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says his side. jeremy corbyn says his thoughts are with those experiencing loneliness and despair. he recently visited a homelessness charity in london and used his christmas message to repeat his promise. labour has pledged to put an end to rough sleeping in our first term of government. we would do it by doubling the number of homes available for people who are sleeping on the streets. the libdem leaderfilmed his message and called for more tolerance. the least traditional message was from the greens. they say 2016 was rubbish, 01’ greens. they say 2016 was rubbish, or words to that effect, and they hope that next year is better. there is one thing that most politicians can agree on, and that is to wish their voters a happy christmas. president 0bama has delivered his last christmas message from the white house. sitting alongside his wife he said it had been an honour to serve as the president. merry christmas, everybody. 0ne
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to serve as the president. merry christmas, everybody. one of the best parts of the holiday season is spending the best part is with the special people in your life. for me, that means getting help from my best friend for our christmas address. given how our first address went i realised that this man needs all the help he can get. this is our first christmas in the white house... what? stop! you've got to stop it. right? you have got to get it together. pull it together. celebrating the holidays in the white house over these past eight years has been a true privilege. we have been able to welcome over 500,000 gas. 0ur outstanding pastry chefs have raked 2000 holiday cookies and barack 0bama has treated the american people to countless dad jokes. although a few got a frosty reception. 0h
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jokes. although a few got a frosty reception. oh no, the last one. merry christmas, everyone. we wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2017. this is bbc news. the headlines: donald trump says he will dissolve his controversial charitable foundation to avoid any conflicts of interest. benjamin netanyahu has ordered a review of israel's contacts with the united nations — after a resolution demanded a halt to israeli settlement—building on occupied palestinian land. boko haram has no place left to hide, says nigeria's president. it's after the army captured a key base of the islamist militants. he said the camp in the sambisa forest in the northeast of the country was taken two days ago. but the group till carries out suicide bombings in the northeast and in neighbouring niger and cameroon. bbc africa's editorjames copnall says the nigerian government still has some way to go before victory over boko haram is a reality. this comes in a long line
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of strong statements from president muhammadu buhari about boko haram. one year ago he told bbc that the war against the militant group was technically won, and yet, in that past year we have seen suicide bomb attacks, other attacks by boko haram. what is clear is that the militant group have lost some territory and do not control big towns. it seems now according to the president's statement that they may have lost their territory in the forest in the north—east of the country. the group's tactics have changed and they have become an organisation that uses more suicide attacks and sneak attacks, rather than holding onto territory. i think it would be premature to say that boko haram were finished, they still operate in tunisia and other regional countries. it was also striking that president muhammadu buhari referred to new efforts to get the release of the chibok girls, the schoolgirls who
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were taken 2 years ago. around 200 are believed to still be in control and under captivity he did not say they had taken them back from control into camp. it was assumed they had been captured. the implication would be that they don't know exactly where these chibok girls are and that boko haram are still in place in muhammadu places in nigeri. the nigerian government are saying that this is a major step forward however. actress carrie fisher is in intensive care in a los angeles hospital after suffering a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. their condition is not yet clear as we report. it's the role that made carrie fisher a star. beautiful, resourceful, tough, princess leia. she played a part in the first
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star wars films and again in the force awakens, released last year. here she is, just two weeks ago on the graham norton show, promoting her new book based on her teenage diaries. we brought all these things up thinking, i have to put them in a book, maybe it is funny. that didn't happen. we now know she boarded a plane from heathrow to the us yesterday. 15 minutes before landing in los angeles, she was taken ill with a suspected heart attack. 0ff—duty medical staff and cabin crew came to her aid. paramedics transferred her by ambulance to the intensive care unit here. initial reports suggested she was stable, but her current medical condition is not known. how are you feeling? good.
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the last two years have been a hectic round of studios and red carpets, filming and promoting the force awakens and promoting her memoir. in the past, she has been candid about her health problems. co—stars have taken to social media to wish her well. peter mayhew, who played chewbacca in the star wars films wrote: mark hamil, who played luke skywalker, posted: rick parfitt, guitarist with the band status quo, has died in spain at the age of 68. he was being treated in hospital for a severe infection. the musician was still recovering from a heart attack he'd had earlier this summer. david sillito looks back at his life and career. i have gotten to where i wanted
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to go, you know, to become a pop star or a rock star. to quo fans, he was easy to spot. he was the man with blond hair and was responsible for some of the greatest riffs in rock ‘n‘ roll. 1972's piledriver was the beginning of a run of a0 hit albums. 57 top a0 singles. no other rock band comes close and it all began here. rick parfitt met francis rossi when he was a teenager. their first single was a bit of 19605 psychedelia. but their passion for something a bit more raw — a hit making rock ‘n‘ roll formula.
