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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2023 8:00am-8:30am AST

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on al jazeera, russia's war em, ukraine has dominated well, he's for the past 12 months. devastating for those in the line of fire or directly impacted. it has strengthened global alliances and deepens, divisions with far reaching effects on the lives of billions of people. well, white in a week had special coverage. al jazeera explores every aspect of the conflict, the human, the political, and the economic. and the possibilities of resolution. ukraine war, one year on, on, out there. ah, a north korea $52.00 more projectiles
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just days off the launching a long range ballistic missile. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up iran denies reports. it's intentionally scaled up uranium enrichment to levels close to making a nuclear weapon plus o and the turkey city of am. takia present promises to rebuild heritage sites destroyed by the earthquakes, plus ah, a musical protest. peruse, indigenous community demand. the reservation of the precedent ah, the sister of the north korean leader kim jong has issued another statement targeting the united states soft up young young fire to more gentiles of it's east
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coast, south korea and japan. so the weapons loans were short range, ballistic missiles, appealing, young sans, it's tested, a rocket launch, a system that can deliver tactical nuclear weapons. mondays launch follows an earlier launch on saturday. can jo, john says the next steps depend on the u. s, which is planning major drills with south korea next month. clinton monahan the latest tests come just 24 hours after 7 days. launch of the wa song 15 intercontinental ballistic missile. ah, north korea says it's proof of its capability to deliver a quote, fatal nuclear counter attack. kim jong, the sister of north korea, leader, says whether to use the pacific ocean as its shooting range depends on the united states. north korea is not happy with the ramping up of military exercises between the u. s. and south korea, which will take place in march. there's also a table top exercise that will look at nuclear scenarios that will happen between
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the u. s. and talk to you next week and i think your 3 is sending a message that it is unhappy with that and it will fight fiber, fire us, and south korea. warplanes carried out a highly visible response to saturdays launch. south 3 defense ministry set the drill headed by nuclear capable. american b, one bombers affirmed the united states commitment extended to terms of its nuclear weapons. the u. s. and japan held a similar, separate exercise over waters of japan's west coast. years of diplomacy, sanctions and international censure have done little slow north korea's missile program. since martin al jazeera, what's got snyder from the council on foreign relations. he says both sides are in a cycle of reacting to each other. well, the north koreans themselves have said that the latest tests are directly response to us or okay, military drills. and i do believe that we have moved into a kind of chip for tap phase as the u. s. and south korea are planning to do
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a number of other military hills over the course of the next few weeks. and so north korea, i think basically wants to deter the u. s. and south korea from doing military drills. us and south korea would like to deter north korea from conducting additional missile tests. but that's not really what deterrence does. it's really just about trying to prevent the others, so raising the costs to the other side of potential conflict or war. and so i think that one of the problems, we have insurance competition. but the objectives on both sides are unrealistic. i think they can be escalated, but i think that it's likely to continue to escalate for the time. being ne, i think needs crisis in order to be able to change the trajectory. and a lot of this is driven by the north korean desire to signal its displeasure around
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the u. s. south korean military exercises and their resumption. iran is denying reports. it's intentionally enriched uranium beyond the acceptable international levels. united nations nuclear watchdog says it's in talk. softer report suggested iran in richmond had gone up to 84 percent a 90 percent threshold of client for use and a weapon. iran has previously enriched up to 60 percent. tara started stepping up its nuclear activities in 2019 a year out of the u. s. pull out of the nuclear deal, but in iran and western powers, we've been at ramberg as a former us state department official. he says the failure of international talks is a key factor in iran's enrichment president. the concern is that the deal is, has collapsed and just have to be made accordingly. but to deal with the iranian we have various efforts by the. ready for example. ready ready years to try to compete the. ready program through a 7 estimation,
