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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  January 7, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EST

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hello. welcome to a bbc news special. i'm lucy hawkings. break news. 11 have been confirmed dead on the attack at the are french satirical magazine office. five are critically injured. these are live pictures we have for you from paris. the french president hollande has just finished speaking. he told journalists that several attacks had been in several weeks. >> today faced a shock which is
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this is a terrorist operation. >> pictures from french television shortly after the incident show journalists from the magazine attempting to take cover. cover. we begin with breaking news out of paris where police now say 11 people have been killed and 10 others injured in an attack by massed gunmen at offices at the french saytirical magazine charlie hebdo. gunmen burst into the building in paris. they have spoken of sustained gunfire as the attackers opened fire with assault rifles. we are then getting reports the attackers managed to escape the
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building and hijack a car. we can see emergency services personnel on the scene at the moment. we have also heard as i mentioned from the french president hollande who has said this assault on the newspaper had been act of extreme barbarics and terrorists had cowardly assassinated journalists who's rights and liberties were protected by french republic. we're getting more and more details as to what happened. with me our security correspondent gordon. what are you hearing about this order of events and what happened? >> it does look like two gunmen at least heavily armed. that's clear. automatic weapons as well as pump action shotgun as well. they seem to have gone into the office this morning looking for journalists clearly targeting this office which has been targeted in the past by groups. then killing a number of people
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also possibly police officers arriving on the scene, reports a couple of them might have been killed. then it appears the attackers fled by car. they may still be on the loose. >> so there's still a massive police operation underway trying to track them down. >> a man hunt now to deal with them, find them before they can reek more terror on paris. >> paris is placed on highest level of alert. what does that mean? >> they have a system which is their threat level that moves up and down and relates to what they see as highest threat. it basically means organizations, institutions need to up their security levels. in this case probably newspapers and news organizations will up their security in case there are other attacks. >> the other thing we're hearing
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is president hollande is in an emergency government meeting as well. tell us more about the notoriety of charlie hebdo and relationship it had before controversial with various members of the muslim community. >> it is a satirical magazine that pokes fun at organizations using cartoons and satirical articles. a few years ago it was fire bombed seen in response to a satirical piece in which it had the profit mohammadied as editor and chief. recently it's been saturated with issues as well. there was a tweet about the leader featured by the group islamic state in a cartoon.
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that is one possible motive for those that have gone in and carried out the attack. we don't know that much yet. >> do we know if the offices were already protected given the government said various places were seen as being targets. >> we don't know about the specific actions. it had been fire bombed before. it's likely the office would have taken security seriously. if you have two armed men with serious weaponry going in there, that's pretty hard to stop unless you've got armed guards yourself which isn't the case. that will be one of the problems. stopping an attack like this especially if you have multiple gunmen well armed who may have been trained. that's a real challenge to stop. you can respond as fast as you can. we do think police arrived. they may not have been armed themselves. some of them may have even been killed. it's hard to protect a city the
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size of paris from arm aed gunmengun -- from armed gunmen. >> these are live pictures from central paris outside the offices of charlie hebdo. we now know massed gunmen we think perhaps two, have killed at least 11 people in the offices of this satirical magazine charlie hebdo. we hear ten have been possibly injured. five of those said to be critical. what you can see here is police and energymergency services at the scene. we have heard now from the french president. he said this has an insult on the newspaper, a terrorist attack and paris is now on its highest possible alert. let's bring in hugh cofield on his way to the scene and join us on the line. bring us up to date with what
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you're hearing. car >>caller: pretty much what you said. i'm following this and the 11 dead figure is official. four or five seriously injured. looks like the death toll could go up. this is described as the worst ever terrorist attack in france. i would have to check to see if that's literally true. it feels like that. we haven't really had a terrible campaign of terrorism for probably 20 years really. back in the mid 90s there was a series of bombings and so on. that never achieved this kind of toll. this is the new kind of terrorism that many apparently feel going into a place to kill right in front of people with guns. that's the new kind of
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terrorism. it feels frightening. >> we're seeing live pictures of someone taken to an ambulance. we're hearing at least ten people have been injured. five are critical. some french news agencies have been reporting the cartoonist was killed. is that something you've heard as well? >> no, haven't seen that. they have a quite small staff. they're all very dedicated. there are cartoonist there well known in the world of journalist and satirical journalism. often they go by pen names so their names are not those that appear in the paper. i don't know personally that the names of all cartoonists there. it is quite likely they will have been there.
