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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  November 18, 2014 6:00am-6:58am EST

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thanks man. sure. now all hanes underwear is tagless. go tagless power over 50 tools with a single battery. and then, let it snow. let's do this. this is bbc america, and now more saving. more doing. live from london, "bbc world that's the power of the home depot. news." right now save $30 bucks on this ryobi combo kit. hello. i'm geeta guru-murthy with "bbc world news." our top stories. israel's prime minister promises a harsh response after the death of four israeli worshippers in a gun and knife attack on a jerusalem synagogue. footage emerged showing troops ♪ preparing to storm the building. two palestinians died in the shootout. >> we heard gunshots from ♪ downstairs, and one shot, two shots, then a flurry of shots. we all ran out. >> japan's prime minister calls a general election two years ahead of schedule, as the country battles to fend off grab a refreshing canada dry ginger ale.
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recession. real ginger. real taste. and hong kong police clear real ahhh some of the protest fights occupied by pro-democracy activists since early october. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! hello, and welcome. at least four israeli worshippers have been killed in an attack on a synagogue in west oh no... jerusalem. two men, thought to be geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. palestinians from occupy east jerusalem, carried out the attack with a gun, axes and knives. police stormed the synagogue, shooting dead the attackers at the scene. ben gentleman men netanyahu has said israel would respond harshly to the attack. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has condemned the killing of worshippers. with me now is our middle east editor jeremy bowen.
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why have things got so bad? >> a variety of reasons. clarkson: as my guesswork was correct, there's no peace process. we set to work. there's also been a lot of tension surrounding the al-aqsa we're plowing! mosque compound, which jews call we're plowing, chaps! look at this! the temple mount. muslims call the noble sanctuary. hammond: yah! here we go! there's a worry among may: the snowbinester -- palestinians. it works! they've accused the israelis of inciting a religious war. yes! ha-ha! come on! over the fact that there have come on! been some right wing lawmakers yah, yah! [ crack ] among others who have they oh! believe tried to change the status quo there. i think we've just gone through it. the status quo being that it's [ laughs ] yeah, we have. run by the muslim authority. no, it's not an emergency, it's just time to empty your bowels. and the jews don't pray inside sinking! the compound. sinking! bravely, jeremy dismounted... now there are people on the all right, james, back it up! israeli right who for some time and started issuing orders.
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have wanted to change that. the government says it's not [ hammond whimpers ] beginning to happen, but there that is sinking badly. is a fear that it might. put your blade down, james, the cultural significance of because that's just gone through again. that site is so enormous that in may: when the combine finally moved, some ways, it's always like a we could see the scale of the peril. time bomb in the center of sl . hammond: oh-hoh! oh! clarkson: that's 300 meters deep. jerusalem. >> what's going to be the i mean, it's just -- it's just water. reaction to this, do you think? when you hear of a harsh clarkson: however, response by israel, is that just unlike the snowplow people at heathrow airport, words? what would you expect to see? we decided not to just give up. do you know how many flights were canceled >> hard to say. i imagine there would be in heathrow last year punitive action taken against the houses of these two because of the weather? assailants, and might well knock 3,700. down their houses. that's quite standard by the do you know how many flights were canceled israeli government at times like this. a harsh response isn't at oslo because of the weather? necessarily a military response. in the past, mr. netanyahu has 2,000? two, two. heathrow, 3,700. used what he calls a zionist 'cause we had one bit of snow. response, which is to give a clarkson: and as we were proving, all that misery go-ahead to settlement extension was completely unnecessary. or to build more houses for jews there really is no excuse. in the occupied territories, heathrow, b-a-a, if you're watching this, that kind of thing.
