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a bowl and bring those people on. —— recruit people. iraqi troops backed by american air strikes have started an operation to recapture western mosul from islamic state militants. this is a rack byes—mac last city held by islamic state. but that assault on islamic state is now under way. president trump attacks the media again but made a robust defence of his first four weeks in office and has insisted that a new spirit of optimism is sweeping the us at a rally in florida. police in malaysia have named four north korean suspects in the killing of the half—brother of the north korean leader. sinkholes, mudslides and deadly winds. the biggest storm to hit california for several years has left at least four people dead and around 150,000 homes without power. and the magic of the fa cup continues for lincoln city, but who will they play next? they're the first non—league club to make it an fa cup quarterfinal for over a hundred years.
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the draw for the next round is at 6.30 tonight. and coming up at 10.30... inside out. they go undercover at britain's biggest supermarket tesco, where a special offer might not be all it's cracked up to be. good morning and welcome to bbc news. thousands of prison officers in london and south—east england are getting an immediate pay increase of between three and five thousand pounds. ministers have made the decision to try to boost recruitment and retain staff numbers in the face of increasing violence. but the prison officers association says it's a divisive quick fix and specialist and more experienced staff won't benefit. our home affairs correspondent tom symonds reports. they are on the front line
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of the troubled prison service. their numbers have been falling in recent years. and now the government is putting in place a £12 million pay offer to keep them in theirjobs and to attract new people. but only officers in 31 prisons in london and the south—east, including this one, wandsworth, will benefit. they are the jails under the most pressure, struggling to maintain staff. the offer is for standard grade three prison officers, not more senior supervisors or specialists. each will receive at least £3000. the pay package for new recruits will be boosted by £5,000 to attract them into the job. but the prison officers association believes that this offer will not satisfy members its members. we're going to welcome additional money for our members, of course we are. but we do not think this goes far enough to solving the prison crisis. we believe it needs to be a national issue. we were not properly
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consulted on this either. we believe if the secretary of state wants to make these arbitrary decisions on pay, she should consult us fully and we can point out the inconsistencies and problems that will arise as a result of this policy. the government is also increasing training, vital if it is to deal with the growing modern threats to order behind bars, mental health issues, along with what ministers describe as drugs, drones and mobile phones. speaking on the andrew marr show, the justice secretary speaking on the andrew marr show, thejustice secretary liz speaking on the andrew marr show, the justice secretary liz truss speaking on the andrew marr show, thejustice secretary liz truss at knowledge prisons need reforming. thejustice secretary liz truss at knowledge prisons need reformingm isa knowledge prisons need reformingm is a difficult situation in our prisons. i have acknowledged that and it has been building for a number of years. i do not believe the people who say things cannot get better and we need to suddenly release all the —— after people in prisons to deal with that. we have a plan, we're recruiting more
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officers. for the first time ever, we're going to be saying that the purpose of prisons is of course about punishing people but it also has to be about reforming them. at the moment, in legislation, as secretary of state, all i am responsible for its housing prisons. i think that is wrong. you talk about violence, andrew, but that is not the only problem. the other problem is we're not reforming people. within a year, half of those people. within a year, half of those people will go out and commit another crime. that is a huge problem as well and we need to deal with that. this and the violence are connected because you have lost 6000 prison off so is since the government came into power, since 2010. 6000. you're putting a lot of thousand 500 but you won't get back up thousand 500 but you won't get back up to the same numbers you hadn't in 2010, are you? the world has changed and we are digitising prisons and running them in different ways. what this will enable us to do is that
