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i met with first minister arlene foster at 1.30. and we have a conversation which i am about to speak to you about. over the last ten years i have worked with dup leaders, and i have reached out to unionists on the basis of equality, respect and reconciliation. and over this period, the actions of the british government and the dup, in my opinion, have grievously undermined the institutions and have eroded public confidence. so we in sinn fein will not tolerate the arrogance of arlene foster and the dup. sinn fein want equality and respect for everyone. that is what this process must be about. so today, i have told arlene foster that i have tendered my resignation, effective from five
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o'clock today. so i believe today is the right time to call a halt to the dup's arrogance. millions of commuters have had a difficult start to the week after a strike on the london underground shut down most of the network. one of the capital's busiest train stations — clapham junction — had to be evacuated for a time as large numbers of people tried to use overground services instead. the strike, which ended at 6pm, is over staff numbers and safety on the tube. our correspondent daniel boettcher is at piccadilly circus station in central london. the strike ended 45 minutes ago. how bad is it for people trying to get home tonight? well, around here, it isn't that busy at the moment. that isn't that busy at the moment. that is in part because people have changed the timings of their journeys and tried to find other
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ways of getting home. they were also advised earlier in the day to try to make their journeys advised earlier in the day to try to make theirjourneys home before six o'clock. but even though the strike is over, the station behind me is still closed. the gates are locked. there is a small group of people waiting outside with suitcases. they we re waiting outside with suitcases. they were hoping to get to heathrow airport on the underground, but they have told that that is not going to happen. the reason for that is that london underground says it has been focusing its efforts today on providing as good a service as it can in the circumstances during the peak daytime hours, the morning and evening rush hour. but that means that into the evening, there will be continued disruption and that will mean further station closures. all of this will not be dealt with fully until tomorrow morning. that is when things will get back to normal. just fill us in on the background to this dispute? this goes back to some extent when ticket offices were
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closed. it is aboutjob cuts and staffing levels, which unions say are jeopardising safety. staffing levels, which unions say arejeopardising safety. london underground says it acknowledges that morejobs are underground says it acknowledges that more jobs are needed, underground says it acknowledges that morejobs are needed, but underground says it acknowledges that more jobs are needed, but it says that this strike is unnecessary. that is also the view of the london mayor, sadiq khan, who has said that the unions need to get back to the negotiating table and talk to london underground to try to get this resolved. daniel boettcher, thank you. the girlfriend of the missing raf serviceman corrie mckeague, says he is due to become a father. the airman disappeared after a night out with friends in bury st edmunds in september. april oliver, who is 21, said she became pregnant after a relationship with mr mckeague, who is from fife but based in suffolk. miss oliver and corrie's mother have been speaking to susie fowler—watt at bbc look east. we started off seeing each other
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and it was quite casual. we were both seeing other people at the time. and then we went on to have conversations whereby we thought it was getting serious, and what we were going to do and what plans we had. we know that he disappeared at the end of september, how recently had you seen him before then? i had seen him near enough the same week that he went missing. so... i think apart from the raf boys, i was one of the last people to see him, which is quite hard. but when he went missing, you happened to be abroad with your family. when did you hear that he was missing? i had only been there a few days when i got a call from the raf boys asking if i had seen him or heard from him on the monday, i think it was. that's when i knew that he
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was obviously missing and i quickly got the plane home. how long after that did you then discover that you were pregnant? a couple of weeks after i came back, after going through police interviews and, unfortunately, i've had to make a massive decision by myself. i was hoping and praying we would find out some information that he would come home so we could make the decision together. we had had conversations about children and what we wanted in the past. it was something that i hoped that he would be here to help me make the decision but unfortunately, he isn't. this will be your first grandchild. it will, yes. it should be a joyous occasion for you, can you feel anyjoy about it at the moment? i was at the scan with april the other day. i don't think anybody could see that and not be affected by that. but it is incredibly
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difficult to balance my head, as it is for april as well, from the excitement of a new baby, to what we are actually trying to focus on just now, which is finding corrie. more than a quarter of young people in britain say they don't feel in control of their lives. according to a national study, money worries are top of the list of issues making them feel anxious about their future. for 19—year—old milly rawley, getting help was crucial to getting her life back on track after her mum died. i faced a series of relationship breakdowns and different forms of abuse until eventually when i was 16, i became homeless for three months, and this was when mental health really declined. after receiving treatment in hospital, milly is living at the ymca while doing her a—levels, and she's now feeling much happier. compared to years ago, i know where i want to go, what i want to do, and i know how to get there.
