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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2023 2:00am-2:31am AST

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go to them, we make the efforts, we care who stays inspiring. story from around the world. i know we went back to the i thought we did not want human life capture. and it's a vast one. this feels like that presentation of what i want people to remember me by ground breaking fumes from award winning filmmakers. witness on a just eda ah a flurry of missile tests by the north since tension soaring on the korean
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peninsula. ah, i'm how much room this is and is your live from door ha. also coming up, rescue operations all but in turkey and nearly 2 weeks since earthquakes devastated the country south ukrainian forces brace for a new russian offensive on the strategic town of buck. mood as they wait for more western health. france ends its military mission in brooklyn, a fossil a month after the west african nation, decided to defend itself against armed rebels. ah, north korean leader kim junglin, sister kim, jo john says whether her country uses the pacific ocean as quote it's shooting range. depends on the united states, the state and comes after north korea fired another ballistic missile off its east
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coast. apparently angered by joint military drills between the u. s. and south korea. but in monahan has more u. s. and south korean war plains, carrying out a highly visible response to saturdays missile launch by north korea. south korea defense ministry set the drills headed by nuclear capable american b, one bombers, a from the united states commitment to the extended turns of its nuclear weapons. the u. s. and japan held a similar separate exercise over waters off japan's west coast. where the missile part on saturday came down north korea state media agency says crews were given no early warning at of the order to launch the croissant 15 intercontinental ballistic missile proof. it says of capability to deliver quote, fatal nuclear counter attack. happily the launch kim jo, john, the sister of north korea's leader, said whether to use the pacific ocean as
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a shooting range depends on the united states. north korea is not happy with the ramping up outside of military exercises between the u. s. zakiria, which will take place in march. there's also a tabletop exercise that will look at nuclear scenarios that will happen between the u. s. and soccer next week. and i think your 3 is sending a message that it is unhappy with that and it will cite fire, fire audio, got slung, didn't hide, you can't tell them you thought. while saturdays launch still took some hours between order and ignition. north korea continues to work on a solid fuel rocket that takes less time to prepare. years diplomacy, sanctions, and international censure have done little to slow its progress. since marlin al jazeera ah, it's been nearly 2 weeks since the earthquakes. the devastated parts of southeastern turkey and northwest syria. more than 46000 people have been confirmed
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dead, but many more are still unaccounted for. turkish rescue efforts have ended in all provinces except the 2 hardest hit. got him on marsh and had tied a doctors without borders aid. conway has now entered northwestern, syria, a region divided by more than a decade of war. the world health organization estimates 26000000 people across both countries need humanitarian aid. we have a team of correspondence covering the disaster. bernard smith begins our coverage. there is no expectation now that this kick is rescue team will find any one alive under the rubble of these apartments in untouched. what they're trying to do is at least give relatives a body to bury them at glass. last 5 members of his family put in with a demo noodle. it has been 14 days. i'm waiting for my aunt dead or alive, but what matters is we get it from here so we can bury her and give her a place under the soil. limits aren't is classified as missing amidst the
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constantly updating statistics on the 10s of thousands of dead or injured or homeless. there's one number, the turkish government can't provide. it doesn't know how many people are still missing. the scale of the disaster expectations of the survivors takes its toll on the more than 35000 turkish and foreign rescue was working here. july, we have psychologists in the same offering support to help us get a stress and depression. i've never seen and quite like this in my whole life. and you have to shut down your emotions when you do the job. and on takia, survivors have access to food medicines and 10. but the government wants me somehow to start rebuilding as soon as possible. at least 345000 department buildings have been destroyed according to the turkish government. of course, every one of them. somebody's home, and now the search and rescue operation has effectively ended. the task of