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for every prison officer, they will have a caseload of six prisoners they are supervising. the ad encouraging them, keeping them safe, but encouraging them to do the english and maths they need to get off drugs, get employment and all those things. you saw the reality on the panorama programme... has seen the panorama programme... has seen the reality in our prisons. i have visited our prisons. what did you think of the appalling scenes with prisoners running wings of prisons, drugs freely available, officers com pletely drugs freely available, officers completely losing it? what were you thinking? this is what i thought when are right in the job thinking? this is what i thought when are right in thejob injuly. it is not good enough, we need to deal with that. that is why we are investing £100 million in more prison of us. that is why we have the prison and courts built to the four people in ourjails as well as housing them, which is incredibly important. this will take time. it is not something you can sort it in weeks and months. it takes time to
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recruit people and bring people on. iam recruit people and bring people on. i am absolutely determined to deal with that. after only deterrent. yourformer with that. after only deterrent. your former colleague, jonathan aitken, he has been a prisoner and in charge of government departments, he says this is caused by the secretaries have made swingeing and unjustified cuts. if you look at the fall in prison officers and the rising is no numbers, it is clearly have cut too deeply. there has not been a rise in prisons. it has been 85,000 since 2010. the number of prisoners as did the same. —— has stayed the same. with me is steve gillan, the general secretary of the prison officers association. is money the answer? it certainly can be at times but we would rather, rather than being selective and divisive, the secretary of state recognises all prison officers do in thisjob on behalf recognises all prison officers do in this job on behalf of society. we
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are national service rather than just geographical. not everyone will get the increase. people will get different amounts as well. exactly. we have not endorse this in any way, shape orform. we have not endorse this in any way, shape or form. in we have not endorse this in any way, shape orform. in fact, we have not even been consulted properly. the the consultation we got was last tuesday for five minutes on a believing that they were going to run this. it posed more questions than answers. in the 31 jails, the very lowest pa id, than answers. in the 31 jails, the very lowest paid, which are our operational support grades, who did a fantasticjob on behalf of the prison service, they are getting nothing. how are your members feeling about this? this will cause great division four employees of the prison service up and down the country. for example, the very people that have been sent on detached duty to plug the gaps in a broken system that has been caused by the government's policies. they
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will feel absolutely demoralised this morning when they are waking up to the news that their colleagues in different parts of the country are going to get more money than them for doing equally the same dangerous job. that cannot be right. is a pay rise the answer to problems in prison? since 2010, our members have had a pay cut in real terms. wages have stagnated in the public sector. and prison officers be no different. android grades such as operational support grades and senior officers as well. the reality is that if you give people value in yourjobs and professionalise it, give them remuneration that does and can assist in morale... if you get system now, it is totally broken.
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this is just system now, it is totally broken. this isjust a plaster. you mention professionalism. is more training needed and does the profession need to be seen in a different way?m that a doubt? to expect prison officers to deal with issues as complex as mental health issues and the violence we see in jails, with nine weeks of training, is absolutely horrendous. how do other countries do? if you take the scandinavian model, such as norway, they have ongoing training that lasts up to two years. i would suggest they are more professionalised in their approach. that is not to say that our members and those who work across england and those who work across england and where is not professional —— england and wales are not professional. they don't minus in job at the other recognised the work they do. albiol enough of them? 3096 less prison officers since devised and 12. —— since 2012. prisoner
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numbers have been increasing. there was 43,000 prisoners in the 1990s and we had more staff looking after them then. what would be your wish list from the government? we need to get back to basics. look at the job. this is the fourth secretary of state that we have had since 2010. all with different ideas, all feeling, by the way. if this was outside industry, people would be calling for their heads. to be honest with you, i have got to say, overall, liz truss has had enough chances now. i think it is about time she delivered nationally for everybody or it is time to replace her. that goes for the prisons board as well. you're saying she should go? i believe she should, yes. iraqi forces have launched a major offensive to retake the western half of the city of mosul from islamic state militants.