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all our records do sound the same because it is status quo. i am not trying to get out of a corner here. of course it is going to sound like us. who is it meant to sound like? as soon as i had the idea i couldn't think of anyone better to open this. # here we are, here we are, here we go. # here we go, rocking all over the world. and when it came to sex drugs and rock'n‘ roll, rick parfitt did it all. this riff arose after a huge dose of amphetamines. he told us he had a riff he wanted to do. we told him good night and left. we came back at 11:30 the following morning
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and rick was still there. he hadn't been home yet. nearly 12 hours he had been sitting there, after too much speed the previous day. he married three times. of course he has a particular type of woman. blondes. and his health, even after recovering from surgery, he was smoking and drinking. i was smoking and drinking in hospital. it was the rock ‘n‘ roll lifestyle. but when it came to turning rock into hit songs, he was one of the best. the guitarist rick parfitt who has died aged 68. in case you hadn't noticed, for millions around the world it is — or is about to be — christmas. people celebrate in many different ways, and of course a lot of them, at least the younger ones, will be interested in the progress of a certain jolly man with a beard and sleigh.
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tim allman has more. irrespective of whether you have been naughty or indeed is nice, father christmas was on his way. and like every year, the north american aerospace defence command, or norad, gave people the chance to track his progress. before setting off on his herculean task, santa — well, let's be honest, a guy dressed up as santa — took time out for some waterskiing in the us state of virginia. notjust him, his elves and reindeers gave it a go. some not as successfully as others. in belarus, hundreds of people dressed up as father frost and his granddaughter the snow maiden, taking part in an annual parade. translation: it's always a joy and a celebration. it is important to be festive in your heart, and then it spreads to both children and adults. although in the orthodox church christmas does not come until next month, they were still celebrating in this part of siberia — underwater, for some reason.
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a special party taking place in lake baikal. despite temperatures reaching —20, they still managed with a tree and wine. in colombo they have put up what they claim is the world's tallest ever artificial christmas tree, 70 metres tall and painted in a million pine cones. the organisers say they wanted to promote religious harmony. for many, christmas is about food. but injapan this festive meal is a little unusual. 0n offer, locust canapes and a cake made with strawberry and earthworms. i think i might stick with turkey. however you are spending it we hope that you enjoy your christmas day and if you want to get in touch with us and if you want to get in touch with us here on bbc world news you can do via social media and you can also
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find us on facebook. the weather now with louise lear. good morning, and merry christmas to you. an incredibly mild christmas day, breezy with some rain in the story. the weather today is linked to the third storm of the season. ahead of the these systems struggling this country are throwing up cloud from the south—west but more importantly a south—westerly wind dragging incredibly mild ever this time of year. so much so that the early birds are up and about in the morning will be greeted by temperatures into double figures across central and southern areas. a mild start to christmas day with a lot of cloud around. the odds bottled georges will across england and wales. the system rain into
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northern ireland and scotland but behind it there will be a cluster of showers. it will stay on mild in sheltered eastern areas which could see temperatures into the mid—teens. there is our weather front more than moving out of northern ireland by the middle of the afternoon. as we go south it will be quite cloudy with temperatures again into the mid—teens, perhaps, for north wales. widely around 12 or 13 degrees and the cloud so can afford rizal. as we move through the evening and overnight on christmas day the weather front stinks steadily south and on the back age as konta moves away that is when we will see stronger winds with potential for damaging gusts. an amber weather warning affecting the extreme north of ireland and we could see gusts of wind for a time. a windy day on boxing day. windy for all of us but the strongest further north with more rain pushing down from the north, sinking south. for england and wales not too bad a day. again
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still pretty mild. behind it, however, cold and starts to kick in and that is when we will notice a change. from tuesday onwards high pressure will build. it will quieten down the weather story but fog could be an issue first thing in the morning. 0nce be an issue first thing in the morning. once that lifts away it will be a cold feel to the day and some dry sunny weather in the story as well. merry christmas. the latest headlines from bbc news. i'm lebo diseko. donald trump says he intends to dissolve his controversial charitable organisation to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest during his presidency. mrtrump said he would pursue his interest in philanthropy in other ways. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country
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