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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  December 25, 2016 8:30am-9:01am GMT

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she will speak of drawing strength from meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things. the queen is at her home in sandringham in norfolk with other members of the royal family, though not with the duke and duchess of cambridge. they are spending the day with the middleton family. the archbishop of canterbury will talk about feeding division has 2016 draws to a close. last night cardinal nichols spoke of similar issues. the american president—elect donald trump says he intends to close his charitable foundation to avoid any conflict of interest with his presidency. the trump foundation is currently being investigated by new york's attorney general, to establish whether it supported a republican political campaign in florida in 2013. the us journalist lynn sweet says it's a complicated situation. at the bottom line here is that donald trump does not give any
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of his own money to the foundation. he has not given any of his own money between 2009 and 2014, so at the heart of this is a foundation that goes to other people to ask for money. then there is another set of controversies, and this is what the attorney general in new york is looking at, is whether or not there is self dealing. you're not supposed to use a non—profit foundation in the united states to make political contributions, or to help your business. that's at the heart of it. let's speak now to our reporter emilia papadopoulos who is at sandringham for us this morning. what can we expect from the day ahead? merry christmas. it's a beautiful
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morning here on the sandringham estate and the crowds have actually been building since six o'clock this morning, everyone hoping to catch eclipse of the queen and the royal family as they make their way up the church —— catch a glimpse. we spoke to lady who had come only from florida and let me introduce you to this lady from arizona.” florida and let me introduce you to this lady from arizona. i came to visit my kids and surprised them for christmas and this is a treat i got for coming this far, i get to see the queen. i'm looking forward to it. what is so special to you? why have you come all this way? had come to visit a few years and it's just amazing. the whole history and her reign and everything. let's move a little bit further down the crowd to afamily little bit further down the crowd to a family who have come from lincolnshire today. you looking forward to seeing her majesty? very
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much. you got some flowers for the queen. what colour of course do you think she will be wearing? green because it is christmassy. she wore red last year so she would be wearing red again. expecting 500 people to be lining up here when the gates around ten o'clock and people will see the royal family as they make their way from the house even the sandringham estate, about 300 yards. they are usually led by the duke of edinburgh. people will hope he and the queen and in good health after they believe is trickier. we're expecting the royal family in a few hours. merry christmas. it is lovely to
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have you with us and it is so interesting, seeing what you're doing and why you're doing it. i mentioned that you were put into foster ca re shortly mentioned that you were put into foster care shortly after you were born. then what happened? then i went into children's homes, about 45 children's homes over the next five yea rs children's homes over the next five years and at 17 i left the care system, i was legally an adult. what did that mean to you? because after being in care homes, whether it was pleasa nt being in care homes, whether it was pleasant or unpleasant, you always had people around you. what do people mean to you once you let the ca re system ? people mean to you once you let the
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care system? when you leave the care system, you leave everything before you, there is no relativity, no longer staff or social workers to call you on christmas day. it became a time of isolation. a time of aloneness and a time of watching how otherfamilies act aloneness and a time of watching how other families act and react on that day. people come together at christmas and look after each other at christmas. they were aware, leaving care, that there was nobody coming together and looking after you, nobody to argue with about the fa ct you, nobody to argue with about the fact you don't like brussels sprouts! you didn't have the argument, he didn't have that —— you didn't have that beautiful thing that happens at christmas which is people coming together. even if they
