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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2023 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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a african story from an african perspective, short documentaries, from african filmmakers from zimbabwe. we were pioneers of how economists could change the way we distribute. good, sorry, be happy to go into a physical store. so dont ivory colds and he's gone with fresh farm fishing woods and the shon, it africa direct on al jazeera. i care about how the u. s. engage it with the rough, the world. we're really, it didn't take you into a play. you might not visit otherwise. it feels that you were there. ah, ah,
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hello there, i miss darcy. hey, and this is the news, our line from our headquarters here and our ha, coming up in the next 60 minutes a. we returned to a remote village and took care cut off by 2 powerful earthquakes where a groups have struggled to deliver vital supplies. and i'm sammy zaden live in law, the abbey center, the 1st earthquake. well, 2 weeks later, the shift is focusing from search and rescue to aiding the victims who have been rescued and resettling them. as the war in ukraine is, it's one year mark you foreign ministers gather in brussels to discuss peace and security. and the ukraine war problems, thousands of pregnant women to leave russia to give birth and argentina. i'm john ashwin sports as barcelona. restore the 8 point leads in the spanish league and rob 11 of the house. vasa, how did you know i had a failure?
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i believe 2nd leg against manchester, united and later this week. ah m o, it's now been 2 weeks since 2 powerful earthquakes, head, southern tech here in northern syria, devastating both countries. more than 46000 people have now been confirmed dead and tens of thousands of buildings have been flattened. rescue efforts have now been called off and all of the affected turkish provinces, except the 2 hardest head, carmen marsh and hearty and 8 convoy from doctors without borders, has entered northwestern syria, where millions had been left homeless at the un has been criticized for its slow response and delivering aid to serious most affected areas. meanwhile, the world health organization says 26000000 people in both countries, desperately need help. while alzheimer's there, dan is in no doubt high for ourselves, not very far from the syrian border. sammy,
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what's the focus there now? well, the focus is shifting rather quickly from search and rescue or you probably have heard the authorities of said, such a rescue is over and all but 2 areas. because, well, no one's been found in the last yards and found alive in the last 24 hours. so now the focus is shifting to helping people behind me in camps like this, helping them with resettlement, because they don't want them to log in the camps, helping them with aid. i'm going to ask our droll operator. now. amber, obey are drawn charges your move. okay, we're going to get the drone and actually try and get you some shot. so you can have an idea of what we're talking about. this is obviously a distraction zone. you can probably see that on the drone chance, lot of destruction around and people have been moved into these tense. this is a camp that includes both turkish residents who have been displaced by the earthquake on one side and syrians who were displaced 1st by the war in the country
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and have now been displaced again by the earthquake into a kia. now what's going on here is that they were moments ago and you might be able to see, i think, was still lines of people coming up there. they were giving the medicine, they were assessing their health needs, volunteers and doctors were here to try and assess the health condition of people and try and make sure that these people, that the disease is prevented. that's one of the major concerns. now they want to make sure sanitation hygiene, those sorts of things do not lead to an outbreak of disease and create another crisis within a crisis. at the same time, the other big focus is on resettlement. they don't want people sleeping out in cold tents forever. it is still quite cold here in this part of the world. so the officials have been talking about something called container cities. 4500 containers have been set up in places like nora bar where i am now in this law here . but their target is to build
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a $100000.00 of these container locations in the next 2 months that so obviously a big goal. they're working tirelessly to try and achieve that because they say, you know, without getting people into a more settled type of living, getting people back to some kind of normal life resuming or infrastructure resuming education becomes a lot harder of people who are camped out endlessly intense well, is a big operation going on? i had the honor of being on board a military air craft last week when we were delivering aid to one of the very remote areas, a village called o clue, up in the mountains with the military making one of the 1st aid deliveries to this very isolated community that's hard to reach, and beverly, impossible to reach quickly by anything other than air. it was a heartbreaking moment. we brought to live here in al jazeera for us is jernace as
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we wanted to get out and speak to these people and just find out what condition they're in. you know, do they have people trapped under rabble? are they homeless? do they have shelter on song we? we couldn't do that because the aid operation, obviously the military needed to go to a number of places and they didn't want us slowing their operation down. but this is what i did. so a few days ago, i managed to drive back to that village, and this is what i found when i met those people. mountains, snow, and freezing wind. the road towed so has little comfort to offer. it's long winding and climbed tiring lea. i'm not sure to row to total devastation should look like, but the scenes along the way give plenty of ideas. the village is nestled on a mountain peak, and se him to a kia. it's a hard place to reach by road. a few days ago, we briefly visited the village on board, a military helicopter,
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sent to deliver aid, a military on taking a look where the village people soon appeared. but we were asked to stay on the helicopter and not delay the mission. we left with many unanswered questions, really and emotionally, ha moment because i want to get out to vote. so we've now come back to the village by road to find those answers. as soon as we arrive, we find out lu and morning. as if we're going out is receiving condolences after losing her daughter and 3 grandchildren earlier stick and we were terrified we couldn't escape. i fell down the stairs, it was shaking so badly. wherever you look, the earthquake has left its mark on the landscape on houses, and of course on people's minds. authority say they're going to start reconstruction efforts in a matter of weeks. or clearly it's going to be a long process. i assume st for elephant baton cache time is in short supply. we
