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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  May 8, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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if you want to save hundreds, talk to farmers. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ [announcer] the more you know, the more you could save. farmers could help you save hundreds on your auto insurance. call your local agent or 1-800-470-8496 today. hello. you've watching "gmt" on bbc world news. i'm tim willcox. our top stories. a massive rebel bomb attack in the heart of aleppo. the target, the carlton hotel, used for soldiers. as many as 50 are dead. hundreds are reported to be killed in nigeria by the group that abducted schoolgirls. the call on pro-russian separatists in ukraine to delay the referendum is defied by
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troops on the ground. the changing landscape of barclays bank, aaron. >> absolute his. that's 19,000 jobs to go as it cuts investment business right in lauhalf. it's part of the boss here anthony jenkins who wants to return to good old traditional bankin banking. hello. it is midday here in london. 7:00 a.m. in washington, 2:00 in syria where a huge explosion devastated the government held area of the northern city of aleppo. syrian state tv and rebel groups say the explosion caused widespread damage. reports suggests it flattened the hotel used by government troops. it's called the carlton hotel
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next to the medieval city citadel. this picture has been published by opposition activists reportedly showing smoke rising from the city. rebels planted explosives underneath the hotel and detonated it remotely. let's get more from beirut and lebanon. what is the latest you hear paul, about how this came about and in terms of casualties? >> there's a claim from the rebels there's 50 casualties on the government side. there's no way to confirm that. we believe this was the islamist front. they are the source for all pictures. the dramatic image of this huge masonry thrown into the air over aleppo comes from them. it's well known they tunnelled under the hotel. they tried to blow up the hotel a year ago. it's not clear what the target
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was. clearly the hotel was demolished. may be the front was trying to destroy the tunnels built a year ago to stop those from being used by government forces. there are also reports of troops being killed. that might be the wrong term since we're told by local people this was not the syrian army in the hotel about the ghosts who are are much feared and hated in opposition areas. so the details are still sketchy. front lines have hardly moved. rebels have made gains over past few weeks and months. perhaps the government was act to hit back if the claim we're hearing from the ground about tunnels being destroyed is true. >> you talk about the front lines. the fact they were able to tunnel underneath aleppo to get iv
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almost right on the line. i suppose -- not sure what the distances are. the tunnel is from a rebel held area under the regime held art all. as i was saying, front lines haven't shifted much. in aleppo you can be at the last rebel check point position and see down the road in the distance where government forces are. in the old city where the attack was, people are tunnelling or knocking through walls. they can't go on the streets because they're overlooked by snipers by one side or the other. they can see who they're fighting or killing.
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it is that close. >> paul in9t< beirut, thank you very much. hundreds of people are reported to have been killed in the series of attacks in no nig the same group that abducted girls weeks ago. united states and britain has a growingç international effort help nigeria. they claim they're fighting a war with boko haram. nick childs has the latest. >> reporter: a wave of helpless anguish, the images of families flooding desperately in the wrecked burned out shell of their school. now a new wave of killings in this region has cast a shadow on this region adding to grief and pressures on the nigerian authorities. hundreds of people are said to have died in the latest attacks
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in the troubled northeast, the largest number in the border town of gamboro. the president focused on the government defending the campaign for the fight against the boko haram group. united states of america, united kingdom and france have all spoken with me and expressed commitment to help us resolve this crisis in nigeria. i believe that the kidnap of these girls will be the beginning of end of terror in nigeria. >> the global social media campaign over the kidnappings continues to swell. among high profile figures to join in, hillary clinton and pakistani schoolgirl and first
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lady michelle obama. >> for these nigerian protestors, the government's response to the kidnappings has been too slow. there are growing complaints the authorities have been unable to stem what seems like in recent months a more deadly determined challenge by the gunmen of boko haram. >> i think they're trying to make a strong political statement. they're signaling to the government they are determined to achieve their goal. >> for now the focus remains on what if anything can be done to rescue these family's missing children. i'm joined now on the line from abuja. the senator for the state of borno, one of three states un r undera state of emergency.