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but that's just provided an engine block and see really progress. and so i think the progress is continue and unfortunately fortunate rather that the deal was knocked out by the less the ministration american administration we've had negotiations for, for many months. the ministration attempted to go forward with the deal. they're going impediments, apparently an image ocean. i don't know in the details of why the big. ready she has class, but there was a consensus that the negotiations are going to work and run as they progress in the production of geranium that's approaching this level where they can, they can break out in terms of the ritual rating that would be nuclear available. ringback weapons program, a in it's been 2 weeks since the earthquakes, the devastated parts of turkey and syria. more than 46000 people have been
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confirmed dead. many more still missing. turkish rescue efforts have ended in old provinces accept too hot. cut him, i'm rush on, tied a doctors without borders. a convoy has now entered north western syria, a region divided by more than a decade of civil war. the world health organization says 26000000 people across both countries need humanitarian aid. well, last week somebody say dan brought us live coverage of the 1st military, a delivery by air to a remote village in turkey. and he later went on to who to buy road to find out what happened to the survivors that south mountains, snow, and freezing wind. the road to old lou has little comfort to offer it's long winded and climbed tiring lea. i'm not sure to row to total devastation should look like, but the scenes along the way give plenty of ideas. the villages nestled on a mountain peak and south east into a kia. it's
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a hard place to reach by road. a few days ago, we briefly visited the village on board, the military helicopter, sent to deliver aid. the military are taking them off the will where people soon appeared, but we were asked to stay on the helicopter and not delay the mission. we left with many unanswered questions. ready? an emotionally ha moment because i want to get out to those. so we've now come back to the village by road to find those answers. as soon as we arrive, we find old lou in mourning. noisy for bernard is receiving condolences after losing her daughter and 3 grandchildren earlier stick and we were terrified we couldn't escape. i fell down the stairs, it was shaking so badly that wherever you look, the earthquake has left its mark on the landscape on houses. and of course on people's minds. authority say they're going to start reconstruction efforts in
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a matter of weeks. but clearly it's going to be a long process continuum, st for elephant baton cache. time is in short supply. we caught a glimpse of battle. the day we flew in on a helicopter. we tracked him down to hear his story. made him oh gosh it, what do i do? where shall i go? ah, well, yes, my blood pressure is rising. when i am ill. a liana bow distractor was my right hand. it's gone her li, i built this house. i invested in this house. it's all gone. i'm 8 years old. senior barbara don't. yeah, for the elderly couple live alone in a tent supplied by the authorities for her home and her sense of security lie crushed outside. it's difficult to imagine the terror people felt as their homes came crashing down. unless you're mohammed shaheen. the 16 year old
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miraculously survived not only the earthquake, but 2 days trapped in the rubble of his own home poplar, monsieur, i heard a terrible sounds like an explosion yet i fell off my beds and it went thorn after there was a lot of dust and there was a concrete block on me as i could not feel my feet from the cold. and i thought i was going to die. memories like that a hard to a raise from your mind. this is a teenager who dreams of a little piece of mind and a little more food in his tent. it yes sir. they just, we just needs a little more grains and water and give it sheila love them. priorities are delivering food tents and on this day, firewood to a moment of relief for fun, for the kids much harder to deliver on the back of a truck, though, the blades of our helicopter did the trick a few days earlier. it's heartbreaking to look down at these kids while waving out
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on that day. we couldn't do more than exchange away from the window. almera was, but to day we exchange hugs on the same spot. a smile, a laugh, and a little light brightens up the horizon. sammy's a than al jazeera o' clock took here while the decision by turkish emergency services to cool off almost all search at ref. yes. rescue efforts as leading people to confront. finally, the sheer scale of air loss. bernard smith has been talking to some of them in the ancient, southeastern city of antique. yes, there is no expectation now that this kick is rescue team will find any one alive under the rubble of these apartments in attack. what they're trying to do is at least give relatives a body to bury them at glass lost 5 members of his family lazy morning. it has been 14 days. i'm waiting for my aunt dead or alive. what matters is we get
