitize your hands before dinner. and this thing can.


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