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there may be other measures. you're pathetic. they might put closures on and if anybody in a meeting says, "oh, well, particular places as well. or there might be a push against the reason why it was shut is," sack him. what they see as terror there is no reason why it was shut, suspects. at this point, that's because it isn't difficult to clear a runway. speculative because we don't know what they're going to do, but i think there will be a lot it just isn't. of anger in israel about this my rant was interrupted at this point and that netanyahu will want to by news from below decks. do something and be under pressure to do something. bov-- bovril's boi-- >> we saw two still pictures believed to be the attackers of the bovril's boiling over. two men who have been killed by clarkson: and up top, hammond was still fretting about the ice. police in this attack. when you talk about the mosque, [ hammond whimpers ] because we're seeing -- i just clarkson: oh, my god. that's another crack there, look. want to ask quickly. this type of attack, individual yeah. big one. attack, is that relatively new when we go through, it's going to be worse for him. or not? we've seen quite a number. >> there's been a spike in oh, god, yes, because he will be violence in jerusalem in about pawing at the glass, desperate. the last six months. right now, though, he was pawing at the steering wheel. there was first of all james! everything surrounding the james, go right, you idiot! stay right! kidnapping, killing of those it's a straight line we're looking for! three israeli hitchhikers back yeah, i think this will be in the summer. a tricky landing, actually, james. then the war in gaza that may: we got into a tank-slapper. followed all of that. look where we're pointing. accusations by the israelis -- james, the trees indicate land.
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by the palestinians that the eventually, though, james mastered israelis were using that to crack down unnecessarily hard on people in jerusalem in the west the rear-wheel steering. bank. there's also been an increase in i'm waiting to look behind us and see a runway, complete with lights and everything. that isn't happening, but it's not bad, look. settlement activity. they call the city of david, hammond: and pretty soon, the runway was finished. which is just outside the old city. now these two people i think so we pulled over and radioed the pilot, came from jabel mukaber, which is the area just next to that. giving him permission to land. clarkson: it's not the smoothest runway. and there have been more cases of jews moving into areas there, hammond: no, but there's less snow on it than there was. and that's seen as very much the it is smooth enough, isn't it? front line of the struggle well, we're about to find out. here he comes. onsetlement. so it's a whole complex of things. but what it's resulted in is a spike in tension and violence in jerusalem, and there have been a look at that. hammond: job done. number of attacks in recent weeks by palestinians and ladies and gentlemen... may: we did that. we did that. israelis as well. >> and when the israelis how about that? clarkson: sadly, though, our celebrations mentioned the palestinians along were premature. with threats from isis and so [ crash ] on, there's obviously a hammond: oh -- oh, my god. deliberate conflating. yeah, that is quite bumpy. is it a fair one or not? >> i think that politically what he's crashed. they're trying to do, something he has pretty much crashed there.
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they did with quite some success after 9/11, is to -- when they clarkson: at a time like this, there's only conflated hamas, the palestinian one thing a man can do. right, quick, go, go. just get in -- go, go, go! islamist group with al qaeda. they're trying now to say this right, james, run! is all one thing. islamic state is all part of the same kind of development. now, i think that it's a stretch, frankly, to say that. hamas is not that kind of that was embarrassing. organization. they don't share that sort of that was deeply embarrassing. oops. just a bit. ideology. they do believe in using now, look. i know we're often accused of faking things on this program, violence. but it's not like islamic state and they don't, to my knowledge but, trust me, you can't actually fake a plane crash. anyway, have connections. no, no, i think it's probably safe to say that we won't >> okay. and just finally, on the actual be getting a christmas tree question of the mosque itself, for trafalgar square this year from norway. because that's been a recent issue, as you said. anyway, we'll be picking that film up later on, and we want to explain it isn't just why, if it's the first most a massive cocking around -- it is a bit -- important jewish site did israel because we really do believe that we were on to something give up the right to access it with that snowbine, because if you think about it, fully? >> well, the al-aqsa mosque is if it works, farmers can rent out equipment the third most important place that would normally be sitting idle, to pray for muslims in the councils don't have to maintain a fleet, which saves them a fortune, world. after mecca and medina. and we get our roads open, so we really do think but for jews, the temple in
