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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  March 25, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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this is "bbc america." now live from london "bbc world news." >> hello. our top stories. in cologne, a moment of silence to commemorate the 150 victims of yesterday's german wingswing air crash and recovery is in place south of the crash. >> we will bring you the latest on the recovery operation here just a few miles away. >> french officials say the damage cockpit voice recorder could still provide information needed to discover the cause of this tragedy.
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among the victims are 16 school children. their classmates speak of their shock and disbelief. >> we didn't really know why we should leave school and then we heard it from the news and it was just shocking. hello and welcome. the french interior minister said the voice recorder recovered from the alps is damaged and they're hoping it can still help try to discover the cause of the trag. let's join my colleague, tim
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willcox. >> reporter: joining me live on the outskirts, this is now the command center for the recovery operation for yesterday's crash. since dawn today represents have been taking off from here and flying about 5 to six miles just behind me if we turn the camera out here. beyond that pearly shape edd mount mountain and slopes there was the site where this airbus a320 came down. the crash spread over 4 kilometers. we understand the terrain is so difficult those being dropped down by helicopter have to be wenched down no place for the helicopter to land. it's expected it will take two to three days to discover all the bodies and indeed body parts unfortunately and a week or more to actually recover the wreckage
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of this flight. more from me in a minute. let's take you live to germany to that school that lost 16 teenagers in this catastrophic air disaster. >> come to terms with the students to organize their ceremony, their mourning. that's the reason why it is only today today, shortly after 7:00 i and my colleagues arrived at the school today. in order to express -- there is pain pain -- to the relatives -- i know we share in this grief and sorrow and sadness. in fact out of a feeling of sharing consolation may arrive.
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this morning, the head of the school and i talked to the other teachers and since yesterday in the afternoon a crisis management team has been on sit site. they do counseling they do psychological counseling of the students but also of the teachers and parents. in order to be there and give the opportunity to mourn and such opportunity must be given after such tragic accidents. we talked to a few members of the staff and we asked them how do we actually confront the situation? how do you go? do you walk into the classroom. you can imagine how things are.
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the first thing was that in the classrooms, there needs to be the opportunity for the students to come to terms with the accident rationally and to share the grief, to share the pain. at 11:00, we are going to have a first assembly for the community of the school. the school has been organizing this assembly and it's obvious and clear, and we ask you for your understanding that the students, the families the teachers, they need to be protected and they need to have a private room. of course, the grief is considerable and the school community has to learn to come to terms with this. it has to share in their grief. and that's whats the
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psychologist psychologists have also recommended this mainly the school has to be given guidance given a goalpost. this is part of the sharing of the grief and the sorrow. this is something i have been trying to talk about with the school with the head of the school school, who is very much challenged now given the very horrible circumstances which are so difficult to imagine in a school. something else which is important important, i was just talking to the state premier, he talked to the west chancellor and talked about coming together and talk to the heads of state of spain and at the site of the accidents, the parents of victims want to be at the site
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where their relatives passed away. this is something we decided and agreed upon in unison so perhaps we can share a little bit in the grief and take a little bit away from the grief. we also were asking ourselves what can we do? can we send out a signal because obviously the messages are very strong and powerful and we promised -- that is my recommendation to the school at 10:00 tomorrow morning, 10:53, that is the time the last radio signal was received from the airplane that tomorrow at 10:53, there will be a minute of silence tomorrow in the whole of the school. of course, i very much wish that many students will appear and they will come to terms with the tragedy as best they would wish
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to come to terms with this tragedy. the whole of germany has join ded in in the grieving and the whole of the world in fact and have messages of condolences in the world. that's as much as i can say at the moment. thank you very much indeed. mr. vessel has a few words as head of the school. >> the press conference of the school and the shock there absolutely evident among the staff, as you were hearing and the pupils 16 teenagers killed from that flight heading back from a visit to the school in barcelona. other helicopters have landed here in the last few minutes
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dropping various things off and taking other rescue teams to the crash site about 5 miles behind where i'm standing now. let's get an update to all of today's developments we understand that at lunchtime today and we understand perhaps some relatives of the victims, actually i'm hearing we are going to go back to that joseph koenig school because i think there's another person speaking now. more from me in a moment but let lets return. >> translator: our condolence and sympathy goes out to the parents who have lost their beloved sons and daughters. to the grandparents who have
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lost beloved grandchildren. this is a tragedy that makes you speechless and we simply have to learn to cope with this. i was just saying to the students and teachers we have to accept the grieving we have to accept the mourning. once we learn to share in the mourning we will have done sharing and i appreciate we have had so many signals of sympathy from germany and abroad. it is also the material support we are receiveing. i would like to emphasize what the minister was just saying and also the district president. they have just come here in other words to share in our mourning. that's perhaps the only possibility how we can come to terms with this.
