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too bad still shows us some when she weather into ontario into quebec. overton, western parts of canada, one or 2 showers just around the southwest for time, tended to ease of much of the earth will be dry. just noticed some wet weather just coming in across the appalachians as we go 13, monday. still on the warm side ahead of that new york. getting into the low teens at that stage. won't drive sally across the caribbean, looking good here. chance of the odd shap, tickly around the eastern islands for ty, ashley winds will push heavier showers, cross the western side of the caribbean system heavy, a down pulse possible it's in nicaragua and costa rica charts of joust. 2, i, which was southern parts of mexico once again. ah, ah,
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the u. s. secretary of state maids, china's top diplomat for the 1st time since the spine balloon saga. ah, hello almond is the problem and this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, the bite of administration says russia has committed crimes against humanity in ukraine and bows to punish moscow if to and thinks he can wait us out. he is badly mistaken. time is not on his side. tension saw on the korean peninsula after the north marches and long range missiles will be live from sold, pulled out of the rubble of 13 days of turkish capitalists. rescued bought hopes of finding more survivors fade and adopt the south african cheaters find a new home and central india and a bid to bring back the big cats. ah,
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the u. s. secretary of state has told his chinese counterpart that the violation of american air space by a chinese spy balloon must never happen again. anthony blanket met wonky and munich a few weeks after you as fly to jets shot the balloon down. beijing says it was a weather balloon that blew off course. there was no apology. but what i can also tell you is this was an opportunity to speak very clearly. and very directly about the fact that china sent a surveillance balloon over our territory, violating our sovereignty, violating international law. and i told him quite simply that that was unacceptable . and can never happen again. were of course, not the only ones on the receiving end of the surveillance balloons. more than 40 countries, have the balloon fly over them in recent years. and that's been exposed to the world. now mike, hannah has more from washington d. c. just
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a couple of weeks after postponing his visit to china, the u. s. secretary of state held a meeting with china's top a diplomat wang ye. and it was made very clear that blunt words were exchanged between the 2 and the discussion, of course, that balloon incident to which the us shot down, claiming it was a spy balloon. a balloon which a china said was there for the collection of weather data. after the meeting, the u. s. secretary of state issued a tweet in which he said, just met with a p. r. c's, top diplomat wang ye. i condemned the incursion of the p. r. c. surveillance balloon and stressed it must never happen again. i warn china against providing material support to russia. i also emphasize the importance of keeping open lines of communication, or the great fear that has been expressed by the biden administration is that mistakes could occur. should there be no clear lines of communication between the 2
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countries. but another issue added in there, clearly the balloon was not the only matter. discussed at the secretary of state making very clear that at china has been warned against providing any material aid to russia in its operations in ukraine. it said that there will be consequences. what these consequences are, have not been made clear, but this is another issue that could the devil relations between the us and china in the weeks and months to come. now that meeting came on the sidelines of the security conference in munich with biden administration level, its most serious condemnation of russia's invasion of ukraine. in the case of russia's actions in ukraine. we have examined the evidence. we know the legal standards and there is
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no doubt. these are crimes against humanity. a diplomatic editor james base is at the munich security conference. all clients have been an issue in ukraine since the very start of the war, and one place that war crimes are alleged to have taken places in china. if we're early in the war. there was an attack on people who were gathering to q for bred. my colleague natasha butler has been to the scene the aftermath of a russian attack in the northern ukrainian city of kenny heave last year on the ground bodies of civilians. they've been queuing outside a shop for bread when they were hit by shells and rockets. 15 people were killed, dozens injured. so you are standing around here without withdraw. natasha narrowly