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demolishing and rebuilding the beginning. it may prove impossible to calculate exactly how many people are missing or dead. following the earthquakes here. but in some places they know. every balloon here represents the life of a child that lived in this apartment. building. bernice smith al jazeera and takia . the usa department has announced that will provide an additional $100000000.00, an aide to the quick victims. you a secretary of state antony blank and visited some of the affected areas in turkey . on sunday, he promised that washington would provide long term help to the country. we are working in very close collaboration with our colleagues both to understand all of the needs and to find ways to uh, deliver on this could not be done without the extraordinary working collaboration of so many parts for u. s. government that starting with the united states military,
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which is always jumped in in a remarkable way. nearly 4000000 syrians have fled to turkey, a since the civil war broke out in their home country 12 years ago. now the devastating earthquakes, inter kia, have killed thousands of them and displaced many more. brazil, sardar is at a camp and garcia to province, which is housing. many of these victims these tents city in his law here is no harm to hum brozowski or your families. if to some them is a mother of 4 who has to find a way to provide for her children. her mother who lived in his law, he as well died in the earthquakes. ah, did i go to her? had i could i have the heart, we went free is beyond words. in my 27 years of lab, i've never seen something like this. it was rainy, snowy. when the earthquake started that we were panicking, we barely could leave the house. we got some blankets for the kids to keep them warm when median, or nearly 4000000 seating refugees living in turkey, bought into proven scorecards,
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yard tap. many of those west cape to sit in steuben. war have spent more than 4 years in refugee camps in turkey, yet some of them later build modest homes as some ranted them out. but many are now back where they started, more than a decade of civil war has killed or displeased many syrians, millions of their fa, trickier looking for safety. it wasn't easy to begin a new life. now though it could have taken what they built here in the year since, and they would have to start from scratch. this is what is left off if the psalms father's house, that with them was trapped under the robber for hours. when he was pulled out, he joined rescuers to see his wife, and i am waiting for the situation to calm down. i don't know what to do yet. i might go back to syria. i can't handle the life have any more. i wish there wasn't warrant syria. i had 3000 citrus trees there. i would go back if it wasn't for war, according to the syrian justice center in a stumble,
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more serious died in the earthquake here in turkey than in syria itself. in the past 2 weeks, humpers of bodies had been sent back to syria from g veg is a border crossing to be buried in their home country. and thousands of serious have crossed the border to attend the funerals of their relatives. and hubby is one of them now that i put it under on going to syria to perform my final duty for my sister. she died to the earthquake for her 2 children also died. i don't want her husband to mourn alone. but for those who survived, like many in distant city, the future remains uncertain. chris, who said that all jazeera, the slight garcia's tip saw them took yet, ah, ukrainian forces or fortifying their positions in the eastern city of severity. anticipating a potential russian offensive cave believes others could be next in line if russia
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takes the fiercely contested town of buck moot, some 1500 civilians still remain in the city. moscow says its forces are making gains in the harkey region. it says russian troops have taken control of a village near the city of har. keith, russian forces have been advancing in the area since key reclaimed control of the city in september. meanwhile, russian whose agencies are saying one person was killed and 11 were injured in a shelling of danielle by keith forces. 40 rockets were fired in an attack that lasted 2 minutes. the donuts prosecutors building and a library were hit. same was robbie has more from the ukrainian capital, keith it's been another day that began with an air raid siren the threat of a ballistic missile. once again flying over the country. over night there was a number of a missile strikes of reported in the morning. we heard reports of artillery shells being fired on areas in sumi and up and down the 1300 kilometer front line
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on the east of the country. there continued to be a number of skirmishes. many of them don't even make it to the headlines, but at the moment the major fight that has become part of the information war as well. is that for the battle for the city of buck moved? now we that keeps making the headlines and with about 5 days to go until the one year anniversary, people are watching very closely what's happening in and around the area of that city of buck moved largely because vladimir putin, the russian leader, had said that he wanted his forces to take control of it before the anniversary, and that has now become not only an important strategic city for both sides, but a symbolic one as well. still ahead on al jazeera, growing anger and peruse indigenous communities. as protesters continue to call for the president's resignation. and what happens when you combine tennis span mitten and think on? we explore one of the worlds fastest growing sports. ah
