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not least about race and a country where cultures continue to clash. time for a look at the weather, with darren bett. and the cold blast is over, or not? yes, i actually bring you good news, for a change! this was yesterday, where the temperatures struggled to about three degrees, in many places. for many parts of the country there was a covering of snow. but it is getting milder by midweek, 12 degrees not out of the question, and no fresh snow, either. still quite chilly wind today, but at least many parts of the country are seeing some sunshine. you can see the difference — lovely blue skies tempering that hold wind here, close to peterborough. but in the north—east of scotland, it's grey skies, and
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likely to stay that way for most of the rest of the day. the western isles, central and eastern areas of scotland, cold and grey and maybe a little bit of drizzle. but it is brighter in northern ireland. a little bit of sunshine here boosting the temperature is. and sunshine across east anglia. lots of sunshine to come through the midlands, east anglia and the south—east of england. in the south-west we will see the highest tractors. gusty winds today taking the edge off temperatures. overnight, the winds do dropjust a temperatures. overnight, the winds do drop just a little temperatures. overnight, the winds do dropjust a little bit. some low cloud over the hills of wales, northern england and particularly scotland. some breaks in the cloud elsewhere, but not to hold —— not too cold. milder in the south—west,
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where we've got this rain. that will be pushing its way north—eastwards. it will be threatening one or two showery bursts of rain. we're still looking at double figures across southern parts of england. and that's the thing, as we run through this week — it is slowly turning milder as we change the wind direction. on wednesday, perhaps will be wales and the south—west of england seeing the most of any rain. because we're losing that is to be wind and getting more of a south to south—westerly wind, we will keep that milder air, even later on in the week. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime... a bbc undercover investigation discovers widespread drug abuse
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and major security failings at a privately run jail in northumberland. that's all from the bbc news at one. on bbc one, we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. in the. joe root has been named as england's new test captain with the the ecb chairman colin graves calling him the "perfect choice". the yorkshire batsman succeeds alastair cook, who resigned last week after more than four years in charge. our sports correspondent katie gornall is at headlingley now, root‘s home ground. what's the reaction been like there? ina think in a think there's been a huge amount of excitement here. this is his county club, the club he joined asa his county club, the club he joined as a teenager, where he honed his skill is in and let him on the path to becoming england captain. the news was announced this morning. many of us were expecting it. joe
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root says he feels privileged, humbled and very excited. he was the obvious choice as well. the former captain said he consulted with a number of england's senior players before delivering the news to route over the weekend. he feels joe before delivering the news to route over the weekend. he feelsjoe root has the cricketing intelligence to make a success in this field. something that is echoed by yorkshire's director of cricket. it's a big job butjoe was that kind of personal take it in his stride. he is more than capable of dealing with the pressures captaincy brings. as you say, it can affect people detrimentally but it can also be something that improves him as a cricketer as well. i think it's going to be that case with joe that
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it will make him an even better player. you see on players like joe bad bit of something special. out of the ordinary. he's very honest in his self appraisal of what he needs to do to improve and he works tirelessly to make sure he achieves the higher levels that he craves. you know, he'sjust someone who is destined to be great. lots of talk today about his lack of experience in leading a team. yes, and i think joe root himself has admitted that this is a bit of a step into the unknown. he likened it to becoming a father for the first time. so far his captaincy experience has been limited to just a handful of games for his county, yorkshire, and those of gone with mixed success. he is a huge talent with the bat, as we know, but he also spoke little about that today in his statement, saying
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he is going to seek the support and advice of the senior players who are in the england side. alastair cook, although he stepped down as captain, is still part of the team, and joe root has said that will be helpful in the future. his first big test will be south africa injuly, he has seven tests to hone his skills in the captaincy before the big test, the captaincy before the big test, the ashes, the defence of the ashes in november. it has been confirmed today that ben stokes will be vice captain. it is a day when the new generation takes over in england. thanks katie, so plenty of congratulatory messages are coming in this afternoon. stuart broad says, "this pic was after he scored a (rare) goal in football but it works — congrats captain root! #england" michael vaughan says, "i bring you the new england cricket captain.... # root" the durham county cricket say, "introducing your new england cricket test vice—captain, @benstokes38"
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that's all sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's and i'll have more in the next hour. our main story, at least four people have been killed in avalanche in the french alps. reports say the group may have been skiing off piste near the tignes resort. what are the latest reports? there isa what are the latest reports? there is a big search operation underway. as you say, they were skiing off piste and we are hearing that it was a big avalanche that dislodged a slab of snow about 400 metres wide. there had been warnings this morning from a look resort nearby saying the risk of avalanches was quite high
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today, and the group were thought to be skiing with a guide but nevertheless seem to have been caught unawa res by nevertheless seem to have been caught unawares by this. there have been some very high winds in the area, we are told, and that may have contributed to the avalanche happening. as i say, there is a big search operation going on now. 100 people, sniffer dogs, helicopters, because the pressure is high to find those still under the snow, quickly. not unusual to have avalanches at this time of year, and the rescue operation is still underway. it's not the usual at all. the french alps have several large avalanches every winter. it tends to be somewhere around 30 perhaps even more people die every year in that area from avalanches. they are an area from avalanches. they are an area of concern partly because they area of concern partly because they are prone to avalanches but they are also popular with the riskierforms
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of skiing, like off piste, and that contributes to the high death toll is. you are watching bbc news. the united states, japan and south korea have requested an urgent meeting of the united nations security council to discuss north korea's latest missile test. the medium range ballistic missile was fired into the sea yesterday. north korea says the launch was a success — and that it was supervised by the country's leader himself, kim jong—un. let's get more reaction to the news thatjoe root is the new england test captain. the yorkshire batsman will replace alastair cook who resigned last week after four and a half years in charge. in a statement root says it will be a huge honour to take over. on the line is matt root — joe root‘s dad. this is a special moment, isn't it?
