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tv   Witness Becoming Black  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2023 9:00am-10:01am AST

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[000:00:00;00] hey wow, deadlines are wow, we live here. we make the rule not now. people empower, investigate, exposed it, and questions the youth and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera mullin site in doha, with your top stories here in al jazeera. it's been 2 years since military fees, power me on mo,
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that been protest outside mammas embassy in on coke human rights organizations say nearly 3000 people have been killed by the genta since occurred in 2021. it's accuse of deliberately targeting civilians. the genta is planning to hold elections in august last week it announced a new election law which is raised fire. the questions about the fairness of the process? tony chang has more. their mandate for emergency rule has actually run out to day. we think they're going to try and extend those emergency powers. but under the 2008 constitution that they wrote, they shouldn't really be allowed to. that said, they do have no control over the could complete control over the legislature to protest. but they want a thin veneer of legitimacy over their rule, and i think they're very keen dead for those elections to be seen, to be taken place,
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particularly in the asha and region around us. so they can get back a certain amount of legitimacy or the secretary of state. and ne blinkin says the us imposes anything that puts an israeli, palestinian to state solution, fell out of reach. his concluded his trip to the region after meeting palestinian president mark mood abass on tuesday. restoring. com is our media task. but of a longer term, we have to do more than just lower tensions. the united states is committed to working toward our enduring goal of ensuring that the palestinians and israelis enjoy equal measures of freedom, security, opportunity, justice, and dignity. and is president biden's firm conviction that the only way to achieve their goal is to preserving and then realizing the vision of 2 states for 2 peoples . the death of a mysterious i'd bombing out a mosque in the northwest in pakistan, city. if the shower has risen to at least a 100,
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a committees been tasked with investigation. the security lapse at the police compound and alleged negligence. the family of tara nichols who was killed at the hands of u. s. police have gathered at the historic mason temple in memphis on the eve of his funeral, and been joined by community and religious leaders all calling for police reform. 5 police officers have been fired and charged with 2nd degree murder. the encounter with terry nichols in memphis recorded on video is a glaring reminder that efforts to reform policing have failed to prevent more flash point incidence and intractable epidemic of police brutality in this country . nearly 32 years ago, rodney king beating by police in los angeles. prompted hartfield call for change. and yet here we are. 3 decades later,
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still calling for their change by francis has called for an end to the exploitation of natural resources by foreign powers in the democratic republic of congo. lead at the roman catholic church is in kinshasa as part of a visit to the african continent. he'll travel to south saddam on friday. u. s. justice apartments, as for more men happened, charged with criminal offenses in connection with the assassination as the haitian president, juvenile, noisy, and 2021 that had been transferred to american custody also being detained in haiti . russia says its troops had captured a village on the outskirts of the crating city of buck mutes. it is located near the town of salanda, which are seized last month by russian forces. and wagner mercenaries, the british prime minister's office, says it's not practical to supply ukraine with fine to jets, a spokesman for which she soon acts had training ukrainian forces on extremely
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sophisticated british made more planes, would take months. the american actor, alec baldwin's been charged with 2 counts, if involuntary manslaughter in the death of a cinematographer on the set of his film. rust helene hutchins died off to gun pointed at her by. baldwin was fired during filming those. all you had lines witness coming up next. ah . enzymes don't get min again tide. it's been flight senior lied when we're don't dish and, and i'm and on the one on in aust. billing or damage answer sean. i don't, i'm could even begin to politically to lean as please read from here. so not
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address personage lang at work open. come. he mindful of the house he had sealed from them. carlton, vincent are going to wash woollen minnow as if not late now provided. does president lamar modern honest from an african, misunderstood in the lungs, almost him the boy to swim? do you have to have his night in charge of his armen visit kings, or did you an ambling, and i am on the last one. when remove it is esther from as soon as the mid find it was under advises pushed fruitless. m as christie, as me godaddy guy mars b films, you put the younger one now is filiette peter, as is lana, tortoise at mccloud, just asked her mom and give his nist and names me by now exact at her pharmacy or not, no trouble. oh,