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caught a glimpse of baton the day we flew in on a helicopter. we tracked him down to hear his story. many, oh gosh it, what do i do? where shall i go? i will. yes. my blood pressure is rising. i am ill. a liana boy, distractor was my right hand. it's gone her li, i build this house. i invested in this house. it's all gone, but i'm 8 years old. senior barbara, don't you for the elderly couple live alone in a tent supplied by the authorities for her home and her sense of security lie crushed outside. it's difficult to imagine the terror people felt as their homes came crashing down. unless you're mohammed shaheen. the 16 year old miraculously survived not only the earthquake, but 2 days trapped in the rubble of his own home. if papa monsieur, i heard
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a terrible sounds like an explosion yet i fell off my beds and it went thorn after there was a lot of dust and there was a concrete block on me as i could not feel my feet from the cold. and i thought i was going to die memories like that a hard to a raise from your mind. this is a teenager who dreams of a little piece of mind and a little more food in his tent. it yes sir, they just we just needs a little more grains and water and give it sheila lars. them profanities are delivering food tents and on this day. firewood to a moment of relief for fun, for the kids much harder to deliver on the back of a truck, though the blades of our helicopter did the trick a few days earlier. it's heartbreaking. look down and see these kids. while waving out on that day, we couldn't do more than exchange away from the window. almera was,
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but to day we exchange hugs on the same spot. a smile, a laugh, and a little light brightens up the horizon. the end of search and rescue operations that's prompting keep alter face the scale of their losses. bernard smith takes a look at that in on takia. there's no expectation now that this kick is rescue team will find any one alive under the rubble of these apartments in attack. what they're trying to do is at least give relatives a body to bury memory glare. last 5 members of his family needs him on good. it has been 14 days. i'm waiting for my aunt dead or alive. what matters is we get it from here so we can bury her and give her a place on the soil. memory aunt is classified as missing amidst the constantly updating statistics on the 10s of thousands of dead or injured or homeless. there's
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one number, the turkish government can't provide. it doesn't know how many people are still missing. the scale of the disaster expectations of the survivors takes its toll on the more than 35000 turkish and foreign rescue was working here. july, we have psychologists in the same offering support to help us get a stress and depression. i've never seen it quite like this in my whole life, and you have to shut down your emotions when you do the job. it on takia, survivors have access to food medicines and 10. but the government wants me somehow to start rebuilding as soon as possible. at least 345000 department buildings have been destroyed according to the turkish government. of course, every one of them, somebody's home. and now the search and rescue operation has effectively ended. the task of demolishing and rebuilding the beginning. it may prove impossible to calculate exactly how many people are missing or dead following the earthquakes
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here. but in some places they know every balloon here represents the life of a child that lived in this apartment building bonus mit al jazeera and tucker. and the operation obviously is ongoing here and they talking about moving 13000 different types of machinery, excavate trucks and so on to try and clean up all the rubble. try and get this country something back to normal. i hand you back now to doha. well, let's take you to the ukrainian capital cave, where you as president joe biden has arrived. it's his 1st visit to ukraine since russia invaded now almost a year ago. now you're watching pictures from the ukrainian capital, and there are some this was just moments ago, and i'm not sure if you can see,
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but in the very back of the frame there, there are 2 men walking. one of them is not amused. lensky, the ukrainian president in his military fatigues, his traditional military fatigues and the gentleman in the black suit next to him. that is u. s. president joe biden. this was a surprise visits that were only hearing about now. he was dear to go to war, so let's speak to alan fisher. he joins us live out from the polish capital allen, i believe present. mike was do that name still? is that it seems he has made a bit of a surprise detour now. there was always the suggestion that he could go to cave. suddenly the white house was not confirming anything at the end of last week. what we do know is that at 415 on saturday morning, a sunday morning, he boarded a flight coming in this direction. everything was kept very quiet. he got a train into keep know if he followed the example of 20 blinkin, that the secretary of state i and lloyd austin,
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the defense secretary when they travelled to keep. last year they went by train at the cottage was taken over by them, and the windows were blank. tote joe biden has been keen to go to keith when he was here in poland. exactly. a year ago, he wanted to make the journey, but at the last minute at the secret service advised that it wasn't safe, they couldn't make sure that he would be protected fully. and so it was cancelled. and then his wife went to, to ukraine on mother's the, in me last year. so joe biden was always keen to go there. and just in the last few minutes, we've had a statement from the white house confirming that the president is actually and keith, he has met low to me as a lensky. he's also a nice, an additional half a $1000000000.00 worth of military aid to ukraine. no new weapons in that late as back, but what he's seeing is they will provide money for ammunition, for artillery, javelin anti tank missiles and also howitzers, which have been so successful in helping to push the russians back in many parts of