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yes, we have accepted rationally the tragedy, but to come to terms with this emotionally, this will be a longer process. many people haven't really understood what this will mean in the future. these were their fellow students, fellow teachers. yesterday, i was asked how many students does the high school have? initially i said 1238 but now i have to correct this figure unfortunately and tragically this figure has been diminished by 16 students. this is very tragic. i thank you very much for your understanding. professor dr. reiner who is the district regional president.
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>> reporter: back here at the alps the presidents merkel and others join us at lunchtime to speak to some of the victims' families we understand may be able to fly over the crash site if they want to. first, this report. >> reporter: another start to the emergency services. back at the scene of the crash at first light, a grim challenging job to recover the remains of flight and the remains of those who plowed into a mountainside. it was traveling from barscelona to dusseldorf cruising at 35,000 feet when something went wrong and began a steady descent.
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a resident described when the plane came down. >> we heard a huge noise and huge sound of impact like dynamite exploded. >> reporter: many of those on board came from spain and the majority from germany including a group of 16 teenagers returning from a school exchange. this the first of many ving -- vigils attended by german wingswings' employees. and looking for clues as to why a plane with a good safety record fell from the sky. this is such a remote area making their job difficult and dangerous. "bbc news." >> reporter: a sense of shock not only in europe in spain and germany, but right around the world considering the other
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nationalitities op board this airbus a320. let's go live to barcelona. bethany joins us from barcelona. are there still families of the victims there waiting to fly to perhaps france? >> reporter: 150 relatives came here yesterday. a great number of those we understand spent the night close by. the police told us this morning they've been taking dna samples from some of those relatives to help in identification of the bodies and some of the relatives are still here we understand. a number of them were hoping to try to travel to the site of the crash. it's not clear yet how many will actually be doing that. really a sense of great shock today. i'm standing in the airport where a short time ago the german wings flight to
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dusseldorf left moments ago and they were very nervous and one man said he only missed traveling on that flight himself because today's flight was slightly cheaper. >> reporter: two babies on board as well as 16 teenagers from germany as well. it is not clear what brought this flight down nothing ruled in or out. the white house yesterday saying there was no link to a nexus suggesting any terrorist activity. it's worth pointing out barcelona airport is relatively new and very sophisticated, too, isn't it in terms of the screening protest there? >> reporter: indeed. the moment the airlines have said it is treating this as an accident for the moment. of course, there are the questions how it was that plane started to descend in the way it did, those eight minutes not
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sending out a distress call the investigation is continuing at the moment. we understand spain has also sent people to the site of the crash to try and work out what happened. of course it is very likely they will be looking at the procedures here at barcelona airport as well. very very big questions here and spain has declared three days of national mourning. at midday local time people will be holding a moment of silence to remember the victims of that crash in the small town where the exchange students the german exchange students have been staying, people gathered in a local church to hold a vigil for those who died and sense of shock this could have happened on a flight that was, you know, normal, people felt it was safe and how could this have gone wrong, people are asking. >> certainly, yes.