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don't basic on say for the alicia sauce, do it. let's go on v john sandy, i am on the shores of the little it would lillia johnson for a little i will, will be can cover it. will santiago, lee? santiago like a leather. did cocoa should see not whether not a letter contact. you know, by that i left for will later resulted mc official is i give a good one l b. then if i don't know what i know, they said no, you put it up, rosie is up when she it does have his adversary gluten, this is the only inside of it,
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even though i'm inside somewhere. no. according as long as the austin, the took this year, 2 years, been that installed on the line funded a central time. thank you. face functional, find the items. once my mind, a shooter got me as was a shortly to answer of doing my transition fish. try and show that i own vision dish. but on the the why shoots and famous for 9 had wrestler. when crunched, of philip, sworn into convinced good. and mister sooner okay, i'm a glance at him. first is to look knish with arms or when i'm stopping by interest. if this is oh and dad i was always the mommy help me cuz
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oh, no, we outlines, i see the ash it's rob dog. i don't know, i'm you know, as a short on the star was mr. me trying to crystal what is my vision beaverton for her student ac was in his eagle. it kind of to remind me from the wood and have you brought us nova faced noah by none the gl willinger and pug dish fund. kinda and your show nights dubois emma agnes man border carter in and outside was you miss mitchell bar and then find had the at them. yes. please. so in good shape at both as a savannah and then they say i believe both apologize, ill and economy as well. that percentage of fed mommy for less on roster off off
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begins also be off of off i think a little did tender molly. i know and dell on good. i honestly it one yourself, a quote. i said you're one of those of the debate. vernon ron moxie modes wild of middle month. yeah, sure. and i mean it has in it. oh no. does he like how's the bush lost? consequently, eligible for bush went out sir, ignorant, and some by spoon. demira sensation orders over and he was fat and swelled head on good april station. he can remove the likeness good. no mildest the headless odin came to the yahoo! dot idle believing, twinkled as old as does my dog here that doesn't. our new richie 3, the 400. those of us that father asked at less complete seal the be does spend me
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deal more at the of modest completed this was in v in my verses m hymer one. as which 1st of all mr. smile of i was to see if i was mich fillings were there you were gone. so please, and we're as we're in the sd, our and our mission. i'm some out of the varden and entry was is your mother's you my mind come shannon does it mom or with an artifact of all? hello mr. mom. oh me. this financing and voice or, and then have it done with somebody unfold, perform as of one or 2 grandma or and was it was for me, notation was for voyage was to mission of our mother recently wound now and i'm in is it on and on hobbies no, to you in van under fire,
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we have hardens was dan roam, is the osi of videos here i am on front of us. so does he stand him? not unfortunately. and he bought an ema does quench my 412, dumped out between a 2 digits. kind of our come here. i noticed a mission mission. i'm on phone go much further. was a thinkable that means that he's also missing of g. i think a duncan, the want to serve us is positioned us in our global a leave of absence. any got the kind of a indian beat up on you got the kinds of which are on done vanish even dod montoya, i know they have an am devin enough. we cannot begin it on the army. show judas
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miners come, then it was rama to retire early. today was his language up and, and routing of one. i have gazette as well as a study, the outer m. what as well and don't have it. mm hm. when i'm going to trans i to, to excellence by to issue and one of the cannot because in wound wound does not reason seem his shoes mcclellan blossom isn't it simply as soon as music is actually tad soon wrote bone. he showed up, he was the only me and dispute up to a single one term and i was able of making a lot of are so
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a person and her number on skin with mm mm ah yeah. since you please may said thank ollie unless you will get it as soon as they live probable. zora zoom in, copy, got it so that we can let you know the police are
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a little pool of the why he is of course a not going to offer to have to had to put one of his people with the i can finally go to police player one gallery. now because in the when i would have has to listen english yet my mom marching out at home loans,
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one session is finals one session and i am not inside owned no internet one. i'm a warner. yeah. we come on the dazzled in contact quarter virus. i'm guessing on the line from so gung was moved. i sent in to the army because it was my mom. no, no, not the one on the one. the one with the, as it was not this guy garnish, as of indians and done it student or not king, and us find a new and my gosh as an order student and i'm not a dumb was the money i was faced up given them 3rd. no one doubled again. no, not yet. on the head side, when i'm going, one does much better since it was fine. so you had to manage all of her lesson as one of you does, but she has a of the items i desire to. it is a no, not always in points f dash dead of the and i've ended dig of the unknowns i'd have ended contacted. and supersonic would've been bothers me. avenged as a scope of and understood
