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tv   Ukraine War One Year On 1 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2023 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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as we go one through the next few days, she shows up towards the far north of pakistan around the foothills of the him. alas, hall running around 7 right celsius, about the seasonal average. as i said, it does stay called over the next few days. a few showers there for sherlock cap. ah, a unique id, endangered bio diversity lies in the heart of one of ecuador, tropical jungles. there was a lot of misinformation about the animals that we have here. and now the parabola does become them by others of conservation in their communities. out there, a journey deepened to the rain forest to follow a scientist until teams efforts to save the flora and fauna. so precious in the region. women make science. ecuador is hidden treasure on al jazeera. ah,
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hello, i made room for the game in ukraine, this capital key, the city of saw from national tax, targeting energy infrastructure, ukraine's electricity supply falls for sure. at work the country leads. i'm here in a cafe. i will be talking to leona about how he keeps the lights, or perhaps more importantly, but kofi machine. and i'm italian, darrell and russia invasion of ukraine has caused a global energy crisis here watching our special week long coverage here on al jazeera of the ukraine war, one year on volatile prices, supply shortages and economic uncertainty. the conflict in ukraine has fueled what the international energy agency calls the 1st truly global energy crisis with impact couldn't be felt for years to come. well, here's how oil prices shot up soon after the invasion. you can see this big spike
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in the 1st week of march, and again, by mid june, that period. so protests from peru to pakistan and trailing and defaulted on it's dead. since then, oil prices have fallen to level seen before the ukraine war. well, that's now take a look at gas prices. here's the dutch t t f price. that's often due to the natural gas benchmark for europe. you see a said here in march, another spike in august, but prices after that also fell back to pre war levels helped by unusually warm weather and therefore lower consumer demand. but even various pre war prices abnormally high more than 3 times what they were just 2 years ago. the european commissions has covered 19 supply them on disruptions exacerbated by the war. and ukraine is making these high energy prices the new norm. while, while europe's reduced its reliance on russian gas imports, moscow is still a major supply and a significant chunk of it goes by ukraine. i sent adrian finnegan,
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now in case i sent those deliveries to europe via nest natasha. those deliveries to europe by ukraine of continue despite the war you create hasn't been ported cast directly from russia since 2015. which means that moscow can't wield it as an economic weapon, instead, wash and air attacks of targeted ukraine's electrical infrastructure. let's go to charles traffic is near the palm headquarters of the main electricity company here in keith charles, how people coping with these attacks. and what kind of challenges are they facing later and it's been a stoic effort by the civilian population of cool souping. so deeply affected by these waves of attacks from russia using so called kamikaze drones and cruise missiles hitting or targeting energy infrastructure facilities across the country.
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the building that you can see behind me, we understand is a civilian building. it was destroyed in an attack, as you alluded to, to an energy infrastructure facility close to where we're standing. there is another building across the road there, a civilian building that was hit, which we understand at least 5 people were killed, including a pregnant mom in these attacks. and they are just a few of the 10s of people who've been killed and hundreds upon hundreds that have been injured in these attacks that president putin says, a holy targeting the country's energy infrastructure. i mean, you can imagine the kind of effect is handled civilian lives as we've gone through these last couple of winter months. freezing temperatures. we've been visiting areas in the east of the country. some of the areas most deeply affected people literally having to rely on shopping down trees, cutting wood, using coal to heat their homes. and they're all millions of people right, the way across crying that is still suffering. what
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a cold rolling blackouts. these basically are the situation where by a given sector of a town or village will have his electricity caught for a certain period and any day or night last other areas of the town keep their electricity in this roles through. so as you can imagine, people utilizing as old as i am, they can to cook food to prepare to charge their, their devices when they have electricity that have been problems with the schedule as well. they've been complaints by civilians that despite these schedules being well publicized, that the authorities have been unable to to keep those schedules. and as, as they have a detailed. but yeah, we also know that the government has set up thousands of places across the country where people can go to, as i say, charge their devices and to keep warm throughout the winter months, including hundreds of tents. it has been a stomach effort as i say, and this year certainly the winter winter conditions haven't been as bad as
