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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 3, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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is stored weapons for and is stored weapons for dissident irish republicans. the trump administration has targeted iran, imposing sanctions on 13 people and a dozen companies in response to the country's ballistic missile test. president frank holland has said the —— the threat is real. president frank holland has said the -- the threat is real. it is the reason why we allocated so many resources and will continue to so do for as long as is necessary. sheffield city council has apologised after failing to prevent apologised after failing to prevent a predatory sex offender from abusing victims in council offices over two decades. theresa may have breached eu leaders about her recent meeting with president trump, as well as trying to build up good relations ahead of brexit. npower has increased fuel charges
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and this has been questioned by the regulator. we will have the latest reaction to the sanctions the trump administration has imposed on iran. mark kermode will look at the latest cinematic releases. ed balls gives a gangnam style master class for children in his own constituency. now it is time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm lizzie greenwood—hughes. here's what's coming up tonight... parliament table a motion of "no confidence" in the football association, as mps plan to debate the way the sport is governed. stoke admit new signing saido berahino served an eight—week fa ban while at west brom last year. and the world's most improved male
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tennis player prepares to lead great britain into a davis cup battle with canada. iam lee i am lee foster at twickenham. coming up later, it is inside six nations. on the eve of the championship will look ahead to the weekend's matches. so, a packed sportsday tonight. we're starting with football. as always we've cherry picked the day's best news lines from the managers' press c0 nfe re nces . but before we hear those, let's see who's playing who with a look at the weekend's premier league fixtures. eight games tomorrow and two on sunday. as always with influence at both ends of the table. there's a classic six—pointer in the relegation zone between crystal palace and bottom club sunderland and fellow strugglers hull will be hoping to get something
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from liverpool's visit. but the pick of the bunch is surely the lunchtime kick off — chelsea against arsenal. chelsea now nine points clear at the top of the table and, according to the former leicester and scotland defender, matt elliott, the title is theirs to lose. a london derby as well, isn't it? so much riding on the game, particularly for arsenal, you feel. a 6—point swing if they were to win 01’ a 6—point swing if they were to win or lose for could be crucial to their aspirations in winning the premier league. again, they seem to be falling sure at the wrong time. losing in the week to watford. chelsea are still looking pretty strong. it is theirs to lose. surely, if arsenal lose, they are out of it? that is the danger. we saw it last in the title race
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between leicester and tottenham will do everyone saying the pressure was on leicester. the pressure is on the chasing pack. once will it —— one slip and they are out of the equation. you mentioned leicester, premier league champions last season, surely premier league champions last season, surely one premier league champions last season, surely one of the greatest footballing moments ever, for me, in the premier league and football ever. this has not been a great second season for them, has it? if they lose, they are at home to united, they could be in the bottom three, couldn't they? quite conceivably. i was speaking about leicester, looking at the situation. i was quite confident that in the long one they would be all right. not so now. they lost in midweek to birmingham. that was huge. a 6—point swing was that they could have been eight points clear of relegation and 110w eight points clear of relegation and now only two points. the team is
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having the worst run of form at the moment. teams below are picking up. they will get results, the teams in the bottom three. they have problems from all sorts of areas. you said leicester were at home to manchester united. that will not be an easy game. united again, they have not been inconsistent like arsenal but they have not been the united we have known over the years, have they? definite signs they are improving. not back to the ferguson era yet. it is difficult to dominate. these days, so many teams with so much money available and so many good players for that maybe times will change in that respect generally. with manchester united with jose mourinho generally. with manchester united withjose mourinho at generally. with manchester united with jose mourinho at the generally. with manchester united withjose mourinho at the helm, they look solid. all of a sudden their squad has gone from patchy to looking very solid. so many options in the attacking sense, aside from the main man, ibrahimovic. he is the
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focal point for them, isn't he? parliament will next week debate how english football is governed as mps try to improve the way the sport is run. the culture, media and sport committee will bring a motion of "no confidence" in the football association's ability to restructure itself. the fa have responded saying they're committed to working with the government. here's our sports news correspondent richard conway with more. well, this is the culture media and sport select committee, a body of cross— party m ps sport select committee, a body of cross—party mps who have had their patients warned slightly thin by the football association in recent yea rs. football association in recent years. they have had two reports into the governance of football. as they see it, the fa needs to reform a look at how it governs itself and it needs to look at the make up at board level, the powerfrom the football league, the premier league. it is too entrenched. there is not enough diverse the inach group of decision—makers. and throughout the organisation. so, back to the weekend's action.
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let's hear what the managers have to say, starting with stoke's mark hughes. and he says, he sees "no reason" to exclude new signing saido berahino for tomorrow's premier league meeting with the striker‘s old club, west brom. it's been confirmed berahino served an eight—week fa suspension last year. it follows newspaper reports today, that he failed an "out of competition drugs test" but it's unconfirmed by either club or the fa. we are aware of it, clearly. there was an fa disciplinary matter. saido berahino had a suspension, i think it was an eight week suspension. i do not think it was three months. we we re do not think it was three months. we were aware of it. that is about it really. in terms of more detail, i cannot give you a great deal you will have refer back to his previous club, west brom. manchester city manager pep guardiola says top scorer sergio aguero is still one of the club's key players.
