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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 12, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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hello, this is bbc news with martine croxhall. the headlines at 6.30pm: donald trump's confrontation with america's top spy masters continues. after the president—elect accused them of leaking unproven allegations, trump's nominee for cia chief gives his version of the events. a "real winter" — with strong winds and snow — is expected to cause disruption across much of the uk. many flights have already been cancelled amid warnings of blizzard conditions set to sweep across the country tomorrow. the world's first tidal lagoon, creating green energy from the sea, is likely to go ahead in swansea bay — as plans for a £1.3 billion project are backed by a government—commissioned review. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... we will be getting more reaction to donal trump's confrontation with america's top spy masters.
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we will be talking to our correspondents in different parts of the country to give you the latest on heavy winds and snow sweeping across the uk. and we'll meet the 72—year—old female rally driver, who is coming out of retirement to drive the original car in which she competed in the world rally cup almost 50 years ago. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster. these are our sportsday headlines tonight: "a real gentleman" and a "fantastic football person" — tributes are paid to graham taylor, who has died at the age of 72. dimitri payet goes on strike at the hammers, saying he wants to leave the club — the manager says his star player won't be sold. and konta keeps on winning — four days before the first major in melbourne, she's into the sydney international final. good evening.
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the former watford, aston villa and england manager graham taylor has died at the age of 72. his family say he had a suspected heart attack early this morning, and that it was "totally unexpected." as you can expect hundreds of tributes from throughout football have been paid from former colleagues and players. gary lineker described him as "an outstanding manager, lover of football and thoroughly decent man." patrick gearey looks back at his career. graham taylor will be remembered as a beleaguered england manager, but also one of the best english managers. his time in charge of the national team came to exemplify its pressures. a tv documentary about taylor's rain called it "an impossible job." but taylor had been pulling off improbable jobs all his managerial career. in 1977, eltonjohn, the then owner of watford, persuaded him to join the club then in the fourth division. taylor took them to the first division in five seasons and to the fa cup final in 1984. his boss had become his friend
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and today sir eltonjohn said in a statement: taylor moved on to aston villa and drop them in a statement: taylor moved on to aston villa and drop them from the second division to a title challenge in the first. next, the topjob. england. they reached the semifinals of the world cup but were going through it transition. through a transition. he got them to a championship, but he was criticised for substituting gary lineker in what would be his last international. worse was to follow. england failed to qualify for the 1994 world cup. he resigned in november 1993, having failed in the biggest job of his career.
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the press dwelled on results but he had earned the players‘ respects. a guy who was so passionate, who was so in love with the game of football, and who was straight and honest and would tell you as it was. he was not afraid to do that, whether you were a young player or a very experienced player. i think that is how he will be remembered. the england experienced never left taylor but neither did it break him. he returned to management with wolves and watford as well as aston villa. he then moved to the microphone as a commentator. it allowed the nation to discover the graham taylor that the players knew — in the words of one, an absolute gentleman. let's here some more tributes now, starting with the current england manager: through my involvement with england graham was always somebody who spoke to me as an england player even though i did not work directly with him, and also gave me great encouragement as a young manager, so i phoned him at gentleman and had a passion for england —— i phoned him
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at gentleman who had a passion for england. he has given most of his life to english football and i think you meet decent football people, real football people, within the game. he was one of those. he was certainly somebody who had a passion for coaching and wanting to see young english coaches come through. you always speak about people's contribution within football but you a lwa ys contribution within football but you always remember them as people. he was someone always remember them as people. he was someone who always remember them as people. he was someone who was generous always remember them as people. he was someone who was generous with everybody and generous with his time. the other human qualities you remember the most. taylor's most successful managerial years were with watford. luther blissett‘s goals during his first spell saw them rise from the old fourth division to second in the first division in 1983. blissett was also his assistant when they returned to the premier league in 1999. asa as a player, you know, you respected every thing he did. yes, there were times when you clashed over things, but that is quite normal. i do
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respect everything he said because his experience, his understanding, his experience, his understanding, his vision, you know, because people go on at this stage in time about how fit the premier league players are and so on. graham did all of that with those way back in the 19805, that with those way back in the 1980s, so we've was a very fit, strong and committed team, playing the way we did, that brought the success. learned that and brought all that with me through my playing and then into my coaching as well. graham wasa and then into my coaching as well. graham was a big part of that, giving me that opportunity when he came back in 96, to be the manager of the club. you know, that was my first real step into management. i learned an awful lot from him on managing players and just the way you prepare, and all the detailed things. he was superb in that. the detail, probably thinking about it, even more so, was detail, probably thinking about it, even more so, was probably the thing that made graham saw separate as many people. one of the things he would always preach to us playing, look after the details, and the bigger picture will take care of
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itself. that was true. performance was the most important thing. to the rest of the day's sports news now... everton have completed the signing of manchester united midfielder morgan schneiderlin for a fee that could rise to £24 million. schneiderlin has signed for four—and—a—half—yea rs and will link up again with ronald koeman, whom he played for at southampton. the french international played 47 times for united following his £25m move from the saints injuly 2015 but only 8 times this season, mostly as a substitute. another french international is looking to switch clubs. dimitri payet "wants to leave" west ham and has refused to play against crystal palace this saturday. payet enjoyed a sensational first season in the premier league the hammers to a seventh placed finish, but after a great summer with france, when they reached the european championship final, the club is struggling down in 13th and payet wants a transfer. we don't want to sell him. we said
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hundreds of times we do not want to sell our best players. we want to keep them. he is definitely one of if not our best player, and that is why we gave him such a long contract. i informed them of that, and he refused to play for us. the chief executive of the lawn tennis association has resigned, afterjust three years in the role. michael downey will return to his previousjob in charge of tennis canada but family reasons also played a part in his decision. the first tennis major of the year, the australian open starts on monday and the british number one johanna konta looks in good form. she's into the final of the sydney international. she beat former wimbledon finalist eugenie bouchard in straight sets, to reach her third wta final. konta will now play world number three agnieszka radwa nska. konta, who is ranked
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at number 10 in the world, made it to the semi finals at the australian open last year. also going well in sydney is british number three dan evans. he's reached his first atp tour semi—final. he had to come from a set down again, just like the last round. he beat the top seed dominic thiem, his first victory over a top ten player. andy murray is already in melbourne, he's been warming up there ahead of the australian open draw which takes place in the early hours of friday morning. it'll be the first time in murray's career, he'll be the top seed at a grand slam. laura robson and tara moore won't be in the draw after losing their qualifying matches. england captain alastair cook will meet director of cricket andrew strauss tomorrow but no decision on his role as test captain is expected to be made.