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expected. but some there are always a constant prospect of more attacks. shall stratford reporting live there from near the home headquarters off and electricity company here in careful transformers for the major target of washington fax office . here as colin baker explains, now they're important in power. some stations why it's difficult for ukraine to replaced. i replaced damaged transformers. a target stands out among the intense fighting of the last few months of the war and ukraine. russian missiles have damaged 2 thirds of the countries electrical grid. many of the strikes targeted ukraine's transformers, which are unique, vulnerable, and difficult to replace ukraine's electricity comes from 15 nuclear reactors, thermal plants and renewables. many received direct, near strikes and summer occupied electricity leaves power plants at hundreds of
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thousands of volts. that's the most efficient way to get it from the plant to the user. but a house runs at $220.00 volts, so the electricity needs to be stepped down. and that's what happens inside a transformer. as the power passes between its magnets, the voltage decreases. the current increases and it becomes useful for a home after damage the electrical load can overwhelm stations, as happened in odessa, in february. not like a small microchip to be replaced, actually replaced by some equipment. it is actually on the one hand, a huge logistical operation to get this equipment into place. but on the other hand, you have to find this equipment somewhere. ukraine's electrical grid was built to fit a system that was deployed across the soviet union. but western europe grid runs at a lower voltage, so it's high capacity. transformers cannot be swapped. searches turned to former
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eastern bloc countries. lithuania, which has similar units donated doesn't including one high capacity auto transformer. we do not need compassion, but we need equipment. and a defense. we also need import supplies from europe and more mobile generation to support our, our system. fuel run generators keep the hospital lights on. and in cities across ukraine, people have gotten used to rolling blackouts. colin baker al jazeera jeremy now is the owner of this cafe and honey confectionary stanislaus, out of china, now you've got to invest. a lot of money in generators have new to keep up the power, all of the coffee machines working in the heat. ironically, you haven't had to use them for the past 11 days. $711.00, a saw is our any power switch off. but before this, it was very big problem fos,
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the bus because some generic that is not very powerful and to force not enough to all for all the treatment. so we pay and wait for a long time for production because now is ready and we'll put out rinaldo by jeanette arthur senior graham. yeah. one of the programs that you have to remember there's a lot of your staff are away fighting on the front, right? yeah, and you as a business and i still supported that. yes, yes, yes, we support them. be my for them all that they need you for when the summer they do the same quadrant, both doris say. busy cables and it said that i did the need because they still organizational and they fight class. and we must still fight here for them and support them. you're also supporting the conflict, or are ukraine's effort in the, in the war through that the cakes that you've got here, this one in particular, everybody can see that it's got the, the army insignia on the top. but it's a,
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it's the power of soap from, from fight club. tell me about that. what, what, what, what, how much of the profit from that goes. we make this, this special, the set up for the special program. this sir, so give me thought foundation to renovate some capture and technics from russia. so we propose, so people do not the need for us money, but let us to make the money and then spell it spends them port and they way exist on. so if you buy this de said, we take the fixed amount from the price and put them in the special account, and after them a common aid is so very big sum and pay for that innovation. so we would in the weight, able to tell me how much so father use the u. m. wasn't home health medium. even us on that on that one old might one take a look. yes. yeah. yeah. well, you got that the, the time, the time trumps you make a list. it helps somebody,
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europe, your pay station. pastry chef. this is a, a family business that he bought this one, which is the, the leopard skin cake committee. we need to add this thanks for your grand because yeah, it's about leopard tanks and the significance of it. what's, what's in this case inside this is the josh gave is the additional jar monkey and so is like a piece of his ukrainian chat it. so we all call all people on hold what we need. thank empty to lose house and best. what we can make for defense, our o. m soul caring sites. what the chevy and what the, what me, why is like our power? like we are all you brains like small seeds in the pull automobile. superman will show me something about the ingredients as well. with that they're all locally source. they but, but you're no longer getting ingredients from russia or from places but, but supply washer power. yes, we don't use any ingredients for countries that support that i should before this