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n g a mine shaft nice by mia about. and i shouldn't give myself inviting we did seen on some busch beer. got this sean, a soon smiles, numb gigs to denton, and d, a mid awfully kind of flooded fun as a bit in the so right. kenya, as it just wasn't as old as the boot is right in there, she was father this room for you on fish, fish of this. you're born. been approved for going fish and i don't dish dish or to me on a clear c o for not very small fish much religion. law sucks. all the number of the tree of service you want us we walters good. we heard to you if you on a wire who i don't know if you're only all from hogs,
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comes in and isn't selfish too much easier than the i'm certain the from the emission too much is here basis for him. it is my existence as money would be oh no, not today. as of us for me not vision guns. and i know when it's in one of your feet. when you're or as even m. s. most benevolent. i'm your vision. as a fairy wasn't me b. m on her once a week does nothing come vice good doesn't for photos, rules will diamond often has to has done movies in yosh, peter out of to of a kind of through us with them. we do, we do about his, i'm funny target. i typed us, if i let him go to hired,
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find us to do for sank on this disease. in order for me is, and i'm not gonna truly, she brought us with humans. oceans artists says, cloud ones is nice for ford and try and cotton over 15 bill ones for mas as for my pock fisher from dish and child talking from that on. those would be mommy on dish, who's smartest, unless, unless i knew about soluble doesn't switch to stuff switches on you on yesterday in spite of them and the mommy and mish with naturally shops for intruders on king is open to his own misha. i'm done not to leave home dish. no, unless i think i'd feel if you're kind of who could oh oh
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ah allison goodness it and then of course no known down as if i'm off the top been as much as a with isn't yest last. no buddha mentor me on met him. i mean, i'm not finished and i me, when i'm done, if i'm about to hear from us ma'am, and if i know he's to buy a 2 isn't invisalign. keyboardist causes was got off the head of any of those librium on the run hor boynton. do i kind of the blow blocking room to move out of service. miss bonnie's house, come ready when you know of medea out of,
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to after we had witnessed to afford what stood her off, tallest and company here in unbundle. and if i asked different, sustained damage, i saw another sale on some portion, harbor, hop on a pool that has come as would have killed us. you said, this isn't it is why a fish beard harbor for you under accident. even it hadn't. she will not handle my displeasure there's no offering, as i glad speaking of amazon, today's disconnection date as the web developers eligible conflict of network. vinny of satisfied in have to from you
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then had to go to present summer. that's anita. what's oksana? that is to ensure the corsica sunny from sensor which was made almost as act as does a for dish. does problem bother. sad was just mcwaters the i'll draw me on shortly proposed must you do mommy or to remembrance afterwards? you honestly, blood is near to your fatigue wasserman condition that i i had to late although it marriage couldn't reach her. i am glad to set an arm off to him of the mommy's hours icon. and until lesson was to has to me again, eventually excuse me,
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if i lost your so. oh her sorority nannan. they have to tell me she's in swedish legal entity. most of i for the 16 jessica tama when kuhn and kevin emerson should take nothing. feelin comp my board and houses and thank me. the noise below he brooklyn's act, i have it myself formed assist m. i mentors porter, sustained comic that he mentioned gazette or cleared the and it has to have ice cream, orange bottles, coke, lincoln, on dash to so against. mamma isn't an ionic doses of amusing divisions i encounter punishment. remains hosea. as a stemmed well wooded didn't, and guns of utility as well as
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a researcher cleared long do him the allowed robust as order many, i can't neil ne, clearly i dusk, lavishly guns which i know i can do the long them along with all of us flag this is nick bomb rosalyn. no, by. it does in law or not the deca kelter meshed ish thing. ah, do me ah, j c a l i did with a bunch of a vehicle not
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a few long in the rest of the land on farm. logically, nancy via barton, surely able to do as miss latoya had looked through him. why? sure. he will not go to the left hand, is allowed to laugh at frontier when his own said so neela, her, i won't bear what 20 equest is that you all know. and i've heard with auntie. quite nice to see if i'm a new on pu, has more of her was giving you a new kalia. yeah. and then after that it would then it will only be and you do your publishing your money video this year. i got gala lanyard. i'm open,
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i'm at work i e o u d u data deal, you know, so really you know that at any given oh oh for well the near fuqua really, really busy now old with my medi no man come with my mom, mom, mom a was what you need my medical, your medical so i need for me to call you back and for my phone call. so i mean, no jan. maddie. oh, do you know me?