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let's start where from the raid monday. what can you tell us about that? >> in the afternoon about 1:30. they did operation throughout the day until 1:00 in the night. a lot of people walk in. over 300 -- >> who are they? are you talking about b ining a haram? >> it is boko haram. one surprising thing is that the military together with civilian. the military left that city in the first of abducted girls.
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they said they had information. the following day boko haram came in. so that is the scenario. boko haram attack had the village. >> the army is culpable of leaving the village they were camped out unprotected? >> exactly. exactly. so it is really surprising when they left the city. even volunteers protecting the city. >> why aren't more army personnel sent to the area? because they're tied up with the world economic forum in abuja at the moment? >> no. they have enough soldiers over there. equipment is limiting them.
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even when protestors went, they don't have new equipment for past 20 years or so. >> nigeria is africa's biggest economy. is it also a question goodluck johnson, the president isn't interested in what's happening in the north. he's more focused on central and southern nigeria? >> this is the opinion of some people. this has been expressed because within the last three years over 1.5 trillion just for security. with that many they did not buy equipment to fight boko haram.
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some people have notion that there's a conspiracy. >> okay. we must leave it there. thanks for joining us here on "gmt." let's go to our correspondent from abuja as well. give us an update on what the government's latest plans are and what sort of international help is forth coming regarding the hunt for these schoolgirls and fighting of boko haram? >> they'll continue to do their best in release of over 200 girls abducted over three weeks ago. nigerians are not convinced the government is using enough military or enough -- has the
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commitment to actually release girls. the president of nigeria johnson said he had spoke ton leaders. u.s., uk, china all offered help to nigeria. this will be welcomed by the government. because it will strengthen i think the surveillance ca capability. >> thanks from nigeria. >> what specifically will america, britain, france and other countries bring to this rescue? >> they're not going to have a rescue effort. you're looking at military advisors, counter terrorism support teams already in
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nigeria. part is building capacity of nigerians to deal with boko haram, move them toward the counter terrorism strategy less about imposing brutal violence on boko haram but going after them with aid and government to win over the population in the north and undermine boko haram. >> is there also a threat to western interest from boko haram that's spreading? >> so far it's seen internal within nigeria. there are links to other al qaeda affiliates but not significant. the abduction of schoolgirls turned this into a international issue. that forced the nigerians to accept the international help in a greater way for the first time. >> good. thank you very much indeed. people all over the world are taking part many a social media campaign to highlight the story of abducted nigeria girls.
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go to world news to see images people are using with the #bring back our girls. if you have a photograph to share, send it directly to our facebook page on the comment section or in a message. you're watching "gmt." our other stories today. thailand's form prime minister to be indicted on corruption on the scheme of rice. she was dismissed by the thailand constitutional court. she could be banned from politics five years. oscar pistorius is back in court on the 28th day of his trial for murder. the court didn't sit on wednesday because of elections. the defense team called an expert witness to challenge the prosecution's time line of
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events in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the egyptian born radical preacher has been giving evidence as his trial on terrorism charges in new york. he was extradited from britain where he lived and preached many years. his legal team has been argued he worked with the british security service to keep the streets of london safe. stay with us here on bbc world news. still to come, counting is underway in south africa's landmark general election. >> i'm at the national results center in pretoria. one headline for you, the anc seems to have maintained its support phase. i'll bring you more on that. stay cat stay watching "gmt." . [ male announcer ] open your eyes...
