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tv   Newsday  BBC News  December 29, 2016 1:00am-1:31am GMT

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welcome to bbc news. my name's mike embley. our top stories: the united nations underfire. when you see the un solving problems, they don't. if it lives up to the potential it's a great thing and if it doesn't it's a waste of time. us secretary of statejohn kerry says israeli settlement building in the west bank threatens hopes for peace in the middle east. israel's accused him of bias. police in germany detain a tunisian man, in connection with last week's berlin truck attack. and out with the old: new yorkers say good riddance to the worst of 2016. hello.
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in the latest sign of the huge political gulf between the incoming and outgoing american presidents, and the likely impact of their very different worldviews, donald trump has again attacked the united nations. the president—elect had already criticised the un for passing a security council resolution last week that condemned illegal israeli settlements on occupied palestinian land. unusually, the us did not back israel in that vote, but abstained. mr trump, just three weeks now from taking office, made his latest comments outside his home in palm beach, florida. the un has such tremendous potential and it is not living up to its potential. there is such tremendous potential. there is such tremendous potential. when you see the united nations solving problems, they don't, they cause problems. so if it lives up to the potential it's a great thing and if it doesn't it's a waste of time. jewish settlements are one of the
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most contentious issues between israel and the palestinians, which sees them as an obstacle to the creation of a viable palestinian state. the us is israel's major financial backer but in the past few weeks of the obama administration frustration to the hardline benjamin netanyahu government frustration to the hardline benjamin neta nyahu government have frustration to the hardline benjamin netanyahu government have boiled overin netanyahu government have boiled over in washington. john kerry said today israel would never find over in washington. john kerry said today israel would neverfind peace without a resolution to the settle m e nt without a resolution to the settlement issue. our middle east correspondent yolande knell reports from jerusalem. another bitter row between outgoing and incoming us president, this time of israel. donald trump complaining the country is being treated with total disdain and disrespect, but telling it to stay strong until the 20th of january when he takes office. it was the idea of the night's speech byjohn kerry that angered the president—elect. he said the chances of peace with the palestinians were slipping away. the truth is that trends on the ground,
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violence, terrorism, incitement, settle m e nt violence, terrorism, incitement, settlement expansion and the seemingly endless occupation, they are combining to destroy hopes for peace on both sides. this follows last week's un security council resolution, calling for a total halt in israeli settlements on occupied land. the us didn't use its veto power to protect israel, as it customarily does. the obama administration hasjust customarily does. the obama administration has just three weeks left, but it is still trying to make a difference here in the middle east, knowing that when donald trump ta kes east, knowing that when donald trump takes over he will be much more supportive of israel and its position on settlements and jerusalem in particular. if possible it would like to tie his hands. the secretary of state claim settlers in the right—wing government are defining the future in israel, a prominent present of the governing coalition was quick to give his response. it was a good speech by
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totally unconnected to reality. what john kerry is leaving behind is the middle east in flames, a genocide, iran moving towards a nuclear weapons and now throwing israel under the bus. the us or two rounds of peace talks between israel and the palestinians during the obama yea rs. the palestinians during the obama years. both broke down acrimoniously. the danger is that it is too little too late. benjamin netanyahu benjamin neta nyahu has benjamin netanyahu has accused the obama administration of paying lipservice to palestinian organisations. mr netanyahu also stated good relations between the us and israel would be restored when president—elect donald trump takes office next month. i have no doubt that our alliance will endure the profound disagreement we have had with the obama administration and will become
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even stronger in the future. but now i must express my deep disappointment with the speech the day ofjohn kerry. —— speech today. a speech that was almost as imbalanced as the anti— israel resolution passed last week. in a speech ostensibly about peace between israelis and palestinians, secretary kerry paid lip service to the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by the palestinians against the jewish state for nearly a century. what he did was to spend most of his speech blaming israel for the lack of peace, by passionately condemning a policy of enabling dues to live under historic —— in their historic homeland and in their capital jerusalem. since then we've heard from palestinian president mahmoud abbas, responding tojohn kerry's speech.