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it's worth persevering with. anyway, now we are going to do the news. biblical times stood there. and the holy of holies, which and i want to begin by talking about nissan. was right at the center of it, okay, they've announced they're going to make they believe somewhere on that a new electric sports car place. but of course, it's never been which they're going to exhibit at the geneva motor show, which is soon. excavated or anything like that. because it's so holy, for that's a picture of it there. and they've sent in lots of details about this car. traditionally jews would pray at the western wall, one of the interestingly and unusually, they've also sent us supporting walls of the temple. but in recent times, there have a description of the sort of person who'll buy it, been people saying -- some jews an actual biography, and i'm quoting now saying let's go pray over there. from nissan themselves. after the '67 war when israel they say the driver, okay, "daniel" -- so this guy doesn't exist. captured east jerusalem and the they've made him up? rest of the occupied yeah -- well, they say, "daniel, rest of the occupied an esflow owner, works in tech but lives for the weekend. on a friday night after work, he gets behind the wheels of his esflow, which instantly links with his pocket pda" -- he sounds like a bit of a prat. he does, yes. anyway, "it determines the fastest route to his girlfriend's home. on sunday, he drives through the mountains for leisure." mmm. on his milk float -- anyway, and then he gets home eventually and it's all charged up and he lives in barcelona. hang on a minute. he's called daniel? could he be the daniel from the elton john song?
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yes, that's who he was writing about. no, hang on -- ♪ daniel is ♪ travelling tonight in his stupid electric sports car ♪ ♪ i can see the red tail lights ♪ no, you wouldn't be able to. this is battery-powered, isn't it? they'll have gone flat. ♪ daniel's girlfriend is bouncing around ♪ ♪ on a man with an aston v8 ♪ i've just had a thought. hang on, this is -- i like this. what is james' middle name? it's daniel. yes, it is. anybody here play golf? you do? okay, i've got some news about personalized number plates. i know you love that sort of thing in the world of golf. we've got the new 11 plates coming out very soon, you know, the numbers will be 11, and obviously that's a wealth of possibilities for writing amusing words on your number plate -- bulldog, holland, gallops, and so on. well, anyway, the dvla, which is a big building in wales, they're now selling these numbers for between £3,000 and £10,000. to be fair, it is between £3,000 and 10,000, plus the fine you get for interfering with the letters and numbers on your number plate.
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we're the only country in the world where the government says, "you can buy this. if you move the numbers around to make this word, you can buy it from us," and then they fine you for moving the letters and numbers around -- it is a bit weird, that. but the interesting thing is, some of the words have been banned for being offensive or sinister, words like "psycho" and "vulgar," but they have allowed "ballbag." [ laughter ] they have? no, they haven't. they haven't allowed "ballbag." they haven't allowed "ballbag," but they have allowed "melons." isn't that sexist? it's sexist to me. well, it's also not fair, because what if you were, i don't know, the wholesaler of giant hold-alls for transporting footballs in large volumes to school playing fields? you might want "ballbag." i think it's not likely to be bought by -- well, they're not doing it, but it wouldn't be bought by a sporting wholesaler, in the same way that "melons" wouldn't be bought by a greengrocer. it would end up on jordan's pink whore's box, i guarantee. what? horse box. oh. what did you think i said? that. that's what i thought you said.
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i've just always been myself and done my own thing. i'm surprised you weren't put in an electric chair for reading george orwell, frankly, 'cause he's communist. well, i carry a gun, so... reading george orwell, frankly, 'cause he's communist. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go.
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oh what fun it is to ride. they get stains like you wouldn't believe..