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we use iranian pistachio. but now we, we don't use it. views from united states and from italy. i'm not from it on. no, any good against from russia, bill rational nicaragua, because a kept in the bottom in the mia and support the lennox ation. so. oh, here is mostly ukrainian. anybody and this is at this very famous for official local buddy. hold a assuming that in ukrainian, but is like wild sal, buddy. okay. we pick it up in the wild florida. so there i want to for women man in my and they pick up his betty and bring it to view things on him. he was grateful to you. thank you for having us as your guest in the cafe today. we. we appreciate any place indeed. now, most russian gas flowing into europe travel via ukraine until the more stream one
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pipeline was completed in 2011. this allowed moscow to supply gas directly to germany, but that's been disrupted by the war, is out a 0 leap aka explained russia has for years been a key global energy supplier. however, after its invasion of ukraine, moscow's been accused of using the supply of gas as a political weapon. the centerpiece of russia's gas is the gnawed stream project, which was designed to guarantee the security of europe's gas supplies, connecting vast reserves in russia with european energy markets. but that all came undone when it invaded ukraine. north stream comprises of 2 gas pipelines running under the baltic sea old stream one runs from the russian town of weeburg to look men in germany. it began supplying gas to europe and 2011 north stream 2 completed 10 years later. run some aust, luca in russia, germany halted at certification to operate
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a few days before the war started in response to moscow officially recognizing the breakaway republics have done yet. and lou hands combines the pipelines can transport a 110000000000 cubic meters of gas each year. in 2021, russia supplied 40 percent of the use natural gas. 50 for sent of gas consumed in germany at that time came from russia for russia's invasion, made that reliance untenable. and in the months that followed, europe's energy vulnerability was further emphasize when gas flows from nord stream dropped to 20 percent. russia blamed maintenance issues and faulty equipment, and in late september for leaks in the pipeline were linked to sabotage. natural gas was seen bubbling to the surface of the danish coast. i should denied any involvement instead pointing the finger at western governments. since then, the north stream project has been at an effective standstill as you heard that cheap washing natural gas as how power germany for decades and old stream would
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have increased berlin's economic reliance on moscow. but now europe's largest economy is pivoting to others for gas that it's delayed plans to phase out whole a nuclear power. dominic k reports for berlin. newton tile is a leafy village on the outskirts of potsdam. this is where frank steins derf lives . his concern about the environment and the impact of the energy crisis on it. while the solar panels on his roof helped generate electricity, it's the brand new heat pump outside his front door, which he tells me will really reduces carbon footprint. created for o'kelly's top priority for me was reducing my c o 2 emissions and thereby using less fossil fuel, sir. so it made sense to use my own energy supply sensibly in but with heat pumps only in use in around 3 percent of households here. traditional sources of energy are far more widely used in recent decades. that's mostly meant fossil fuels from
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russia. but the war in ukraine ended that with russian, coal, oil and gas imports embargoed. now germany has built gas terminals on its north sea coast and st. deals with other exporting countries at a meeting with the belgian prime minister, this chancellor shots set out what he and other e u leaders see is the way ahead. dusty to comfort on the future of our economies will depend on a better power supply from renewable sources under more electricity, and of course, and above all on hydrogen, part of which we will produce here in europe. but to a large extent, we will also imported long standing e u commitments to phase out fossil fuels meant russian energy sources would eventually have been phased out anyway. but one analyst says the war in ukraine changed everything. i believe the invasion of rushing to ukraine was really a wake up call. a wake up call to europe's dependency on russia as a country,
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as well as on natural gas as a source of energy. and i don't think there's a turn around from the decisions that have been made now add to a, in the, in, in the future. and yet in the short term, germany has had to prolong the life of its 3 remaining nuclear reactors reopen previously. must bold coal fired power stations and agree to long term deals with liquid natural gas suppliers on the face of it. none of these decisions involves renewable sources of energy. dominant cane al jazeera, berlin. so who is europe turning to, as it reduces its reliance on russian gas exports from the us of doubled the white house as factor for us to expand exports, but untangled climate activists. my counter reports from washington, lucy, in the united states. it was pain for consumers that the pumps but joy for the big
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energy companies. western sanctions put an end to russian exports and because of the consequent global oil shortage, the price of gas doubled. the profits of u. s. energy companies sought as they cashed in by ramping up production heavy. notice big oil just report is officer record property. last year they made $200000000000.00 in the midst of a global energy crisis. i think it's outrageous by an administration ease the shortage, by tapping into the strategic petroleum reserves, the energy industry had already made its move to increase production the day off to the invasion began. lobbyist sent a letter to the white house in order to increase production and export to the energy industry off will major concessions. these include the right to draw on federal lands. swift approval for export licenses, and