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the core team may have been there. i'm sorry to say the staff of the magazine -- this is the most shocking thing to happen to the newspaper like that. on this issue of security of course they must have known they were a threat. they are really braisen in their willingness to take on controversies. they took the view that if we do what was good for catholic church is good for islam too. they may be paying the price for that. >> just to bring few more comments we're hearing from president hollande. he called this a shock. after the attacks just after christmas too, president
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hollande said other attacks have been. was there a sense from some people protection had to be higher, something like this could happen? >> absolutely. we're told constantly here. it often doesn't feel like the country is facing the biggest terrorist threat for many many years. it's a terrorist threat more dangerous than before. it comes from people who apparently are happy to die. the whole islamic state situation in syrian iraq, the returning jihadis from there. the fact identity and islam are very much in the national view at the moment, books published about it and kind of division in society that is very very acute and quite painful and distressing. all this creates -- then these attacks before christmas which may or may not have had some
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kind of islamist link to them. at least two of them. all this has created is an atmosphere in which the long running threat which we're told is always will there really did risk spiking. it has spiked. you never know when it's going to spike. poor people at charlie hebdo knew they were a threat. how do you keep up over years a level of protection and preparedness? you can't. the terrorists choose the moment to strike. >> thanks for joining us from pairris paris. you can see the pictures from outside the offices of charlie hebdo. bullets have been fired at that police car. these two assailants came in with rifles and attacked the offices of charlie hebdo. 11 have been killed. ten we think have been wounded and five possibly in critical condition. just to update you.
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we've been hearing president hollande telling the country france is on the highest level of alert. he has just visited the scene. this is what he had to say. >> this is an act of exception in part that has just happened here in paris against a newspaper. a newspaper needs free speech against journalists who have always endeavored to show that in france it can operate to defend their ideas. and to have this liberty that the republic protects. there are police security to protect them. journalists and security people were cowardly assassinated. as i speak to you, 11 people
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died and four are in critical condition condition. we don't have the final toll of all the victims but we have about 40 people who are protected. in the next few hours we'll have the final toll. at 14 hours local time i will have the ministers and officials meeting who are in charge of protection. we have to reassure protection in all locations so that the same act could not happen again by barbaric people. we have engaged highest security level. there are also security measures
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that have been launched to apprehend the assailants of this attack. they have to be arrested and brought before justice. >> the president of france hollande speaking in the past 20 minutes or so. he referred to this ongoing police operation underway to catch the perpetrators. we have not heard more but we understand at least two of those men have escaped. they were armed with rifles. one report we're getting in is at least 50 shots were fired. 11 dead possibly 10 people injured as well. the latest we're hearing. the other important thing to point out, paris on the highest state of alert we heard from hollande. one report we're getting from the prime minister's office in paris, newspaper offices, big shopping malls, religious sites, transport as well in paris all about to be heavily protected.