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get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now - but hurry, the offer ends soon. [ho, ho, ho!] lease the 2015 c300 4matic for $419 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. now, it is time to put a star in our reasonably priced car. now, my guest tonight appears in a new film alongside nicolas cage, one of those films where everything explodes and there's a car chase and it's all in 3-d, but she did cause a bit of a row in the office. you see, the producers said, "you can't have her on
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because nobody has ever heard of her." and i said, "yes, that's true, but she is bisexual. and she likes guns and muscle cars." and i won, so, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome amber heard! how are you? good to see you. so... if carlsberg -- they don't do guests for chat shows, but if they did... that's pretty close to perfect. where do we begin? i hear that's a good sign. it is a good sign. i'm trying to think of anybody i'd rather be talking to now -- no, can't think of anybody. the films that you've been in previously haven't really allowed you to indulge this passion for guns and muscle cars, i guess, really -- what was it, "pineapple express," "zombieland," and then what was that one where you
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were naked pretty much throughout? "the informers." "the informers." i've watched that a lot. yeah. i think that's why people watch it at all, to be honest. i'm watching it now. [ laughter ] come back to me. come back to me. but the new movie, the new movie, "drive angry," in 3-d. nicolas cage. this is just obviously written with you in mind. i -- this movie is so [bleep] cool. it is just all -- it is, it's loud guns, fast cars, and short shorts -- on me, not nicolas cage. so, muscle cars. where does this love come from? well, i'm from texas and i think that had something to do with it. it helps being from the south, you know, people are obsessed with their cars there. so have you actually got one? yes, i drive a '68 mustang in l.a. audience: oh... that's my car. you've just grown a third leg, haven't you? [ laughter ] he has. [ laughs ] '68 mustang.
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oh, no! that is fan-- no. has it always been muscle cars, or did you go through a period of a rabbit or a whatever? yeah, i mean, i've had everything -- it's a golf, you stupid idiot! no, no, did you -- has it always been a love of old, american, big v8s? no, i've have had a merce-- i've had a '67 mercedes, a '62 checker -- what, a cab? so, the mustang now, is that in los angeles? yes, that's my baby. and what color is it? it was cherry red until the last time it got stolen. it gets stolen a lot. why does it get stolen so much? 'cause i would have thought that was fairly easy to find somebody driving a '68 mustang. yeah, apparently burglars or whatever you would call them -- would you call them -- car thieves. burglars, robbers -- "bastards" is another one. i like how you say it, "bah-stards." well, anyway, yeah, apparently it's easy to find for all sorts of people. now, most people that come here and talk about cars who live in california have gone out and bought a prius. a toyota -- yeah, exactly, a prius. why haven't you gone down that route? i don't blame people for buying priuses.
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i think that's great, smart, whatever -- you have a prius? no, i do not have a pri-- i loathe them with an unbridled passion. 'cause what i always say, when people say, "i've got a prius because i really care i live in a yurt and i care about the environment, my shirt's made from leaves," is -- my shirt is made from leaves. is it? no, no, no. it's just the prius is -- i mean, the nickel for the batteries in that thing is mined in canada, and then it's put on a ship and taken to norway and it's made into the batteries and then it goes to japan. the damn thing's done 2 1/2 million miles before you ever buy it in california, so i'd just ram into them in your mustang if i was you. well, i've done that, actually, in a checker, so... what, you hit a prius? no, i rammed into a couple of them. oh... not just one, not just one. i'd have just got out and laughed if i'd hit a prius -- ha ha ha! yeah, i need that. we've done cars now. we'll move on to guns. you're obviously from texas, it's part of the culture there, i guess, so you grew up with them. i grew up around guns, around gun owners and gun users.
6:18 am
my dad at any given point had several on him -- it's just the culture, and i have a gun myself. what sort? a .357 magnum. man: oh... i've gone again. have you ever fired a machine gun? i have. oh... i have, actually. like, a squad automatic weapon? i set fire to arizona once with one of those. it's full of tracers, and you're just firing away -- "this is brilliant!" and then, "oh, god, the desert's on fire," 'cause all the tracer rounds. sounds like you know how to party. and on that bombshell, it's time to end. thanks very much for watching, good night. now, obviously, you're from texas. austin, i believe. yeah. i went there once and i went to a bar called the broken spoke. have you been there? i used to square dance and two-step there. you didn't do line dancing. oh, yeah. i am from texas, after all. but the guy that ran it, i can remember as he walked in,
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he said, "we don't have none of that fancy perrier water or hanging ferns." i think that was my dad. so, when you went back to texas, which is a deeply conservative neck of the woods. very, bible belt. and said, "this is my girlfriend," how did it go down? well, i think that, you know, i've always been -- i used to go to catholic school and i got in a lot of trouble for the books i read, books like -- you know, written by george orwell or salman rushdie -- you read a george orwell book in texas? yeah -- i've kind of always found myself going against the grain and been -- i've had to confront, you know, preconceived notions for what a girl like me should be like my whole life, and i've just always been myself and done my own thing. i'm surprised you weren't put in an electric chair for reading george orwell, frankly, because he's a communist. well, i carry a gun, so... [ laughter ] anyway, you came down here to do your lap wearing those shoes. these are my driving shoes. did you actually do a lap of our track in those shoes? they wouldn't let me. what?
