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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2023 3:00am-3:31am AST

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ah ah ah a race against time a 3 days after 2 earthquake struck turkey and syria, with desperate search for survivors continues. on despite fading odds to rescue as free an entire family from the rubble of that bare hands, it's serious,
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it live province. ah. okay, don't miss out, sarah, not from don't also coming up. ukrainian president, let him answer. lensky seeks more weapons and a surprise visit to france and britain plus anger on the streets of columbia was thousands of should icons, protest, new government tax measures. ah, the death toll continues to rise in the wells deadliest earthquake in more than a decade. 3 days off the disaster flattened thousands of buildings, and southwest took care and northern syria. often 12000 people are now known to have died across both countries. an aide is pouring in from around the world are so said our reports for mac carmano rush, one of the worst hit turkish cities. of us. a call for
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silence. rescued him just heard a voice coming from under the rubble. they're working relentless. we're here to reach people buried below mediation. little didn't that one of them is my husband, the other is my son. i already lost a child here and my daughter in law lay dead at me and all the other long after nearly 2 hours the rescue team managed to pull out 24 year old ma'am at. i mean it was a moment of joy for his family and everyone around. 2 i am very happy, i'm very happy. hopefully my brother also will be rescued and i hope everyone will have their relative fund alive. oh, mammoth, remain buried under this collapse building for 58 hours. and now it's time to rescue his father. oh,
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what. what about that are dozens of people still under the rubble here, and some of them are still alive. their families wait anxiously, but hopes are fading with every pencil when it the scale of destruction is immense . touches president jeff type avalon listed affected areas promising more help. now sorta get drums out and we're working together with a number of ministries, though, including the environmental city planning ministries. us who are working with our social housing management, who will look into this, what our target is to rebuild in one year. and we will start construction of new houses and all those 10 cities to make sure nobody is without a shelter. and then it'll take some time to builders. buildings, of course no. the or taught it is how set up this tant city. now it is home to hundreds of people. medical workers are at the front line, but it's not an easy job. the hospitals are already overwhelmed,
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but the injured and dead kip arriving. nearly a 1000 buildings have collapsed and hundreds have died here. the rescue efforts are frantic. families still have hope and they said they won't leave without getting their relatives out from under the rubble dead or alive. rescue say that i'll just euro carmen mirage, salt and turkey. stephanie deca has more now on the rescue operations in garcia and tech on tech. he is border with syria. it's been more than 3 days since everything changed and faint calls that offered such hope. have gone silent. he now did the building collapsed in the 1st 10 seconds to 22 people. they're leaving their, our father and one cousin of steele dead. in the 6 year old who was our neighbor. we are waiting for them. the hope they will bring them out. but not like this. their worst fear come true. a father, god,
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a home gone. everything worth living for, gone his family inconsolable. one of tens of thousands living a similar unimaginable hell of his life. rescue workers and told us that as of last night, they no longer heard any voices and he sounds coming from underneath the rubble. this is now a recovery operation, no longer a rescue on 3 bodies remain underneath his building, but we're being told, getting to them under all of this is going to take another building here around 80 . people remain missing or we saw were more dead bodies pulled from the rubble. relatives and friends come to watch in agony. the apartments and people they came to visit. nothing is recognizable any more, or friends is here, or she has a children. learn the but if you don't have any hope more because
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it's towards that. yes. so, but we are here. she tells me she now sleeps in her car with her 2 children and recalls when the quake hit. oh, it was just like a warm voice. strong voice and the shaking. the aftershocks keep coming. there is a serious danger. the buildings can collapse. as time goes on, the prospect of finding any one alive under these crushing layers of concrete fades . and suddenly, a sound of hope and in silence that hope only grows. they think they heard a sound. some people believe it's a small girl. ah, but the silence doesn't last for the moment. that hope is lost. stephanie decker al
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jazeera cassie ant up were turkish precedence, which kept her at one that has acknowledged shortcomings in his government's response, but insists it would have been impossible to prepare for such a disaster was only good over the on the 1st day. and we experienced some issues, but then on the 2nd day and today the situation is under control. coco, we will never allow our citizens to be left on the streets. we'll put our moscow people not give the provoke toes an opportunity only pay attention to the statements coming from the source to managements will 30 days the time of unity in solidarity in while twitter has been restricted across, took here, following on line criticism of the government's response to the disaster anchor, it says the platform was being used to spread disinformation some from fake accounts. critics say the restrictions will hamper efforts to get a to people. gotcha. the name reports from istanbul, opposition figures, non governmental organizations and academics are blasting. this parent restriction,
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one person tweeted, he's an opposition figure on a day when communication saves lives. how can there be restrictions? what kind of ineptitude bear in mind that turks have been using twitter to try to locate their loved ones? the government has not responded directly to this allegation, but since i arrived on monday, the government has been banging the following drum saying, do not rely on quote, propaganda or mis information on social media only turned to a official government sources. when across the border in syria, people were already struggling off the years of war and the aftermath of the earthquakes getting assistance to them is exceptionally challenging. let's take a look now at the aid situation. there are, these are the quake effect areas of syria. parts of it are outside the control of the government. because of this, there are concerns that aid won't make it to some rebel held. there is making
