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tv   Click  BBC News  December 25, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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”my ,wm ”in . w“ ”in vltuf such a natural ability for writing great pop songs. any of us who've been shopping over the last few days, how many times have we heard last christmas, it's still there all these years later. very sad news. what we know is the police, the ambulance were called to his home, goring on thames this afternoon. they said he was dead, found dead at the scene. the death is being treated as unexplained but not suspicious. a postmortem now will ta ke suspicious. a postmortem now will take place. he has had health problems in the past. five years ago i believe he was suffering from pneumonia. i remember seeing him coming out of hospital saying it will be touch and go. many people thought he was close to death at that point but he made a startling recovery and produced more
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music, a lot more performing after that. there was an accident three yea rs that. there was an accident three years ago on the mi, he fell out car. he has had his ups and downs. he has talked about his problems with drugs over the years but there we re with drugs over the years but there were photographs of him a few months ago and he looked pale and hearty, no reason to suspect there was anything and miss. as you reminded us, that success came to him at a very young age and continued and continued thanks to his talents, that you outline, and that was something that in interviews he got the sense he struggled with the sheer height of his fame, the sheer intensity? if you think about anyone who has gone from a life in north london and suddenly, aged 16, i7,
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london and suddenly, aged 16, 17, being on top of the pops and never stopping — that's the difference. a lot of people have a moment in the sun, it last two or three years and most of them was written by other people but everything was on his shoulders, he was writing the songs. he had a long and protracted battle with his record label, about how he was marketed, he felt let down in many ways. he talked about issues to do with his family as well stop and then, of course, you have to remember that this man was effectively the first major pop star to say that he was gay. and for someone to say that he was gay. and for someone who was right at the top of the game, there was the incident when... he mocked it in the end about being discovered by police in
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los angeles... about being discovered by police in los angeles. .. but about being discovered by police in los angeles... but it was a major issue for him because he was there as the great sex symbol. girls probably thought andrew ridgeley was the most attractive but george michael ‘s second and for him to face up to what he was, an extraordinary act of courage. thank you very much, david sollito. the former editor of schmo sheets magazine —— smash hits magazine. former editor of schmo sheets magazine —— smash hits magazinem is terribly sad. 2016 has been a year with a majorfigures is terribly sad. 2016 has been a year with a major figures and died from the music world. george michael was a huge heartthrob. hit played
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the first big at the reopened wembley stadium. for number one from faith, in america. part of the point is that he was a of his material. he really could do everything. he could do everything. he had number one seed other people ‘s songs, with eltonjohn, but seed other people ‘s songs, with elton john, but as seed other people ‘s songs, with eltonjohn, but as a songwriter he was of a generation of a few equals. wa ke was of a generation of a few equals. wake me up before you go—go, a huge song. careless whispers, of course and last christmas which will be
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played a lot in the next 48—hour was. did you ever interview him? i knew people who knew him well. i work for charities he privately supported. i was speaking to my sister—in—law and saying that he never lost touch with his roots. even after his success he went and did concerts for schools, he was incredibly generous for charities. he would do it privately and quietly. he never lost touch with who we was and where he came from. despite the fact that he broke through, not only in this country but he broke through in the american market. what was remarkable in america was that he was the top
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selling single and artist and only simon garfunkel did that. such a great soul singer. his success breakthrough in the black media. it was unlike his success in the uk. he became a more adult artist. he was successful wherever he was. huge in australia as well and pretty much all over the world. a desperately young age to losing, just 53 years old. musically, in your opinion, had he reached the end of the road, was in working on new material? he reached the end of the road, was in working on new material7|j in working on new material?|j understand in working on new material?” understand he was a record —— doing
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a record. he was very much someone who struggled with being a pop star. he had an instinct for self sabotage. some of the aspects of his life he would not want to be remembered by. but the result of struggling with his fame, to get away from the box people put in him, he was uncomfortable with how people perceive him. he was very popular in america. he felt strongly that he should do things to make a point. that was a story of his career. good to talk to you. under difficult circumstances, thank you forjoining