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pro russian separatists have
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voted unanimously in favor of holding a referendum on independence defying calls by president putin to postpone the vote. many in ukraine object his approach saying sunday's referendum is the only way to prevent war. the vote would be illegal. we're not going to donetsk at the moment. in fact we are. i'm sorry. just hearing in my ear we're going to our correspondent live from donetsk. sarah, they have defied president putin's call. do we really know what is going on? >> reporter: no in the sense of what the motives are on both sides, no we don't. we know president putin made the comment asking the rebels heru% u? their vote. they say they've considered that
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and actually thank you very much are going ahead. they said we expect president putin, his comments and concern for casualties here in eastern ukraine for human life. that's what they said. the vote should press ahead, because the believe it's the people's choice to come out and decide the status of the region of eastern ukraine. certainly that will happen sunday. the vote will go ahead. it's a vote with one question. do you support the people's republic of donetsk? that is this region here. the next region is also voting on some self-determination. we don't know what happens after that. the spoke people for the rebels, pro russian rebels here in donetsk said they believe this will help calm the situation down, not escalate tensions. they believe people want the
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right to express their feelings, views on the region. by doing that, they'll calm the situation. of course kiev has said this vote is illegitimate, won't be recognized. we've also heard from the eu foreign policy head, the spokesperson for her saying eu won't recognize this saying it's not legal. >> the mayor of donetsk has been released. what evidence is there of ukrainian military units on the streets? are all buildings now cleared of separatists? >> reporter: no. here in donetsk, several key buildings including mainly city hall controlled by the pro russian groups. we saw in the south port city there briefly cleared yesterday. pro russian groups back in control. flags flying above the building. what was new this mariupol,
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ukrainian military on the outskirts of the city. we passed check points on the outskirts of mariupol. that's a new development there. >> thank you very much indeed. with about a third of votes counted, it shows anc taking the early lead. the party is expected to claim a fifth term in power r despite growing discontent with the direction the country is taking. there's 25% unemployment and allegations of corruption that plagued the anc and leader jzum. let's go now where the votes are counted. >> reporter: hi tim. thanks very much indeed. according to the south african broadcasting corporation, 57% of the vote has been counted. anc has more than 63% of the
7:22 am
national vote. in the last election they got 66%. there's been a slight dip so far in support. the official alliance is on 23%. last election got 17%. the new party, new kid on the block, economic freedom fighters led by a former anc leader are 4.8%, roughly 20 seats in the national assembly. quite an impressive showing for a new party there. let's get an idea now of one of the key people in the democratic alliance, what they make of their performance so far. i'm joined here by the da candidate in the province. it has johannesburg in it. it makes it an important
7:23 am
constituency. how far do you think it can make it nationwide? you have 23% of the vote. how pleased are you? >> it's an incredible result. we're positive and feeling strong. to get up to 25% would be ideal, meaning one in four voting for us. the other key is the declining across elections. >> that's not true though really necessarily is it? i mean truly. >> if you look at percentages in both zuma terms, this party comes from 69% few elections ago. now 63%. final poll will indicate how close they get to 60. >> that is true. in 2004 they got 69%. if you go back to 20 years ago when mandela was on the ticket it was 62% then. anc says we stayed over the 60 mark. sticking with the da, your
7:24 am
problem is you are black. frankly most supporters, voters who back the democratic alliance are not. >> i disagree. when you look at a city like johannesburg for example. if i go to 2011 when people voted we got 35%. now they are not south africans whites that are minority below 9%. if we get 25%, it would be improbable. >> you need to be a national force, a nationwide democratic alliance. only has 7% of vote coming from the black population in south africa. >> which is in fact higher than any other opposition party. >> but it's not much is it? >> it's still a lot of work. anc dominates black majority vote. i think we'll get closer. nationally if we get about 7-8%.
7:25 am
if you recall, contrast that same picture to black led parties, they can't constitute 7% of the vote. they can't constitute right numbers. we're not trying to build a party for blacks. we're trying to build for all south africans. that's the project for all. >> from the democratic alliance opposition there giving you their take on the election results so far. we'll bring you the latest developments throughout the day. for the moment now, back to you tim. >> thank you very much indeed. the groom's party rather than the bride attracted all the attention at a wedding in queens australia after they rescued a fishermen during the photograph session. the newlyweds were having their photos taken when they and their friends noticed a fisherman was in distressed after his boat capsized. two men stripped down to their
7:26 am
underwear and went to sea to save the man. after the rescue, they were hailed at the reception as heroes. here's the couple and here are the members of the wedding party stripped down to underwear rescuing that fisherman. stay with us. more to come in a moment. ♪ "first day of my life" by bright eyes ♪ you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen.
