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say the use of pesticides along with the loss of habitat are the biggest threats to the species. they may be difficult to see from a distance, but these trees behind us are absolutely covered in monarch butterflies. now tourists are welcome at this protected butterfly sanctuary. here in central mexico, but visitors are asked to keep their voices down so as to not disturb the butterflies for many the up close encounter with millions of these vibrant butterflies is a once in a lifetime experience. experts in mexico see that despite the monarch being designated as endangered, there's evidence that conservation efforts are working. but ultimately the future of this iconic insect depends on the continued protection of their natural habitat . oh, ukraine's interior minister is among at least 14 people killed in a helicopter crash near keith, the highest ranking official to die since the war began. this kindergarten is right
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in the center of the residential aaron, people who live around here in east palm. the blocks have been coming out to see what has happened and nice are insured. ah, hello, i'm how much i'm doing this is al, does your live from don't. how also coming up? peruse capital on the edge. thousands of anti government protesters converge and lima for fridays, massive demonstration to call for the president's resignation. at least 70 people have died in afghanistan's freezing winter, where poverty and hunger has compounded the crisis. israel's high court bar's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is key ally from serving his minister. ukraine secret service has launched a criminal investigation into
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a helicopter crash that killed the interior minister and other senior officials near keith. 14 people died when the aircraft came down next to a kindergarten in the town of bravery. on the outskirts of the capital, a child is among the dead. dozens of people were injured. natasha butler report, natasha butler reports from bravery. the kindergarden in the town of bravery, nick heave, was still smouldering, as emergency team's work to the scene carrying wreckage some of it scattered across the playground. earlier a helicopter carrying 9 people had crashing the building, killing all on board, including ukraine's interior minister. denis monasteries sky keeps mayor current his death a huge loss. hello sir. young guy, why we're able to to go do it a lot of sense for your brain and make it police reform. in a way, dozens of children were in the kindergarten at the time as
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a crash. at least one was killed. others were injured. a regular school day turned into a tragedy. ukraine's presence said he was in unspeakable pain. this kindergarden is right in the center of a residential area and people who live around tyranny's, a palm and blocks, have been coming out to see what has happened and most are in shock. alexander was nearby when he heard the crash. he filmed what happened next on his phone. well, normally robasho, i broached the kindergarten and so ellison was on fire. i went to check a building where i have france, but when i came closer, the car exploded. i saw 2 dead bodies on the grass and i was scared to go closer for young linden williams shaheed born. i thought it was a drone attack. we saw a large piece of metal on the ground. then we found a helicopter when it's a night last i'm speechless on the lease of opened an investigation into the crash . there's no word yet on why it happens. but it's clear that the death of the interior minister and other senior government figures is
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a huge loss for ukraine at a time when his fighting russian forces the death of so many others, including children, is another painful tragedy. for country that's already suffered so much. natasha butler, al jazeera, bravery, ukraine. all right, let's bring in william courtney. he's an adjunct senior fellow at rand corporation, a u. s. national security thing tank. he joins us live now from washington. d. c. it william dennis monasteries, ski, the interior minister, he was the highest ranking, ukrainian official to die since the war began. so how big a blow is this for the government and what kind of impact could it have on the conflict? or this is a big blow for people who knew him and he has been credited were flo reform or drug ministry. rober. sure, no history that was conducted the war on this actually should not have surgery on
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friends, prosecution, mobile work. and william obviously evidence is being collected and the cause of the crash is still unknown. but the fact that there were so many officials on one helicopter, at a time of conflict, including the 3 main figures in the interior ministry. is that concerning? my mom have been most prudent to have so manager joseph, i'm a coffee, it won't charge you years lou shambles for russell. well, her years administered for example, or try word. so push sort of a church that will, we would not have to talk through our counter offer. saw through martin wasn't our company. and william and no matter the ultimate cause of this crash, the conflict in ukraine persists. western allies are going to be meeting on friday