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the vice presidents of the government arrived here two or three hours ago and she was visibly shocked as everyone is and the tiny community here. lets go to dusseldorf now. this was the original destination of this airbus a320. are there any relatives on board where you were? snoo>> we understand the 67 german passengers came to the airport last night but they were quickly whisked away to a vip area to avoid the glare of the cameras and microphones to receive information and the airlines are making arrangements to take those who wish to travel to the crash site to see the site for themselves. i've just come from the site at
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dusseldorf and they were holding a moment of silence and announce ing everyone at the airport for a moment of silence and many wipe wiping their eyes. many lost colleagues. in fact one of the germanwings flight had to be cancels this morning. they say the crew members refused to fly due to emotional distress and many lost beloved colleagues in this crash. a notice board has been put up inside the airport and flowers laid and notice attached to this board and one of them reads flight attendants don't die, they just fly higher. thoughts with those 150 people on board here in dusseldorf today. >> as you can imagine, a terrible sense of grief here. rescue teams continuing to land just behind me. you might have just seen a helicopter coming down to touch
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down wenching these teams onto the crash site itself because there's nowhere for them to land, no secure terrain for those helicopters to touch down securely. just on the plane itself it was a germanwings airbus a320 workhorse and done a lot of takeoffs and landings i think 48,000 takeoffs and landings in its 24 year life span and 64 hours flown as well. what are you hearing about the service, the recent service history of this flight. there are some reports today suggesting there had been a fault to the door with the landing gear. have you been able to glean any more information about that? >> reporter: that's right. this plane, we understand was grounded before takeoff due to problems with the door opening the landing gear. this is all speculation. we haven't had this confirmed by the airline.
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what we do know is one day before the flight took off, it underwent a routine safety check. it's 24 years old, approaching the end of the 24 year life span for any commercial airliner. germanwings have been keen to reassure passengers arriving here today, this airline has a remarkable safety record no accidents in its entire history. an a captain who had been with them for 10 years had 6,000 hours experience. the black box has now -- one of the black boxes has now been delivered to paris and that may reveal more details what caused this plane to make such a rapid descent. it was cruising at an altitude of of 35,000 feet before it went
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down in the alps. we are also hearing from a rescuer that says nobodies will be recovered today and expecting more statements. the full passenger list won't be released until all the passengers and crews' relatives have been informed. >> anna thank you very much indeed. one can't imagine the emotions of the families and victims, especially the families of those 16 teenagers on that exchange visit to a school near barcelona. let's go back to the joseph koenig school. the minister for education is speaking now. >> translator: not because the students, the teachers or the parents parents -- they need a private space to individually and collectively come to terms with
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the events. the sympathy is also an important sig 23458 to go out to those in mourning. >> translator: in terms of logistic when are things back to normal. >> translator: you have something to add to this but i would like to start. the students and teachers need foremost today the opportunity to exchange, to interact to communicate their mourning in an individual fashion. of course, then we need to have a very cautious approach towards some degree of normality. i mutt normality in inverted commas because the students need
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to process -- i put normality in inverted commas because the students need to process their future and how to return to some sort of normallity and again in inverted commas. it is in agreement with the district council and with the school that we have decided the school that comes together according to what the timetable would envision and obviously not the timetable according to the timetable of the plan. every school every form every class has to find their own method and their own avenue for this. whenever students want to leave the collective class, they are able to leave the class and if they need to be accompanied,
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they will be accompanied. i think this is a very good decision. the school psychologists, they have been recommending this very approach. the structure, rhythm school can provide may be upheld so students are not left alone. the same applies to the teachers as well. they should not be left alone either. this also applies to families and relatives and also for teachers. for them it's a shock as well as you can imagine. thank you very much indeed. would you like to add something? a colleague in the other window? >> i come from the spanish newspaper newspaper, a question to the mayor mayor. have you been talking to spanish
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counterparts and what is the result of your conversations, if you had any? >> i didn't quite catch what you said. could you repeat that please? >> translator: have you been talking with the mayor? >> translator: i come from the spanish newspaper from barcelona. well that is where we will leave that press conference at the joseph koenig school and the recovery operation continue ss here here just behind me over my shoulder there, just in between the pyramid shaped mountain and snowy slopes you can see, from 5 miles inland in the most impossible conditions helicopters continuing to drop recovery teams searches for the bodies scattered around the crash site and trying to piece
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together where the remains of this airbus a320 are scattered. flight 9525 the doomed flight which led to 150 people this town now forever link ed toed to a disaster, the worst disaster on french soil -- you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you...