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ukraine at the president. also said that he will be announcing additional sanctions in the coming days, his due to meet with the polish president here on tuesday, he was due to leave washington at to night in the next few hours in fact, but obviously here in the region already. and then on wednesday, he will meet members of nato who represent the 9 countries of eastern flank of nato, here in warsaw as well. the intention always was that on tuesday here more so he would make a significant speech to mark of the one year anniversary of the war. he of course, has said that the united states has played a leading part and helping ukraine protect their democracy. and in ukraine, in the last few minutes, he has said that the u. s. is there to stay and that has no intentions of leaving ukraine or leaving the ukrainian people. those comments coming, of course, as we're seeing a number of voices in the republican party by no means the majority. the republican party in the united states saying that they are concerned about the amount of money
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that is being funneled to ukraine to help in their battle. against moscow, but job i'd mickey absolutely clear it is not his intention. america's intention to walk away from the commitment that they've given to ukraine and the ukranian people are very buzzle trapped africa by alan fish out of and for us in a polish capital war. so we'll leave at half an hour. thank you very much alan. we can now go a 100 and a 100. she joins us live from the ukrainian capital kids and the optics here. nice be exactly what the opinions have been hyping for. ah, well certainly i think many ukrainians are quite surprised by this unannounced visit. i have to say that we were actually out and about filming we did tear the air sirens blaring throughout the city and actually were still on the alert as we speak now. and then we noticed that something was up because the street was empty and there were sort of policemen posted we so a small motorcade,
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we didn't make much of it. we thought there was a high level visit somehow. but we didn't not think it would have been a do you as president joe biden? now he has been spotted not very far away from here at the museum alaska cathedral walking with president zelinski. i think many ukrainians will be very happy to know about this. as the new spreads, there is a bit of anxiety india as we approached the one year anniversary of the beginning of the russian invasion of ukraine. people were also apprehensive because the russian president vladimir putin, a supposed to give a speech on, choose the back track to last year on the 22nd of november by the mid of putin gave a speech. and 2 days later, there was a full scale invasion. people here worried that something could be up that the russians could be trying to do something to mark their way. there's one year
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anniversary. so certainly having do you as president here in the capitol showing support pledging more elliott, military aid, pledging more military package. and also sanctions is something that is going to be very welcome them our new green. you're not only president zalinski how to handle him year to their live for us in the ukrainian capital. thank you so much hotter. well, meanwhile, you find ministers are counting the thing and brussels to discuss the war in ukraine. this also comes a day after the united states warned china not to give weapons to russia of a more on all of us that speak to our diplomatic editor james base. he is in brussels for us. james, obviously this trip that biden has decided to take as happening, right. as the e ministers are meeting, it's really quite the symbolic moment in a very, very important moment. yes, the ministers are actually inside the building of the foreign ministers of the
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european union, although them foreign minister is about to join them. remember the you? he's currently talking to reporters. they clearly are not seeing the pictures the we're seeing of president biden on the streets with president zalinski one year on or very nearly one year into the war. i think this shows a picture of defiance by. ready the ukrainian president, remember back at the beginning of the war when the russians invaded almost a year ago. many. ready thought the key was going to fall, many thought the president lensky would end up in a russian jail or killed that. that is how seriously people felt that the, that things were going to go in rushes direction and the might of the russian army would prevail, were clear. that's not the way it was worked. and you've got now the u. s. president showing his solidarity almost one year on and lots of debate here going on about how the u. s. and the rest of the western alliance can continue to support
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ukraine one year on. we hear that, that one of the problems, and i'm sure this is something the presence lensky is going to be mentioning to present biden as they speak there in cave. is the problem of rearmament? yes, ukraine wants all sorts of other things. in addition to now tanks, it's getting from the western living fight to jets. but the more eminent problem is that, that artillery that has been holding back the russians. the artillery shells have been used by the ukrainians faster than they can be made in the factories. and so there is a real real problem there. and we're hearing that there's going to be quite merging, meeting, taking place here in brussels at nato headquarters. ready the next 24 hours with the ukrainian foreign minister with the nato 2nd general with the european union's high representative of foreign affairs to trump bang heads together and get more armaments, get more weapons to, to the front lines artic. denise, did you cried james, you are just a munich at the security conference there. and we were hearing from leaders that
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they do expect this war to continue, potentially quite long time. do you get the sense that that's also on the table that they're making preparations amongst you foreign ministers for that to be the case? yeah, the word is, it's going to be a long war and we need to give you credit whatever at once. but of course, there is caveat to that ukraine keeps asking for things, and the e. u and nato leaders discuss it. and in most cases we've seen it slowly ramped up the aid and, and now now tank. so going to ukraine, but it always takes a fair bit of delay and a fair bit of discussion, boast around the nato table and here at the european union. but for now, i think, yes, the support is there, but i think it's worth bearing in mind that you're seeing now present lensky. you're seeing president biden, both there for this very important trip, very symbolic trip to keep. but remember the u. s. election time table because president biden has got now just a couple of years left in office and we got