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a situation more complicated roads around the bub how a crossing have been damaged. the link is the only way to access rebel held areas from outside. syria. here is working on opening to more border crossings with syria to enable the flow of humanitarian aid. then a 100 reports tourist mac. so that when i get a laugh is 10 years old, she survived monday's earthquake. others are still being pulled out from under the rubble of collapse, buildings across syrian cities and towns. but many didn't survive until y'all was quite some indeed a laugh. tell us rescuers that her siblings and mother are dead under. they're destroyed. how funny she is in the opposition controlled northwest of syria. the civil defense members are working on their own without the specialized equipment needed to deal with a disaster of the scale. the mean must be has been. i've
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been waiting for news of my father, my mother, brother, sister, and her phone. i talked to them and had the voices. work is too slow. rescue workers are appealing for international assistance, but the opposition controlled region is one of the hardest places to reach in syria . it's been blockaded by government forces and their allies during the course of the war, and the only lifeline has been help sent over crossings from their k through what is now also the worst hit part of that country. the devastation and cities like pucker and gussy, and it makes it difficult for 8 to be brought through. the united nations says roads leading to be about how us have been damaged or closed. it's the only crossing that can be used according to a un resolution. with the backing of russia, the syrian government has ensured all aid goes through the mosque us, and its insisting they should continue now to as it struggles with
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a disaster. but critic say they don't trust serious authorities. i don't think any of the syrians refuse or mind or reject that the assad, regina receive aid. it's just that we know for sure. he is never, never going to give the people that are in need any kind of aid. while some friendly countries have been sending a directly to damascus, much of the international community is avoiding dealing with a government sanctions for war crimes against its own people. long accused of using aid as a weapon of war. it's now seen as politicizing, a catastrophe. blaming western sanctions for worsening the situation. a lot of the aeroplane cargo aeroplane refused to land on syrian air force because of the american and european sanctions. american and ear officials insist sanctions
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don't affect humanitarian aid and say it will continue to be provided in all parts of syria, but not through the aside regime. they say most of the damage has been in the opposition controlled north, where some aid has started to trickle in. but rescue or say, it's not enough. then they're l. shakita. they wrote, well, 0 correspondence, sir haven are hal asked sent us this report from italy, province in northern syria, where health facilities have been overwhelmed by hundreds of earthquake victims in need of treatment. while marianna and madeira let live billy and mustache far as we are here in front of the south keen hospital where the bodies of some of the victims are ready to be given to their families. now where there is a glimmer of hope for some hell is we just saw some people who had minor injuries and were released after a quick checkup. and with me now is the hospital director, doctor blazys to tell us how the staff here have been dealing with the situation so
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that nasa lawyer said he got him and let the highly unclouded match for the situation in the hospital is very critical. the whole situation is catastrophic. this morning. they were more than $300.00 debts since then. they have been dozens more. i think we just received a man who had been saved from under the rubble. and this has given us hope of finding more survivors. during the last 2 days, we also received more than 700 people who were injured, which only she was doing the 1st. there was a disaster because we missed a lot of difficulties due to the huge number of victims in addition to the wounded who came from different towns and villages around the hospital. we are grateful for the assistance provided by so many doctors from different places for thought are not hardy. good luck on victoria any and thank you dr. the euro. the center of the most affected part of the border area. and we know your mission is hard run, but un officials say deliveries of critical cross border aid from to care to northern syria could resume on thursday. crystal salumi has this update from united
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nations in new york. the united nations has dispatched disaster response and assessment teams and is ramping up a delivery efforts. but access to northwest syria is particularly difficult. this is technically opposition how territory a conflict zone. and the 300 you and staff already in the area are delivering what aid they have 2 people there. but the united nation says that they were already struggling to get enough aid in for some 4600000 people in need. before the earthquake, even hit, getting aid across the front line is complicated, but the united nation says it's working with the syrian government to increase its capacity, hurting the coastline. missions is something very complex, even before the, even before the f quick. it needed multiple levels. all coordination between different thought, these security and humanitarian angels. so it's not the straightforward, it's not
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a straightforward operation. add to that. it's a military active zone where we have to operate in a military zone. so it's not easy. we try our best. the majority of aid to northwestern, syria gets there via church kia. and the good news is that the one security council authorized border crossing point there is passable. so the united nations is preparing to resume deliveries. from that vantage point. as soon as possible, we're still ahead here on al jazeera security concerns in democratic republic of congo force is a un delegation to cancel a trip to a camp for internally displaced people ah february. when i just, you know, rhinos and tigers in the pool, post to the brink,
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one or one, he's discovered how they're fourteen's happy turned around a year on from brushes, evasion of ukraine al jazeera looks at the impact asks where events might lead from here? rigorous debate, unflinching question up front muslim on tail, cut through the headline to challenge conventional wisdom. nigerians vote in what's likely to be the most closely contested election in the country's history. from those that will dictate those who confronted people. in paula investigate the youth and abuse of power around the world, february on al jazeera, in depth analysis of the days headlines from around the world to try right extreme is there is real and need to be tackled as soon as possible informed opinions. why is the sale of position concerned about this rather small when turkey and then really a appointment frank assessment?