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escaped death that day by taking cover by this wool. she was in the queue with her son and mother in law. she place me recording. she made on her phone with english. she said this lot news news. i believe we heard explosions near us. it was very close. and then we saw lots of people running everywhere. at the time, at the attack china, he was a city under siege. russian forces were surrounding it and shelled it almost daily . they destroyed power and water supplies. evidence of what happened is still visible nearly everywhere. this is where people were lining up for bread that day. it is right in the middle of a residential area and we're prosecuted most that he says the what happened on that day is a war crime, an indiscriminate attack on civilians or on the property of coverage for law
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enforcement agencies. consider this a war crying because the main victims were civilians. also a pre trial investigation found no evidence of ukrainian military hardware that could be a legitimate target weapons were used indiscriminately over all this sir. mark thiel marks are the places of where it gets hit. the buildings may be marina slow boat yoke works with the rights organization called truce hounds. that's helping prosecutors to build a case. it's collated, evidence amused, open source material, satellite imagery, and social media to reconstruct what happened. her team says it's traced the killings to a russian unit that was positioned on the outskirts of the city. have we identified? also, the condo is a circuit. all that could have been who might be liable and responsible for this very kind of attack. whether o leg creek in or another officer was responsible for the attack on the bread,
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you might never be proved. some investigators say he's back in russia. it's clear that building legal cases and prosecuting alleged war crimes is a challenge. but for some ukrainians, pursuing justice is at least one way of honoring the was many victims. natasha butler al jazeera kenny heave ukraine. as you might expect here to be an extra caught here at the conference, we've had a messages from a host of different weston leaders. saying that they are fully backing presidents lensky and the ukrainians at this time. one of those was the president of the european commission of on the line. she says that they continue very strongly the countries, the ukraine. but i asked when, is it the time for the fighting to stop the negotiations to start? what ukraine is concerned? i think very important is nothing about ukraine without your brain. it's
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a sovereign country. ukraine itself has to decide when the time has come for them to make the next move. this is very important. we support fully and back fully as a piece plan of presidents or landscape at the moment being 100 percent support focused on the survival of ukraine. military wise, that they are strong and economically wise, and again, nothing about your brain without your. there's a problem though, isn't there about what ukraine needs? ukraine keep saying it needs more and one of the key things right now is ammunition . i'm told in terms of artillery shells they're using more than weston factories are producing. how are you going to deal with that? yes. what we're going to do on the europe level is that we are convening the european defense industry. basically ask them, what is it, what you need to scale up to speed up. that's important. we have these infrastructure for that, the european piece facility,
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and they are used to do the procurement and to have the funding and important it's like we did with a vaccine to be very clear. this is a standardized production of ammunition. what is it, what you need to scale up to speed up? we're going to give it to you. the latest discussion is, you know, is about fighter jets. and throughout this war, there'll be a series of phases. ukraine is off for something. europe is then spent quite a bit of time delaying, and finally gives it a presence. lensky says it's all too slow. a much of the delays come from the country that you come from originally, which is germany, doesn't europe need to speed up as president? zalinski is ours, very clear. i'm standing here for the european commission. i'm the president of the european commission. so it's a european voice. yep. you are here. india. and the european commission does not have any military capabilities. this is a sovereign decision of the member states, where i feel responsible is that we make sure that there's an economic survival of
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ukraine. so budget support we have given so far, 67000000000 of support to ukraine, and we will give more as long as it takes that's important. energy survival of ukraine is absolutely important. linked to the european level, where we make sure that they have the electricity and the energy they need, or we're taking care of 4000000 refugees from ukraine. so all these are my, my responsibilities. the delivery of a military capabilities is a sovereign decision of the member states. now the sister of north korean leader kim junglin has urged the u. s. to stop what she calls, all acts threatening pyongyang security. the comments come just hours after north korea that it had tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. japan's defense ministry says the matter landed in it's exclusive economic sun. i. let's get more on this like highest on it. robert brian has joining us live from sole and north korea. king distress here rod that the latest test was ordered on the day.