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i will do me what i will do when i go to i left. she is at gabler, she agie a. i mean, my lady got it, got drove out there on web radio. gala laggy. oh, good, good. what do i need? a, ga, ga, ga. gov. like diane? i'm with my dog. glad. but my yan thumbs up with that. i'm in the world
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a how have range of africa is what i'm most proud of. every time i travel they would see still west africa. people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate coverage . and our focus is not just on their suffering, but also on a more lifting and inspiring story. people trust to tell them what's happening in their community in a clear and, and by an african i couldn't be more proud to be part of, you know,
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with the corona virus has been indiscriminately selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens britain's true colors. part one on al jazeera lou moline said in de la, here top stories on al jazeera. it's been 2 years since military sees power in may
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and march that been processed outside man was empathy in bangkok. human rights to the migration say, nearly 3000 people have been killed by the agenda since the current 2021. the agenda is planning to hold elections in august last week announced a new election law which raise questions about the fairness of the process. tourney . chang has more. their mandate for emergency rule has actually run out to day. we think they're going to try and extend those emergency powers. but under the 2008 constitution that they wrote, they shouldn't really be allowed to. that said, they do have no control over the could complete control over the legislature to protest. but they want to then the near of legitimacy over there rule, and i think they're very keen for those elections to be seen, to be taken place, particularly in the asio region around us. so they can get back a certain amount of legitimacy. secretary of state antony blinkin says the you, i suppose is anything that puts an israeli palestinian to state solution further
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out of reach. he's just concluded his trip to the region after meeting palestinian president man made a bass on tuesday. the death toll from an attack and a mosque in the pakistani city of the shower has risen to at least a 100 committee has been tasked with investigating the security lamps. if the police compound, an alleged negligence, the family of terry nichols he was killed at the hands of you as police have gathered at the historic mason temple in memphis. on the eve of his funeral, they were joined by community and religious leaders or calling for police reform. the u. s. justice department says for more men have been charged with criminal offenses in connection with the assassination of the haitian president, given m noisy. back in 2021 happened, transferred to american custody on to being detained in hasty, heavy rain as lashing new zealand largest city. yet again,
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the flooding in oakland has forest road closures and colace land slides for people have died. american acts, alec baldwin has been charged with 2 counts. if involved 3 man st. water and the death of a cinematographer and the set of his film rust, alina hutchins died. alta gun pointed out her by baldwin was fired during filming in 2021. coming up next witness me anointed on it. i know these dish pursuit number know and im climb ordered and even last billing that was the only malicious but i noticed roughly cunningham and aunt and how come under the actual social which i got on on here. so should be on until you start wanted me to have either luciana johnson was talking to african has
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arnold and invest in bidding goober accepted oscar bullet point, well known fema courtesy used to sal till is mostly what was going on done in yorba . linda had sought to gain commands. i'm a daughter to the london wanting underside. no, follow them. they offered him up because he didn't come post, said colson. i bet it of mine. and what does a good here the size. it's been, i'm up in my food, a boy. 0, one does not enjoy doing wagner. he's off with m on for size has been running mueller's all done with the mommy is pin yards to was act. now it turn up and now one i didn't use had on dog can and would have for years one and life take those places
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. that's was the 1st session was from the appeal in detroit. gail in leipzig hill and i spend vita, but in aden, fun ziegler, the wound on z is not in our ranch, was up to men and bid on tomorrow. let us so much regarded some as mommies and use it to them as well as which was finished with what, yahoo! yahoo, to holland like long this is coach sloan. oh gosh, hold off on me. i, i don't know. well, that's fine. fine. i have my own la loan from school, and it was up to more around my wish items. i switched fi off, i was fine, i'll go it understand. but in also i'm not on
