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hm, the whole world is affected by them and they influence each other. they are critical conditions for the survival of all life forms and a must for a sustainable human life. yet their equilibrium is threatened by crises all around the world. climate change and human rights are the focal discussion points of an international conference held by the national human rights committee in could tar it partnership with airs from al jazeera on the go and me tonight, i'll just there is only a mobile app. is that the you, this is where we dissects, analyze the fun thing. and i guess i feel that from algae, there is a mobile app available in your favorite app. still just that for it and tapped i made a new app from audi. 0 mean,
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i don't think of it lou. ah, one of our top story here now to 0. a new magnitude, 6.4 earthquake has struck took. he is hat. i province. just 2 weeks after powerful quakes devastated the region of quake on monday, struck near the city on takia and was felt in syria and as far away as lebanon. and he's 47000 people are now known to have died, sissy earthquakes on february, 6 or 41000, were and took here and nearly 6000 in syria in both reval and regime held areas of the country. the earthquakes have done terrible damage to syria and took years
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cultural heritage. many ancient landmarks on religious buildings in the tow city of antique here have been destroyed. it is natasha, go name reports, paper vowing to rebuild them. it's the 2nd sunday since the earthquake, the antarctic protestant church is resuming services. but the pastor now balances the top. what used to be the wrought iron gate about with bible in hand. busy we walk 5 minutes along deserted street to find the greek orthodox church. we stop a rare passer by to ask where it's gone. and the hobby b. l. news. our mosque believe to be built in the 7th century, was one of the oldest in the country. now in ruins on talk, yet known as antioch in ancient times was one of the biggest jewels of the roman
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empire in modern tyr, kia, it's a city, celebrated for its diversity. were the because of this, there is brotherhood here, not discrimination. we all lived together. here are churches here are mosque is here. they're all next to each other. we'll one nation, one, fist. it's duchess religious history. that's been lost. a ties house of parliament built before the area became part of turkey, is now tilting, precariously booklet i was i be she, in. it's impossible to describe seen such a beautiful city like this in ruins. i hope will return to our good old days. this was a beautiful city and i love it so much and i'm not going to leave the minister of culture and tourism says on takia and had tie province or a mosaic, a place where historically and until to day adherence of the 3 monotheistic
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religions found a home to worship the government is promising to rebuild damaged heritage. sites like this one within a year introduce regulations for reconstruction and provide financial assistance to private building owners. you not the case? get on. thank you. i will return to its diverse community until in days we will return and continue to preserve the cultural fun taco discussion with them. people here are put to mention that an takia has been decimated by multiple earthquake since the 2nd century. each time it was rebuilt, they say history will repeat itself. natasha name l de zira and tuck. yeah. turkey ha. ah, he was president joe biden promised to stand with ukraine for as long as it takes,
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as he made an unannounced trip to the capital keith. the historic visit on monday came days before the 1st anniversary of russia's invasion in short news conference with president vladimir zalinski, bowden pledged $500000000.00 in additional military aid to ukraine, and further sanctions against russia. cha, stratford reports from came of the days of speculation, and no doubt, weeks of planning us president joe biden arrived in the ukrainian capital. keep. nearly a year to the day, russia invaded the white house said there had been basic communication with moscow just before the visit to ensure what it called the conflict taishan. to avoid a miscalculation that could lead to open conflict between the 2 nuclear powers. an air raid siren wailed across the city. as the 2 men walked near saint michael's
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cathedral, not uncommon. when world leaders have visited gifts since the war began. the u. s. president described the night of the invasion when he called the ukrainian leda landscape. he admitted he had feared russia could quickly take control of all of ukraine that dark night. one year ago. the world was lonely at the time. bracing for the fall cave. seems like a lot longer ago than a year. but think back that year. perhaps even the end of ukraine, you know, one year later keith, stan and ukraine says democracy stays, the american stand with you. and the world stands with you. widen announced an additional half a $1000000000.00 in usaid, but there was no mention of new advanced weaponry such as long range missiles. the
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zalinski says his forces need ukrainian presidents stress again. there will be no peace until ukraine liberates all its territory. a promise that is among many military analysts and some of ukraine's allies, increasingly unrealistic as the vast cost of this war and its global effects continues to grow, or is malia conditionally ran africa fina. but it was the conversation that indeed brings closer our joint victory in this war. we can and we must ensure that 2023 becomes the year of victory. i want to underline that this unprovoked and criminal russian war against ukraine, and then tied democratic world must end with the liberation of ukrainian land from russian occupation, and with solid guarantees of long term security for our country, europe, and the entire world. u. s. president's 1st visit to ukraine almost exactly a year since russia's invasion is rich in symbolism and a clear message to moscow. for biden's, zalinski and many of ukraine's backers,
