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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2023 10:30am-11:01am AST

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pedo is declared a 30 day state of emergency in several regions as protests against the government continue. it allows the army to intervene to maintain order and suspend freedom of assembly. at least 42 people have been killed in confrontations with security forces since protest began last month. demonstrators have been demanding the release of jails, former president federal castillo, and the resignation of president dean of was to the white house lawyer says more classified documents have been found that us president jo biden's residence richard solver says he discovered the 5 new pages as he was handing over another classified page to the department of justice officials. a $2.00 lottery ticket has changed the life of one lucky person in the us. the winning tickets in the 2nd largest jack, false in american history, $1350000000.00 was bought at
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a convenient store in maine. the window will be able to choose between a one off payment of $720000000.00 or an annual payout over 30 years. ah, thank you. through the headlines now. the passenger plane was 72 people on board as crushed in the pool. happened near the airports around 200 kilometers west of the capitol cap, man do between prop a t r. a craft was operated by domestic carriers, yet the airlines 15 foreigners were among those on board and i hold official says 40 bodies has been recovered so far. according to reuters news agency. so my cell number is in the capital, the largest dealer merging now badly visibility wise. the weather was
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quite good. so it is. it's then you shopping in surprising denise, coming in at the moment about i believe again on the passing is for a national tv i'm interested in things on board to russia has unleashed a barrel of mythos striking multiple targets across the crane for the 1st time in 2 weeks, at least 20 people have been killed. most of them in the central city of denisa, where rockets hit 2 residential building. at least 60 were 4th injured. of the world, the head of the world health organization is welcoming china's public release of dr . uncovered 19 related deaths. paging says nearly 60000 people have died in hospital since it lifted severe current of virus restrictions in december. us president joe biden as declared an emergency in california as storms continued the
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back of the state. a new weather system brought heavy rain, snow, and strong winds to the region that the weekend, tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes, nearly 26000000 or under a flood watch on saturday. the headlines, the news continues off the inside story, stay with us. the world economic forum returns to dabble since january to assess the global economy reshaped by the pandemic. and the war in ukraine can lead us from government and business. prevent a promised decade of action. becoming a decade of uncertainty. extensive coverage on al jazeera intends fighting around the town of sola dar in eastern ukraine, wash and military advances are being claimed and denied. why have both sides battle so fiercely over this area and does it mark
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a new phase in the war. this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm fully back table. ukraine has refuted russian claims it's captured. the eastern town of solid are whatever the truth fighting has been intense around what is europe's largest salt mine. nearly all of this small towns, $11000.00 inhabitants, have left and almost everything above ground is destroyed. so why has this battle been so fierce and does it signal a change in how this war is being fought? we'll be discussing this and more with our guests in just a few minutes, but 1st 2 reports from ukraine and russia. ali hush him in moscow explains his battles connection to a different one with then russia establishment. before that we hear from char
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stratford, who spent a day with ukrainian special forces in backwards close to solid r ukrainian defensive positions west of the front lines. city of bar mote. russian infantry are slowly advancing into northern and eastern residential areas over the hill. the center of town is almost completely destroyed. the streets virtually deserted. blasts of exploding artillery and rockets is almost constant soldier with the ukrainians. special forces leads us to the bunker, warmer dark tunnels, lined with weapons, and ammunition boxes. drones feed, real time video of russian infantry movement only a kilometer and a half away say half a lot of manpower solas is cent every than said, troops like a ways. so we cannot stop every time because we have
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a less guys. and unfortunately, we also lost a lot of the guy said this moment men rest before their next mission, often close combat were trenches are only 20 meters apart. commanders insist, we hide their identities and don't film landmarks near by the could give their positions away. i want to protect my hope of a child. they split into small groups in order to avoid artillery, and they infiltrate to residential areas and tree lines. but they also suffer huge casualties without grammar. military intelligence from our western partners is often not distributed to as quickly enough on the front lines where we needed to target command centers, logistics hobbs and weapons depos. the shelling is getting closer has been an intensification of shelling in the last few minutes. the soldiers
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here are telling us that up to 600 russian soldiers are moving into new positions. in a northeast of the city. we climbed the stairs of a destroyed residential building. smoke rises from fresh strikes, a few streets away, close to russian hill sections of town. what remains of the lives of people who fled to fighting lies abandoned and destroyed home. russian forces a gradually surrounding bar. mote from solider. around 15 kilometers to the north. to villages in the southeast, strangling what little remains of life here as the ukrainian army prepare new lines of defense. chance travel al jazeera of mort. it's a moment. moscow has been waiting for vision of the lustoria. the capture of saddam became possible thanks to the continuous strikes and the positions of the armed
