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tv   Newsday  BBC News  December 31, 2016 12:00am-12:31am GMT

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welcome to bbc news. our top stories: as the us expels 35 russian diplomats, president—elect donald trump praises the russian president's response not to retaliate. after 2a hours syria's ceasefire is generally holding. the guns have fallen silent but all sides remain on alert. china vows to shut down its ivory trade. it could bea shut down its ivory trade. it could be a lifesaver for elephants on the brink of extinction. and it is the last day in the office for ban ki—moon as he prepares to step down as the head of the un. millions of people will be watching as i lose my job. hello, and welcome to the programme.
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just one day after president obama announced plans to expel 35 russian diplomats over alleged cyber hacking, his successor, donald trump, has praised russian president vladimir putin for not reacting in kind. that was after vladimir putin's decision not to expel american diplomats from russia in retaliation. using twitter mr trump said great move on delayed by vladimir putin. i always knew he was very smart. meanwhile the american expulsion of russian diplomats and theirfamilies is expulsion of russian diplomats and their families is under way. expulsion of russian diplomats and theirfamilies is under way. these pictures were filmed at a russian compound in new york state. it is a site the us says has been used as a base for espionage. with the very latest from moscow, steve rosenberg. near the kremlin tonight, they were putting on a seasonal show. ahead of the new year's celebrations, there was song and dance and some musical theatre. but that was nothing compared
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to the political theatre being played out inside. first up on stage, the foreign minister. he advised president putin to expel 35 us diplomats. america had expelled 35 russians. in other words, tit—for—tat, cold war style. it seemed inevitable. but no, vladimir putin said, he wasn't going to stoop to the level of irresponsible diplomacy. he wasn't going to expel any americans. he even invited the children of all us diplomats in moscow to a new year's party here in the kremlin. that was a surprise, but it didn't change what america's top intelligence agencies believe to be true, that state—sponsored hackers, backed by the highest levels of the russian government, had interfered in the us presidential election, with a cyber attack on the democratic party. was president putin behind it?
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last week, i got a chance to ask him myself. mr president, your country has been accused of state—sponsored hacking, with the aim of influencing the result of the us presidential election. and president obama revealed that he told you personally to cut it out, so what did you tell him in response? the kremlin leader refused to tell me, dismissing all the talk of hacking as sour grapes from the democratic party. today, president putin said he would work to restore relations with america under donald trump. and this evening, mr trump responded by praising him for not engaging in tit—for—tat expulsions, saying, in a tweet, "great move on delay by v putin. i always knew he was very smart". what putin and trump expect from each other is a certain kind
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of decency, a certain kind of frankness, and no hypocrisy and no political correctness. by not expelling diplomats today, the kremlin was sending a new year's gift to the new man in the white house. russia wants to mend ties with trump's america and come in from the cold. steve rosenberg, bbc news, moscow. well, we speak to a former us ambassador to nato, now the executive director of the mccain institute, which is part of arizona state university. he joins institute, which is part of arizona state university. hejoins me from the studio in washington the short time ago to tell us what he makes of this diplomatic row. president obama i think wanted to get this in under the wire on his watch because he believes it is a
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serious breach of security and he doesn't want to respond to that and he didn't think trump would. trump is trying to change the tone of the relationship with russia, unclear in what he means with specifics, but to get away from being in conflict with russia. putin is hoping that trump will offer him things, like recognition of crimea, or recognition of crimea, or recognition of crimea, or recognition of a russian sphere of influence, and so he wants to encourage trump in that direction by appearing to be friendly towards trump, and trump, you know, we will see how he responds to that, but eve ryo ne see how he responds to that, but everyone is playing their own agenda here. nancy soderberg, ambassador at the un under president clinton, believes putin will try to test donald trump early on. she was suggesting perhaps in the balkans. what is your reaction? well, i would think of a different type of test. i think of a different type of test. i think if it were hillary clinton we would have seen something very aggressive from russia, such as more
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military movement in ukraine or recognition of moldova as an independent state, something like that. i don't think that is what we will see in the case of putin and trump because trump is sending a signal of cooperation, so putin wa nts to signal of cooperation, so putin wants to see what he can get for free, what he can get without having to ta ke free, what he can get without having to take any aggressive action. so i think he is going to be looking for accommodation from trump perhaps on some of the same issues, recognition of crimea or recognition of a russian sphere of influence. when it comes to nato i think it is a different category but for the countries in russia's near neighbourhood i think that is an area where he will hope to get some thing. they must be very concerned about what is going on but in terms of what putin — how far can he put? surely the alleged cyber hacking was the redline and even the republicans wa nt the redline and even the republicans want action, a course of action to be taken, john mccain himself has said this is war. what is the