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a senior palestinian official, saeb erekat, said mr abbas was convinced that peace with israel was achievable, but only if israel halts settlement building before talks restarted. president abbas is fully convinced that a just, comprehensive and lasting peace can be achieved and is doable on all core issues on the basis of the peace initiative, specify terms of reference, which guarantees to fully and the israeli occupation. hussein ibish is a senior resident scholar at the arab gulf states institute in washington. good to talk to you. i guess the first thought is surely what the point of of this now if mr kerry said some years ago, perhaps, but isn't it now beside the point? to some extent it is. i do agree
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with that and it's a point i have made all day. it would have been potentially a very historic speech two, three orfour potentially a very historic speech two, three or four years ago, especially if it was backed up with real policies with consequences, so right now it's a bit of a rhetorical exercise. but links to the us resolution it does send a message to israel, that the world, including many of its close friends in the us, in the president obama wing of the democratic party, are ultimately getting tired of the double act prime minister netanyahu has been doing, of pretending to support a two state solution rhetorically while working night and day to basically make it any possibility through settlement activity and other policies on the ground. so there is that, but i do think it's a bit of a restorer collectors are is. —— rhetorical. bit of a restorer collectors are is. -- rhetorical. it may be a nasty shock to mr netanyahu and his very right—wing government, but the new
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world is mr trump and he has appointed a man to be in charge of theissue appointed a man to be in charge of the issue has contributed heavily financially to israeli settlements. he isn't going to be in charge of the issue. he is nominated to be the ambassador to israel. the ambassador doesn't make policy. he would first have to be confirmed by the senate. secondly, ambassadors don't make policy, so we will have to wait and see what the policy is under mr trump andi see what the policy is under mr trump and i think it is probably true that prime minister netanyahu is salivating at the prospect and is actually trying to exacerbate tensions with president obama and john kerry in order to get closer to president—elect trump and his incoming administration. i'm not sure it will work for him in the long run, it is risky and a gamble and it could backfire as well as it could succeed. why do you thinkjohn kerry is saying it now? is a design that they weren't expecting to be handing over to a president trump and were expecting to hand over to
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clinton? —— is ita and were expecting to hand over to clinton? —— is it a sign. and were expecting to hand over to clinton? -- is it a sign. no, i think if they were handing over to president clinton they would be proceeding more cautiously. it is almost a post that gesture, where americans who are at the end of power or out of power tend to speak more freely about this issue. i think it's a parting shot, to some extent, at prime minister maliki, but especially goes to the un resolution, and i think it made some very important points but won't help palestinians at all. —— prime ministers met in you. whatever price it extracts it won't be at the expense of the us or the voting countries who voted yes. —— the 14 countries. there was a point to make about the illegality of settlement activity, but all of this is a parting shot at benjamin netanyahu and in that sense... what do you expect the impact to be of mr
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trump's policy? a free benjamin neta nyahu ? we have trump's policy? a free benjamin netanyahu? we have no idea and anyone who claims they do is making it up. i think he has high hopes but he should be cautious. mr trump might takea he should be cautious. mr trump might take a presidential point of view based on right—wing populism and following the trend of going to the right and identifying rights in israel. but he also might take a nationalistic america first at chew. when israeli policy runs up against american policy he has even less patience than other republicans and democrats. so i think it is hard to know and anyone who is confident that they know what a trump foreign policy will look like i think is deluded. good to talk to you. thank you. thank you so much. syrian rebel groups say they are discussing a ceasefire deal with turkey, but that it's too early to say if it has any chance of success. a top official with one of the main rebel groups said that one of the sticking points was the exclusion of a key rebel—held area on the
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outskirts of damascus. this comes as moscow accuses rebels of firing two shells at its embassy in damascus. lina sinjab has been following developments. so, the russians have announced that there were two attacks on their embassy in central damascus. the embassy is a big embassy in musra street in damascus, and of course we have heard also from some residents that at least two rockets fell, one outside the embassy and one inside the embassy. so far we don't know who is to blame for this attack. of course, the russians have said that this is going to halt or effect any peace efforts. that is happening just at the time when russia and turkey are preparing for a nationwide ceasefire. the announcement came from the turkish side today, but hasn't been confirmed so far from either the russians or the government. but there is lots happening behind