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to protect endangered species experts gather to try to end the multi-billion dollar illegal trade. and a 12 year low and we look at people who are reaping the
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benefits of that currency mismatch. hello, everybody. i'm aaron. welcome to a fascinating exciting snapshot of all the latest in the world of business and money. more on the kraft's-heinz food creating the largest bench and food company. and despite efforts to stop illegal trade poaching and trafficking are said to be booming so much so experts are gathering to put pressure on companies and combat the billion dollar industry. they have made tackling crime a foreign policy and in the last 15 months dozens of governments have promised to tackle every part of the supply chain of illegal wildlife products. look at these numbers. illegal wildlife trade is worth
9:33 am
$19 billion a year. in 10 years, central africa is thought to have lost around 64% of its elephants. 73 million sharks are killed every year just for their fins. horrible. heather is the chief advisor on species from the worldwide worldwide wildlife fund. these numbers certainly make my blood boil. it's just horrible. the last gathering was here in london 2014. i was looking at these numbers you go hang on elephants in central south africa thousands shot and last year south africa rhinos the killing went up 21% last year. it begs the question do these gatherings talks work? >> they work if there's action
9:34 am
to follow them up. wwf was pleased last year 14 governments agreed to strong measures they committed to to tackle the illegal wildlife trade and says we can end the illegal wildlife trade and the government is implementing measures. it's early on to say there has not been progress and it hasn't work. there has been progress legislation strengthened and government carrying out law enforcement actions but we still need to ramp up that process and see governments at today's meeting in botswana agreeing to strong action and theying they will really tackle this as the serious crime it is. >> promises are not enough. reinforcement. to fight the poaching am i right by saying you have to fight the market the end market where these products are bought
9:35 am
and sold. >> yes. there's no one single solution to this process. we need to be fighting them on the ground tackling skills to what quite often are heavily armed gangs of poachers and need assistance when these products are imported from the source to the destination country to stop the smuggling and need to tackle the demand. ups why consumers are choosing to buy these products and use them and help to change their behavior. >> i'll be frank. every time you look at a story like this it seems like the problem with this market is china and other parts of southeast asia. you've got to change their mindset. >> china is the largest market we have in the world. and vietnam the largest consumer of illegal rhino horns.
9:36 am
there is a culture for businesses in china giveing gifts of ivory. we need to be working with the businesses to try to change that type of behavior and understand what is motivating them and providing alternatives and try to stop the demand. >> very briefly. private enterprise and business can they be involved more if you will? >> absolutely. we hope this conference will come out with a stronger commitment to this and can look at a zero tolerance policy to any illegal wildlife trade to improving inspections on ships and planes. also, we need to look at e ecommerce sites in china and they made a zero tolerance policy for wildlife products for sale there. >> heather, thanks very much
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joining me. brazil's central bank announced it will not extend its currency prevention program past march 31st, in light of fears at home that push eded it at the lowest in decades and sagging and proving a boon to many civilians who earn their money overseas. the reports of silver lining in brazil's battle for a stable recession. >> reporter: it's another business day for this teacher in south paolo. since last year when her husband got a job at a hotel in puerto rico she's been having to run things at home herself. every month her husband sends her money for the kids' school. initially he was spending 1,300 dollars to help his wife. now because the dollar has
9:38 am
strengthened so much he can cover the same expense is in brazil for just $1,000. gabriella plans to join him in puerto rico and the extra $300 per month are coming in handy. >> translator: before, it might have taken us six months to buy things and furnish the house aboard. now, we already have everything in place for when my son and i join my husband. >> reporter: changes in the currency are felt beyond just family budgets and many industries across brazil. this factory outside here made these and before they had to be made elsewhere and their price wasn't competitive enough. that is about to change now with weaker currency. brazilians no which company they want to compete with.
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>> translator: our clients are looking for a good service, good sales team and product and want us geographically close to us and speak their language. if we don't have a competitive price we won't be able to beat the chinese. >> it's hard to know how it last s but for now they are making the most of it. let's talk about news and breaking news just in because of the u.s. food giant hineseinz is buying kraft's group what they say will be the third largest food and beverage company in the united states, a biggie. the deal was engineered by heinz' owners 3g capital and a billion billionaire investor warren buffet berkshire hathaway. kraft share owner will receive
9:40 am
stock in the company and approximately $10 billion or $16.50 per share. wow. there you go. we look at that story. a quick flash of the markets, and a lot of excitement going on there. that's it. follow me on twitter at bb "sport today." bye-bye.