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absolutely. how do you think he will adapt to this? i think you'll be ok, he's got a great cricketing rain and alistair cooke has left the side in a good state. a lot of talented players in the side at the moment. i think he will step into the job quite easily. he is from a cricketing family, you, yourfather. in terms of advice, he must have talked to you before the announcement was made. what advice we re announcement was made. what advice were you able to give him? just to be yourself. when i was captain of my local team, my dad bought me the art of captaincy and i try to do it that way. but you have to put your own stamp on it and i think that is whatjoe will do. own stamp on it and i think that is what joe will do. it is a big year ahead for him. does he relish this sort of challenge? a massive year.
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looking at the calendar, with got the west indies, australia and trying to beat them in their own back yard. only a handful of captaincy of ever done that. that's a massive challenge ahead of him. particularly with the likes of ben stokes as vice captain, he's a fantastic guy to have. looking at a photograph of him with a cricket bat, i don't know how old, but he still has a dummy in his mouth. if i said you back then, that is a future england captain, what you have said? i'd say you're probably right. has he would have that potential?” think so. he loves cricket. it's been the main focus in his life. he's very focused and obviously quite talented, and he works hard,
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has a good work ethic. i think you'll make a really good england captain. ifi you'll make a really good england captain. if i was in england supporter i would be quite so excited by the prospect. and in terms of his batting, it is a huge pressure isn't it? to have the england job as well. had you think he will adjust to the two roles, we depend on him in sony maze?” he will adjust to the two roles, we depend on him in sony maze? i don't think you'll have a problem. he scored 100 as captain of the lions andi scored 100 as captain of the lions and i don't think it will affect him at all, to be honest. i think it's just speculation. and what about the people who say he does not have the experience? i say let's wait and see. of course he has not captained before, he has to go out and do it. i think he has the support of the
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players which is very important, and i think he has a very good exciting tea m i think he has a very good exciting team behind him. ithink it i think he has a very good exciting team behind him. i think it is an exciting time. thank you for talking to us. the father of the england cricket captain joe to us. the father of the england cricket captainjoe root. kimberley taylor, from blackburn, is the first known british woman to travel to syria to fight the islamic state. the 27—year—old, who is on the front line near raqqa, has been in the country for 11 months. the bbc has been speaking to her about why she decided to take up arms. i think what we see here is the greatest fascism of our time, if we can call it fascism. i feel it's my responsibility, just as it's everyone else's responsibility to stand up to this. when the attack happened it was 4am and i grabbed my weapon and my magazines and i ran outside with my friends. we saw the attackers on the other
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side of the women's building. we ran to them. we were fighting for about three hours and two suicide bombers came. one was successful. i don't know when i ripped this jacket but it was definitely that day because i saw it later on. it's a mess, i need a new one now. can someone send me a jacket? i didn't tell my parents i was coming to rojava, i didn't tell everyone. i told them i was going to iraqi kurdistan, which i had been to the year before and still everyone was scared. when i came to rojava, after some days when i decided to stay, i realised i would have to tell people so i told people. my parents were happy. i assured them that i was safe
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and they were happy because i said i'd found what i'd been looking forfor a long time, an answer for the problems in the world, and they were very happy. when i told them, later when ijoined the ypj, i told them that i'd joined, they cried, and then i cried. and then i explained what is the ypj and what is our ideology and why do we need to fight and why do i need to join and they understood and said that if this is something i believe in, then i need to do it. i don't accept the government's opinion on this. to be honest i don't really accept very much from the government at all. look what they've done to our country. nobody believes in the government anymore, no—one believes in the political system of britain anymore, especially working—class people. we are suffering from every angle, so when the british government
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want to tell me that i'm a terrorist or i shouldn't come here, i don't listen. i'm doing this for humanity, not for the government, i'm doing this for people everywhere. breaking news coming from pakistan. we hear there has been a large explosion at a protest rally. it happened outside the punjab assembly, during a protest by a large group of chemists and pharmaceutical manufacturers. a nearby vehicle exploded and a large number of law enforcers were in the area, and we are also hearing that ina area, and we are also hearing that in a notification ofjust three days ago to the home secretary in punjab,
