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bbc news. our top stories: president trump is considering afresh executive order on travel restrictions to the us, even though he says he is confident of winning a court battle. we will win a battle. but we have other options, including filing a new order. meanwhile, in a phone call to the chinese president, donald trump says he will now on the one china policy, so is his campaign rhetoric beginning to collide with reality? and an eminent terror attack on french soil has been foiled. suspects have been arrested, including a 16—year—old girl. and you have heard of fake news. what about fake publicity? that is what the tell tweini's tourism department has been caught promoting. we will have all the details. —— lithuanian travel department. hello and welcome
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to the programme. donald trump has suggested he could issue a brand—new order to restrict immigration to the us as early as next week. the president's original order calls for a suspension of travellers from seven mainly muslim countries, as well as a temporary halt to new refugees. but it was blocked by a judge in seattle, and on thursday, the white house lost an appeal against that ruling. mr trump made the most recent comments on board edfors one. hello everybody. everything good? edfors one. hello everybody. everything good ? i edfors one. hello everybody. everything good? i think it was great. —— airforce one. you comfortable? what you said at the press c0 nfe re nce , comfortable? what you said at the press conference, it used to add that you could win this court battle, but you are have also talked about... the unfortunate part is that takes time. we will win a
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battle, but we all so have a lot of other options, including just finding a brand—new order. —— filing. i want to surprise you. we need speed for reasons of security, so need speed for reasons of security, so could very well be a new order. in honour of the decision, we will perhaps do that, we will see, but on monday or tuesday. you talk about new security measures. is that separate from potentially running a new. . . we separate from potentially running a new... we will have strong batting. i call it extreme betting. we are going to have people come into our country that want to be here for good reasons. so that was donald trump speaking on board edfors one. let's try to make sense of this. david willis isjoining us from washington. just yesterday, we heard him tweeting in capslock about going to the supreme court. is this him
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going back? what exactly is the same? i think what we can read into this is that president donald trump is exploring all the options, or willing to explore them, and that is what they will be doing over the weekend. lawyers for the usjustice department will be burning the midnight oil. they are probably hard at oil as we speak in the building just behind me, here. there will be tried to work out what they can do and the chances of success. they basically have three options: they can take us to the united states supreme court, which is currently locked at 4—4, with one position vacant, of course. that to be filled by neil gorsuch, provided he gets confirmation from the senate, or they can basically write another executive order, which would basically have to go around some of the concerns that the court has expressed, particularly over the fa ct expressed, particularly over the
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fact that this potentially announced a ban on one religion, which is contrary to the united states constitution, or they can take it back, back to the appeals court in san francisco, and have the full panel there. they would then kick the matter around until zero gossard is in his position. —— neil gorsuch. donald trump is a today the time is of the essence, and he does seem to be losing patience with the court system. and he feels seems to be said that he will win the battle. it is really difficult to read into this, as you are suggesting, but a new court order, a possible new court order, and yet he said very little will change. what can we make about? it is interesting. i think he will be reluctant to embrace the prospect ofa be reluctant to embrace the prospect of a new executive order because it would be a loss of face. and of course this is one of his hallmark
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promises from the campaign, to tighten up the united states immigration system and to clamp down on people from countries on that list, and you basically make the country safer. he returned to that painted a in various comments that he made, but president donald trump is learning the hard way that running a business and running a country, one the size of the united states, a re two country, one the size of the united states, are two completely different things. absolutely. thank you for joining us. we will leave it there for now. earlier today donald trump hosted japan's prime minister shinzo abe at the white house. from there they travelled together to mr trump's estate on air force
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one. president trump has said he is committed to the security of japan, and that their alliance is the cornerstone of peace and stability in the asia pacific region. mr abe said the two leaders would also discuss the trans—pacific trade deal, which mr trump wants washington to abandon. apparently, they are now playing golf. meanwhile president trump and his chinese counterpart, xijinping, have held theirfirst telephone conversation. during the call, described as "cordial", mr trump agreed to honour the so—called "one china" policy, which he'd previously threatened to re—examine. the one china policy acknowledges there is only one chinese government and that diplomatic relations must be with china, not taiwan. our china editor carrie gracie reports from the taiwanese capital taipei.