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to pledge more weapons to ukraine. do you think ukraine will start getting more weapons from allies? well, it does appear that he pays refresh. now for checks or progress or british thomas the challenge of june to an actual attack. and this may bring a larger the germans and so they did not want to leper to try 1st. but now if she brought 1st the germans and i remember whenever to text and i think you're a member of them, are willing to chance for them to your credit. to mister b, sharp tanks are important for character of savage cutter offensive combined arms operations with infantry armor artillery as a vh. but it is the armor that has no punching capacity in an area where the defenses are sharp. so this could be report. all right,
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william courtney adjunct senior fellow at rand corporation, great to get your insights. thanks so much for joining us. an algebra your brushes president says moscow's military might make the victory in ukraine inevitable. vladimir putin was speaking during a visit to a factory making air defense systems. he says the country is ramping up arms production, and that's one of the main reasons his forces will prevail in ukraine. fillum nasha, in total, our defense industry produces year on year about the same amount of defense missiles for various purposes. as all the combined military industrial enterprises of the whole world, our production is comparable to global production and therefore we have something to rely on. and all of this cannot that inspire confidence that victory will be ours. so russia's foreign minister says the kremlin is yet to see any serious
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proposals from the west on resolving the ukraine conflict. surg, elaborate was speaking in moscow as part of an annual review of russia's foreign policy. the solution can yes, missouri, we heard the mantra in western capital that you can't talk about ukraine without ukraine. this is all nonsense. in fact, it is the west that decides for ukraine. they forbade zalinski to conclude an agreement with russia at the end of march last year. even though such an agreement was already in place, the west sides, and it decides for ukraine without it with which the hash was listening in sir gala robs. but us conference today was an attempt to put the whole war and the whole war into the context of the russian west and confrontation as he described it. he even used that term. the final solution when he was describing the us led coalition as he described,
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that's trying to find the solution for the russian question. he also compared the u. s. and weston attack on under and russia. he said to napoleon and hitler. so it was like more into a historical context then he went into some detail with respect to negotiations with ukraine, saying that russia is open to the ations. however, it needs some solid points to stand on. also, he mentioned the meeting between the head self intelligence in russia and the u. s . and said that this happened when the president biden's request also went to address the issue of the sanctions. and russia said that his country is working on creating and enhancing some new supply chains. in order to avoid the western interruptions of canada sounds, government says freezing temperatures of killed at least 70 people,
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and tens of thousands of cattle across the country. there been long queues to buy cole in the capital cobble where the mercury is dropped as low as minus 21 degrees celsius. in the last 2 weeks, poverty and unemployment are increasing. the risk of casualties forecasters say. the cold snap will continue for at least another week. the most senior woman at the united nations has held talks with the taliban and cobble on the crackdown on women's rights deputy secretary general amena mohammed met with the acting foreign minister. he defended the government's record and blamed other countries for the broader problems. afghanistan is facing louisville. hello, lou showed it. was it for today as the minister of foreign affairs? i'll have to satisfy both you and my government and people. now you tell me what has the international community done to satisfy our elders and our nation sanctions have been imposed on afghanistan. there are restrictions on the banking system. trade is a facing problems, and people can even transfer money to buy food. the un secretary general antonio terrorist says, muslim nations need to convince the taliban to change its course on women's rights
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. he was speaking to algiers. diplomatic editor james bay's at the world economic forum in davos. the un secretary general antonio terrace is among the dignitaries here in the swiss alps for the world economic forum in davos while he's here. his deputy is in afghanistan, amena, muhammad, the deputy secretary general, the highest level international official to go to afghanistan since the taliban took over the 2nd general. explain to me her mission. but for me, that is something that really i feel very deeply which is what is happening to women and girls in afghanistan. what i said in the general assembly, the risk to move into a gym that up at that society. and my belief is that only that muslim world can convince the taliban that these needs to change. and so, i mean, am i mad sir, at contacts? first of all, with the organization of these,