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i'm tim willcox. in this half hour, europe meets again to try and tack it will number of people leaving to fight in syria. and how american's big business exploited newly designed liberating office space to get more out of its workers. also on the program, aaron is back. nintendo accused of being homophobic. it appears nintendo says ggay n
7:31 am
way. gamers are demanding they use same sex relationships in the gaming world. we'll look at the impact on nintendo for not listening to consumer demands. now in the last few hours a huge explosion has destroyed a hotel in the northern syrian city of aleppo. reports say the place was being used as a base by government forces. it was the carlton hotel maybe occupied by the militia. we'll bring you more as the story develops. with intense fighting in syria continueing, one of the main concerns in europe has been the rise of foreign fighters going to syria. in brussels today, there's a conference on ways to tackle the
7:32 am
problem. in britain, officials say there are signs those fighting in syria are returning home to launch attacks. the number of foreign fighters estimated to have joined rebel groups fight in syria is around 8500. that's according to a study. around 2,000 just under a quarter are believed from europe including belgium, britain, france, netherlands and germany. most of the foreign fighters are said to join the nusra front and iraq, two groups seen by the west as most dangerous. we will be getting the latest from our correspondent covering that meeting, second meeting by european home ministers on the
7:33 am
threat back in europe. also, we'll be speaking to some about the radicalization of young fighter who is move to syria. now six months since the biggest typhoon ever to lhit lad in the southeast philippines. a four meter high storm surge destroyed everything in its path and killed 6,000 people. our correspondent witnessed the destruction and now returnses to tacloban to talk to survivors of haiyan. >> reporter: on the beach south of tacloban city, they've come to remember francisco cruz and his two sons. his widow glenda lost them all when the huge wave smashed into their house. their hoj[+z7"yd.j]zkw9st" erwin's 31st birthday.
7:34 am
>> i cannot describe the pain. sometimes i cannot -- i wake up .&zvww i pray. i pray and pray. i thank god she left my daughter with me. i cannot stand on my own without them. >> six months after typhoon haiyan ripped the city apart, i have come back to see what happened and try to find some of those i met. >> hello? >> hello. how are you? >> i'm fine. glad to see you sir. >> how are you? >> when i last saw hill, this is what it looked like here. his wife's body was stuck underneath a fallen coconut tree. close by, a mass grave was killed with dozens of bodies. today the scene is much more peaceful. hill is clearly still struggling.
7:35 am
>> i try not to think about the memory because it's painful. i just forget. just move forward. you know, if i start to remember her again, i don't know what will happen. >> what's really striking coming back after six months is seeing ho h how hard it is for people to recover after a major disaster like this. unlike britain or america, people had no insurance. they lost their homes, cars, fishing boats. now they have nothing. they have no means with which to start over again. getting people back to work and earning money is the key. this scheme is run by money donated from people in britain. 20,000 fishing boats were destroyed by the typhoon.
7:36 am
with help, people here are slowly getting back on their feet. on our last day in tacloban, we came across a story almost too painful to tell. it's the story of gian and ardinel. she is just sixth. waves took her mother, father, five siblings. he managed to grab her from the raging waters but in the same moment he lost his own wife and three children. >> sometimes when i'm drunk, i can't sleep, he says. i see my children calling out in my nightmares for help. they ask why i was not able to save them. i was able to save others, why not them? >> without her parents, gian
7:37 am
faces a precarious future. without his wife and children, he says he has no future. bbc news tacloban. >> six months from typhoon haiyan. let's go back to the concerning europe of number of home grown fighters leaving european countries to fight in the civil war in syria. the conference of home ministers in brussels at the moment. let's go to duncan craw ford joining us now from the conference. just explain the seriousness of this problem duncan as far as home ministers are concerned and speed with which it's developing. >> well tim, it's a serious problem. it has grown a lot. the last estimate officials gave
7:38 am
was thousands had travelled to syria to fight. today in brussels we have this meeting of interior ministers from around the eu, belgium, france, germany and uk. also representatives from the u.s. and also middle eastern countries with representatives from turkey, jordan as well. obviously they border syria and have seen issues regarding syrian refugees. what this meeting is about is sharing information, making sure these countries are working together to try and stop citizens from traveling to syria in the first place. also crucially what this meeting is about is working together to work out how to deal with citizens who have travelled to syria and then come back. intelligence agencies have been extremely concerned about radicalized fighters returning to their home countries and then