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maintaining unified support comes at a vital time before expected, intensification of fighting, and a so called spring offensive charged rifle al jazeera keith lee as president is now in poland. following that trip to keep his surprised visit to your country in the grips of war was a major undertaking. as on fisher in warsaw explains as president joe biden went for dinner in washington, dc. late on saturday. final plans were being laid for his trip to keep the decision to go was taken on friday, the arrangements had been discussed over several months with the template was established last year when the secretary of state and the defense secretary visited ukraine over night, train, small entourage, black coat windows, the white house kept a tight lead on the news, even issuing bite and shadow for how you would spend monday in washington in the
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cross, even as he was travelling half a world away in the american stand with you. and the world stands with you. key has captured a part of my heart. i must say. it's not unusual for presidents to make trips to conflict zones. rock obama did it in afghanistan, donald trump, iraq. but both times the u. s. controlled the airspace ah, that's what made biden's trip more dangerous. and that's why the white house told the russians just hours before to avoid any mishaps which could spark a bigger problem on the ground. the security had to be unbelievable by the ukrainians because the u. s. doesn't have a military presence in ukraine, and so you've got air defense to cure and he to worry about, you got these possible elements on the ground. and it required that the shutting down essentially the key of to traffic off for a couple of hours. ah, when he traveled to poland last year, president biden was reportedly keen to cross the border,
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but was overruled by his secret service. the people who protect him this time with more notice they could make it work. security will be ramped up here when joe biden makes a major address to mock the 1st anniversary of the ukraine war. but no matter what he says, what will be remembered more than the speech is the visit that came before it. alan fisher al jazeera. so e pharmacists have met in brussels to discuss plans to supply more ammunition to ukraine. antibiotic editor james bays has more from the belgian capital president biden's visit was news to e. u. foreign ministers who were at the same time sitting down for a meeting in brussels to discuss ukraine as the 1st anniversary of the war approaches. the dutch foreign minister told me it sends a powerful message to president putin and the signal that the american president gives is that we will continue. we will continue to help out ukraine with weapons.
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we will continue to work out a accountability. we will continue with humanitarian aid a for as long as it takes al thing that is, it is fantastic that he is there. other foreign ministers reacted to the recent comments by the u. s. secretary of state antony blinking. that he feared china might be about to start sending weapons to russia. massey cheese, dont do it because everything comes like the, the letting further weapons for destruction of civilian targets as having an infrastructure killing civilian people. keith's children is sam escalating traditional warning claim. there were those who expected, the west will not, not to be united when it came to russia's attack on your crime or we were united. so there is a lesson in that. so i would, i would think that drawing from his lesson of them there, there would be enough arguments for china not to assist her russia in it's i call
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genocidal war in ukraine. the u foreign policy chief, joseph burrell, told me if china supplies russia with weapons, it will cross a red line. but he said it a weekend meeting in munich, his chinese counterpart had assured him it wouldn't happen. he told me that they're not going to do it. they don't plan to lose it, but will remain vigilant. you ministers are also well aware that china says it has a peace plan for ukraine, but it's going to unveil in the coming days. diplomats tell me they'll remain pretty skeptical until they see the details. james bayes al jazeera brussels can charles the 3rd is visited ukrainian troops being trained in the south west of england. the monarch watched a defensive training exercise and met recruits. training with british and international partner forces in wilcher, met instructors from a variety of nations including new zealand, australia, canada, sweden, and finland. british horses began training ukrainian soldiers in the u. k. last
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june. 4 months after russia invaded ukraine, while the 5000 pregnant russian women have travelled to ordered tina in recent months and this week, dozens more on the way the nations rivals are in the final weeks of pregnancy. it's pretty. the war with ukraine is prompting them to seek argentinian citizenship for that on born children. terrible as well. my dear cool. yeah, cool. well arrived in argentina last december, she's from russia, but decided to leave her country because of the war in ukraine. yeah, yeah. right. okay, she was 28 weeks pregnant when she landed in when a site is now she has a son, jo nel was born in january and named after argentina's football style. your name may see or in september the funding in september last year, we noticed meanwhile being recruited and there was a risk, my husband could be forced to join the army. so we decided to leave. my husband trebled 1st to armenia and took here while i stayed to get how children read
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a mighty a, not the only russian was come to argentine. and within months, thousands of russian women have come to argentina to give birth. people from russia do not need a visa to enter this country and their children born here can apply for their nationality. according to oregon time, their families can also apply to says, sense of something that is appealing to rush and was hoping to get another passport . a russian passport is far more limited internationally than an argentine one and authority. if you have started to question the women on arrival, some were told that could be deported and needed legal assistance to remain in the country. we noted some tickets, only had reservations and no return tickets. so we had to check whether they were speaking why they were coming. some of the women where they're usually weeks pregnant and wouldn't give a proper reason for coming,