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according to the prince's trust, which has supported milly, more than a quarter of young people don't feel in control of their lives. the charity says well—being for 16 to 25—year—olds is at its lowest level in eight years of research. we need to invest in things like cadets, programs in schools that are character—building and encourage teamwork. i think we need to invest much more heavily in vocational training and the further education sector. concerns over body image, recent political events including the brexit vote and the syria situation, as well as money worries, were all raised by the survey — issues these young people say are a concern. because of recent political events and the economic outlook, there isjust a really high level of uncertainty. you have to have a certain income... a lot of employers expect you to have lots of experience just even to find an entry—leveljob. while life can be difficult
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for all young people, milly says it's important to reach out when you know things are really spiralling out of control. a fund for the family of the polish lorry driver killed in the berlin christmas market attack has reached nearly £200,000. fellow lorry driver david duncan was so shocked by what happened that he set up the online campaign. today mr duncan was personally thanked by the polish ambassador to london, as kasia madera reports. when dave duncan heard about lukasz urban‘s killing in the attack on the christmas market in berlin, he felt compelled to help the deceased man's family in some way. so he set up an online fundraising campaign to raise money. it was just something i'd seen on the tv or something and thought "why not? why not me?" actions speak louder than words, so they say. that's why i did it. are you surprised by the response?
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obviously, yeah. it's been incredible, amazing that people responded to it, yeah. it's been brilliant. the campaign has been welcomed by mr urban‘s family and the wider polish community. please accept my gratitude for your remarkable work. today, the polish ambassador arkady, rzegocki, met up with mr duncan to express his thanks. here are some polish products, just for you. the money raised by mr duncan will go to lucasz urban‘s widow and teenage son, and he hopes to visit them in poland in the not too distant future. much of central and eastern europe is in the grip of extreme cold, and latest reports suggest that at least 25 people have died.
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authorities in poland say 17 people died there over the weekend. the freezing weather caused major disruption to utility and transport networks as temperatures plunged to below minus 20 degrees celsius in some places. snow has been recorded as far south as rome and the greek islands. in the hungarian capital budapest, the river danube is beginning to freeze over. our correspondent there nick thorpe gave us this update. it's pretty cold here, and you can see. iam it's pretty cold here, and you can see. i am just standing across from the hungarian parliament here in budapest, and the danube large ice flows are floating down the danube. it is relatively mild here in budapest, only about minus eight. temperatures touched 28 celsius yesterday on the northern border. but in neighbouring romania, 67 degrees, a record —67 was recorded on one mountain peak yesterday. weather like this is obviously causing disruption. many schools in romania and bulgaria are closed, and
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the most vulnerable people, the homeless in the cities and migrants and refugees are still trying to ta ke and refugees are still trying to take the balkan route through turkey and greece and so on. there are remarkable weather conditions also on the black sea coast, with snow and ice along there. very difficult conditions in large parts of eastern europe today. i hope it is not that bad here. there is some snow in the forecast, but nowhere near as cold as what we are seeing in eastern europe. today, it was about rain, working southwards and eastwards. not pleasa nt southwards and eastwards. not pleasant for a time, but the worst of it has clear. it is being driven by this deeper area of low pressure to the north of the uk. this evening, you have low pressure in the western side of scotland. it is also very windy. elsewhere, there will be showers coming in on that wind from the west. many southern areas are doing reasonably well, but
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it will be quite chilly. there will bea it will be quite chilly. there will be a chill in the airfirst it will be quite chilly. there will be a chill in the air first thing on tuesday. some parts of eastern scotla nd tuesday. some parts of eastern scotland are faring reasonably well. more clout in the west of scotland, but the winds are not as strong as they are overnight. a bit of rain over the pennines in the morning. to the east of the pennines, much of eastern england should have a dry and bright start. a bit more clout at times in the midlands and certainly cloudier across wales. but generally, central and eastern areas should have a reasonable start to the day. further north and west, we have that cloud and rain working further eastwards into the afternoon. after a chilly start, single figures for most places. but you might get double figures for the channel islands in the south—west of england. through the evening, there might be rain for a time in the south—east. then another batch of rain were its way into the
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north—west. during the middle of the week, there will be lots of isobars on the chart, meaning it is going to be windy. you can follow those towards greenland and iceland. so it will be cold air on wednesday, bringing cold showers. they will not be rain showers, but wintry showers over the north and west of the uk. the further south you go, it should be dry and cloudy. we have seen the cold air across much of southern and eastern europe. it will stay cold for money, but parts of germany and poland will become less cold in the next few days. on our shores, the wind continues to come from the north and north—west. it is going to be told later this week. with that comes the risk of some snow showers. the snow could get down to lower levels through the day on thursday and into friday. met office warnings have been issued. you can keep up—to—date with those on the bbc weather website. this is bbc news.
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i'm clive myrie. the headlines at 7.00: political crisis in northern ireland as martin mcguinness resigns as deputy first minister. and in crisis. the situation that we have been dealing with over the course of the past few years is unacceptable. i have now called a halt to dup arrogance. the government may have to call fresh elections after the row over the so—called "cash for ash" scheme. it was a green energy scheme which has lost hundreds of millions of pounds. if sinn fein does not nominate a replacement to the role of deputy first minister, then i am obliged to call an election of the assembly. the health secretary says the guarantee that all patients
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