6:20 am
they made me wear a helmet too, can you believe that? made you what? wear a helmet. with this hair! it's fluffed up nicely. don't worry about that. i have -- fluffers. 'cause the stig -- [ laughter ] the stig, okay, he was very -- and please don't take this the wrong way -- he's a very unusual person. he was very disappointed when you arrived, because he was expecting thora hird, not amber heard. i don't know, who's -- there is -- [ laughter ] he has a complete crush on her. he loves her. how did you manage to get on with our kia cee'd? it did okay on the track. i don't know if it would be my everyday car, but it did okay on the track. well, shall we find out? who would like to see amber's lap? yeah? let's have a look, here we go. well, there's no wheel spin. i was trying. come on! what are you wearing on your hands? gloves.
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glo-- what, driving gloves? [ laughs ] wow. that's how we're going to go through there. [ laughs ] not all the road, but not bad. look at those gloves! [ laughs ] are you actually a murderer in your part time? yes! they do look like strangler's gloves to me. this feels very illegal. like it should be illegal. no, no, no, you can drive as fast as you like in britain, you're okay. there are yellow boxes, they record it for you, send you a note of praise. that's not bad, bit of understeer, but that's not your fault. and then... doesn't quite have the same intensity when you watch it. no, you're right, no, that's -- weirdly -- [ laughs ] open your eyes! keep your eyes open! it's very important you look where you're going in that corner. [bleep] that looks pretty quick, actually, through there. [ laughs ] and look through here, cut it? ooh, yeah. that's quite uncomfortable when you do that. right, coming up, second to last corner. this is where most people get it wrong. i think you're on the wrong side of the road. right, here we are, and into gambon, where tom cruise damn nearly rolled it over,
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and there we are, across the line! whoo! thank you. where do you reckon you've come? i have no idea. well, tom cruise is 1:44.2. that show-off! it was a bit showy-offy, and cameron diaz, who you probably know, is 1:45.2. oh, really? yeah, anyway, you did it in one minute... 50.3, which means that's the slowest dry lap we've ever had! oh, no! no, but -- it's a record of sorts! anyway, the most important thing is that we now know that you're a beautiful, well-read, intelligent, well-travelled, bisexual gun and muscle car enthusiast. ladies and gentlemen, you really have struck lucky this week -- amber heard. thank you.
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thank you, thank you. clarkson: i am the god of hellfire! oh! stop! stop! we've hit the building! stop, stop -- no, drive -- no, don't stop, drive! drive, james, drive! stop, stop -- no, drive -- no, don't stop, drive! ♪ from i wonder what it is... to you'll never guess. ♪ everything we sell at llbean, is backed by the same rock solid guarantee of satisfaction. ♪ so while they keep guessing what's inside, you can rest assured that they can always take it back or replace it. that's just how we're made. llbean guaranteed to please. ♪ ♪ sc♪ it's dram-buie!!!! cotch and honey, a little spice, you're in the money! ♪
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hammond: wow. right, now, this evening we are solving britain's financial crisis by turning
6:26 am
a combine harvester into a snowplow. earlier on in norway, we used it to make a runway on a frozen lake, and if we're honest, things didn't go entirely to plan. no, um, the aeroplane that we landed sort of crashed a bit, really, but never mind that. we pick up the action later that same evening, heading for a nearby town, where jeremy was very keen to try out a de-icing attachment he'd fitted. clarkson: i am the god of hellfire! and i bring yes! hammond: crikey. clarkson: as we entered the town, we all went to action stations. i'm turning the bovril on. give it more revs. clarkson: yeah, we've got grit! hammond, you've got good grit! hammond: unfortunately, the communications were a bit ropey. oh, stop! stop! we've hit the building! fans are on, going forwards.