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that's right, said they are describing this is a state run. a media from north korea was what they call a sudden launching drill. they have in recent tests, been developing this technique whereby they deploy, set up a missile and fire it, lordship fairly quickly by doing that, you give your adversaries less chance to detect that you're launching a miss out to try to disrupt the missile launch or try to intercepted so they have been working on this technique. this is described by the north koreans has been a long 50. and this is one of the icbm since continental ballistic missiles they have been developing. it fell short of the northern japanese island of her after flying around $900.00 kalama disease. most interesting though is the last the trajectory of this miss. i'll it flew up nearly 6000 kilometers to an altitude of nearly 6000 kilometer before falling down to earth. again, that's very similar to
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a trajectory for another icbm lloyd's last november, and they reckoned that if you translate that into distance traveled over the surface that would put the continental united states within rain. so this is a significant launch. the north korean say that they have carried this out. now as part of that testing program, they resume their icbm testing from last year. but it also does send a message. they all angry about exercises that will be held between south korean and us forces this spring. and kim jong and sister has certainly put out, you know, characteristically bellicose statement. we could say about the broadband, putting herself back in the spotlight after what we've seen over the past few months. a lot of attention away from her and on kim jong owns georgia and speculation about her possible world and public life that's been kimmy. john came to prominence several years ago at the time of all the
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summit diplomacy between the north korea and the us. and this is a reminder that she is still a very influential figure. she has come out and condemned south korea in the us saying that the launch is a powerful and overwhelming response to what she calls threats from south korea in the us. also saying, restating the fact that north korea has no intention, she says of a standing face to face with south korea. so it seems to be ruling out any chance of dialogue with between north career and south korea. for that part of this launch has been condemned. by south korea, the japanese and also the united states that delegates have been held a meeting on the sidelines of the munich security conference about this particular . busy launch with south korea is foreign minister pop jen calling for more sanctions on north korea for the launch. a call me once more for north korea to
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return to do the nuclear eyes ation talk. but that seems a little chat to that. well, thank you very much for that, rob, the bribe, the latest. and so thank you. now rocket has struck a building and central the damascus. local report say it was fired by israeli forces, the building that had to be near a large security complex and close to iranian installations. several people have been injured now still head on the bulletin, a sylvian baby born in the rabble land, often by the disaster finds new hands. and for the 1st time, hong kong scientists are eligible to join the chinese space program. ah hello the web i left a little unsettled once again for japan with the possibility of some smart way for
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the next couple of days. it shouldn't satellite, but we are going to see some winter weather coming through this weather system to sliding across sea. i saved pratt will turn it to pretty unsettled some rain coming through for many snow over the high ground. that's certainly got to be the case into hawkeye. i was sort of the mountains, it should be largely dr. atoka temperatures. he had about 19 celsius, although we are going to say falling away a little as we go on 3 monday, winds coming back into a north west direction. see effects that coming across at western side of hon. shoe as a result of that southern part of japan ship allows you dry, bright, and breezy. chris sunshine, there 2 men to the cramp peninsula, laws ye, troy, across a good part of china. i with the next couple of days, not to dry cross northern parts of the philippines over the next couple of days. we got this weather system which may well turn a to a tropical lie bring some really heavy down, pulls into loose on at the likelihood of some flash flooding. as a result of that much of southeast asia, the usual heat of the day,
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showers rumbling away, may see one or 2 showers coming into shrill anchor river the next day or so. but across much of south asia, he stays very warm. the heat continuing western india ah ah, ah ah ah
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ah, watching out as they are with me and as of the problem and doha bondo boss top stories the sour, the north korean leader kim jong sister has urged the us to stop what she calls old acts threatening pyongyang, security. the comments come just al is optimal to be us that it had tested at intercontinental ballistic massage. japan's defense ministry. he says in the sal landed it's exclusive economic zone. the u. s. secretary of state of hel tool, which on this top diplomat week soft and alleged chinese spy balloon, entered american air space. anthony blank and told one gee that american sovereignty should never be violated again. and the u. s. has made a small, serious condemnation of russia accuse and moscow crimes against humanity and ukraine. us vice president, couple of harris made the comments at the munich security conference. now ukraine's