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people in taiwan have more freedom of expression than people in china. after 70 years of governing itself, this noisy democracy has a mind of its own. taiwan even has political satire. in this animation studio, they are notjust mocking their own president but mr xi and mr trump as well. we have 1800 missiles pointed our way but at the same time in taiwan we have absolute freedom to do anything we want, so satire is one of the good things we need to push because it helps taiwan to get its name out there. beijing doesn't do satire. it's threatened to retake taiwan by force, and it sailed its aircraft carrier past the island last month to show that it means business. for beijing this, the island of taiwan,
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is the last piece in a jigsaw. it's the piece they say will finally reunite a nation broken up and humiliated by colonial powers two centuries ago. to let taiwan float off towards independence, or even worse, to let it become part of an american—led alliance against china in these waters, well, that, to beijing, would be unthinkable. the taiwanese navy is no match for china's. it's the american fleet which protects taiwan. back in december, it looked as if donald trump would go further. he took a call from the taiwanese president and hinted at recognition for taiwan. now, president trump has backed down. in his phone call with president xi, he returned to the so—called one china policy that
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beijing insists on. and many taiwanese reluctantly accept the status quo. translation: ideally, i would choose independence but in the real world independence is impossible. it would mean war with china. messages of peace for the year ahead at taipei's lantern festival. but their future is fragile — caught between an unpredictable america and an implacable china. their hopes and fears are low priority to both. we look at some of the day's other news. at least 17 people have died and dozens have been injured after a crush at a football stadium in angola. an official from the local hospital is quoted as saying that 76 people were injured after a crowd of people stormed the gates at the january 4
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stadium in uige, where local teams were playing a match. the polish prime minister has been injured in a car crash in the southern town of oswiecim. a car drove into the back of the limousine carrying beata szydlo, causing it to hit a tree. she's been flown by helicopter to warsaw for medical tests, but doctors say she has not been badly hurt. a reward of $30,000 is being offered by peruvian authorities for information leading to the capture of the former president, alehandro toledo. he faces corruption allegations. he's one of three former peruvian presidents being investigated for allegedly taking millions of dollars in bribes from the brazilian building giant, oderbrecht. mr toledo denies the accusations. french police have arrested four people in the southern city of montpellier on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack. police said they were detained
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after they bought chemicals that can be used to make bombs. a laboratory was found during a search. this latest plots or four people arrested, for men and a 16 old woman, and in their possession was found acetone. that is significant because it is a highly flammable liquid, which can be used to make the explosive tatp. ——16—year—old. this is the same explicit used in the 2015 attacks in paris and in the attack on brussels last year. so this could explain why the authorities are legally worried about this, and they do say that a series of bombs were in preparation, and an attack was imminent. it comes ata time and an attack was imminent. it comes at a time that prides to make friends is under a state of high
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alert. —— france is under. they have been since 2015, and the warnings have been extended on a regular basis. there is a particular worry because security is high up the agenda as we move towards the presidential elections. the first round of these is at the end of april. you can see guards in the street and yesterday the eiffel tower announced that it was going to put a reinforced glass screen around the base of it. that is just an example of how some of these security measures are becoming more permanent. do stay with us here on bbc news. we have lots more, still to come, including... tattoos as a vibrant form of expression. we look at the big apple's long history with the ancient art form. there is nelson mandela.
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mr nelson mandela, a free man, taking his first steps into a new south africa. iran's spiritual leader ayatollah khomeini has said he's passed a death sentence on salman rushdie, the british author of a book which many muslims say is blasphemous. the people of haiti have flocked to church to give thanks for the ousting of their former president, 'ba by doc' duvalier. because of his considerable value as a stallion, shergar was kept in a special secure box in the stud farm's central block. shergar was driven away in a horse box the thieves had brought with them. there stepped down from the plane figure in mourning. elizabeth ii, queen of this realm and of all her other realms and territories. head of the commonwealth, defender of the faith. the us president donald trump has told reporters he is considering
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a fresh executive order on travel restrictions into the country. that's after a court refused to reinstate his temporary ban on people entering from 7 mainly muslim countries. mr trump has spoken to the chinese president by phone, and is now committed to beijing's 'one china' policy which he had previously questioned. a controversial government investigation into claims of the abuse of iraqi civilians by british troops is to be shut down. it follows a scathing report why mps which called the work of the iraq historic allegations team and unmitigated failure. thousands of cases have been investigated but without a single prosecution. around 90% of investigations into abuse allegations from afghanistan are also being dropped. caroline hawley has more.