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you know that was a joke about the interim government that it's not in, nor does it got inside story. on al jazeera lou ah, watching out as a reminder about top stores this house, the death toll from monday's earthquakes into kia and syria has passed. 12000 rescue operations are still ongoing, while bodies are being recovered, accessed to twitter has been restricted across to kia, following on line criticism of the government's response to the disaster. and chris, as the platform was being used to spread disinformation,
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critics say the restrictions will hamper efforts to get a to be in syria rescue as of facing a wide range of obstacles, including cold weather conditions, lack of equipment and limited access situation has been made worse by years of war and isolation and took here, people are asking why some buildings that were supposed to be quake proof or didn't withstand tremors. bernard smith reports from it from nova there's a chance some one might be alive. so these rescuers must work carefully. but quickly, volunteers help clear the debris about 40 people lived in these apartments, in the sense of generally offer in southeastern, to a kia belongings recovered from the rubble and neatly piled up in case that our survivors to reclaim them. both should you know, i just live here in the next building. i walk my wife up when the earthquake hits went outside in front of this market. at 425, this building collapsed. i sighed with my own eyes. my wife fainted. 47 hours later,
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a full year old boy was pulled out a line. he'd fallen into a supermarket on the ground floor and said he survived and biscuits water. the digging goes on until every now and then work stops. and a coal goes out. does anyone him i voice they show no look at this time pulling someone alive out of the rubble so long after the initial earthquake, you have to imagine not give the rescue. teams renewed sense of hope. but the hours drop by those lucky breaks are going to be hard to come by. but many people are asking why this building collapsed when those around it didn't. all were built after 2007 resident said, that's when new laws came in making quite pro structures mandatory. so let's say that that it hit us from wall to wall as we were leaving the building, it hit us again and the stairs. thank god we are alive. but this building had
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already collected was on the resident say the supporting pillars of a ground floor supermarket had been removed to create more floor space afternoon. earthquake in october 2020 a judge accused a supermarket chain of doing this. the prosecutor say it was impossible to prove, and the evidence was lost in the deputy. bernard smith al jazeera jennifer se in turkey, ukraine's president for them as landscape is in the french capital, paris. he's been meeting at friendship president, him at home across none german. chances are the shows for talk slightly. lisa palace, ukrainian leader, has called on both countries to deliver attack jets as soon as possible. earlier on wednesdays, lensky was in the u. k. for his 1st visit since the war began, that a year ago, general reports president zelinski arrived in the ancient westminster hall to a rapturous welcome. as is upon him into the feed for the wartime leader,
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some here compare to former british prime. it is that when the united kingdom is marching with us towards the movie, i think the most important victory of our live time. it will be a victory over the where the idea of the war often we wind together. any aggressor doesn't matter, big or small, will know what it weighs him if he attacks international water. beyond his gratitude for britain support, and he was here to deliver a singular request, he's appeal, combat aircraft inscribed on a ukrainian. i took the helmet, we have freedom, it said. he must wings to protect him to you and the wall was simple, and yet most important wars combat aircraft for ukraine wings
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for freedom, right? there's no denying the ukranian president's popularity, nor the rousing support for his cause. but allies who only recently agreed to give tanks to ukraine worry now that providing fighter jets may be an escalation to far entering downing street. earlier to the unusual applause of the staff. the president lensky carried a message that was all too clear. if you want us to win this war, give us what we need to do it. president ukraine message, no doubt, reiterated at buckingham palace, where he met king charles the 3rd grade to be the same. and a message repeated to ukrainian troops being trained by british forces on the plains of southwest england. in response, prime minister re, she soon accept the supply of combat aircraft was part of an ongoing conversation.