7:39 am
potentially launching some kind of attack. much of the focus of this meeting is about how to deal with those individuals, how to make sure that information is exchanged that they are monitored, they are tracked and so on. >> okay duncan in brussels with the latest. thank you very much. let's speak to a senior researcher at kings college here in london. the british government's approach to this is to criminalize, legislate for anyone who's traveled to syria. is that the right approach in terms of preventing people from doing it? >> i think that's actually quite a counter productive message to be sending. we know foreign fighters who are in syria monitoring closely what's happening in the uk. they seem very concerned that they've been criminal xized when a lot of won't pose a threat on
7:40 am
concern. all studies suggest one in nine individuals pose a threat on their concern. it's a problem not. >> what about the tools used in the training camps. a lot is done online. >> we've heard a lot about the internet. it does play a role in bringing propaganda from the battlefield and brings forward the vision of life you could lead in syria. that's the life that appeals to young men. it builds around that kind of thing. there are real world networks that exist as well. just as important, there's a real world connection where these guys meet one another and facilitate travel over syria. two go hand in hand. >> i suppose the other problem
7:41 am
is that we're not talking about afghanistan or iraq in terms of proximity for many europeans, it's a short flight to turkey and hop across the border. >> it's relatively cheap to get there. as you say, very accessible. that makes it appealing to people. it's on europe's doorstep. it's got them much easier access. it's not viewed in the same way as these guys. we're not on the ground. there's no british involvement. guys said we came over to participate. we're on the same side as british government. in their mind, it doesn't seem as morally or politically ambiguous as it was in the past. >> thank you very much indeed for joining us on "gmt." it's time for us to pause and catch up with aaron.
7:42 am
barclays yeah? >> lots of cutting and slashing. let me explain. and around the world. thanks very much tim. hello there. cutting the investment bank by half. that's what barclays has announced it will do in years. barclays will cut 7,000 jobs. here's the chief executive anthony moves to create a much better balanced bank. they mark the era of high risk banking that the previous chief executive diamond fostered. this new announcement means barclays will cut 14,000 jobs from all units this year. that's 10% of global banking work force with another 5,000 going by 2016. it takes that et to number absolutely to 19,000. barclays will also set up a bad bank will eventually sell or run
7:43 am
down operations. pretty much deemed less important to key businesses. on top of that retail banking, we know in spain, portugal, italy and france named as non core. right here in uk, barclays and african business units there. let's get more now from george. he is joining us. great to have you with us. for a global audience, these numbers are bigger than expected. explain what's gone wrong at barclays? >> barclays has it has same problems as a number of other investment banks. specifically it had a problem in what banks cause fixing commodities. basically bond trading. it used to be a real money spinning for them. in last couple of year, activity has become more depressed.
7:44 am
b, regulators worried about bond trading. they want capital to be held against it. that makes it much less economic to do. investors have been furious about this in the last couple of years. they've really wanted this kind of action to be taken. now barclays has finally done it. it's not before time. >> the good old investment arms of banks used to be called the casino banking. is this now barclays also listening to shareholders and going we're going to focus on the regions around the world we know well and stick -- go back to traditional banking almost? >> yeah, you can see the new executive -- he's not that new, 18 months in, jenkins who replaced diamond. jenkins clearly has a focus on
7:45 am
uk, focus on more retail banking and safer types of investment banking if that's the right expression. this is basically what he's done. it's taken a long time to get here. he's done it. he should be applauded. >> is there good money to be made in traditional retail banking? one imagines wiping out or diminishing the banking side, gone are if heavy profits we used to see. >> you say that, but at the moment, retail banking returns are pretty good, pretty decent. as the economies around the world including the uk improve, then they should get more reliable and better. it does make sense from a strategic point of view to do this. difficult for barclays was always that they were wedded to this huge investment bank of bob diamond. they were reluctant to cut it.