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let me conference that as you know, issue the statement. that is very important because it clearly says that what is happening, afghanistan is against the holy koran. and she visited before going to afghanistan, a number of his le couches with the objective to mobilize support in these let me quote, to make clear for the taliban that they need to reverse the present trends. and i think that these was an important initiatives. i hope that this initiative will produce positive results. in any case, we will be ready to adopt the measures that are, will be considered necessary. if for the initiative does not produce the results we are expected cause you except that there is not that much leverage that the international community have. the taliban don't seem to care much about international recognition. at this stage you say their turn to come to the taliban with the i would say a western perspective would be totally useless at the present moment. and that's
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the reason why. and i mean, our met is a muslim woman and the recognised muslim wallace and to be able to mobilize the is let me quotes to tell clearly of taliban that what they are doing as nothing to the with islam as nothing to do with the hollywood on it has probably to though it some traditional values the, the afghan society, but that there are all reasons are in the, to the benefits of the forgotten people. to make sure that her women can work, that girls can go to school bus at secondary level at the university level, and that they can be active agents for the development of the country. recently the taliban band or female aid workers from international agencies from operating inside afghanistan. for now female you and workers can continue to operate. but the 2nd general wouldn't be drawn on what would happen if they to a band soon anti government protesters from across peru are converging on the
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capital for 2 days of mass demonstrations. looking here at live pictures of protestors who are arriving in lima, making their way into the capital from all over the country president dina, they want president dina bell to watch it to resign and her predecessor pedro castillo to be released from jail. more than 40 people have died in the unrest that began after he was out in december resident boulevard, a set to meet with a representative of the you and human rights office, which is called for an investigation into the deaths of protesters. arianna sanchez is live for us in lima. marianna protesters are arriving in lima from across the country. what's happening were you are and what are you hearing from the protesters there? that's right mohammed, we've been seeing a groups of different people with some of them. some of them with their costume, some of them with the flags of a representing the income civilization. many of them coming from the south of the
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country more than anywhere else in the country, from cool stuff, from who know from my uncle to on, on the white les, where most of the deadly protest took place in the last few weeks. now these people have been marching around the streets of the capital. they have been here in this plaza. it's not heavily guarded, but there are some police are deployed here in the center of the capital. there's a lot of nervousness about what may happen in the next $36.00 or 48 hours. we've seen deadly protests in the south. and so there's been some local mayor saying that they want more security. there's also been a. a statement by the former, a president of congress seen are called, what do these people want in lima, a total disregard of the people's right to protest of the people's rights to move around the country, the equal rights of peruvians. i mean, it shows
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a divide between lima, the capital, and the provinces. this is exactly why people feel disenfranchised. they feel abandoned, they feel bullied, and many people are also very angry about the deaths that have happened in the past few weeks. now. the foreign minister of peru, maria, and that's a cd ahead of us. he isn't davos. and she has said that the rule will remain inside the committed to the international human rights system. well, that's what people really want. and people want justice for those who have been killed in the protests in the past few weeks. mohammed and marianna, as you mentioned, there's a lot of concern about what might happen in the next 36 to 48 hours. but there's also of still a lot of anger among the protestors and they are so calling on president below, aren't they to resign? how likely is it that she might stepped out?
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well mohammed, i think that the demands have been narrowing down. first. it was 3 president cathy from jail, then it was let's have a constitutional reforms. that's how the congress shut down. all of these things that are continuing among the amounts, but the main voice now among protesters is the resignation of precedent. but who are they? she has said she will not resign. the prime minister has said that she will not resign, but 71 percent of peruvians, according to the latest opinion polls disapprove of her government. so that's why many critics, observers, historians, analysts are saying that because of the legitimacy is that is being questioned off her government. she should start considering to say, stepping down mohammed. all right, that's how this year is marianna sanchez live for us from lima. thanks so much.
