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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  February 19, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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is like david hasselhoff. i wonder if there is a is like david hasselhoff. i wonder if there is 3 pamela is like david hasselhoff. i wonder if there is a pamela anderson equivalent. —— crab. if there is a pamela anderson equivalent. -- crab. the cuttlefish scene of the mating ritual, where we see what looks suspiciously like tentacles of a cuttlefish giving a back rub to another cuttlefish, we are all channelling our inner baywatch memories, i think we are. that's it. before we get into anything more on that! discussions of swimming costumes and that kind of swimming costumes and that kind of thing! that's it for the papers to mike. don't forget all of the front pages are online on the website where you can read a detailed review of the papers. —— tonight. we are there as well each night. it is posted shortly after we finish and it is on iplayer. natalie, rob, thank you very much. coming up next it's the film review. hello and welcome to
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the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases as ever is mark kermode. it's a pretty good week. yes, we are still in award season. we have hidden figures, a different look at the space race. we have the great wall in which matt damon goes head to head with crazy monsters. and moonlight, for my money, one of the best films i've seen this year. let's start with hidden figures. true story, fascinating story. please tell me it's good. it is good, yes. there is a pun in the title. the hidden figures are both the hidden mathematical equations needed to get a man into space and also the hidden people used in making it happen.
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it's tag lined meet the women you don't know behind the mission you do. it's based on the story of african american women working in nasa in the early 19605 on the mathematical formula necessary to do the space race. the three main characters are all struggling to be recognised for their talent, both at work and at home. here's a clip. pastor mentioned you're a computer at nasa. pretty heavy stuff. yes, it is. they let women handle that sort of...? that's not what i mean. what do you mean? i'm just surprised that something so taxing... mrjohnson, if i were you i'd quit talking right now. i mean no disrespect.
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i will have you know i was the first negro female student at west virginia graduate school. on any given day i analysed levels for aerial displacement, friction and velocity. and compute over 10,000 calculations by hand. so, yes, they let women do some things at nasa, mrjohnson. and it's not because we wear skirts, it's because we wear glasses. i mean, it's a really likeable film and tells a story i had't heard before, a celebration of people breaking down barriers of race and gender. a terrific performance from kevin costner as the head of the space task force who just wants to do the job done whatever it takes. what i like about it is it's a broad strokes film and the complexity is left for the equations, but it knows how to engage the audience and get them involved with the characters and how to tell this uplifting story. also, how to make the solving of these equations actually exciting. it is quite difficult to make
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someone solving equations on a blackboard look exciting, and they do it well. the performances are very likeable and it's one of those films that manages to take a true story and tells it in a way that's engaging. it has you rooting for the main characters. it is eye opening and a story i did not know before. you might have heard it before, but i confess i didn't. it does it really well and in a way that i think‘s really crowd pleasing. you will come out of it with a skip in your step feeling uplifted. it's a really well told story. because it's notjust lecturing about the sexism and racism? no, it absolutely isn't. it's telling it in a way that engages you with the characters. it is very, very broad strokes, but done so in a way where it knows when to use sentimentality or melodrama and clear, dramatic invention and does it rather well. it's really very entertaining which is what you need a mainstream film to be to draw in the audiences. the great wall. ..
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laughter oh dear, you're already laughing! the most expensive film ever made purely in china, i read. the tag line, 1700 years to build 500 miles long. what were they trying to keep out? so this is a spectacularly silly but spectacular film. imperial china. matt damon is a mercenary in search of magical black power but he discovers the wall was built to keep out out mythical creatures. he encountered one early on and he cut its hand off. everyone‘s very impressed that he defeated one of these beasts. so they think, let's get him involved in our fight. but will he join forces or end up trying to steal the magical powder. frankly, who cares. the thing with zhang yimou is he does know how to stage exciting set pieces and action sequences. however, my own opinion is that duncanjones in warcraft was doing some of this stuff rather better. plus, when we get to the final battle, it is essentially a rerun of a battle in lord of the rings,
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but with matt damon doing a dodgy accent. it's colourful, there are well choreographed sequences. but it is a piece of utter tomfoolery and it is rather long. oh, dear. well — on top. yes, you would have got away with it if it was slightly shorter. it probably isn't as long as it felt, itjust felt like a long film. that's a bad sign for any film. however, almost not long enough is moonlight. which i know you've seen as well. which we both loved. yes, it's just an astonishing work from director barryjenkins. a coming of age story about a young man growing up in a neighbourhood in miami, wrestling with poverty, identity, drugs, sexuality. sounds like a recipe for a downbeat neorealist film, but it is anything but. three actors play the central character and the chapters are identified by the names that he assumes or is given. in the first section, having been basically abandoned
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by his mother, who's a drug addict, he is befriended by a local dealer who you will recognise from the previous clip. let's take a look. what happened? huh? what happened? why you didn't come home like you were supposed to? huh? and who is you? nobody. i found him yesterday. i found him in a hole on 15th. yeah, that one. some boys chased him. he's scared more than anything. wouldn't tell me where he lived til this morning. well, thanks for seeing to him. he usually can take care of himself. he good that way. little man...