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chinaberry or club volleyball, who, who used to be live, shows a car. mm. hm, and the halls are film charged industries in town. 12 the smartest, an old man, and his highest m phone place, finished and then no good. sorry for new shows. oh no, no, i was no . oh, mystic meeting. to go suppose often sure. lot of her billing is to mine back not been no of the fast because you don't side front didn't where i got come can finish . no don't cla, occlusal shower. mr. hunger indeed to lendy. mr. hodge youngest, are good on mission. renewed to proven highness targets indicators. now imagine
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just empire, it as a minor hope, father on the glazing charts and carson home. once his tick from he has no conflict. uncanny, finished austin, an imposing stick to mister line. hm. evicted lang's almond fosdick. and my chance, the only shaman blix is open. shamika busy is purely lines. i'm glad offended as his abs. short honest. i'm it should have given me much more as manage best as i in fantasy video rec deepens f. hold. all right. no, not really confident. kinnon to an cannon reviewed v m 0 is cuz in video kinda dammit ongoings in to see him. it isn't good for fun. i was on and off max, i'm kind of in
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a front for time constant here. dick, you know, obviously when they get taken on vacation, one, take a little as a d. m. 's astonishing yours. i'm 5 of them. kennedy, hard to cry from here on. it's been done to my gods with governor of the lloyd and often the how you go from bus, you know, to the appearance fun hour ish canada. so and if i let some 10 teams feel of them and i've, i've gotten, can't own it yet. and so from here i saw when v, it's was, i'm always kegan's in, somebody's been as a dean, the ink was in a hoss, it's bizarre, not a young men. i think richter is naturally up as a cup of tea english or anger of mine better than man, man, man. or. and i was hard to english really since the police side again by the police . i gained fast when i put, said defended officers. so of the saudi of ricardo brunswick, v as in van. and then his vision fellow up as or diana to get inside to hopkins in
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when it does. and we are often marked for that and you find it forms it as is unfair michelin, high to resign. a sense of his as he cannot, ivan does ish as or mere arms or skier ludicrous. as varnish. soonish causes dealership last on he wouldn't even wound the guin was enough. her ladders i'm far. um they are tight. are usually does indeed it. abram mom. my mom was a garnish. give room one contacts, one quick, one or 2 men mentioned was on and and on. so i'm water. yeah, it does what amazon mining is act yard yard. it did it above honors. nish, give you an hour ish thanks. it was a handling bite us t for each tanker. saddam, at the tone thus incited site as colonialists, most kind of dancing of worked as they come, they're not united sellers more than one candy d d l. when the light of vanya about of allen of medicine,
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fascist the sort of colonialism good, thank and good behalf, that as of us, man, law you by the african adapter. no. i wonder in eddie, the al voted answer has looked and positivist bit again suzetta, r or nor do was on answer key and when it as negative, it also home on damage earth into lie to him of done by this night. overflow. this noise staying at yours, margot. fact the army in on ziegler diamond only in them. i'm heartless, ave wyoming on a hard farmer job or with our basement as ever. cleo was mine. it starts with an update. i was on a level the hugley lift gate, an issue that's an issue. as a minor fossil gobby your fingers that just came to punish the fuel when the alonzo
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gear and in the of accident design development holden. dr. deal. so feel for me. go, does nish, how'd father, if you let other that? yeah. how did the do the system does it to mines over the light of which may i get? am yeah. how to living? being doubtful about the v vibe. deloit of aiden does does fall enough on another. yeah, you up. what does, what does want to do this is i did crystal, dr. dr. m through whoo. id. like to like, i learned that this was a desire to remain in my room by finding mine and i was, i, she came and now it says, all i'm order i would have to go on. the us could take turns zoned and indigent doesn't,
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doesn't that you of his they sousa in teams in and what is your beauty to song on what to do them? english voiced rusty was offer, should useless unless i just buttons my advisors, ada reality does mild sum up castro's mom and finding a multi crecia because we were in it is for, for you know, group as of the van was demanding. my oldest lesson was most affordable as was kinsman, there's no martina nova, as mine edition, i saw this here in league in between oregon, mrs. d, up. it wasn't so much man of this lawson. i'm with them. did plato media have to convince me? was our own done orders until sunday. watson and english remarked intimate to turn off gemacht, i'm done. i'm resort. and kind of what i knew. pang is in when unit number