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the scenes basically by the russians, in co—ordination with turkey and iran, to set a sort of roadmap to end the conflict in syria. they are talking about talks and meetings in cows expand, —— in kazakhstan at the end of next month, inviting both the government and the opposition. so far is not clear which part of the opposition will take place when and if they happen. but even this week there are meetings taking place between russia and rebel groups to do discussions about a ceasefire and a wider plan for syria. belgian officials have arrested a man in connection with the christmas
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the attack. quick —— security is tight and the attack. quick —— security is tightand in the attack. quick —— security is tight and in berlin ahead of new year celebrations. coming so close after the attack on the christmas market. 12 lives were lost and dozens injured when the truck ploughed into the crowds of christmas shoppers on evening of the 19th december. the man who was driving, anis amri from tunisia, was shot dead by police in milan four days later. now another man, a a0 rolls, also from tunisia, has been detained in connection with what happened here. german prosecutors say his number was found on anis amri's phone. it has been reported police raided his home and workplace in berlin. 0fficials police raided his home and workplace in berlin. officials have until thursday as to whether to formally arrested. the man who should have been driving the lorry was found deadin been driving the lorry was found dead in the passenger seat. his body has been taken back to poland where he came from the be examined. and
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other details about the investigation are emerging. the lorry had been moving at the speed. it has been reported that investigators say it is automatic rating system, which is triggered when an impact is incensed, may have prevented the loss of many more lives. —— braking system. in germany at last year's new year celebration dozens at last year's new year celebration d oze ns of at last year's new year celebration dozens of women were assaulted in cologne and now, with the attack on berlin, cities all over the country are stepping up their response. debbie reynolds has reportedly taken to hospital in the us, just one day after the death of her daughter carrie fisher. details are scarce so far but several news outlets are reporting the 8a—year—old may have suffered a stroke. stay with us. much more to come, including this. the british olympic champion and tour de france winner bradley wiggins retires from cycling at the age of 36. the most ambitious financial and political change ever attempted
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has got underway with the introduction of the euro. tomorrow, in holland, we're gonna use money we picked up in belgium today, then we'll be in france, and again it'll be the same money. it has just got to be the way to go. george harrison, the former beatle, is recovering in hospital after being stabbed in his 0xfordshire home. a 33—year—old man from liverpool is being interviewed by police on suspicion of attempted murder. i think it was good. just good? no, fantastic. that's better. this is bbc news.
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i'm mike embley. the latest headlines: us president—elect donald trump has launched a scathing attack on the un — saying it has caused problems rather than solved them. us secretary of statejohn kerry has said israeli settlement building in the west bank threatens hopes for peace in the middle east. israel's accused him of bias. more on that now — our washington correspondent laura bicker explained more about the timing of the secretary of state's intervention, so soon before leaving office. firstly, he may want to lay down a marker but we understand this is a speech he has wanted to make for a long time. the white house wouldn't let him. certainly this is what we're hearing. we from reports that he felt anger at prime minister netanyahu
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he felt anger at prime minister neta nyahu rather than push he felt anger at prime minister netanyahu rather than push israel further towards a negotiating table. from the reaction today, that seems to be whatjohn kerry has done. however, it would bejohn kerry's peace to broker. it will be donald trump's turn. he wants to be a friend to israel. the interesting thing about pointing out friendship is the face of it, prime minister netanyahu is the face of it, prime minister neta nyahu and is the face of it, prime minister netanyahu and 0bamacare seemed to get on but behind the scenes, there seems to be co—operation both in security and intelligence —— president obama. they are close when it comes to sharing intelligence between america and israel. there was a $38 billion package of military aid that will go to israel thanks to the obama administration. an amount that is there for ten yea rs an amount that is there for ten years for israel to use one missile defence. of course, president 0bama's administration has not used