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it from here so we can bury her and give her a place under the soil. memory aunt is classified as missing amidst the constantly updating statistics on the 10s of thousands of dead, injured or homeless. there's one number, the turkish government can't provide. it doesn't know how many people are still missing. the scale of the disaster and expectations of the survivors takes its toll on the more than 35000 turkish and foreign rescue was working here. carol july, we have psychologists in our team offering support, to help us get over stress and depression. i've never seen an earthquake like this in my whole life, and you have to shut down your emotions. when you do the job in attack, your survivors have access to food medicines and tenseness. but the government wants to somehow to start rebuilding as soon as possible. at least 345000 apartment buildings have been destroyed according to the turkish government. of course, every one of them, somebody's home. and now the search and rescue operation has effectively ended. the
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task of demolishing and rebuilding is beginning. it may prove impossible to calculate exactly how many people are missing or dead. following the earthquakes here. but in some places they know every balloon here represents the life of a child that lived in this apartment. building. bernard smith al jazeera and takia, was an extensive damage to turkey years. cultural heritage, people in our takia are vowing to rebuild. many religious buildings were destroyed as natasha, her name reports. it's the 2nd sunday since the earthquake . the antonia protestant church is resuming services. but the pastor now balances the top. what used to be the wrought iron gate? about with bible in hand a little. we walk 5 minutes along deserted street to find the greek orthodox church
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. we stop a rare passer by to ask where it's gone. and the hubby b l. new jar mosque believe to be built in the 7th century was one of the oldest in the country. now in ruins on talk, yet known as antioch in ancient times was one of the biggest jewels of the roman empire in modern turkey, a, it's a city celebrated for its diversity. we're the because of this, there is brotherhood here, not discrimination. we all live together. here are churches here. a mosque is here . they're all next to each other. we are one nation, one fist. it's duchess religious history. that's been lost. a ties house of parliament built before the area became part of turkey, is now tilting precariously brooklyn i was, i be shaken. it's impossible to describe seeing such
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a beautiful city like this in ruins. i hope will return to our good old days. this was a beautiful city and i love it so much and i'm not going to leave the minister of culture and tourism says on takia and had tie province or a mosaic, a place where historically and until to day adherence of the 3 monotheistic religions found a home to worship the government is promising to rebuild damaged heritage. sites like this one within a year introduce regulations for reconstruction and provide financial assistance to private building owners in on such a sky on thank you. i will return to its diverse community until in days we will return and continue to preserve the cultural fun, takyo and it is customizable them. people here are quick to mention that an takia has been decimated by multiple earthquake since the 2nd century. each time it was
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rebuilt, they say history will repeat itself. natasha name l 0 and takia takia tougher. so pray care now to sierra when we come back, france ends its military mission in between a fasten month after the west. african nations said it would defend itself against arm groups. and what happens when you combine tennis, badminton, and ping pong? we explore one of the worlds fastest growing new schools morning. ah. and i was had a rather cool shemelle went playing across the golf recently. so should with this sir band, if clad risk winds here, making it feel rather chilly temperatures around 23 celsius here in doha, picking up to route 26 as we go through tuesday,
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the winds falling light and it will feel a good deal more pleasant, not quite a pleasant up to was that eastern side of the care we may will see some snow easing of it was a cook says for much of her to care for much of syria relevant, it will be dry and settle over the coming days. temperature's not very too bad, he tried cross much of north africa. what a to shout over to was a north west. nothing too much to speak of. brisk harmonson when bringing that dust hayes over towards west africa in the coming days. and we got to pray, brisk, wind, making his way. it was madagascar in the coming days elsewhere across southern africa. the usual showers across that eastern side in particular of the continent is pushing across them by way that a scenario of mozambique also seeing some wet weather, gradually, wet weather, pushing through the southern kate. and there we go. we got that wet weather making its way to ward madagascar. they started off the north, west coast of australia is pushing its way right across towards madagascar by tuesday or wednesday.