6:27 am
clarkson: oh, god, stop! no, stop! stop, stop! james, james, james, stop! stop! no, drive -- no, don't stop. drive, james, drive. just drive away. hammond: he did it! annoyingly, it was a dead end, so james had to do a three-point turn, which he's not that good at in a normal car. [ crash ] clarkson: stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! hammond: but if i'm honest... [ crash ] jeremy and i weren't much help. clarkson: now! now! hammond: hard turn left, i think. hard left, hard left. up to the right, to the right. not now, not now, until it's on the slope! not now! naaah... aaah! oh, maybe -- maybe straighten up a bit now. straighten up now. i've also had a wee. can you give me sort of clear instructions rather than a load of hysteria? i've no idea what's going on here. hammond: after much palaver, we finally broke free. clarkson: we've damaged it quite badly at the back. and that house, yeah. but it's okay, because we have gritted
6:28 am
at least 30 feet of road. oh, yeah. on the high street, we had yet more success. [ gurgling melody ] i'm in a ford sierra cosworth seat with a flamethrower. it's not possible to be happier than that. here we go, burning the bank! may: we're gritting, we're flame-throwing, we've done a bit of plowing -- it's all marvelous. hammond: it's like we're international rescue. we are thunderbirds cruising norway, looking for people who need our services. may: i have to do the three-point turn now, chaps -- we're at the end. clarkson: i'll provide the rear lighting. it's like a reversing light, this. hammond: yeah, kind of. it is, look. when jeremy fires his flamethrower, i can see a little bit in that mirror.
6:29 am
keeps going backwards, james, keep going backwards, keep going backwards... oh, no-- no, no, no, no, no, look what i've done! what have you done? run! go! go, go, go! again, there was only one thing to do. may: are we running away? i've no idea -- i've no idea what's happening. hammond: after much driving around and doing things, we were hungry and the tank was empty. dive in here for fuel and a bag of crisps, may, and then we'll carry on. wuh! clarkson: whoa! does he realize how much the back swings out? ♪ do-do do-do i'm going to clear this thing of snow for them. that'll make them happy. watch this! [ crash ] [bleep] hammond: why have we stopped? i was trying to clear that thing of snow, but it's got a car in it! i was going to be helpful and clear that, and it just -- there was a car -- clarkson: what, a car?
6:30 am
no, no, it was covered in snow. i thought it was a pile of snow -- it's not covered in snow! no, it's not now, you moron! it was -- i thought -- i said -- hammond: why did you ram the car? he rammed into a car! i didn't! i was trying to be helpful! clarkson: there was only one thing to do. hammond: go, run away, run away. run, run. clarkson: so far, then, we'd crashed a plane, ruined a car, burned a sign, and smashed a house. and then things got worse. oh, hang on, hang on, hang on. i've jammed my flame -- my flamethrower's jammed. the flame-thrower is jammed! hammond: so what are you doing -- oh, god, the fire! i can see a yellow -- a yellow mist in the mirrors. clarkson: oh, god! hammond: there's a man on fire! james, jeremy's set fire to a skier, run away. may: i'm running away. i think if we do get reported to the police, it's not going to take them very long to find us. still, as we weren't actually being stoned
6:31 am
by an angry mob, we went to bed that night feeling quite cheerful. however, the next morning, there was bad news. oh... what does it actually say? is it upbeat? "'top gear'" -- i don't think it's going to be upbeat, is it? [ reading in mock norwegian ] "an incredibly small man knocked my house" -- good morning. good morning. we're in the paper. no, no, no, no. well, that's good, it's saying what a good service we provided, and we cleared snow, and -- it's not good. "a man who looked like a dog crashed into one of my trees." i don't think it's a good idea to stay here anymore. can i make a suggestion? yes. since this is a prototype and we're testing it, why don't we go and test it on, i don't know, a country road where there's just snow? no people. no people or cars or buildings or trees or benches -- let's just try and clear some snow. oh, look at that!