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argue, even if they don't get along, they are together. it's the interaction and feeling, isn't it? so you have set up this christmas dinner. it is a christmas dinner for ca re leavers between dinner. it is a christmas dinner for care leavers between 18 and 25. this unit is in manchester, leeds, london, oxford and liverpool and we get professional chefs, we get the top food, we get incredible presents and we provide a full day of love in action for those care leavers, which is basically making sure they have an incredible time and they're not alone. it's not a charity, it's an incredible time and they're not alone. it's not a charity, its run by the community and the people of britain. that's the most exciting thing about it for me. the key lever is being cared for by us. —— cheer
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lever —— care leaver. is being cared for by us. —— cheer lever -- care leaver. how do you get people involved? in oxford for example, the producer of tracy beaker has been wrapping presents and has given his office over so that all the presents can be held in liverpool, the arts school restau ra nt liverpool, the arts school restaurant have done all the food and donated the cherokees. in london, we've got a brilliant stylist called sabrina who was the stylus forjennifer hudson, she is holding a salon at the christmas dinner. the idea is that the light standards for the care leaver are high so they deserve to have the absolute best today. they're all in it for them for the following reasons. it's not like the person
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with no family is distant and we are throwing their coins at them, this ca re throwing their coins at them, this care is just as throwing their coins at them, this care isjust as much throwing their coins at them, this care is just as much about the volu nteers care is just as much about the volunteers as the people in care. there is an equal exchange of love between the two. we are feeling the love your! good luck and have a great christmas day. well done for making so many people's lights in little bit better today. merry christmas. —— people's lives. now, if you're already missing the excitement this year's strictly come dancing had to offer, i've got some good news for you. later today, there'll be a strictly christmas special, where dancers past and present will tango, jive and cha—cha it out, to get another chance of winning that coveted glitter—ball trophy. i went behind the scenes to take a look at what gives the christmas episode, that fabulous magic and sparkle. it may not look like much from the outside but behind closed doors, it's a different story. welcome to elstree studios,
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the home of strictly come dancing. this is where the magic happens. it's been another year of sparkles and salsas and last 0re the champion wowed the audience and judges. it was an emotional end to the series as the grandfather of strictly len goodman bid an emotionalfarewell after leading the judging panel since the programme started 12 years ago. but he's back for one last time with six former contestants taking to the stage for a christmas feast that will not disappoint. so what does it take to put a festive bonanza of a show like this together? behind the scenes at strictly, all these fantastic costumes. so much work goes into these. this department is where it all happens. jane, hello! the christmas show is christmas themes.
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we've got love actually, home alone, frozen. is there more glitter or more snow? a bit of both. always more glitter. we endeavour to make everything sparkly and christmassy. taking part in this year's series threw me out of my comfort zone completely. it was totally different to anything i'd ever done before, but i loved every minute of it, and coming back to the studios, well, it was like i had never been away. bumping into familiar faces, catching up with old friends. and how are this year's competitors finding it? you remember the good bits, not how scary it is to get out on the dance floor. my family are coming to me for christmas and we always watch strictly. my mum has been away and doesn't know i'm doing the christmas special.
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what should we expect from you? i'm doing the charleston. it's very quick but it's very fun. i'm working on my swivel. he's got it! my charleston isn't. .. on my swivel. he's got it! my charleston isn't... this is better. tell us about the outfit. your theme is frozen, your elsa. it's so popular. he's magnetic. the pink bowtie, it does it all. it's a privilege for me. i'm the luckiest.
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i still have my backstage privileges and managed to sneak into bros starred matt before the show. —— bros start matt. i've been here a few times now and i'm always amazed that the sets. —— at the sets. few times now and i'm always amazed that the sets. -- at the sets. in the meantime, merry christmas from eve ryo ne the meantime, merry christmas from everyone on the dance floor. have a wonderful, brilliant christmas day. we hope you have a joyful day with great presence and christmas cheer. —— presents. you can catch the strictly christmas special later today on bbc one at 6:45pm. it's christmas!