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that separation ispreparation is underway in paris. we have a picture on twitter from the french newspaper. this allegedly shows the attackers. let's bring it up. >> this is a picture that shows two men fitting the description of those that we've heard that have gone into the offices wearing black with what looks to be automatic weapons, ak-47s. one may have had a pump action shotgun. that car appears to be the one we've used. there's another image in paris of it abandoned with police and others around it. looks to be the same car in a different location. it seems to be that might have been the car they used to get
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away or make an escape. as i said not confirmed absolutely, but that may well be the image of the two gunmen. >> at the time this happened these are rifles. 50 shots could have been fired. that gives indication really of just how devastating that weapon can be. 11 dead 10 injured. >> it's one of the great worries for security officials in a number of countries. it's a gun attack where you have people in an urban environment with heavily armed, perhaps they've been trained. the incident in mumbai a few years ago hundreds were killed. they were going to hotels railway stations and those sites. clearly horrific what happened in there. they may have known how to get in and where security is. that's possible to reek as much
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carnage attack. given the history surrounding this satirical magazine. >> you and i are on twitter. i can see you on your phone. we can see the tweet sent in of the gunmen. we've received pictures from instagram. let's have a look at this picture that's just come to us. >> this is apparently actually the attack taking place. you hear someone saying in french there's an automatic weapon get down. there's a person around those cars a bystander. whether that gunfire is taking place in the office there may have been exchange of fire on the streets as well. that does appear to have been from the time. >> i'm sure we're about top see more -- about to see more of that video. massive police operation
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underway there as well as the one that's taking place to find the perpetrators. tell us what happens now that paris is on high alert. all these major sites in the city shopping mall or transport system are now heavily protected. that's a massive operation. >> first of all the man hunt, the urgent thing. find these people before they do anything else. second is increase protective security around key buildings and possible targets. that would be shopping malls, large transport hubs. it might be synagogues or religious institutions. it may well be in this case. we heard from other newspapers media organizations told to increase their security. this is a fear these men could be out there. they could carry out some kind of attack. that's likely to be random if they get cornered. there's fear they could have planned to go somewhere else. there's a fear of another group,
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another cell. if that's the case, no evidence there is, but just in case. protective security will be increased at other sites to ward off danger. >> thanks so much for that. we're starting to get reaction from around the world. various leaders tweeting and posting comments as well. we have heard from the british prime minister david cameron. he not only tweeted but spoke to parliament a short time ago. >> i'm sure the house will join me condemning the attack this morning on a magazine office in paris. ten or more may have been killed. details are still unclear. i know this house and country stands united with french people in our opposition to all forms of terrorism. we stand squarely for free speech and democracy. these people will never be able to take us off those values. >> david cameron in parliament
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just a short time ago. you're joining us for a bbc news special. we're reporting on what the president of france is calling a terrorist attack in the heart of paris. mass gunmen have killed at least 11 people at the offices of the satirical magazine charlie hebdo. many more are injured. there's a man hunt still on for the perpetrators. at least two men who we understand police are tracking down. let's bring you more with richard who joining us from the newsroom. richard, just bring us up to date. we know this man hunt is underway, paris on high a alert. big protected protected. >> it is confirm ed from the police 11 have been killed. president hollande said he believed of those injured, four are in critical condition. they're only waiting to see whether those people so seriously injured survive or
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not. we know that it looks like it was two gunmen who broke into the offices of the magazine. there are photographed now and assuming they're verified showing the two gunmen carrying automatic guns. a fierce gun battle left so many dead and injured. you were saying lucy the fact these gunmen managed to carry out attack and escape. it looked like they came in a black vehicle which was later found abandoned after the attack. so they are somewhere presumably still in paris on the run which obviously is very frightening for everyone there. they were clearly heavily armed. there is this highest level of alert now because the concern is that there could be some kind of other attack. particularly for other media
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organizations and also for example the religious institutions. so the whole city is now in a state of high alert. one police official is quoted saying what happened inside the building was carnage. >> richard, thanks for updating us. we're getting from the roiters news agency now. they are now saying 12 people have been killed in this attack. the number is going up. as you mentioned, this man hunt is underway. a massive police operation in paris. can you tell us more about i charlie hebdo, a magazine that's always caught controversy. >> exactly. as a result they have been attacked in the past. the petro bomb attack on the offices just a few months ago in november last year. then if you go back to 2011 the offices were also attacked. there were fire bombs. that came after they published
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satirical cartoons of the profit mohamed. obviously at the moment we don't know the cause for this latest attack. one thing we have seen is that their latest satirical cartoon shows the leader of the islamic state militants, islamist group in syria and iraq. that's i think what we know was published in the last few hours. rather that was the reason this attack must have been planned for some time. >> we want to share with our viewers this picture we've received from instagram. video from the past hour or so. it shows the moment the attack happened.