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. hello, it's still looking for the spring like across at east the side of north america. more wolves coming in place here. my precious dylan charter were pulling up a southerly breeze. scientism, which he weather out west though we got this where the system just pushing his way into b. c. easing across into were pacific northwest fair amount of snow, just tumbling down across the mountain states through the rockies i, which was the east where we are still getting up to 13 celsius in new york. on monday, a 15 there, 40 c 789 degrees above the seasonal average, warm enough to for toronto. if the truth be known as it go on into tuesday, it stays on the warm side 18 in day se, but there will be some wet weather, some winter weather, pushing up towards new england that east side of canada,
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snow become glen more expansive as we go on 3 choose day, fat sets the same for the week ahead. looks like we're going to see some rather on said weather across much of north america. this coming week, not to unsettle across the car bay. lots of fine add sunny weather coming for charter, the odd shower. yeah. i, which was the eastern on is nothing too much to speak of. western pass will say some showers just getting pushed in on those easterly winds. so wet weather there a possibility to nicaragua, and costa rica, but plenty of sunshine in between. ah ah ah
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ah ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories this hour. you a secretary of said anthony blank and visited some of the affected areas inter key on sunday, the se department has announced an additional $100000000.00 and $8.00 for turkey. moscow says it's forces are making gains in the harkey region. it is russian troops have taken control of a village near the city of par. keep russian forces have been advancing in the area since keep reclaim control of the city. in september,
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north korea has fired at least one more ballistic missile office east coast, less than 2 days after similar wash. county anc been angered by military drills between the us and south korea. all right, oak yang is a fellow at the us on institute for policy studies. he joins us from sol, thanks so much for being with us. okay. and so south korea in the u. s. held joint military drills that were in response to north korea's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile on saturday. and now we have news of these latest north korean missiles. was this expected as a response? and just how concerning is it? there where the at the sat saturday, their lunch, the icbm and which is kind of like a lot to try to 3. so just to figure out, i mean our how, how well they can shoot when kim don't keep the order to strike. so it to like
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a 9 hour to, to should the should the whole me size. so, i mean, it has a lot of tell us a lot of seeing that north korea is trying to get the command and control system for bill nuclear ranch. and i mean, it's not that impressive. it took us like 9 hours, but still, i mean, is working. so we should be worried. i want to ask about engagement with north korea. you have the administration of former u. s. president of donald trump. they had engaged with north korea. there hasn't been any diplomacy with jo biden's administration. is that part of why all this is happening? and also is north korea now more emboldened by russia's invasion of ukraine and, and by and by china's activities as well. yeah, well the, the trump had a series of pull, but peach was not proud of it because i'm in the u. s. in north korea cannot reach
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the air leach the deal. well, i mean, actually north korea has no intention of the, the nuclear relations. and, well, i mean, to put if i, that other one of the station they know these 7, those korea has no, will not a corporate. so they are not doing any talking bus fear. i mean, i think that we need to talk of because we don't want to ask adelaide at the situation. and i for the last career, they are only a 21 piece making and developing. those are mythos. so i mean best, what are the kim dylan can show his people what i mean. ready what, well, i mean, is this no school year has lily, you know, a trouble in is economy. so they should know. well,
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well i have to head out to the, you know, table a to have are they was asia o king. i stay with us for a moment because i just want to read north korean leader kim sister, kim jo john as she issued a statement and warned against increase presence of u. s. strategic assets on the korean peninsula. the statement said, we are carefully examining the influence it would exert on the security of our state. the frequency of using the pacific as our firing raged, range depends upon the us forces, actions, character. now, one thing i'm curious about and it had been assumed over the course of the last few weeks that kim jong moon had been parading his daughter around. and basically essentially announcing that she was the heir apparent. now you have his sister back in the news making these headlines are responding to what's been going on. why is that the case? what do you make of all that? yeah, actually for his daughter. well, i mean, i don't think that it was,