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a presidential election coming up in the united states and that might see a return of present donald trump or a champion type president. now, would they want to continue the current policy towards ukraine already now that the republicans have the control of the house of representatives? we're hearing words from republicans like no more blank checks for ukraine. so i think while the europeans say they're determined and they say this is absolutely key for the future of european diplomacy and many of the states that are right next to russia, the border, russia feel that they, you know, if this, if the, if this war isn't one by ukraine than potentially they could be next. but of course, as the u. s. component and the u. s. political component, and as you're aware, there is quite an isolationist element within the u. s. political system. james, there's now dramatic editor at that you find ministers meeting for us and basil. thank you very much, james. well, as you were saying earlier, when it comes to eminence,
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the united states has warned china not to give weapons to russia as ng has sent the u. s is in no position to make the non villette o china as a top dipper. mass is heading to moscow in the kremlin, says that it has a lot to talk about with one year during his visit. but for more on all of that, let's get the view now from moscow lets me to, i found a bunch of n as on. and before we move on to wagner, i must ask you, i imagine the kremlin cannot be very happy about biden's itinerary today. well, there are 2 aspects to this. one is what the united states president is going to mean for russia's foreign overtures. and then what will it mean for russia's internal public? if you look at what the, what is expected from the foreign ministry is obviously denouncement, which hasn't come so far, but we expect it to be coming anytime soon on getting involved in the us getting involved into a company. but this is happening almost 24 hours ahead of this very important state
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of the union address from president blood to me put and where he is going to take his country into confidence and is going to be talking about how there is in alliance of best and power is united against russia and waging a proxy war against russia, which he has been seeing and maintaining. so all in all, it's not just going to be a denouncement of sorts, but it is also going to be a bull string of the stance that the russian president has been telling his public and was trying to tell the people of russia that there is a reason why russia went to war with ukraine, that it is an existential threat. and he has been insisting, and the foreign ministry has been insisting that it is not just ukraine, that it is fighting that, that it is fighting an alliance of all of the rest of the western world and the united states and the u. s. president, just ahead of the new history in keep is going to reinforce that center and do you know what? hang pictures now? of president by the, in tears. he's been by the side, a lot of me as
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a landscape and his wife. and he has now been also finding documents that presumably some agreements going forward in terms of supporting kids in the war. i'm curious because this is all happening as moscow is also going to be hosting a rather important guest as we were saying of its own later today, the chinese state counselor one you, they said there's a lot to discuss what is on that agenda? well, absolutely. you see this is as the war anniversary, inches closer, you're hearing more and more diplomatic activity. you see a frenzy of diplomatic with it. so china's top diplomat is in moscow baggy who is leading the before the 1st committee for the chinese communist party is in moscow. he's going to be meeting various people we've heard from the spokesman from president blood me to put him that he's not ruled out that he'll be meeting him as well. so as the anniversary comes closer, you see these battle lines again,
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being drawn, not just on the battlefield, but also and the diplomatic arena. every party is trying to show the strength that it has. the best has been saying that russia has been isolated. it does not have any more friends, and this is going to be important for russia to portray is that the chinese position has been that it does not want this conflict to escalate any further. and that is something that the chinese have been talking about a so called peace plan, that they are going to present at the time of the anniversary of the one year war. but it is also important that china does not get to be seen as involved in direct conflict in the direct conflict, not supplying weapons. china has been supplying non legally like helmets and other material to the russians, but so far it has refrained from supplying any little aid to moscow. this is something which is going to be closely monitored as it has come under discussion in brussels as well. so all in all is going to be a very interesting visit. it's very important and not just optics,
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but timings as well. and we are going to see what the chinese have to say are not just about the war in ukraine and how their efforts are resolving, but how they have been beneficiaries in all of this, where they've been able to import cheaper gas, they've been able to get closer to, to russia and provide russia for everything else that it has been not able to get from other sources. i saw a bunch of a that with the view for us from laska. thank you so much for santa. well, let's head back to keep ukrainian capital and speak to adrian finnegan. adrian, we've been saying this is a visit from by them that's really dripping and symbolism and given all the dates that we're expecting. well, all the anniversary i'm celebrations. want, sorry, not celebrations. the mocking of the anniversary. it's obviously a hugely important moment. forgive absolutely. the mustangs here monday, the 20th of february is a day of remembrance here in ukraine for the so called heavenly hundreds. the
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people who died in the bloody days of what's now become known as the revolution of dignitary. between the 18th and 20 of a february 20 1478. people died right there behind me in may, daniel independent square. let me get out of the way so that you can take a look at the square while the 20 others died of their injuries. and the, the days following, they were posthumously awarded the title of hero recreate of ukraine. 3 of them were foreigners now addressing that the nation on monday before president biden's arrival here, president zalinski said that 9 years after the revolution of dignity, the battle for independence continues ukrainians know what it is to fight and defend their freedom. he said both in the squares of the barricades, i'm on the frontline ukrainians won't and will live only in a free state. he said they wanted independence free. i'm strong ukraine, european and democratic independence and whole. and what you're looking at there is,