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forces of ukraine by russian air force missiles and artillery. moscow hope solid. our will be a stepping stone to another strategic ukrainian city. rosalind, i think that only after the liberation of back mort will an offensive operation be prepared to help complete the liberation of denette from ukraine. sada opens the way for russian military units to chrome at oscar. this is the largest city of the da nets people's republic, still held by ukrainian nationalists. what does another battle going on? this one inside the russian establishment. over there, all missionaries from the wagner group, late in capturing, saw it on the group. was it on the celebrant shallow statement in the form of an uncertain question? accusing some officials of trying to steal its victory, was facing that the only fight was present in the battle. for solider were wagner, by the ministry of defense, later issued
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a statement confirming that wagner's role was essential in the battle for solid, a passcode to recover. wagner is not registered in russia. we do not have a law on private military companies. therefore, apparently the military is trying not to mention wagner is part of the group that performs the tasks of the special military operation. of course, this is very insulting to the wagner fighters, and the case is also about the jealousy of some generals. ah, and as russia tends to capture more cities, the echoes of the about to learn more school for the hall to mind of letting me put maybe her the buffer fins in ukraine, or the i sure which is 0 more school. ah, well, i spring in our guest now for today's show from odessa in ukraine, micheal bore sierra cue. he is a senior fellow at the atlantic council from moscow, sergey markov who's the director of the institute of political studies and a former spokesman for president vladimir protein and from bath. patrick fury,
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a senior defense and security lecture at the university of baffin, a former british army officer and former nato analysts. thank you, gentlemen, for being with us on inside. sorry. welcome, michael, let me start with you in odessa, if i can, the ukrainian government disputes, the claim that the russians are in control of solid dar. how big of a setback would it be for ukraine if the russians indeed were in control of this sort of tom? right, well, 1st of all, the russians are making this much more of the bigger deal than it is. the, the status of solar doors still very, very much up in the air. how do we know that from correspondents who are there on the front line and from ukrainian service men who have given comments to foreign media? i think from the russian side solider has much more information or propaganda value than actual strategic value. after a humiliating losses on the ballot unfilled, included, including lutheran, come on. they need some type of when no matter how small to be able to feed to
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their russian public and especially to those were hog to those the russian bloggers, her giving actually the prominent top time. now the ukranian side, it should be said that, you know, they don't look at this war is the human meat grinder, like the russian. ready do when there are threats to, to their men and women, they do pull back at that and they made that clear because human life, unlike on the russian side, they say it to be valued. one last thing, if i may on this, is that it is a very, very long frontline intent to move perhaps 50 or a few 100 meters one way the other day by day. so there's a long way to go before anyone can claim having taken over solider. alright, let's ask fair game in moscow. why solid die is such a big deal for russia? why has so much man power, including mercenaries, fed a been brought on to this area? so does that have not important for us?
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joseph, what we should understand. russian government is saying is a truce. he put it put as if it is lying. well muscles and florida not important for me to, to the point of view. a judge is not in the military point of view, why are they sending so many troops into into solider including mercenary from the wagner group? oh, medicine that it from walking to horrible. if i think and different regions in non down bus and then other regions for daughter is very important. politically, all for why do you mean? is it empty? because i really made that a capacity. ukrainian army is great that not by your grades, but by health or where some conscious but wisdom comes, we want to give out to the suspects. so you can nominate. that's why it's very important political will like me to listen to sure that you're good. you're not me
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still going horror and losing co c t after be bottle. if because i fail up. i'll go bay la or provide you museum in the face or she is with them. yes. let why they didn't you send a dozen or you can your soul just to fight for such small cities. i started out and back and read the law doesn't the sounds of to premiums are soldiers dying? was these small features which particularly means almost military or military appoint gimme it's almost nothing but a whitaker. i bet it important or didn't. okay, because it's important because it is becoming important for school and to crash video. let spring in, patrick berry and bass for your thoughts on this about the significance of solid and back modes from se, solid. as i was saying,
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there is of no significance militarily to russia. it's more related to russian domestic politics. what are your thoughts on, on this battle and how is unfolding? yeah, i'd agree with sir. i, i'm not actually michael is saying the same thing to look. the key thing is here, look at the noise is coming out of the kremlin and the, the video's being fruit trying to float the internet from the wagner group. there's always to be serious discourse amongst their we know some about the power struggles between ag are awesome all. and the general in charge now of the whole operation. it goes in for all the can and, and, and it seems to be that essentially this is a by, they're not fighting a battle in the way that you would over a strategic objective. this is about sending russian troops into a meat grinder to be killed, to meet some sort of political infighting about the conduct of the war and who should be the head honcho on the ground. so that's my reading of it. essentially. i