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it veto at the un security council very often. unlike previous administrations, this one was an exception that was used by days ago. behind the scenes and actually when it comes to relations between the two countries. there has been co—operation between america and israel. 0n the face of it, however, the diplomatic process between president obama and prime minister netanyahu president obama and prime minister neta nyahu hasn't been president obama and prime minister netanyahu hasn't been there. donald trump has said he will be at friend to israel and has appointed an embassy to jerusalem. it to israel and has appointed an embassy tojerusalem. it is a controversial move. donald trump doesn't believe that the un security council resolution is a way to help the peace process. he says that puts more pressure on israel and doesn't make them want to sit down and have discussions about peace. a record number of migrant left
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germany in 2016. 55,000 people left the country voluntarily between january and november, almost double the number deported. the majority we re the number deported. the majority were albanian. they accounted for 15,000 of those that left the country. a further 5000 people from each of serbia, iraq and kosovo made from apartment at —— made up the majority. it comes on the back of last yea r‘s record majority. it comes on the back of last year's record influx, when roughly 890,000 migrants entered germany. the organisation for security and co—operation in europe says it
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came under a major cyber attack in november. it said the incident had put the integrity of its computer network at risk, but that the systems were safe now. the 0sce said that it didn't want to speculate about reports that russian hackers were behind the security breach. police in pakistan have arrested three men accused of preparing home—made liquor mixed with aftershave, causing one of the country's deadliest cases of mass alcohol poisoning. thirty—four people died and many more were hospitalised after they drank the mixture on christmas eve. thirteen people have died in peru after their bus fell 300 metres into a ravine. the accident happened in the central peruvian region of ayacucho. the bus was headed towards huanta, in the district of ayna san francisco. one person is still unaccounted for. the russian defence ministry says salvage teams have recovered a second flight recorder from the military plane that crashed into the black sea on sunday, killing all 92 people onboard. russian media report that there may have been a problem with the wing flaps, which control lift. they report that recordings of the cockpit conversations on another black box found on tuesday suggest the crew were struggling to keep the plane airborne.
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britain's most decorated 0lympian and tour de france winner sir bradley wiggins has announced his retirement from cycling. in a statement, the 36—year—old said he had been lucky enough to live a dream and make a career out of a sport he fell in love with when he was 12. it ends a stunning career which also brought him world championships and many other honours. but it follows questions about medical treatments he received in training. here's our sports correspondent richard conway. 0n the road, and on the track, sir bradley wiggins dominated his sport like few others. he is the uk's most decorated 0lympian, winning eight medals over 16 years. in 2012, he became the first briton to claim the tour de france title, achievements which took him on a path to the palace. but, after so much success over the years, sir bradley wiggins's
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remarkable career has finally rolled to a halt, in a statement, he said... wiggins kindled his love of cycling at his local club in south london. and at the age of 12, he knew what he wanted to achieve, telling his teachers he would one day be olympic champion. he delivered on that promise, winning his first gold at the 200a athens games, all at a time when british cycling success was far from the norm. and his personality, intertwined with a love of mod culture, helped him to transcend and popularise the sport. his retirement comes at a time of heightened scrutiny into his career, though. earlier this year russian hackers revealed wiggins had been given powerful steroid injections before three key races, including his 2012
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tour de france win. this substance involved is banned under normal circumstances, as it can be performance—enhancing. but wiggins legally and legitimately applied for a medical exemption, he says, to treat hayfever. this wasn't about trying to find a way to gain an unfair advantage. this was about putting ourselves on a level playing field, in order to compete at the highest level. one of britain's brightest sporting careers is now at an end. but it was one that was coloured throughout by gold and yellow. it's been a tough year for many and new yorkers have been making the most of good riddance day. it's now in its tenth year with festivities taking place in times square — as catharina moh explains. the first smashing of the day. junk and clutter, be gone! you can all relate to that.