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as i said, an independent square, which made them square us michaels where the president was walking with the president. zalinski is actually a behind the cameras on the, the other side here of the square. it is significant bow that a president biden is here on what is such an important day for, for all ukrainians. they will mark that as a very symbolic and additional act of solidarity assessing adrian finnegan that live for us immune and square in key that thank you so much. adrian. well, ukrainian forces, meanwhile, are fortifying their positions in the eastern city of savannah, anticipating a potential ration offensive. he believes that savannah could be next in line if russia takes the contest. the town of bar was about a 1500 civilians still remain. and city. meanwhile, russia news agencies say one person was killed and 11 injured in the shelling of
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done yet by ukrainian forces. at least 40 rockets were fired and the attack. but in the don't yet, prosecutors building and a library or both reportedly had and now more than 5000 pregnant russian women have reportedly traveled to argentina and recent month and this week, dozens more on the way the latest arrivals were all in the final weeks of pregnancy as believe that the war with ukraine is prompting them to seek argentinian citizenship for their unborn children to reason. but it has been mighty, we're cool by arrived in argentina last december. she's from russia, but decided to leave her country because of the war in ukraine. i cried. okay, she was 28 weeks pregnant when she landed him. when a fight is no, she has a son. jo nel was born in january and named after argentina's football style. your name may see a war in september funding in september last year,
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we noticed meanwhile being recruited and there was a risk, my husband could be forced to join the army. so we decided to leave my husband traveled 1st armenia and took here while i stayed to get how children read a mighty is not the only russian who has come to argentine. 9 weeks and months, thousands of russian women have come to argentina to give birth. people from russia do not need a visa to enter this country and their children born here can apply for their nationality. according to our time, their families can also apply to says, since it's something that is and i'm feeling not to rush and was hoping to get another passport. a rush and passport is far more limited internationally than an argentine one and authority. if you have started to question the women on arrival, some were told that could be deported and needed legal assistance to remain in the country. we know that some tickets only had reservation and no return
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ticket. so we had to check whether they were speaking why they were coming. some of the women were 33 weeks pregnant and wouldn't give a proper reason for coming, which wanted the alarm to the immigration officers. yes, good. michael well has set up a service to assist people from russia who want to move to argentina. he also helps women find a doctor, a hospital and get their papers in order to support their consumer with the argentine passport. you have more than a 170 countries open for you. and i made a table comparing the passports of argentina with other countries in the region, and i realize argentina is the best one and it's legal. and that's why i'm hoping those who want to come here to give birth. i learned a record phenomena, argentina, authority say that many of those seeking citizenship for their children are exploiting argentina's laws and have no intention of staying after the passport is granted. but there are others like maria,
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who say they have come to one. a site is to make it their home biddy, so as a seed at one of site, as well as part of our special coverage marking a year into the ukraine war. our environment editor nick clark will be exploring how it's been a major setback and fight against climate change due june and later on monday at $1130.00 g m t, and 16 that he g empty, and also at 230 g m t on tuesday. ah, well to other news now and u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin has been missing turkish foreign minister march. i will show you an ankara. he says the u. s. will support to kia as it recovered from the quakes that united states is here to support you in your time of need. and we will be by your side for as long as it takes to recover and to rebuild
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. yesterday, as my 1st stop on this trip, i visited angelica air base, which, as you know, is the hub of the united states efforts to support the disaster response with the foreign minister with my food, i had the opportunity to fly over hot i had province to look at some of the devastation firsthand and as i said yesterday it's, it's hard to put into words will. meanwhile, people in many parts of the devastated areas in syria have been going through the rubble of themselves because of a lack of equipment, a volunteer from serious white home. this is one of those sounds for survivors with his own bare hands than hold a story for him. for years mohammed he has he dug people out of collapse buildings after bombing raids by the serial armed forces and the russian allies. on february 6, he woke up to a different disaster, a powerful earthquake whose epicenter was across the border and southern turkey,
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levelled neighborhoods across the opposition, controlled northwest of syria. he pulled bodies from rubble and saved others. but bahama tells us how a story of hope can quickly turn into tragedy. serving us out of buffalo, we saw charles here in the rebels and we wanted to reach her. why don't we use our hand to remove the debris until we found her with her mother and was holding or that they are both dead and open? there's also a dead man close to them. then my colleague heard a faint voice under the bodies. there was a child crying, she was saying, i'm here. that voice was of 9 year old and wore. she was still alive more than 40 hours since the initial earthquake civil defense volunteers use their hands to dig because they didn't have sophisticated equipment to reach survivors quickly. and with us, when we heard the voice, we were overwhelmed with joy, especially since we're only removing bodies. i spoke to her for almost 2 hours alone. her father mohammed was also hopeful that at least one member of his family
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was still alive. he wasn't in his village when the earthquake struck people in this corner of syria. no tragedy all too well. it's home to millions who are no strangers to death, destruction and displacement agility on that. when i arrived there on tuesday night, i saw a building on the ground. my whole family was under the rubble until i heard the faint voice of unwell when i heard her at so much hoping that change when they told me she didn't survive. i found where i was still breathing. when mohammed removed her from the debris. oh mm hm. mm. they tried to save her life, but the 9 year old didn't make it to a hospital in russia, but good via and i still remember how scared she was, how she cried. i tried to keep her calm, but she kept holding my hand asked me not to let the roof crush her husband.