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which wanted the alarm to the immigration officer. michael van has set up a service to assist people from russia who want to move to origin. tina. he also helps women find a doctor and hospital and get their papers in order for support. they're going to move with the argentine passport. you have more than a 170 countries open for you. and i made a table bearing the pulse board of argentina with other countries in the region. and i realize argentina is the best one and it's legal. and that's why i'm helping those who want to come here to give birth. because i didn't enough authority say that many of those seeking citizenship for their children are exploiting argentina laws and have no intention of staying after the passport is granted. but there are others like medea, who say they have come to when a site is to make it their home. they sell at the feet. when
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a fight is he's 36 people have been killed after. torrential rain triggered flooding and landslides, in coastal areas of brazil's southeast. on monday, brazil's president. lucy, now you let a silver flew over affected areas and ta neighborhoods have been submerged, and hundreds of people have been displaced. sao paolo, state governor. it's a good state of emergency in 5 towns along the coast, rescue team and searching for victims and working to reconnect cut off communities . with more heavy rain forecasts to hit the region dummy mobility, we are sending several trucks with supplies, food coats, mattresses, mineral water and cleaning materials from south harlow to here to provide humanitarian assistance. but it's the 1st tranche of support is for the victim and homeless people. 1000 people gathered outside israel's parliament in west jerusalem earlier to protest against the government judiciary reforms because it was holding its fast reading of
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a controversial amendment to overhaul countries. legal system having weeks of rallies denouncing the unit in yahoo governments proposals to weaken the powers of the supreme court. which critic say are anti democratic. first gives israel's parliament the power to override supreme court decisions with a simple majority. that's just 61 out of 120 votes. the 2nd proposal takes away the supreme court. so authority to review israel's basic laws which functions as a country's constitution. forms also change has supreme court justices selected, giving the government far more sway on selecting judges for the bench. going to fax everyone. it doesn't make a difference if there's, there's no way to do the government to make whatever policies it wants without limitations. it could be policies against going against just doesn't make a difference to everyone to be so hi. art has more from the protests in west jerusalem. 10007 wing outside of
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the show on the, against the new cars trying to bring in and we have many people across section by the have from the young to the old mothers. the babies, teachers, people from the i see that are all have because they say that this recall time on them across the can we have one protest say hey what, what, what, what brings you here for them? i guess on my kindly i don't have any way. why is it your skin? what does it do with her will be no one will protect our human rights and we know what you mean. like i'm i'm coming out of i have no idea. oh, well my country is going and i have no, i have, i feel like i need to do something i can do nothing. i'm what would you like the
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current government to do there? obviously going through several rounds of both to bring in this new district. what would you like to see happen? what do you hope from this process you will be able to gain? i hope that because they will be able to communicate between them. but something needs to change but they can not can go. there will be no one to put that down. and this is the thing that many of the prices are concerned about that these reforms on potentially give the branding government. the supreme court designed to strike down great decision that being said by going to come in and change. they can also become judging. writing primary benjamin russian says that these are unhappy that the
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general election is also said to be no civil disobedience present. continue to come. 6 from the west on rainy cabinets and put the brakes on these readings only to detroit reform. and also the president himself is ready, president has for all sides to come together to be able to negotiate, to be able to pause on the changes that you just rolled system. whether that's going to happen, we'll have to see because so far off the weakest, the protest protest and on not seeing any changes and they feel that their calls are not being. meanwhile, the un security council was issued a formal statement expressing deep concern and dismay over israel's announcement last week of the expansion of illegal settlements in the occupied westbank. it says
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such settlement impeded peace. a huge council held a special meeting on monday to discuss the issue, attentions continue to escalate between israelis and palestinians. the security council reiterates that continuing israeli settlements activities are dangerous, the imperiling, the viability of the 2 state solution. based on the $61967.00 lines, the security council strongly underscores, the need for all parties to meet their international obligations and commitments strongly opposes all your narrative measures that impede peace, including inter arlia, israel construction and expansion of fits, immense confiscation of palestinians land and the legitimate legalization officer meant outpost demolition of palestinians, homes and displacements of palestinian civilians. shabby tunzia has more from united nations over the weekend,