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it's the last major is stronghold in iraq. government forces started their offensive in october and last month secured the eastern part of the city after weeks of fierce fighting. the united nations has urged all parties in the conflict to do everything they can to ensure the safety of hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in the area. we have had a statement from save the children who have told us there are 350,000 children trapped in west mosul as those iraqi forces launch attacks on the jihadist. they say, iraqi forces and allies, including the us and uk, must everything in their power to protect children and families from harm and avoid civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals, as they pushed deeper into the city. save the children reporting 350,000 children are trapped in west mosul. we will talk
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to save the children later in the morning to get more detail on that. now, bill hayton reports. shortly after dawn but without any apparent urgency, iraqi government artillery opened fire. in the distance, several kilometres away, smoke rose into the morning sky. the assault will not be a surprise to the population of mosul. after the capture of the eastern half of the city last month, it was only a matter of time before government forces advanced into the west and the operation was announced by the iraqi prime minister. translation: i call on our brave forces to proceed with courage to liberate the other half of mosul and its peoples from the oppression of the islamic state group forever. it is believed there could be as many as 3000 is fighters in the west, hidden amongst more than 600,000 civilians. in the densely packed streets, the fighting will be intense.
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the united nations has called on government forces to ensure the safety of those civilians is of paramount importance. the operation to retake the city began four months ago, and military commanders are warning that it could be just as long again before it is finished. 0ur correspondent quentin somerville is with the iraqi troops who are preparing to launch their offensive on western mosul. ratty special forces police are moving forward. they have breached their own defences and they are heading toward so—called islamic state, lying just beyond that hill. about two coulomb udders away. all morning here, coalition aircraft have been overhead, dropping very large bombs on those positions. softening them up so that these troops can then go in. there is no real element of surprise in modern warfare. last may, the residents of
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western mosul, just over the, where ward in leaflet drops to stay in their homes. these men... let's spin round and show you. they are lining up round and show you. they are lining up and getting ready for the battle. there is a tank coming injust up and getting ready for the battle. there is a tank coming in just up there. these men do not expect an easy time of it today. they northern road footage that the islamic state have dug deep tunnels in the village just south of eastern mosul and they are waiting with car bombs. plenty of fighters remain in western mosul, iraq's last city held by the islamic state. the assault on islamic state is now under way. quentin somerville reporting. let's look at the headlines. thousands of prison officers in london and the south east of england are to get an instant pay increase of between £3,000 and £5,000. ministers hope it'll ease the pressure on the service. iraqi troops supported by american air strikes have begun their assault
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to recapture western mosul from islamic state militants. donald trump has defended the achievements of his presidency so far at a rally of his supporters in florida. mr trump also made another attack on the media. sport now. time for a full round up from the bbc sport centre. hello. good morning to you. this evening it will be lincoln city waiting for their name to be drawn out of the bowl for the quarter finals of the fa cup. it is the first time in over a century that a non—league side has made it through to the last eight. they beat burnley1—0 at turf moor thanks to this goal from sean raggat in the 89th minute. the quarter final draw is live in sportsday at 6.30 this evening, and manager danny cowley says he doesn't mind who they get. all i would like is to be at home or ata all i would like is to be at home or at a really big club where there is
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at a really big club where there is a big capacity and we can take other supporters we would like to take. i think we could probably have taken 15,000 to burnley. 5000 to switch. 0ur 15,000 to burnley. 5000 to switch. our support is incredible. we have premier league support, no doubt. millwall will also be in the qaurter final draw after they beat the premier league champions, leicester city, 1—0. and that was despite millwall being reduced to ten men for much of the second half. shaun cummings scored the 90th minute winner to put the league one side into the next round, adding to leicester's problems. you have to say, why? and reactor sinners possible. you did not lose against a premier league team. they may be better than us. no. we better than red wall —— millwall, but m illwa ll than red wall —— millwall, but millwall deserved to win. and the fa cup continues today with two more games. fulham entertain tottenham — that's on bbc one at 2, while blackburn rovers welcome
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manchester united. and tomorrow non—league sutton united will try to emulate lincoln city to reach the last eight when they face arsenal — again, that's on the bbc, or you can listen to all three on 5live sport. in the scottish premiership, aberdeen will be hoping to cut celtic‘s 27—point lead this afternoon when they go to kilmarnock. celtic beat motherwell 2—nil yesterday. rangers, who are in third place, play dundee. exeter have strengthened their position in third place in rugby union's premiership after fighting back to beat worcester. exeter were trailing at the break but five second half tries secured the bonus point win — 48—32 the final score. and bath remain fourth — they beat harlequins 22 points to 12. quins outscored their hosts by two tries to one, but a try from max clark plus excellent kicking from rhys priestland ensured victory for bath. leicester stay in fifth place after beating bristol 50—17.