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there was a warning of a possible terrorist attack. we understand security operations were underway but we are hearing a car bomb has exploded. there are a number of injuries reported. at least 20 injured. we will bring you more as we get it. in a moment we'll have a summary we get it. in a moment we'll have a summary of the business news. but first the headlines. a bbc investigation goes inside one of the uk's biggestjails. the co—op bank goes up for sale. tesco promises immediate action after a bbc investigation finds two thirds of its deals were out of date and discounts were not given at the checkout. in business news this afternoon, the
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co—op bank is putting itself up for sale. it says it will struggle to meet its capital requirements of the next few years. in 2013 it had to be bailed out by us hedged funds. it has 4 million customers and is part owned by the co—op group. consumer spending is a big driver of the uk economy but visa says there are signs of slowing down. supermarket giant tesco says it will check prices on over 3500 shops after a bbc investigation found customers we re bbc investigation found customers were being short—changed by expired promotions. to the us now where president trump is preparing to meet... canada's prime minister justin trudeau. the two don't really see eye to eye on some major issues.they differ in opinon when it comes to immigration, free trade and foreign policy. joining me now from the new york stock exchange is samira hussain. what is going to be on the agenda at
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this meeting? there are two big policy issues that i think the two leaders are going to be discussing. it will be the dakota access pipeline, the pipeline that is being built and is going to bring oilfrom the canadian oil sands, but the big issue that will be discussed is the north american free trade agreement. cheering and even after the campaign, president trump has spoken about this and how it is a bad deal. a lot of it is directed at the relationship between the writer states and mexico, but it is a three country deal and includes canada. so a lot of that negative language that is being used to talk about the deal it has canadians quite spooked.
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we've seen a lot of canadian cabinet members into to lobby their position. especially when it comes at any punitive border tax. but the trump administration has been doing some outrage. they even sent some of the president's economic team to canada weeks ago to really assure canadians that they are looking to maintain good and healthy trade relations with canada and the united states. thank you. pubs and restaurants are calling for the chancellor to soften the impact of higher business rates on their sector due in april. many pubs and restaurants occupy prime real estate in town and city centres which could be hit hardest. the association for licensed multiple retailers says the rate change will land its members with an extra £3 — 500m in extra costs. british businesses are feeling the pressure on staffing supplies following the vote to leave the eu. they say they're struggling to fill vacancies because of the drop in the supply of eu nationals. a survey by the chartered institute of personnel and development say that wholesale, retail, accommodation food services,
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health and social work are most vulnerable. the european commission has downgraded forecasts of uk economic growth in the wake of the brexit vote, with the rest of the european union overtaking britain in 2017 and 2018. the commission warned that the impact of the vote to leave the eu has yet to be felt. its dropped its forecast to 1.5% for this year, in contrast to the bank of england which has increased its forecast to 2% for 2017. a quick look at the markets: there isa a quick look at the markets: there is a strike in chilly. mining shares are leading the pack at the moment. there's a strike in chile at the world's largest copper mine which is boosting the price of copper. so we've seen anglo american, glencore and rio tinto all do well out of that. to australia now, where fire crews were called to more than 200 bush fires in new south wales at the weekend. they're the result of a heat wave which saw record temperatures of up
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to 47.9 degrees celsius. one of the largest bush fires near the village of dunedoo was so vast it created its own weather system, triggering a lightning storm. 60 fires are still burning. hywel griffith reports. only from the sky can you grasp the scale of the scorched, scarred landscapes which burned over the weekend. more than 200 fires spread over hundreds of thousands of acres. crews are still working at 60 different sites. at some villages and farms they have started the task of checking how much has been destroyed and what if anything can be salvaged. the community has been heavily impacted by fire. i would suggest most buildings in the community are damaged and all destroyed. at the height of the bushfires, 2500 crew members were
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called into action. two were injured. it is remarkable that the heatwave passed without the loss of human life. a combination of factors made for unprecedented conditions that few firefighters had ever experienced. it's dreadful. nothing you can do. while temperatures have dropped, the danger is not over. some roads remained closed, people have been warned to seek shelter if a fire develops. some places may not be safe for weeks. even in a country familiar with extreme conditions, the impact of these fires will be felt for some time. a six—figure sum has been raised for the children of a couple who died of cancer within days of each other. the three children released this photograph of their terminally ill parents' mike and julie bennett's last moments together as they held hands in a merseyside hospice.