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>> pictures coming from instagram. i'm going to bring in our security correspondent still with us. gordon, we have this picture tweeted allegedly of the two gunmen. coming to us. what do we know exactly about what is happening in terms of man hunt and the police operation? >> we have this picture of the gunmen and vehicle as well a small black car. also images of that car abandoned somewhere else in paris. whether they then hijacked another car is possibility or whether they're on hunt. that man hunt is the key now. we're trying to track them before they can do anything else. where exactly they are and where police are on that man hunt they're unlikely to give us
10:25 am
running commentary. >> very difficult to tell anything about the men. dressed in black, masked still have weapons in that picture. >> they're likely to be still heavily armed. whether they have the plan is unclear. do plan to go somewhere else, do something else? do they have a hiding place? what's their intention. dressed as they are, it's like ily they're going to try to carry weapons, blend back in. that's concerns for security forces as they go hunting them. we'll have to see how that plays out. we've had other terrorist attacks. there was a shooting at a jewish museum. it was a french national caught in the end. it took time. july 21st bombings in london, it was a man hunt. one of the bombers got out of
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the country. this can be resolved quickly or take some time. it depends on how far they're able to get and what they're trying to do those individuals. >> there's speculation about who these men are and who was responsible. france was on high alert after calls last year from militants to attack areas. there was also the attacks on the markets. hey, how you doin'? it hurts. this is what it can be like to have shingles. a painful blistering rash. if you had chicken pox the shingles virus is already inside you. as you get older your immune system weakens and it loses its ability to keep the shingles virus in check. i just can't stand seeing him like this. he's in pain. one in three people will get shingles in their lifetime. the shingles rash can last up to 30 days.
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when they went in the office, they said we have avenged the prophet. those were the words from the gunmen. knowing the journalists at charlie hebdo, how did they everyday deal with the fact they were probably under threat? that their controversial and satirical cartoons did inflame people and put their lives at risk. >> we shared this similar piece for a few months. they knew they were a threat.
10:31 am
they knew that the kind of satirical newspaper they were publishing every week was a target of threats. i think this showed after two or three years -- i think it showed they could were living with this. again whether protected by two policemen every time he was going around. >> france has always been a fiercely secular country. what kind of soul searching do you think will go on now? how is the debate going to be shaped? >> you know for now it's a
10:32 am
national union. all the british and everybody is terribly shocked by what happened. i'm afraid there will be questions about the protection of newspaper and secondly about the french people fighting in syria with islamic state. france has always been afraid of these people coming back to france. it implied these people were fighting. there's suspension is there. i think it would be difficult time. >> thank you for joining us from
10:33 am
paris. let's bring you right up to date with social media that has been coming into us here at bbc. this is a video that we have for you that a witness has taken from the shooting. it was uploaded on instagram. we'll bring that to you again in a moment. it's moving video. you can hear the gunshots being fired. we also have this image that comes to us allegedly showing the gunmen facing off with police after the attack. it's circulating now on social media. these are allegedly the gunmen. a massive man hunt is underway now to try and find the perpetrators. paris is on the highest possible alert. president hollande has been down at the offices and said this was a terrorist attack and said that
10:34 am
there will be police now at major sites across paris from shopping malls to churches and and religious sites, transport system as well will have heavier police are presence today. he's convening emergency government meeting. that's what's happening in terms of the president. let's just bring in that instagram video again for you. that video on instagram. 12 have been killed. president hollande is calling this a terrorist attack on the offices of charlie hebdo
10:35 am
magazine in the center of paris. many people have been injured. five possibly critical. we have been just getting more details. i'm receiving them right now. police saying that as the attackers went into the officers, they said we have avenged the prophet. this is still underway. the assault at itself happened late in the morning local time. the gunmen had automatic weapons, ak 47. some reports we're hearing say a that 50 shots were fired and that the other thing -- actually just coming to us from french television. we understand charlie hebdo journalists were holding their meeting preparing a special edition under the title sharia
10:36 am