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foreign minister also took to the stage and munich to reaffirm their call for more ammunition artillery and tags. ukrainian soldiers in the eastern city of buck north said they are still waiting for more promised western weapons to arrive. they say they needed for a plan to counter attack that notice right on the front line and surrounded by russian troops. well let's get more of this now. we're joined by sammy purine visiting lecturer and war studies at kings college london and also of russia's ro to war with ukraine. and he's joining us live from singapore. very good to have you with us on al jazeera, it is nearly a year since russia's invasion of ukraine. how do you assess where things stand now? oh, thanks for having loop. but it's astonishing to believe it's been really tall months since invasion began. and it feels very much like we are in the middle of this war when all of the beginning and we're certainly not at the ends. the question now is how long as middle phase will go on for and as you were discussing,
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it really is about the war in the east of ukraine. and it's about whether russia arlington, ukraine will mount the so called spring offense. since and where the battlefield will be by march, april this year, i think by then we'll get a real sense of whether this is a sort of the end of the middle, the middle of the middle of a beginning of the middle where ukraine is wanting a more tax by russia to mark the one year anniversary on february 24th. it's also been asking for more weapons. is it sufficiently equipped? would you say to withstand the kind of attacks that is warning about this is a really complex issue because there are so many different kinds of attacks. and in, in brief to summarize, i think there's a defense of ukrainian cities, including the even kia, levine is so far away from the wars i and the yes, it's still being struck by the russian long range, munitions. and then the other side, which is the front lines, there are the offensive weapons ukraine would require the amount to credible
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attempt to retain more of its territory. this is where the main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles. everything else will come into play. i think with all of these equipments that have been provided by 9 countries, as we know ukrainian service personnel are being sometimes removed from ukraine to being trained on them. and that takes time. so there is a bit of a race against time to get ukrainians equipped trains and fielding means pieces of equipment to both defend and the tax as they will want to do over the course of this year. and as the 5 thing continue is, do you think that ukraine's allies will have to confront, you know, a question of just how far they willing to go to defend ukraine? yes, i think there's a water tree way of thinking about this. the u. s. government has provided $30000000000.00 us dollars in security assistance in the last year since the 24th february. i don't think the us government is going to be able to sustain that level of funding indefinitely into the future. certainly for this year. but then they're
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election gleaming, so there's not one side of it. there's another side which is asked the 10th debate to showing european military can't totally deplete their own arsenals and their own stocks of things like bang battle tanks. so there's probably going to be a big push by both russia and ukraine militarily this year. and i think towards the middle tools, maybe the end of this year, we'll get a real sense of how much baseline can actually points to achieve their goals on the battlefield. mr probably thank you very much for your expertise on this. we really appreciate it. some poor joining us live from singapore ah took he and sylvia stood recovering after the devastating earthquakes that have left at least 46000 people dead. but even as rescue operations wind down, emergency cruise, still finding survivors
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a couple with their child rescued and hot eye on saturday. 13 days after the earthquakes, the victims were trapped under the rubble for 296 hours. the child later died in hospital. we have a team of correspondence covering the disaster across southeast and tor kia and northwest syria. first, let's hear from ethan bag, hasan cut him on marsh, with more on displaced people trying to recover their belongings. they survived the earthquakes, but now the eager to save what's left over today. we will have to rebuild the lives and everything matters. what the more we called you to take out your belongings, the municipality worker says, oh yeah, brother. his phone was under the rubble. how you going to reach there? it took a lifetime to accumulate what people had it was taken away in a matter of minutes. oh, what will we be upset about our belongings?