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cook admitted to having "questions" over his position during the recent 4—0 series defeat in india. our reporter tim peach is with the one day squad in mumbai. the meeting is part of the routine debriefing process english cricket hold after every series. there have been calls for alastair cook to resign after the 4—0 test defeat to india after christmas though it is understood we will not hear any decision from cook until next month. england's one—day team who have been playing here in mumbai, that is happening here and jonny bairstow gave his backing to his captain. the most decorated english test match player we have had and to be questioning him so much about whether or not he should stay on as captain, this, that and the other, i think it is up to him whether or not he wants to stay on. i think he has to make that decision and i am sure when he makes it it will be the right one for him and the team. that wasjonny right one for him and the team. that was jonny bairstow speaking after england's heavy defeat in the final
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warm up match before the final one—day series beginning on sunday. england lost by six wickets, featuring another middle order colla pse featuring another middle order collapse by england including a golden duck for captain eoin morgan. he has become under a bit of pressure recently. after his decision not to tour bangladesh this summer decision not to tour bangladesh this summer he has only scored three runs in the warm up game so he will be looking for some of those when the series starts on sunday in pune. thank you for that, from mumbai. rory mcilroy is one off the pace at the south african open after a five—under—par 67 in his first competitive round of the year. experimenting with a new set of new clubs world number two mcilroy made seven birdies and is a stroke behind leaders trevor fisherjnr and keith home in johannesburg. 59—year—old nick faldo is making a rare appearance and the six times major winner carded an impressive 70. the nba's quest to broaden it's
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appeal has once again brought the best basketball players to london. the nuggets and the pacers face each other in the seventh regular season match to be staged in the city. here's our sports correspondentjoe wilson. kick—mac the nba has long spoke of destiny to expand. this is the human touch. as digital technology brings the world closer, is there any need for a franchise to relocate permanently abroad. this is a question i put to the league's commissioner. the world has changed and this notion of a virtual fan is something we take very seriously. it may be when you decide what team to follow it could really —— you could really be anywhere because even if you live in the united states, it is very difficult to get nba tickets, evenin very difficult to get nba tickets, even in an nba city. are very aware of the changes in the usa politically. after all bach obama was the basketball president.
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witness his joy presenting was the basketball president. witness hisjoy presenting michael jordan with this medal —— barack obama. lebron james campaigned actively for hillary clinton in last yea r‘s actively for hillary clinton in last year's election and some coaches have actively criticised donald trump. wealthy the firm may insist on political neutrality in football, adam silver does not in the nba. our players are citizens. notjust in the united states, but 25% of our league was born outside of the united states and have a point of view about what is happening all over the world. these are multidimensional people and you cannot turn the clock back. the notion you just players. yes, us citizens and we expect you to go and vote but do not share that point of view with other people. there is the other side of the coin. some people will say i am not interested in that player's point of view but i think the vast majority of our fans will respect that player for having a point of view, even if they disagree. as the nba markets itself on its distance, but there are many
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ways to get closer to the audience. the secret is to work out how. joe wilson, bbc news. that is it from this sportsday, a day when football paid its tributes to a great manager and the great man, graham taylor, who died today at the age of 72. more sport here throughout the evening but from all of us here at the bbc sportscenter, goodbye for now. you're watching bbc news. i am martine croxall. it is 60 minutes to seven. our correspondent is on primrose hill in north london. as we have been hearing the first heavy
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snowfalls of winter have hit large swathes of the country today, bringing with it dangerous driving conditions and causing transport delays. how are things that are?” am slightly regretting coming up here now. across london and the home counties we have had a mix of sleet, snow and rain. it is not settling very much in central london, but around the outskirts it is. transport for london, responsible for keeping much of the network running, has a lot of work to do overnight. they see the gritters are out this evening. they have enough grip to grit london every single day for five months grip to grit london every single day forfive months which, as i am sure they and the rest of london hopes will not be necessary —— to grit london with enough grit everything a day for five months. london with enough grit everything a day forfive months. it london with enough grit everything a day for five months. it is london with enough grit everything a day forfive months. it is notjust central london but they have to look after, but the outskirts as well,


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