hebdo. let's now bring in sophie who has been monitoring the social media. it's overwhelming on social media. >> i've also been looking at french public radio and witnesses they claim to have been talking to. these are unconfirmed for us. going back to your point about this being vengeance for the prophet. one of the witnesses they claimed to have spoke to said he was a journalist working in a nearby office to where this attack took place. he said he had lots of shooting. he said two journalists from charlie heb charlie hebdo came to hide in his office. he said lots of people are talking about the fact they heard this was attack vengeance
10:37 am
for the prophet. that was one of thens withes they have spoken to. another person who is again a journalist in the nearby office working for a press agency said he heard shouting in the street. it drew his attention to it. then he saw the men with what he describes as clashcovs and heard many shots. he and his coworker went to the roof of the building. they were hiding up there. they were trying to hide other people from charlie hebdo to keep them in safety. a woman witness said she was work in her office when one of the gun man burst into her office wearing a gun asking for the operator charlie hebdo. he then left. she was shaken by this. she then heard shots.
10:38 am
she saw two men firing from her window. she saw a man with blood on his hands saying one of his colleagues had been shot. >> terrible graphic there. thank you for sharing tweets as they're coming in from witnesses at the scene at the time. let's bring in the terrorism expert in france. thank you for being with with us on bbc news. we've had reports from french television saying that charlie hebdo journalists were holding their editorial meeting prepare preparing a special edition. also reports coming in from police that the gunmen said we have avenged the prophet. what are your thoughts that was going on at the time of the shooting. >> it's soon to draw any conclusions about who did this terrible attack. what we can say by looking at
10:39 am
images and videos that the individuals were well prepared well equipped. they had military weapons. they had probably also bullet proof jackets. so these individuals were well trained indeed to commit this terrorist act, probably the worst in paris history last 30 years. never experienced this act even in 80s or 90s with so many casualties. it's too soon to draw conclusion about who may have committed these actions. >> too soon to speculate. people of course will be asking about what could motivate such men. we understand about 700 young men from france have gone to syria and iraq. we have seen the rise of islamic
10:40 am
state in the past few years. there's ongoing concern in france about the rise of extremism. what could have potentially motivated these gunmen? >> it's difficult to say. we are hearing people coming back from the theater of operations in syria and iraq. we have more than 1200 young men involved in that conflict since the beginning of the conflict. we're fearing the return of these people because once they're there and trained, they're prepared to commit such acts. we're also fearing people from inside here in france sympathizers. that's what happened in countries before in australia for example. we were faced with individuals who never traveled there but who were radicalized and self-trained. it might be the situation. again, it's too soon to draw any
10:41 am
conclusion with regard to their motivation. it's clear that charlie hebdo was a symbol of target for many. he was targeted and threatened in the past. that is something that is clear. again, it makes it a symbol target for what we know at this stage. >> there's a huge division in french society which many have talked about. the fact extremists prey on young, poor disaffected presents a huge challenge to french government and society. what is being done about a trying to stem the rise of extremism? >> well many things are done by french government to neutralize preventively those. you would expel radicals from our mosques for example. a lot is done. it need not enough. we know the context, foreign
10:42 am
context is very tense. we know that the situation in iraq leads to many threats not only from that region but also from inside i france. it reveals tensions in france with people motivated to take arms and kill others. you know at that stage, it is again very confused. the people we're talking about are still on the run. many services are modernized to track them and neutralize them at that stage. we have to wait a little bit before having conclusions on what is going on and consequences of french society. >> thank you very much for joining us from france with your thoughts. let's bring in one of our correspondents richard who is closely following what is
10:43 am
happening in paris right now. we know richard this man hunt is still underway. obviously the police are not releasing a lot of details about this. what are you hearing? >> we know there's a massive policeman hunt underway as you would expect. the fact is these gunmen managed to burst into the offices of the magazine kill as we know at least 12 people critically injured four or five more and then leave the building and escape. they had a black car. video is now being shared on social media on twitter showing what looks like -- we obviously can't verify but it looks like the same video of the gunmen we have already seen in which they walk up to a policeman who is lying on the ground clearly injured. one of the gunmen goes up to him and shoots him through the head. the gun man clearly utterly
10:44 am