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us so circumstances, thank you forjoining us so quickly. reflecting on the life and career of george michael. a huge amount of reaction online, as you would expect, to the news that has only emerged in the last hour. an enormous number of tweets. for example... the news was announced within the last hour or so. andy moore takes a look back at george michael's
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career. many apologies, we seem to have a problem with that report. perhaps we canjust give problem with that report. perhaps we can just give you a little bit more of the sense of what people have been saying on social media because you can imagine the news has come really completely out of the blue. tremendous shock, no suggestion that george michael recently had been u nwell george michael recently had been unwell and reports from the ambulance service that an ambulance had been called. whether reiterating that police are saying there are no suspicious circumstances but his death is unexplained. george michael, of course, as we have been reflecting, sheeting to fame very early in life, one half of the band
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wham and then an enormously successful career as a solo artist. he burst onto the scene is in the early 1980s when he formed wham with andrew ridgeley. number one singles around the world and concrete china, becoming the first western band performing there. george michael leitch fame but never became used to it. to be a part of people 's leitch fame but never became used to it. to be a part of people '5 lives, thatis it. to be a part of people '5 lives, that is what a dream of and what i rate fall for. but my god, i wish i could cope with the other stuff the way other people do. that i had been born with that particular suit of armour because i born with that particular suit of armour because i was born with that particular suit of armour because i was not. as his career plan, he hit the
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headlines for other reasons. he was stopped for a series of traffic offences leading to a spell in jail. he was cautioned and fined for drug possession and receive treatment for addiction. in 2011, he suffered a life—threatening bout of pneumonia while on tour in austria. police said his death was unexplained but not suspicious. his family said he died peacefully at home. they called ina died peacefully at home. they called in a beloved son, rather and friend. eltonjohn hasjust elton john has just paid eltonjohn has just paid tribute to george michael. saying he is in deep shock and that i have lost at close friends, are kind and generous soul and brilliant artist. my heart goes out to his family and to all his
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fans. elton john remembering out to his family and to all his fans. eltonjohn remembering george michael who has died this afternoon at just 53 years michael who has died this afternoon atjust 53 years of age. i will leave you for now with a look at the knights weather prospects. christmas day this year was among the mildest in the last 100 years. not quite a record breaker but not far off. what's boxing day looking like? it is going to be a little bit colder but we've got some sunshine on the way. however, the winds will be strong across northern parts of the uk thanks to storm conor, which is still passing through the north of the uk, here, sending gales in the direction of scotland. this here is a cold front, and it is behind the cold front thay that we get that colder noprth atlantic air. you can see wintry showers there across scotland. clearer skies and some wet weather for a time at least before this cold front clears away from the south but very, very windy from the pennines northwards but especially across scotland.
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very early on boxing day, temperatures will be not far off freezing for the major cities in the north. still the remnants of milder weather in the south. around 7 degrees on the south coast. her‘s the weather map for boxing day. this is storm conor. massive weather system with the weather front stretching all the way down south but the gales really just effecting the very far north of the uk. the northern isles, that's where the amber warning is in force from the met office. across scotland also. but look how very different the weather is across southern areas. a bit colder. christmas day, we had 1a degrees here we are talking about six so quite a drop but you get the sunshine so it is not looking too bad. sunshine for northern ireland. scotland, frequent showers, wintry and the gales raging in the north but for most of us boxing day should look something like this with nice sunshine and clear blue skies. tuesday morning will be frosty. a touch of frost across england and wales.
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this high pressure will be driving at the weather for most of the week up to new year. colder. across parts of northern england six degrees. wednesday morning will also be fairly frosty across parts of england and wales. not in the far north—west. a touch milder there. but, with the high pressure, the chilly nights, it means that could be some fog forming in the coming days so rather than the gales, watch out for early morning fog. welcome to bbc news. i'm tom donkin.
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our top stories: the singer george michael has died. his publicist says he passed away peacefully at home. george michael rose to fame in the 1980s as a member of the duo wham! police say there were no suspicious circumstances. in other news: a major search operation off the black sea coast has pinpointed a russian military plane that crashed into the water with 92 people on board. israel orders ambassadors of un security council members to be reprimanded after they voted against its settlement building. and queen elizabeth misses her traditional christmas day service as she recovers from a heavy cold, but in a recorded speech she pays tribute to ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


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