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the big day is finally here, and we have a very special message for you from a very famous face. we may have just saved the best till last. hgppy happy christmas to everybody watching bbc breakfast from me, robbie williams. i hope you have a lovely day. many of us will be settling in for a day of presents, food and drink with family. but not everyone will be spending today in a traditional way, and hundreds of thousands of people will be working today. drjoel lockwood is one of those, he's one of the people manning 0ne slightly more unusual way of celebrating the big day is taking a rather chilly dip in the sea. the 52nd annual charity swim
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will be taking place today at coney beach in porthcawl. it's organised by gareth 0wens, and he can tell me all about it now. tell us about the history. hello, merry christmas. this is 52nd swim. my merry christmas. this is 52nd swim. my father was one of the originators 52 years ago. it is merely to get community spirit and get people out for a bit of fresh air before their big lunch. we decided to collect money and over the years, we've collected in excess of £10,000. we raised £8,000 last year and given to various charities so it is a great morning. we have over 1000 swimmers who will
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turn up about 11 o'clock. they are doing a few final elf and safety checks! there is a fancy dress theme asi checks! there is a fancy dress theme as i can see. you going in like that? i've got a doctor's note, but imight that? i've got a doctor's note, but i might have a paddle and just supervise the 1000 swimmers. do more than welcome to come down! that such a kind invitation, ithink i'm than welcome to come down! that such a kind invitation, i think i'm going to see no because i am a chicken when it comes to getting into the cold sea! what makes people do this on the most gluttonous day of the year? christmas, chanukah, sunday, why would you jump into the cold sea? it's quite invigorating and
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gives you an appetite to eat turkey later in the day. how better to start the day with a nice cold swim? it sounds like lots of people are going to be taking part and will have funds we wish you a very christmas. merry christmas to you, too. i'll give you a free round of golf as a present if you come down! that's my kind of christmas present! here's nick with a look at this morning's weather. the team here are all excellent at theirjob but they're good at other things and nick's secret talent is that he is a really impressive cook. look at this. this is a small sample
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of what she cooked up for his family for the christmas weekend. —— what he cooked up. the pie is the christmas cake, it is coated in an almond paste that is toasting in the oven and it has little christmas shapes which i cut out. not only do you make me feel inadequate in the kitchen but i can't even tell the difference between a pie and a cake! it does look like a pie, it looks like pastry. it's nearly all gone already! i don't really do the main meal, ijust already! i don't really do the main meal, i just want the dessert! sea temperatures are around 12
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celsius and the air temperature is the same on christmas day but we are in double figures across the board today will stop happy christmas to our weather watchers. it is a christmas day record of 15.6 celsius. we've achieved that before in 1920 celsius. we've achieved that before in1920 and celsius. we've achieved that before in 1920 and 1896. plenty of cloud across much of the uk, especially western parts where there is rain to content with. sunshine is hard to come by and the wet weather and more persistent rain works its way through scotland and northern ireland through the day. it will introduce colder air once again soon by the end of the day in scotland that maybe northern ireland, it will be feeling colder and that temperature will come down. it may
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get a 15 celsius or close to it. we got patchy rain through other parts of wheels and south—west england —— wales. through this evening tonight, we ta ke wales. through this evening tonight, we take this band of rain southwards, and we bring in this colder air. stall showers in scotla nd colder air. stall showers in scotland with a strengthening wind as the storm passes through the knot of the uk —— north. we could get gusts of 80 miles an hour. more disruption from the wind. plenty of showers in scotland. elsewhere, the wind isn't as strong. tomorrow, you're more likely to stay dry with
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some decent sunshine around so if you're walking off the christmas food,it you're walking off the christmas food, it will feel colder. lots of people have been saying to me, sorry that you're working this morning, but i love myjob so i don't mind working on christmas day. i like to come in and help out, too. merry christmas. alan has written in and said please wish you merry christmas to offshore workers who are away from their families. kevin says happy christmas
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to all the roadside breakdown people who work 2a hours a day in dangerous places. alison says, you've been talking to people who are working over christmas but you have forgotten yourselves, the camera crews, producers and presenters are all making a good show for us to watch this morning. thank you, alison, merry christmas. i'm not alone in the studio, i have a great tea m alone in the studio, i have a great team behind me who are all very happy and very festive. it's not only christmas, it's the first full day of chanukah. if you're worried about christmas, cooking the turkey or whatever, i've got a team of experts to help us through the day. here with me are reverend sally