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or one source called frantic negotiations took place between a raft of us diplomats and the israelis and palestinians on the u. e, in order to get to come to some sort of deal to only have a presidential statement. so this isn't legally binding as a un security council. resolution would be an actually original un security council resolution that was drafted called israel to immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied palestinian territory. it reaffirms the illegality of settlement construction that would be legally binding, although, as we know, the israel isn't there isn't one to, to take legally binding un security council resolutions as a, as legally binding. but instead the u. s. than one of these frantic negotiations in order to prevent a un security council resolution which it might have had to veto because of its unwavering support for israel. and so the joe biden is on unwavering support for the, for benjamin netanyahu. and the reason for that was the u. s. really once the focus
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this week to be on russia and ukraine. and later on this week they'll be a, you and general assembly resolution that the, that the us will be introducing, which will be condemning russia is illegal invasion of ukraine. and these are a prime minister, has said that the un statement was one sided and should not have been made and the united states should not have joined it. now the number of israeli settlers is quadrupled in the last 30 years. more than 700000 israel is now living in inigo settlements in the occupied westbank. according to the peace now organization does need. abraham reports from the occupied west bank palestinian fates costing them the land and resources hammer them. the hat is one of only a few palestinian bedouins left in the modern jet area in the occupied west bank. the lifestyle depends on hurting livestock, but it's now under threat. over the last several years is really settlers have
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begun, establishing hurting, and farming outposts. formerly hat. that means half of the lands available for grazing are now off limits in palestinian shepherds. c, settlers often attack them and their flocks window envelope. they don't want any bedouins, here is some one protects me and my life cycle we won't leave, will be reassured if be se activist, come and help us expose israel. those settlers are not just crazy people on the loose, and this is in israeli policy. let's is that some of those who attack his family come from sacrament outposts like this one. it's been expanding into more palestinian lands. says that that was established in 2004 palestinians they, they've gotten used to the cycle. the more violent settlers exercise, the faster they get pushed off of their lance, all his stomachs together of earth opposed to cruel jericho. jericho worn the content of an odd dru. atticus has been monitoring supplement expansion for more than 2 decades were worked with the road. there wasn't his research shows how those
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outposts are used to take more palestinian lands. he says the way they spread out is not random. 77 subtler farming outposts have been established in the occupied west bank. 66 of them during the last decade. although they are not recognized by the israeli government, they receive funds and services from governmental bodies. grazing has played an important role in determining their location. at get so the farming outposts are used to controlled palestinian lands that built up settlements cannot most of deserve settlers which harmed, willing and visible. they belong to the most extreme and most violent term sector with israel sonus. in order to establish such an outpost, you need to be willing to use a lot of to exercise, allow for lunch and postilion policy, and herders are not going to leave her learn. the leslie are frightened. 45. these are now in this area that's down from 75 just over
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a decade ago. many were forced to give up there, but when lifestyle, all together, those who remain theater, it's only a matter of time. need that but him al jazeera, the occupied left bank. japan has called for an emergency meeting of the un security council of the north korea launched 2 more missiles off its east coast. but i just know to come up young fod, an intercontinental ballistic missile into the sea of japan's west coast. on saturday. my model has more north korea says these are the pictures of its latest missile tests on sunday. south korea and japan say the weapons launched were short range, ballistic missiles on the part of the piano, young test is what it described as a rocket launcher system of can deliver tactical nuclear weapons. kin your junk, the sister of north korea's leader says whether to use the pacific ocean as its
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shooting range depends on the united states. japan has demanded an emergency un security council meeting to discuss the issue was incorrect since last year. north korea has repeatedly launch missiles in quick succession, significantly increasing tensions north korea series of actions threatened to the peace and security of japan, the region and international community on our absolutely unacceptable o. u. s. and south korean war plains carried out to highly visible response to saturday's launch. south korea's defense ministry set the drills headed by nuclear capable american b. one bonus for the united states commitment to the extent the details of its nuclear weapons. the u. s. and japan helped similar separate exercise of a waters of japan's west coast. north korea, i think basically wants to deter the u. s. and south korea from doing military drills. us a soft grey would like to deter north korea from conducting additional missile
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tests. but that's not really what deterrence does. it's really just about try to prevent the others. so raising the costs to the other side of potential conflict or war. yes, diplomacy sanctions and international censure have done little to slow north korea's missile program. 100 funds are just the pendulum coverage of all stories. so we're covering here on our website out 0 dot com and that's it for me, nor obtain in the future. i'll be here in just a couple of minutes with more today here. thanks so much for watching. lou . a touchy
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