ruthless but also looking quite calm and relaxed in many respects. they walk away. they don't run. they walk back to their car where the doors are open get back in and then move away. now there are reports that a the car was later found abandoned in another part of paris. so it's not clear now exactly how the gunmen are moving whether they have other vehicles whether they're hiding on foot trying to escape. what we do know is there's a massive police hunt to try to find them. as we know they are very heavily armed with automatic weapons. it looked like they had extra ammunition with them. they are clearly extremely ruthless. >> as those specific details start to come in of what happened, the barbaric actions of the gunmen ruthlessness as you say. many people in paris of course incredibly worried.
10:45 am
this has put the city on a high alert. what can we expect in the next few hours? >> for sure one of the first steps will be to put more security into media offices, more police going in and perhaps they will be armed because clearly the gunmen managed to break into the offices of the magazine quite easily. we think actually a couple of policemen may have been killed inside who were meant to be protecting it. much more security for media organizations and probably also for lots of other organizations as well. perhaps even religious institutions as well. places where people concentrate for example like big shopping malls. i'm sure there's a big security operation in the capital now. these two men who carried out this attack have not been caught. they are on the run. >> thanks for that update. some other news to bring you we're getting from french media. we know that president hollande
10:46 am
has convened an emergency government meeting. we're just hearing from french media that he is going to address the nation at 2000 time. to bring you comments as he went down to the offices. he described this as bar barety. he said the cowards assassinated journalists who's rights were protected by the french republic. he said this was a terrorist attack and the capital is placed on highest possible alert. sophie is with us monitoring social media. hearing from richard, specific things coming in, details of how gunmen behaved. horrific and i have terrifying. it's backed up
10:47 am
seeing on twitter. >> absolutely. there's information on twitter within the french media as well. we've seen a number of photos tweeted. one showing a police vehicle with 15 bullet holes i think i counted in the front. these are all unconfirmed. this builds up to a picture of a brutal attack this morning. there's another picture interestingly on twitter showing what seems to be the two gunmen standing either side of a vehicle, a car, in a quiet street. whether they were preparing for attack or after the attack we simply don't know. french radio which we've been monitoring, it has spoken claims to a number of different witnesses. these are people that seem to be working in nearby offices. seems to be an area a lot of journalists work. many saying they had to hide
10:48 am
this morning, they heard gunshots were obviously incredibly worried by them and frightened. many of the people reporting that it was two gunmen wearing clubbers wearing assault rifles et cetera. one of the people who they spoke to said he had gone down to have a cigarette in a break from work. he went down and saw the gunman standing there with a huge assault rifle. another man said he heard the shooting in the street and heard many, many shots. then his colleagues rushed to find safety on the roof of the building they work in. another woman said she was working in her office. suddenly the gunman burst through her office carrying a gun shouting charlie hebdo, charlie hebdo, the name of the magazine. that gunmen didn't know where he was to go at that time. >> many have expressed horror at
10:49 am
what happened. we have a comment from the white house. the white house condemning in strongest terms this attack. the spokesman for president obama has said all the white house is in solidarity with the families of those who were killed or injured in this attack. david cameron, british prime minister speaking a short time ago condemning the attack. you're seeing live pictures from the center of paris, outside the charlie hebdo offices. this man hunt is underway massive police operation to find the perpetrators and french capital on the highest possible alert. numbers we have for you have gone up the past half hour or so so. we're hearing 12 were killed by mass gunmen. at least five others are still in critical condition. we're getting reports as we just heard from sophie on social
10:50 am
media that many shots were fired. 50 to 100 were fired when gunmen entered and started shooting with automatic weapons. people describe them as ak 47. we have a former leader writer for charlie hebdo and joins me now on the line. thank you for being with us. firstly, condolences for a horrific attack on your colleagues, your friends. tell us how this has been for you and people that you've been speaking to. >> well we are here near the journal. people who are there are french families. some of them came just to say condolences and then discovered one of their family is dead. you have to know something. this is a left wing journal who always been antiracist and
10:51 am
anti-extremist. they're protected by police since now nearly 10 years. we all was frightened of this moment. we are friends of all of friends that died today. we will integrate them inside us. they have been assassinated. ten person maybe more. i think they have just wakened up an entire nation because it's generation of artists of journalists who disappear today. it's a real problem because europe is going two ways.