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hitchiner, rabbi benjy rickman, agony aunt suzie hayman, vet, cameron muir and gp dr aisha awan. chanukah is tied in with christmas this year which won't happen again for several years. chanukah is a jewish festival for the community and family to bring everybody together and when you haven't got the pressure of going to work and not had tojuggle the pressure of going to work and
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not had to juggle responsibilities with regular life. reverend sally, people build up to this with the food, arranging family, manic christmas shopping. what are you thinking about today? having a sense of spirituality, an opportunity to enjoy the moment of being surrounded by family. if you're religious, you can celebrate god being with us and you can go to a church service. lots of churches have carol services. not even as a christian, people just enjoy the magic. i think that is something more and more people are doing. statistics are rising, almost half of londoners go to some sort of christmas service and is a great website run by the church of england
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called christmas near you where you can find a local service. going out for a walk on christmas day, having a break, doing ajigsaw for a walk on christmas day, having a break, doing a jigsaw puzzle, that's my favourite thing! we have been talking aboutjust taking some time out. it's very important separating in the home, letting the kids do their thing. there is a pressure to be a picture postcard family. go for a good enough, spread the load. so many mums think they're the load. so many mums think they're the ones that have to do it all and they become resentful and tired. hand outjobs they become resentful and tired. hand out jobs to everybody. giving
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people responsibilities makes them feel much more part of it and it means you're not doing everything. lets not forget the pets. they need time and attention but also space. you also need to make sure people don't give them things they shouldn't. we like giving her pet treats but be careful. chocolate is dangerous for animals. leftovers, mince pies, christmas cakes, they are poisonous to dogs. and to the waistline! for dogs, my major concern are things with great sound reasons, fatty leftovers, bones and cats, watch out for tinsel, they like playing with it, they eat it
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and we have two extract it.|j like playing with it, they eat it and we have two extract it. i fight with my cat over the ribbons! the pets we need to be worried about are mindful about. there are two issues, not only the physical results of overindulging in food and alcohol, also being aware of mental health. it's a good time to look after each other. if you got elderly neighbours, elderly relatives, give them a ring, knock on their tour, check that the —— they are ok. let them know they can talk to other people and things are getting bad, the samaritans are available. if
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things are overwhelming, you can a lwa ys things are overwhelming, you can always fall on the nhs on 111 —— phone the nhs. celebrate and have moments of spirituality but if you're not with family, christmas is also for you. make time to be festive yourself. find the truth and inner beauty of whatever you're doing today. companionship. don't forget your pets. if you are cooking, you don't do the washing up, doctor's orders! iwish cooking, you don't do the washing up, doctor's orders! i wish you all a very merry sunday in general and thank you forjoining us. christmas is a time for keeping with traditions, and we've been asking for your photos from a christmas past,
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that you've recreated in 2016! you've been sending some in. john burns and his cousin look excited to be getting their gifts back in the day. and they lookjust as thrilled almost two decades later. and some pets have been getting in on the action too — this is amy and isla enjoying christmas two years ago. and here they are two years on, and they've clearly enjoyed opening those presents. and decorating the tree is an annual event. here'sjeffersonjohn and becky welsby decorating their grandad's tree. and to be honest i'm not sure they've made a better job of it years later. that's all from breakfast this morning. i'll be back tomorrow morning from six. from all the breakfast team, have a very merry christmas. goodbye. this is bbc news.
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i'm christian fraser. the headlines at 9am. a russian military plane bound for syria crashes into the black sea with 92 people on board. the queen will say she draws strength from "unsung heroes" like carers and volunteers, in her traditional broadcast to the commonwealth later today. crowds have begun gathering at sandringham, to watch the queen and other royals arrive for a christmas day church service at their norfolk estate. also in the next hour. the archbishop of canterbury speaks of the "anxiety and uncertainty" felt by many in the world in his christmas sermon. # oh, come, let us adore him. the most reverend justin welby says the power of god can chase away "the fear of terror". in halfan in half an hour we look back at a momentous year in
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