6:32 am
boldly plowing where no norwegian has plowed so far this winter. clarkson: yes! yes! may: we're through! to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things.
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we fired up the dominator and headed for a road so remote, even the njorks had abandoned it to the weather. a mountain pass called "the road of terror," probably. if we can open this road,
6:36 am
the only one the norwegians -- with this. yeah. we've proven the worth of this machine internationally. and i think we'll be forgiven for the small things we've done wrong. the man on fire, houses, car, the sign. eventually, we arrived at the gates to a frozen hell. one of the problems we found yesterday -- one of them -- was that you tend to get snow sticking to the plow and building up, and it doesn't work as well. so, an idea that i had is to cover the plow itself in a mixture of oil and diesel. and i'm now doing it because it's my idea. he's claiming it's his idea. i happen to know he was talking to a snowplow driver in the bar last night. nothing's going to stick to that. with the preparations done, we set off. come on, dominator! our destination was
6:37 am
a desolate hamlet ten kilometers away. oh, look at that! boldly plowing where no norwegian has plowed so far this winter. [ click ] this is a 1980s machine, so that is a cassette player. hammond: do you think james is getting lonely down there? he'll love it. i've got £10 million says he's fantasizing about being a lone skipper of some rain-weather-battered trawler out in the north sea. yeah, a lone skipper, but with just one quite attractive man in the galley. [ laughs ] a-ha: ♪ believe me ♪ the sun always shines... hammond: with the oiled plow scything nicely through the snow, jeremy and i swung into action.
6:38 am
let's grit. clarkson: oh, yeah! the gritting is going well, hammond. [ humming with "take on me" ] oh, tank-slap-- ah! [ clarkson laughs ] [ laughing ] hammond: aah! i lost my wedding ring! what? i've lost my wedding ring! has it gone in the thing? it must have done! that's a tricky one to explain. soon, though, we had bigger things to worry about than hammond's ring. oh, hang on. whoa. hammond: what was that? i nearly went through the windscreen. clarkson: but a snowy hillock was no match for the dominator. right, take this, snow. charge! brace, brace, brace.
6:39 am
[ whump ] hammond: yes! we're through! yeah! may: however, while the battering ram was okay in this lonely place... no -- no, no, no, no, no, don't do it. the rear-wheel steering was a nightmare. oh, no, no, no, no! tank-slapper. clarkson: oh... no, don't do -- it's got a mind of its own. and on the hills, we had a serious power shortage. clarkson: james, is that full-speed? yes, it is. oh, okay, that's enough, go back, you're digging holes, don't do that! stuck. clarkson: if you think about it, a combine harvester was designed to never work in the snow or the rain or on a hill. it's always flat ground on lovely summer's evenings. it's out of its comfort zone here. which meant that, sadly, so was i.
6:40 am
[ panting ] jesus. he'll want the victoria cross now for using a shovel. yep, he will. may: shall i just raise the plow and take his head off? yes. oh, for god's sake! clarkson: each kilometer was now a grueling challenge. go, go! stop! and my ingenious snow-measuring tactic didn't go brilliantly. ow! that's a lot harder there. [ laughs ] [ laughs ] but the "top gear" snowbine kept on moving. go! full power! look at us, carving a path. look, that's us. i know. this road is open, and will remain so until it snows again. tonight, probably. [ laughs ] or tomorrow. may, over loudspeaker: warning. the "top gear" snowbine harvester is approaching.