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mohammed had to give her lifeless body wrapped in a blanket to her father. since that day he says he can still feel the touch of unwise hand. then i heard her elsie's eda. well let, let's take her back to the ukrainian capital. he is now. where as you can see, ukrainian president rodney zalinski is speaking to the press. he is speaking at a podium right next to it to lead us president joe biden, who made a surprise visit there to day. let's listen to what he has to say is it and this most difficult period for ukraine when ukraine is fighting for a round liberty for the liberties of the world. and this all the lines the results that we have already achieved and what sort of historic achievements we might gain altogether was the whole world was the united states with the europe and today are, would negotiations were very fruitful weaver. they
1:38 pm
were very important and crucial and as has become traditional in relationship between our countries. i would like to extend worth of gratitude personally to mr. president boynton and to his team, to the congress to all the house people. and i thank you for these level of the grain, you ass, cold gratian and this week will be more king and one here of are a fight against the rushes, aggression. so it's very symbolic that we solidify our brazilians through to meetings with the president of require my visit in december and the visit of the mister president of 9 estates to k. if to day there results and face visits will surely be saying, and the will show to have a reflection on the battlefield. and in mid ranking our territories, the decision of the united states on ab brims tangs for his grade has already dave
1:39 pm
. i presented a foundation for establishing a thank coalition and it's of a story importance in many other aspects of more specifically, nary defense and patriots for the defense of our cities. now this is a very fundamental, crucial reinforcement of our capacities. we've also talked about long range weapons and the weapons that may still be supplied to ukraine even though it was in supplies of before i by know mister president, that there will be a very significant package of security support to ukraine. and currently it will serve as a clear signal that russia's attempts of re launch will have no chance, and that we will together defend our received tease and citizens from russia store will have a more empathy. so towards our victory. and today we have yet again underlined that
1:40 pm
we have come, especially with regards to the perspectives of this war. we have coordinated the following question on the terrorist state. we are working hard on the reinforcement of sanctions, both by literally and in the form of g 7, which is very important. we have common vision on the contents of many aspects of our feast formula because its security elements, as well as the tasks to which store the you unchartered to its full capacity and to defend the international rule based old that's a common and joint task for all the countries that are interested in the international security, the rebuilding and they, they recovery of justice is also very important for all those who was
1:41 pm
affected by the russian terror by the russian war. and the aggressor has to take responsibility for the aggression and to reimburse all the damages. i thank to the president of united states for supporting on where we're at on restoring the justice more specifically in the work of our all of our institutions in that area. and we believe there is no alternatives to this. publish ment of the special trip, you know, this is the position of the knights of ukraine and we shall support this position. and i would really like the united states to be engaged in the implementation of our piece formula, cuz it's implementation would make a reinforcement of global stability and the predictability of international relations. and we have some achievements in this area. oh, ready this week in new york to gather wisdom, united states of america and over 16 other
1:42 pm
countries will be submitting for the consideration of the grand general assembling of the draft to resolution on supporting peace in your grade. and on the eve of the 24th of february, would believe that the approval of face resolution would be a very significant evidence to the fact that the terrorist state would never break a civilized country. and a think a we are, we are. we are also opening a special tame blitz dedicated to the president biden, the 1st cold and the night of the $24.00. so february to place with united states. and since that time, we had conversations and the width is very significant attention to all refined to the protection of ukraine's democracy. besides, there is the personal contribution and the president by them in solar defined the liberty and democracy in the well,
1:43 pm
this will we met with will. we will be remember it internally and that ukraine is grateful to you. mister president, too old a u. s. citizens too old, those who cherish freedom, just as we cherish them. glory to all warriors, glory, to our allies in glory to craig, none of the united states of america. thank you very much for suppression. no, it was who was one year ago this week. and we spoke on the telephone with it was very late at night, a washing and early in the morning here in cave. brushing planes are in the air and tags rolling across your border. you told me that you could hear explosions in the background. and i forget that in the world was about to change. i remembered vividly because i asked to, i asked to next. i asked to, what is there, mr. president?