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australian rugby union have confirmed this morning that former lock dan vickerman, who played for northampton saints in 2009, has died. he was just 37 years old. vickerman played 63 tests for australia and featured in three world cups. he passed away at his family home in sydney and is survived by wife, sarah and two sons. no details of the cause of death have been disclosed. 0n social media, northampton said oui’ 0n social media, northampton said our thoughts are with his family and friends. rest in peace. northampton will play newcastle later today. the final of snooker‘s welsh 0pen starts at 1 o'clock withjudd trump playing stuart bingham. trump beat scott donaldson six frames to three. a break of 60 in the 9th frame gave him the win. stuart bingham, the 2015 world champion, was in destructive form last night — thrashing robert milkins by six frames to nil. you can watch that live on bbc two in wales,
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on the red button and on the bbc sport website. that's all sport for now. there is british interest in the bobsleigh. it is rather mesmerising. you can watch that on the bbc‘s board website. —— the bbc sport website. malaysian police say they are seeking four more north korean suspects in connection with the death of kim jong—nam, the half—brother of the north korean leader. police identified the four suspects, all men between the ages of 33 and 57, but say they have already left malaysia. police on saturday arrested a north korean man over the killing of mrjong—nam. he died shortly after being sprayed with a chemical at kuala lumpur airport last week. the malaysian police also said they are trying to get the victim's next of kin to assist with the investigation. of the newly—named suspects,
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there are an additional two unidentified men who are wanted. let's hear more of what was said in that press conference. the suspects named now, the north koreans, do you believe they have left the country? we have checked and i can confirm today that they left our country the very same day the incident happened. yes. we have international cooperation, especially with interpol. we have bilateral agreements and we will use all our resources. we are not interested in political... whatever the word is. what we're interested in is why they committed such a crime in our country. 0k?
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you can put all politics aside because this is not ourjob. 0urjob is to reveal the truth together. the facts. to get the evidence and bring the perpetrators to justice. that is our responsibility. 0ur correspondent kevin kim says this is another twist in the murder investigation. police, the four suspects had all north korean passports and boarded flights and let malaysia on monday. —— according to police. that was immediately after the killing took place. authorities say the still waiting for the toxicology report that will confirm whether mr kim was poisoned. kim jong—nam was waiting at the check—in counter of the main airport in malaysia when two women approached him and sprayed him with
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the chemical. he sought medical help but fell unconscious and died hours later. two women who were arrested told authorities that they were paid told authorities that they were paid to ta ke told authorities that they were paid to take part in what they believed was a prank for a tv show. if 46—year—old man from north korea is also under custody. what is being made of it in korea, north and south, can you tell us? the south korean government has expressed grave concern over the recklessness and brutality of the assassination. the government in seoul is now pointing fingers directly at kim jong un himself. meanwhile, in malaysia, the north korean embassy there has been trying to gain access to the body of kim jong—nam what authorities said mr
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kim's body would only be released to his family members. earlier, north korean diplomats expressed their disapprovalfor the korean diplomats expressed their disapproval for the knot 0xy and said the north —— for an autopsy and said the north —— for an autopsy and said the north would not recognise any future announcement of the results. the government intojohn yang has been silent but other officials in the region will be waiting for the concrete evidence to back up the theory that the cause of death was poisoning and had been carried out by ties with —— by people with ties to north korea. president trump has made a robust defence of his first four weeks in office and insisted that a new spirit of optimism is sweeping the us. speaking to supporters at an airport hanger in florida, he repeated his campaign pledges to create jobs and improve the nation's security. mr trump again turned his fire on the media, accusing it of being dishonest about his administration. 0ur correspondent, laura bicker, reports from florida. if you thought the presidential