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marianna cilla had on al jazeera us authorities announced the arrest of a co founder of crypto currency exchange, suspected of wandering millions in illicit funds. the somali government launches the 2nd phase of a military offensive against the arm group of shabba plus ah, with we've got a swath of snow extending nearly 3000 kilometers from colorado to michigan. hey everyone. here's those details on thursday. we could see it pop up on our maps here . you know, south of this we've got some severe storms ranging anywhere from alabama right through to pennsylvania on thursday, and we could see some tornadoes mixed in here as well. so we go further toward the north. here is that snow piling in through the upper midwest. i think it's going to
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strike toronto with a bit of snow as well. may be up to 5 centimeters, but this will be rain for new york and d. c. now for the other coast, wet weather for central and northern coast of british columbia, st goes for the coast of alaska, with some snow and finally much calmer conditions through california. but snow through the sierra nevada spreads into the rockies for central america. those winds have turned around, so it's a milder push. overhear havana now, closing in on 30 degrees, but some showers ago, a for the yucatan peninsula. top end of south america, some thundering downpours will extend from a now's to quito rate through to bogota. as we slide towards the south, thunderstorms are going to wipe out that heat in associates and paraguay. same goes for bi jablonka. so you go from 33, down to 27 degrees on friday. that's it, susan. ah,
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ah, ah ah . ah ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories this our ukraine secret service has launched a criminal investigation into a helicopter crash in the key region that killed the interior minister and other
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senior officials. 14 people died including one child of dana sans government says, freezing temperatures have killed at least 70 people and tens of thousands of cattle across the country. forecasters say the cold snap will continue for at least another week. anti government protestors from across peru are converging on the capital for 2 days of mass demonstrations. they want president dina bullet wanted to resign, and her predecessor pedro castillo to be released from jail. in columbia, a so called peace caravan is making its way through remote jungles. it's part of an effort to bring humanitarian relief to the regions and help those displaced by decades of conflict. alessandra lumpy at a caught up with the caravan at its 1st stop in western columbia. this is the 1st stop of a unique humanitarian caravan that west created to buy peace negotiators of the colombian government with their enemies jaelyn rebels that are negotiating
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a possible peace deal in venezuela in athens. in the meantime, as part of their 1st partial agreement, that they're trying to bring concrete humanitarian relief to the most affected communities in columbia. in particular, they're focusing on the 2 western regions of the country. and in this 1st software, at the shelter, a catholic shelter where hundreds of indigenous colombians of their own and community have been displaced for over a year under a thought of them most good looking to go back, we need the armed groups to respect our rights. move out of our community and, and child recruitment. and as i said, dia here is to get 1st hand the information from the communities and create a diagnosis of what's needed for these. are people missing a lot of them being pulled to it's a singular initiative because we're trying to immediately implement what we agreed on. and the focus is indigenous and black communities who have suffered the most
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from here, the delegations will go deeper into the columbian and jungle along to rivers the san juan river and the cali, my river here in western columbia. and try to reach a number of different communities. all this information that they will gather will then be part of a report that they will send to the negotiating parties in venezuela. and the idea finally is that this can be a pilot project that hopefully can be repeated in different parts of the countries and try to reach as many communities as possible and bring relief to these communities that have been affected for decades now, by columbian internal conflict israel's supreme court has ordered prime minister benjamin netanyahu to remove a senior member of his government. it ruled that aria, dary cannot serve as a minister because he was convicted of tax fraud. last year, dairy is a close ally of the prime minister and the head of the ultra orthodox chance party
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. the decision has sparked fears of a political crisis in the new coalition government who spot leon. we thought for me, this is a day of morning when the supreme court intervened in the legislation of a basic law. the court to day caused all lines when it interfered with the law passed by a majority of 63 people, which expresses the decision of the majority. i didn't believe that the supreme court would intervene. and now it turns out that the court thinks it is a hit and ruler is, should remember its place in the fact that it has to decide between rights based on the legislation thought, ah, are you the real if aria dairy is not fired israeli government as breaking the law, a government that does not obey the law is an illegal government. it can no longer demand that citizens obey the law dos it. our dairy is not fired. israel will be plunged into an unprecedented constitutional crisis, and this will no longer be a democracy, nor will it be a state of law. more than 90 countries have called on israel to reverse measures taken against the palestinian authority after it pushed for a legal opinion on the israeli occupation from the you winds top court. those steps