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think i look once once once and both sides start to take a serious man to casualties. insignificant objectives can become more significant because there's a bloat. and there's a, there's a basically a blog treasure which has been spent and it becomes more significant. but i still think and that this solid are really, doesn't matter significant, even if you zoom the map out over bar moot, it doesn't matter massively. and i don't agree with the idea that this is a big, big issue for zalinski in terms of nato support nato, as we know as a defensive organization. if ukraine will start to lose city after city, that nature would actually open up. it says, support. i imagine so i don't think really it has an optical or a heavy way on, on nato allies. and it's also interesting to note that the u. k is just said it's going to send a challenge or 2 times to you grain. so watch this space and a let's, let's allow segue to respond to that. say gay, patrick says, you know, russia is fighting for politics here for political infighting, a rather than
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a strategic care plan when it comes to solid, died and back to what is your response to that? for the missing for 6 as a no need this to same, to take fit enough because what do you mean to which added to the high and also made it to our power all russia pooly depend on rational capacity, rational society. and because i mean, rational, domestic politics, it's no, so of course, society one time, very much russian. i mean to go all right, then deliberate more and more. you can see just not on that one. yes. can god but also konica. that's another rational that if it is in the united nation, say that it clear with last night about what's your mom's rush? the mom is that she's been no threat to russian security diploma. you know,
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and also that often speaking people should care. whitaker and social rights ins ukrainian did it today as well, if it's will be by, by, by piece, by new sanctions. russia will be happy to do it. but if that some countries will continue to seize that, there are some speaking people to be 2nd kind of the citizens with no right to speak, native language or russia. we'll get to zap goals by boss. all right, and let's bring in michael in ukraine to respond to that. we heard there from say gay rushes and games in his you, when it comes to this war and ukraine, ukraine's then game in this conflict is the restoration of its territory to free 2014 borders. i want to know, michael, whether, you know, the russians are becoming a more formidable force right now for the ukraine on the ground in close quarter. fighting with more, you know, as we've heard, wagner, a group mercenaries involved in the conflict. how difficult is it for ukraine to
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defend dispositions right now? yeah, well 1st of all, what's coming out of the mouth is complete. nonsense. if indeed, the russians cared when i talk about the security, the protection of russian speakers here in ukraine. why are russian speaking cities being bomb, like how to kill, for example, like other cities and just in your grand, i hear from ukraine ins who are russian speakers come from that region? they can understand the rushman tale on this. but, you know, when we think about it, the russians have put very low value on life. so that's why that's happening. and in terms of the russian fighting strategy you referred to. well, right now, as i said here, ukraine is under a nationwide missile attack right now from the russian side. that's the only way they know how to fight is not icon bad with, with their opponent. but with the long range, missiles that are very destructive. so trying to weaponized winter, trying to damage ukrainian infrastructure,
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i think come what we're going to see going forward over the next days and weeks is quite the pivot probably from the inside on the front line. and a big reason for that fully will be because of the it will take some time. but the addition of these tanks like a challenge or to post cold war, 4th generation tank and also the other fighting vehicles per provided by europe. also via the added training, things like that, but one more thing quickly is i think, between now and the one year anniversary in the middle of february, russia will try to launch quite amounts of salt. we know there modality. ok, let's allow so to respond to that figure, we had heard michael say that the russians have a low value on life. they using mercenaries made up a former convex and they don't really care about losing these men on the battlefield. what do you respond to that? it just life. i see what we have now. so immediately
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a defense means this was conscious. of course we cannot trans, isn't permission during the civil about going into my evolution, my understanding for russian army and citizens. if you create our people, we like you to which many time told that we are why the people use some kind of cd water inside russians. people you may know is that as my, if russia these people, it's people. why is it bombing cities that are occupied by, by it? no, no, she's lying. she's like, russian never die. get to see be, and i need because i see to you like a friend. i keep you just the 100 a bit of sand new and that's it. propaganda ok, i was a lot of because all it is patrick, i'll bring you in on getting an army where the russia bombing concentrated. so you
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know, that's all sort of reality we're talking about here. so i don't know how we can continue to be with someone with an alternative reality. you know, i, i, you know, to come back to, sorry, guys 1st point is he well knows. just because you're a russian speaker doesn't mean you make you any less ukrainian according to the referendum and all the polling that was conducted. you can be a russian speaker, and i was heavily diminishing as you'd imagine, and also feel how ukrainian so of course there's some small segments of the population still do feel russian, but it isn't smaller than i was. and so i don't think that even that argument holds if you're going to say that the russians have a bombard kid and car here, i don't like, i can't have a debate with someone about that. it's clear to everybody. ok, let me, let me ask you patrick, about a recent military shakeup we seen in russia and how do you think it's going to change the conflict this military shake up? we've seen within the russian army and is general it. awesome. all of appointment.
