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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 19, 2017 7:30pm-7:46pm GMT

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it is the influence of the atlantic wind flow that has kept us some mild this weekend, and kept us with a lot of cloud. you can see weather fronts lining daisy—chain into the atlantic. that is the setup for the week ahead, with a view significantly wet and windy spells. the rain peters out as it heads southwards. we have a breeze coming in off the atlantic. with the cloud and the breeze it will be a mild night, pretty wet for the far north—west of scotland, and also increasing amounts of coastal and hill fog to contend with as we head towards dawn on monday. rain to start with a monday morning, gusty wind accompanying the hill fog and the rain across accompanying the hill fog and the rain gci’oss eastern accompanying the hill fog and the rain across eastern part of the pennines, the rain easing away from scotla nd pennines, the rain easing away from scotland later on. slightly fresher, but brighter weather here. even where we have the cloud, it is ten or11. where we have the cloud, it is ten or 11. stilljust where we have the cloud, it is ten or 11. still just about as where we have the cloud, it is ten or 11. stilljust about as mild on tuesday, at least in the south. wet and windy on hello. this is bbc news. iraqi forces say they've
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taken several villages to the south of mosul, hours after launching a major offensive to retake the western half of the city from islamic state militants. the american company kraft heinz withdraws its proposed takeover of marmite—maker unilever — the deal would have been one of the biggest in corporate history. thousands of prison officers in london and the south east of england are to get an instant pay increase of between £3,000 and £5,000. that had been concerns that the service was understaffed. takes time to recruit people and bring them on. but i am absolutely determined to deal with that. the chief executive of sainsbury‘s calls for "fundamental reforms" of business rates, amid concerns upcoming rises could spark high street closures. donald trump causes confusion in sweden after apparently referring to a terrorist incident in the country
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that hadn't happened. thousands of prison officers atjails in london and south—east england are to get a pay increase of between £3,000 and £5,000. earlier my colleague reeta chakra barti spoke to the former mpjonathan aitken. he now campaigns on prison reform, having spent time in prison himself. he welcomed today's announcement by the justice secretary liz truss. i think it is a good initiative and the prison officers who are getting these pay rises are worth every penny because theirjob is becoming increasingly dangerous, and all types of pressures, which have mounted hugely because of the staff shortages and staff cuts. she is making the right move. is it enough? i rather doubt it. i thinkjust £12 million is very welcome, but the bbc panorama programme which seems to have escalated some of the arguments was all about a prison in northumberland and this increase
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is only going to prisons in the southeast and london. i think there will be a demand from other prisons to see the same generosity by the government. presumably, liz truss had a choice. she could have given certain prison officers a pay rise, which is what she's doing, or she could have recruited more. i think they're trying to do both, but as they have discovered, it is very difficult to recruit and train and install prison officers. and above all, i know having been in prison that there is a strange chemistry of wary respect between prison officers and sensible prisoners, but the prison officers who gain that respect are experienced. so you need to hang on to the people who have been
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there some considerable time. the problem with recruiting inexperienced prison officers is that they can't so easily control a wing full of 90 or 100 prisoners without the character, experience and wisdom that goes with that. there is a lot of catching up from this totally avoidable crisis, three successive justice secretaries allowed 7000 prison officers to be made redundant because of pressure from the treasury and i think that was a grave mistake and we are paying for it. liz truss taz, in a sense, seen that the system is in severe trouble? she is clearing up a mess. it will not be cleared up quickly. i think the present crisis is deepening, rather than easing, although the move she is taking is the right move and it
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will perhaps help a couple of years down the line. you have seen footage from panorama and elsewhere, showing in some cases a system whereby the prisoners seemed to be in charge, in some cases, rather than prison officers. how much has prison life changed since you were in prison. you spent several months in prison in the late 1990s. how different we re in the late 1990s. how different were things now, and how have they changed now? i think it has changed hugely. when i was there in belmarsh, at the time still britain's toughest prison, a big number of prisoners were controlled bya number of prisoners were controlled by a small number of prison officers whose experience and character counted for far more than their uniforms and truncheons. once you start to lose the critical mass of prison officers who can be summoned onto a wing if a fight starts, if you lose that critical mass, it is very, very difficult to get it back. the difficult prisoners know they can very easily get in charge of a
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wing. the mess that was revealed by the panorama programme is real, in many prisons. it is getting worse. the only antidote to it is to recruit and train, try to retain, more experienced prison officers. we have a long way to go before the crisis ends. now on bbc news — sportsday. the draw has been made for the fa cup quarterfinals. after yesterday's giant—killing heroics, lincoln city will face arsenal at the emirates will face arsenal at the emirates will go to sutton united. manchester united face an away trip to premier league leaders chelsea. ibrahimovic‘s goal took them past blackburn. three tries from joe burgess helped wigan warriors win rugby league's
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world club challenge for the first time in 23 years. hello, good evening, it's been another fantastic weekend of sport and the fifth round of the fa cup certainly hasn't disappointed. there's still one game to come as well. but the draw has been made for the quarter—finals and lincoln city — after that giant—killing against premier league side burnley yesterday — they could face arsenal at the emirates stadium if they can beat another non—league side, sutton united tomorrow. so, time for a look
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at the games from today. holders manchester united had zlatan ibrahimovic as a substitute in their visit to blackburn rovers. in the end his introduction was the difference as they came from behind to beat the championship side by 2—1. patrick gearey watched the action. once upon a time, not long ago, blackburn rovers were the best team in the country, better even than manchester united. when you're lower down the beanstalk, it must seem like a fairy story. how is this for a modern twist, emnez to danny graham? great chance, cracking goal. you know it is good when even mourinho thinks so. it's easier to be generous when you have riches to fall back on.