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redline? well, the red line will be when putin feels pushback against these things and it becomes dangerous for russia. we have seen them take extraordinary steps over them take extraordinary steps over the last eight to ten years, invading to other neighbouring countries, occupying a bunch of its territory, annexing territory, engaging in cyber attacks, using energy as a weapon, all sorts of things, including brandishing nuclear weapons and talking about the deployment and possible use, these are things that are really extraordinary things we haven't seen evenin extraordinary things we haven't seen even in the cold war. russia has not felt much pushback on these things. it has only been very recently that we have seen these kind of status from the obama administration and putin is trying to dismiss it in the hopes of a cooperative attitude from donald trump. it will be a little more of a cycle as we get into a new administration where we see just how putin behaves in that sense, where he feels pushback. ultimately every
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president has tried to re— sit with russia and everyone has ended up disappointed because of russian behaviour. how important is that case is a strong nato? we have donald trump wanting member states to pay their share. is that not weakening the whole organisation? well, every president again has wa nted well, every president again has wanted european allies to pay more of their share of the cost of defence. the us share of total nato defence. the us share of total nato defence expenditure rose from about 50% to what is now about 75% and you will remember bob gate, the president bush and president obama secretary of defence saying that is not sustainable, so trump is repeating the same thing, it is too much of a burden for the us compared to others. that being said i think all of the positioning is in place for a strong collective defence and strong deterrents. you will render the recent nato summit confirmed they will be pre— positioning of personnel adequate men in the baltic states and robust exercise schedule, thatis states and robust exercise schedule, that is not going to change and i
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think it is a good signal to russia that it may be intent on probing to see how the worst response to things, but it is more likely to be in the nearby countries such as ukraine rather than in nato territory. and just briefly if you would, donald trump wants a better relationship with russia. is there a problem with that, i we missing something? no, not at all, ithink we all want a better relationship with russia, the question ought to be, though, what does russia change in its behaviour to enable such a relationship? because all of the problems we have had have been caused by russian actions, whether it is the cyber hacking, the invasion of neighbours, annexing territory, threatening military use and nuclear use. that was kurt volker, former us ambassador to nato, giving his perspective on this whole situation. we have lots more details and analysis as well on the website and we have up to the minute information on russian and us reaction coming in thick and fast on this story. now, another big story, more than 2a
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hours since a nationwide ceasefire began across assyria and while it appears to be holding in most areas it has emerged that not all rebel forces consider themselves to be involved. in particular one islamist group, which has links to outsider, has insisted it will continue to fight against the syrian government. our correspondent alan johnston reports. there is a ceasefire but many on the front lines won't put aside their gunsjust yet, front lines won't put aside their guns just yet, they will watch and wait, suspicious after years of war. translation: as fsa we are committed to their ceasefire to keep civilian people safe, but we are here on the frontline ready in case the regime tried to break the ceasefire at any time. we think this ceasefire is a game but we are committed to it to
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keep the civilian souls are safe. while the fighters draw breath in the new tents calm, others focus on the new tents calm, others focus on the politics of the truce —— tense calm. in this rebel stronghold, the northern city of idlib, they protested against president bashar al—assad. people here said they would support the ceasefire if it meant he was ousted with the demands of the opposition met. but the president's supporters will see things very differently. events have moved in his favour. his army has dealt the rebels major defeat in aleppo. mr assad is stronger now than ever and his great ally, russia, is the majorforce behind the truce agreement. translation: this reflects the reality that after aleppo's liberation this situation is now different. there is a real opportunity to reach a political