7:46 am
now they've taken the plunge. that's probably the right move. >> great stuff from you as always. we appreciate your time. thanks. george joining us with breaking views. let's switch gears and talk about the japanese gaming giant nintendo says it will not allow players to play as gay players in the simulation game. a fan demanded they allow same sex characters in the game. the company said it never makes that form. it will be launched in united states and japan? june. it comes in contrast with the sims that currently allows same sex relationships. interesting story. let's get more from our news editor, online tech publisher. great to have you with us as
7:47 am
well. can we start with -- it all started with one gay man in the united states that wanted one character to marry another same sex character. >> times are changing. they're a global company. they don't only operate in japan. they operate across the world. the topic of gay marriage being legalized around the world quite widely, they feel behind the curve. >> absolutely. on top of that, not only just the moral facts of this but monetary facts of any corporation. it's typically known the gay demographics in the western world have a lot of money to spend. any company that doesn't jump on that is missing out. >> anyone den tnintendo aren't
7:48 am
position to lose out to gamers. it's potentially a large part of their audience. this is a silly move to make. >> it's interesting it comes up now. earlier this week we had a story about coca-cola, a young teenage girl in mississippi set up a petition. she didn't like a particular ingredient. experts say there's a company that listened to consumer voice and did it right turning a negative into a positive. companies can't afford not to do this. >> with twitter campaign and social media campaigns, they have to take this response on board. this is an opportunity for them to look more inclusive and improve the game going forward a. their response has been disastrous. there's opportunity to acknowledge the mistake they've made and welcome a whole new bunch ofyme;çjg1/rw to their console. >> i've got to wrap it up.
7:49 am
do you think a u-turn from qkó nintendo? >> i doubt it chlwe've seen the response. >> all right. thank you. followj me on twitter. tweet me and i'll tweet you back. that's it with business. back to you tim. thank you very much. you're watching "gmt" on bbc world news. still to come, we look how office space has transformed since the 1960s.
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at farmers, we make you smarter about auto insurance, because the more you know, the more we can help you. cut. lower. shave. chop. and drop your insurance rates. if you want to save hundreds, talk to farmers. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ [announcer] the more you know, the more you could save. farmers could help you save hundreds on your auto insurance. call your local agent or 1-800-470-8496 today. held low. welco -- hello. welcome back to "gmt." i'm tim willcox.
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a bomb blast has flattened a hotel used by security forces. johnson said the kidnapping of 200 skill gichoolgirls could be turning point in the battle against extremists. the cue by kal was invented in the 1960s to give workers more privacy and autonomy. we spoke about the culture and how it was designed to liberate workers. >> my book is a secret history of the work place. it's a history of the office,
7:53 am
what the office has been like. why we feel the way we do about it. behind the furniture and all. that you find social questions. the inventor of the cube kal was a man named robert prop. he invented the action action meant to liberate office workers. offices before that were row after row of desks surrounded by corridor offices around the perimeter. he wanted to give people privacy and autonomy. offices in the united states saw it was easier to cram more and more into spaces. people began to copy it and turn it into the box. it came the cube.
7:54 am
the office is source of tremendous dark humor. the film about this is office space. one of the workers has to pull the other worker off the fax machine because he's losing it. he can't control himself. that reveals how we look at our work place and focus frustrations on them. one of the things people hate about the cubecal is it implies stat us the. we should think hard about how we use space in offices especially when it costs so much on the planet to keep them air conditioned, lit and running constantly. you see offices bleeding out into the city. people are doing it in cafe, at
7:55 am
home, in airports. it's a weird punishment for a liberation. liberating work from the office has led to a total regime of 24/7 work. >> what do you think? let us know. now finally a bit of news from the art scene. the elusive street artist made the move admitting he is behind the work called mobile lovers. this shows two lovers embracing as they check a text and e-mail. it's painted on a door in england's southwest. it was removed by the club who were hoping to sell hit and raise money. not before the local council stepped in. the council said the work was on its land and they took the
7:56 am
bank's piece to the museum. the artist says he doesn't usually admit to creating criminal damage. he's happy for the club to keep it. good news for the club. from me tim willcox and the team, see you tomorrow. [ salesman ] congrats on the new car. [ woman ] thanks. the dealership reviews on made it easy, but... [ man ] we thought it might be a little more tense. you miss the drama? yeah. [ technician ] ask him whatever you want. okay. ♪ do you think my sister's prettier than me? ♪ [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] research, price, find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama.
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