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do you think held a new face in the conflict? is a few ways of looking at it and again, is fed internal dynamics, wasn't it that he is being put in there because you broke it? you know, you just destroyed are pretty much destroyed. are conventional arby with brain plan for taking a massive country. i know you fix it. yeah. or was sort of a kin becoming too powerful with a direct line to put in a knife where they moved in to get rid of them. i agree with michael. i think we can expect to see, you know, a 100000 st. party trained, recently mobilized russian troops being, you know, pushed into an attack somewhere and we'll have to see hopefully the ukrainians can repel us. but wouldn't be surprised if they have to give ground in places. and really this is about the summer volley for these times, which hopefully comment line. the british announcement is all about pushing the germans. the germans need to get their finger right. they've got, they're the ones with the lap or 2 tanks. there's lots of them in europe. the challenge are 2 different logistics change there in the u. k. it's, it's, it's
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a gesture. it's support gesture, but i need the liberal in just a you say a patrick. what's the end game for the west in arming ukraine with more offensive weapons? we've heard about the u. k announcing the tanks, the day fund says, well, what is the end game of the west? so i was just coming on to this. so i think the tanks on the armored infantry fighting vehicles are by creating an armored brigade for ukraine that can be used on the summer in kendra offences i'd expect to ukrainian tender offensive this summer is what i'm thinking. who knows how to successfully be the russians about a long time to prepare defensive lines. and there's a few things about modern warfare. we're waiting to find out, such as how to precision guided munitions, work against trenches and defenses in depth. which is different from what we've seen them so far. so yeah, it remains to be seen, but we've definitely got another summer of fighting coming at least. all right, so again, my coffee in moscow, we are nearing the one year and advised anniversary of this russian invasion. what
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are russians plans, you know, for santa dar and beyond after a consolidated it's control of this area? are the same, but she doesn't need a chair. you may know from geography is that trash i use is a biggest conference war in tell them to, to kill. i mean, just what russia needs is still supposed to be a people in ukraine zone. ukrainian olympic leaders would believe that you create and that would be in transcript. and in one cannot make unions to be liberated from ukraine. it's reason as to be a law, to have pretty political convenience for getting political section and majority, you get empowerment. it means that you can still be democratized, and eventually been, you know, it's what russia army is fighting carports. that's why it's very much supplement for me to to the point of view. i agree with my colleagues that was on
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that is expected to rush on. i mean, we'll try a temp to go forward, and those are we in tests and ukrainian army is but appearing to by western must have to be ready for that. i think it gives us an army in the middle of spree, and now it's a maximum. it is ation ukrainian, ukraine, and also i think a lot of offensive we've been that it was a you get any. and so, okay, we're, we'll see is it is all would be that we will really because for, from our side is true. okay. michael in ukraine, this been a substances change in the type of weaponry the us and its allies are providing ukraine. how will this been? how do you see the conflict evolving in the next few months as we near the one year anniversary of the russian invasion?
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sure. to that, but just quickly to servers point, it may be too rapidly a big country in the world. but why is it that they have to possibly to port hundreds of thousands of ukrainian children and women and men to rush up? why is it that they have to set lines of russian troops behind those compact fighting for a bag in a group and others to shoot them? if they start running back from the ukraine in front lines, that would be a good question for him to answer. but i think in terms of what we're going to see going forward is there's a very big difference now in terms of western support for ukraine's up. or i think the, the leaders in western capital have grown the spine to send these main battlefield tanks and very heavy duty fighting vehicles. but also there is a realization follow that this is no longer a war limited to ukraine. russian missiles have violated model, been aerospace, not far from here. a by the way, many times are missile fragments
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a following to poland. plus the knock on effect of the migration of the weapon is ation of food weapons ation of energy. so kind of my main point here is that there is a realization in these western capital is that if mr. newton and his forces are not pushed back now for good that russia will tempt grabs on ukraine again and surrounding territory and attacked other nato countries as well. so they should have done it earlier. there were a lot of warnings, but finally i think the tide has turned. and i don't think, given the rocks and the d product and corruption on the russian side, they're having to mobilize, come back. so homeless people that they have much chance against what. ready awaiting. ready right now, ok gentlemen, we will need it. they are unfortunately we are running out of time. thank you so very much for a very interesting discussion. michael berser, i q 2nd my call and patrick. very, thank you very much for joining us and thank you to for watching. you can always
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know about you? and how easy is it to manipulate the quizzical look us politics the bottom line. but it hasn't been done before, can be done even better, as long as a human being is doing it. you can do it, no matter how you possibly it looks. it's you to putting the effort to put in the lock and you also have to be patient with me. i am the captain, a sales than me a so continued kenya and more so at the assistance which we are the only ice okey team in eastern central africa. b as they i francois progressing pretty well. we had managed to play in some international games. then when it came in, the ice rink was closed and it's the only ice rink in the country ah
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