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hello there. this is "sport today." coming up some last minute fine tuning one of australian crickets all time greats on hand as they prepare for a world cup semifinal against india. some stinging criticism from the challenges to his people presently. and tiger's target the u.s. ryder cup captain revealed woods is already setting his sites on next year's match. >> hello. welcome to ""sport today"" from the bbc sport center. after neiled after new zealand's incredible victory, is it to be the
9:45 am
australians or indians? a report from group. >> new zealand left south africa heartbroken. australian will start as faifrtsz but india has the aura of defending champions about them. what kind of pitch will they get out there. the traditional sidney wicket is slower and offers turn for these bowlers. india would like it dry and not so fast. australia with extra grass to help their go-to man, who already has 18 wickets. what kind of crowds will they get? australia's concern is over half will be blue and supporting their opponents. how much does home advantage count, defender matthews
9:46 am
responded to the team. >> cricket world cup like football world cup is the pinnacle of the game. it's a huge opportunity for the national team to play on home soil in front of supporters. i think us boys we sort of dreamed of holding that trophy up amongst our friends and family. that's the opportunity that awaits them as well. i wish them all the best. >> can australia's footballers inspire the cricketers. 1 thing for sure whoever sits in these seats will be feisty and noisy. those who can keep a cool head will surely be key in this match. >> one of the greatest ever to don the green and gold sean warner has been aiding preparations ahead of the
9:47 am
semifinal by india and michael clarke has been impressed how india progressed with the last four. >> i said at the start of this tournament i thought india was one of the toughest teams to beat. one main reason because they've been doing it so long played so much cricket in australia and worked out how to score runs and shown that throughout this tournament. i think the captain deserved a lot of credit especially after being defeated in the test series and to be able to turn things around. they're obviously at the top of their game at the moment. we're prepared for that. we know we're playing against a very good team won the last world cup and we look forward to that challenge. >> so new zealand awaits the
9:48 am
winners. and not as if the country of its birth south africa is the issue. this happens to clash with his sister's big day. >> my sister has a wedding on friday. unfortunately i'll miss her wedding. if you can put that in the press and say, i'm sorry. i saw her earlier, she was pretty happy for me but i'm going to have to give her a special gift i think. >> it was a case of are you feeling uncomfortable at a meeting of europe thursday the three challenges to his leadership addressed ua for congress and he faced stinging criticism. he watched on as they outlined plans for world football's governing body.
9:49 am
one was most outspoken outlining his vision. >> back to basics mostly occupied with helping member states to improve the position of football in their countries. this is why i propose to quadruple the allowance to member states to $1 million per year. more transparency, organization that sees criticism as encouragement to do better. an organization that does not scorn its own people when they give their opinion, but an organization that openly debates the future of football. >> we should not be dependent on a president. that is not healthy in any company or organization. so what is missing? what is missing is every single president of every single association in the world is
9:50 am
missing there. you need to be more present in fifa life and with you a new approach and new philosophy of management fifa will be stronger and we'll run our beloved sport with much more knowledge. >> fifa from a commercial perspective has in many ways been riding the wave of european football success which has helped directly the success of the world cup. while the popularity of the world cup has soared the image of the organization has suddenly declined. imagine a rejuvenated fifa with its own reputation rebuilt and restored coupled with the love of football. the only possible outcome will be explosive growth far exceeding what we see now. in the united states davis love the iii reveals tiger woods expects to put his recent troubles behind him and be part of a team that attempts to reclaim the title from europe
9:51 am
next year. the 14 year major is on a temporary break following a poor start to 2015. >> we keep in touch more than we have in the past. i texted him, we're missing him at bay hill. he said you go win it since i'm not. he has a good attitude working, eager to get back and anxious to get back to playing to get points and then start on the ryder cup. i wouldn't count him out yet. >> davis love the iii and to get more on australia cricket world cup final get more on our website. good-bye for now. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you
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hello. "bbc news," our top story. as we come on air, a moment of si leps has been held in spain remembering the airliner and victims that crashed in the french alps. bad weather threatens the recovery operation under way after the crash. the damaged cockpit voice recorder could still provide information to discover the cause of this project. among the victim 16 german school children. their classma


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