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mr bennet died last monday and his wife died on saturday night. family friend heather heaton gallagher said the photograph had generated an overwhelming response from the public. the photograph was taken by a relative, by one of the aunties and it was purely because it was a beautiful photograph. these were two people who were peas in a pod and loved each other dearly and they brought their kids up with that. they are a solid family unit. the kids released the photograph because, because of who they are and where they sit in the community, everyone was asking all the time, how isjulie? how is mike? what's the news? what's the update? where are they? can we do anything? it was to help people understand, it was a case of now, dad has passed and this was taken and it was done out of love and sharing the photograph and the image and they were ok and they were there together. that's how the photograph came around, but we didn't expect the response we've had from everyone around the world. it's really overwhelmed everyone
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and we are astonished and we are grateful for the support that the family has got at the moment. we have set up a just giving page and that's around raising funds to help the three kids, luke, hannah and olly to fulfil the dreams and ambitions thatjulie and mike knew they had. they didn't want luke to drop out of university and hannah to end college and go into a job, they want them to continue their studies and that's what the fund was set up for. the fund has grown and it has expanded beyond our belief. they can't believe it. they're astownded. you know, when i share some of the comments, theyjust can't believe the support and it has really struck a chord with everyone. it helps them understand this is a big deal, this is life changing for them. it's like this huge community has got together and put their arms around them and said, it's a bit pants right now, but it's going to be ok.
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let's ta ke let's take a look at the weather. we are seeing an end to the really cold weather and the snow as well. over the weekend we saw temperatures struggling up to three degrees or so, with snow across some parts. it is slowly turning milder and by the middle part of the week temperatures will be widely in double figures. today we still have a chilly easterly wind, it is taking the edge of the temperatures. but there is sunshine across many parts. a different story in the north east. you concede clearly the contrast that we have across the uk. blue skies close to peterborough here. that is mitigating the cold wind, but if you have the cold wind in the cloud, like here in aberdeenshire, it will feel pretty cold. the best
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of any sunshine in scotland will be in western areas. central and eastern scotland will stay cloudy. and also cold and damp. some sunshine though continuing across northern ireland, the cloud breaking up northern ireland, the cloud breaking up in northern england, and sunshine through the rest of the day through the south—east, through the midlands and into wales. some sunshine in the south—west. really gusty winds today, the strongest gusts to the west of the high ground, particularly western wales, 50 or 60 mph in the afternoon and into early evening. becoming a little less windy overnight. most places will be dry overnight. a little rain arriving in the far south—west of england. here it will be mild. elsewhere chilly where their iraqi skies but enough wind to stop temperatures getting too low.
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showery rain in the south—west on tuesday. cloud pushing its way northwards and perhaps the chance of one or two showers. it will be mostly dry but brighter. temperatures are little higher down the eastern side of the uk. a slow rise in temperature over the week ahead. there could be a little rain with higher temperatures but no huge amounts of rain. we could see some patchy rain coming across wales and the south—west, pockets of it moving up the south—west, pockets of it moving up on the southerly winds. the winds continuing to drop for most of us on wednesday. temperatures widely in double figures. as we lose the easterly wind we have today, and see the winds changing direction, we will get more of a south to south—westerly, keeping the milder
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air through the week. this is bbc news. the headlines at 2pm. move away from me unless you want me to use it on you. widespread drug use, a lack of control, door alarms not going off and a hole in an internal security fence. a bbc investigation goes inside one of the uk's biggestjails. the co—op bank has put itself up for sale, four years after it almost collapsed. tesco promises immediate action after a bbc investigation finds out—of—date deals meant discounts weren't given at the checkout. joe root is revealed as england's new test cricket captain, replacing alistair cook who resigned last week. also in the next hour, tens of thousands of people are evacuated in california. authorities fear that an overflow channel at the oroville dam could collapse. and music star adele triumphs at the grammys,
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