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it is almost 1a years since british troops invaded iraq and the legacy of the war is still causing controversy. in the aftermath of the occupation thousands of allegations of abuse were made against british soldiers. and a special team called ihat was set up to investigate them. the human—rights lawyer phil shiner brought most of the claims but last week he was struck off after he had been found to be dishonest and to have paid agents to drum up business. now the ministry of defence is wrapping up the investigation early. this will be a huge relief to hundreds of british troops who have had these quite unfair allegations hanging over them. they are now being freed of that and we will put in place new measures to ensure that this never happens again, that there are proper safeguards to prevent completely malicious and unfounded allegations being made against our brave servicemen and women. there is no doubt that some abuses did happen in iraq, these were detainees being beaten in basra in 2003 and over the past
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few years the ministry of defence has paid out millions in compensation. but the ihat investigation has been criticised for getting out of hand. it was set up seven years ago and it has had to examine more than 3,000 claims. it has cost over £34 million. ihat and its work has always been controversial in the military but the downfall of phil shiner and mounting concern over the toll it was taking on former soldiers and their families has led the mod to act. i think this is something important, it will make a big statement to the army and most importantly it shows that the government is foursquare behind supporting the army and providing it with the appropriate framework in which our soldiers can deal with those very difficult operational decisions that they have to deal with. of all the allegations made over the course of britain's long involvement in iraq, the ministry of defence now says that by the summer only about 20 will be left to be investigated.
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in russia, a prominent group of hackers known as humpty dumpty have been arrested by police after leaking information about russian officials and state ministries. one officials and state ministries. one of the members of the group has told the bbc that he intends to ask for political asylum in estonia, and that he leaked —— delete information had been a matter of public interest. we have -e meet a man has beg stealing russian who has been stealing russian secrets. he is on the run in estonia. we message him that we are here, and he sends us an address. until recently, he had been keen to stay hidden, anonymous. now, though, he has decided to go public. he is the cocreator of russia's most notorious group of hackers and information leakers, humpty dumpty.
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so is it his group that has been hacking the west? we never had any interest in finding information about... anyone outside russia. the group targeted the russian authorities. it hacked the prime minister's twitter account. it published a secret draft of an upcoming speech by vladimir putin. it leaked information about russian submarine bases. but now, humpty dumpty has had a great fall. russian police say they have arrested key members, including its leader. alexander has no regrets about leaking confidential information. alexander has no regrets about leaking confidential informationlj knew leaking confidential information.” knew it was stolen,... you knew you are breaking the law by doing that?
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did i break the law? i did know that information is rudely stolen. —— probably. but most information that we did publish also a matter of public interest. so somehow it excuses me. back in moscow today, a court extended the arrest of one of the men detained in the humpty dumpty hacking case. he insists he is innocent. in recent weeks, there have been arrests over cyber crime at russia's internal security service, the fsb. two officers have been accused of treason in the interests of america. russian authorities insist there is no election between the arrested intelligence officers and the alleged hackers who have been detained. but the timing here suggests that someone, somewhere is sending a strong message that russian secrets should stay secret. we have been hearing a lot about
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fa ke we have been hearing a lot about fake news, but what about false publicity? that is exact we what the head of lithuania's tourism department has done. using these pictures as part of a publicity campaign to pray the country. however none of these pictures are actually lithuania, they are of finland and is luckier. here is what the prime minister had to say. when we try to promote our country, we used images that aren't from letter when you. it is very strange. we pay huge amounts of money, but it discredits the whole idea. however the prime minster showed he had a sense of humour. by posting this picture on his facebook page — and captioned it as the new lithuanian government headquarters. if you look closely you'll see
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the picture is of the eu building in brussels. the hollywood film star george clooney and his wife amal are expecting twins, with reports suggesting that they are due this june. the news was confirmed by clooney‘s fellow actor and close friend matt damon, who said he was "thrilled for the pair" and that they were going to be "awesome parents." david sillito reports. congratulations are in order to george and amal clooney. the news was broken by entertainment tonight. it is twins. it is confirmed the 55—year—old superstar and his highly accomplished 39—year—old attorney wife, are expecting twins. he is a good man, incredibly smart, loving, funny guy, married to a spectacular woman who will be an amazing mother.