1:44 pm
what can i do for you? how can i be of help them? and i know they remember what you said to me, but you said, and i quote, gather the leaders of the world, asked them to support ukraine, gather the leaders of the world, and asked them to support ukraine. and you said you didn't know when we'd be able to speak again. that are one year ago. the world was literally at the time bracing for the fall cave. seems like a lot longer ago than a year. but think back that year perhaps even the end of ukraine and you know, one year later, keith stanley's and ukraine, stan,
1:45 pm
democracy stands the american stand with you. ready and the world stands with you. key has captured a part of my heart. i must say, i've come here 6 times as vice president once is president. and in 2009 and his voice president, i 1st came here them back in 2014. i came 3 time in the aftermath of the revolution . them dignity and again came in 2015 to address the rock about the work of building a strong democracy. and i came in 2017 just before i left office, vice president i knew i'd be back, but i wanted to be sure. even though in the election were over rock and i were out of office, i decided to make one more trip before the next president sworn in to keith.
1:46 pm
so present. so as he, you deep the honor, me here in key with you today to meet with your military intelligence folks near diplomatic teams, community leaders who have stepped up and help their country. and there are me is astounding. who stood up, everybody, everybody, women, young children, tried to do some fish trying to do something. poor people out of partners have been shelba live. i think as a war, crimes cyst found in the whole world. the whole world sees it looks at it. this is the largest
1:47 pm
lan war in europe and 3 quarters of a century. and you're succeeding against all and every expectation except your own. we have every confidence that you're going to continue to prevail. you know, from the moment i 1st received, it tells me support in the fall. but a year ago we were focused on determining how do we rally in the western world. how do i help you with the promise you asked me to make to rally the world? well, how do you succeed? i'd ever get a world to respond to a prosperous economy, confidence democracy. the secure and independent stake. when
1:48 pm
united americans, vol, political backgrounds, decided they would step up barrack and people know it matters unchecked aggression. it is a threat to all of us. we build a coalition of the nation, the atlantic to the pacific nato, to the land in japan and the pacific. in cost across the world, the number of nations of over 50 help ukraine defend itself of unprecedented military economic can you manage tearing support? we are not in the leading economies of the world to oppose unprecedented cos that are squeezy russia's economic life wines. together we've committed nearly $700.00 tanks and thousands of armored vehicles. 1000
1:49 pm
artillery systems, more than 2000000 rounds of artillery ammunition. more than 15 bands, launch rockets systems, and i ship an air defense systems. all defend due to defend ukraine and that doesn't count. the other half a $1000000.00 we're going to be announcing with you today and tomorrow that's going to be coming your way. and that's just the united states in this piece. just a day. that announcement includes artillery ammunition for hi mars and howard servers, more javelins and a armor systems there. surveillance radar felt protect ukrainian people from aero bombardments. later this week, we will announce additional sanctions against elise and companies that are trying to evade sanctions and backfill rushes war machine. and thanks to why part is supporting congress this week,
1:50 pm
we're delivering billions and direct budgetary sport, billions, indirect budgetary support, which the government can put to use immediately to help provide for basic services of citizens. cost that ukraine has had to bear, has been extraordinarily high. the sacrifices have been far too great in method to me. far too great. we mourn alongside the families of those who belong to the brutal an unjust war. we know that there be very difficult days and weeks and years ahead. but russia is a, was to wipe to crane off the map tubes war conquest is failing, rushes, military is lost, half its territory, it once occupied, young town and russians are flee, a tens of thousands, not wanting to come back to russia, not from now to sleep from the military queen,
1:51 pm
from russia itself, because they see no future in their country. russia's economy is now or backwater isolated as struggling, prudent thought ukraine was. we and the west winds divide that. as you know, mister president said in the beginning he's counting on us. not sticking together, he was counting on the inability to keep nato united his account in us not to be able to bring in others on the side ukraine. he thought he could out last. i don't think he's thinking that right now. god knows what he's thinking. i don't think he's thinking then the system playing wrong,
1:52 pm
playing wrong. and one year later, the evidences right here in this room. we stand here together. mister president. i'm delighted to be able to repay your visit to our country in washington, not long ago. you told us we told the congress, quote, we have no fear, nor should any in the world have an end of quo you and all ukrainians. mister president, remind the world every single day with me, the word courage is all sectors here con, all walked through all life. is astounding. a standing remind as a trader is priceless, it's worth fighting for, as long as it takes. and that's how long we're going to be with you,
1:53 pm