6:41 am
warning. the "top gear" snowbine harvester is approaching. it's really annoying, this. for the first time in my life, i've got one of those tannoy things, and there's absolutely nobody to talk to. hammond: oh, no! we're getting a tank-slapper, it's flat-out! the extent of the problem is quite big. the whole machine is... [bleep]. just want to say, i bundled home and auto with state farm, saved 760 bucks. love this guy. so sorry. okay, does it bother anybody else that the mime is talking? frrreeeeaky! [ male announcer ] savings worth talking about. state farm. frrreeeeaky! ♪ ♪ [laughter] ♪
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6:44 am
james, there's one kilometer to go. one more kilometer and this road is open. who fancies a celebratory bovril when we get there? unless "bovril" is a code word for something dirty,
6:45 am
i don't want to do that. [ laughs ] may, on radio: hang on, we're getting a bit of a tank-slapper. it's wandering off. oh, no! we're getting a tank-slapper, it's flat-out! [ crunch ] [bleep] hammond: this time, we'd come off the road and into a massive snowdrift. [ laughs ] clarkson: jesus wept. that's a lot of snow. the snow out here that we're in is incredibly deep. yes, that's what i feared. it felt quite deep as it went off the edge. you see, the extent of the problem is quite big. the whole machine is... [bleep]. so, one wheel was stuck and one was spinning uselessly. full power!
6:46 am
it's not going to do it. spurred on by the previous day's failures, we dug furiously. just for once, i want to do something properly. no, i really -- i want to clear this road and do it. no cocking about. this is coming out of here. now rock it back, now forwards! oh, that feels abusive. i'm wearing the clutch out, hang on, it's starting to smell. don't stop, james, don't stop, don't stop. with darkness falling and the temperature dropping, this was no time for mechanical sympathy. come on, james, come on, you can do this. hammond: left a bit, left, left. yeah, nearly! clarkson: power! go, go, yes, he's so close!
6:47 am
[ engine revving ] yes, come on! come on! come ooooon! it's out! yes! yes! yes! yes! that's it, climb aboard. clarkson: the dominator surged forwards. and soon our destination hoved into view. [ laughs ] we are so nearly there. we are -- look at that. clarkson: that is a blaze of glory. hammond: a blaze of glory, grit, and bovril. may [over loudspeaker]: ladies and gentlemen, the "top gear" snowbine harvester has arrived. clarkson: and so there we are. for once in our wretched lives on this program, we'd actually done what we'd set out to do.
6:48 am
you know what? what? we've been ambitious and brilliant, and it's all thanks to the dominator. successful. gentlemen, it's been a pleasure plowing with you. it's has been a joy and an honor. that was the right road, wasn't it? yeah. [ laughter ] [ applause ] hammond: we did something! we were actually good! i can hardly believe it, but it's true. feels weird. very strange. some conclusions we can draw from our outstanding success there. britain has 3,700 snowplows and gritters and spends £160 million a year clearing snow. and obviously that isn't enough, because every time there's a light flurry, everything shuts down and closes. that's why our idea makes so much sense, because there are 15,000 combine harvesters in britain, and all it takes to convert them into snowplows is a spanner and a couple of burly men.
6:49 am
well, the gritter bit was a bit more complicated. and the flamethrower. yeah, i'm not sure you need that. no, you do, you do, it's brilliant. good reversing light. you set fire to a man. no! i didn't. he spontaneously combusted as we were driving by. he just -- it was incredible. i've never seen anything like it. anyway, look, the important thing is, our dominator was an old machine, but if we'd used one of the more modern ones with a lot more power and especially if it had four-wheel-drive, it would be, i think, brilliant. it would. so there we are. we have succeeded where the bank of england has failed. we have solved the country's financial crisis, and i think we're all going to get knighthoods now. i suspect so, yes. so, on that bombshell, it's time to end. thank you very much for watching, good night!
6:50 am
clarkson: tonight -- the brighter, whiter way to ruin your underpants... and how much lorrying can you get for £5,000? hello! hello, and welcome! hello! thank you so much. thank you, and welcome to a brand-new series.
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