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she's the next leader. actually the kim dylan has though all those song, i mean, who would be the next leader? love for the fall. they kimbell assist or kim jo. jo. i mean, she has been the speaker for, oh, north korean government. and when you say one to something, you know nasty while the bell. i mean, she's the one who talked the talk. so i mean the, the, the function of d kimberlia john will continue. and i mean you, you have to wait late a little long. we're a to see the next leader of for north korea. all right, o ken is a fellow at the a sun institute for policy studies. thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it . the i wanna thank you guy and football star christian ab sue's remains arrived in accra a day after he'd been found dead in southern turkey, 31 year old
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r 2 had been missing for almost 2 weeks following the collapse of his apartment building and her tie during the quakes, tributes poured in from all over the world for the former premier league player who joined turkish club at ice bore last year. african leaders are in ethiopia capital for the final day of the african union. summit talks are focusing on trade humanitarian issues and violence in both the democratic republic of congo and the south region. malcolm web reports from addis ababa alysia african leaders gathered at the african union in ethiopia as capital addis ababa, its annual summit profile. the suspensions of molly guinea and the king of faso following military coups not were upheld. so the committee, the commission is ready to support this member's dis, to return to cons. dish not order. israel's delegation was scooted from the meeting room by security. israel's been seeking observe status at the
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a for 20 years. member states is still divided and whether or not it should be granted south africa against it. president pul, cammie of rwanda met president felix jessy, katy of democratic republic of congo, to talk about the escalating. conflicting congress east congress has its fighting rwanda's army under the guise of the m $23.00 armed group. rwanda denies the 1023 as its proxy. east african leaders issued yet another statement, calling for peace. previous statements in recent month, haven't stopped and 20 three's advance. the increasing reports of rapes and massacres of civilians. 2 weeks gave protesters in congo, brought the eastern city of goma to a standstill. they demanded that kenyan and other east african regional forces deployed in congo. either fight and 23 or leave is, can you ready to fight and 23 or even rwanda in congo, kenya is ready to do what we agree. the east african head of can not use the only
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country that that's deployed in there in d r t. we have agreed that the military intervention is going to be in parallel with a political engagement of the competence on the ground m $23.00 and all the other fighting forces so that we can give us the best opportunity to succeed. a free trade agreement is meant to remove terrorists and these trade between african countries with disgust, the african free trade agreement has been talk about here for years, was written on paper is far from the reality. inter african trade is less than it is in most of the continent. economists say it's been in decline since 2012 and then it's in pad not only by terrorist, but also by lack of infrastructure. and a lack of freedom of movement of people between the members, the new chair for the year ahead. he's the president of co morris as early as money
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who's jailed his political opponents and changed the countries constitution to extend his rule. malcolm web al jazeera at the african union in addis ababa french troops for leaving burkina faso, marking the end of their military presence. in january, burkina, faso gave france a one month deadline to withdraw. as relations deteriorated, french forces had been helping burkina faso taken out of class to linked fighters. nicholas hawk has more from neighboring synagogue. this was a small but solemn ceremony, marking a big moment in history for burkina faso. the french flag was brought down in a ceremony in a camp outside the capital one could do in the presence of the chief of staff, but also the commander of the french forces. lieutenant colonel lucretia, the $200.00 to $400.00 men, will be re deployed to de carson and all right here, but also to our because they were in charge with neutralizing leaders of arm grouped linked to iceland al qaeda operating in this a hell,
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according to diplomats i've spoken to this is a victory for rush a while. well, because the leadership of wiccan, if i so, is looking for greater ties with russia and less ties with the west. there were st protest a couple of months ago against the french military prince president, to the call for a different relationship with france, a former colonial power. so this marks the end of a chapter and it comes at a time where there's another attack in the country, a people killed in the north in the region of tito. nicholas hawk al jazeera de car, senegal anger amongst peruse, indigenous people is increasing after growing sentiments of discrimination and exploitation. protesters are calling for president dean, able to walk this resignation, and many demonstrations are held within communities that mainly voted for impeach. president pedro castiel, our latin america editor lucio newman, has more from uno petals, ah, in the former inca capital of goosgo,