10:52 am
islamic extreme right and poor islamic people. this was in the middle and never forget they were. so i must just say i would like the people who wrote with this newspaper since six years. hatred has been put in the heart of these two persons that seem to be professionals as they knew what they were doing. >> i hear you're still obviously in shock in what must be an incredibly emotional time. are you saying your colleagues at charlie hebdo had protection. did they live with threat and fear every day something like this might happen? >> yes, for years.
10:53 am
the world decided what they did was wrong. they were supported by very few. attacks were numerous. >> thank you very much for joining us from paris. thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today. >> we interrupt had the interview to bring you breaking pictures we have. this is video of the attackers uploaded to youtube. to put into context, we have had to clip pit down. we can't show you the full video. we've had to blur out things as well but here it is. first time a seen those as well. we are starting to see the video coming in, tweets as well. it starts to fill in the picture as to what actually happened. what more have you been seeing
10:54 am
in terms of eyewitnesses accounts of what happened? >> it all seems to build up to a similar picture. all the eyewitnesses seem to be talking about there being two attackers in this terrible terrorist attack today they had clubs on using a car that we saw there. that video footage of them. there are many photographs on twitter, some we can bring you, some we can't showing a police car with bullets in the wind screen. others of those two attackers with that car we've just seen in that video. then a number of witnesses talking about their morning at work in the offices close to charlie hebdo with hearing these gunshots and hiding. some of them hiding on roofs, some of them hiding journalists from charlie hebdo. one of the women describes one of the gunmen bursting into the
10:55 am
office and asking where the magazine was. >> we're starting to see more pictures. this is another uploaded to youtube allegedly showing the attackers getting into a car and driving off. >> it certainly is always the same car we're seeing here isn't it? >> it is. we know paris is on high alert. this detail we're starting to get is terrifying for people knowing the attackers still are on the loose. what reaction are you seeing in terms of people's reaction? >> i think people are still in shock. some of the witnesses who have been speaking you can hear just in their voices what a horrific day even if they've had no first hand experience of what happened today. it's been a terrifying day in paris for many people. obviously it will be very frightening until these two suspects are caught and found by the police. >> just to bring in some of the comments we've been hearing from
10:56 am
french president hollande. he said france must respond with national unity the. he said france has swatted several other attacks in recent weeks. that's something we'll return to when he gives a press conference this evening. we're expecting that 1900 "gmt" time. oft crèmes. so you give one a try and wow. it's lancaster. it's caramel reimagined. you want an advanced degree, but sometimes work can get in the way. now capella university offers flexpath, a revolutionary new program that allows you to earn a degree at your pace and graduate at the speed of you. flexpath from capella university. you know, if you play football for a long time like i did you're gonna learn to deal with alot of pain. but it is nothing like the pain that shingles causes.
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