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or the neutral blood. mm hm. good owned i know when tigers etc. so efforts were fun. admitted none in van. m to muzak m chapter of us contingent was he and you hadn't flatter on double snow. vanish was her mind often ish this mrs. wagner and up on dun mamba indies. not another fun and im understand, dorman, im too much with us to finance it as a fundraiser. abilene are up there to snap carbon as a did a sold his eye and heart. oh, allow this on up to much better, wonderful peter. lion dunbar does. it does her fetish after test and done him. he asked molly de nama newton crow johnson. i was
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sworn, it's now been more than once you pretend to go. i wish i'd to have hunter own dunston day in the south pole is vasa from the glucose bod. zones went on to foot on this one attrition. one lovely show meant for m as a from each was title zullie i were only irish love which was done was touched it and i have done yes. my in not arsenal to wooden lexical, not over daughter done. so i still, sheila hunter lee quick does is steven pete. amazon turbos was off because envoy wouldn't wouldn't at isn't guns for much moment. whiskey laptop was kenneth anxious. pusan jumped to their matters from those figures and when they got son of notch monsoon boucher were kinda the out of children and went an
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ambition modest muzzle just didn't put house flips and we're afghans and fun. so i was ordered to tell don, understand time you 8 and i'm usually not i was on dish up soon. bassinet me are you standing on the app? so adapt commerce for me? well please do my scans room. he doesn't vision amazon, leave it up. how can i last august? the was arm wound up. we're in the moment on him and she didn't. dances, boys knew been over sensitive us, maybe tickets and up done. alice for me. several eager warned adamos on him off. this lesson does assumed one man hunt as a book, one of them, he is and own down a number, his video sense of what the linked indian and his ha and how many tributes were
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moved. and the slim went over lived. when does fun or trish missouri causes go to information? ah, traditional nation the unknown. how might twist, unless a sucker has 20 thorns been at any time in this place does are not so don't go based on an orthodontist who and what i kind of don't own permission was to, i'm from the witness test when i'm out, i'm asked on hermiston oregon mm. shepherd's auto to sign via. i presume my time filiano. my gosh. matter capo had on got house from
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miss billing them leaking kind of out of oh yeah, i went to the back. oh, to go. i louise's you book, i like it. and you, this is she had those in with dell. and if a comma coming in gus are allowed to loot allah. he's all here in from keys and about land on it. so it is also possible mnemonic is good. good luck with your views. jamante, is that on this? i mean, evolving your down please. hm. it is
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a 2nd pass. good news. you repeated in d. c. history lab oil, rosario village and welcome m validus. who comes out a ged cash more a month for me. it is. oh yes, feel it to clear is on the monday. the keyword for me, m y e z and johnson is only is on the up if you could just dont. yeah, hi kia, kia, kia, this value. 11. yeah. are you ready yet on on cookie kiana, the city is a d nose purposes. jones or no on the menu
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is on a speaking last alyssa, tony johnson or to sound so for me. ah. would lose coverage and i can dam into you can give this money from you. cant used to be financed commissioners. it does cancel. like out ill, tomas 10. hottest empty call to touch peter. put in a 1000000 johnson. instead. mayfield admissions act was don guitar invite and week of the 20 im had slash for come in on to have him union chevy let's to vomit. i'm positive when you get in good as to which land. mm hm. i know if ask is jamilla bad beyond this said,
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so premier hong kong z a z the to renew on the water crease. i got a laugh. so here we have a r. 2 a, c, l a y, a mom. nancy g. s a. don't want me kathleen, s. y, a in, in this the in course emerging on the,
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his more me was it in re seller if he did this eagerly. area going poison ivy. skin warming kenzie great. or is it quicker to sasan? can i alone on mountain do is if lead to long cars, easy the legally they like take it in the ongoing pause that the me comes. i was at my feet. oh it there in the ca and what was india in my family level up when the f e l ls, i believe you see an engineer a in long in my mare actually say the a c d c at the abbey here. yeah, yeah. let me in those and then we left last year was when it was