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include withholding more revenue collected on goods at the border that abraham reports, the palestinian authority is already struggling with a financial crisis. but the new israeli sanctions could only make conditions worse . israel collect taxes and custom duties because it controls the borders on average, that amounts to about $180000000.00 a month. more than half of the palestinian authorities budget. under an agreement dating back to the 19 ninety's. israel takes a 3 percent commission and is required to transfer the rest, but that's not of the case. these ready government has been deducting amounts yearly, laterally per various expenses, plus the nancy, the deductions amount, 2 billions of dollars and are not audited or transparent in terms of amount. they continue to increase and it seems to be a trend where the more reform and more revenues we have, the more deductions they will have. this means that they intend to keep us
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constantly breathing under water. these where the finance ministry has told the jazz eda, the money with held will go to the families of victims of attacks carried out by palestinians. is really courts hold the palestinian authority accountable for a number of attacks. that also may be sun. osama is facing 8 years in prison and a 56000 dollar fine in compensation for a subtler, he's accused of trying to kill in 2021. her them of obama live must open. when will stop or set low steel alarm in the streets? it's only normal to resist the occupying power. why would you ask me to compensate? but it's like asking me to compensate a belief, who stole from me, call me a low to compound matters. international aid has shrunk 90 percent since 2013. we're the clear revenue to be suspended for an extended period of time. we would certainly see the palestinian authority in a position where it is unable to meet its financial requirements towards the
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palestinian banking sector, which is heavily indebted, inducted to work. the palestinian authority is demean employer in the occupied territory and it hasn't been able to pay staff full salary for more than a year. palestinian say they won't stop lobbying the united nations more so now with the right wing government in power in israel. many say they've been in difficult situations before where israel has kept the palestinian economy on the verge of collapse. for a decade. always barely surviving. that abraham al jazeera, occupied less than the president of somalia has announced the 2nd phase of an operation against alicia bob. hassan cher mohammad says allies, turkey and the us will be backing on offensive to retake areas in the southwest from the armed group. malcolm lab reports from neighboring kenya. success is reported by the government and its allies suggest is not as strong as it was just
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this time a year ago. but the 1st raised prominence in 2007. it said that it was fighting against western imperialism and against the ot and occupation at the time since then in 2011 the united states. and that you paid for east african soldiers from uganda, kenya, burn dee, and other countries go into somalia. fight the group under the banner of an african union, united nations force. those foreign forces had some success in pushing out out of towns and cities. have been often they didn't manage to keep control of those towns with 50 or just ended up with a single fortified face around the field or the group still control the ways that the countryside could continue to launch attacks beyond those fortified perimeters . now what different this time, that is somali soldiers fighting the group and community militia. the community
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members themselves is turned against the group. but still, big questions remain. will the government and to be able to keep control of those towns that have taken and will they be able to control the ways of countryside and toast line between those towns and cities as well? the f. b, i has arrested the russian founder of the bits lotto crypto currency exchange for alleged money laundering. the department of justice says the hong kong based site was used to launder millions of dollars of elicit russian finance. alan fisher reports the public exposure of a very secretive operation, the us justice department, and i think international action against the bits lateral crypto cotton c exchange . it's russian head, anatole, like at the me of arrested by f. b. i. agents in an early morning rate in miami, today's law enforcement actions put all of those who seek to exploit the crypto currency ecosystem. on notice that the department of justice will use every
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tool working along with our partners. every tool that we have to attack the criminal use of the dark net and crypto currency, the bits lateral website is predictably down a message earlier said it had been seized by international law enforcement action based in hong kong run by a russian. yes, treasury department says it laundered hundreds of millions of dollars and became a key point for criminality on the dark web. the treasury department says that makes it something that could be used to help rushes warden ukraine at a time in russia's waging a brutal and unjustified war in ukraine. and as it seeks to circumvent sanctions and governance controls to philip coffers and sustain its violence, we will not tolerate criminals enterprises that enrich russia's malicious interest . ah, just.


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