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ah, the, the american people is spoken. but what exactly did they say? is the world looking for a whole new order with less america in it? is the woke agenda on the decline in america. how much is social media companies know about you? and how easy is it to manipulate the quizzical look us politics, the bottom line, touch t money into african go the exclusive al jazeera investigation. coming soon? lou. ah,
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welcome back. a good reminder of the top stories here. this our north korea has flawed to more projectiles, up its east coast, less than 48 hours after similar knowledge. young young's benign goodbye military drills between the us and south korea. roms denying report sits intentionally enriched uranium beyond internationally acceptable levels. the united nations nuclear watchdog says it's in top soft reports that erodes in richmond. i've gone up to 84 percent. a 90 percent threshold is required for use in a weapon. and touches rescue efforts have ended in all provinces. accept marashi, the hot tide, the areas hard to sit by the plates 2 weeks ago. more than 46000 people have been confirmed dead in turkey and syria. meanwhile the body of going to an football star christian at sou, arrived in a crowd day after he was found dead in southern turkey. the 31 year old had been missing for almost 2 weeks falling the collapse of his apartment building. and hattie, during the quakes, tributes poured in from all over the world,
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the former premier league player who joined the turkish club high school last year . african leaders avowed they will not tolerate, undemocratic changes in power in member states. they've also about to push through a confident, wide free trade deal. the to day african union summit also discussed humanitarian issues and violence and democratic republic of congo and the sa hell region. well, one of the style nations between a fast so has been dealing with an armed insurgency for years. and now french troops deployed in the country to fight against our coddling groups. a leaving in january, france has given a one month deadline to withdraw from the west african nation as relations deteriorated. nicholas hawk as more from neighboring synagogue. this was a small but solemn ceremony, marking a big moment in history for burkina faso, the french flag was brought down in a ceremony in a camp outside the capital one good to go in the presence of the chief of staff, but also the commander of the french forces lieutenant colonel lucretia,
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the 202400 men. it will be re deployed to de carr cynic, all right here, but also to our because they were in charge with neutralizing leaders of arm groups linked to iceland, al qaeda operating in this a. how according to diplomats, i've spoken to this is a. busy victory for russia while, while because the leadership of wiccan f i so is looking for greater ties with russia and less ties with the west. there were st protest a couple of months ago against the french military prince present to the call for a different relationship with france, a former colonial power. so this marks the end of a chapter and it comes at a time where there's another attack in the country, a people killed in the north in the region of tito. nicholas hawker, al jazeera, the car, senegal ah ukrainian forces are fortifying that positions and the eastern city of diverse,
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anticipating that potential russian offensive key beliefs of earth could be next in line. if russia takes the fiercely contested town of back moot, some 1500 civilians still remain in the city. and moscow says its forces are making gains in eastern ukraine. it says troops of taken control of a village near the city of harkey. eve, russian forces have been advancing in the area since keep reclaim control of the city in september. while european countries are working to reduce their dependence on russian energy, since it invaded ukraine a year ago. and with cut up being the world's largest exporter of liquefied natural gas, the tory gate and b has been looking at its running role in europe's energy market . the industrial city of ross, the finding cattle where gas is cool to minus a $160.00 degrees celsius and turned into liquid. dr. wrestler fam, paul, to tanka, is ready to deliver supplies to the world. europe has been switching to liquefied
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natural gas o l. n. g since russia evaded ukraine last year. you're committed replacing about a 155000000000 cubic meters a year of what russia was sending the year before the invasion. and they want to replace a 100000000000 cubic meters about by the end of 2022 by our estimates. we've seen, they've been able to do that last year. and most of our places come from sourcing alternative supplies of energy. cattle is the world's largest supplier of liquefied gas exporting more than $81000000.00 tons a year. that's around 21 percent of the global energy export market. it's ramping up production and it's no failed. that's part of the world's biggest gas failed. it's on track to produce a $126000000.00 tons per year by 2027. it's good news for countries like germany that are trying to win themselves off. russian gas capital energy had quoted here in doha, struck a day or last year with germany to supply l. n. j. it agreed to export 2000000 tons