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native catcher. and i am mad i musicians perform souls on traditional instruments believe to date back at least 5000 years. with these activities allow us to generate funds to send to the capital for those of us who are maintaining the struggle as never before bruise. indigenous communities are organizing. and rising up 2 months of roadblocks and protests to paralyzed, much of southern peru and revealed an underlying rage that goes beyond the initial anger. over december's impeachment of a president of this region had voted for overwhelmingly the capital lima is only 600 kilometers north west of here. but for bruce indigenous peoples, it's a different world. one that they tell us discriminate them and not just recently, but for decades. in fact, centuries from the time of the spanish conquest. peru is
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a centralized country where the lion's share of wealth and power is in lima. testers insist that bruise gold, silver, gas, and oil all come from this region. but at the indigenous communities get crumbs in return dynamos. the nettle since we have so much wealth, we should have access to technology button techniques the internet. instead, we continue working the land with oxen and picks, but we've had enough. we won't give up until we heard and treated like peruvians who have rights. where mal at every roadblock. testers, sing a song that has become viral against the new president de nebo. latter day off. okay, not, we're not dina assassin, the people repudiate you, how many more dest you need before you resign. it says a reference to the more than 50 people killed in recent protest. the majority of them in this region. almost all of these demonstrators are subsistence farmers.
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they have no access to potable water, sewage or electricity or decent health services in schools. many are illiterate and don't speak spanish. i can do at the i have very roadblock. 70 year old little not of that insist she wants to send the world a message. oh, we are not stupid. we have brains, ears, eyes, hands, feet. but they treat us like ignorant peasants. we've been orphaned by the government. we have to fight her our grand tender o leon, the current political conflict. the lid seems to have been lifted on peruse, deep class and racial divisions that are making many of bruce for 1000000 indigenous citizens feel disenfranchised, and exploited by the rest. the si, newman, al jazeera, bruno peru, 2 weeks after a train accident in the u. s. did of ohios and toxic gas into the year residents. they're still say they don't know if they are safe. the train was carrying
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hazardous chemicals when it came off the tracks and the small town of east palestine authority set off a controlled explosion to prevent a bigger disaster. one might tell we have the proper tennessee. yes, absolutely. we need help. we do. we need we need president the item we need fema housey. people were getting we, we should not have been went back into town until all of this was done. you bring families that with their kids in their loved ones and then tell them to scrub withdrawn. he thought that we were told the whole entire time that we did not have to leave when i in all reality, this whole entire house. it was nothing ready. many people are concerned about the
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fact that they're still coughing having headaches, that pet pets, animals, wildlife, is being affected by this. many habits change during the pandemic, but one activity that was given a boost by cobra. 19 that's continuing to thrive is the sport of pickable, particularly in the us. the boom began when jim's closed, leading people to search for new ways to stay fit and have fun. rob reynolds has more from santa monica, california. it's the fastest growing sport in the us. 36 and a half 1000000 people played pickle ball last year. that's 14 percent of all adult americans. and many more than the 23 and a half 1000000 people who played tennis. pickle ball is easy to learn. inexpensive and fond, yet pickle ball, is a hybrid between kenneth badminton and ping pong people really get into it because we're pick up all there's a lower part barrier to entry than tennis. she,
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you king competence and skill fat. and people get addicted to that feeling of accomplish. 0, one of those pickable fanatics is retired attorney lynn. so dick, even after 2 knee replacement surgeries, the 66 year old hits the court 5 days a week. she loves the sense of community amongst players. so it doesn't matter if you're a ceo or a limo driver or you work at 711, everybody's treated the same. i failed that it's made me healthier. i think it has opened me up to a lot of new friendship. pickable is a good sport for people like me who's knees and hips aren't quite what they used to be. but it truly is a sport for all ages. pickable is challenging enough for players.


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