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he dropped aguero in favour of their new brazilian striker gabrieljesus for the win at west ham on wednesday but guardiola insists aguero is still the main man in attack. big clubs need a lot of strikers. sergio aguero is may be one of the most important players in the squad. without him, girls would not be possible. —— goals. the other games, when he was not banned, he has played and played good. newcastle united manager rafa benitez has said he won't quit despite reports this morning he could be considering his future on tyneside. the club, currently second in the championship, failed to make a signing in the january transfer window and reports suggested owner mike asshley had re—taken control of transfers instead of benitez. i will not quit, i will not leave
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because i am happy. i am ready to fight and try to get three points from the next game and get promoted. it is so simple, so clear. newcastle's youngsters are in the quarter—finals of the fa youth cup, as are tottenham, chelsea and manchester city. and also broxbourne borough! an incredible run from their youth side means they're against aston villa for the right to mix it with manchester city's starlets in the last eight. chris slegg has been finding out how they've done it. they have been putting a brave face on it in the broxbourne clubhouse this season with their team toughing it out at the bottom of the spartan south midlands premier division. that is the ninth tier of english football. the future is looking considerably brighter because the underage teens cannot stop winning. they have become the first team ever from this level to reach the fifth round of the fa youth cup. there have been between 20 and 30 scouts
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here. lots of scouts have come down. some of the boys have the ability to go on play at a good level football. 474 go on play at a good level football. a74 tea ms go on play at a good level football. a74 teams entered this season's fa youth cup. whilst giants like arsenal and manchester united have already fallen by the wayside, broxbourne borough have made it through to the last 16. now it is about to get really tough. next up, about to get really tough. next up, a trip to aston villa for a place in the quarterfinals. juggling jobs and couege the quarterfinals. juggling jobs and college with their football, the broxbourne youngsters will be coming up broxbourne youngsters will be coming up against players educated at their academy who can train full—time.” would say keeps us more grounded. we know where we are from and we need to put in the hard work. at no point we get ahead of ourselves. we were buzzing to get through the first round. in the fifth round, it is like what is going on? chelsea have won the last three fa youth cups. in
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2011, paul pogba was a winner with manchester united. broxbourne have come through seven rounds to get to this stage. can they get the better of players from a premier league standard academy? we are going to need to ride our luck on the day and do everything correctly. the basics correct. you knows? the match will kick off at villa park on saturday, determined to get the result that will shake up the fa youth cup again. dan evans will lead great britain in their first davis cup of 2017. they're taking on canada in ottawa starting tonight. no andy murray of course. he's having a rest after the australian open. and canada will be without their star man milos raonic who is also resting. so evans plays the opening singles match tonight against the 17—year—old denis shapovalov. evans is the most improved player in men's tennis, now up to 45 in the world. after his match, kyle edmund will
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play someone ranked 80 places below him. we have really good players who have a tonne of confidence for. they are all playing really well, these quys are all playing really well, these guys here. it is always difficult with a way ties. you expect the opposition to raise their game in front of the home crowds. we have to be prepared for that full. these four guys are playing very good tennis and are ready for it. so that's a round—up of most of the day's sport. now it's time to turn our attention to the weekend's international rugby union and go inside 6 nations with olly foster. over the next six weeks six nations will be in pursuit of that trophy that goes to the best team in the northern hemisphere. we are going to
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be in position with the latest interviews and news to set you up for a championship weekend. welcome to the first inside six nations of 2017. good evening. we are live at twickenham tonight on the eve of the championship. remember, england won the grand slam last year, their first in 13 years. they did it in paris. tomorrow
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afternoon they face the french here at twickenham. once again england looks like the team to beat. what an incredible 2016 they had ex—commissioner unbeatable they were. it all started with eddie jones in the six nations. the preamble is over. the six nations championship is about to begin. all the way! what a try! wonderful skill. a great finish. what a try it was! one end of the pitch to the other. he gets the touchdown. 0h, was! one end of the pitch to the other. he gets the touchdown. oh, my word! what a game! defence and attack, a fantastic game of rugby. he goes inside. what a try! anthony
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watson on the outside. watson for england. so, that was the story of last year's championship. five wins for england. and they would win another eight on the bounce before the year was out. a whitewash against australia in the summer, another impeccable autumn series. chris robshaw was a key figure in all about. many thought they would not see him in an england shirt again. he was such a strong player for eddiejones, again. he was such a strong player for eddie jones, one again. he was such a strong player for eddiejones, one of the first names on the team sheet. i have just nipped across the road to the ha rlequins nipped across the road to the harlequins do. he has had shoulder surgery and will play no part


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