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and the 1st step would be expanding britton's training program to include teaching ukrainian pilots, how to fly nato standard jets. that is a significant step that president zelinski will use to press other allies. joe, to hold al jazeera, london local officials in the eastern democratic republic of congo. say peacekeepers have killed 8 civilians after an attack. on a us convoy. you will be attack happened that kenya cheney cam internally displaced people. net donor view in delegation is canceled its trip in response, malcolm web has more now from gamma. a convoy of un peacekeepers on tuesday evening was passing through the can you routine or come for this
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place people. it was stopped by an angry crowd who eventually ended up setting fire to that convoy peacekeepers fight in the air. well, they, the un says they fight in the air. to disperse that crowd. we know that 2 people, residents of the camp of died, reports that others have also been injured. now right now we have another come that comes to the north of the city. again, we're to come to the west and i'm going to stand aside. we can take a look around. this is now home for thousands of people who've arrived all in the mostly in the last few days, this campus at least doubled in size since we 1st came here a few days ago, there fleeing from recent advances by m. $23.00, been fighting with government forces just a few kilometers here, close to the town of san jose, and $23.00 widely understood to be backed by neighboring. we're wonder it fights as carry rwandan equipment. everyone denies backing the group. it's growing
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rapidly. stronger students is rebellion resumed since its operations regime just over a year ago. that was brought it close now to the, to the town to talk a which is about 10 kilometers over there. and the new arrivals telling, very harrowing stories of events that they say happened within the last week and 23 fighters have, according to the testimony of the people in the camp, have been rounding up civilians in the villages killing some with machetes, shooting some dead, thousands of salon can, workers took to the streets on wednesday to protest against the government. handling of the countries was economic crisis in memory. new tax laws introduced to boost state revenue have reduced people's incomes at a time. they're struggling to make ends meet and financial reports from colombia. angry, frustrated, and held to these people and said, the government is not listening. dozens of workers from the state and private
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sectors. they'll demonstrations in colombo, on wednesday. among them, doctors, engineers, porton oil refinery workers and bankers. 2 they see unfair taxes have pushed them to bring that vision is a part of a being being over throughout the day. so the problem is when you bring up what tax policy it should, it should reflect what is the intention and what will be the outcome of the collect that money should be expended wisely. will never done one of those i did, but because these are things are happening, mismanagement corruption, the pandemic that followed. devastating bomb attacks in 2019 and unsustainable debt as push lanka into an economic tailspin in the year up to august 2022. the routine loss, nearly 45 percent of its value. public angle was shortages of basics and known cues
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for goods and services resulted in the resignation of president. go tell the roger proctor in july last year. he's prime minister now president runner vicar missing, delivered his policy speech of the reopening of parliament. on wednesday, he stressed the need for economic reform. marathon cardinality by the government should be to direct a private sector to was business and say in the background. the government should only get involved in regulatory activity with public amenities and maintaining law and order. victor missing a said he's ready to take unpopular decisions for the benefit of the country. he listed changes to laws and regulations and told the house that if people could india, the hardships for another 5 to 6 months, a solution could soon be found around the streets protested, dismissed his promises his fairy tales. that's a description vicar missing her. used to describe pledges made by those he said
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were destructing the country towards poverty. people expecting any sign of relief in present, ronnie on vicar missing his policy address were disappointed. he repeated calls for people to endure steady and cut back. but many are angry and said they're struggling to survive amid high inflation. tax increases and high interest rates. you know, fernandez, others era, colombo, that city for me. for now. the news continues. herron al jazeera after inside story to staples. ah hello, we have yet more snow in the forecast for japan over the next couple of days. i think it can be the southern half of japan. we'll see the heaviest of the snow for
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having said that weather system out into the open waters. but of a normally brief still coming back in across such pat, generate dry and quiet cost, northern parts of china, but we have got some snow which will push its way into where beijing we're mary sing, spattering a snow showers as we go for the next couple of days, the more active weather is further south and that is pushing in from the southwest, easing up towards the north east missus spills out of the east chart to see to wolf, southern parts of japan, really heavy rainfall a localized, putting certainly a possibility, bumps into that cold air and we are going to see fabulous snow coming into well, both sides of han shears. we come on 3 friday, take care with the top temperature struggling to get to around 5 degrees celsius for the south. we got the usual scattering a showers into the philippines. some showers there into malaysia. wet weather will be across indonesia, more big, a lively storms. just rumbling away here over the next couple of days. what a 2 storms to coming to flank right over the next couple of days,
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but rather more active weather, spilling out of afghanistan. range late in the snow here. pushing for pakistan into norm india. ah. 1956 to nicea gain independence from france. but to britain power struggles broke out between the b to this is monica. and the countries nationalist prime minister al jazeera world, tells the story. the downfall of the dentist folded the paper to the decision to shield the last monarch of tunisia, power and politics. on a jessina, syria is struggling to respond to the earthquakes disaster, but how much of that is down to politics? the regime in damascus insists that it should control aiden rescue efforts. that as it's on the international sanctions and boycotts weren't that hamper.


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