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solution for the crisis in syria that ends the bloodshed and establishes the routes for the future of the country. those who wa nt future of the country. those who want the truce to hold mauri about the part played by these men, rebels from what used to be called the nusra front, which had links to outsider. they have rejected the ceasefire deal and the syrian military says they are still a target. but if it goes after these men in the depths of rebel territory, the truce could unravel. but across this shattered land, on its first day, the ceasefire at pier to be largely holding. despite reports of scattered clashes and some airstrikes, many syrians will desperately hope that the truce will endure. translation: the ceasefire is good, it is good for the people to get a break from the aircraft, the hit and killed. the people are tired. we want our got to realise
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this. with a ceasefire or with anything. we don't have any problem because we want to finish this death and destruction that happen to us. if his prayers are answered and the guns go quiet the route to new peace talks will open up. alanjohnston, bbc news. let's bring you up—to—date with some of the other news for the day. a love triangle could be behind the murder of brazil's greek ambassador. authorities say a local police officer who had reportedly been having an affair with his wife has confessed to murdering the 59—year—old. it is alleged the ambassador's wife and police officer conspired to kill the diplomat. the man was found in a burnt out car on the outskirts of rio deignan. a third man has also been detained for questioning. a mediator says the president of the
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democratic republic of congo has agreed to step down after elections which are due to be held next year. joseph kabila has remained in power despite his mandate expiring. he is understood to have agreed not to change the constitution to allow him to run for change the constitution to allow him to runfora change the constitution to allow him to run for a third time in office. german chancellor angela merkel is using her new message to warn that the biggest test facing her country is terrorism. the annual address follows a n is terrorism. the annual address follows an attack earlier this month ona follows an attack earlier this month on a christmas market in berlin were 12 people were killed after a truck was driven into shoppers. china has announced that it will ban its entire ivory trade in the coming year. china has the biggest ivory market in the world with an estimated 70% of the world's supply being traded there. beijing says the commercial processing and the sale of ivory will stop within three months. registered traders will then be phased out by the end of next
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year. speaking to me from massachusetts, the asia regional director for the international fund for animal welfare, director for the international fund foranimalwelfare, grace director for the international fund for animal welfare, grace gabriel told me i was so overjoyed this morning when i woke i was so overjoyed this morning when iwoke up i was so overjoyed this morning when i woke up to this news. yes, it is going to be a game changer. it is going to be a game changer. it is going to be the saviour of elephants anywhere, everywhere. and you are convinced it will all go through? yes, i believe it well. it's very detailed. talking about how it is going to handle the ivory carving factories as well as retail outlets. they are going to be phased out, and there is not going to be commercial trade of ivory. and it also stipulates that ivory carving as a skill, if carvers want to continue
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with that carving, they can go to other materials, shifting the industry to other types of materials, while preserving the craftsmanship. what about the issue of hong kong? explained to us how thatis of hong kong? explained to us how that is going to work out. at the moment, hong kong is talking about phasing out in five years. and i think that that is a mistake, because already, as ivory prices drop in mainland china, people are moving their trade to hong kong and buying it in hong kong and smuggling it into mainland china. so it is... it is mainland china implement in this trade banned which is going to set a great example for hong kong to follow. and is there no pressure that you can apply on to that part, to get them to go online, to do it
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all at the same time as the rest of china? we hope so, yes. yes, indeed. you talked about maybe other different forms of ivory, of course there is the rhinoceros ivory, which is also very much traded. is that going to be looked at in the future? it is going to put the spotlight on the trade of endangered species, by this law. and in the past we have seen this law. and in the past we have seen that government actions making trade... making a market place is unavailable for trade can have immediate and huge impact both on the market, as well as on people's perception of this trade. so i hope this announcement is going to set an example for other species to be looked at, and awareness raised, and also political will to protect them
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raised. thank you for raising our awareness. thank you so much for your time. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: if everyone has their price, what should we make of cristiano ronaldo turning down $100 million a year to play football in china ? the most ambitious financial and political change ever attempted has got underway with the introduction of the euro. tomorrow, in holland, we're gonna use money we picked up in belgium today, then we'll be in france, and again it'll be the same money. it has just got to be the way to go. george harrison, the former beatle, is recovering in hospital after being stabbed in his oxfordshire home. a 33—year—old man from liverpool is being interviewed by police on suspicion of attempted murder. i think it was good.