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annually for at least 15 years from 2026. the deal will supply people with 7 percent of germany's annual gath needs. it's a small percentage, but sends an important message. asia has loan being catalyzed biggest export market for ellen gee. but now cattle wants to supply more to europe. the energy dilemmas which european countries fees are extremely serious, and there is no denying that copper has certainly been able to leverage its gas wealth to dough has advantage throughout this conflict. the united states and algeria also supplying europe with ellen gee. but as the continent seeks are the suppliers, analysts say categories likely to play an increasingly dominant role. victoria gates and be al jazeera doha indigenous people in peru are taken to the streets and
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protest against discrimination and expectation. protest as our calling for the resignation of the president dina blotted our latin america editor ellis in human as mona, from colonial in the roof ah, in the former inca capital of cosco native kitchen. and i am mad, i musicians perform saws on traditional instruments, believe to date back at least 5000 years. a result of it is allow us to generate funds to send to the capital for those of us who are maintaining the struggle as never before cruise indigenous communities are organizing and rising up. 6 2 months of roadblocks and protests have paralyzed much of southern peru and revealed an underlying rage that goes beyond the initial anger. over december's impeachment of a president of this region had voted for overwhelmingly
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a capital lea. my is only 600 kilometers north west of here. but for bruce indigenous peoples, it's a different world. one that they tell us discriminate them and not just recently, but for decades. in fact, centuries from the time of the spanish conquest. peru is a centralized country where the lion's share of wealth and power is in lima. testers insist that bruise gold, silver, gas, and oil all come from this region. but did the indigenous communities get crumbs in return dynamos. the nettle, since we have so much wealth we should have access to technology, modern techniques, the internet. instead, we continue working the land with oxen and picks, but we've had enough. we won't give up until we're heard and treated like peruvians who have rights. where mal, at every roadblock. testers, sing a song that has become viral against the new president deniable out of date, you know, 50, not one of those dina assassin. the people repudiate you. how many more dest you
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need before you resign? it says, a reference to the more than 50 people killed in recent protests. the majority of them in this region. almost all of these demonstrators are subsistence farmers. they have no access to potable water, sewage or electricity or decent health services in schools. many are illiterate and don't speak spanish. again, been at the i have very roadblock. 70 year old. they're not of that insist she wants to send a world a message. oh, we're not stupid. we have brains, ears, eyes, hands, feet. but they treat us like ignorant peasant. we've been orphaned by the government. we have to fight for our grandchildren. o leon, the current political conflict, the lid seems to have been lifted on peruse, deep class and racial divisions that are making many of bruce 4000000 indigenous
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citizens feel disenfranchised, and exploited by the rest. the si, newman, al jazeera, bruno pursued, at least 36 people have been killed in flooding and lance lives in brazil. the sa palo region was hit the hardest by heavy rains. thousands of tourists attempt, or brazil for carnival celebrations, found themselves cut off by the floods. 11 people have not been confirmed dead in new zealand after cycle. and gabriel, just days after the storm moved in the pacific. several 1000 people, a still cut off by mister chris hipkins says the focus is now on recovery across the united states. neighborhoods are echoing to the sounds of a new sporting craze. pickable, the boom began during the pandemic and people who are looking for new ways to stay fit and have fun. rub. reynolds has mona, from santa monica, and california. it's the fastest growing sport in the us. 36 and a half 1000000 people played pickle ball last year. that's 14 percent of all adult
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americans. and many more than the 23 and a half 1000000 people who played tennis. pickle ball is easy to learn, inexpensive, and fun. yet pickle ball is a hybrid between tennis, badminton, and ping pong people really get into it, because with pick up all there's a lower part barrier to entry than tennis c, u, king competence and skill fat. and people get addicted to that feeling of accomplish. 0, one of those pickable fanatics is retired attorney lynn. so dick, even after 2 knee replacement surgeries, the 66 year old hits the court 5 days a week. she loves the sense of community amongst players. and it doesn't matter if you're a ceo or a limo driver or you work at 711. everybody treated the same. i failed that it's
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made me healthier. i think it has opened me up to a lot of new friendship. pickable as a good sport for people like me who's knees and hips aren't quite what they used to be. but it truly is a sport for all ages. pickable is challenging enough for players like 28 year old ra bellamy who played tournament level tennis at the university of southern california. people. i went to college with hello into high school with people i work with. a lot of them are, you know, hopping on like the pickable bandwagon and getting into it. it's me, it's been fun. so many people have hopped on that bandwagon that there are far more players didn't places to play in this southern california community players are lobbying the local government to build more pickable courts as the sports pot.


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