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a green light with some pending pipeline projects. within days, most of these concessions were granted from experts quotient. again, seeing these concessions merely as a surrender to the interest of big oil pointing out they'll also national strategic issues at stake. some of these things sure may have been motivated by the industry, but a lot of these are just strategic considerations on a national level as well. particularly with regard to energy supplies to europe, things of that nature. there are, there are multiple moving parts here. one of these moving parts is the u. s. liquefied natural gas, or l n. g industry. us only began producing l n g 6 years ago, but it's already a leading export alongside giants cutter, an australia. environmentalists say that comes at a price to the environment. while l n g has been promoted as a bridge fuel that burns cleaner than oil. they insist the amounts of methane
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produce during the fracking process pose as great a threat as the production and use of fossil fuels. l n, g exports will swell the already handsome profits of u. s. energy companies. these can and will be quantified. but the human cost was that contributed to these profits is beyond measure as its impact on what the us administration called its green policy to combat climate change. mckenna, i'll just era washington more now on how western sanctions are affecting what russia gets from exporting oil. like from the stuff in studio. thanks very much. adrian. russian. crude. now cells at a discount compared to global benchmarks. but that also means that moscow is selling more oil. so he's now buying is, and before russia's invasion of ukraine, nearly half of all of its oil exports went to the
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e. u. as western nations imposed sanctions and restrictions russian oil has port. by the end of 2022, the e. u is buying just over a quarter of russian supplies. the u. k. and the united states, which had taken 9 percent quit buying it entirely. now to fill that void russia turn to asia, offering oil at steep discounts. china was an eager buyer and its chair of russian supplies grew from 21 to 25 percent. but with notable has been india had went from importing any, nothing from russia to buying a record amount in december 33 times as much as the year before, with an average of 1200000 barrels a day. russia is now in the biggest supplier of oil, and i'm gonna say that's only going to increase. well, katrina, you reports now from beijing on how china is beneficial by importing both russian oil and gas. china and russia may not officially be allies,
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but they increasingly appear to be marching in step one year on from the invasion of ukraine. beijing continues to touted partnership with moscow as one without limits and drink military drills like this one has become commonplace. draw both about china. russia relations have maintained a healthy and unstable momentum of development on a corporation in various fields of either these has yielded fruitful results. one of those fruitful results is a potential upcoming trip by president. she didn't ping to moscow in spring. the chinese leader count vladimir putin as a close friend and the to have met in person 40 times, including in beijing days before russia attacked ukraine in 2022. but there's more to this than just friendship. western sanctions have prompted trade between russia and china to saw, especially in energy, moscow as beijing's largest supplier of oil and a major supply of pipe and liquefied natural gas. and china really is
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a big winner in terms of having more access to cheaper now. ah, russian gas and russian oil is also a realization in beijing. but because it does really have the upper hand now in terms of, you know, a source for of investment for russia are that it can, moral is called the shots come from despite providing moscow with significant economic support. paging insists it's neutral when it comes to the warning crane. it's called on the 2 sides to engage in peace talks. but you, as researchers say, chinese state aren't firms are providing russia with sensitive technologies to quit its war machine. the data explicitly says that these parts are being sent to russia for the use of the s 400 and m system helicopter. so we know that they're very clearly stated for that use. we also understand that in general this bilateral trade is growing. and so we believe that there might be some, some connections in both china's effort to bolster its military capacity,
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as well as russia's efforts of also military capacity with chinese goods and parts aging calls. these claims hyped up fiction and says it's ties with moscow are based on non computation. they do refusal to condemn rushes. invasion of ukraine has frustrated western attempts to isolate the country. experts say international focus on the wall has proved useful for china providing an ongoing destruction from its own military activities in the south trying to steve and around. hi, katrina, you out. 0 staging. well that's now bring in me kind of a quotation. he's a co founder of the oil and gas consulting from ross energy. he joins us now from miss alice. we've been hearing beijing and moscow appeared to be getting very close, but it's increase in oil and gas punch. so can't quite take the place of europe and things. no, i don't know. thank you. china, is it prepared to replace europe as of the market and nice for us and natural gas?