mr. president. or as long as it will president by the bear speaking. on his surprise visit to we're ukraine, his unannounced visit sent to ukraine, the announcing another $500000000.00 in new military aid. ah, for ukraine, he said the other a year or so ago, a year ago as such, russia invaded i president fightin, spoke to you president soleski and asked, what can i do fear. he said, gather the leaders of the world and ask them to support you. crane one year later, president biden said, here, i stand key. if stanz democracy stands,
1:54 pm
he said that keith has captured his house a year ago. he said we were focused on how we would riley the world. a rushes unchecked aggression. he said, cannot go on on, said ah, russia's aim was to wipe ukraine off the map. he said futons war of aggression is failing, though. he said he thought that he could ah, outwit us. god knows what he is thinking now. so we 1st got word all the president biden's visit only a few hours ago was here in a keith when the street suddenly went quiet. military checkpoints were put around various places in the city. my colleague hot abdul hamid is out here in central keith and can tell us more about ah, the build up to this visit when we finally auto got word that something was going
1:55 pm
on here. that president biting could perhaps be on his way to ukraine's capital. but certainly our team felt that we were out and about here in central keep interviewing some people. and then we did feel that the students were going mtv. so more a presence of believe me. so the main road behind me where were traffic had basically stopped and we then we so a convoy. busy now, it wasn't usually the usual big cold war that an american president has. it wasn't that big show with the big limousines and all of that, but certainly it looked at someone quite important was on these trees. we were speculating that it could be president joe biden, as he was officially announced to arrive in poland today. but certainly we only got the confirmation really. when we so we heard about him along with your brains
1:56 pm
president lensky. having a walk in front of the cathedral of because i love sco which is not very far away from here. and then that video was sort of above on social media. and this is a very important visit for ukraine at the, at this particular time. certainly, jo biding arriving here, pledging more weapons begging, more defense, financial support, pledging solidarity with ukraine is very important. president lensky probably feeling very satisfied that the u. s. president from the heart of keith, is announcing that he will give more long rage. i'm ignition actually re around long range miss out beef of the defense system, beef of the s of a system or crew show military hardware that president landscape keeps on asking
1:57 pm
for over and over again. this is the only way ukraine can sustain this war. as in just a few days on february 24th, we reached the one year anniversary of this war a hot up president lance. he said that this is the most important visit in the whole relationship between the u. s. and ukraine. as an important sign of support for all ukrainians. what will the people of this country be making of this visit? when i think that the news spread that the u. s. president is a indeed aim. keep under the circumstances as we speak now. adrian, the whole country is on the red alert, the war is ongoing. anything can land anywhere at any time. so, so to the, to have the u. s. president here showing support not only to president the
1:58 pm
landscape but to the ukraine and as i said, just days before the one year anniversary of this war is something that's going to be very well received among ukrainian. you know, this is a very difficult time. it seems like a newsletter that things could be a bit quieter in the end overall in the country with the battle more or less confined in the bass region. but people are anxious rather than letting me polluted . it's scheduled to give a speech tomorrow tuesday if you rewind to last year. a well, he gave a speech on the 22nd of february, and at dawn, on the 24th of february, the tags rolled into the country. people here talking about a new offensive, new russian offensive, new build up along the border that russian and bella, ruth, people are talking about russia, one thing to change the course of the war. so certainly having you as president here, pledging support, pledging weapons will make ukrainians,
1:59 pm
feel that they can go ahead with this because make no mistake. it's been a year of this war. you have millions of displaced, you have entire communities chapter you have family divided. you have a lot of soldiers dead on the frontlines. we don't know the official number, but it's not a small number. so this country is really paying for this war. and at the moment ask anyone they don't have an answer how, how it could and when it could, and so any showed up. so lived there. it is. welcome. coming from the president of the united states, i think is what the ukrainians will be most satisfied of this particular time and hotter. just as the president the true president zalinski brighten, began that their walk about earlier this morning. the aries siren, sir,
2:00 pm
shouted hearing, given that will have brought home to president biting of his team. but this is still a country, a war, but i mean, the era tyrants are effective of daily life for people here living in ukraine's capitol. yes, not only in ukraine can capital all over the country because at the moment the red alert is all over ukraine. if you look at the does the map at this particular moment, it is an ongoing war. things could happen at any time. i remember last year actually do you and secretary general antonio gutierrez was here and while he was visiting well, there was an air strike here. aim keith, i am. supposing that be this, this visit of brandon joe biden was an announced, but i'm sure things have been beefed up do protective capital as long as he's here . but for the rest of the country this his business as usual.


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