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mkhitaryan‘s golden pass setting up marcus rashford, balancing the accounts. no wonder he wanted to crack on. a replay would add to their already crowded calendar. but rovers, second bottom of the second tier, proved able to frustrate and even frighten. at half time mourinho showed his respect not by clapping, but by changing. ibrahimovic and paul pogba, two of their brightest stars. on 75 minutes, one found the other. ibrahimovic, wonderfulfinish! the plan worked, but blackburn never gave up hope of a counterpunch, a final scramble in the rain. for a second it seemed like they had their equaliser through anthony stokes. the offside anthony stokes. yellow flag finally prompted blackburn's white one and united made it through the storm. more than good, they gave us a hard game. congratulations to them. their approach was brave, it was strong. a very correct game, martin had the game in his hands easily.
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but if we didn't have this professional attitude with everybody playing, focused and with responsibility, we would be in real trouble. i think we put enough into the game too maybe force another go at it. but it was important we make sure that we had to work ever so hard, and the fans were great today. they got behind the team from the first whistle to the last. it has been trying times for the fans. when they back the players, they do today, it makes a remarkable difference to players. thank you for that. today the action began at craven cottage earlier where championship side fulham hosted spurs. unlike many of the premier league sides this weekend mauricio pochettino put out a strong team and they duly delivered. harry kane scored a hat—trick in their 3—0 win as david ornstein
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reports. on a weekend when the fa cup showed the underdog always have a chance, now fulham have their eyes on another surprise. this was their big day, but tottenham's big chance. perhaps the most realistic prospect of a trophy, spurs were on song from the start. already denied a goal, christian eriksen then provided one. eriksen, cross to kane! he stretches to score. leading from the front, harry kane, the captain, tapped in, to put his side in control at the break. fulham had been warned, but failed to learn. eriksen, to kane, the same outcome. if hopes of an upset had faded, they were soon gone. when harry kane is on form, few can stop him. he scores his hat—trick! three goals and a place in the quarterfinals. job well done.
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when you are winning games, it gives you confidence. but it is never easy in the fa cup. we had to make sure we came here and did ourjob, and we did that. leaving with the match ball today, he will hope to get his hands on the trophy in may. in the scottish premiership today, second placed aberdeen scored two goals in two minutes to beat kilmarnock and that means celtics lead is back down to 2a points. aberdeen were 1—0 down going into the last ten minutes before late goals from substitutes jayden stockley and peter pourlett sealed the points, that will keep them in second. dundee are up to 6th in the scottish premiership after beating rangers 2—1 at home. goals from mark o'hara and kevin holt put the home side 2—0 up at half—time. rangers pulled a goal back with half hour to go throuthoe garner, but were unable to find an equaliser. a hat—trick of tries from wing joe burgess inspired wigan to their first world club challenge
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victory since 1994. the match pits the best in the northern hemisphere against the best in the southern and wigan beat nrl champions cronulla sharks, 22 points to 6. they become the first super league side to win the trophy in 5 years. tim hague has more. get your gear on, guys. wigan‘s fourth club challenge title was up for grabs. the super league against the nrl and it was immense from the off. joe burgess previously played down under and quickly re—introduced himself. after an acrobatic first, no need to check the grounding on the second. they were well under way, but not before cronulla they tried to pull them back in range. a bit of hair, and some fisticuffs. no wonder they were agitated, they had two tries disallowed. the headaches only continued when wigan began the second half like the third. gildart, this year.
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cronulla ended their wait for the title last season and they fought on, attempting a comeback. the gap was too wide, even more so when burgess got a hat—trick. what an afternoon for him. four time world club champions. in rugby union, the premiership leaders wasps lost for only the third time this season. on a day of hat—tricks, denny solomona crossed over three times in the first half for sale they remain 10th in the table despite the 34—28 win. wasps are 6 points clear at the top. in today's other match newcastle beat northampton to jump above them into seventh spot. scrum—half sonatane takulua scored three tries in the 46—31 win at kingston park.
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