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again, those kids will be incredibly lucky. they will be fine. george clooney‘s marriage just over two years ago to the lawyer, she was expecting twins, ellen degeneres posted this version of the famous picture. amal clooney, human rights lawyer, has worked on the case ofjulian assange and the campaign to return the elgin marbles to greece. she is the president of the clooney foundation forjustice. her twins are expected injune. the demands and pleasures of raising a family,
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now to add to hers and her actor husband's full and political life. a new exhibition in new york is celebrating the city's rich history when it comes to modern tattooing. so we visited the new york historical society to have a look. jack london once said, show me a man with a tattoo and i will show you a man with a story. behind every tattoo there is meaning. this exhibition explores 300 years of tattoo history in new york. native americans used to suing for ritualistic purposes, or to celebrate the trees in battle. —— victories. they were used against
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improvement in the british navy or against drowning. women found tattoos as a symbol of individualism and of expressing themselves. but it is here in - york ii: iii he is??? ’,r 53-25—55 fs-tt .-7 opened first permanent tattoo shop opened in 1859, first permanent tattoo shop opened in1859, and it first permanent tattoo shop opened in 1859, and it is here where the electric tattoo machine was made first. so we like to take right in that. —— take pride. tattoos are indelible mark of empowerment. in the past three decades we have seen a flourishing of this incredible art form. some of the most powerful exa m ples form. some of the most powerful examples i could find and could cut upon are the tattoos of breast cancer sui’vivoi’s upon are the tattoos of breast cancer survivors get after surgeries. i think tattoos can definitely play an important part when it comes to dealing with trauma 01’ when it comes to dealing with trauma or emrys. —— memories. the fact that tattooing has encountered people from all walks of life may surprise
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many of our visitors. historical figures of the early 20th century coming to mind as having tattoos such as theodore roosevelt, lady churchill and dorothy parker, those are not figures who you would think as having tattoos. tattooing has been seen as a controversial art form, it has been catalogued as taboo, and that is definitely not the case any longer. this is a show that celebrates tattooing as an art form that has arrived in mainstream culture. some extraordinary images there. let me know what you think either on twitter at, thank you for watching. ? we have seen a few snow showers over the last 2a hours, but for most of
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us the last 2a hours, but for most of us the weather has been pretty dull and cloudy. one place that did see some sunshine was on the outskirts of aberdeen, a bit of snow on the ground and some sunshine poking through the clouds. it is coming in from the north sea and you can see some showers working westwards, they will continue overnight as well. could give a covering in places, turning ici 's temperatures did low freezing. down to —10 in the highlands of scotland. freezing start to the day but at least you will be read by some sunny skies are the highlands and the western isles. cloudy elsewhere in scotland with snow showers working in. snow works in across eastern counties of england, significant emulations over the tops of the pennines, and across north—east england. but there will be some places that miss out on the heavy snow showers overnight. further south, quite a lot of cloud, some wintry flurries, some brightness towards south—west england and around western areas of wales, he and onto a bit of sunshine. otherwise cloudy and some
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snow flurries in the forecast. northern ireland starting cold, with a widespread frost at surj see some decent sunshine. —— should see some decent sunshine. —— should see some decent sunshine. —— should see some decent sunshine. there will be a tendency for snow to —— transition back to rain but there will still be snow over the pennines, and over the next 2a hours we could see as much as ten centimetres, possibly more building up over higher parts of 300 metres elevation. there will probably be a transition for snow tending to turn back to rain for a time on the saturday. it is the six nations rugby union day, wales hosting england, a lot of cloud here and it certainly will be cold, the chance of an odd shower, perhaps a bit wintry but not causing any issues. saturday night, the snow showers continue to feed across the pennines, we may see some snow down to lower levels for a time through the night, temperatures in towns and cities hovering close to freezing. we will have clear skies and there could be a sharp frost against the
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northern parts of scotland. another date of cold winds on sunday, 20 showers coming from the north sea. on most it will stay dull and cloudy and there will be a tendency to turn back to rain at lower elevations, slightly less cold but still feeling chilly under these grey skies, and given the strength of the wind as well. a look at the forecast for the next few days, temperatures will rise slowly, it will take quite a lot of time before we see the end to these cold easterly winds. hello welcome. we bring update on the headlines. donald trump has had his travel ban failed to be reinstated again. he says he has a lot of options. meanwhile, he has been on the phone to the chinese president and is endorsing the view that taiwan is part of chinese territory. he previously questioned
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the one china policy. the french interior ministry says an imminent attack on french soil has been averted with the rest of or suspects in montpelier. four people have been arrested. a makeshift laboratory was also discovered. now on bbc news, it isa also discovered. now on bbc news, it is a year until the winter
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