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it is good riddance day in new york, which means getting rid of the negativity of 2016... how does that feel? that feels good! make space for all the possibilities that 2017 might bring. crowds of people gathered in times square to take part. some made their grievances public. 0thers preferring to toss their bad memories straight into the bin. good riddance to tiny thumbs on twitter. i want to shred the stress and the anger. this was, like, the last connection to my cancer. it takes a lot of courage to share that with us. thank you, eileen. that's amazing. how does that feel? that feels great. while the majority wrote their memories on pieces of paper bound for the shredder, others came with photographs, bags of bills, anything associated with discontent. it's a lot of stuff that i brought. as the negative vibes
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are being thrown out, people also began writing wishes, and making resolutions for the new year. and the menus again, the us president—elect donald trump has launched another attack on the united nations, saying it causes problems rather than solve them. he says the organisation has potential but was failing to live up to it. and the story that was breaking, debbie reynolds, actress and mother of course of carrie fisher whose death was announced yesterday, has been rushed to hospital. a couple of hollywood outlets has been reporting she may have suffered a stroke. she is 8a. much more and all the news on the bbc website, thank you for watching. we've got a lot of fog
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out there, thick fog. it's quite patchy, which makes it dangerous as well. and on top of that, we've got sub—zero temperatures. so that combination means freezing fog in some areas, and that, in turn, means that the roads could be quite slippy. so really quite dangerous on some of those roads, if you are travelling in the early hours, and really throughout much of the morning, into the afternoon, because that fog will be stubborn to clear. this time of year, when there is no wind, the sun is low on the horizon, just can't work on that fog, it cannot melt it, as we say, away. this is what it looks like at 8:00am in the morning. you can see fog extensive across england, also the near continent there. temperatures down to —3 in some areas. now, the further north you go, we've got a bit more of a breeze coming off the atlantic here. so that means that that fog can't form, and there are also bits and pieces of light rain. fog doesn't like the rain, too. so for the western isles
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in the highlands, i think fog—free, fog—free for northern ireland. but here across the bulk of england, at the very least it will be sort of cloudy, misty, a bit of brightness, and in one or two areas that fog is going to persist. now, in terms of the temperatures, for most of us, actually quite a chilly day. three orfour degrees. warm spot there, tropical in stornoway, 11 celsius. we've got the wind in the rain, so it's not ideal. let's focus on that fog, because i have said that it may stick around into the afternoon, these sorts of areas here. where it does stick around, the temperatures of course struggle. we haven't got the sunshine coming in. warming up the ground, so it is zero degrees celsius. so thursday night, so this is the following night now, a bit more of a breeze across the uk. these isobars here, the pressure lines, mean there is more of wind. so that means that the fog isn't going to be quite so widespread into friday morning and friday afternoon, maybe, across the south—east. i think for many of us it is sort of a cloudy—ish sort of day, with some sunshine. notice that there is some rain getting into the far north of the uk.
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this is new year's eve, weather front moving into northern ireland, scotland, the far north of england, too. to the south of that, probably staying dry. temperatures just about into double figures the south—west, and south—westerlies across europe. actually, the bulk of the continent probably hovering close to freezing during the course of new year's eve. but look at that, london is actually going to be warmer than madrid on new year's eve. now, something does happen as we go into 2017. the thinking is that a cold front, a pretty good cold front, will sweep across the uk, and introduce these northerly winds. so i think 1 january 2017 is going to feel pretty nippy across the uk. the latest headlines from bbc news. i'm mike embley. us president—elect donald trump has launched a scathing attack on the un claiming it has caused problems, rather than solved them. he said the organisation had tremendous potential, but was failing to live up to it. the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, has responded to a speech by us secretary
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of state, john kerry, that was highly critical of his country. mr kerry said israeli settlement building on occupied land was a major problem and the prospect of a peace deal based on a two—state solution was in grave jeopardy. mr netanyahu said he was biased. german prosecutors have detained a a0 year—old tunisian man in connection with the truck attack that killed 12 people at a christmas market in berlin. they say his number was found on the phone of anis amri, the man who drove the truck. a woman has died in a crash that involved up to 20 vehicles
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