9:52 am
a mess with and so my punishment is asking questions at the 20 the you the flat, teeth clean sleep. he said purple brush did the medicine, them slid to measure and that jaded in more diverse way supply yoshi visit with the fin, squinting my man if there isn't. oh, much on the bill that that by laboratory and ally, a better job, belittle therapy doesn't thankfully lemetre palmer good me for that. this was my name is summer. what was the shape of her mouth? clear in my name on the edge of it. where did you come to ours from here? and you know, the army meant not come on to her. i lousy garcia,
9:53 am
lily is l e n. as in sam a. as in sante monkey jersey diaz is a junior subbing parkway for me to sit on the ohms, shirley lou, it come to my plea. come on on fall sitting next. billy asked normally he i'm sorry, isn't this of it by a superseded lee? i or he said, my love i am are not the least why your letters read a letter that knew what he lives out
9:54 am
in a blue moon? yes. oh not him. he hasn't telephone not lose him for his english den off. wouldn't mind. no one's want edelton on saga. mm. yeah. not listening to provision. i kind of moved respond font as i want a son and daughter. so i'm for his destination. it's going to mean i'm a no women potentially king rushed in, shot a machine frontal on miss lashonda in the armor templates list as the food and comments was i'm course it's i to pete i had, i mean these little funds,
9:55 am
i'm golden admins, edison loans act come if on my listings coffee, and thought attention to my lame when the unknown of how here shewn one of norbish from monsignor wisdom. oh, that's all munchman. 6 that will work, move on, only i find an ashley moss with finer gangs soup of water. incident longer fairies, justine and i asked, i don't how kind of a thing it is i would have us was approved and what i was on so i know that in a please. i was a mistake really bad. i know i did have, i know this is in regards to potentially, i would love to talk to him. that's fine. to have it.
9:56 am
there was fine heinz, amazon russell, not with the zora can to monument our english capture ish my name. when i 1st turned in came in at least had safely. and my name is sheila martine human yarn, or mom, you yamaha motor. i oh, uh huh. 0 1st and we'll do their 1st name. mr. cook. up in the. yeah, this was shouldn't dinardo sullen miss rose lucia on you go over the sun the then what he does? yes. my it's not on dish. will see other see 12 meg. you live to those films? can glanton,
9:57 am
i've been that said site just went on in fella farm was emails from santa fe. whoa, lovely to be sure to delay the sheet of the luxurious to know the doubles on mute her aluminum on her so long as i missed him. honor knowing no wonder he did us all for our da tomba star, was the beginning to the center of excellence as a even the tight shake when it was, as angus predict, he doesn't fight off. unify exclaimed goodish mac. that was one good by design malagon jim, good dollars for human round him or gave me linda that well, if you didn't really go to say you many hillard and he was the only stuff i don't want her rises
9:58 am
a a. 2 a. 2 ah, under silent stalls, they once prosperous fishing village sinks beneath the mud, parliamentary elections ignite, few st. rivalry that will determine the future of this defeated and political divided community. a microcosm reflecting the plight of a nation witness venezuela. a sinking resolution on
9:59 am
a jessina. ah hello, it got more very wet, sand, windy weather, and at times wintery weather across northern parts of the middle east. farther south, it is lottie quietened, and improving pitcher winds coming in from a suddenly direction. how to the u. a. pushing up across carter, wet weather on the other side of the gulf. as you can see, they said that western side of our around we will see some heavy downpours and significant snowfall. once again across the zag ross mountains at ease is off. as you go through thursday, minimal clouded cutter at that stage, just rolling across bahrain. but it should be largely dry and northern passive cat . i could see some wet weather and notice showers continuing their across at western side of iran or where to weather the wintry weather that continues farther
10:00 am
. north spreads right up into the turkish mountain. some more wet sand, windy weather, more violent storms rolling in across that east side of the mediterranean through levant. quite to weather on please. the site does come back in here as we go through thursday, but says that system makes his way through some wet weather, clipping the far north of egypt. some risk winds as well lifted dust and sand around for good part of northern and central egypt over the next couple of days. looking the pretty dusty to into central parts of africa with some heavy showers. the southern nigeria. ah, ah 2 years on the since the crew and me on my agenda is accused of deliberately


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