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campaign was over, then you would be wrong. afterjust four weeks in office, president trump is bidding forfour more years. the first lady also made a rare appearance, starting her remarks with the lord's prayer. 0ur father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done. but there is more to this rally. donald trump is trying to change the subject, after headlines of chaos and controversy in his administration. he is back where he appears to be more comfortable, behind a campaign podium rather than a desk in the oval office. i am here because i want to be among my friends and among the people. he enjoys an audience and takes heart from his fans. 0ne even made it on stage after waiting since the early morning. when president trump promised all these things that he was going to do for us,
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i knew he was going to do this for us. he also had tough words for some of his alleged foes, the media. he has a new term for them — the enemy. these supporters are his people and this is his message. a chance to appraise his first month in office, one he sees as a success. make america great again. that is what it is. he has kind of been up and down. i kind of feel like he is not 100% doing good but i want to give him more time. january 20th, 2017! 0ur presidency died. in new york, protesters held a fake funeral for the presidency. the political ideals of america seem further apart than ever. this rally will be hugely popular with his voting base but it won't help him in washington. if president trump is to push through his campaign promises, he might need to take his message to capitol hill rather
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than an adoring crowd. the biggest storms to hit california for several years has left at least four people dead and around 150,000 homes without power. giant sinkholes appeared in some roads. a fire crew managed to get out of this engine before it was swallowed on the main motorway from los angeles to las vegas. this was another sinkhole in studio city where a woman was rescued from the roof of her car moments before a second empty vehicle was swallowed up. another £5 note estimated to be worth fifty thousand pounds due to a tiny, engraved portrait of jane austen has been found. it's the third such discovery across the uk, meaning thatjust one more note is outstanding. the fivers are the handiwork of birmingham micro—artist graham short. he spent a note in each of the four home nations and said the latest find was in northern ireland.
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no note has yet been found in england. so, that's time. maybe well the weather was on with darren. mild westerly breezes today means the best of the sunshine will be in eastern parts of the country. further west, the cloud thickens and laws, mr till fog will appear and pockets of light rain and drizzle. it is i'll be, temperatures widely in double figures. if you do get sunshine, 13 celsius as possible. it turns wet in the north—west later. this rain could be every file while, sinking southwards and becoming like an patchy. it leaves low cloud until fall despite a freshening westerly wind. billy mal tonight in temperatures not falling much at all. during tomorrow, a band of rain moves south was accompanied by gusty winds. sunshine following in scotla nd winds. sunshine following in scotland and northern ireland is the
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main moves into northern england and north wales. cooler conditions in the north but across the south we have very mildly. if we get sunshine in the south—east, 1617. —— 16 or 17 celsius. the hello, this is bbc news with maxine mawhinney. the headlines at half past ten. thousands of prison officers in london and the south east of england are to get an instant pay increase of between £3000 and £5000, but the prison officers association says the government is ‘papering over the cracks.‘ list will be. it takes time to recruit people and bring them all. save the children says there's around 350,000 children trapped in mosul, as iraqi troops have
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started an operation — backed by american air strikes — to recapture the city from islamic state militants. president trump has attacked the media again at a rally in florida, where he defended his record in office, and labelled the negative coverage about him as "fake news." police in malaysia have named four north korean suspects who left the country the same day as the half brother of the north korean leader was killed at kuala lumpur airport last week. now it's time for the latest stories from yorkshire and lincolnshire — in this week's inside out. 0n inside out, we go undercover in britain's biggest supermarket tesco and we go in search of gold in one of the most unlikeliest places. welcome to inside out.
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