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just good? no, fantastic. that's better. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: president—elect donald trump has praised president putin for rejecting a call to expel 35 us diplomats, in retaliation for a similar move by washington. china has announced that the domestic trade in ivory will stop next year. china has the biggest ivory market in the world. in iraq, special forces are pushing
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back militants near mosul. it is the second phase of an attack on the last major stronghold of is in iraq. the us led coalition said iraqi forces had advanced in three directions and opened two new fronts in the city. the fighting comes a day after iraqi forces brokered a two week lull in fighting to stage an offensive east of the tigris river —— roque. the un secretary general, ban ki—moon, is spending his last full day in office before standing down. this was the scene at the united nations building in new york, as he said goodbye to his staff. he will be replaced from the first ofjanuary by antonio guterres, the former prime minister of portugal. mr ban was in a cheerful mood as he made these farewell remarks. now, ifeel a bit like cinderella.
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tomorrow at midnight, everything changes. applause it's a bit awkward. i have to do all my own. so far i have been assisted and supported by thousands and thousands of your hard—working staff and member states. let us see how i survive. tomorrow night, on the eve of new year, i will be in times square for the ball drop. billions of people will be watching, as i lose myjob. it is a matter of
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celebration, or... mr ban touched on the new year celebrations in new york there. preparations are also under way around the world, and security is being tightened in a number of european cities, ahead of the big event. this was the scene in paris on friday, where additional concrete barriers are being deployed in areas thought to be vulnerable to attack. more than 10,000 police and other security officials will be on patrol on saturday evening. and more than 90,000 police and soldiers will be on duty across france. and in the german capital, berlin, where 12 people died when a truck was driven into a street market just before christmas, several areas have been closed. a police spokesman said that every measure is being taken to prevent a possible attack. and there will be additional police on patrol in madrid, milan, rome and naples. heavy fog is causing disruption to flights in and out of the uk.