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i wish all of this was gone, so i didn't have to care about it. from one of the shops they salvage what they can normally we're not looters. we're not looted that our own goods. they say i found this. we will try to survive. all we have is lost, their lives in them. 11 of it is every offer what the state or people will give us in aid will only last a week and then we'll be hungry. we have children, we must survive. and what we built in the last 30 years is gone. we had 3 houses, and now we're in a tent with our vote. gentlemen mirage. the fish continues, even at this stage, some clinging to hope. as everyone falls silent, rescue use their equipment to search for any sign of life. the earthquakes took away lives and homes, but some things can't be taken. we lost everything. i took some pages of the koran
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out when the memories left nothing else left. it's all gone behind me. this was my shops. all the families had gone. a page of the put on live in the box in front of a tent. the mutual rivalry of this world divest you until you visit the graves. the verses say to many, his city is now a graveyard. i said bake. i just got home and my rush, 7 cookies, now they be pulled from the rubble and syria has been taken in by her uncle's family baby after lost her parents and siblings when the quake devastated the town of shin. that is for jan monahan has more. the baby is being welcomed into her new home. her parents and siblings died when the quake struck her uncle cleo wanted to take her in right away, but took several days before she was allowed to join his household. now she's back with family sitting long cycles own newborn daughter i up of law for in the will that that'll offer was born under the rubble shoes at the hospital and we received
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her today. she is in good condition. the reason behind the delay receiving her is that we were asked for some legal procedures by the officials in the area. and they checked that we were her relatives. i was found under the ruins of her families home and she was apparently born under the rebel her umbilical cord still connecting her to her dead mother. despite the loss of all her immediate family offers, discovery made her a symbol of hope. as rescuer, search for survivors. generous is one of the towns that was worst hit by the earthquake. as un convoy of more than a $140.00 trucks full of 8, arrived in northwest syria. officials made a point of visiting mirror. i'm shocked by this destruction. i've never seen anything like in my life with fresh water. maybe only here long. as
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survivors of the quake wait for the help they need to have to rely on each other more than ever than to mana him. al jazeera jimmy carter's charitable foundation has announced that the former u. s. president is receiving hospice care at home. the carter center says that the 98 year old wants to spend his remaining time at home with his family after a series of short hospital stays. carter served as president from 1977 until 1981. now 12 cheaters from south africa had arrived in india as part of an initiative to re introduce the big cats after they became extinct in the country. decades ago, the teachers adjoining h from namibia who arrived last year, south africa has promised to send dozens of cheaters to india over the next 10 years. as yet it cheaters became extinct on the indian subcontinent during the 1940s that they were bought cushy case. i'm really happy to inform you that all
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look either either completely healthy and very active. it is going to have been relieved in google national park today, and they're very alert, active and perfectly normal. china's recent advancements and space exploration have increased the demand for new talent to help realize it's ambitious plans. bay jang is looking for more scientists to join his face program. and for the 1st time, research is from hong kong. have the opportunity to join jessica washington reports from hong kong 3 to one ignition aah! china's space program has reached new heights in recent years, among the biggest achievements, the construction of the t and gong or sky palace space station. the completion of its 1st cru, handover in orbit and the tongue of becoming the 1st spacecraft to land on the far side of the moon investment in what precedent she didn't ping calls china's space dream has resulted in rapid advances, are very proud of it. a small being a chinese because all, when you look at the history of the,
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the space program or actor, mostly dominated by barracka to technology competitions, between china and the states. us become more active in the sense. and there are many areas. and space is another thing. now, beijing is recruiting for the 1st time. scientists from hong kong are eligible. they'll conduct experiments and work alongside korea. astronauts on the space station after china's face agency launched a high profile talent drive in october. the hong kong government told al jazeera it is recommended 40 candidates to chinese authorities for further screening. the selection process still has some way to go, but anticipation is already building being an educator. and then i'd really love to see that the main and government is actually paying a good attention of our students. that shows that our education system is structured through very well. i hope that the are we can make it his face walking in m. o. from whiting is also excited about the opportunities. as
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a teenager, he took part in a space camp for students. he got to see astronauts training and visited some of china's space exploration facilities. now the scientist is hoping his research in wind turbines can be put to use in the national space program is just amazing that what we can achieve and what we have yet to explore in space. currently, i'm thinking where the i can use some of my lawless and expertise to see what i can contribute. the city space museum is where many young people get their 1st glimpse, the rest of the galaxy for young people there might seriously consider your very interesting stance. oh, the way of sancho of duration of their sites were such and it's hope some of these young people will have a future beyond furniture a jessica washington out to sierra.


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