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just wonderful work, there. you know he is a drug dealer but is also a very paternal figure and becomes a role model to some extent. the film tells this story in a way which is poetic and beautiful, and understands that there is hardship in this life but also intense beauty. it is a very sensual film. a film in which the sound of the ocean is the backdrop to everything. there is the key sequence in which the young kid is taught to swim. it's just an ecstatic moment. the film has such command of the cinematic medium both in the way it uses imagery and music. the music is superb, from classical to original compositions to pop tunes, all blended together to take you inside the psychology of the characters. most importantly, it's a film which is really sympathetic to its central characters, which gives voice to characters
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which in other movies would be sidelined or stereotyped. i've seen it a couple of times now and the first time i saw it i was overwhelmed. the second time i spent a lot of it in tears because i found it so moving, so profoundly poetic and sympathetic. it is heartfelt, it has elements of tragedy in it, but also this really tactile sensuous feel to it. it's a remarkable second feature from barryjenkins. still only in his 30s, yes. terrifyingly talented. obviously it is a major awards contender and for my money the best film i saw this year. i was of course referring to last year, as it came out in america last year. i think it's a very important film, but also a wonderful piece of entertainment and a piece of art. everything, how it looks, sounds, how it's written. the fact you can feel the honesty and integrity. it's so authentic.
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please tell me you loved it as much as i did. i loved it and we know you loved it too. it's fantastic. that's the must watch this week. best out at the moment is the film that i think i said last week, even watching the trailer, "oh, my goodness". i almost lost the will to live watching it. moonlight is the best thing out, but also the best thing out is toni erdmann. three hour german comedy. a black comedy about father daughter estrangement. i know you said you hated the trailer. have you seen the film yet? sorry, still not yet. ignore the trailer and see the film. it's wonderful. i don't know why they're going to remake it in english. seems foolish. and for anyone who wants to watch a dvd? so there's this documentary by kirstenjohnson called camera person. she was the cinematographer on a number of films, for the likes of michael moore. she has taken outtake footage and put it together to make an odyssey of her career in which the stories around the side of the stories become the central story. it is a wonderful film about the responsibility of documentary making and how
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you can find beauty where you least expect it. it is very eye opening. called camera person — i think you will like it very much. i will give that a go. mark, thank you very much. as ever, good to see you, and see you next week. you can find more film reviews and news online. and you can catch up with all of our previous programmes of course on the bbc iplayer. that's it for this week. moonlight is the one to watch. goodbye. good evening. 12 or 13 degrees quite widely on sunday afternoon but we reached 1a in the north—east of scotland. there was some sunshine to be had thanks to a weather watcher for this picture but it was not
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funny for all of us. it was quite grey, particularly in the afternoon in cornwall. the satellite sequins shows a lot of cloud coming through the afternoon and into the evening. some rain to go with that. most of that in the north and west overnight. there is a little rain further south as well and into north wales, the north—west of england as well. many isoba rs wales, the north—west of england as well. many isobars on the charts was breezy overnight but that breeze will push the rain away from wales and the north—west england pushing it down towards lincolnshire and a few spots overnight through the midlands. southern and western coasts and coastal areas will have some fog as well. wet weather into the finals and west. look at the overnight temperatures. without winded as nine or 10 degrees overnight. those temperatures you would expect in the daytime at this time of year. very mild indeed. wet and grey in the south—east through the morning. drizzle but many places dry. low cloud and coastal fog down towards the coast of kent and
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sussex. moving inland and we lose the low cloud but still a great start. maybe a few early break fees to the pennines but generally a lot of rain and the north—west. season rain in the central and western parts of scotland through the morning. wendy as well. some parts of eastern scotland may start on a dry note but be aware if you are driving up and down the pennines we re a cross driving up and down the pennines were across some of the bridges there will be gusty wind for a time through the morning. that will ease down as rain moves south. sunny spells and showers following to scotland. ten or 11 degrees, not as mild as it was yesterday but still doing well. 15, maybe 16 degrees in the south—east. very mild. a mild seam peeking through the day on monday. coming down a little bit, the temperatures on tuesday. doing well for many of us. they dropped to single figures in the north of the uk by the middle of the week. outbreaks of rain becomes like
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patchy but more rain will come in from the west during the day and still 10 from the west during the day and still10 degrees in glasgow, 13 or so still10 degrees in glasgow, 13 or so in london. later on this week temperatures creep down a little bit but still doing quite well for many of us. the wind will pick up as well and that will be blustery at times. if you need details is always more on our bbc weather website. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. the headlines: the battle for mosul. we have a special report from the front line as iraqi forces advance on the so—called islamic state. donald trump sparks a row with sweden after linking immigration in the country to crime. i'm babita sharma in london. we meet the parents of the indonesian woman arrested as a suspect in the death
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of kimjong nam. and we speak exclusively to the actress angelina jolie about the film she's made about the horrors of the khmer rouge in cambodia. this war that happened a0 years ago and what happened to these people was not properly understood, and notjust for the world, but for the people of the country.


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