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heathrow, gatwick and london city are all reporting delays. visibility is reported as being less than 100m in some areas, and weather forecasters have warned that the fog could continue until later on saturday. now, what would you do if someone promised you more than $100 million a year to come to work for them? well, that is what cristiano ronaldo's agent says has been offered to the football star to go to play in the chinese super league. but he's turned it down. but it seems unlikely that the people who run football in china will give up on using financial muscle to try to attract the game's biggest names, asjoe wilson reports. china wants football, it wants footballers. earlier this year, bbc sport filmed at one of china's first designated football schools, two hours east of beijing. but the country can't simply wait for its grassroots to grow. in the meantime, there is money. according to his agent, cristiano ronaldo turned down £85
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million a year, offered by a club in the chinese super league. well, maybe, but the relocation is already happening. here is carlos tevez, once of manchester united and city, saying goodbye to his beloved buenos aires to begin the new year in shanghai, apparently becoming the world's highest—paid footballer. £32 million a season in the csl, it is rumoured. trevor watkins, a sports lawyer who has worked in china, told me these deals will force the world to pay attention. we have a situation where the csl is commanding the way in which the transfer market is moving. they're the ones with the big money, they're the ones prepared to put it down on the table. they have a slightly different transfer window to european football, and arguably they are distorting, or actually advancing the european market. consider 0scar, 25, at his peak, and leaving chelsea tojoin a different shanghai side. so are chinese clubs now a threat to the premier league? sam allardyce said today he had
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rejected a chance to manage in china, but thinks more players will go there. with their population, and the fact that the people will go out and watch football at that level, only time will tell whether it's the right thing to do or not. but the clubs are not going to turn that money down, and certainly the player isn't. it is possible to build a successful football league with foreign talent in a country where the national team fails. they could ask england fans. china aims to win the world cup. if so, the next generation must be better than the current one. in a recent world cup qualifier, china lost to syria. joe wilson, bbc news. don't forget, you can get in touch with me and the team. i'm @kasiamadera. good morning. some contrasting
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weather conditions to close out our final few days of 2016. take for example yesterday. it was cold and foggy in the south—east pretty much all day for some of us. temperatures just a couple of degrees above freezing and not much to be seen from the london eye. i contrast, into the south—west it was a beautiful afternoon with plenty of sunshine, as seen by this weather watcher's photo in st ives. 12 degrees the high here and it was mild in the north and west of scotla nd mild in the north and west of scotland as well. but it is going to turn increasingly wet and windy. high pressure, though, into the south just hangs on, and so fog is certainly going to be an issue. it is certainly worth bearing in mind if you are out and about on the roads early on, there could be further disruption to travel, as that fog may well be dancing places. temperatures struggling just a couple of degrees above freezing, and it will be a pretty murky start. mild to the north—west, but that rain is on its way. but let's concentrate with the fog across east anglia, down into the south—east
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corner, and to the south of the m4 corridor. here, some of the fog could be dancing places. so it is going to be a cold, grey start. eventually that fog lifting the low cloud. there will be a little of your brightness, though, across much of wales in the north of england. we should get to see some sunshine, and that will stay with you for much of the day. across northern ireland, southern scotland, the winds picking up, the rain into the north—west. some of that turning quite heavy for a time, and that will gradually drift way south through the day. we should get to see a little bit of sunshine into the north of england and north wales. hopefully the fog lifts away, and it may well feel just that little bit milder, a bit more of a breeze around, at eight or nine degrees here, ten or 11 further north. now, as we go into new year's eve celebrations, unfortunately that weather front a bit of a nuisance through northern ireland and northern england, perhaps into north wales as well. so it means a wet end to the year. behind it, colder, and there will be some snow showers. so i suspect, as the clock ticks
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towards midnight, that weatherfront will be setting really through the north of england and into wales. to the north of it, shari, those showers turning increasingly wintry. to the south of it it stays mild and quiet. now, eventually as that front sinks south once again, once again the cold air digs in from the north. so we start of new year's day with some wet weather moving its way through the midlands, eventually pushing into the south—east corner. soa pushing into the south—east corner. so a pretty miserable new year's day here. further north it stays cold and showery. it will be a colder day on monday but at least there will be some decent spells of sunshine, and it stays largely dry as well. the latest headlines from bbc news. i'm kasia madera. president—elect donald trump has praised russian president vladimir putin, after mr putin said he will not expel any us diplomats in response to washington's expulsion of 35 russians. china has announced that it will ban its entire ivory trade in the coming year. 0ne conservation group said it could be the turning point that brings elephants back
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from the brink of extinction. police in rio dejaneiro have detained the greek ambassador‘s wife and two other people on suspicion of involvement in the envoy‘s murder. investigators say the ambassador‘s body was found in the boot of a burnt—out car. the nationwide ceasefire in syria is now over 2a hours old. while it appears to be holding in most areas, there is some confusion over which groups are actually involved. well, that is it from me. it is my
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