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there is only one pipeline that connects to russia and china. it is called the power of siberia. it is going to reach its name plate capacity in 2025. only it when it will be at 38000000 cubic meters a year. and the of these has not to replace in the europe, whereas i was a sale in about 155000000 cubic meters a year before the war. and the chinese not prepared to give permission for another. a major project over arrest gasper on power of siberia to ah, well, the russia insists of that. so there will be by applying across montoya into china, but china will apparently does not need it. it can satisfy it's guess a demand to with a gas from other sources. and i even if for the permission is given it will take
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about 12 to 15 years to build such a buy a blind. so it's not going to replace europe so well entering variable functions and restrictions we had seen already, soon drops and revenue for russia. how has that impacted the kind of does it change the political calculus the way that the west one city? well basically when we look at the results of the 1st month of this year in january as the russian federal budget last about a 30 percent. so even so to 6 percent of it, sir, in use. if we look at the oil and gas revenue separately, it, we would see that the about 50 percent of those revenues have been lost because of the sanctions. where even when we listen to some rumors about some shadow fleet of russian bankers, a deliver in the smuggled uh, oil tour,
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the overseas oh, the consumers we are in the final run. we see that the sanctions are working. and the reason a deficit is experienced is experience and great bra balance. larosa is already sell, and part of it's a currency and gold. the reserves are asa is asking huge companies such as gas pearlman, oil companies, just to give some money to that. but the o will are without referring to any tax rules or that tax ation is just gifts from the company so, so there will be a huge shortage of cash. i don't know how very briefly we're famous guys trying to impress the revenue that i'm curious whether any of us as having the political impacts that the new and, and the last one. yes. so basically, uh, the rest of the coordinate economy is going to suffer very much,
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but we see that the same bugs address and budget increased. it's a spendings war about 60 percent. so i think the russian government is not going to pay any attention to the economic problem is going to continue the war very interested. well, thanks very much. let me, i will have to leave it there. that's it for name is darcy. hey, on the global energy crisis, but do make sure you're cheering in tomorrow at same time. 1130 g m t on monday, february 20th on violent o'clock will be exploring how the war has been a major back in the fight against climate change. mm
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hm. we are old christmas. even people far away are so helping with the environment. problems in the amazon because they are consumers. i teach kids about the oceans are facing today. i've been working in earnest trying to find ways to get this language out to them. kids went away, do as the ocean. why and what are you going to do to keep out of the sort of language that keeps your rental blood through employment, right? if they have one bathroom in their fight for a while, if you've got them, eric, i was told the things that were texting, women were made a challenge in the region. i will not start being thrown like i want freedom. we don't have read them in this study these evacuation now, if i say 3 days journey to a shelter west of your grade, someone destroys our country. someone needs to rebuild
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from the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation. the story of the world is that the global side developed the global north and continues to do that with no host and no limitations. the corporation, if it were he, a man would act like a psychopath. part one of as your bother, and i said, raymond, we have to reduce our consumption here. but we also need economic justice board workers. studio b unscripted on al jazeera reading. the found the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see with the news and kind of falls that matter to you. i tamra burleson and don't have the top stories and al jazeera relief efforts are continuing across touch, kia and syria.


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